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CH05: S [D06|1050] The Allegiant

Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 1050 hrs. ] The Allegiant

[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Masorin  @Firefox013
While straightening her uniform jacket, Commander Jennifer Dewitt entered the docking lounge of the Allegiant.

The summons she had sent to the selected crew had gone out at different points during the past hour, some before she'd met Thomas Ravon, and some afterwards - all depending on when the superior officers cleared those assembled before her for the mission. She walked up to her gathered crew, whom she would lead into battle, and folded her hands behind her back before she began to speak.

"Attention," she said, her green eyed stare moving over their assembled faces. "For those who don't know me, I am Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt, and I will be your Captain during this mission, where the main objective is to seal the apertures in the heart of the Azure Nebula. We will not undertake this mission alone, of course, but function as a heavy strike craft and act on the orders from Mission Ops on the Theurgy."

She raised her chin, her stare unchanged. "As for those who do know me, because of what I had to do on Vector 1 this morning, I have neither patience nor time to explain the tactical situation we faced. All you need to know is that Captain Wenn Cinn still gave me this assignment, and I mean to carry it out. If you have issues with what I did, I kindly ask you to leave those issues in your quarters for the time being, and focus on the mission at hand. Is that understood?"

That matter sorted, Dewitt continued. "As of this moment, we do not know what will await us when the Theurgy reach it's destination, which will be in about twenty minutes. All that is known with certainty, is that a Borg cube was sighted using one of these apertures. It left through it, and our intel say that it did so in order to bring the full might of the Collective to the Alpha Quadrant. Billions of lives hang in the balance. The future of the Federation is at stake, along with the Klingon Empire's as well as Romulan space - which is already in the heights of a civil war. Whatever it takes - whatever we have to do - we must seal those apertures. Regardless what Starfleet as a whole may think of us on this ship, whatever lies the Infested in Starfleet Command have fed to the Quadrant, and no matter how exposed we might be, our first duty is - and remains - to the protection of the Federation."

Jennifer paused there, searching their faces for any shred of doubt as to what they were about to do, and what would happen if the Theurgy failed. Once she was satisfied that they had understood, she continued.

"Ensign Jaya Thorne will be at the helm, a fact that I am grateful for, since she flew this ship during the battle at Starbase 84. We will also be getting an escort of four warp fighters from the Lone Wolves, and while they may be taking their orders from the Squadron Commanding Officer, their assignment is to protect us, and to follow Thorne's flight patterns like shadows. For this mission, besides the standard armament, the Allegiant has been fitted with an additional weapons rig in the aft airlock," she said, and gestured towards the window that showed the craft they would serve on. The airlock was open, and there were crewmen in yellow jumpsuits working on welding a launching rig into the deck, and the ordinance awaited close by. Eight Hellbore torpedoes and just as many Hellhound Cluster Bombs, all to be mounted for launch through the opened airlock. "And additionally, thanks to Petty Officer Sithick..."

Jennifer paused to incline her head towards the present Gorn in the lounge. "...we have a forward-facing graviton cannon mounted on the Allegiant's starboard side, just aft of the bridge. It is a prototype, untested, but since it's Savi technology and the Borg may not have adapted to it's shearing energy, we might have need of it when we head out there. Red Alert will be raised in ten minutes, at which point we will be at battle stations in wait for the Theurgy to drop out of warp. If you have any questions... now is the time."

Done with her briefing, Jennifer fell silent. Any fears she might have towards launching into another battle on the Allegiant, she didn't show them.

OOC: This is a brief starter thread, set before the Theurgy reaches the battle in the main Chapter 05 thread, named Battle of the Apertures. The names of the selected crew can be seen below, but more names will be added when writers volunteer their characters:

CO: Captain Jennifer Dewitt
CONN: Ensign Jaya Thorne
Operations: CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh
Tactical: Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura (NPC)
Science: Lt JG Izar Bila
Comms/Advisor: Zyrao Natauna
Engineers: Petty Officer Sithick, Crewman Russell Rodriquez (NPC) & Crewman Rel (NPC)
Medical: Doctor George Hernandez (NPC)
Security: Ensign Six, PO1 Varder Ridun & PO2 Kythalie Benmual

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PO2 Sithick | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Firefox013

Sithick had been incharge of building the rigged up power supply, the repurposed cannon taken from the Asurian craft, he had ran tests, simulations, and he had made sure that he could monitor the weapon. The power requirements had proven to be too taxing for any of the fighters, the Allegiant had been the next logical step. Everything had been put together in a hurry, if he had a few more days he could have done better, and he felt worry not just for his new weapon, but for the ship.

Yellow eyes focused on Dewitt His commander from Black Opal. He inclined his head greatful that they were in Jaya's care. His bestie  was perhaps the one person he trusted the most to actually fly the ship. Considering he crack pot flying in the previous battle with the Allegiant he felt safer her on the ship than he did on the majority of Theurgy.

The Borg were before his time. He had been a slave fighting ground wars during the days of wolf 359 and the panic it had incured, and only became a member of Starfleet during the dominion war. There was the battle over earth, but Sithick had never been to earth and a lot of that battle was clouded in mystery. This would be his first time fighting against them.

Sithick stepped forward. When Dewitt spoke of him, and his new weapon, he inclined his head with pride, opening his mouth in what the reptile could aproximate as a smile his strong teeth showing, not sharp, they were not meant for the cutting of flesh, but rather the crushing of bone.

"Sssir  if I may sseak about zhe new weapon." The Gorn had been using more of his deep natural voice lately, the slow hiss of his voice, mixed with a deep echoing tone through the back of his throat. "The canon ish mounted, No rigging to move could be sset up in time. It will fire exactly in the direction of which we face. It will hit with gravitation ssshiering forze. It ish a re-purposhed canon of the Ash-urian. I will monitor it from my sstation in enginering, but thisss ish itsh firzt trial run, do not over taxz this weapon, fire only in sshort bursts, the power draw, could cause heating... ishues."

Any risk was worth the damage to the borg that such a weapon could employ, there was a good chance that the enemy may not be able to adjust to such a unique weapon. But at the same time, if the weapon was over used it could just as easily burn out the systems that it was tied into. Federation consoles were notorious for overheating and exploding in showers of sparks. "Pleaze keep my gun in one pieze if posssible."

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[Ensign Six | Docking Bay Lounge of USS Allegiant NX-80978 | Deck 19 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @Fife @Firefox013 @Jm Von Cat

The moment Ensign Six noticed that the Allegiant was looking for volunteers, she joined in at once. She was relieved to do so; part of it was because of that embarrassment with the Orion escapee. Part of it was because, in terms of regular security duties, she’d feel more useful on the Allegiant on that regard. More and more she realized that combat was not her forte. She was into Forensic Science, and she figured she wouldn’t mind one more mission before she had to get to know the Forensics Lab in the Security Center in full.

Her attention on Commander Dewitt was rapt. Six was a good judge of character, and she determined that while Dewitt wasn’t one to be liked, she was efficient and good at what she does.

She wasn’t present on Vector One, so she wouldn’t know what happened, but she had a good idea; the fact that Commander Wenn was put in charge of the Theurgy must’ve meant that Commander Trent had been relieved.

Was it her imagination, or did the Theurgy seem to go through First Officers faster than warp speed?

As Commander Dewitt’s briefing pressed on, Six paled. A Borg Cube? God forbid. There was a distinctive chance she would be hearing the call of the Collective once they arrived. In point of fact, she didn’t hear it much lately, but she realized it would have to potentially be a siren call.

She realized that there could be a way to keep the call out of her head, even if she didn’t have time to meditate. She’d go through a wide variety of crap, keep on thinking, thinking of Kal-Toh, chess, puzzles in her head, just so she’d keep concentration.

She began thinking in her head, I am Noor of Brunali, and I will not be assimilated…I am Noor of Brunali…

It actually made her feel better. For the time being, she shouldn’t think of herself as Six, but by the name she was given before her assimilation: Noor.

She realized she should save it until they actually get going.

When Dewitt pointed out a new weapon to be attached to the Allegiant, courtesy of Petty Officer SIthick, Six had to blink in surprise. This looked like a weapon that could pack a whallop that not even the Borg could withstand. With a pang, Six remembered Brunali, her home world; it seemed the sort of thing her original people would concoct, if the Borg haven’t been so busy handing their butts to them.

Six realized she hadn’t thought of her home world all the way back in the Delta Quadrant for a long time. Then again, she felt justified in rejecting them, for their attempts at biological weaponry against the Borg.

Besides Sithick, she recognized Jaya Thorne, back when she was getting coffee at the Whetstone, and Chief Petty Officer Eboh…had he chosen to remain on the Theurgy, like Salem Martin? She wondered who else from the away mission would be taking part…then again, most of them wouldn’t likely be preparing to go into battle.

OOC: If there is anything else for me to add, or to improve, please let me know through PM, and I'll get to the necessary changes.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @Multificionado @Fife @Firefox013
Varder was going over a padd, checking requisitions and supply for the detachment assigned to the Allegiant, an assignment given to him the same time his orders to report were issued. Double checking what was to be drawn and brought aboard. Pulse Phasers, Rifles, Basic field maintenance kits. Nothing heavy, nothing explosive, no need or use for such things on the inside of a small vessel. Such was his occupation with this task, however menial, he failed to notice the Commander's approach.


The word got its expected and well-rehearsed reaction, the petty officer turned to face the speaker arms straight and against his sides, padd and all. A quick glance showed that he indeed had turned to the correct person, only barely recognized from his defrost briefing. His knowledge of her meant nothing, she held the rank and so he listened and maintained a practised straight face despite her words spiking curiosity as to exactly what had transpired. He could guess, but overall it was something above his paygrade. These thoughts were all pushed aside in favour of the more important and pertinent information being offered.

Strike craft, simple enough. For the Bajoran all that meant was a slightly more energetic ship to guard against borders and a lot less back up if such an action was required. The fact Comm-Captain Wenn gave his go-ahead for her was re-assuring, Varder trusted the man's judgement and had a helluva lot of respect for him. He would not simply throw a person in place based on rank unless his arms were twisted so far the lump in his throat was a thumb.
Well, that was Varders opinion of the man anyway.

"...Is that understood?"

A subtle nod was all that Varder offered, choosing to forgo words and clear acknowledgement of a situation he had only limited information on. Instead, he listened for what came next, words that brought concern to his mind. The Borg, never personally faced and sure as hell intimidating as a prospective foe. The words spoken by this commander were well and true, even if spiced up a little bit. Not that he minded, she was putting in an effort and that was a good sign. One the Bajoran had learned to look for over his time in service, both with and before Starfleet.

The remaining words were more for other departments, he had what he needed in terms of information. Although that cannon was interesting, indeed it provided an idea regarding the other bits and pieces of Savi tech currently held in the armoury. Then came the expected request for questions, followed quickly by the looming Gorn's gruff, hissing voice offering further details on the Savi cannon. Information the Petty officer listened to with interest, even if such a cannon was far out of his hands it never hurt to know more.

Then the Gorn was done and Varder took a step forward. "Captain, permission for Security exo suit and Savi hand weapon requisition for the onboard security detail, alongside standard loadout." As he spoke he was using his padd with practised speed, putting in the requests before holding it out for her to see, review and hopefully approve.

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @Multificionado @Jm Von Cat @Firefox013
[Show/Hide]Eboh had been sitting in one of the chairs in the Docking Bay Lounge, looking at nothing in particular as he sat lost in thought. When he had heard he would be back on the Allegiant, he had made a quick stop in sickbay to get the wound on his head looked at, and then made his way to the lounge as quickly as possible, stopping only to change his uniform from the torn and singed one he had been wearing and grabbing a PADD so that he could look over the Allegiant’s specs as he waited. He had long since put the PADD aside and had allowed his mind to drift.

He was pulled out of his reverie as the doors hissed open and a woman in the red uniform of command strode in and called them to attention. Eboh rose quickly to his feet, back straight and chin up, and listened as Lieutenant Commander Dewitt, who would be the Allegiant’s Captain on this mission, briefed them. She spoke first about some issue on Vector 01, telling those gathered to put any issues they had on the backburner for the time being. Eboh had no idea what had happened, and so put the statement out of his mind. Then she moved on to the nature of their mission.

The Borg…

Their mission was to help seal the apertures, to prevent a full-scale Borg invasion of the quadrant. No small task, to be sure. Eboh listened to the Captain’s words, his stomach sinking as she spoke. How many times was he going to have to fight the Borg? He had survived Wolf 359, survived the Borg attack on the Cayuga… surely he was pushing his luck going against them a third time. Fourth, if you included his pregnant mother fleeing the Borg assault on their homeworld. Eboh wondered if this would be the final time, if this would be the day his luck ran out. If it was, he hoped it would be death, not assimilation.

Dewitt was still speaking. Apparently, they had fitted with additional weaponry, and would be launching with a fighter escort once the Theurgy dropped out of warp in 20 minutes. At least they wouldn’t have long to wait. The waiting was the worst part.

Once the Captain had finished, she asked if there were any questions. The Gorn, whom Dewitt had introduced as PO Sithick, spoke next about the weapon that had been mounted on the Allegiant. Sithick spoke with a deep voice punctuated with the hissing sound that was typical of his species. Eboh had always found the noise to be slightly soothing for some reason. Once Sithick had finished a Petty Officer from security stepped forward, asking for permission regarding security loadouts. Eboh remained silent throughout these and any other questions and simply waited to board the Allegiant and prep the ship for launch. He knew what they were to do, and had no questions for the Captain.

He simply hoped they would all survive the coming fight.

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[ Ens. Jaya Thorne | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ]

Jaya had arrived in plenty of time before the called upon briefing began and went to one of the lounges replicators. She tapped the command key to it and spoke her order, moments later a tall mug of steaming Caramel Macchiato style Coffee appeared. Hey she loved her little treat of a coffee once in a while and felt she needed one now, before all hell broke loose, specially with them fighting those godless, heartless monsters, the Borg.

She took the steaming up form the unit and looked around, people were arriving, taking their seats and waiting for her former CO now XO of this ship, She would apparently lead them through this. Jaya took a seat in one of the sofas, placing her mug on the coffee table nearby after taking a sip and she looked around, noting who had been called in, she saw many familiar faces.

She noticed the massive Gorn weapons specialist engineer Sithick and Varder Ridun, each got a friendly nod as she took her mug and sipped again after nodding to Varder, thinking. “Play it cool girl, nobody knows and its all good.” She thought as she smiled at Varder a bit coyly, recalling the events at the pool. The others around were a mix of people shed mostly seen and not interacted that much with, including their freed’ Borg, Six and Cpo Otokie-Eboh too.

So far it seemed like people who could handle the Allegiant in a high risk mission were chosen, specifically so, for this. But Jaya reserved Judgment, When Dewitt walked in, they were brought to attention by someone , once put back at ease she eased back in her seat, sipping her coffee more, waiting, listening, god this mission was going to be one for the books by what the Commander said.

Once the brief was done and questions opened, she raised her hand. “Commander, how many fighters will we have covering us and, if possible, could I know which Pilots to expect?” She asked in a calm, matter of fact tone, wanting to know.

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[ PO 2nd class Kythalie Benmual | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan  @Masorin  @Multificionado  @Jm Von Cat  @Firefox013 @Fife @Numen 

Out of place might be exactly be the words that Kythalie was looking for as she stood in the Docking Bay Lounge with people around her that she didn't really know. There was Oldie and Izar that she knew, but otherwise all the faces were unknowns. She went to sit besides Izar and behind Eboh as she listened in on the briefing. Izar seemed to be rather shaky from something and she couldn't really blame him if it was fear or concern for the upcoming mission. Benmual's mental barriers had been raised and thus blocked out any thoughts so far as she wanted to keep her head in the game.

Judging by uniforms there were two or three more security personnel around for the mission. Kythalie imagined they'd have to be the last line of defense in case they'd get boarded or something along those lines. A thought she wasn't looking forward to. She listened silently to the briefing of the Allegiant captain before she simply slumped back in her chair and watched people talk and move around. For the occasion Kythalie was in uniform pants as she tapped on Eboh's shoulder "I didn't realize this was an elderly allowed mission. Did you take your meds and get a clean diaper?" She grinned before she looked back at Izar.

The Cardassian still seemed shaky and she placed her hand on his leg as she gently squeezed it "You okay lieutenant?" she asked softly, loud enough for Izar and perhaps Eboh to hear, but nobody else in the room "You seem... distraught." she mentioned as she looked at the scientist she had saved aboard the Cayuga.

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[Zyrao Natauna | New Ship – Old Crew/New Crew | Request Accepted | Second Time is the Charm?]
@Auctor Lucan @Fife @Masorin @Multificionado

Hearing the voice of Dewitt over the comm system earlier to request her assistance on yet another ship for the Theurgy had been hard for her.  Before, it had been a cluster fuck for the lack of a better word.  She had not supported nor would she ever support Trent.  The soft puss filled piss sack would never have any respect from the El-Aurian warrior unless he got a lobotomy and became a completely different person.  She had no idea if this would go any better but she certainly hoped so.  As she leaned against the wall in the small lift that allowed her access towards the Lounge, she thought about all of the steps that had gotten her up here.  To the point where she was, once again, helping the Federation.  She hoped that she would fare better this time, she hoped that the Federation would lose the stick that was crammed firmly up their asses leaving poisoned splinters in it's wake.

The doors slip open and she stepped in.  No longer in the Klingon garb she had brought from her old ship.  She wore her loose fitting cargo pants, black, that went from her hips down to the floor where her heavy combat boots, the only thing she wore from her Klingon ship, hit the deck plating with near silence.  On her torso, the simple black tank top.  Her beautiful tattoos, caught in the lighting against the sharp pale skin and the muscles of her body.  Full lips remained slack in their neutral position.  Grey eyes fringed in dark lashes shifted over the Bridge.

She recognized Dewitt.  She did not recognize anyone else.  Her eyes flickered over the Room, there was a Gorn, some others, and everyone was already around the table.  Someone handed her a PADD.  Grey eyes flickered over to Dewitt as she gathered the attention of everyone on thehere.  Zyrao knew that she was to be covering Comms.  She wouldn't consider herself an officer, but she would walk over to man the station that was left vacant for the El-Aurian woman.  She stood close to the table as Dewitt gave her speech about how the things that had happened on the Bridge before had no bearing here.  She had still been given this particular job.  One that she was being trusted with.

Or a suicide mission. she thought to herself, but said nothing as she waited for the rest of the speech to come.

Zyrao had been there for the mutiny.  People might look down on the fact that she had done so, but if Trent hadn't been suck a fuck nugget of absolute idiocy he might have kept his chair.  Zyrao stood beside Dewitt and the fact that she had made the right decisions at the right time.  She had nothing to say about what had happened before.  She did not believe that the woman had done wrong.  Now, she stood there quietly as people were given information and spots on the Bridge.  She stood there, hands behind her back, the picture of military attention.  Shoulders back, chin high, eyes forward.  She waited and took in all the information that was being given.  There was the Gorn who had fitted some new weapons system to the ship, and Zyrao looked over at the woman, Dewitt and then the Gorn.

“I would appreciate the schematics and specifications of the weapons systems so that I may be able to integrate them into my suggestions when we get closer to our destination.” she said in her El-Aurian and softer speech.  She normally used Klingon, but only because over the last decade or so it had become something of a  habit.  The Klingon were not the sort to learn other languages because, frankly, theirs was the best and anyone that said otherwise would need a necessary and painful death by Bat'leth. 

Looking down at the PADD, she brushed her fingers across the screen in front of her and it came up in El-Aurian symbols.  She startled slightly only because it was unusual for her to see the language of her home world this way.  She supposed word had gotten around to her actual home planet and now they were working to tool things towards her because she did not speak nor read Standard.  Yet.  She planned to remedy this in the near future if possible.  Still, she signed herself in with her biometrics, and waited for the UFP logo to finish spinning and go away.  The whole thing began to fill with all the information and buttons she would need.  Comms was not a difficult job, but she needed to also help with the strategy part of her job.  She split her screen so that she had comms on the left and the

She sighed softly.  How the fuck did I end up working for these jokers again?  How is it possible that I did not get off this ship.  I had a plan.  That plan got fucked.  Now I”m fucked, and standing here on a Bridge of a ship hoping that the Borg look the other way and don't mind rapey.  Pinching the bridge of her nose, she waited to see if anyone else needed anything from her or others.  She had already said her piece and hoped that she could get information to her console.  On the right side of her console she pulled up the maps, the Nebula, and the positions of whatever was already known to the sensor arrays.

This is a nightmare.

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy NX-79854]

@Auctor Lucan @Masorin   @Multificionado  @Jm Von Cat  @Firefox013 @Fife  @Nolan  @BZ

He could not believe it. He couldn't believe he was in that lounge again, waiting to board the Allegiant to face the Borg... ANOTHER TIME. This time it hadn't been his mouth that had gotten him into that mess, instead, he had been required for the mission. Perhaps  Lieutenant Commander Dewitt did not know who he was? He was far from being someone useful in the upcoming battle, he was a pacifist, a scientist... a coward. He was not proud of it, but it was what he was. A panicmonger. He wasn't one ready to serve in the spear head. His place was in the rear, safe. Or as safe as one could be in a battle against the Borg.

Izar swallowed loudly and tightened his arms around the briefcase he embrace against his chest. That damn briefcase he had been carrying half morning and that was probably why he'd been summoned there. Now he was something like Mr Borg's Expert. The irony didn't escape him. He even chuckled despite himself. To call himself an expert in that field was an arrogance worthy of Dr. Parnak. Maybe he would end up being a good example of Cardassian male sooner that he expected.

Dewitt began her brief about their upcomming mission, but Bila barely listened to it. He NEEDED to control himself. Stop shaking. He had already given a pitiful spectacle that day and couldn't afford to give another so soon. Although perhaps that way he could be exempted from participate in that mission. Maybe Commander could just send him to therapy for what was left of his life. That perspective became clearly more tempting every minute he remained there.

The CO finished her speech and opened a round of questions and requests, but the chemist remained silent where he was, shrinking into himself deeper in the couch. He had chosen one of the furthest positions of the Scout, so that most of the crew swirled in front of him and he had a nice view of who would share that crazy trip with him. He thought he recognized some faces in the crowd. One only could belong to the former drone he had been bleeding in his previous trip to the Yatcht. A hefty man, dark-skinned,  that stood close to his position, could only be Igor. What was his real name? Eboh, that was it. The rest of the faces were mostly strangers.

Just at the moment that he thought he recognized another bajoran features among those who were approaching to make their requests to the mission's captain, Bila heard a familiar voice. A painfully cherished one. It could not be her. It was? No, it couldn't be. But if it was hers?. His mind precipitated into a maelstrom of contradictory thoughts. His heart lurched in his chest. His stomach sank beyond his feet. Maybe five or six decks below them.  He stared how she sat at his side, goggle-eyed. Kyth. She was there. Khytalie. For real. When she squeezed his leg, he felt how all his blood rise to his face, coloring it with a vivid sienna tone. His brain took a couple of minutes to understand her words, too busy trying to prevent that his body runing happily in a collapse. He looked at her opening and closing his mouth intermittently, his gaze continuously passing from Kyth's face to the hand resting on his knee.

Finally his brain was able to connect the basic functions and he inhaled again, loudly, while one of his hands left the briefcase and cupped hers, barely touching it. "I ... yeah! -No ... I-sorry-for ... I mean ... thevaccinesyouneed ... I" he stuttered quickly without being able to fully recover the connection between his brain and his mouth. Bila fell silent all of a sudden, biting his tongue in the process. The pain seemed to return some coherence to his brain, so he took a deep breath, his eyes closed, trying to begin his incoherent speech again. But better worded. Well, WORDED. When he was able to regain his speech, his voice was slightly more intelligible. "I'm ... fine." He lied. "I'm... glad to see you. Not that i'm glad that you face the borg again, i mean... well, you know."

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen @Nolan @BZ
[Show/Hide]Eboh had turned in his seat when he felt a tap on his shoulder and heard the sound of a familiar voice, one he had not heard in some time. He found himself looking at the familiar face of Kythalie Benmual, who wasted no time in poking fun at his age in her usual manner. A broad smile spread over his features as he momentarily forgot the peril they were about to throw themselves into.

”Well, well…” Eboh said by way of greeting, his deep voice rumbling with amusement, his eyes twinkling as he looked at the Betazoid’s familiar face, ”if it isn’t Kythalie Benmual! That’s no way to talk to your elders, young lady!” He couldn’t help but chuckle as Kythalie turned to address another familiar face, though this face belonged to someone he was much less enthusiastic to see again. It was none other than Doctor Frankenspoon. Eboh remembered the extremely awkward conversation he had overheard between the two, and his amusement only grew as Lieutenant Izar put on another masterful display of stutters and stammers, at one point managing to get several words out, though even those were mashed together and only moderately coherent. Eboh grinned at the Cardassian hybrid, well aware of the fact that his presence would most likely irk the scientist. ”Careful, Kythalie,” Eboh cautioned, enjoying Izar’s eager yet awkward attempt at responding to her, ”He’s changing colour. If you get him any more flustered, he might very well pass out!” Eboh glanced at Kythalie out of the corner of his eye and gaze his old friend a wink. ”We wouldn’t want the valiant Lieutenant Izar to miss the coming battle now, would we?”

A part of Eboh’s mind registered something then, something he had missed. Someone had said something to the Commander, and only now did Eboh realize that he had recognized the language they had used. It was one he hadn’t heard in a long time, years in fact. Decades.

They had spoken El-Aurian.

Eboh’s eyes searched the assembled crew, looking for the source of the voice. It obviously wasn’t Six, whom he knew. He doubted it was the Gorn, or the Bajoran in security. Then his eyes fell on an unfamiliar woman dressed in civilian clothing and sporting a myriad of tattoos on her arms. Had it been her? Eboh pushed his bulky form up from his seat and took a tentative step forward, unable to hear if Kythalie or Izar had said anything in response to his jibe. His people were few, the majority scattered. He couldn’t remember the last time he had met one. As he walked towards her, his chest tightened with nervous anticipation, as it always did when he met an El-Aurian. He always felt nervous, being only half El-Aurian himself, and knew that the language sounded strange when he spoke it in his accent. Regardless, he had to meet this woman.

”Hello,” he said, the words spoken in the El-Aurian language feeling strange in his mouth. How long had it been since he’d spoken any of it? He wasn’t sure he would even remember enough to hold a full conversation now. ”I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help overhearing you,” Eboh apologized as he drew nearer, his words spoken with a sense of hesitant eagerness, ”I have not heard El-Aurian spoken for a long time. May I ask who you are?”

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ]
Attn: @Firefox013 @Numen @Fife @BZ @Masorin @Multificionado @Nolan @Jm Von Cat 
With her arms folded underneath her chest, Dewitt listened while Sithick gave his own briefing about the cannon to the present crew, to which she was grateful.

"Thank you Petty Officer," she said, unable to help the amused smile at his comment about keeping his cannon in one piece, "I can't make any such promises, but at least we know how we should operate it. Right, Yukimura?"

At the back of the gathering, the asian man that had been the CO of the Allegiant before Dewitt - and also her First Officer on the Black Opal - inclined his head and glanced in the Gorn's direction. He was the Tactical Officer during the mission, and would be firing that gun at Dewitt's orders. It was good seeing the man again, despite their bygone differences on the Opal, and she wished she'd had more time to talk to him about his scouting mission, but she'd only been able to read the reports. Evidently, some of the present officers had been under his command on the Allegiant before, which had cemented her decision to request his presence on the Allegiant's bridge. "Duly noted, Petty Officer," Masuda said, stoic as usual, but Dewitt could see the small quirk to his mouth. "I'll do what I can."

At that point, one of the security officers that had been tasked with the mission inventory came forward and gave her a PADD, making his request. "Very well, Petty Officer Varder. I trust that the Asurian or Savi models of graviton weapons will only be used as a last resort then, since they might cause critical damage to the hull from the inside," said Dewitt, and her glance towards the present group included them in the comment, but she tapped the PADD to approve the request. "I suggest you and Petty Officer Benmual suit up as soon as we're finished here. Ensign Six, I leave it to your judgement if an exosuit might interfere with your remaining Borg implants."

If the gathered group hadn't noticed Ensign Six's nature before then, they surely did now. It was apt that they were all on the same page. "Yukimura has had Six on his crew before today, and I trust my former First Officer on the Black Opal in his recommendation to have Six aboard the ship. She showed no tendencies to answer the call of the Hive Mind when in close proximity to two Borg cubes, and I would prefer if Six was posted as Security on the bridge, so that she might provide intel as required about the enemy."

What Dewitt didn't say was that she didn't trust Six, and she - like Masuda - would be armed and prepared to do what was necessary to protect the crew and the mission, if the Collective proved too tempting for the ex-drone to resist.

Jaya Thorne spoke up next, and she requested to know who were to escort them. Dewitt had recieved the word from Ravon only a few minutes ago. "Four Mk I Valravn warp fighters in the third Flight of the Lone Wolves Squadron, led by a Chief Warrant Officer Walton. I believe their IFFs will be tagged as Meerkat, Scylla, Wraith and Blizzard, if I recall correctly. Commander Ravon has sent the data to the Allegiant's tactical suite. Any other question?"

This was when the civilian spoke up, and Dewitt looked towards Zyrao Natauna. She had several reasons for asking her to join the crew, the fact that she proved herself loyal to her on Vector 01 being the least of them. She was asking to have the schematics of the Allegiant, and with a glance towards Varder Ridun to make sure he was finished with the PADD in her hands, she slowly walked towards the El-Aurian while she summoned the necessary information on the device. While she walked, she spoke so that all could hear.

"Specialist Natauna, I suppose you might be curious why I specifically wanted you, your experience and acumen aside," she said, and she raised her green eyes to the woman when she reached her, yet to give her the PADD so that she had her undivided attention. "Yesterday, High Chancellor Martok nearly destroyed the middle section of this ship, in the belief that the Theurgy destroyed the Hakkarl and killed his son Drex. The reports say Captain Wenn Cinn tried to convince him of our innocence, but he failed. Martok stated that he'd spoken with you before the Hakkarl was destroyed, and that you had mentioned the Theurgy, leading him to think our ship was in the vicinity. It was also clear he believes you are dead... because of us."

Dewitt now gave Zyrao the PADD, and she was well aware that those present might cast the blame on Zyrao, but she wasn't finished. "The reason why you are here, instead of being questioned further about what you actually said to Martok... is what you already wrote in your report when you came aboard. Your account of events explain Martok's misunderstanding, but the fact remains that you are the living proof and key witness of the events at the Coreless Moon."

Pausing there, Dewitt folded her hands behind her back, staring the El-Aurian in the eye. "Besides what tactical advise you may give me, your primary role in this mission is to convince Martok that the Theurgy is his ally. This was what Captain Ives meant to do when he tried to contact Martok in the first place, and since Ives' message was never meant for the Hakkarl, you will have to do it instead. After what happened yesterday, you are on the Allegiant instead of the Theurgy's bridge because we hope that Martok might listen more closely to you without Captain Cinn present for the conversation."

Dewitt was not without compassion and understanding about Zyrao's position, and how little the woman might care to speak with Martok because of what she'd done, but there was too much at stake. "I am sorry to lay this upon you, yet to be perfectly frank, I don't care what you say to him. You are not a Starfleet officer, and you hold no obligation to the truth. Evidently, you know Martok better than anyone else aboard, and everything is riding on this mission. There are no Klingon witnesses to the event at the moon, so lie if you have to, omit how you defected from the Empire if that increases the odds to sway him. In any case, we cannot fight the Borg and the Klingon fleet at the same time. Set the record straight, or don't, just let us seal the apertures without having to worry about Martok avenging his son's honour. You have full latitude towards this end."

Dewitt didn't know if the sympathy for Zy's position could be seen in her eyes, but given the threat Martok had proved to be, she had to be firm about the requirements.

There was naught more to be said, and in expectation of nothing else than acceptance given the circumstances, Dewitt stepped away from the civilian. "Lieutenant Izar Bila," she said loudly, hoping to catch the attention of the Cardassian hybrid even though he seemed to be talking with Benmual in hushed tones, "Will you be so kind and start inoculating everyone now, before the Red Alert is sounded, so that we have the nanoprobe vaccine in our blood when the battle begins. Let's hope we won't be boarded, but we're better off safe than sorry."

Behind Dewitt, the Ops Officer from the Cayuga went to talk to Zyrao Natauna, but Dewitt was already out of earshot.

"If there was nothing futher, let Lieutenant Bila inoculate you, then make your last preparations and take your stations. Dismissed."

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | Deck 19 | USS Theurgy NX-79854]

@Auctor Lucan @Masorin   @Jm Von Cat   @Firefox013  @Fife  @Nolan  @BZ

Igor's mockery was greeted with a poisonous stare. And other response. At least none spoken out loud, the dryness of his throat didn't allow him to verbalize anything aside of an irritated snort.  He couldn't think anything as fast as he would have liked. "Igor ... be a nice minion and just, shut up," he finally growled. Of course it wasn't his most witty rebuke, but he had enough work keeping his brain in control his basic functions with Kyth around.  The hybrid still didn't understand how the birdman was able to do ... well, to do what he used to do. Whatever it was. In Ravon it seemed natural. In Izar just seemed awkward. Bila knew that Eboh was right in insinuating that he was about to lack out. Just because she was being nice to him. For that brief contact. It was slightly pathetic

Bila averted his eyes from the Chief and them ended up focusing on his hands. THEIR hands. At some point he had gone from simply hovered one hand over hers to actually holding it. He blushed again. It was probably highly inappropriate, given where they were but, despite that...

His name echoed in the lounge and Bila forced his mind away from the perilous paths it walked. He needed to concentrate on what was going on around him. He came back to his feet and directed his gaze at the commander. When she indicated that he should begin the inoculate those present as soon as possible, he nodded. Next, he gripped the briefcase with one hand and trying to smooth the nonexistent wrinkles in his uniform, Bila pushed his  way through the crowd. Before he reached the front of the throng, he allowed himself to turn to look at Kyth one last time . He probably shouldn't have do it, but he felt the urge to.

By the time he reached Dewitt's position, she was referring to him again ... in the wrong way. "It's lieutenant Izar, ma'am" he corrected her automatically, a forced smile etched in his shaggy face. His name was bajoran, his face ... not so much, which didn't help the human tendency to mix up bajoran names. Bila was glad any time a human addressed him properly. "It's a common mistake."  He belittled his previous statement, not wanting that she antagonized him immediately. Possibly if he kept putting his finger in the sore spot, it would only make things worse, so he decided to focus on something more practical.

He put the briefcase on the table and, after struggled with its clasp for a time, he was able to fully open it. Inside there was a medical tricorder, an hypospray as well as several vials, inside which glowed a silvery fluid. Bila took one of them delicately between two fingers and held it up so that everyone could see it. He cleared his throat and  prepare himself to talk to the crew. Although he seemed to lose his brain functions every time he interacted with Kyth, he was used to speaking in public.

"This" he began to said with a sober tone. "Is a vaccine developed with modified nanoprobes. Once I innocule it in your organism, they'll reproduce in your system and will begin to produce a neural suppressant that will allow you to resist the call of the Collective in case you get in contact with the Borg. " He didn't need to explain how this contact could happen. The chances of drones boarding the Allegiant were high. "It'll also slow down the assimilation process in the case of occurrence, which will give you the opportunity to end the Borg threat and move to the nearest sickbay. Or take the measures you consider necessary to preserve the mission chances of success. " Despite himself, Bila needed to swallow. He had been too close to being assimilated, too many times. The prospect of face them again, so soon, only exhacerbated the panic that always ran too close to his gray skin.

"The vaccine's would be effective for approximately three hours, after which time, the modified nanoprobes will have degraded enterely and will be useless, so you should receive another shot." He kept explaining. What he didn't say was that he didn't have enough doses to inoculate the entire crew twice if the battle prolongued so long. He would set some cultures as soon as he boarded, but he knew they might not be enough. If they finally need them, he should prioritize to vaccine the helm officer, the mission captain and, maybe, the security officers. If the Prophets were propitious to them, he didn't have to reach that extreme.

“Currently the science department is working on a cure for the first phases of assimilation, so even if one of us is infected there are chances that it can be reversed. So keep it in mind as our last hope."   That was a too positive way to descrive the situation. That only would be true if Parnak and Tovarek would manage to calibrate the ORE. If they would be victorious from their current endeavor. If they would go back to the Theurgy on time. If Theurgy would remain more or less of one piece when they would come back. There were too many 'ifs' that Bila decided to shut up, even though they made his head spin even then.

"The possible side effects of the vaccine are: stinging or swelling in the application spot, general burning sensation, unnusual perspiration in species with sudoriparous glands, slight increase in metabolism. When the nanoprobes have degraded, it is usual to feel ravenousness or weariness. " While he was talking, Bila had picked up the tricorder and had done a quick scan on Dewitt. That was a small metodological improvement suggested by Dr. Parnak. It ensured the accuracy of the doses. Once the basic biometric dataflickered in the smal display, the chemist calibrated the hypospray and approached the CO. "If you allow me" He requested before quickly applying the vaccine on Dewitt's neck. It was a quick gesture. After that, he nodded to the human commander with a sorry smile in his face. He knew that made this as quick as possible was better. But not so polite.

"Next one, please"

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @Multificionado @Fife @Firefox013

Dewitt's words in response to his request were level, reasonable if not a little cautionary, although that was understandable and expected. These were not weapons anyone here was trained with, at most there was experience with what being on the receiving end looked like. Varder offered a short nod in response before she signed off on the PADD, stepping back slightly as she addressed the other officers of security present. His gaze briefly falling on Benmual, a new face to his eyes, before he offered his brisk reply.

"Yes Ma'am"

The inclusion of Six's nature and the following explanation as to her presence was largely dismissed by the Bajoran, she wore the uniform and she was with the crew of the Theurgy. For him, that was more than enough and he needed no further reasoning beyond the simple.

At Dewitt's glance, he made a small hand gesture in the affirmative to his use of the PADD being done. With the permission given it would not be long until the requested supplies were present, no amount of fiddling with a PADD would speed that process up. So instead he listened and observed, this 'Specialist' was interesting, but also an unknown. A dangerous unknown given what little information he did have on her. Still, Dewitt's choice and logic made sense and it was not his place to debate or argue her choices.

His thoughts and attention continued to follow Dewitt's words, now directed towards one Lieutenant Izar Bila. The recognition of a hybrid was a slight surprise to Varder, not due to the heritage. But more his presence, all others having been taken by the Savi during their earlier encounter. It took a brief moment for reasons explaining how this man was here to pass, then they were simply brushed aside into the pile of thoughts to go through another time.

Though, this Cardassian-Bajoran was adding more thoughts to that pile as he offered a correction in his title to the Captain. A standard Bajoran correction, something he oft had to do himself as many found his peoples naming convention odd.

Brush aside.

The explanation being offered as to this vaccine was relevant to Varder, information on how an opponent might be affected. Perhaps more accurately how to alter the effect the opponent can have upon the crew, slowed assimilation. It almost sounded like prolonged suffering, though he had no personal experience one way or the other on the matter. Still, it was an edge and it meant he and the other officers of security did not need to worry about crew assimilation during any potential boarding.

With a shrug the Bajoran stepped forward, was scanned and quickly inoculated. In return, he offered a short nod. From there he stepped away and moved to the edge of the gathered people, arms held behind his back as he observed other goings on.

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[Zyrao Natauna | Working |  Another of the Same | What Are the Odds | Lounges Not For Lounging]
@Fife @Auctor Lucan @Jm Von Cat @Numen

Dewitt began making her way to the woman.  She waited, watching the PADD in her hand as she pulled up some information and began to speak while she walked.  I'm not going to like this, I can tell.  Even Dewitt seemed like she was feeling tense with whatever she was about to come out with.  “I presumed it was because of my experience and acumen, however, if we are tossing it to the side, I imagine it's about to get interesting.” she stated calmly.

Not being able to speak Standard, yet, Zyrao defaulted to her native language and likely would as long as she could get away with it.  However, once things were settled she intended to put some effort into learning Standard it would make things easier when dealing with the people around her.  Right now though, that was on the back burner.  At the name of the Klingon, Drex's father, and someone she had spoken to recently, her back straightened.  I knew I wasn't going to like this.

First, it's all help us we need you.  Klingons are evil.

Turn my back on the Klingon and help them fuckin' get off the moon before it implodes.

Then, get called up to the fucking Bridge and ridiculed.

Taken for granted.

Help during a mutiny.

Nearly escape.

Fucked that.  Now I get to play match maker with the Klingons?! 

Anything else?

Drop drawers and present back side for the ride of my life?!

Zyrao let out a long breath.  It was out that Martok had spoken with her before Drex had died and the Hakkarl had been destroyed.  My books. she still mourned the loss of the rarity of paper and written words.  He wasn't wrong, she had spoken to him, and she had retained the information that she could not give to Drex because he was an idiot of epic proportions and his father's prestige had gotten him just about everywhere.  But, she had used that to her advantage and now they were calling in the toll.

The PADD was placed in the El-Aurian's hands.  She didn't look down at it, she instead continued to allow her stormy eyes to drill into Dewitt's.  She ws told the only reason she was here and not being questioned about her conversation with Martok was because of the report she turned in when she got here and the fact that she had helped the crew and apparently, it was her turn to do it again.  She nearly allowed her shoulders to sag, but no, she would show no weariness or surrender.  Instead, she would just stand here and she would try to think about what she needed to do.  Because, she was the eye witness, the only one that Martok would trust.

So of course, she needed to be the one to talk to him.

Cinn had failed and now it turned to Zyrao to get Martok on their side.  To explain the situation however it needed to be explained to make sure that he swung to their side.  That he understood the Theurgy was not at fault for the death of the Hakkarl.  Dewitt didn't care how she skewed the truth to make Martok understand what was going on and that the Theurgy was on his side, that they needed him on their side.  She swallowed and gave a nod.

“Of course.”

Dewitt was right, if he had already seen Cinn and dealt with him, then she could not imagine seeing him again would be wise.  Besides Would-Be Captains seemed to have an innate quality of interjected themselves most annoyingly in positions they didn't belong in.  In shit they knew nothing about.  So she could quite do without all of that.  Trying to explain the situation with Hi'Jak, the Theurgy, and the Hakkarl.  The Coreless Moon.  It would be no light task and honestly she was not looking forward to it.  The one thing she had on her side was that Martok had always trusted her. 

“Understood, I'll do what I can, I know him well.” she explained quickly, and gave a quick nod as Dewitt turned to contact another officer.

Zyrao noticed the movement of the dark skinned man.

How could she not, a trained soldier, a trained badass, she had been raised on the fact that she needed to know who was moving and when.  How they were moving.  What their body language said.  If their muscles were spooling up for some kind of large momentum or if it was just a casual stroll.  You could tell a lot from body language and facial expressions.  The eyes were true windows to the soul in the fact that even if the body was casual and relaxed the eyes would tell what the true intent was.  She noticed the man moving, she could tell that his gait was casual and bore no ill-will to anyone in the room.  His expression was one of nervousness and curiosity. 

Grey eyes shifted back to the conversation at hand as she knew not this man and had no need to believe that he was coming over to speak with her.  El-Aurian had no special markers other than their language and length of life to pick them out of a crowd.  She was often mistaken for a human and she was fine with that because it only meant that people under estimated her grossly.  So, the last thing that she expected was to hear her own language, albeit mangled slightly, from whatever accent he held.  He was not a native speaker, that much was for certain, but he was likely someone that learned young only never actually used the melodic tones.

He welcomed her, and Zyrao's grey eyes shifted back over to him.  Her body didn't tense but her eyes showed that she was a bit wary.  Zyrao was honestly one of the last people to be 'judgmental' about the birth of someone.  Whether he was full, half, or a quarter, any part of her race that carried on was a boon in her mind.  Since most of them would be among the dead or the assimilated.  She wondered how many of her own kind she would find today while they were fighting the Borg.  She honestly, hoped that she would never have to find out.  She didn't want to run into anyone that she knew, it wouldn't be hard, .. in fact it would be easy in the sense that she would release them from their servitude.  It would be hard in the fact that there was no way she could just let them live on as part of the hive mind.  She would do what she could to release them, and she knew it.

He mentioned he couldn't help over hearing her, and her brow rose.  She hadn't intended to be quiet, but she had a feeling he was trying to be polite.  Was he truly this shy?  Was it his heritage?  Had he been ridiculed in the past?  Was he made a laughing stock at some point?  Perhaps he was gun shy because the art of finding El-Aurian's in the universe was one that took centuries of patience.  He slid shy to the side and began to speak to her about how he hadn't heard their language in a long time, and Zyrao gave a slight half-smirk to his words.

“Neither have I.”

Zyrao turned slightly and held a strong but slender hand out.  The tattoos that covered her arms, her hands, even parts of her fingers were dark against her skin.  They were mostly black in color and her skin was pale.  It looked even more so against his skin tone but she didn't mind it in the least.  She gave a quick, firm, shake and then let his hand go.

“Zyrao Natauna, Strategist.” she gave him a bit of a nod.  “And .. you are?”

It was time for shots.  Zyrao was uninterested in random chemicals being forced into her blood stream.  Were it an inoculation for anything outside of assimilation she might have told the officer to get bent and take his hypo with him.  But, she would like anything that could possibly delay or stop the effects of it.  She would do just about anything.  So when it was her turn in the line for the shot, not caring two shits about the side effects, she presented her neck for the shot.  Dark hair covering her eyes for only a moment while the shot too place.  The brush of hardened air forcing the chemicals into her blood stream before she stepped aside.

What even the fuck am I supposed to say to my almost-father-in-law...

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ
[Show/Hide]Eboh smiled as the woman before him grasped his hand for a firm, albeit brief handshake and introduced herself as Zyrao Natauna. As his hand grasped hers, he couldn’t help but notice the tattoos that covered Zyrao’s arms, the dark ink etched into pale skin. Skin that made a stark contrast with his own much darker pigment as their hands clasped. He let his hand fall to his side as the shake ended and he responded to her introduction in kind, giving her his own name.

”I am Ekon Okotie-Eboh, though my family name used to be Guyani.” Eboh said by way of introduction. It had been so long since he had spoken the El-Aurian language, or that name, that the shape and sound of his mother’s native tongue felt strange in his mouth. A part of him couldn’t help but wonder if he was speaking it correctly. He could remember when he was a child and his mother would sit at the table with him and tell him about his El-Aurian heritage. Reala had not been someone suited to parenthood, restless as she had been, but even she had realized the importance of passing on the knowledge of their people. There were few enough of them left, and every mind with knowledge of their culture was another light keeping that culture alive, even if only in memory. Few as they were, memory would have to be enough. ”I was a Chief Petty Officer in Operations aboard the Cayuga until I found myself aboard the Theurgy, though that’s a bit of a long story. One that also involved the Borg.” Eboh let out a soft sigh then, the last statement reminding him that they were once again off to face that same enemy.

Eboh returned his gaze to the other El-Aurian and studied Zyrao, taking in her grey eyes and black hair, as well as the myriad of tattoos which covered her skin. She was dressed in a black tank top and cargo pants. Not Starfleet by the looks of it, which led him to wonder exactly how she had come to be there. ”How is it that you ended up on the Theurgy, Miss Natauna?” Eboh asked, using her surname as a matter of respect rather than in a condescending manner, as his eyes studied her with curiosity. Eboh smiled at the El-Aurian in front of him and let out a low, mirthless chuckle. ”I feel as though there is something sickly ironic about two El-Aurians meeting before going to face the Borg. Even if I am only half.”

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[Zyrao Natauna | One of My Own | Rarities and Connections | Speaking Our Language | Fighting Together]

He introduced himself, an odd and yet, quite El-Aurian name.  Though she could feel the mixed heritage within it as it wasn't precisely an El-Aurian name through and through.  He went along to give her, even, his family name.  She tilted her head to the side, she had been young, only just thrust into adult hood somewhat when everything went down hill and she was forced to flee her homeland.  She had not had time to meet a lot of people and stuck mostly to those that she fought along side.  She could not remember the name in any of her soldiers or those that she worked with.  That didn't deter her from speaking to him or anything, it only, meant that she didn't recognize the name herself.

“I'm afraid I don't recognize the name, it is definitely El-Aurian but I do not know of your family.” she stated.  There was no judgment in her voice.  For someone that had seemed very judgmental earlier when it came to Trent and other fetid dick heads it might come as a shock.  It wasn't even that he was El-Aurian, it was more than fact that he was respectful and came to her on a level playing field.  Rank or not, it mattered not.  She was civilian whatever rank he was outranked her, but he didn't flaunt it or try to force her down.  He came to her as a companion and someone that truly wanted to know of her.  Even if it was their heritage that created the initial spark, it was at least, there.

He explained how he came to be on the Theurgy having formerly hailed from the Cayuga.  She gave a quick nod having no real history with any of the ships around here.  She hoped that his own implantation to the crew had been far more smooth than her own.  He mentioned a long story and one that also involved the Borg.  Her dark brow rose quickly on her forehead.

“The pests of the Universe it seems.  They're every where.” she decided as she looked back over at the man who stood in front of her.  She did, feel an odd kinship, developing.  It was nothing that she had often come across as running across El-Aurian or even half El-Aurian people was so rare that in her over two centuries of being alive and traveling she had only ever run into a couple.  Her people were long lived but they were so spread out across a massive universe that they had nearly dispersed.  Eventually, their race would cease to exist as it was bred out through the hybrid children, and further bred out as they then had children.

He asked how she had ended up coming onto the Theurgy and a dark dirty grin crossed her lips.  She had a lot of steel within her being.  She wasn't the sort to back down, and she wasn't the sort to easily be embarrassed.  The story of how she ended up here was a collection of great stories that she didn't have a lot of time to get into depth with at the moment.

“That is a story for drinks, I'm afraid.” she stated with a bit of a shrug.  “One I would be willing to have when we kill these assholes and live.” she gave him a bit of a smirk.  She hoped that he would make it through as much as she hoped she, herself, would make it through.  He mentioned how iconic it was for the two of them to meet right before they went into the battle with the Borg and she gave a bit of a grin.

“Momentous for sure, so you better make it through so we can have that drink.” she clapped him on the back of the shoulder a bit harder than she actually meant to.  Slight as she was, her body rippled with the muscle she had put on while fighting and surviving next to Klingon for as many years as she had. 

“If you are half El-Aurian, what is your other half, if you don't mind my asking.” she wondered curiously since they were able to chat a little bit together before things got heavy.

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Docking Bay Lounge of the USS Allegiant | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ
[Show/Hide]Having been informed that Zyrao’s story was one that would have to be told over drinks, then added that she would be willing to tell said story once they had gotten through the battle to come. Eboh grinned even as the shorter woman smirked, knowing that the battle to come would be anything but safe, their survival definitely not a certainty. ”I would enjoy that, miss Natauna.” Eboh agreed.

Eboh found himself chuckling as Zyrao told him he better stay alive so that they could have that drink, the chuckle turning into a soft laugh as she clapped him on the shoulder. She was stronger than she looked on first glance, though now that Eboh inspected her he saw her arms were quite muscular. A surprising woman, one who’s story Eboh would certainly like to hear.

”If you are half El-Aurian, what is your other half, if you don’t mind my asking.”

He’d been expecting the question, one that so many had asked. Most people were surprised to meet an El-Aurian, given the sparse dispersal of the surviving members of the species, and upon hearing he was only half El-Aurian curiosity was the usual response. ”I don’t mind at all,” he told her, his deep voice calm and relaxed, ”my father was Human. He was part of the diplomatic unit assigned to the El-Aurian homeworld.” Eboh shrugged, glancing around the room briefly before returning his gaze to her. ”I would be happy to tell you my story as well, once we get a chance to go for that drink.” He gave her another half smile, adding a wink for good measure. ”It will give me something to look forward to once we get through this.” He saw people around them rising, preparing to board the Allegiant. He looked back to Zyrao. "Though I'd be willing to wager your story will be more interesting than mine." He gave her one last grin before turning his attention to the doors which led to the Allegiant's docking bay, which had just hissed open. "Looks like it's time. Take care of yourself out there, miss Natauna. I look forward to that drink!"


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