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[ Ens. Jaya Thorne | Bridge of the USS Allegiant | Azur Nebula near Borg Aperture, performing a "trench run" for lack of better words | How many lives must that accursed film take?]

Jaya felt a tear run down her cheek, she couldn’t understand why but losing contact with Wolf 10 was like getting hammered in the gut and she didn’t even know the woman really. “N-no signal from wolf 10…" She said, rolling around a bank, barely scraping the Allegiant through with another loud screech of metal and other materials. “Aaaaah! Shit, that was close!” The Allegiant managed to roll around some explosions, she hoped the boys down at the back were doing ok. “Allegiant to Wolf Zero Niner stay with us, were almost through!” Stated Jaya as she looked over to Dewitt who was still manning the tactical console. “Commander, sensors show were almost there-whoa!” Jaya hit the lateral thrusters just in time to avoid a collapsing gantry.

Jaya took some deep breaths, kept flying as Jennifer kept firing everything they could. “Relax ensign, they are seasoned pilots and just because we lost signal does not mean we lost Scylla, not yet, got me?” Jaya swallowed nervously and nodded to her superior. “Aye ma’am, I-I’ll keep that in mind.” She said wiping the tear running down her cheek, realizing she probably should have done that earlier. She checked her sensors. “There! We’re through!” She said, pointing to the gaping hole appearing ahead. “And there’s our exit!” She said, diving towards it, hands guiding Allegiant through more of the cube.

She laughed, hearing Dewitt speak of drifting, she actually had a program on the holodeck for that old type of motor vehicle racing that was popular in the late 20th and early 21st century on earth. Her hands flew over her console, doing exactly as told as the boys down in the firing rig area were firing their friendly neighbourhood Gorn’s prototype weapon, adding to their damage output nicely as Jaya made an Obscene gesture with her middle finger at the viewscreen showing drones running for cover and being annihilated in bright flashes of phaser fire or loud sonorous weapon detonation blasts.

The Small ship soon burst free of the wrecked Borg vessel, incandescent gasses and multicolored flaming eruptions and explosions were occurring in chain reactions through multiple physical and information systems within the Borg cube’s stricken, evil framework. Jaya, rolled and banked the Allegiant around, seeing where everyone was, the Theurgy, Cayuga, the Versant ship commandeered by their abductees. That was going to be an interesting story if any of them ever told it. “We are out, I don’t see any pursuing Borg probes or anything. What next Commander Dewitt?” She asked, just then there was a beeping coming urgently form her console and what she saw made her Jaw drop. Then the voice came over the comms after a staticky crackly series of subspace radio noises but was faint and not readable beyong a syllable here and there.

"Where is that coming from people?” Asked Dewitt as she looked around the bridge, the place looked like the aftermath of a Hurricane back in the late 20th early 21st century, before weather shielding tech was developed. The voice came over the comms more and more clearly. [This is Wolf *static* most down, fuselage *static and pops* repeat. *static and more intermittent words*] Jaya Blinked, then looked to Dewitt. “Ma’am, that… IFF signal unconfirmed but that voice, its her!” Just then a Valravn appeared on sensors, training a plume of gas and smoke from its port side thruster assembly, large charred scarred gouges were all over the bird, but it was still going.

Wolf 10 confirmed Commander Dewitt, bearing one four four mark 3.” Exclaimed the young woman happily as Wolf 10 slowly approached. She angled the Allegiant around as the Borg cube began suffering even more catastrophic explosions, pieces of it flying everywhere as it died a fiery death, a slow, painful death at that time. [Mission Ops to the Allegiant and all Lone Wolves, there is no time to dock. Prepare to receive new shield harmonics and follow the Theurgy into the second aperture. Tow those who can't make it there on their own.] The hail continued. [Before you enter, load the new shields, or you will not make it through to the other side. Please acknowledge.]

Jaya was about to acknowledge when a heavily damaged Valravn fighter came to a skidding stop among wisps and flashes of damaged components, gases and other things as the darn thing looked like it went three rounds with a Klingon Dahar Master and lost, BAD. “Uuuuh, found wolf 10 Commander.” She said, pointing as she tapped an acknowledgement message into the comms to Ops, sending confirmation. “Now we just got to get the shields remodulated, what’s left of them.” She said, one eyebrow raised, eyeing the screen. [Wolf 10, *crackle pop* Allegiant, do you read me? Am trying to remodulate my shields, most of my systems are down or damaged and Whiteouts out cold. Alive but out.] came Sephiria’s voice over the subspace radio.

Jaya turned to Dewitt. “Commander, we need to help her, can we?” She asked as she looked around the trashed bridge and at her readouts that were not encouraging. She heard Eboh in his seat, seeming distressed, but she had no time for anything but keeping them going as best she could. She thinks a moment. “Hey, maybe we can somehow magnetize the fighter to the hull, use our own shields to help?” As she asked this the barrage of Versant torpedoes finished vaporizing the slagged cube in a rather impressive light show. Jaya was a bit too preoccupied getting in touch with Wolf 10 to look.

The Valravn got almost nose to nose with them as the signal cleared enough for Sephiria’s words to come through. [Wolf 10 to Allegiant, you hear me yet?] Jaya replied. “We read you Wolf 10.” Commander Dewitt then added. “Wolf 10, Commander Dewitt here, can you confirm getting the new Shield Frequencies?” The fighter Pilots reply was quick and not very good. Jaya looked to Dewitt. “We need to bring her back with us ma’am and losing that Valravn is a bad idea too.” Stated Jaya, waiting on her CO’s decision as to what to do with the heavily damaged yet still somewhat operational Warp Fighter. And to add insult to injury, Wolf 10 came on the line again. [Wolf 10 engines down!]

[ LTJg. Sephiria “Scylla” Arn | Cockpit of the Mk. I Valravn Wolf 10 | Azur Nebula near Borg Aperture| Just goes to show, there is definitely a Guardian Angel for fools, nutbars and crazy Joined Trill fighter pilots]

Scylla smirked, one eye closed and her armors visor cracked, left eye almost forced to stay shut by the trickling blood from the gash above her eyebrow. “Talk about a close one!” Was what she was thinking at the time, hands shaking a bit as she fought to stay together and get home. She looked over her shoulder to the slumped form of her RIO.  “W-well buddy, I know you’re alive.”  She gasped, groaning, feeling a rather sharp pain in her left calf and wetness. “God! I hope your j-just knocked the fuck out honey… we’re almost out… I think I can g-get us home.” She keyed her comms again, trying to reconnect, still getting static as she rolled the Valravn around a bend again, stuck at 2/3 thrust from the near catastrophic crash. Her hands grasped her controls shakily.

Finally, her subspace radio comms systems auto-repaired enough that she got a signal, the subspace carrier wave was real fucking screwy at first but soon enough it began getting better but it was nowhere near good enough and the whole place was beginning to blow to pieces all around her bird. “Well shit this aint good! C’mon Honey, lets fly on your Valkyrie’s Wings!” She slammed the throttles as far as the damaged engines could handle, the Valravn began picking up speed as she dodged around a column and found herself in a massive cavity and saw one side of a massive through and through not far off. “Hooooh! Please be the shorter exit route!” She beelined for it as more explosions rang, as she did, she dropped the last of her externals and smirks as she coaxed the fighter towards the exit she saw.

The Hellbores cut massive swaths in the cubes belly, Sephiria’s eyes were cold, heartless, as she flew, supremely focused on 1 thing and thing only, getting back safe, she couldn’t use whiteouts Emergency Beamout Device as the trigger in her seat was broken. “Great, all I need right…” She grumbled to herself as she managed to get out, but an explosion slammed her fighter sideways, Jarring her in her seat. “D’OH! Damnit!” Her shield readout went down to 10%. “Double D’OH!” She tried her comms again, getting a visual of the Allegiant and Meerkat not far off, she grabbed her controls and began transmitting a hail on the busted-up subspace radio of her fighter.

This is Wolf 10 to anyone nearby, shields are nearly down, RIO knocked out Emergency Beamout Device disabled. Fighter Fuselage and internals heavily damaged, request assistance." Was her call as she hit the thrusters as best she could, as high as they would go, barely 1/3 top speed but she started chugging along none the less, trying to rendezvous with the others while repeating her message every few seconds, hoping she got spotted soon.

[Mission Ops to the Allegiant and all Lone Wolves, there is no time to dock. Prepare to receive new shield harmonics and follow the Theurgy into the second aperture. Tow those who can't make it there on their own.] The hail continued. [Before you enter, load the new shields, or you will not make it through to the other side. Please acknowledge.]

Oh, fucking great! Just what I Need, don’t you dare forget me!” She said as she banked the bird, pulling up and around the heavily damaged Allegiant, getting nearly bumper to bumper to them, tapping comms. “Wolf 10 to Allegiant, you hear me yet?” She asks, getting right up almost nose to nose with the damaged scout vessel. The reply then came. [We read you Wolf 10.] Replied Jaya. [Wolf 10, Commander Dewitt here, can you confirm getting the new Shield Frequencies?] Asked the Commander, Sephiria's reply was quick. “Aye ma’am but I can barely move. And my shields are really weak.” As she spoke a red light flashed on her console as sparks flew and her engines died. “Well shit!” She keyed her comms. “Wolf 10 engines out!

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Aft Airlock > Bridge | Deck 01 | USS Allegiant ] @Auctor Lucan @Nolan
Varder kept his head down, eyes on his task. Keeping the improvised emplacement powered, setting delayed timers. Yet it was hard to miss the mass of the cube beyond the airlocks opened doors as the Allegiant powered through, the vastness of space seemingly vanishing as the size of the Borg cube truly engulfed the scout ship.

That is all it took, then they were through the cube.

To say it shrank into the distance is an overstatement, then the Allegiant turned, Varders view was cut off and he had his duties to perform. A glance to Benmual, a nod back to him, then a tap on his shoulder. "Moving over to Sickbay in case they run into trouble there. The Gorn and infected crew you know..." ... He returned the nod, but said nothing. He knew what her words meant and had no desire to think more on it than that.

Instead, he busied himself with powering down the airlock emplacement, with it ordinance spent it now had no use and power was a resource with better uses elsewhere. It was a brief task and swiftly done, its competition being met with brief words from Benmual on the status of sickbays doors.

He left the airlock, closing the exterior doors as he did. A brisque pace took him past the sickbay doors, then through the security checkpoint and onto the bridge. His gaze flicked over each member of the crew present, lingering on Eboh. Any concern his expression held hidden behind the plates of his helmet.. beyond Eboh there were screens, the information displayed catching his eye. A shuttlecraft leaving the Theurgy, aboard was a single lifesign.. a Bajoran one.

For what purpose, he as yet did not know.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | USS Allegiant | Heart of the Azure Nebula ]
Attn: @Firefox013 @Masorin @Fife @Jm Von Cat @The Ostrich @Nolan @BZ @Numen 
The answer in regard to whether or not the Fighter Escort had made it through was revealed gradually. Wraith and Blizzard had been located, and Scylla had come to them for assistance. Dewitt had heard Eboh, however, and made her way there first. The source of his distress was apparent, as the light of the Azure Nebula caught the metal star that had sprouted from the man's hand. This was the same time as the Wolf-10 announced that she had no engines left. That meant no shield, nothing. Quantite core offline. If Scylla lingered in that cockpit without shields, she would be irradiated by the nebula.

"Eboh," she said, laying her hand on his shoulder and talking to him directly. "Stay with us now. Focus. Here is something for you, and you should put everything else aside, you hear? Lock on to the two life-signs in that fighter, and beam them aboard, okay? When you've done that, I need you to tow the Valravn with our tractor beam while we escape through the aperture. You hear me? Now focus, and follow my orders, and don't think about anything else. I am getting help for you."

Her frown of concern almost looking like a scowl, she stepped away and hit her combadge. "Dewitt to Izar, come to the bridge. Whatever you can do for Eboh, you need to do it now," she said, and paused by the command chair. "Bridge to Doctor Hernandez, we have two new patients coming to the transporter room. Get there on the double and make sure you scan for radiation poisoning. If there are any engineers still on their feet down there, tell them to divert power to shields and engines. It doesn't look like we need our weapon systems any more."

Indeed, sensors were showing the approaching procession of Borg cubes, but they still had time to escape if they began to move right away. Sensors also showed how there was a shuttle leaving the Theurgy, which Dewitt frowned at without comment. It wasn't the Sabine, but one of the regular Type 11 ones. She laid both her hands on the back of her chair and dealt further orders to those present on the bridge. She'd spotted the arrival of Varder Ridun, so she glanced towards him first. "Petty Officer, please go help Hernandez with the pilots. They might need to get out of their suits in order to be treated. Unless Benmual is already on the way, tell her to take your place here." She needed some kind of back-up if Eboh's assimilation was accelerating. She then turned to Zy. "Miss Natauna, continue looking for Wolf-09. If Meerkat and Bulkhead are still out there, I want them with us through the aperture. Eboh, keep your focus on towing the Valravn."

Then they received a call from Mission Ops, it was blinking on Dewitt's armrest, so she reached down to receive it.

"This is Mission Ops," It was Stark answering on the squadron channel they shared with the Lone Wolves, and there was an odd sort of coldness to her voice, that even the comm system could pick up on. Distant, almost harsh. "Get your birds into that aperture and steer clear of that shuttle. That's carrying..." there was a pause and then, "Its going to stop the Borg. Don't ask how, don't interfere, just get you and your Wolves out of here, now. Thats an order, lead. Acknowledge."

Looking at the sensor reading of that single shuttle they were leaving behind, Dewitt's stare was incredulous. Sensors just showed that single Bajoran life-sign aboard it. Still, she wasn't going to question it. "You heard it. Helm, take us in, and catch up with the others."

With her green eyes nailed to the viewscreen, Dewitt remained standing behind her chair, both hands still on the back of it. The opening was dark, but inside, there was shimmering light along the walls. Being a subspace tunnel, it looked like the kind in which you wanted to stay in the centre lane. Dewitt was no scientist, but she knew enough to be convinced that the ship could not hit those sides. And once they were inside, it became clear that the tunnel wasn't a straight line either. Far from it. Even worse, it appeared like the walls were narrowing in against the Allegiant. Like a throat, swallowing her down. "God dammit... Helm, focus on the path, nothing else. Eboh, keep the Valravn from hitting the tunnel. I fear the walls will tear both ships back into normal space if you fail, or they will just obliterate us... Natauna, I think we need more power to the inertial dampeners."

They tunnel forced the Theurgy, the Allegiant and all the Lone Wolves to give each other enough room to navigate the coiling path, and at the same time, avoid the walls that were encroaching upon them. Perhaps they were shifting to accommodate the shifting mass of the group of ships, yet despite the challenge of navigating it... the Theurgy was plummeting through the tunnel as if the Borg were right on their heels. The helmsman of the Theurgy was preforming high-impulse acrobatics inside the narrow passage, and the Theurgy was the biggest ship in Starfleet. Dewitt saw how two of its nacelles were offline, leaving a trail of plasma, and a third one looked like it was about to shut down any second. Bright fires and hull breaches riddled the surface of the Theurgy, just like the Allegiant. With every sharp turn or banking the Theurgy made, Dewitt thought the starship would connect with the sides of the tunnel. It put her nerves on edge, and she really wanted a drink.

"Steady," she said quietly, her fingers white as she held the back of her chair, still standing. If Izar and Benmual had come, she hadn't acknowledged it. Sweat beaded her brow, and she never looked away from the view-screen...

Then, the sensors gave them nothing, and it appeared like they were speeding straight into a dead end. Her eyes went wide...

...before she realised that they had reached the end.

They shot out of the end of the tunnel, returning to normal space - absent of the nebula's blue light.

Only then did she let out her breath, and she looked down to the deck, the rush of the tension leaving her feeling like euphoria. The Theurgy contacted them, telling them to bank away from the exit of the subspace tunnel. "Well done, Thorne, now clear away, and take us towards the Theurgy. Allegiant to Mission Ops, requesting permission to dock, over."

In the corner of the view-screen, the sensors were still re-calibrating. They had no idea where they were...

...but they had made it through. Dewitt allowed a small smile to come to her, as she looked around to the others.

OOC: Here is some inspiration for your last post in this thread! :) No posting order set, but if you are depending on another writer to get your own post up, chat with them. These are just suggestions! @Firefox013: Pretty straight-forward, but I also recommend you read the subspace tunnel flying taking place in Space Trash Rampage and Chapter 05: Battle of the Apertures for inspiration. Please refrain from NPCing Dewitt now that Thorne doesn't need her input to fly. Also, post how Scylla and Whiteout materialise on the transporter pad on the Allegiant. @Masorin: Perhaps NPCing Rel and Hernandez, unless Sithick comes to? @Fife: Have Eboh beam over Scylla and Whiteout, then have him stay sane enough to keep the Valravn from the sides of the tunnel? lol @Jm Von Cat: Scylla and Whiteout are transported to the transporter room, and Dewitt has sent him there. They need to get out of the exosuits for treatment, perhaps? @The Ostrich: Check Space Trash Rampage for inspiration on how to write the subspace tunnel escape. Please NPC Wraith and establish that he is also flying through it? @Nolan: Watch over Eboh, and share in the scare of the flight? @Numen: Eboh needs maintenance treatment of some kind! @BZ: Could you please establish how Bulkhead, Meerkat's Klingon RIO finally gets in touch with Zy, telling her that Meerkat is hurt and that he is flying the Valravn from the back seat through the aperture? This, to foreshadow how Meerkat has to be put in stasis when they are back on the Theurgy. This is your last post in this Chapter, before the Epilogue begins, so make it count! :)

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[Zyrao Natauna | Clench your Butt-Cheeks Boys | Death Tunnels are a Great Ride | Time to Move On | Dear John Letter to the Borg]
@Auctor Lucan @Fife

The cry from across the small Bridge did not just gather Dewitt's attention, but the attention of the El-Aurian who sat at her station trying her best to get everything done she could to boost the ship.  There was something sprouting from the hand that held out towards the view screen where the vibrant colors of the nebula glances over it.  No. she thought for a moment as she surveyed the fact that while whatever the hell they had been injected with had worked on slowing down the assimilation that Eboh .. was living his own worst fears at the moment.  Zyrao was not overly fond of those that could speak mind to mind, and yet, she found herself regretting that her own race did not have such abilities because honestly she wished that she could give him a boost without making the damn thing public.

Dewitt made her way to him, and Zyrao reached down to where the disruptor she had been given back for the mission rested.  Pulling it out, she put it on the console to the side.  It wasn't on fire at the moment anyway but honestly, if he began to talk in odd voices, or start shining lights from his eye balls she was certainly going to make the hard call.  Having met the man, and knowing that he had run in with the Borg before.. she knew that he would not wish to be one.  He had asked for reprieve and she would give it to him if it was in her power.

They could call her murderer, she already was one.

Another wouldn't matter.  In fact, this was one that would be a pleasure. 

Suddenly, she realized that someone was speaking to her.  Grey eyes shifted from her thoughts of having to do what was necessary and what she needed to take care of right now.  Wolf 09 hadn't reported in and they were still missing.  It was apparently her job to see if she could locate the wayward ship.  She gave Dewitt a single nod in affirmation finding that words were not always necessary.  Especially when eye contact was still happening.  She set the sensors that were on her panel and in her access to search for the last known signs of the Wolf.  She knew that they had subspace signals and she should be able to find their specific numeric coding and ping right off of them.  Sure enough, she was able to find them.  They were currently working their way through all the debris and it seemed their trajectory was working it's way back to the Allegiant

“I've found them, contacting now.” Zyrao reported calmly. 

Despite all the chaos that was going on around her on the Bridge she remained an island of calm despite it all.  She had been in worse, survived worse, and this, with the addition of the Verant, had allowed for them to have far better odds than other situations she had lived through.  Right now, she just needed to keep her eye on Eboh and make sure that if the call was necessary she took it.

“Wolf 09, this is Zyrao Natauna, from the Allegiant, come in.”  she called out over the com system once the signals connected. 

There was nothing.  Just static in the open channel. 

“Wolf zero-nine, this is Natauna, come in.” she called again, waiting for some kind of answer.  She sent her scanners back to the ship again now that she knew where it was.  Scanning it for life signs, sure enough the two people were there, and the com system was open, which meant that their com array was not damaged and not receiving. 

“Wolf zero-nine, I suggest you answer before you become space fodder for the Versant and the Borg.” she quickly said again into the com unit.

Finally, there was some sort of change in the static and then the voice of Bulkhead came through the com unit.  “Cool your jets, lady, I'm busy flying this thing arOU-” he cut out for a moment and she watched on her sensors as the jet shifted quickly over some flying debris from one of the large rips in the Borg cube.  “around things.”

“Congratulations on your promotion to decent pilot.  You're to follow us into the aperture.” she said rolling her eyes, the heavy sarcasm could be heard and felt.  “You can get your fancy medal for excellent fighter pilot when you get back on board.”

“Fuck you, Meerkat is down, knocked out, I'm flying this bastard from the back seat.  Get over yourself Natty.” came the voice in the channel.

Zyrao grinned.  “Fighting spirit, who knew, use it and follow us or get your asses left behind.” she said and killed the channel.

“They're on their way.” she reported to Dewitt who had likely heard it all anyway.  She kept her eye on Wolf 09 though just in case and sure enough they were now behind the Allegiant and working their way through towards the Aperature where they would head through and get, hopefully, away from the damn Borg and whatever that other ship was.  Whatever it was, she hoped that they could steal their tech because whatever could carve a fucking Borg Cube up like tissue paper was something she would love to get her hands on.

Her eyes turned to the view screen now that she was sure that Wolf 09 was following in their wake.  There she could see the walls of the tunnel, they shimmered just slightly, so you knew where the walls were but you couldn't really see them.  It was like you could see it out of the corner of the eye but when you looked directly at the walls the shimmer was much lighter.  Still, she was eager to get out of here, and never run into the Borg again.  She hoped against everything that Eboh wouldn't need a disruptor bolt to the back of his head, but, she was prepared for when he did.  The walls seemed to be shifting and the tunnel growing more narrow as the Allegiant rushed through the Aperature and towards the freedom they all hoped was on the other side.  Dewitt seemed to realize that they were going to need some boosting and called back to Zyrao to switch power over to the inertial dampeners.

“Sure, but it's going to take from our shield.” she informed without really having to do the math, she knew she was going to have to get the power from somewhere.  The graviton wasn't in use anymore and she had rerouted all the power back to the shields where she could but now she took some of that power back away and pushed it to the dampeners.  She hoped that the numbers she was seeing on her screen would be good enough to allow them to make it out on the other side alive. 

Finally, they shot out the whole, just as it seemed they were going to impact some kind of dark wall.  News came from the Theurgy to clear away from the aperture and so the Allegiant did just that.  Dewitt requesting the ability to dock and hopefully .. get medical help for the one of them on this ship that was going to need it the most.  Zyrao had, not yet, relaxed in her seat.  Her eyes shifted over to Eboh and all the suffering he was going through. 

“Eboh!  Don't forget you owe me drinks.” she called out across the bridge now that his job was mostly done as well, she hoped, that it would give him something else.. something besides the Bridge to focus on.  “You want to hear my story, don't you?”

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Engineering | USS Allegiant ]

@Auctor Lucan   @Masorin @Fife  @Nolan  @BZ @all

Just as the echoes of his voice thanking the doctor's ministrations faded in Engineering, the door hissed. Bila's head flopped in his slender neck to look at it and whoever came in with that hissing sound. It was her. Kythalie. The hybrid's heart went up to his throat and his stomach fell to his feet. His heart rate accelerated in his temples and wrists and the chemist didn't know if it was due to ther presence or it was just the adrenaline shot. So he did what he seemed doomed to do in her presence. He babbled.  Choking on his own tongue. His brain lost the connection with his mouth again. For a moment, Bila feared that the concussion had not healed. That the Doctor's care had only postponed the inevitable for a few seconds and he was halfway to the Celestial Temple. Thinking panicky about his imminent dead only worsen the situation to the point that he was only able to emit a pitiful wail.

Unaware of the anguish she caused in the chemist, Benmual knelt beside him. Polite and charming as only she knew how to be. So Bila did the only thing he could do. He shut his mouth in one fell swoop. He did it so quickly that he bit his tongue. Bila closed his eyes, squeezing his eyelids tightly. Trying to deal with the pain in his mouth, the dizzyness that still seized his trobbing head and the shameful brown blush that coloured his pale cheeks. To make things even worse, she offered to carry him, allowing him to lean against her to reach the sickbay.  Bila opened his eyes exorbitantly, as the heat rose rapidly to his cheeks. He knew he should look like a Dosi clown at that moment.

Even so, determined not to gloat any more in his self-consciousness around her, the hybrid merely nodded enthusiastically. He repented instantly. After all, Dr. Hernandez had only patched him to keep him going. He was far from being at his capabilities, however pathetic they might have been. He must remember to take it easy from now on. "Can you hand me my briefcase?” he asked. His voice sounded high-pitched even in his cardassian hears. Bila wanted to faint so he wouldn't have to deal with more embarrassment.

While he was pushing himself against the wall to try to get back on his feet, his combadge sudenly chirped.

[Dewitt to Izar, come to the bridge. Whatever you can do for Eboh, you need to do it now]

The short phrase in the captains femenine voice  was a jar of cold water. After all, they were in the middle of a battle. And he was a Starfleet officer. No matter how much Benmual's presence made him involute into a squeaking jelly mess, he couldn't forget his duties.  He must quit being a baby and bear his pain and Kyth's presence as an adult.

Gathering all the resolution he was able to muster, Bila stood on his feet and ran an arm over the Petty Officer shoulders. When she held him, passing her arm over his waist, the hybrid gasped slightly. Not because of the nerves this time, but possibly because of another contusion or broken bone that had gone unnoticed so far gifted him a sudden pang. He held back his desire to weep and moved resolutely forward... Well, in fact, he staggered and limped towards the door, leaning on Kyth's slender figure. But in spite of everything, he felt it like a victory. Small, for sure, but a victory after all.  Izar raised his hand to the badge and pressed it, opening a comm with Dewitt. "Acknowledge, on my way" he said in his most professional voice.

Then, they both abandoned engineering, leaning against each other.

Lt. JG Izar Bila | Upper Corridors → Bridge | USS Allegiant ]

The journey to the upper corridors was made almost silently. Bila hummed and puffed. Every part of his body ached or throbbed. Dark and brown spots danced in front of his eyes. Sometimes, his head threatened with black-out him, but every time he managed to get over it before falling to the floor like a dead body. He staggered, groaned, snorted. But he kept going.

"You know," he said at one point, to tear the agonizing silence that had thickened between them.  Bila turned his face to look at her and in his hazel eyes flashed a bit of the mischief that characterized him. "Every time you found me, I'm in one of my best moments, when I am most handsome than ever" he joked, a painful smile in his shaggy face. Maybe it wasn't the best sample of his wit, but it was an improvement. His smile widened and looked again in front of him... only to discover that the other security NCO was there too, walking in the opposite direction. The gaze of the half-bajoran intersected with that of the bajoran and the scientist felt how the blush was taking hold of his face again. And Bila wasn't sure if it was due to his obvious demonstration of weakness or to the unprofessional image he was giving of himself.

Whatever it was, that chastised him enough to keep him quiet until they reached the bridge. When the door hiss went off behind them, Bila could hear the end of the Theurgy transmission. They would head one of the appertures soon. He knew it was a real madness. The slightest mistake could suppose that the starship was torn to pieces and that all of them were reduced to stardust wandering in the subspace. His face, so tinged with blush in the last few minutes, suddenly paled. "yumaý?" he muttered for himself. He looked into Kyth's black eyes, not sure if she understood the complicated journey they were going to undertake in mere moments. "I think I'm going to need you around a little more," he said in a thin voice, swallowing. And after whispering that plea, he limped to where Eboh was tied to his seat.

A quick glance at the other hybrid told him that things were worse than he expected. Assimilation was advancing faster than planned and a metalic star had sprouted in the dark half-El-Aurian hand, like a wicked omen of what was to come.  For a few seconds, Bila was tempted to comm Hernandez to request that he surgically remove that metallic aberration. It wouldn't stop the nanoprobes from advancing, but maybe that way they could pretend that nothing was wrong with the Chief a little longer. But they would need Eboh in the Bridge, so the chemist dismissed the idea.  They couldn't waste time just to give the dark-skinned man a little hope.

Izar fumbled with the clasps of his suitcase and in his struggle, it felt to the floor. He leaned over, trying to grab the handle of the case, only to quickly lose his balance and fall to the floor. His mistreated body hit the floorplates with a loud thud that ripped the air out of his lungs.  Bila gasped again, black spots again over his sigh. Kyth took the briefcase and placed it on a console nearby. Then she hurried to hold him, trying to get him back upright. Hanging limply over her shoulder, the hybrid approached his lips to her ear. ”It's close," he whispered, his voice firm, denying the charade he had performed. "Prepare your weapon, we may need it soon."

He moved away from her, staggering slightly to reach the briefcase and remove the tricorder. A quick scan told him what he already knew, but he kept his expression vacant. Searching again in his valise, he extracted a hypospray with the same neural supresant that the modified nanoprobes produced in Eboh's veins. Another vaccine dose would be useless, so it was the only solution left to slow down the assimilation.  The disadvantage was that the vaccine would degrade sooner, so Bila should keep his full attention on the progress of Eboh's assimilation... or he should order Benmual to act and end him.

After the application, he tried to give Eboh a comforting smile, but he didn't succeed. The Chief didn't need to be very sharp to know that he lived on borrowed time if they did not arrive at the Theurgy soon. Without straying too far from Eboh, Bila leaned on one of the walls, tired from the mere fact of standing. His eyes averted to the main screen andwatched the ominous aberture.

He swallowed loudly. Another time.

And, unconsciously, he extended his left hand forward, until his fingers intertwined with Benmual's and squeezed them.

yumaý? → "really?" or "for real?"

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Bridge | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Numen @BZ @all
[Show/Hide]Eboh’s attention was pulled away form the metallic addition to the back of his left hand as he felt someone touch his shoulder, hearing Dewitt’s voice speak his name. He turned his head, looking up at the Captain with a fearful expression. She kept speaking, telling him to stay with them, to focus. He heard her, though in his shocked state her words sounded muffled, distant. Still, he tried to focus.

Dewitt gave him something to work on. The pilot and RIO of the Valravn fighter needed to be beamed aboard and the fighter towed. She told him to focus again, and said she would get him help. Eboh gave her a weak grin, appreciating the sentiment, though he understood his situation all too well, and knew that he was in serious trouble. The fact was that he was turning, albeit slowly, and his time was slowly running down. Eboh dropped his gaze away from Dewitt, returning it to the metal that now adorned the back of his hand. Yes, time was slowly slipping away from him, though he still had some. Enough to do some good before they had to put an end to him. Before he became a threat.

”Aye, ma’am.” Eboh finally said, pushing his hands into motion with great effort. He heard Dewitt speaking to Izar on the comms, asking him to do what he could for Eboh. The half El-Aurian winced at this, both from the knowledge that he would have to deal with Doctor Frankenspoon again, and that there was likely nothing the scientist would be able to do for him regardless.

Pushing those thoughts aside as well, Eboh set about his task. His eyes fell on the sensors readouts, seeing the state of the damaged Valravn fighter and it’s crew. The Valravn was in rough shape, having taken a great deal of damage in the encounter with the cube. The two Starfleeters it carried seemed similarly battered, with one’s life signs registering weaker than the other’s. Eboh quickly set about his task, though was unable to put his current plight out of his mind with the metallic star on the back of his hand in plain view as he worked the console. ”Transporter lock established.” Eboh reported before keying open a comms channel to sickbay. ”Eboh to sickbay, prepare to receive two more patients, one unconscious with weakening life signs.” Eboh closed the channel and tapped a few more commands into his station. ”Energizing.”

As the transport initiated, Eboh saw some fluctuations and quickly worked to compensate. The Nebula again, the ambient radiation continuing to interfere with everything he did. A few quick adjustments to compensate and the transport was completed. ”We’ve got them aboard,” Eboh reported, ”initiating tractor beam.” Once the tractor beam took hold of the damaged fighter and they were moving towards the aperture, Eboh heard Dewitt address him again, stating that should the fighter hit the walls of the tunnel, it could result in the obliteration of both ships. Great… Eboh thought to himself as he made adjustments, bringing the fighter in closer as they towed it along, no pressure… Then another voice called out to him.

”Eboh! Don’t forget you owe me drinks.” He heard Zyrao call, causing a slight smile to cross his lips despite the severity of his situation, ”You want to hear my story, don’t you?”

”I haven’t forgotten, Miss Natauna,” Eboh called back, turning his head slightly to be heard while still keeping his eyes on his console and the readouts of the tractor beam, ”I look forward to it!” He was, too. He only hoped he’d live to get the chance to hear the El-Aurian woman’s story. At this rate, he was doubtful as to whether he’d get the chance. That thought left his feeling sad, regretting the fact that he most likely wouldn’t get the opportunity to talk with her. He’d had few opportunities to speak with someone of his own species, and now that the chance had presented itself, it seemed the hourglass was running out for him.

Izar appeared at his side then, a quick glance telling him the half-Cardie looking significantly worse for wear. Kythalie was there too, the Betazoid staying close to Izar. A moment later Eboh understood why as, having dropped his suitcase, Izar bent to retrieve it only to end up on the floor himself. Kythalie had to help the scientist to his feet, supporting him as he injected Eboh with something. As the new medication entered his system, Eboh heard the whispering drone of the collective begin to fade. Had Izar given his a neural suppressor? Something to help block out the voices. He doubted it would do much to slow his assimilation, thought he reprieve from the constant whispering voices was a blassed relief which allowed his to concentrate. The weak attempt at a smile that Izar gave him left Eboh little doubt. Hope was not something any of them held at this point. He wouldn’t be getting to hear Zyrao’s story after all.

All thoughts of such things fled his mind as they entered the aperture tunnel, his focus remaining entirely on keeping the towed Valravn from drifting into contact with the tunnel walls. He may be doomed, but he would do everything he could to ensure the rest of them survived. A grunt escaped him as he felt a sharp pain in his side, the sound forcing it’s way through clenched teeth as he concentrated on the console in front of him. He didn’t need to look to know another implant had forced it’s way to the surface under his uniform, and he didn’t have time to worry about it now. He needed to make sure the rest of them made it through. He needed to make sure that the rest would survive, even as his own time seemed to tick away.

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[ Ltjg Jhozahosh “Blizzard” sh’Avhennes | Wolf-12 | Subspace Tunnel ]


The great maw of the aperture loomed before her. In that moment Jhozahosh sh’Avhennes felt very small and insignificant in her fighter. Her Valravn was not even 20 metres long, yet the mouth of the aperture was large enough to comfortably swallow the Theurgy, which was over a kilometre in length. Around her Jhoza was aware of the other fighters of the Lone Wolves Squadron, as well as the Theurgy and Allegiant. She slipped into place behind the Allegiant, making sure she had plenty of room to maneuver however she needed. Moments later, she crossed the threshold.

The journey inside the tunnel wasn’t at all how she had hoped it would be, it was better. Subspace turbulence battered the small fighter, and Jhoza whooped with joy as she rode the waves. She was dimly aware of Trixie in the back seat, swearing creatively as the pair of them were thrown and the fighter was shaken to its limit. Today had been an amazing day. First, an epic battle against a Borg Cube, including a hair raising run through the middle of the Cube. The Cube had been destroyed, and now they were running for their lives through an unknown Subspace tunnel. This was what Jhoza lived for, the pure rush of adrenaline which came with such dangerous situations.

Unfortunately for Jhoza, the run through the tunnel was over too soon. The swirling tunnel walls gave way to the blackness of space and Jhoza smiled to herself as she banked away from the tunnel exit and decreased the speed of her fighter. As she came around she caught sight of a flock of pink creatures. They were quite beautiful, and she allowed her gaze to linger on them as she they crossed her line of sight.

”You ever seen something like that before Trixie?“

”I haven’t...they’re beautiful...what do you say we head home now?”

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PO2 Sithick |Engineering | USS Allegiant ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Firefox013 @Fife  @Jm Von Cat @Vox @The Ostrich @Numen  @Nolan

The doctor was getting ready to start moving Sithick trying to figure out how to bring the massive lizard to sickbay without the use of a transporter would have been difficult, but that was when Sithick started to wake. Drugs never lasted long in the body of a cold blooded reptile, their body processed things too awkwardly. Not to mention that Sithick's mass required massive dosses for even half the effect it was no wonder to see the large Reptile start to move.

"Sithick can you hear me?"  The Gorn let out a sluggish yawn as he nodded his head stretching, and pulling himself up, his uniform normally so pristine had a burned hole through it where his chest had been shot by the plasma bolt, and he surveyed his body.

New growth and scales were always more bright and itchy than the normal skin he had to deal with, he had been through this before, it would be at least three days before the scales hardened to their normal texture, until then they would be overly sensitive. He took a deep breath filling his lungs for a moment and testing his lungs as he remembered feeling like his chest couldn't expand after being shot.

"You had three broken ribs, and were bleeding profusely, it took a little bit of work to get you on your feet again, how do you feel."

"Pain, but good." Sithick's voice spoke, but not his translator, he touched at his neck where the device was, and found a sharp sting, he pulled at the collar, ripping his clothing further to look down. His translator had broken into several small but sharp pieces. He sighed. "I'll need new tran'sh-lator."

He looked around seeing the damage the allegent engineering bay had suffered. He tapped the comlink. "Sithick to Dewhit? Wassk my weaponz any uze? Did Zhe cannon work asth intended?"

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Bridge > Transporter Room | Deck 01 | USS Allegiant ] @Auctor Lucan @Nolan
"Petty Officer..." Break out of thought, now is not the time. Listen.

"...please go help Hernandez with the pilots. They might need to get out of their suits in order to be treated. Unless Benmual is already on the way, tell her to take your place here."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Then turning, leaving back out through the doors of the security checkpoint. He mouth was moving to form words, instructions to Benmaul left dead as he saw her assisting the Cardassian halfbreed. His injuries looked as severe as when Varder had last seen the man, yet he was still moving. A brief sidestep took the Bajoran from the pair's path and he offered a small nod as they made their way past and to the bridge. Normally he would help, but he had his own task to perform.

Turning to the transporter room and coming to an abrupt halt, the doors attempting to slide open.. only managing a slow grinding movement before getting stuck partway open. Through the gap, he could see the Valravn's crew on the transporter pad. There is where he needed to go and the way in was clear, if only in the mental sense. Varder knew what must be done.

He turned, sidestepping into the gap the doors and leaning his weight back, hands pressed forward against the section in front of him. Then pushing, exerting himself even with the exo suits aid, straining against the shaken and damaged door until something gave.. The doors opened, accompanied by the sound of screeching metal and a loud thunk... The engineers would not be happy about this, but at this moment he did not exactly care as he stepped through the now open space and towards Scylla and Whiteout.

He got down on a knee between them, reaching towards the unmoving one of the pair. Talking quickly, softly.
"You are on the Allegiant. Talk if you are able. Tell me what hurts where or anything of relevance."
Then he continued.. Checking suit seals for breaches.. working to remove Whiteouts helmet, moving down from there to clear the suit away from obvious injuries and checking for joint and system lockups. He knew what he was doing, more so than most thanks to Eliska's pointers earlier. A glance over his shoulder showed the doctors arrival, he soon took over Varders place on the unconscious Andorian flyboy.

Varder had done what he could for Whiteout and now turned his attention to the conscious one of the pair, first going for her helmet. Once more checking seals before its removal, narrating what he was doing just before he started to do it and reacting to deal with any injury or damage she pointed out to him.

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[ PO 2nd class Kythalie Benmual | Warp Core Room -> Bridge | USS Allegiant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Numen  @Fife  @all

The Bajcardie had seen better days, that much was for sure. Kythalie removed the helmet of her exosuit and discarded it by the floor plating as her lush hair sprung around, yet not all over the place as right after a shower. The woman looked at the scientist with some worry as the doctor finished up on his work and the bridge contacted Bila to get up to them. Kythalie did what she had to do to help the man up on his legs and as he instructed her to get the case she did just that. The gyros in her suit adapting to the extra weight and not really offering her much trouble to carry both Bila as well as the briefcase.

The ship still shook and felt unsteady as it was undoubtedly doing some sort of evasive flying. It made the way to the Bridge somewhat longer as Kythalie could feel Bila's full weight rest against her as the ship tilted too much to her side. The stair up would prove a challenge yet the woman knew better then to be pessimistic. It would only make things harder for Bila undoubtedly.

You know, every time you found me, I'm in one of my best moments, when I am most handsome than ever"

The words of the Bajcardie made Benmual snicker as she glanced over at him. The dark black pools of her eyes looking into the sparkle of mischief that burned in Bila's eyes. "Is that so lieutenant? I suppose I should stop making it a habit to run into you when you're all battered and bruised. I hate to see you on a bad day actually..." she teased him as she helped him mount up the stairs. Once they reached the top they crossed Varder and Benmual nodded at him "Come on LT not that far anymore."

As they entered the Bridge the end of the Theurgy's transmission could be heard, though Kythalie picked up the promise for drinks between Zyrao and Eboh. She had to smile as she brought Bila closer to inspect Eboh. She walked over to the dark skinned man and as she looked over his shoulder, she could see the metallic star on his hand. It made her swallow hard and she could feel her gut clench together as she placed her hand on his shoulder. A simple gesture to let the man know he wasn't alone. She looked at Bila as he simply fell back to the ground and she decided to help him out by placing his case on the console and opened it up to him. She watched him inoculate the El-Aurian with a shot and waited patiently.

He gave her a fair warning that she had to keep a close eye on Eboh. She swallowed and gave a short nod as she felt the Bajcardie hold on to her hand and squeeze it. Kythalie could understand why he'd be afraid, petrified even. She gave him a short squeeze back before she placed her other hand on the hilt of her hand phaser. She looked around on the bridge as they entered the aperture. She swallowed as Eboh did his work and as the tension grew higher she whispered to the man "Stay strong Eboh. Seems like you're getting a second chance to use those grandpa seduction skills again." She couln't help but chuckle as she teased the man and in all seriousness however she whispered the next line in his ear "We're here if you need anything else, just give me the word."

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[ Ens. Jaya Thorne | Bridge of the USS Allegiant | In transit from Borg Aperture | Just got out of the frying pan, hopefully into a plate or something not the fire]

"Ok so we’ve got the pilot and RIO of Wolf 10 aboard and now were headed into this aperture after the shield modifications were completed… this is going to be fun with the amount of ship’s involved in us getting the fuck out of here!" Spoke Jaya as they followed on task.

Jaya’s hands were flying over the console, switching between the stick n LCARS as she moved the Allegiant into the spiralling energy maelstrom beyond the Borg Aperture, bracing as they got Schwooped in along with so many others, Jaya’s focus was scalpel sharp though and she deftly maneuvered the scout ship almost as elegantly as if it were one of the Wolves in their Warp Fighters.
Hoookay, just like if NASCAR racing and World Rally Championships had a love child!” She stated, dodging around a couple fighters. Then Jaya’s heart sank in her chest even further from what she and the others saw next as they got their first good look at the Theurgy in what seemed, at the time, an eternity. The poor lady was not looking very good, but she was intact, the leading lady of Starfleet still very much in the game, they hoped.

Commander Dewitt… I think, we just made it…right, we got out of there, we are going to be ok for a bit now, right?” She said softly, still flying, eyes calm but voice shaky, she was having trouble containing her fear some but was still doing a fine job focusing on getting them through. The young helmswoman kept at it, staying alert, remaining as centered as possible along the crowded conduits length as they move at unimaginable speed towards some unknown destination.

Then, as quickly as it began, the trip through the conduit ended, the vessels emerging from trans warp into normal space. As they did, each ship cleared the drop off area of the conduit they took to make room for any ship’s following. “All right, we are through… now I wonder where we are.” Spoke Jaya as one by one each ship that got through reappeared on sensors in their vicinity.
[ LTJg. Sephiria “Scylla” Arn | Cockpit of the Mk. I Valravn Wolf 10 + Transporter room of the USS Allegiant | Azur Nebula near Borg Aperture and transiting through the aperture| Sephiria must feel like a cross between a pin cushion and Captain Obvious]

Well now she’d done it, the Valravn up and croaked on her, total power loss, Sephiria thunked her helmeted head gently on the side of the cockpit. “Oh! This is just fucking fantastic! First, I almost crash in a cube, then I barely make it here and now ye bloody died on me!”  She slammed a fist on a dead console panel and sighed. “Well now what?” Just then a familiar harmonic hum was heard as energy wrapped around her. “Oh, that.” *transporter flash*

Sephiria, soon after, found herself keeling over after rematerializing on the Allegiants transporter pad after being beamed out as the craft went towards the aperture, towing her fighter with a tractor beam, she groaned, slamming against the small Pads back wall, Whiteout was on the floor, the transporters having detected his condition and rematerialized him on the floor so the doctor present was able to check him out more, she reached weakly, smiling and helped them by hitting the helmet detachment toggle of the armor , the helmet visor unfolding into its open position which also made it easier to disconnect from the armor itself.  She had seen and heard the rather handsome looking Bajoran security officer get close to Whiteout, asking questions and suppressed a giggle then spoke to him. “He’s out cold… please just help him…” She coughed, a bit of blood flying from a cut on her lip. “Sorry.

She then collapsed back again, removing her helmet for the medic as she sat there with her back to the far wall of the transporter pad, there was a bad looking gash in her side, the suit had stemmed most of the blood flow but the cut wasn’t exactly shallow or small. “Heh…heheh…L…Lieutenant, J-Junior Grade Arn…” She coughed a bit and smirked. “Reporting…” She passed out, darkness taking her for a moment but soon was yanked right back by a medic not being gentle enough. “Whoah there!” She croaked weakly. “You gunna buy me dinner first?” She said then fell silent, just waiting, not wanting to distract them too much from helping her and her RIO, one of her few real friends since the accident years ago.

Dun worry… I’m not gonna do anything stupid…” She said as if speaking to Whiteout even though he was totally unconscious at that time, she sighed. “Thanks kid… we both owe ye one.” She said, closing her eyes, waiting, letting the medics do their thing.


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