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Re: CH02: S [D06|0715] Reunion

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie, @lisavw @Nolan any character in sickbay.

When T'Panu had discussed her fears so openly it had taken Maya by surprise.  On the home world to actually express an emotion was considered profanity, if not a manifestation of mental illness.  Had Vulcan really changed so much in the two hundred and thirty two years since Maya had left?  Maya had assumed that the relatively long lifespan of her species would retard the evolution of her native culture, but evidentially had not counted on the effect that joining the United Federation of Planets would have on her home world.  Or had T’Panu found the strength to do what Maya never could and managed to completely rebuild her identity and expunge herself of all traces of her upbringing?

Since leaving Vulcan, Maya had always avoided other members of her species.  The home planet held no happy memories (as was fitting for a planet that claimed have freed itself from all emotion) and she had no wish for other Vulcans to silently judge what to their eyes was no doubt aberrant behavior.  Yet T’Panu had confessed her fears with no hesitation to another Vulcan as if there were regions on Vulcan where their brothers and sisters laughed and cried like Tellarites.  Maya had joined Starfleet attempting to find a planet in the Federation where she would belong.  Could it be that after two hundred and thirty two years that world was Vulcan?  As implausible as it seemed, there was a possibility that Maya, who had always considered herself as passionate and rebellious, could now be considered ‘unfeeling’ and ‘traditional’ if she returned home.  The irony was not lost on her. 

In any case, this was an object lesson in judging from appearances.  It was unsettling for Maya to discover that her discerning eye and analytical nature wasn’t capable of diagnosing people from her own planet.  It was a factor in her decision to change the subject to their mutual acquaintance:  Lieutenant Rhys Williams.  When T’Panu admitted that she and been avoiding Lieutenant Williams, Maya’s interest was kindled.  As one who found it challenging to interact with others, Maya often exhibited a morbid interest in the interactions of others.  

"You have been avoiding him?” she asked blankly as she tilted her head to the right.  "How curious.  Have you two been in a relationship?”

Re: CH02: S [D06|0715] Reunion

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[ Dr T'Panu | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

"You have been avoiding him? How curious.  Have you two been in a relationship?"

T'Panu was stopped in her tracks. She stuttered for a second, in shear shock of the question Maya had asked her. A relationship? Her?? It had been so long since she had even thought of anyone that way. She was flattered that she came off as someone who was approachable; kind, even? Or maybe Maya was simply curious?? Whatever the reason was, T'Panu was in shock of the Vulcan's straightforward comment.

"A relationship?" T'Panu had a slight bit of laughter in her voice, as she had assumed the Vulcan was joking. A rather human custom, but one she had bemused herself from time to time with her Bajoran side.

T'Panu realized she wasn't kidding. "We haven't been in a relationship. I must admit, I haven't had the time to even consider anything of the like. I never was much for relationships, even on Vulcan. Getting off of Vulcan took me many years to fully decide that it was what I wanted to do, and once I had the idea, I was unable to ignore it. My mind had always been opened to the concept and Vulcan didn't give me what I was looking for. My father never understood my wish to leave, but I hope he will someday understand enough to put it in the past. My mother always welcomed change, but she had a far more pragmatic understanding of everything around her."

T'Panu looked at Maya curiously, pondering where she was going with this.

"It's been quite some time since I've visited Vulcan, let alone gotten to know another Vulcan. Truth be told, I made it my life goal to try and forget where I came from for a while. A half Vulcan/half Bajoran, as you can imagine, wasn't always well accepted by any of my peers growing up. What do you say we continue this conversation over some tea? I'm feeling in use of some refreshments."


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