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CH03: S [D06|0915] Brains vs Borg

Chapter 03: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0915 hrs. ] Brains vs Borg

[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Numen @steelphoenix @Cosmos @Arista


It had taken some time, but Vivian had finally escaped from the bridge, providing some half true excuse about needing to meet with the members of her department. She wandered the ship for several minutes as she tried to get her tired mind in order before she met with them. Eventually she found herself wandering into the library on deck 15. She ordered a mug of coffee from the handy nearby replicator and sank into one of the armchairs, sipping on the steaming beverage.

She really ought to get up and find a proper place to meet with her scientists, but even the prospect of getting out of her seat required too much energy. With a long sigh she tapped her combadge. ”Lieutenant Commander Martin to all available science officers, please report to the library on deck fifteen as soon as you can.” She tapped the badge again and took another sip of her drink, feeling the caffeine slowly wake her tired brain.

She waited for several minutes as the scientists appeared in their ones and twos. Once it seemed that a fair number of them had arrived she stood, took another sip of her coffee, and addressed them.

“Right, I’ve been on the bridge for the past...” She trailed off, not exactly sure how long she had been there for. “...for the past long time, so I’m going to cut to the chase and be quite informal today. Welcome to the new faces I’m seeing, I heard something about new crew members and I promise that all you need to know about our current situation will be explained in due course. I am Vivian Martin, the chief of Science aboard this ship. We can get to further introductions later, however, for the moment I understand there are more pressing concerns. I’ve heard rumors of many things going on in the area, including a Borg invasion. They Borg have always been a threat to the Federation, possibly more so than the parasites currently taking over the admiralty. But now is not the time to fuss over details. We need to assess this Borg threat and do what we can to help neutralize it as quickly as we can. I am open to any and all ideas at this time, so let’s hear your thoughts.”

With her brief speech done Vivian sat, and swallowed another mouthful of her drink. The more minds they could pour into this, the better they would be able to formulate a plan.

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[ Lieutenant Vanya | Library and Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]  

Vanya had heard the call and looked up from the console she had been working at. Standing she moved to the replicator in the lab. Taking off her uniform jacket she put it in the replicator for recycle, and replicated a new one, fingers flying over the controls to ensure a custom fit. Her height and other attributes meant that standard off the rack would hang weird on her, or be short in the arms or too tight across the chest. Thankfully she’d memorized the specs long ago and the uniform jacket materialized before her. She took it out of the slot and shook it out. Sliding it on as she exited the lab and headed for the nearest turbolift.

“Deck Fifteen. Closest annex to the Library”

The uniform was done up, smoothed down and cuffs shot. A nod and she pulled an elastic from the cargo pocket on her pants and reached up. Long silken sable hair was drawn up into a high pony tail and the scrunchy put to use securing it there, and back out of her face. As she released it, the tips of those dark tresses still fell just below the braline in the back, even done up in the pony tail, but now it wouldn’t be flying around during the meeting or if they saw more action. With her pointed ears and the soft brow ridges sweeping up and back it seemed to add a crispness to her features.

Woosh! The doors to the turbolift opened and she stepped off. Pausing she looked left and right. This was not ‘her’ ship and it was to use an Earth expression a ‘Big ass’ ship. She could walk around for a half hour and not find the place.

Reaching over she tapped a wall display.

  “Deck layout, and directional marker to Ship’s Library and Research room”. The map flashed up, and dark green Romulan eyes took in the route. Nodding she stepped away, moving at a brisk pace, through the turns and twists of the halls and soon came to the Library and Research room. Entering she looked around for a Lieutenant Commander with what could be described as a feminine voice. Seeing Vivian she approached and gave a nod. Others were coming in and taking seats, so the towering young woman moved to a side, effecting a lean against a shelf. Arms crossed over her stomach, under her breasts.

The android listened as Vivian broke it down, appreciating the LtCmd’s no nonsese sort of way. It was one that Vanya attempted to emulate with her own people.

Vanya looked around to the others and if there was a gap, or space of time to interject she would. A long fingered hand would come up.   “If I might? If we’re expecting Borg activity, it would be incumbent on us to give the ship absolutely as much warning as we can before we encounter them. And the best chance at evasion and escape if such was needed.”   Tactical and ship Command were often out side the Scientific preview.

“We could work to amplify primary spacial field discriminators to help detect Borg warp signatures and power sources sooner and at greater range. Greater range may give the ship more time to forumate response, be it offensive or defensive.

Like wise we could reconfigure the tri-fold verteron displacement grid. Allowing for Ops and Tactical to refocus the shields on the fly faster and with more precision to block incoming weapons fire and not overload the emitters as quickly. Borg hit hard and if we can ‘parry’ their attacks quicker, we might last longer in a fight”

Vanya looked around and raised a delicate pointed Romulan brow to see what the rest of the department might think of the suggestion.
Lieutenant Vanya - Science Officer - Zoology/XenoZoology

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[ Lieutenant Simon Tovarek | Library and Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]
@The Ostrich @Cosmos @Numen @Arista @Auctor Lucan @steelphoenix

After hearing the summon to the ship Libraries, Simon had forgotten how big the Theurgy was when she was unified as one whole ship. The hull however groaned at several occasions as he made his way over to the large library and he looked up from his PADD from time to time. All of his drone manufacturing had been put on hold, simply because all available hands and resources were now dedicated to fixing the ship and working on a way to deal with the impending Borg threat. A threat the good lieutenant had been made aware of by the survivors of the Endeavour.

When he arrived at the library he was glad to see that some of his peers were already in place and he walked up to Martin, giving her a short salute before nodding at her "Madam, good to see you're still in one piece." he said with the Russian accent thick on his tongue. He stood a few steps behind her chair as he sifted through some data he had been running on several ongoing tests he had started whilst he was on the Sword. He stopped obviously to look at said results as he looked up at Martin as she took the word and addressed the gathered group.

A Romulan scientist took the word and Tovarek couldn't quite recognize her from the personnel files. Perhaps a newcomer from the Cayuga or Endeavour he hadn't met before? He pushed the idly thought away as she suggested her idea and it was welcomed by the man with a nod and his mind thought of a way to help out where possible. When she was done he took the word himself.

"My fellow <uchenyys>,  I've been working on various prototypes to engage the Borg with. However, I must admit that these are desperate times and that my way of thinking may have evolved into rather radical and perhaps dangerous ideas. The most promising idea I have for now it to refit some of our torpedoes with a single <tsel'>." he paused for effect "The aim is that we bombard a certain region or <tsel'> with these torpedoes or bombs to create singular small black holes. The purpose of these to slow down the space time continuum and buy us more time to damage or <unichtozhit'> the Borg coming into our quadrant. Of course, the disastrous effects should this turn awry are.... <katastroficheskiy>." he stopped and waited for his words to settle in as the translator in their badges did their work to translate his Russian used words.

Russians translates:
uchenyys = scientists
tsel! = target
unichtozhit' = destroy
katastroficheskiy = catastrophic

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila & Dr. Silim Parnak | Biology Lab | Deck 9 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Joint post by Numen & Arista

When Parnak had arrived at his laboratory, he was in a good mood. A very good mood. The Cardassian would possibly say that had been in the best mood he had been in for some time. It was amazing how a breakfast could do that.

Soon though, it had all changed. The presence of an intruder, even if invited, was still enough to upset the balance. The Hybrid had been working in the lab for some time already, apparently choosing the opportunity to ‘streamline’ the locations of the various tools for efficiency's sake. Silim could have agreed to the principle, except now he couldn’t find anything.

The Cardassian found himself pacing around the lab, opening and closing various storage spaces in search of a postaxial actuator. Parnak wasn’t about to ask for it’s location. No weakness would be shown here. He would find it, he would use it and it would go back to its correct space! As he rummaged, he listened to the briefing that the Cayuga officer was giving. Cleanliness habits aside. The hybrid was quick in his work.

"…So the sample ORE-33 showed a progressive degradation on the cell's walls after 73 seconds of exposure, but the results are particularly encouraging given what we've obtained in previous tests. I think we should focus on ... " Bila was saying when the chirp of his combadge interrupted his speech. The device emitted the voice of the self-call Lieutenant Commander Martin, making a call to all available science officers. The hybrid moved his eyes from the PADD that held in his hands to the stern face of Doctor Parnak, while a apologetic smile grew in his own face. "Excuse me ogamĵan , I'm afraid I've to go."
“Not so fast.” Silim called back to his younger companion. “I believe Commander Martin asked for any available scientists.”
Closing the cupboard that he was elbow deep in, Parnak padded his way across to the Hybrid.
“Last I checked I was a scientist. Highly qualified at that.”  Silim smirked to the officer before waiting a few second, when no reply came. He followed up in a mock impatient tone. “Well… Lead the way then.”
Bila inhaled slowly and released the air even more gradually. The short time he had worked with the Doctor had shown him that the civilian was an outstanding scientist, but there were many parts of his personality that were simply exasperating. The worst part of all that was that, the more arrogant Parnak's behavior was, the more the hybrid felt the need to show him that he was a worthy scientist too. Even worse, his mere presence exacerbated a combative part of his own personality that he didn't even know that existed. Maybe it was a reaction after found himself face to face with the characteristics the others had labelled for him half of his life. Perhaps his Bajoran stubbornness had finally awakened in that belated moment of his life. Whatever the case might be, Bila was torn between the desire of rebut every Parnak's remark or behave as an extremely servile assistant. He hated himself for it.
" ogamĵan , although I can not deny that your experience has been an unpayable aid with the ORE project, I think that qualifying your person as highly qualified is highly disproportionate. But as a deference to your help I think you should accompany me" He remarked, bowing his head before the older man. Recovering the PADD that contained the investigation's data from the adyacent table, the hybrid directed his steps to the door, but before getting close enough for it to open, he stopped. He looked at the door, bit his lower lip and glanced quickly at his tablet, but after a short consideration he knew he had only one option left if he wanted to reach the reunion on time. He didn't like it, but he must do it. He inhaled again slowly, trying to keep his new temperament in check, but still, despite all his efforts, his shaggy cheeks darkened, displaying without doubt his embarrassment. "Maybe ..."  he began to say, as he closed his eyes and his shoulders sunk, assuming his defeat. "Maybe you should lead the way, ogamĵan , as you're more familiar with the deck layout."
Parnak’s smirk widened with the Hybrid’s reply. It was quite hilarious to tug at the various insecurities that the man held. This time, however, he managed to get some bite along with his bark and Silim felt a bitter twinge well in the back of his throat. He was careful to ensure that this visitor didn’t see such a reaction. Part and parcel of diplomatic sparring was that occasionally a hit would land. It would be uncouth however to let slip how close it brought the Doctor to losing his temper. He knew, he would need to retort in a manner most appropriate. Then, as if the man was throwing himself onto a figurative sword, the hybrid admitted he didn’t know the way. Excellent.

“Oh, how gracious of you.” Parnak replied, the very words dripping with venomous sarcasm. Silim brough himself close to the hybrid, so close that they were almost touching. He didn’t, of course, knowing about how the man reacted during their first encounter. It was a power play, much like some of the other things he had done while they were together. A reminder that at any point, Parnak knew how to really cause the science officer to feel quite uncomfortable. “Please, let this poor underqualified professor guide you. But while we walk, let me know, at which university do you hold your tenure?”

Bila blinked slowly, in that reptilian way that made everyone he’d met nervous. It was an automated gesture, a barrier to prevent the other man from realizing the discomfort his closeness caused him."I'm still young for hold a tenure," he confessed, taking refuge as best he could in his poker face.  "But I’m an awarded scientist with the Cochrane Medal of Excellence, has you made any significant progress with your tenure? Aside from keep warm your seat with your immobility" he desperately spat.

Parnak snorted. He snorted so that he wouldn’t cover the hybrid’s face with spittle from laughing so hard. It was entertaining, if nothing else. In the end though, it was distracting from the topic at hand, which was getting some face time in front of the Chief Science Officer.

“Didn’t I read somewhere that one Cochrane Medal of Excellence is given to a cadet each year? Don’t tell me you made the token mark?” He chortled. It was cruel. He knew and he didn’t care. The hybrid had attempted to belittle that which he had sacrificed so much and worked so hard for. If the science officer wanted to bring a knife to a disruptor fight. So be it.

That he threw away one of their greatest achievements with such contempt hurted him. It hurted badly. Bila clenched his jaw,  ruffled goatee and livid face. But he didn't know how to counterattack that. Humiliated, he bowed his head and silently followed the xenobiologist

[ Lt. JG Izar Bila & Dr. Silim Parnak | Library and Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]

The remainder of their transit was conducted in silence. When they entered the library, the sight of books printed on paper seemed to Bila to be an extravagant waste. Accustomed to an austere life, the display of resources was disturbing and wonderful at the same time. However, he didn’t have much time to admire the room, because the sight of his boss in Cayuga quickly focused his attention. It was bittersweet to see another familiar face in that crazy ship, while it was mostly worrying. Captain Ziegler's science department had been decapitated without them both.Even with everything, the hybrid welcomed the gynoid with a broad smile.

Parnak was less fussed by the opulent showcase of physical literacy. The Federation was keen to show off their abundant resources at any opportunity. Besides, he wasn’t here to stare at books. He had people to meet.

“So nice to see you again Commander.” Silim smirked as he spoke, taking a seat in the nearest, comfiest looking chair. Leaning back, he crossed his legs and make himself at home. Invited or not, these were his people and he was going to make sure they knew he was supposed to be here.

Bila rubbed his temples with eyes closed. Finally, he opened them and choose a chair to sit on. Unconsciously, he picked the one that was at an intermediate distance between Parnak and Vanya. Between his crewfellow and ... and whatever the old man was.

“It’s great to request my presence but next time, you don’t need to call my secretary.” He chucked indicating to the hybrid.

The chemist seemed to collapse on himself in the chair when he heard his new sobriquet. Beneath his shaggy beard, his cheeks darkened, partly out of shame, but mainly out of outrage. He opened his mouth, ready to protest, but just before his voice came out, he realized that felt in the trap of his ongoing quarrel with the xenobiologist would only prolong the meeting unnecessarily. And that would give the worst impression of himself to his new peers. So he balled his hands in his lap and remained silent. His eyes stared the floor without really watch anything and his chin trembled with hardly repressed irritation.

As Parnak listened to Martin’s small, informal, speech. He concluded that they were indeed lucky. The work that he and the hybrid had been undertaking was going to be exactly what the Lieutenant Commander ordered. Before he could open his mouth again, a romulan spoke up. Just how many Romulans were there aboard this vessel? Hopefully this was less broken than that toy soldier. He resisted the urge to shudder at the thought of Drauc T’Laus.

Parnak was broken by his fervor when another scientist spoke. This one was balding and spoke with a very difficult to understand accent. Frowning, Silim parsed his speech again in his mind, until he finally understood. Slowing, or even bending the space-time continuum. It was unthinkable. Parnak did not have a doctorate in the physics of the universe. He was a xeno-biologist, he studied living things. Alien things. Yet he knew there was subjects so foreign, he couldn’t provide input. The Doctor opened his mouth to interject when the Hybrid spoke up first. Closing his agape jaw, Silim tried not to show his displeasure.

"If you allow me to interrupt, Lieutenant, breaking the space-time continuum is all well and good, but without a crew no amount of singularities will stop the borg. The Doctor and I have been working on something that can be useful for this need." The hybrid interrupted, looking up, and when he noticed that all the eyes in the room were turning towards him, the chemist cleared his throat to and straightened his posture. "During the mission of the Allegiant, I was compelled to work on a series of prophylactic measures in case our course ran into the Borg's Cube and we weren't able to escape." The voice of the hybrid gained confidence as his speech developed, but the mention of the Borg caused it to break slightly. Izar's gaze rested for a moment on Vanya, who had suffered like him the attack on the Cayuga. "With the help of Dr. T'Panu and the assistance of the former Drone Six, we developed a vaccine based on modified borg nanoprobes." He continued explaining once he regained control of his voice. The chemist tapped in the Padd that he held in his hands, selecting the pertinent files and handed the device to Vanya. "The modified nanoprobes use the standard assimilation vector, but instead of infecting the host cells to multiply themselves, they use the nutrients in the blood plasma to synthesize a neural suppressant. This compound is an optimized version of the one used by the Voyager crew in the Delta Quadrant so it'd been tested previously, it works. It doesn't prevent assimilation, but will slow it down if it occurs and allows the infected patients to maintain their individuality during the time the vaccine is active, so that the infected can finish their mission and reach a sickbay where can be treated further... or take other measures that prevent being fully assimilated. " He didn't need to explain what measures were implied. Most humanoids preferred death to the alternative that the Borg offered. "After two hours in the bloodstream, the supressant begins to degrade the modified nanoprobes, so their effect will diminish until it’s completely nullified after between two and a half hours and three hours after the initial inoculation, whatever the patient has been infected or not. The action timeframe can vary depending on the patient's physical condition, metabolism, species, etc. We work with very broad variables out of my area of expertise. " Bila apologized, wrinkling his ridge nose even more with a forced smile. "Thanks to Dr. Parnak's immeasurable help, we’ve managed to culture enough vaccines to inoculate 34% of the Theurgy's crew." Bila's voice slowly died away. That percentage was higher than it should be since they had the vaccines that were destined to the Cayuga's crew. He hadn't delivered on time. He hadn't been able to arrive at his own starship and share the vaccines and the plans of the ORE. Not only had he been trapped in the fugitive vessel but he had robbed Captain Ziegler of a chance to survive. It was as if he had betrayed her, by inaction instead of actively.

“What my compatriot is trying to put across…” Silim spoke, picking up the mantle. “ that despite our best efforts. We can help mitigate the risk to critical areas of the ship’s functions but there will be a toll.”

Looking across the room, Parnak wanted them to understand what they offered the group.

“The vaccines will only stunt the spread of nanoprobes. It won’t destroy them. We believe we can do this with a finely tuned burst of Omicron radiation, however it will only work with a limited number. If the patient is too far assimilated, the amount of radiation needed will be terminal.”

Placeholder for Cardassian language till it was seated by all cardies' writers.
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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Cir'Cie's Quarters | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @The Ostrich  @Nolan @Numen @steelphoenix @Cosmos @Arista
Even though she had showered, Cir'Cie's head was still aching from the ingestion of that sucrose-laden root that Kaylon Jeen had given her the night before. She would nothing rather than sit down in one of the armchairs, but she steeled herself, remaining standing to the side of the group of scientists. She felt like she had nothing to contribute. She was a Botanist, and had little to offer in the current conversation. With her arms folded behind her back, she listened to the talk of nanoprobes, yet said nothing.

Lieutenant Tyreke Okafor, however, had things to say, once the Chief Science Officer had been briefed about the means in which they could protect the crew. The dark-skinned Human, who had been serving on the Sword, had a lot more to say.

"Excellent work with the nanoprobes, and when we are dismissed, I might be able to contribute my skills once we are dismissed. Now, this is Lieutenant Commander Vael Kaeris, who served on the Endeavour before the Borg destroyed it," said Okafor, and Cir'Cie now noticed how there was an unknown man standing next to him, whom she supposed the Lieutenant was referring to. "He also has something to contribute, but I will give you the background information since I served as the leading scientist on the Sword during the Continuance Protocol."

Tyreke spoke in his heavy accent, and gestured with his hands as he did it. "Since the Voyager returned to the Alpha Quadrant, their discoveries helped augment the whole fleet when it comes to detecting the Borg and dealing with them, but since Admiral Janeway demolished the transwarp network that the Borg used to travel across the whole galaxy, these methods have remained theoretical at best, with no chance for practical application. However, collecting the data I needed for it before we reached the end of a Borg warp-trail - which vanished in the heart of the Azure Nebula - I started to look for high-energy triquantum wave-by products. I also tried to filter out false positives by screening triquantum wave residues from the Borg trail to learn where it had gone. As some of you may know, a triquantum wave is an energy phenomenon which can accompany the opening of a transwarp conduit. They are subspace disruptions, and those with a field magnitude of 2.9 teracochranes, and a highly-symmetric power-utilization curve, are characteristic of a transwarp conduit, which - of course - is generated by a Borg cube."

Cir'Cie might have been a Botanist, but she did follow the man's reasoning so far. Despite the headache. The dark-skinned scientist continued. "All scans showed the immediate area empty, except for a radiation field further ahead, where the nebula was born. I mapped out the particles of the nebula, and saw that while there was no sign of space-time curvature in the area, the directions and velocities of the particles in the radiation field ahead of our position were  altered. Clear effects of something the sensors couldn't see. Since we had deployed half of the Lone Wolves, we used their sensors to triangulate more data, pooling their sensor feeds to the Sword. Yet before the data was collected... Doctor Nicander - seemingly sane once more - told us things that we could later corroborate."

Counselor Ejek had been present in Sickbay when Doctor Nicander revealed his true nature, and the Cardassian had briefed the Stallion about the Doctor. It did not sit well with Cir'Cie that there had been an Infested with them for years, but regardless her reservations, she continued to listen.

"He told us that the best way to stop the Borg Invasion is to collapse the passageway through which they will come in full force, which Vael Kaeris has a solution for. This is not, however, another transwarp network. Nor are these passageways like the Bajoran wormhole. I have spent years at Bajor, and that wormhole has a structure made possible by a twelve-dimensional helical verteron membrane and a series of verteron nodes, with an as-of-yet-unknown energy source maintaining its tunneling effect through space time. These tunnels, twenty-seven of them, are just similarly shaped. They don't exist in normal space-time. They only exist in subspace, powered by energy drawn from normal space time. They are all filled with hyperphasic radiation which desiccates organic matter and disperses it into subspace within twenty seconds. Nicander said, however, that a properly harmonised shield frequency should be able to negate that effect. This, is something I am still working on, should we need it."

Before Okafor finished, Cir'Cie heard him talk about what the Sword had gleaned from the pooled sensor data, before they had begun to battle with the Rotarran. "In the end, we detected that all the apertures to these subspace passageways are clustered together. They are all openings leading to - or away - from the heart of the nebula. They're are, however, sealed. Before we left the area, we sighted a Borg cube going through one of the apertures, and with a combination of the data from the Voyager's reports about the Borg and their conduits, and the sensor-readings from the cube that passed through, it took us several hours to calibrate a soliton wave that may open them. All twenty-seven of them appear to have different frequencies, however, so there is no certainty that we can open more than just the one that the cube vanished through."

It seemed Okafor was finished, save for one final, omnious comment, that made Cir'Cie's head ache more.

"According to Nicander, the Infested knows the Borg are coming. They want access to their hive mind. They want one of their Hosts assimilated. He told us that the parasites in the Hosts are not really here, not fully. They touch upon this reality, but they will not be assimilated. Just the Host, and therefore, they will gain the knowledge from the Collective without actually being a part of it. Nicander even suggested, that this nameless darkness that infest the Hosts, could condition the new Borg Queen's decisions through the hive mind. It is therefore my recommendation," he said and looked at the two Cardassians that had spoken before, "that Nicander is one of those that get an inoculation."

Having said this, Okafor glanced towards Vael Kaeris, who apparently had some theories about how they might seal the passageways. Cir'Cie moved her green eyes to the man, wondering if he was Human, even though her sense of smell told her that might not be the case.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Vael Kaeris | Library and Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @The Ostrich   @Nolan  @Numen  @Cosmos  @Arista  @Auctor Lucan

Vael remained stone faced and immobile as Okafor spoke.  He might, for all intents and purposes, have been a statute, but comrades though they may be, he was on duty and the professional bearing he had worked to cultivate was every much the equal of a nobleman or a king.  Inner thoughts, inner turmoil, inner frustrations.  The key unifying factor in those things was 'inner'.  He could second guess himself in private.  In the face of others, it was necessary to ensure that any doubt or hesitation did not convey outwardly, and having worked among betazoids, vulcans and others sensitive to the unseen world, he'd found it necessary to quiet even his thoughts.

With a respectful nod of his head, he acknowledged Okafor's introduction and assistance.  Having given much of the presentation himself to the command staff, he found he did not relish the necessity or inefficiency of repeating it for the sake of the science staff.

"While we should be prepared for the possibility of a direct confrontation, battle damaged as this vessel is, I do not believe a prolonged engagement would be survivable.  It is my understanding from the intelligence provided by Dr. Nicander that when next those apertures open, we will not be facing a single cube, but an entire Borg armada.  They will be undamaged, fully armed, fully staffed and ready for their singular purpose."

Handing his remaining PADD to Lt. Commander Martin, he continued.  "As you can see, we are capable of opening the apertures and, once done, I would suggest we immediately proceed with collapsing them.  I have provided some potential vectors and weapons yields necessary to effect the collapse.  The torpedoes will need to be properly shielded to enter the breach or they could be disintegrated, prematurely detonate or worse -- strengthen -- the subspace threshold.  And, as we cannot be certain where each of the 27 apertures connects, we should be prepared to open and seal each."

Regarding the others, he added, "Given the circumstances of the ship, there might be some desire, even scientific curiosity, to use the apertures to leave the region.  Having worked with the Pathfinder project, I would caution against any false optimism in that regard.  Further, as Lt. Okafor has stated, absent our own shield modifications, we would find the interior of the conduits far more deadly than any Borg encounter.  Given the short time frame we face and the necessity to remain shielded from the hazards of the nebula itself, augmenting our shields to withstand the forces of the conduit could prove daunting."

Naturally there was a suggestion pertaining to nanoprobes.  He'd always felt that the Voyager crew had become perhaps a touch too reliant on them in their travels after liberating Seven of Nine, but he wasn't in a position to refute then-Captain Janeway or her results.  Given similar circumstances and resources, he may well have made the same choices.  But by comparison, he'd always wished to have the opportunity to examine samples from what the Borg had so euphemistically referred to as Species 8472.

Technology, it seemed, was too often seen as a catapult to bypass natural evolution.

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Numen @steelphoenix @Cosmos @Arista


Vivian sipped her coffee as she listened to her officers speaking. The warm drink stimulated her tired brain and allowed her to concentrate on their words. There were some new faces in the room, no doubt strays picked up by the other vectors during their time apart. Introductions would have to come later she decided, the Borg were by far the bigger concern.

”I agree that Nicander should be inoculated.” She shuddered slightly as she said his name. Every mention of the man caused a mixture of feeling within her that one wouldn’t necessarily describe as pleasant. ”As much as I wish we could inoculate every member of the crew, we must be wise and not squander the few samples we have. Speak with Captain Wenn Cinn and the Tactical department to determine the best suited people to receive the inoculation. Continue your work on it, if you can create more, or improve the formula then do so. We will need it.”

With the inoculation discussion effectively over Vivian’s mind switched to the next problem, the appetures. ”The commander is correct. I would love to explore these conduits rather than destroy them, and I’m sure many of you are too, however as we all know the Borg are one of the greatest threats to the Federation, and the Galaxy. In this situation we must suspend our scientific curiosity and replace it with an iron will to fight and defend our homes, friends, and freedom. We are scientists, we fight not with phasers and starships, but with our brains. We look for the scientific victories, not the physical ones.”

”Romulan.” She called out to Vanya “Sorry, I will learn your name soon enough. Your suggestion is sound, I would like you to work on that, liaise with Tactical and Engineering where you need. Be quick, be effective. We do not know how long it will be until we face the Borg in combat.”

Vivian switched her attention to Kaeris and Tovarek ”Commanders, you suggestions are both valid too. However our resources are limited, and I do not believe that we will be able to carry out both of your ideas. I am not a tactical officer, that is my brother’s area of expertise. Therefore I cannot say which is the more tactically sound idea, so I must go with my gut instinct and say that I believe it would be far wiser in this regard to work to prevent the Borg from entering Federation space, and therefore we must devote more of our resources to closing the appetures before the Borg come through. If we can refine that plan before the Borg arrive it will be in our favor. However we must prepare for the worst. Commanders, we will work on both of your projects, however I will be devoting more resources and manpower to closing the appetures.”

Vivian took another long sip of her coffee as she finished her piece. ”Are there any further questions or suggestions? If anyone has a better idea I would love to hear it.”

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[ Lieutenant Vanya | Library and Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]   @ Science peoples!


Vanya leaned against the shelf with her arms crossed over her stomach, listening as the rest of the science team put forth options. Some had a lot of merit in her mind. Some were more or less horrifying. The human with the strange accent who’s UT seemed to be glitching, had proposed ripping holes in the local fabric of space and creating micro-singularities. As Chief Science Officer of the smaller Caguya, she was widely versed in Starfleet Sciences, even the ones she didn’t specialize in. This was not one of her particular specialties. Still, the Borg were frightening and powerful but that seemed…. Ill advised to her.

Vanya kept that to herself for now though she was not chief science officer here and it was not her call. A slender hand came up to tuck an errant strand of glossy black hair behind her pointed ear.

The Cardassians had been working on inoculations and that was curious to Vanya. They could save one such dose for others, that was sure. A nod towards Izar as he and Parnak explained their options. Vanya supposed command staff would get priority. Medical, Tactical and Security. A soft frown crossed her face as she looked around the meeting, not knowing how many in the science teams would be afforded the option. Such was war though and one had to prioritize.

Cir’Cie was there but the Vulcan was keeping her own council for now, or had nothing to contribute. In typical Vulcan fashion she did not waste other’s time.

The dark skinned human then spoke and divulged a great deal of information. Information that Vanya listened to very carefully. Okafor seemed well informed and had correlated and gone through a goodly amount of data. Vanya found herself nodding to some of the things he’d said. The concept of the infested gaining the knowledge and abilities of the Collective were positively harrowing. They had to stop that most especially.

The slender dark haired Lieutenant Commander put forth the option to collapse the apertures before battle was joined and that sounded like a great idea that indeed needed prioritization. Thea was a powerful vessel but against a Borg Armada, Vanya doubted they’d even slow down to engage. They’d just ram her, destroy the vessel, accept the damage and plow ahead towards their target.

She couldn’t speak for others but being rammed by a few million pounds of borg cube sounded like a bad day to the android.

Then Vivian was speaking again and Vanya’s dark green eyes flickered to her. Theurgy’s CSO indeed prioritized the closing of the apertures and that gave Vanya a bit of solace, that the woman in charge also saw the importance of such a thing.

Then eyes had turned towards her with the descriptor of “Romulan”. Vanya’s slender pointed brows rose, to indicate she was listening to Vivian. The orders were given and Vanya nodded sharply. The long sable pony tail hanging well past her bra line shimmered and rippled with the movement. “Aye Commander. On it.”

When Vivian had finished her orders and asked for further suggestions, the… Romulan offered forth one.
“As per suggestions. As you indicated we are Science officers and physical combat is not the highest priority. Yet, as we know, if contact is made, the Borg will not care what color collar we wear. It may be prudent to assess whom has combat capability now and distribute weapons before said contact is made. Better to have the armaments and not need them than to have Borg beam into a lab, and need them and not have them at hand.”

With that suggestion made she went quiet, letting the Lieutenant Commander make the call.
Lieutenant Vanya - Science Officer - Zoology/XenoZoology

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Lt. JG Izar Bila| | Biology Lab | Deck 9 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
@Auctor Lucan  @The Ostrich  @Nolan  @Arista  @Cosmos @steelphoenix

Once Bila and Dr. Parnak finished recounting the scope of their research with the nanoprobes, the hybrid rested his elbows on his knees, leaning his body forward as he listened how his peers exposed their different points of view and recall every data that could be useful for the group. The dark-skinned human, Okafor, began his long explanation praising the chemist's work and he couldn't avoid acknowledging it with a nod,  while a smile poured from his lips. However, it was a short lived smile, due this tiny gesture of gratitude was soon erased from his features when the magnitude of the deed they must face became more evident. Nor did the secular way in which Okafor drew parallels between the Celestial Palace and the Borg openings helped, and the hybrid felt part of his Faith mistreated. Unconsciously, he raised his fingers to touch the chain of his earring, and the ornament tinkled musically. The subtle sound soothed his annoyance, at it used to do. He was between scientists and it was normal that the way they approach to the Prophets was from a hundred percent secular perspective, even when the unknowns around the inhabitants of the bajoran wormhole could not be explained any other way than by an act of faith. The half-Bajoran supposed that those who didn't belong to the Prophets' Chosen People could never come to accept that some mysteries around the Prophets simply were what they were. The gaze of the hybrid averted to his former chief for a second. Well, in fact there were some people that somehow understanded it, even in spite of their strange nature, he couldn't forget that the jewerelly that he had just touched had been a gift from that android. Izar took a deep breath, leaning back in his seat to calm part of his inner turmoil. Despite his heathen remarks, the human's curiosity and attention to detail were worthy of admiration and he should focus on those positive characteristics. Moreover, Bila preferred to give him the benefit of the doubt so he kept listening to his speech. The chemist made a mental note about the verteron nature of the Borg's passageways and the need to adress the issue about the particles later. In high enough concentrations, verterons could be a hazard to space vessels. They would obstruct sensor functions, and could even disable a warp-driven ship. But he didn't think it would be convenient to interrupt the explanation to provide a piece of information that was, perhaps, well known, which is why he simply knitted his eyeridges and listened. His hazel eyes darkened even more under the slender scales that outlined them when Okafor pointed out that Nicander, the infected, should be inoculated as a priority. Logic sounded in his words, as well as the implicit consequences if the Borg reached that subject, but Bila was well aware that there were few people on board with sufficient knowledge to calculate the exact dose for the Câroon. His gaze traveled to where Doctor Parnak was sprawled, owning the room as only a Cardassian could do. Despite the nuisance that the civilian could become, he had demonstrated a extensive knowledge and he had been a praiseless contribution to the hybrid's research. Possibly, in no time, he could get to refine the vaccine and the ORE much better than he himself was capable of. An idea began to form in the back of his mind. One that left a bitter aftertaste at the back of his throat and a tight knot in the pit of his stomach.

Bila leaned even more against the back of his seat, drowning in it. He rubbed his left orbital ridge, lost in thought. So immersed was he in them that he only briefly listened to Kaeris's intervention, which solely left him with the impression that the plan that the human with almond-shaped eyes proposed was a risky one that was an inch away from a utter madness, but that it was the least bad of the evils they must face. When Commander Martin spoke, showing her agreement with the plan to inoculate Nicander, Bila automatically nodded and focused his eyes anew, his gaze moving from the human woman to Parnak and back to the Chief officer. She seemed too tired to waste time in a long discussion, so the hybrid didn't have time to intervene since she kept distributing orders all over the place. When she asked the room about any suggestion about the given orders, Vanya spoke before he could move his lips,  proclaiming that the scientists must be armed. Bila rubbed both of his eyelids between his forefinger and thumb right after. That was an added complication he didn't expect but need to address. "Chief Martin," he finally said, pulling his hand away from his face."As you pointed out before, we are men and women of science and, as such, ther way we fight is with our brains, not with phasers. I prefer not to pervert the nature of our position by hauling a weapon around like a Security thug. Possibly in my hands it would do more harm than good, aside from the fact that violent solutions are opposed to everything I believe in.” As he spoke, Bila's eyes drifted momentarily towards Vanya's and his gesture contorted into a apologizing grimace. Being as he had been his assistant in the Cayuga, it was to be expected that he would present a common front with the gynoid, but he must keep his ground in this point.

Turning his attention back to Martin, the chemist continued talking. "As for suggestions: we'll need to have access to every one of the bio-labs and chem-labs available to kept the modified nanoprobes' culture, each extra vaccine that we can synthesize is a crew member that can be saved from being assimilated. Dr. Parnak has all the data availible about the vaccines and he's working on the improvement of the ORE, for which, if he agrees, he can manage the facilities and personal that you can supply for this matter." Bila turned his body to face the Cardassian and bowed slightly in his direction, to indicate to the old man that it was a deference to his knowledge. "As long as you agree, ogamĵan" Bila took a moment to deeply inspire and balled his elegant hands to keep the trembling that was beginning to take hold of them from becoming very evident. When he spoke again, his voice was resolute, with much more determination than he really felt. "As for me, I'm the one with the most knowledge about vaccines and I think I'm the only one who can calculate the dose needed for the 'peculiarities' of Nicander, so I should inoculate his dose personally. As you have pointed out, it's indisputable that he should be vaccinated as soon as possible to avoid at all costs that Borgs can assimilate him, so I volunteer for that task." He cletched his jaw, giving the impression that his decision was firm. But inside, Bila simply thought that he hadn't learned to shut up when he should, that he should have kept a low profile and hide himself in some dark hole like the coward vermin he was. Perhaps, he had gone completely mad. Maybe the medication he was taking was screwing up his brain. Perhaps he was trying to prove... 'something' to the doctor, something that really didn't worth that he would risk his life that way. He hoped his fortunate pagh didn't fail him on this occasion.

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[ Lt. Cmdr. Vael Kaeris | Library and Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @The Ostrich   @Nolan  @Numen  @Cosmos  @Arista  @Auctor Lucan

Vael took a breath before offering his final suggestion -- one he knew would likely be met with shock, perhaps even horror, but his past studies told him that such things were necessary.  A failure to consider all options risked weakening their offensive and defensive positions critically.  While this inoculation proposal did not sit well with him, he understood the potential as he understood the logic in its application.  Still, this was potentially insufficient and every plan needed a back up... a redundancy to bolster their chances in case of failure.

"Commander," he offered at Martin's prompting, "we should consider some additional methods to safeguard our personnel.  First and foremost, transporter inhibitors have been placed around Dr. Nicander's position.  At the very least, these should be established in each primary lab as well.  This should hopefully divert the Borg to manual ingress if necessary."

That much was easy to suggest.  Practically common sense it seemed.  But it wasn't fool proof and would only give a matter of seconds to act.  "Next, all science stations should be localized to a protected subnetwork in case the Borg attempt to access the primary computer core and take our data.  All of these precautions should also be removed from the primary database."

He regarded each face gathered with the same impassive expression that, for the lack of pointed ears, would easily fit in to any vulcan science hall.  "It is unfortunate that Voyager already made use of a neuralytic pathogen in their escape from the Delta Quadrant* and Captain Picard's proposal of introducing an unsolvable geometric formula into the collective** has proven unreliable at best and inconclusive at worst in all field tests and prior engagements with the Borg.  A toxin is often the best way to strike back at a predator, if only we had the time to create one."  Now, however, came the suggestion he expected to receive the most resistance.  "To that end, those of us not inoculated against assimilation should be prepared to take our own lives.  If any one of us is taken, everything we've discussed in this room will become an open playbook for the Borg." 

* - ST:VOY "Endgame"
* - ST:TNG "I, Borg" (not deployed in canon, but discussed w/ AL for Thuergy continuity)

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[ Dr. Silim Parnak | Library and Research Room | Deck 15 |  USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen @The Ostrich Anyone else

As the conversation continued, Parnak leaned back in chair, assessing the group with a calm, relaxed pose. He was in his element, surrounded by like minded people and he had already said his piece. The positive response from the room was clear praise that they were on the right course.

Yet for some reason, the conversation moved onwards and they explored other options. It all seemed a bit redundant in his opinion. They had a plan. It was time to enact it. 

When the hybrid called out tasks, Silim gave a long side look to Martin. He had promised her that he wouldn’t attempt some form of coup in the science department. That he had no aspirations for a rank or anything of the sort. Now, this science officer from the Cayuga seemed to give him the horse along with the cart.

All in all, his actions were a bit confusing. He had been comfortable pushing back and showing some backbone in the lab and the corridor, yet now he scraped and bowed as if Castellan Garan herself had made an appearance. Was he so starved for Cardassian attention that he would try to emulate anything he had read as a child or was he being sarcastic? Either way, Parnak had a reply.

“How incredibly kind of you.” He said, with a grin so wide that he risked swallowing the other man whole. “Taking on the most noble feat of ministering to the monster while I am lumbered with the logistics.

Parnak commented, waving his hand as if dismissing the hybrid from his thought train. “I am always gracious enough to provide my insight where needed, but I will leave assigning duties and personnel to the rightful person – Commander Martin.”

The Bactrican then spoke, reminding everyone of the dire straits of their current predicament and proposed a suicide pact. Parnak felt the bile rise in his stomach and curled his lip in disgust.

“You may enjoy the taste of your own phaser barrel in your mouth.” He commented in a snide manner. “I intend to live.”

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[ Lieutenant Simon Tovarek | Library and Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]
@The Ostrich

As one of the Cardassian scientists spoke of Lucan Nicander, Tovarek moved with unease in his seat. The mere mentioning of the man had brought discomfort to the man. It had however brought him to the research he had looked into which the former CMO had started. His thoughts dwelled upon how to formulate his findings to Martin as the two Cardassians started to talk about injecting Nicander with anti-Borg infection.

He chose to wait for the time being as he worked his fingers onto his PADD to get his own notes about the matter. Interviewing or asking Nicander for help was out of the question for now and a lot of the research was still raw and incoherent. He moved himself subtly closer to Martin before he stood besides her "Commander." he spoke to her with care and respect. He knew what it was like to run this department and he did not envy the woman for having taken over his place. He squatted down besides her chair as his eyes remained on the discussing scientists in front of them.

"I might have something else I  want to share with you." he said "Though I'm not sure if I should inform everyone about this. As the origin of it is... Shady if not worse. Plus there aren't much results to show for it. Nothing conclusive to say the least." he said on a quiet tone. "I received the work after the interrogation of Nicander when he was resuscitated and brought into holding. He claims this work has to do something with the existence and eradication of the parasites. Though I am reluctant to believe the man's words. So far everything has added up, but there's that gut feeling that something is off."

"Most of it doesn't really point to anything. A lot of data follows up from during the battle at Starbase 84. More specifically to an event that is logged as when miss McMillan revealed her true nature to us. It seems that the research has specialized itself around wavelengths of sorts, more specifically the different wavelengths of light. Like I said, it makes little sense, yet Nicander kept repeating the words that the light was the answer so I've dug into it briefly, yet with not much time to spare most of it is still unscathed." Tovarek stated as he looked at Martin "What would you like me to do with it though? If we are to believe Nicander this could be related to the parasitical infestation. Yet I'm unsure if it would help against the Borg invasion." he concluded to her.

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[ LtCmdr Vivian Martin | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Numen @steelphoenix @Cosmos @Arista @Hastata-Nerada


Vivian made several notes on her PADD as the officers around her voiced their concerns. There were many valid points being made and Vivian was inclined to agree with most, but not quite all, of them. Once all the officers in the room had stopped speaking she looked up from her PADD and addressed them.

”Weapons will be distributed by security.” She looked at Izar ”Lieutenant, while nobody will force you to carry a weapon, I urge you to reconsider. The Borg do not care for your beliefs, nor do they care that you do not wish to fight. That is their it their programming, for they are not natural. But as I said, we will not force you.” She ran a tired hand over her face. ”The labs are yours. You and Doctor Parnak have access to them and all the resources you need to synthesize the vaccine.”

”Commander” She looked to Vael now, studying his features briefly as she took a moment to contemplate his words. ”I would like you to speak with security in regards to the inhibitors and the subnetwork, they may have other areas, such as the bridge and main engineering designated to be higher priorities than the labs, and will thusly focus on securing those areas first. As for taking our own lives...we cannot force anybody to do that. I know it is the logical and wise choice, but some of us, myself included, may not have the strength to do such a thing.” The prospect of being assimilated terrified Vivian, as did the prospect of subsequently taking her own life. She wasn’t sure if she would have the strength to do it if and when it was required of her.

Finally her gaze tuned to Tovarek standing beside her ”Best not to hide anything from our friends and colleagues. Please send me a copy of the information, and distribute it to all those who wish to see it. I do not think this information will help us against the Borg, therefore once we have resolved the Borg situation, assuming we are alive, you and I can decide what shall be done with it. The more minds that see and review this, the more we can get out of it.”

She looked back at the small crowd of teal collars. ”You all have tasks to attend to, so I will hold you no longer. If any of you need anything more from me, I will be this chair...drinking coffee and reviewing a few things.” She left exactly what she what she would be reviewing ambiguous as she had no idea what she would be reviewing. Her brain was tired and although she knew there were things she should be looking at, her brain refused to tell her exactly what those things were.

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[ Lieutenant Vanya | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | Vector: Combined | USS Theurgy ]

Vanya remained leaning for a bit, arms crossed across her stomach as others spoke. Dark green eyes flickered to Izar. That he would speak against weapons didn’t really surprise the Romulan. He didn’t seem the type. Though if the Borg were to beam aboard she was quite sure he’d have many quips prepared in advance, likely practiced in front of the mirror, to do significant damage to their egos. Not that the Borg drones seemed to possess them, but perhaps word would get back to the queen.

He did earn a bit of a brow raise at the categorization of Security as ‘’thugs”. Her dark green eyes went to Parnak for a moment then back to Izar. Curious as to if the other’s presence was pulling out more stereotypical Cardassian traits in the hybrid. This may be something to explore when the fate of the Federation, Alpha and Beta quadrants, the Federation, Star Empire and others weren't at stake from the Borg coming out of these apertures to destroy them and everything else. Well ‘assimilate’, but the difference at that point were minimal.

A few more points of interest around the room and then the Lieutenant Commander was making her call. The “Romulan” Seemed to be addressed in the first sentence of the reply, about weapon distribution. Vivian had not looked her way or even addressed her by rank, or species as before. Still the answer had seemed to be directly to her query, so Vanya was good with that. The Commander looked tired. A malady that often expressed itself in biologicals. So the Romulan didn’t hold it against any sort of personality assessment of Vivian. Stressful times brought out all sorts. Only by observation in ‘normal’ times could one built a full assessment. So far Vivian had seemed to know what she was doing and cut through bullshit. Vanya liked that.

She also liked the notation that the Borg would not care one iota about another's pacifistic nature. They would simply assimilate or… if one was found to be of no use, kill. There was no in between. No compromise. No chats to discuss philosophy. In battle with the Borg there were no conscientious objectors.

Vanya found it a touch ironic that the other Cardassian in the room straight up voiced her own thoughts on self termination. It may be a route for others, but Vanya did not foresee her termination at her own hand, as an acceptable outcome.  She agreed with Silim there.

The Lieutenant Commander dismissed them and Vanya pushed off the wall she’d been leaning against. The obsidian black hair rippling a bit. Meeting Vivians eyes she gave a single nod. Everything had been heard and internalized. She would get to work on the projects she had outlined to try her best to enhancing the outcome of the upcoming confrontation.

"On it, Commander"

As she passed the Cardassian and Hybrid, she nodded to Bila. "Good luck with your work, Lieutenant."   she offered her second from the Cayuga a tight lipped smile.
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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Library & Research Room | Deck 15 | USS Theurgy ]

Tyreke truthfully did not have much to say. The idea of taking his own life bothered him, but the idea of having his body corrupted and his mind slaved to an indomitable unanimous will bothered him even more. “Bothered” seemed like an understatement, with his thoughts exploring implications such as the idea of being aware of being within the collective, forced to watch as some mechanical appendage-

No. No, he decided not to go there right now. After all, it was not as if they had much choice when it came to facing the Borg. Anxiety was only ever a detriment in situations like these. If he couldn’t stop himself from being nervous he could at least not worry others by showing it.

It was then that Tyreke noticed Tovarek mention something quietly to Lieutenant Commander Martin. Tyreke raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t quite make out what Tovarek was saying… something about Nicander? Was Nicander working on something? Maybe to assist the parasites? But then why would Nicander put it in a place where it could be found? He was smarter than that, and besides, Nicander seemed to have a mone of lucidity… or so it seemed, at least.

Something didn’t add up. Tyreke reasoned that he could have put together a better picture of the puzzle if he heard more, and luckily Martin seemed to be intent on sharing this information with everyone. Or at least getting Tovarek to.

The synthetic biologist did not envy Martin’s position. He much preferred to work in the safety of his lab rather than handle the tasks of a department head. It just seemed so much more fulfilling, and less dangerous by the looks of things. She seemed exhausted, and Tyreke didn’t blame her. If they could get through this alive, maybe this ship could find a place to rest. A beach sounded nice. For now there was the task at hand. It was time to close these doors, lest millions suffer.

”Aye, sir.” He uttered with a nod. On his way out, Tyreke began to ponder the apertures. One that can open and close… the exotic matter necessary for such a feat would be somewhat unstable...

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila| | Biology Lab | Deck 9 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ][/color]
@Auctor Lucan  @The Ostrich  @Nolan  @Arista  @Cosmos @steelphoenix  @Hastata-Nerada

The hybrid couldn't prevent that a corner of his mouth curled into a sideway smirk when he saw  Dr. Parnak's causticity directed to another person. It was a refreshing change and allowed him to admire the sharp civilian's wit. It almost made him able to define why he was so determined to prove his worth. Almost. Whatever it was, Izar wasn't either willing to end his own life, even less when half of the work he was doing with Silim was aimed at 'cure' assimilation. It was still in the beginning stages, but he was hopeful that they could developed something useful for when the Borg boarded the starship. If they finally did it. The prospect of being cornered by a drone again gave him a cold shudder.

However, the ominous perspective was interrupted by the words of the CSO. Bila nodded, acknowledging the words Comander Martin led him. "I've been working on countermeasures for days, so even if I find myself face to face with a Borg, I've no intention of join the Collective meekly. Our enemies can make this situation desperate, but I'll not let go of my principles for it." He answered with a humble tone that contradicted the resolution of his words."In addition, Prophets have give me a fortune Pagh, I doubt that my destiny is end as a drone." He said, carrying his hand to the earring that adorned his right lobe. It was a trifling gesture, but it was plenty meaningful for him. Whatever the case might be, they got the labs, and all the resources on hand to carry out the cultures. He couldn't ask for more.

The scientists began to leave the library and Izar got up his feet again, smoothing the invisible wrinkles on his uniform while mentally reviewing the next steps they need to follow. The voice of his former chief took him out of his cabilations, when the gynoid approached to wish him luck in his endeavour. "May the Prophets protect your path, Lieutenant. I think you still owe me a cup of tea, so remember to meet me after in a single piece" he joked as a farewell, with a relaxed smile on his face. Much more relaxed than he really felt. The knot in the pit of his stomach tightened again, leaving him with the feeling that he had boulders for breakfast.

Bila inhaled deeply and turned to face the full-cardassian scientist. He wasn't sure how to call him. His peer? His workmate? His mentor? His personal nuisance? He wasn't sure at all. He admired and loathed the xenobiologist at the same time but, independent of his feelings, it seemed like they were doomed to spend time with the other. More than he expected the first time they met. "Lead the way, ogamĵan," he said slavishly, with a small bow. They had a lot to do.

Just before they left the library a through bolted in his mind. " Commander" he said, looking at the human. "Remember that, in high enough concentrations, verterons could be a hazard to space vessels. They could block the nacelles to jump to warp. We must be careful a verteron wave don't hit the vessel following the close of the appertures. Consequences could be... catastrophic."

Placeholder for Cardassian language till it was seated by all cardies' writers.
ogamĵan → Aged man, old man, sir.


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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Cir'Cie's Quarters | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @The Ostrich  @Nolan @Numen @steelphoenix @Cosmos @Hastata-Nerada @Arista
Conservative with her words, for more reasons than one, Cir’Cie was grateful when the meeting was adjourned.

It seemed there were many aspects covered by the speakers, ranging from direct counter-measures against the Borg to research done by Nicander about some kind of lights. As intriguing as much of it had been for her, normally, Cir’Cie still just wanted to lie down or meditate, to try and rinse her body from the effects of that Trill root that Kaylon Jeen had given her the night before. It remained, despite it all, her personal priority, but she knew she had no chance for it. Duty called.

“Yes, Commander,” she said to Martin and turned away, leaving with some alactity to her steps - for being a Vulcan - since she feared she might be sick again. She had yet to empty her stomach’s contents, but it seemed the intoxication still persisted, so she had no means of being sure that she would be healthier later that day. She even considered reporting Jeen, yet dismissed the notion since it wasn’t his fault she’d indulged and preformed the taste-test on the root.

How do other species stand this state of being? Surey they would give up on anything that rendered them in this wsy?


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