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Li'l Trek: Cayuga - OOC

Okay, so after a long and detailed conversation on the Discord an idea has been come up with for an Alternative Universe story. Simply put, what if the story of the Theurgy was all in the heads of some imaginative little kids. That is to say what if each of the characters were really a small child between 5 and 10 that was playing together in some kind of shared story.

This idea is inspired by the fantastic art of Patrick Ballesteros that can be found here LINK and the TV show "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" from the golden age of Cartoon Network.

In order to make it so that the story was free to move forward with the story and to not increase the workload of our already overworked GM, it would not take place on the Theurgy herself. In the story, this would be because the Kid who played Ives moved away recently (sorry Auctor, you can still bring other characters in if you want~). Thus they would have moved ships and would now be on the USS Cayuga.

The bulk of the IRL story would take place in a junkyard the kids pretend is a starship, the aforementioned Cayuga (and once upon a time the Theurgy). Different things found in a junkyard would be used as the setting, whether it be old cars as quarters, buses as the lounge, a pile of discarded pipes as the jefferies tube network. Whatever you can imagine, it can be used.

Now then, there would be some rules that would make this unique from any other plot in the main part of the forum.

1. No sex. Like none at all. The kids can talk about doing "it" but if they even know what "it" is they would have no idea how to really do it. Maybe they think doing "it" means kissing. But nothing more than that. You can strip down to your undies but nothing more. Ever. That means no references at all to anything sexual for underage characters. And I mean it!

2. Everyone is human in this world. Aliens are just kids who are from other countires, these countires can be real or made up for the purposes of the story. If the character speaks with an alien accent this can be either something like a speech impedement or just a real accent. Just remember, kids can be weird and different. They're still exploring and finding out who they are, so they might be out of the ordinary or even "special needs" and still work within this story. The whole idea is to explore the idea of being a child.

3. The "Real World" will be "real". Meaning that kids will have real-life troubles. This means parents, school, homework, and things like that. Because of the nature of some of our characters, this means they might come from abusive homes. Though I don't feel we should shy away from such topics, I do think any talk of any abuse should be highly limited and nothing more than suggested and you might be asked to edit it out at that. This story is meant to be PG, this means that if it were a movie it would be safe for kids to see with their parents.

4. Keep in mind that this is a side project. This means that the main story comes first. This means the story here might move a bit slower at times. This is to be expected. Please be patient with posts.

5. Do not take this too seriously. This is a fun little side project to insert a little levity and playfulness into the harsh reality of the story we would otherwise be writing.

I will be posting a thing in the AU Profiles section shortly with the profiles for my own characters shortly. In the meantime, I'd love to get the ball rolling on the conversation here, so I'll start with a simple question.

Do you want to do a plot we've already done? The plot we are currently doing? Or something completely new? If it's something new, what kind of story would you like to see?

Re: Li'l Trek: Cayuga - OOC

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my body is ready (for this rp)


Re: Li'l Trek: Cayuga - OOC

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Well, here is the first image I've done for this little project.

Here's Frederica~

She is the kiddo behind F'Rell. Covered in bells and tassels.

And here's Roland "Rolly" Locke

He's a new character never seen before on Theurgy, though some of you may have seen the character before.


Re: Li'l Trek: Cayuga - OOC

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And with that, Episode 1 "Be Not Afraid" begins. With the official character introductions of Frederica and Rolly!

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