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CH03: S [D06|0940] Equilibrium

Chapter 03: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0940 hrs. ] Equilibrium

[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
At first, Drauc had gone to his quarters, to try and rinse his mind from the effect the Asurian had pushed unto his mind. Yet as restless as he was, agitated and stirred by her passions, he had paced the deck for some time, before he'd bared his teeth and left again. The barren bulkheads and lack of personal possessions had done naught to anchor him to who he was. Who he used to be, before the Asurian had made his mind unrecognisable.

He had gone to the gymnasium, not bothering to change, and he had unleashed all his pent-up fury on one of the punching bags. He'd torn into it like a demon, and tried to dispel every smudge of aggression Dyan Cardamone had tainted him with. Eventually, even he tired, and he'd set a murderous pace through the gym and into the communal locker room. There, he'd shed all his frayed clothing into one of the lockers, snatched up a towel, and walked towards the adjacent public bathing area, and specifically, to the steam room.

There, seated on the top shelf of the farthest wall, he sat, with the towel wrapped around his hips and his scarred hands flexing. He glared at the wooden panelling, and whatever occupants of the room that had been there to begin with had cleared away - likely intimidated by him. He gave them no thought, instead dwelling on old memories, and trying to find some equilibrium. Some kind of balance, where he could find his old temperament.

Thoughts of Dyan kept resurfacing, however, making the transition lower - images of her and her actions remaining with him.

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[Sar-unga Neleo/Dyan Cardamone | Hallway, to Steam room | USS Theurgy ]

If there was anything to be said about the Theurgy, its that something was always happening. Dyan never got too listless here. She had been occupied with a breakout earlier, which was a good way to relieve some of her stress from the Trent incident. She still had one more thing to check off her list before a planned afternoon nap; Drauc.

The computer let her know where Drauc was. He was in the steam room. Perfect, she decided, and she ran there, and didn't even break a sweat. It was a warmup for what was to come.

She relished the idea of being intoxicating. She held power over Drauc and she loved it. It made her heartbeat drop down to her loins and her blood scream. She wanted to…battle him? Fuck him? A little bit of both? She didn't know, and wouldn't know until she got there.

And then she arrived, just outside the steam room. The door was closed. She had no clue if others were in there and didn't care either way. She kicked off her boots and socks, tossed her jacket over her head, everything going into a pile on the floor. What would she do? Fight or fuck, fight or fuck, she wondered, and would she do it in front of everyone else? Probably. She could barely contain her excitement.

She shoved the door open a d set her eyes on Drauc. No more rest for him, she thought with a devilishly gleeful smile. She had her under shirt and skirt on, but it was clear that would not remain for long, given the nature of the room and Dyan's devious intentions.
“Did you miss me?”

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
The transition, from memory to reality, caught Drauc unawares - making his eyes widen momentarily behind his hair.

He had tried to process the extended experiences together with the Asurian, to put it behind himself. Equilibrium eluded him, however, when she reappeared. He was unsure when he first felt her mind imposing upon his own, since he had been dwelling upon her when she arrived. Regardless, she was there, right before him, not even having bothered to adhere to the dresscode of the baths in her excitement to find him. She still had her undershirt on, only having discarded parts of her uniform, but that was just a second indicator towards her intentions.

Indeed, for the dual incentives that fought for dominance inside the Asurian bled into Drauc as well. It made his scarred hands curl into white-knuckled fists, and he bared his teeth. His retort was a sharp, serrated sound. "Leave me be."

And yet she compelled him as well, making him want her. Making him want to tear the clothes off her body. She cared not for propriety, or hiding from the public eye. They might be alone in the steam room, shrouded by the heavy haze that encompassed them, but parts of the bulkheads were made of glass, and there might be bathers outside - people who might wish to use the steam room any moment. Starfleet officer that Drauc hadn't scared away when he arrived.

Her lack of inhibitions made his own less prevalent, having been with Dyan Cardamone since the evening before. She undermined him, and built him in ways he could not foresee. Not beyond the fact that he did not recognise himself any more.

He rose from his seated position, standing on the shelf above deck-level. He towered over her, his entire body taut with pending movement. To what purpose, he did not know, even if his body rose to the challenge. "Get out."

It was his last warning, and yet he might still just stand there, unable to refute her. Unwilling to fight her.

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[ Sar-unga Neleo/Dyan Cardamone | Steam Room | USS Theurgy ]

“You did miss me!” She grinned wide and toothy, at once a smile and a threat. She grabbed the hem of her undershirt, pulling it up and over her head in a slow, smooth motion. She’d practiced in front of a mirror the best way to undress to show off her body, and found that, as she pulled her bra off as well, pulling her breasts up with it and letting them fall and bounce naturally was the most pleasing thing she could think of. Her skirt covered her privates as she walked towards Drauc. She never took her eyes off his. Her tail swished, her face never changed. Sinister was an apt word to describe her.

He may tower over her, but she did not act as if this bothered her. In fact, she knew hundreds of ways to use her height in her favor. Some Asurian, some human, klingon, vulcan… Her knowledge made her arrogant, believing she was invincible. She could not be harmed, turned down, told no.

She believed this because he feared her. He wanted her gone. He maybe hated her too. She loved these things, she cherished them the way a sane person might cherish a kiss. When she was close enough, she meant to push him back onto the bench he rose from, kneel on his legs.
“You grew a pair of balls back there. Care to test them out?” She grinned, her mind a screaming chorus of fuckfightfuckfightfuckfight all at once. How she navigated her mind was a mystery, perhaps a testament to a strong will, or perhaps her mind was structured differently from the average humanoid’s.

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
Twice, he had told her to leave him be, though it was evident she wouldn't oblige him.

There was no way of determining her intentions, since she didn't know herself what she wanted out of him. That she undressed... could either be her adhering to the dress code in her old fashion, or she wanted to tempt him. Was it both? Did her words imply what she meant? Either way, Drauc found himself reacting to her bared form, the predatory movements of her gait and her tail. As best as he might, he tried to quell the reflection of her desire in his own mind - the way she made him feel like she did.

His self-control, this polar opposite of her chaotic presence in his mind, stopped him from lashing out at her. Though it was only a question of time before his restraint was undermined. His hands remained tightened fists, and some of the sweat on his beaded, scarred brow had naught to do with the heat in the steam room. The taut ropes of his muscles, along his limbs and down his torso, shifted minutely while he breathed the hot air in the room, his mind leaden. He was on the verge of striking her, or ravishing her, and if he let himself move... he did not know what might happen.

"I warn you, Sar-Unga," he rasped, the sound void of emotion, "do not come closer."

She came to him, nonetheless, and her proximity made it more difficult to remain passive. His fists were numb at this point, a muscle in his inner thigh jumping with pending brutality, and he felt like he was drowning. As if he was keeping his mouth above water, struggling to not become submerged in her emotions. He could not tear his eyes away from her. He dared not move, because he had once killed a Klingon in his rage. He knew, with a strange certainty, that he did not wish to kill this Asurian.

So when she tried to push him, standing as he was on the shelf above Dyan - her feet still on the deck below - he would not budge. All it did, was to push the towel that rode low on his hips, and it became undone. The white cloth slipped from his beaded skin, pooling behind him, and there was no hiding how intoxicating he found her to be. The evidence, denying it as he might, was right there  in her face. The way he glared at her from behind his hair proved how much he loathed her presence, yet his body betrayed the second desire.

"Do not touch me," he grated, his voice thicker, and his fingers spread out at his sides, like hardened claws - cracking from the tightness of his restraint.

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[ Sar-unga Neleo/Dyan Cardamone | Steam Room | USS Theurgy ]

Drauc kept telling her no, but who was he to tell her no? She knew what he wanted better than he did, she had decided. She had the lower ground, but that was alright by her. There were certain maneuvers that were much easier to pull off like this.

She looked up at him, but the feelings in her mind corresponded more with the sensation she was looking down on him. His body was tightly coiled, she saw every muscle under every scar. He was tensed. Ready to fight. That in and of itself was incredibly arousing to her. He feared her, or wanted to kill her. She liked both options just as equally.

As her hands pulled away his towel she beamed at what she found. Exactly what she wanted, even though she didn’t know it until she saw it. She loved how he held himself back as she ran her hands over his skin, like he didn’t want to do this. His body said otherwise, as far as Dyan could tell.

Still, as she entertained the idea of taking what she wanted from Drauc, she felt that she was neglecting the other half of her needs—the need for blood and violence. She held him, quite literally, by the balls, just daring him to try something on her that she didn’t like.

“Either you fight me like a man, or lay there and give up like you always have. That person you were, back when we first met?” Her eyes met his, sharp with deadly emotion, wrought with chaos in emotional form,

“Forget about him. Kill him off in your mind, and be a better man.”

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
With her hands on him, cooler than the air of the steam room, the Asurian presented him with two alternatives. Yet while she only saw two options for him, he saw a handful of outcomes, none compelling. Chaos didn't always know its own nature unless seen objectively.

That objectivity, however, was failing him by the moment. It was not just his body that betrayed him. His mind also willed him to strike her down, to give in to her wish and have him lash out. Yet he knew, with a certainty, that he'd kill her if he did. If he didn't kill her, that Velsren sac of hers would need many hours to mend her flesh and bones, during which time he had to answer for his actions. As riled up as he was by her desire, making him want her as much as she wanted him, the unthinkable outcome was there as well, in how he would use his strength to force himself on her. It was there, the worst of acts, even though he knew she had suffered that fate by the hands of a friend, not long ago. Even more, by a childhood lover, just a few days ago.

No, he could not give her what she wanted. He did not trust himself to do it. Unbridled, she might end up like that Klingon in Starfleet Medical, his head opened against the sterile floor. Drowning in her mind, the only way to remain sane would be to stop her thoughts. The animal instinct was to do it, just like that. He wished to break her head against the hot stones behind her, since Kraun was not there to anchor him - to remind him who he was.

His words, when wheezed out of his throat, sounded so foreign. It was not until he said them that he knew what he'd done. A last resort.

"Dead or not, all I know I can't resist you," he rasped, and with a shaking hand reached out, and ran his scarred fingers through her white hair. "I try to deny my desire for you, and yet it's futile. You are far too compelling... Your body, and the way I know you can use it. It would be my privilege... if you let me have you once more. You are second to no woman I've known."

Making a fist in her hair, his taut body finally moved, as he stepped down to the deck from his shelf. His jaw muscles worked, as he tried to define himself against her mind mind, by opting for an alternative she hadn't given him.

By knowing her mind, he’d just sought to manipulate her - appealing to her vanity. As much as he didn't like it, he saw it as the only means in which he could save her life. So with his free hand he fondled her as she'd fondled him, by framing one of her breasts in his calloused fingers. "Only you have made me want someone as keenly as I do now."

With his grip on her hair, knuckles whitened, he would lay his lips against hers, if she let him.

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[ Sar-unga Neleo/Dyan Cardamone | Steam Room | USS Theurgy ]

As her eyes were caught by his, she started hearing the things he said. It was as if he delved deep into her very heart and pulled out the things that she wanted so badly to hear. Words that made her heart thump in her ears so loudly, and yet she could still hear him. Everyone should be saying this; most don't. Jealousy, or politeness, or something else, she doesn't hear it as often as she knows she should. So when she heard it in his voice, it stopped her in her tracks.

To Drauc, it would seem as if the chaos stopped for just a few seconds. His words had her full attention, for once. If she were clever, she would consider that he was pandering to her. She was not clever this time. Moreover, she was far too preoccupied with a sudden throbbing in her loins.

She let him go, but her hands still needed his skin to touch. As he stepped down, touched her, her hair pulled from her scalp, and finally the cogs in her mind began whizzing once more at it’s usual breakneck speed. This time, she had decided.

Her lips met his and so did her teeth, biting and trying to draw blood, that one ichor she so desperately craved. She was pushing him back to the bench, or the wall, or really anything—it was hard to aim when your sights were only on one thing. Right now it was Drauc, the taste of him, just him.

She thrived on the pain that she felt, considering she rarely felt it for very long. Her hair being pulled was nice, but it was nothing. An ache, and that was it. She needed to feel alive. She needed him to split her in two and she needed to tear him up and ruin him so thoroughly in return. But most importantly, she no longer needed to battle him, and she was so very sure of that, just as she was so very sure that she had to earlier.

She loosened her skirt, let it fall to the ground, never leaving him without a kiss for more than a moment. A kiss was a polite word for it, it’s like she was trying to suffocate him, her arms locked around him, nails threatening to add more cuts to his already-scarred skin.

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
The ferocity of the Asurian was equal in both mind and physical response, and there was no time to feel relieved about avoiding the other outcomes.

When she bit him, Drauc tasted his own coppery blood in the wake of the minute pain, a dark green taint to his lip. He felt her nails against his skin, and found himself pushed down unto the seat of the lowest shelf. In the maelstrom of carnal desire that poured through him, as if he'd opened the floodgates of her mind, Drauc could not remain above the surface. Her passion became his own - the only way in which he could partake since he held no such desires - so when she shed her skirt, and her tail was freed, he pulled her into his lap, forcefully so, and raked his calloused fingers over her flesh. The heat of his rigid flesh was caught between their lower abdomens when she straddled his legs, more than equal to the heat of the steam room. Their sweat was already mixing between their bodies, and Drauc's lungs were on fire - the woman leaving him at a loss for breath.

Her youthful body belied her years, being far older than him, and her shared desire made him forego any further intermediate steps in the copulation. Having been wound up, coiled and primed for motion since before she stepped into the room, he could not waste another moment without consummating. So, with his arms wrapped around her, he raised her just far enough in his tight embrace... and brought her down unto himself.

Drauc found her almost ready for him, and he couldn't help the groan of contentment he made into her mouth while his hardness parted her walls. Animal instinct, shared across the Galaxy, made him pull her down against their joining. The heat shared, it rivalled the steam room's, and once he finally parted from her lips, he looked upon Dyan in the shroud of mist that danced around them. His face wore a mask, one of her making - his countenance that of a her ferocity.

"You've driven me mad," he rasped to her, feeling her breath mix with his own, and he had no presence of mind to explain how literally he meant it. Perhaps it was better to let her think it was just her body that he found intoxicating.

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[ Sar-unga Neleo/Dyan Cardamone | Steam Room | USS Theurgy ]

With only her day-long hunt to find Drauc to serve as foreplay, Dyan was still wet enough to take him. It was like she enjoyed this sick cat and mouse game, and if there were any questions about who the cat was, her whipping tail was there to answer.

He could hardly breathe. She enjoyed suffocating him like that. Taking him in, wrapping her arms around him, nails curled into his hair. She had her head back, a sound rising from her chest right out into the air around them. They were joined, in body and in mind, as she brought her head back to see Drauc, his face almost exactly the way she felt.

“Oops.” She responded, sarcastically. Almost cruel, maybe, as she rolled her hips and felt him press against her walls. If she knew how severe Drauc’s mind was, her own mind didn’t reveal. All she had were carnal images for him. Broadcasting exactly what she wanted, how she wanted it—and that she wanted it right now. “I hope you feel like fucking like a mad man, then.” She pressed herself against him, her breasts against his chest providing no cooling relief from the room. No part of her was cool. She had a fire in her loins. Maybe he could put it out.

He didn't get much in the way of time to answer before Dyan started. It was as if he were a toy she was using to pleasure herself and show off to in one go, with all manner of lewd sounds coming from her, her body moving over him as if she's had hundreds of years of practice. Her mouth was over his as she pinned him in another 'kiss', or more accurately an assault.

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
He never had any opportunity to answer the Asurian, Drauc's breath stolen by her lips - her tongue preemptively seizing his own. All he managed, was a strangled sound, sprung in reaction to how her hips rolled in his lap. The lewd movements were an extension of her needs, and her needs became his own. He was caught in a feedback loop without end, and he could not retain any incentive to break it.

Her imagination was vivid, demanding, and without concern. Completely focused on herself, and how to exploit his flesh to please her. Thus, with no will of his own in that regard, he moved to oblige her fantasies as best as he might. Her notion became his act, and she clearly wanted his madness as leverage to please her fully. Being Asurian, pain was moot, bruising of no concern, and bodily injury merely a means to feel alive. Therefore, there was no mercy, no care taken, as he obliged her. Since she cared not about spectators beyond the glass on the other side of the steam room, neither did he. Drauc ravaged her to the tune of her fickle thoughts, raising a sheen of sweat that had naught to do with the red-glowing stones.

At one point, he had her pushed down face first into the wooden panelling, the base of her tail in his scarred hand, and used it as handle in order to drive himself harder into her. His teeth were bared, and the white of his eyes could be seen through the tresses of his wet hair. His Romulan strength was applied in full, and his free had worshiped her the way she wanted him to. He did not recognize himself in his actions any more, enslaved by someone else's passions. He had no will of his own...

...just like the witless children at the the Tal Shiar compound.

The notion made him stop, abrubtly so, and he blinked - panting through his teeth. The realisation was like a cold shower, a terrible contact of ice water poured over him. Suddenly, just like that, he was unhinged. Decoupled from her mind, thoughts of his own were drifting in the shallows, and he was disoriented. He knew where he was, what he was doing, but all of a sudden, Dyan's mind no longer dictated his every action.

He looked down at her back, still inside her, frowning while he regained his breath. The spell was broken, but she was still there, and he could still feel her - that chaotic mind seeping into his own once more. He was still hard, his whole body pulsing, but in his momentary confusion, he just did not continue to move - the fact that she wanted him to irrelevant.

Even if it might just be momentarily so, Drauc was adrift in astonishment, before any will of his own returned.

Vulnerable, however, should she insist on more.

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[ Sar-unga Neleo/Dyan Cardamone | Steam Room | USS Theurgy ]

She had been benefiting from Drauc remaining trapped in her will. Everything he did was exactly as she wanted. Even when he turned her around and held onto her tail, it was all under her control. Her tail wrapped around his forearm, the angry friction only serving to fuel the fire in her body and mind.

It hurt. He was fucking like he hated her. If she were anyone else, her milky skin would’ve been marred with bruises and her hole all stretched and tore up. She wasn’t anyone else though. Every bruise vanished as soon as it was made, and every time he thrust forward she was as tight as the first time. The only real pain that stayed was the sharp screaming from her spine where he pulled on her tail, and even that only served to underline the great pleasure she was getting…

that is, until it stopped.

For a moment, she thought he was cumming early, which wouldn’t have been a problem. She’d just have to make him service her some other way, and she could always come back to use him again later in the day. But no, there was no white hot fluid in her body, leaking between her legs as tangible proof she had won. There wasn’t anything but a pause. That elicited white hot fury from her, as she turned around from the bench. She made to grab at his arm and dig her nails in, to wake him up from his weird stupor. Maybe this was just a Romluan thing?

“What’s the matter with you?! You’ve got a job to do! Do I have to do all the work myself?!”

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
White Drauc heard her, his train of thought was still derailed - his own will drifting in inertia. It was her fingers, and her nails - the pain of her grip - that made him focus. He'd heard her, but it took him a moment to realise that it hadn't been he who spoke. That it wasn't his demand and fury that he felt, but that of this Asurian down on the wooden shelf. For a moment, he had actually thought that he'd been the one to speak. So lost had he been.

Yet when he realised he could think once more, feeling the chaos of her mind and her desire slowly encompassing him again, he made a sound not unlike that of a Ra'tar, and snatched his arm away from her nails. He could feel her fury too, this rage about him ceasing to please her, and it became the fodder of his own retort. "You use me," he rasped, and he put his scarred hands on her hips. He unsheathed himself from her tight confines, and with his grip, he flipped her off the shelf, making her land on her back down below - upon the ceramic tiles of the deck of the steam room. Oh, but the rage was something he could use.

"Find someone who truly wants you instead," he grated to her from his perch, his body coiled and glistening with sweat. His voice, as damaged as it was, remained his own - dispassionate but cultured.  "I only told you what I knew you wanted to hear. Begone, and do not come near me again."

Having said this, his voice like a serrated blade, he stepped off the shelf, bringing his towel with him. He paused at her feet, however and raised his hand - pointing at her as he delivered his dire warning. "If you fight me now," he rasped, her rage mirrored and added upon by his own indignation, "I will kill you without delay."

Having said this, he tied walked towards the door leading to the changing booths, and tied the white towel around his hips.

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[ Sar-unga Neleo/Dyan Cardamone | Steam Room | USS Theurgy ]

Thrown to the ground and discarded like a thing, it wasn’t the pain of falling that shook her. It was the sudden rejection. She was old now, she’d been rejected before. None of it stung like this. She didn’t know why it hurt so much. Only that it...felt weird. Felt bad. Made her want to fight and kill. Made her want to...not do anything? That doesn’t sound quite right.

By the time she registered what was happening, Drauc was out the door. She scrambled to her feet, ran at him, her rage still white hot. She couldn’t afford any space in her mind to muse about the new feeling just yet, but it was still there somewhere. It resigned itself as a void feeling in her gut.
“Then kill me, coward!” She bellowed as loudly as her little frame allowed, “Just when you start to act like you have a spine, you give up! You run away!”

She followed him, her bare feet pattering on the floor, not bothering to dress herself. Her loins were a sopping mess, and inside her mind was also a mess. A hot steaming mess, as the humans say.

“You can’t just walk away from me! You come right back here and own what you said! You’re not going to get another lay like this in your fucking lifetime, and you were the one who wanted it too!” She continued to follow him. She didn’t care if she was airing their dirty laundry, so to speak. She’d been so private with her affairs while aboard this ship, she was almost compensating for all those years.

She wasn’t sure why she didn’t strike him where he stood. She could do it. She was an excellent fighter, the battlefield her home, but she felt...weird. That feeling, the one that settled as a void in her gut, it started to rise. It was not really guilt. It was like the precursor to guilt; something in Dyan’s mind just wasn’t there yet that allowed her to feel the full fledged guilt for raping the man, mentally and physically.

“You turn around and look at me!” She shouted, struggling to regain control over the situation. Over anything, really, considering she had no control over her mindspace.

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
Of course she followed him. Drauc heard the heavy glass door swing open with a crash before he'd passed the large pool, heading towards the communal locker rooms as he was. Dyan was shouting profanities after him, following in his wake whilst he headed through the sliding doors to the changing room. Though it wasn't just her words that followed him, or her steps, but that obscene mind of hers, which he seemed unable to rid himself from. He bared his teeth as he walked past his locker, heading for the shower booths. There were others there too, of course, but given the scene they were making, they cleared off quickly enough - their minds telling him they either found the display jocular or worrying.

When she didn't leave him alone, following him to the sonic shower, and demanded that he's turn around, he'd had enough. There were only so many falsehoods he could accept from her mouth, when his temper was so affected by her presence.

"Lies!" he rasped, rounding on her. His calloused hand was around her throat before he could stop himself, and he dragged her into the stall - her feet clearing the tiles of the floor. He slammed her into the wall of the stall, holding her suspended with his grip just so that her face was level with his own. He might be choking her, unless she wrapped her legs around him, but he didn't care. Just as little as he cared that he remained hard - the crown of his phallus reaching his navel. His glare was uncompromising as he finally answered.

"I feel nothing towards you. I am indifferent to you. You do not entice me in the least, because the Tal Shiar tore any such appreciation out of me when they conditioned me and my brother!" His grating words sawed at the air in the private confines of the stall. "The only way in which I can feel desire, is through someone else. Never by choice. Never by free will. You can never make me desire you, because my reaction is merely a mirror reflection of your own feelings. There is no other way that I can please you, unless you want to be pleased. Yesterday, and today, was never about me. It never was. It was only you, and that's why you come after me. Because you think everything revolves around you alone. You use me, because only I can equal the perverted nature of your needs!"

He leaned closer, his breath against her eyes. His glare unblinking. "I thought you a comrade in the battlefield. Respected you. Showed you kindness, by giving you the chance to be free. I have not done anything wrong by you. And yet you come after me, and exploit me. Rape my mind and body! Are you so blind you don't see what kind of creature you are?"

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[ Sar-unga Neleo/Dyan Cardamone | Steam Room | USS Theurgy ]

Though her Velsren sac was a marvel of a structure, no Asurian’s sac could replace to function of the lungs. That is to say, choking to death was a very real possibility. Leading a rich, full 200 years of life only to die via angry Romulan would be a stupid cause of death, even if honorable. Her legs found his and she pushed herself up, her teeth were bared, and her nails digging into Drauc’s wrist. Her eyes were widened with a mixture of hatred and the basic instinct to survive. These two emotions were so strong she didn’t feel the pre-guilt feeling anymore. She couldn’t, even if she wanted to.

“You feel nothing?” She hissed, her voice strangled and wet with spittle. She could breathe, but barely. She could also potentially spring into action and kill Drauc, but he’s a few hundred years too late. She’d long learned to control that most difficult part of her impulsive nature. From the looks of her mind, like a hurricane of knives, it may be the only thing she could control.
“Then what’s this?” She cracked a smirk, her tail navigated between her legs and wrapped around his cock. It was an unusual texture, smooth and yet scaled, like a snake slithering over his head and around the shaft.

“I use you,” She snarled, “Because that’s all you’re good for! You don’t think for yourself. You don’t stand up for yourself. This--” She strengthened her tail’s grip on his cock, aiming it back towards her pussy, aching to be filled once more, “is the only valuable thing you have!”

She radiated hatred. The intent to hurt. She wouldn’t slay him, not with her hands or a blade, but she would inflict as much damage as possible with her words. She wasn’t listening to him. The words came in and sat in her mind, and her mind was as absorbent as a duranium hull. But they remained there, somewhere. Perhaps it would sink in eventually.

Strangely, despite the chaos in her mind, she was still seeking sex. She wasn't finished yet. She still had images of Drauc laying back, letting her ride him, or Drauc and her fighting for superiority up against the wall...

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
It was almost as if the closed shower stall contained the madness of the Asurian, and filled it up by the moment.

Drauc found his anger, which she'd fed into him, rising with every word. Her mind bled into his still, even if he had managed to distinguish himself before. It wasn't like his ability - this curse of his - had ceased to absorb the minds around him all of a sudden. She wouldn't heed him, refused to acknowledge his claims - so focused as she was on her own needs. And those needs were plainly there, to a degree where Drauc couldn't shut them out.

It wasn't just her mind, or her words, for he found himself drawing a sharp breath through his teeth when he felt her tail touch him, stroking him. A shudder passed through him, and he had no immediate reply to her. With her persistence, she reduced him to that hardness she'd summoned. That alone, as insulting as it was, she wanted. The need for satisfaction, and in a way, victory. It was overwhelming, and just to remain sane, he considered ending her life - wrapping a second hand around that throat and just seal this spewing pit of malevolence and lust. He flinched from the act, however, because he was determined to walk a righteous path. So, immobile, he felt that tail of hers wrapping hard around the base of his member, and coaxing it towards her sex - suspended as she held herself with her legs around his waist. It seemed the Asurian wouldn't relent in her needs.

Oh, he might have said something about how strong her desire was for him, but when faced with such determination, and her fantasies overwhelming his own, he lost those words in the maelstrom. A fickle notion was that he should drop her, and leave her there on the floor of the stall, but he knew that she was relentless, and that she would just follow him. Unfortunately, his lack of action had him caught up in her wishes again. The vivid images of her mind imposed upon his own. He saw her straddling him, moving like an animal in heat on top of him while the water bombarded their motions. He saw himself pressing her up against the wall of the stall, his lips joined to hers again - continuing what they had begun despite himself.

Unfortunately, that was no vision.

He had not noticed the transition from her imagination to reality.

He was inside her, quenching her hateful words with his lips, and sating that ache she had with forceful movements. So hard, that they managed to activate the water setting in the commotion. His thumb had eased off her throat, because she wanted him to, and his other roamed her glistening body. Feebly, he tried to think of the orphans once more, and it did grant him the incentive to speak, even though he did not cease to move.

"If I give you what you want," he rasped against her lips, teeth bared, "will you leave me then?"

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[ Sar-unga Neleo/Dyan Cardamone | Steam Room | USS Theurgy ]

Again, Drauc did what she wanted. For a moment she had regained control. He moved as an extension of her will, a level of power she felt to be entirely too intoxicating. The water was running, but it failed to cool either of them down. She could breathe again, her pale throat showing bruises that faded away as if they were only tricks of the light.

She wrapped an arm around Drauc’s neck, balling a fist in his hair, but she didn’t need to do so. Their lips had already met, so all her grip did was serve to remind Drauc who the boss was, and to feed her already oversized ego.

Drauc had asked her, if he did what she wanted, would she leave him alone? The question rolled around in her head like a bag of dropped marbles. She answered “Sure,” with all intents of following through. But both She and Drauc would know that, with a mind as chaotic as hers, she had better chances of promising that the pattern of water from the shower head would fall in a particular way. As much as her own choices were the cause of so much pain, she was still very much subservient to the random storm-like firing in her brain.

So that ‘sure’ was what she gave Drauc with her mouth, a work spoken with low voices, but for a split second, Dyan’s mind was clear. She didn’t know if she could or would. She didn’t know if she’d live the rest of today. She knew nothing except right here, right now.

So she tried to bring him closer, using her legs still wrapped around his hips. What happened in the future didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was them—mainly her—in this moment, taking everything she could because if she didn’t, there was no guarantee it would be there again. Guilt didn’t matter, feelings didn’t matter. That could all happen some other time in the abstract future.

"Just fuck me already. I know you want it."

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
Even though he remained inside her, Drauc had ceased his movements against the Asurian whilst he wanted her answer. An answer, that might be worth little in terms of credibility, yet an answer nonetheless. Something, a small token of due respite, before he let her get exactly what she wanted from him.

He did not answer her ignorant words, rather wishing to follow through with their accord - as skewed as it might be. So, he let go, in lack of a better term, and let the maelstrom catch him. Carrying him away once more, without any volition, letting himself become an instrument of her will. It was different than with Jovela, because she had cared about him, and failing as she had, she had tried to make him discover desires of his own.

This, what the Asurian did to him, it had naught to do with him. It was all about her, and bolstering her self-esteem. Inflating her ego with a mimicry of desire, because she could not tell the difference. It was even plain in her words, not having accepted his claim, or simply ignored it. Perhaps not even understanding it, even if he'd told her about his abilities.

Either way, he let her win this battle, because it was fought on terrain not of his choosing. Any other person might feel violated, through and through, having chosen to yield against their own wishes. Violation or not, the only difference was how Drauc might be indifferent afterwards.

Following her lead, he wrapped her arms around her small frame, and lowered himself down upon the floor of the stall. The water ran in rivulets down their bodies while he laid back - scarred hands on her hips - and began to move beneath her. He never left her warm confines in the transition, and every notion of where she wanted his hands to be, he followed. Each rocking motion to the tune of this chaos spirit that animated him. As an extension of her will, he granted her every wish, until she would be sated.

The only thing that brought him back, finally, was when he finally shed his seed inside her.

Unlike the night before, it felt like a shameful defeat. As if his body betrayed him. A betrayal even worse than that of the Asurian, whom he had tried to help.

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[ Sar-unga Neleo/Dyan Cardamone | Steam Room | USS Theurgy ]

Drauc did everything she wanted. Sometimes he did what she wanted before she ever knew she wanted it. His hands were on her body. For the next few minutes, it was all about her, all about her needs and wants and ego, and that’s all she ever wanted. They were close to the ground now, the water running over them. She got a free shower with her entertainment too. Go her!

She took from Drauc, took and took and took. It’s all she knew how to do. It’s all she’d ever done. She kept herself moving on him, her hands going to pleasure herself. Her mind was only occupied with making herself feel good. Still, she would continue until Drauc finished. There was no reasonable explanation for it. She didn’t understand why Drauc had to come as well, just that he did.

Finally, she was sated. It was like a void was filled—metaphorically and literally. She remained a moment, feeling warm seed inside her, enjoying the spoils of her victory. But finally, she pulled herself off him and stood up. It was over. Her mind returned to the standard, randomized chaos that normally characterized her presence when she was not currently after something. She didn’t know what to do, didn’t know how to decide.

She’d won. So now what?

It didn’t feel like she’d won.

So what? Now what?

Agitation began to fill her mind back up again. For a moment, she considered taking it out on Drauc, but he wasn’t going to be a satisfactory target. She ran her hands through her wet hair, then turned off the shower and shook the water out. Her tail quivered. Where were her clothes? She didn’t know. That agitated her too.

“Seeya later. Or not. Maybe you’ll grow a spine next time I see you.” She grumbled, leaving as she spoke. This beacon of agitation and confusion tore through the baths, like a tornado that left Drauc on the floor like so much debris.

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[ Drauc T'Laus | Public Baths | Deck 06 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @FollowTomorrow
The words the Asurian left behind confirmed that the accord they had reached didn't matter to her in the least. She suggested that they very well might meet again, despite their agreement, and it made Drauc remain there on the floor of the shower, the water turned off. Left behind, used and spent, with the water cooling on his skin. He remained, however, grateful for one thing.

Dyan Cardamone was leaving. He sensed her departure, and with it, equilibrium was within reach again. He closed his eyes, seeking that balance once more, and it came faster now, since Dyan had taught him the means in which to claim it. Well, it might not have been Dyan's intent. Not in the slightest. But subjected to her madness, Drauc knew a method - a memory - which he might use.

He asserted himself by fear. The terror of almost becoming one of those children in the Tal'Shiar compound, who had not been able to retain themselves. They had lost themselves completely, animated by others alone. They would speak and think the same things as the people around them. They merely lived through others. Kraun and he had a name for them, these lost childhood friends. They were the Mirrors, the husks who couldn't see how they were broken.

Drauc would not be reduced to a Mirror Child, knowing that as easy as it was to let go, and forget the pains and responsibilities of one's life - forgetting the memories that plagued you - there was no bliss to be found in ignorance. The minds of others were never pure. Never without concern. The plights of other souls were the same as your own, only different.

Worst of it all, was that Kraun and he had learned that with age and experience, the regrets did not become fewer. It all amounted to a higher temptation, absorbing the woes of others every waking moment. Essentially, with each year, it became even more tempting to let go.

Drauc hadn't. Not yet. He wasn't sure why, but he would remain on his path, for just a while longer.

Slowly, he rose up from the floor, finishing his shower, and his fortifications were once more built of indifference. He willed his defeat and the Asurian's abuse to loose import, so that he might function.

There were yet battlefields to visit, and he now fought for the righteous. That was the sole import.


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