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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion

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[ Captain Anya Ziegler |  Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Cayuga ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @chXinya @Top Hat , Anyone else.

It would have been very easy to hold back in the meeting, to do nothing and offer little in an attempt to save her own tail. It may be even been sensible looking at the mission she had ahead, but Anya Ziegler was not that sort of captain. No matter what happened, the Borg would need to be dealt with. In Cayuga’s current state they wouldn’t stand much chance, but the earlier she brought the battle, the larger the element of surprise the greater the opportunity to save everyone. She had lost so many already. If it meant sacrificing herself to save the rest, then so be it.

Positivity, she reminded herself as she fingered the PADD in front of her, the officers from Endeavour had already done a lot of the ground work.

“Good work Commander Kaeris. Your calculations may very well have saved us all.” With these torpedo modifications, everyone might just make it through. With the plan laid down and the meeting winding up, Ziegler felt that she had little left to say beside goodbyes. 

When Cinn has finishing wrapping up, she stood still clutching the PADD. Taking the chance, Anya closed to the distance to Stark. There had been contention between the two officers, but it was out of love. At least from Ziegler’s side. When the now XO stood to meet her, Anya embraced the woman in a warm and soft hug.

“Never give up on that center chair. You’ll make it.” She whispered, before releasing the poor startled girl. There was no need to wait for a reply, instead Anya turned on her heels and started her to way towards to the door. Casting an eye to the large Bajoran, she called without stopping. “Don’t forget Cinn, I’ll be relying on you to convince Trent to bail me out.”

As the doors parted, there was a man waiting for her. To Ziegler’s surprise, it wasn’t the young officer who had walked at pace to keep up with the Captain on her ‘escort’ to the conference room. It as Ducote, and he wanted to speak about something. She knitted her brow lightly, trying to figure out his angle, but nodded to his request. Together they started to walk down the corridor.

“I’m sorry to hear about Endeavour. Losing friends and colleagues is always tough.” She said, pausing to push aside her own feelings of loss. “Anyway, what can I do for you, Commander?”

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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Cir'Cie's Quarters | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @alphawiz
As soon as she made her request, Cir'Cie was certain she had made a mistake. To sip the water that the Engineer was getting for her, she would have to sit up. Not to mention donning her uniform. She was also certain that she would never wear the same uniform that she had discarded in the haste of initiating coitus with the Trill either. She realised that she was, actually, in her own quarters, so she would wear something that did not reek with the perspiration of the day before.

Still, she had made the request already, her thoughts entirely too muddled by the effects of the Trill plant. So when the Trill returned, talking, and talking, and talking, Cir'Cie had no choice but to gingerly sit up in her bed, balling her olive-skinned hand around the twisted blanket in order to preserve a modicum of propriety. Her head span, but as if on its own, she saw her free hand reach for the glass of water, and she sipped it. With the latent tastes of the previous night still in her parched mouth, the water tasted rancid, but her higher brain functions told her that there was no choice. She needed to rehydrate. So she continued to sip, swallowing with her thick throat, whilst trying to keep herself from telling the Trill to speak more quietly.

A great experience? Then why does he wish to kill himself? Out of embarrassment? As leaden as her thoughts were, she could not quite make sense of the contradictory ramblings. She turned her eyes towards him, keeping her face as serene as she could given the circumstances. 'Wham... Bam?'

"My apologies, I do not keep a phaser in my quarters," she said, her voice a bit hoarser than usually, thinking that it was likely a consequence of how vocal she had been before she fell asleep. Rather, fell unconscious, if she'd be more truthful in her semantics. "I am aware that you have duties. So have I. This predicament is something we share, and I would require your assistance, since I am clearly in a less healthy state than you are."

Cir'Cie finished her water, slowly put the glass aside, and moved to stand. Very, very slowly, since it felt like her head weighed as much as her whole body. "As for whatever hopes you hold towards me finding this experience 'great', I find that this current moment has put a damper on the overall impression."

Saying as much, she had managed to stand, still holding the blanket to her chest with one hand. "Would you please replicate a new uniform for me instead, Lieutenant Jeen? I find that the one I wore yesterday is unfit to wear. I will also require undergarments, and another glass of water."

Having said as much, unwilling to use her dry mouth for another syllable, Cir'Cie slowly, gingerly, stepped towards her sonic shower, since the post-coitus scents that rose from her skin were gagging, and she preferred not adding to the stench through immediate emesis. As for the involuntary display of her backside towards the Trill, it was pushed the bottom tier of her priorities. In reassessment of the situation, the engineer had already seen far more, and whatever modesty she'd cling to seemed redundant.

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[ Doctor T'Panu | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ]

T'Panu was standing in the main sickbay on the USS Theurgy, as she began to think back. Lost in wonder, with everything going on, she was finally able to take everything in. It had been a long time coming, as she was normally so lost in her everyday duties to think about much out. After Wolf 359, she had been pushing her thoughts and feelings out of the way. Her brain was so muddled with PTSD from her past, and now her present, she couldn't possibly even begin to comprehend what was going on. She knew she should speak to a counsellor, but her Vulcan pride was still stopping her.

Why would I speak to a counsellor, when I'm still performing my duties? Furthermore, nobody else knows, so as long as I am achieving my everyday work, why bother? She wondered. This thinking went against everything she believed and everything she's given advice for in the past. But it was her own thoughts, her own dealings with the situations. How could I let anyone know my weakness? She thought.

T'Panu felt herself relax into her cup of Vulcan spiced tea, and began to think back to when she first boarded the USS Theurgy.

T'Panu looked out from the Allegiant. Everything was still hazy, still confusing. She wondered how they all had gotten to this point. Is there anything they could have done differently?, she wondered. She knew the answer; however, she couldn't help but wonder. T'Panu always had a bad habit of going over the details a little too closely, nearly blaming herself. She thought about all he crew and what they had all been through. She thought about  the few she could save, and the many that she couldn't. She thought about how hard everyone had fought, how exhausted they all felt.

She reminisced how unsure she had felt. The Asurians had destroyed the Cayuga's main sickbay; and, well, much of the ship. She had lost everything she had come to know, and for that, she wanted payback.

Where would she be going? Where would she end up? She pondered. She was completely unsure. All there was to do now, was to step off of the Allegiant, onto the USS Theurgy, and bide her time until the path unfolded for her and her crew members. She grabbed her pack, and wandered out. She felt as if she was wandering into the great unknown.

She passed a lot of people, a lot of injured, a lot of potential patients. She wondered what everyone else had been through. To hell and back, she was sure. As she found her way to the Main Sickbay, she realized it was the most fitting. She wasn't sure where else to go, so she figured she would try and make herself useful. She remembered all the injured; all the groaning, the moaning, the blood. She remembered seeing the counsellor sitting, waiting to jump in and help. She even thought about introducing herself, but decided not to bother. She didn't want to put herself in a position where she'd have to open up to anyone, let alone a counsellor. She sighed at her thought, but couldn't be bothered to change her mind about it. She was fine, and for all intents and purposes, everyone else would think the same.

Just as she was settling in, making herself busy, she felt the Theurgy take off. But how could that be?? I'm not supposed to be on this ship. I don't  even know any of these people! T'Panu thought. She wondered how she was going to get off of this ship, back to where she belonged, when she realized that wasn't possible anymore. She was just going to have to wait and see what happened.

As T'Panu thought back, she thought about the Borg, and wondered what kind of hell was about to ensue. She took another sip of her Vulcan spiced tea, took a breath, and prepared for what was about to come.

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @ lisavw , any character in sickbay.

"Ah Doctor T’Panu, you are early,” Maya’s mezzosoprano voice greeted coolly as the shorter woman walked stiffly in T’Panu’s direction from the direction of corridor to the medical labs.  T'Panu noticed that even though Maya was no longer staggering as she had during the meeting seven hours ago, the shorter woman had added four motor assist bands to her uniform, one at each bicep and one at each thigh.  With the stoicism typical for her people, Maya had made no comment or complaint about her condition, despite the fact that she was addressing a physician of her own species.  Instead she simply updated the taller woman on the progress that had been made on the preparations for Ensign Tancredi’s upcoming surgery.  Even with T’Panu’s empathic abilities, Maya was a difficult read.  There seemed to an undercurrent of hostility beneath the surface of Maya’s professional coolness, but was that merely a symptom of the older woman’s physical distress or hostility to outsiders in general?

"I have spent the night reprogramming the nanoprobes.  Lieutenant Okafor was assisting me but he had to start his shift on the bridge so I have been completing the task without him.  I am currently taking a break from running diagnostic simulations and making adjustments so it is likely to be a bit premature for us to change into our surgical scrubs at this time.  At this rate it is unlikely that Ensign Tancredi’s surgery will begin before nine hundred hours.  If you are looking for something to do your injured shipmates are being transferred to this location.  After the attack by the Borg and the violence inflected upon them by the Asurians I am sure that a familiar face will be a great comfort to them.  I understand that the Theurgy has a reputation as a pirate ship filled with homicidal lunatics bent on treason, and that despite our assurances to the contrary, the faces of so many strangers aboard a ship with our notoriety is hardly conductive to recuperation.”  So mechanical was Maya’s delivery that it would be easy to understand any discomfort her patients might have with her. 

As T’Panu responded Maya pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes at the younger woman.  The shorter Vulcan tilted her head to the right and seemed to be examining T’Panu as if she was a specimen of some sort.  Finally, she spoke.  "Doctor T’Panu, forgive my impertinence, but are you well?  There seems to be something about your demeanor that suggests that you are suffering intense discomfort.  Have been under continuous or intense strain as of late?  Would you like to sit down?”         

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Sickbay| Deck 15| Vector 03| USS Theurgy] attn: @Cosmos @Doc M.

Rhys waited patiently as the nurse administered a treatment in the hypospray, and tried to follow the conversation going over his head. It was not easy in this state, but as the treatment wound its way into his system, he started to feel a slow gradual clearing of the cobwebs in his head.

It was a hard sensation for him to put into words. It felt rather like a waking up tired and bleary eyed, then taking a very cold shower. It was not a wholly pleasant feeling but what it left behind made him feel so much better. His eyes flicked to Vanya as she ran the dermal regenerator over her arm. His mind focused on the motion of the device in her hand as he tried desperately to distract himself from some of the memories of the past few hours.

Rhys had not been himself, not for the past several hours if not days. One of the few things he took pride in himself for, was his ability to remain calm. Outwardly at least. The troubles of his ship the attacks they had suffered, had shattered that serenity he tired to exist in. For that period of time he felt like many of his issues had been laid bare to the Universe in general. It made him uncomfortable and very unhappy. He felt like over the past few minutes he had even been embarrassing himself in front of Vanya. His feet itched to be away.

“So Doctor, how long will you keep me here?” He said trying to regain control over his mental situation. ‘The Counsellor who needs counseling’, the thought rattled around in the dark recesses of his mind. Not a very comfortable tag to mentally apply to yourself.

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[ Lieutenant Vanya | Sickbay | Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @Juzzie @Doc M.  [/i]


Vanya finished with the dermal regenerator. It enhanced and quickened the already quite swift repair of her flesh layer. Flexing her hand and each finger to ensure proper articulation and range of motion she plugged the instrument into the sterilizer for a few moments and then placed it precisely back where she had obtained it. So that it would be there in case of emergency for the next patient that would need it.

This was also done to keep the med staff from yelling at her. This wasn’t ‘her’ domain and she could get fussy about her equipment if some stranger came in and started pawing at it. She’d already gotten a tap on the nose by the doctor for letting them do their work and fair enough that. She could understand, she was not an MD and her observations about poor Lieutenant Williams had been from concern more than a medical standpoint.

To be honest Rhys seemed to color up much like her former Academy roommate. A trait that Vanya had often found endearing in humanity. So her dark green Romulan eyes observed as the medical staff treated the counselor. She was curious as to if they would release him or if his problem would result in a more ongoing and serious care. As she watched the sleeve of her uniform jacket was tugged back down and into place. The cuff was stained with some green blood but thankfully Starfleet had gone to black as the basis for their general uniforms. It covered blood quite well for the most part. Be it red, blue or green.

Then Rhys himself inquired as to the same and Vanya’s dark eyes flicked up to the Doctor and Nurse to hear their prognosis and ordered course of treatment.

Lieutenant Vanya - Science Officer - Zoology/XenoZoology

Lieutenant Junior Grade Zark – Security Officer – Combat Medic

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[ Master Chief Petty Officer William Robert O’Connell | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | USS Theurgy ]

In the meantime, down in main engineering on deck twenty-five, Acting Chief Engineer Master Chief Petty Officer William Robert “Billy Bob” O’Connell contacted his counterpart overseeing the Vector Two warp core.  “Preliminary diagnostics indicates thet all dockin’ latches n’ umbilicals are secure,” William Robert ‘Billy Bob’ O’Connell announced.  “Take th’ warp core back down t’ recommended levels.“  He pressed a button on the master systems display table“Main Engineerin’ tuh Vector Two Engineerin’.  Mister Lucas, do you have yer ears on?”

[ This is Vector Two Engineering, ] Chief Petty Officer Curt Lucas replied.  [ I’m sorry Master Chief, what was that about ears? ]

“Never you mind thet,” O’Connell mumbled.  “Now thet Vectors Two an’ Three hev combined to form the ‘Ranger’, Ah’m gettin’ some new damage reports from th’ Sword.  Yew see any action while we were gone Lucas?”

[ We got attacked by the Klingons, Master Chief, ] Lucas’ voice informed him.  [ Scuttlebutt says that High Chancellor Martok himself is after us.  Personally.  As in his personal flagship.  Out here.  In the Azure Nebula. ]

“Th’ Klingons?” Billy Bob snorted in disbelief.  “Tarnation, Lucas!  Whut th' Hell did we dew t’ git on their bad side?”

[ I don’t know but it looks like the Theurgy is collecting a lot of enemies. ] Lucus muttered over the intercom.  [ Is there anybody out there who doesn’t want to kill us Master Chief? ]

“It shore don’t seem lahk it, does it Chief?” O’Connell sighed.  "Ah reckon th’ Klingon High Council hez bin compromised jest lahk Starfleet Command wuz.  Ah wuz jest hopin’ thet th’ way th’ Klingons lahk tuh murder each other all th' time would make it hard fur th’ compromised ones tuh stay alive long enough tuh dew any damage, yew know whut Ah’m sayin’?  Oh well, let’s run us some diagnostics an’ compare us some damage reports."

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Corridors | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Arista

"Ah, thank you, Captain," Ducote replied to her condolences, noting her own pang as he looked away. The attacks on the Cayuga were somewhat more recent than those on the Endeavour, but it still wasn't quite something he was ready to face in its entirety.

"... what can I do for you, Commander?"

What, indeed?

The dark-eyed hybrid took a breath, then glanced at Ziegler. "It's been a roller coaster couple of days, as I'm sure you can agree. But the one thing I need - well one of the one things," he qualified with a wry look, "- is some outside corroboration. Try as I might, their tale defies belief. I can tell they believe it, but Thea and Ives would have controlled everything anyone on this ship saw. Nicander could simply be a madman; people have been made to believe crazier things than these parasites. The events leading to his incarceration are harder to explain, of course."

He shook his head once, as if to remind himself he had a point to make. "Captain, you know these people, but you have been apart from them while this whole... whatever this business is has happened. I find myself in desperate need of a 'qualified outsider's' insight, before I can commit myself to a cause that even the most paranoid conspiracy-theorist would have shied away from as 'too out there'."

That was his problem, in the main. If their story was true, or had a better than even chance of being so, and if Starfleet had been so thoroughly co-opted, and if this ship was the only one that had any idea of it in its entirety... then he had a duty to Truth. He would be obligated to offer his help. He would probably still ask his officers if they would volunteer, though. This had an altogether too-high chance of being a one-way trip.

It wasn't as if his own career was going to get any worse.
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[ Captain Anya Ziegler |  Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @chXinya @Top Hat , Anyone else.

Staring at the taller Betazoid before her, Anya appraised him once more with cold, calculating eyes. Silence between the two grew for a slightly uncomfortable time. Was he really asking her what she thought he was?

“Walk with me.” She ordered simply, breaking the pause. Without saying anything else, she turned to stride down the corridor. It made sense, she guessed, based on the situation how confusing it could all be. Ducote had been thrown into this mess. Then again, so had everyone else here.

“I’m glad you’ve already raised the conflict of interest in treating me as a completely outside opinion. There are many still aboard who I have worked with and care for deeply.” She said, walking with pace. If Ducote wanted to hear her thoughts, he would need to keep up. Inside, she was a turmoil of emotions. Her sense of connection to Theurgy was still strong. Many elements here had helped define and solidify the type of captain she wanted to be.

“That said, a necessary skill of a Captain is the ability to look at a situation objectively. Having to take yourself and your own feelings out of the equation, for the greater good, is both one of the biggest blessings and burdens of command.” Indicating towards the three round shapes on Ducote’s neck, Ziegler knew he’d understand her line of logic. He had taken the Commander’s exam. “I’m sure you have already felt the weight represented by that third golden pip.”

The walk to the turbolift was short and so far, Anya had managed to fill most of it with enough prattling to get her thoughts in order. As they arrived, towards the doors, they didn’t open immediately, indicating that they would need to wait for a turbolift car.

“There are a lot of elements in play, Commander Ducote.  Many things that just don’t sit right.” She sighed, her brows knitting as she parsed various information. “Nicander being, just one of them."

She wanted to tell Ducote that all was right, but in these troubling times, it wouldn't be fair to lie to the man.

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Corridors | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Arista

Ducote clasped his hands behind his back as they walked. Mostly it was to quell the urge to fiddle with his fingers or stuff them into his pocket, where all they would find is his utter lack of a type-I. He still felt a little naked without it... he wasn't sure if that was down to or exacerbating his paranoia.

At least she seemed to be on the same page as him without having to waste time explaining properly where he was coming from. His asking her to talk at all (even despite her subjectivity) was him trying to establish his own best-estimate objective view of this whole, entirely fucked, scenario.

"To be honest, your previous experience with them is actually how I wanted to control for the influence of the ship's AI on proceedings. It would be a trivial task for it to be the man-in-the-middle for all the information coming aboard the ship.. but you have been outside it. You have had the opportunity to examine their story in a way I haven't."  Handily, it would also confirm one way or the other how much he could continue to believe in the FNN.

There wasn't an empath he knew who was better than himself at spotting a liar. That did rather depend on the liar in question being in the same room, of course.

The black-eyed man stepped around a passing Ops crewman heading the other way, then glanced back to Ziegler. "Nicander... I don't know how to take. My gut says simply not to trust him. And the risk-assessing part of my brain says leaving such a potential... archenemy an easy mole's-eye-view of what this ship does to combat them seems nonsensical, whatever intelligence you might get in return." A dark pause. "I'm not sure what I would do about that, either, though. Ethically-speaking.

"I don't want platitudes, Captain. My career is forfeit regardless; my ship destroyed, harbour taken on the Theurgy, and I won't leave while I have crew in the sickbay - even if I could. What I want to know is whether or not they are right.

"I have a duty to the Truth, same as you."
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[Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Squadron Mess Hall/Lounge | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Nolan @Doc M. @Havenborn @Triton

Rawley instantly had second thoughts with regards to filling out her report.

“Actually, Razor, never mind yer office,” she said. “I’ll just take it on a Padd and fill it oot in the lounge. Yeh know where to find me. Long as I’m there, I think I’ll need a stoogie.”

She often had a stoogie on hand when she filled out reports. It helped pass the time. “Padd, commence recording,” she commanded; sometimes speaking live like on a log recording worked better than typing the whole kaboodle on. Once the beeping was made, Rawley commenced her report.

“After Action Report, Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley. Wolf-02, callsign Ghost. Stardate 57555.84. Location deployed: Azure Nebula, probably in the middle. Deployed with Lone Wolf Squadron to counteract potential Borg threat. Was among the first of the squad out to advance sensor readings to Starship Theurgy, Vector Two.

“As it transpired, what we encountered was not the Borg, but an Imperial Klingon Flagship, the IKC Rotarran, commanded by the one and only Chancellor Martok himself. Why Martok has a grudge against us is beyond me, but unfortunately, it means just one more problem sitting on our arses. In any case, once the rest of the squadron was deployed, I was assigned to cover Wolf Leader’s arse and engage hostile craft where necessary.

“Ordinance exhausted, but phasers still functional; might need to have a word later with the lads in yellow in the bay to reload it. Dinnae remember coonting, but I’m sure it was at, at most, a half dozen Phantom Raiders that have been blown t’ smithereens. No injuries on me person except for whiplash and me hooter, which were treated fine after a trip to Sickbay; at least I’m not back in stasis.

“Further addition to note: The Borg showed as we got back from our sortie. Yours truly saw a cube as the bay doors closed. It was coming in passing, but the brief glimpse is significant; if we needed more proof of the Borg presence in the Azure Nebula, we jes got it. Hope that sighting sinks in with Chancellor Martok.

“With all that’s going, it’s good to have a breather. Will be standing by for the next deployment, though with our current numbers, with almost half our squadron dead and Meony…Ensign Tacrendi…out of action, extreme caution is advised, and that’s something coming from me. Cannae think of anything more to report for noo. Signing off. Cease recording.”

It was as best as she could think to say, and it sounded good for the time being, in her ears. It also sounded as official as she could, especially to Tom, at least on duty.

She sucked in her stoogie more and then left the lounge to seek out Razor. It didn’t take long to find him.

“Razor?” She said, holding up the Padd. “Here's me report. Probably me first directly to you.”

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[ Captain Anya Ziegler |  Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @chXinya @Top Hat , Anyone else.

As they waited, Anya listened to what Ducote had to say. There was something about the man, something that made him easy to communicate with. That was, at least until he spoke of platitudes.

Immediately, she bristled under the accusation. In some measure, because it was an element of truth. She couldn’t deny it. She pushed out a tough exterior but there was a small part of her that had a soft side. Stark had set it off in her ready room and, for whatever reason, Ducote was bring out something that Anya reserved for her crew.

“I’m well aware of my duty, Commander.” Ziegler replied to the Betazoid with a sharp tone, pushing boundaries back up between them. They may both have had suffered recent losses, but this was a new meeting.

She turned away from the man to check if the doors had parted and, in fact, there was a waiting turbolift car to whisk the captain away.

Cayuga was recalled to Earth when Ives ‘went rogue’.” Ziegler sighed, recalling the details. “For days I was debriefed. My every answer analysed. My every motive accused. They deconstructed my entire service record.”

She let that sink in. Being raked over the coals and asked to second guess everything she had done over a 17-year career.

“Jien Ives almost cost me my captaincy, Commander. I was treated as guilty by association in a mock drumhead trial.” Anya could feel the bile rise in her stomach. The anger that she held over the way she was treated had never truly gone away. “I am quite sure that the whole reason Cayuga’s original mission was rescinded, and we were sent to the Azure nebula was to keep me and my crew busy and away from Theurgy.

“I could be angry about the whole situation. I could lay it all at Ives’ feet. In the end though, there’s only one question you want the answer to. Do I think Ives’ is right?” With a fiery passion, she stared down the taller man. “You’re damn straight I do.”

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Lt Kaylon Jeen| USS Theurgy | Cir'Cie's quarters| Attn: @Auctor Lucan

"My apologies, I do not keep a phaser in my quarters," she said, hoarsely"I am aware that you have duties. So have I. This predicament is something we share, and I would require your assistance, since I am clearly in a less healthy state than you are.  As for whatever hopes you hold towards me finding this experience 'great', I find that this current moment has put a damper on the overall impression." said Cir'Cie.

He helped her move to the lavatory and as the door closed, he turned back to his own clothes

Duh!  Kaylon could feel his face heating.  Rambling like he was only made things worse, and a Vulcan most likely wouldn't have had the kind of emotional hangups about what was probably going to be a one night stand anyway.

It was time to just clear the decks, and bid a hasty retreat back to the Cayuga.  They would both chalk it up to
a less than perfect one night stand and probably not see one another for a long time, if ever.

Once he heard the hum of Cir'Cie's sonic shower, he pulled on the rest of his discarded uniform, figuring he would change after he was back aboard the Cayuga.  Time to get to the transporter room and beam back to his own ship.

Tapping his combadge, he said "Jeen to Cayuga"  No answer.  "The comms are probably down again."  he walks towards the door, meaning to leave the quarters and reach a control panel, to arrange a transport.

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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Cir'Cie's Quarters | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @alphawiz
Before Kaylon Jeen had attempted to contact the bridge of the Cayuga, there was a loud crash from the sonic shower.

"Mister Jeen, would you be so kind and assist me?" The dispassionate and loud call came through the closed door.

Inside, Cir'Cie had lost her balance, and while she had stripped bare, she had attempted to regain her balance by grabbing on to the white bathrobe that hung close to the sonic shower. Unfortunately, she had merely managed to tear the bathrobe from its peg and brought it with her in her fall. When the sliding doors opened, she was trying to pick herself up from the floor, with the twisted bathrobe alone preserving her modesty. She felt like an animal that had braved the ice of a frozen lake, and instead of feet she wore hoofs.

"If you would be so kind, I'd require assistance with the sonic shower," he said, head spinning, realising that the effects of that root had not worn off completely. "Furthermore, I am still in need of a new uniform. Did you replicate one for me?"

Vulcans being very private, the current ordeal was deeply shameful for Cir'Cie, who found that the only positive factor was how the mortification was somewhat overshadowed by the ache in her head. She had never experienced the aftereffects of elevated sucrose ingestion, and if she had any chance to prevent it, she did not care to ever ingest anything like that root again.

"I would also benefit of some advise," she said, latching on to the edge of her wash basin in order to get leverage in the impossible challenge of regaining her footing. "Should I report to Sickbay, or will this kind of effect wear off soon enough, so that I can resume my duties?"

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Lt Kaylon Jeen |Cir'Cie's Quarters | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] |Attn @Auctor Lucan

From the other side of the restroom door, Kaylon heard what sounded like a crashing sound.  As much as he wanted to just get the hell out of there after such an embarrassing encounter, regardless of what happened, Cir'Cie was a fellow Starfleet officer, "traitor" or not (which he didn't believe for a nanosecond anyway) , it made no difference.  The door to the bathroom opened and he saw Cir'Cie there on the floor, her bathrobe barely covering her modesty.  He moved immediately to help her back to her feet. 

She asked, "I would also benefit of some advise, should I report to Sickbay, or will this kind of effect wear off soon enough, so that I can resume my duties?"

I'm admittedly not all that familiar with the effect of sucrose on the Vulcan metabolism.  If I had known it would have this effect on you, believe me, I wouldn't have been so ah, generous, with it.  But if you're still having problems this morning beyond that of what to other humanoids would be a normal hangover, then the logical course of action would probably be that you should at least consult the ship's medical staff.  I've never heard of Ter'anakul having this kind of effect on a Vulcan, but if there is some kind of side effect or worse, if you are having a delayed allergic reaction, it'd probably would be best to have the doctor run a few scans."  He helped her to the chair, and took down the uniform that he had previously replicated back when he got her water a few minutes before, and lay it beside her on the bed.

"Would you like for me to help you get to Sickbay?" he asked.

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[ Ensign Cir'Cie | Cir'Cie's Quarters | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @alphawiz
The Trill was helpful enough, getting Cir'Cie back on her feet. She held the bathrobe to her chest to cover herself a bit, even though there was little chance to cover all of the skin she wanted to cover. She was grateful for the seat, but the movement to the room was entirely counter-productive. She still reeked of having intimate relations with the Cayuga's Chief Engineer, and she wanted to rinse herself. The headache had not been mitigated in the least, but at least she was given a new uniform.

The advise of the Trill in regard to the root was... moot. Sucrose intolerance was common among Vulcans, and she believed she was among those affected - which was largely the majority, as far as she knew. But how intolerant was she?

"I would benefit from a scan with a tricorder in that case," she told Jeen in an even voice. "Else I will not know how dire my affliction is."

Just as she said this, there was movement outside her viewport.

She turned her head, and she saw the Cayuga moving. It was turning around, more lights lit than she'd seen since that first day. The quad nacelles were alight as well. The warp coils glowing. In fact. They flared up and....

...the Cayuga was gone. It had gone to warp. Seeing this, she turned her head towards Kaylon Jeen. "Did you request a transfer to the Theurgy?" Even blinking caused searing pain, but she raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "As far as I am aware, you did not tell me this last night. As Chief Engineer, why would you chose to serve on the Theurgy instead?"

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Corridors | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Arista

Ducote grimaced when Ziegler fired back. He hadn't meant his words to come across as they had, but he could hardly edit them now. His intention was a 'you don't need to sugarcoat anything on my account' but had been received more like a 'don't blow smoke up my ass', which wasn't ideal. He raised an apologetic hand, but didn't interrupt her to make some facile excuse about sleep deprivation. She'd hardly had an easy time of it this week, either.

The hybrid followed her into the lift, but remained quiet so the captain could collect herself and give her account while she jabbed a finger at the controls to take them to the proper deck. It was hard not to wince at the story of her treatment. And the idea that Starfleet had been reduced to a kangaroo court in order to question the loyalty of an experienced captain was a tough one to swallow.

He wondered how he'd react if some JAG commodore grilled him about his own time in service for someone else's crimes. Not well, he admitted, grimly. If nothing else, one questioned the point of such a trial. It stood just as much a chance of poisoning someone against the organisation as it did exposing a defector trying to fly under the radar.

"Do I think Ives is right?" The commander met the captain's eye - her gaze burning in the dim light of the turbolift. "You're damn straight I do."

Ducote looked away again, inspecting the door as he nodded thoughtfully to himself. She wasn't lying. She believed it. "Well then..." he said, gaze rising to the ceiling above them, "Fuck."

For being but a single syllable, it was a word of such utility and eloquence. He could see why Blue loved it so much. Had loved it. Whichever... even if he did pray for the former.

The lift slowed and stopped, and the doors parted with a hiss. Blinking, Ducote gestured that Ziegler should go first. "On the one hand, I am quite glad to have someone verify convincingly once and for all that the Niger was not captured by some neo-Maquis nonsense and put through some over-engineered facade to bring us on-side.

"On the other, I think I was still hoping that the story was indeed too far-fetched to be true, and I could happily get my remaining crew off this ship and get to my inevitable tribunal..." He sighed, rounding a corner and spotting the double doors to a transporter room. End of the line.

Still, he couldn't be entirely convinced, not when the fate of his crew rested so heavily how the chips fell. He and the Theurgy shared a goal, for now, which was enough for cooperation in his book. What came after was a problem for if they survived long enough for it to matter. The transporter operator looked up as they entered, nodding to them both. Well, mostly to Ziegler. The scuttlebutt was still carrying his reputation around quite nicely, he suspected. Ducote looked back to the four-pip officer.

"Thank you for your time and your indulgence, Captain. An offer of reciprocation feels a little... hollow, given the circumstances, but if we get through this..." he let it hang. He wasn't actually sure what an offer of future friendship from him was worth right now.
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[ Captain Anya Ziegler |  Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @chXinya @Top Hat , Anyone else.

Anya Ziegler watched and listened as the Betazoid commander went through a variety of emotions, even one expressed out loud. Normally, Ziegler would be inclined to reprimand for using such language while on duty; But with everything that had happened and the news he had received, if cursing wasn’t allowed now, Ziegler didn’t know when it would be.

Ducote started with platitudes, something he had voiced against, but trailed off even before Ziegler held up her palm to stop him.

“The truth can be difficult, Commander.” She said as a matter of fact. “But that doesn’t mean everyone has to approach it in the same way.”

As the pair found the doors to the transporter room, they parted but Ziegler did not cross the threshold, instead she turned back to Ducote, appraising his face and for an instant wishing she could get a greater insight into his mind, like he could with hers.

Theurgy is unlike any other ship in the fleet. Wenn Cinn is a great security chief, but he can be a bit of a blunt instrument.” She admitted with a smirk, memories of the burly Bajoran filling her minds eye. “Trust him but challenge him and you’ll get your answer on whether you belong here.”

Anya couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was something about this man that intrigued her. He had an air about him that was different. It was refreshing yet familiar. He had a way of putting her at ease as if they had known each other for the longest of times. She had no idea on his reputation, just the feeling in her gut that spoke strongly to her.

“Assuming we survived the Borg and rescue Ives. Take some time to sit with the Captain and listen to his perspective.” It was a big assumption on her part, but Ziegler couldn’t bear to try to delve into other possibilities right now. She needed to remain positive.

With a warm smile, she nodded to the Commander. Their time together was almost at an end. Just one thing remained.

“If after all that. you still aren’t comfortable here, well, there’s a seat on Cayuga with your name on it, if you want it.”

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Corridors | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Arista

It took considerable effort to keep his face passive at Ziegler's assertion that he should trust Wenn Cinn. Evidently, at some point prior to the ship's current crisis he had passed his Command certifications and proven himself capable of the rank he now held. So far though, his own still-sleep-deprived and grumpy brain preferred to dismiss him. He made the uncharitable assertion that he hadn't seen someone use so many words to say so little since the last diplomatic function he'd attended with his mother, or perhaps some Admiralty dinner.

Behave. Back in the game.

Instead, he nodded. It was the least he could do, to keep an open(ish) mind. He had the dual background in gold and blue shirts to know that, even if the divisions in question had subscribed to somewhat different interpretations of that maxim. His empathy twinged, and he met her eye again. She was considering something... though he wondered if perhaps she wasn't, once she actually spoke.

"... Take some time to sit with the captain and listen to his perspective." He sensed she wasn't quite done, and reopened his private wager with himself.

"If after all that, you still aren't comfortable here, well, there's a seat on Cayuga with your name on it, if you want it."

Ducote tilted his head ever so slightly as an eyebrow quirked up a little. There it is. More hollow offers; they were both making bad habits, it seemed. Although, he wasn't entirely sure she was joking. Even him? A soon-to-be-court-martialled officer considering treason? As if she hadn't had enough trouble with the brass. Santa Maria, she must be desperate.

And then there was the thought of Blue (her location being confirmed, pending) joining him on a ship unprepared for her. He managed to turn the smirk self-deprecating, half-nodding, half-glancing at the deck between them.

"I'll bear it in mind. There's a joke in there about being careful what you wish for, though." He straightened, nodding once more.

"Godspeed, Captain."
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Lt Kaylon Jeen | Cir'Cie's quarters | USS Theurgy | attn : @Auctor Lucan

"Did you request a transfer to the Theurgy?  As far as I am aware, you did not tell me this last night. As Chief Engineer, why would you chose to serve on the Theurgy instead?"

Kaylon was momentarily stunned by her question.  In his peripheral vision, he had seen the Cayuga under way, and then go to warp.  Once she asked the question, those vague memories came to the forefront of his attention.  Uselessly he ran to the viewport, putting both hands against the window, and shouted "No!", just as uselessly.

Why would the Cayuga leave without him?  Why?!

Turning to Cir'Cie, he sighed and said, "Let's get you to sickbay...then I need to speak to your captain."

This was not going to be a good day.

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[ Captain Anya Ziegler |  Corridor | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat , Anyone else.

Ziegler couldn’t help but give a slight amused scoff at Ducote’s returned quip that she should be careful what she wished for. It was true and the small hint of humour was just what they needed to finish off their time together.

Come what may, she would miss this man, and she wished him the best. His low opinion of the remains of his career aside, Ziegler regretted not having met earlier. When he wished her well, she nodded in return.

“You too, Commander.”

With nothing else to say, she turned on her heels and strode into the transporter room and upon onto the pad. She couldn’t delay the inevitable, so why wait?

[ Captain Anya Ziegler |  Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Cayuga ]

“Ensign Carpeland, Set course. 258 mark 47. As fast as we can.” Entering the bridge, Ziegler didn’t wait to start issuing orders. She just spoke as she paced with purpose toward the center of the room.

“Aye Captain.” As always, Nina Carepland, Helmswoman, was ready to input and follow. “Ready on your order.”

There was a heavy flump sound as the captain unceremoniously dumped herself into the captain’s chair. After everything, they were once again jumping the breach. Cayuga, the little ship that could. Gently, Anya ran a finger of the smooth cool metal that ran along the arm of her seat. The feeling always set her resolve.

“Buckle in everyone.” Ziegler called, turning in her chair to look at the faces of the assembled officers. They weren’t her first choice. Most of the weren’t her second choice. They were, however, family. At this juncture in time, family was all.

“It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

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[ Lieutenant Junior Grade Zark | Location | Deck XX | Vector XX | USS Theurgy ]
The transporter beams shimmered and the familiar chime sounded. People materialized on the pad and after a second to assure all their molecules were in the right place hopped down. Among their number was a young Lieutenant Junior Grade, with Security gold at the collar. She was carrying a medium sized duffel over one shoulder, with the bag resting at the hip. A nod to the transport operator and she headed out of the transporter room. "Thanks Chief!"

In the hall she looked one way, then the other. Slender antennae twitching a little and craning forward, showing interest and curiosity. Her dark blue-green eyes were also alight with those emotions. She’d never been on a Theurgy class ship before and this was all very new. The Cayuga’s sickbay had been destroyed and both ships had seen heavy engagement. So a call had gone out, any and all with medical knowledge, above the standard first aid classes that all Starfleet Graduates had to pass, were to cross-ship to the Theurgy and pitch in with casualties, of which there were many.

The young Andorian officer didn’t know when she’d be back to her own quarters, so she’d grabbed her space bag, crammed some important things in there, just in case the transfer proved longer than expected. Among these, and not the least of which was Saucer. Whom was resting quietly, thank goodness.

Finding a computer display along the wall out side of the Transporter room her fingers lifted. Tapping out a request, she was given the route to the primary sickbay, deck 11. Nodding she turned and headed for the turbolift at a trot. A bright smile bloomed on her face as she stepped in with a few other officers, looking up her antennae twitched as she placed her request.   “Deck 11. Sickbay please.”

When the lift reached it’s destination she was off and down the hall at a brisk walk. Entering into sickbay, the Andorian paused for a moment. People moving swiftly from here to there. Most with the teal Science/Medical department collars displayed. Her own gold collar stood out a bit among the sea of teal. After a moment she started deducing which were Doctors, which were nurses, orderlies and just warm bodies pitching in.

Moving out of the way, she looked around. Finding a supply closet she palmed open the door. Ducked in and secured her space bag down and out of the way, where it wouldn’t fall off a shelf and nothing heavy could fall on it if the ship bucked, then stepped back into the main sickbay.

A few more seconds were taken to assess and she approached the person with the most pips on their collar. When a moment presented itself, as in the officer didn’t interrupt if the Doctor was elbow deep in someone’s insides, she nodded and stood straight, antennae also erect, a smile on her blue lips.

“Lieutenant Zark, Reporting.” A beat and she looked around. “I’m a Combat Medic, but rated and Licensed Physician’s Assistant. With your approval I’ll jump right in?” Her antennae seemed to motion to one side where there was injured crew waiting for assessment and treatment. As a PA, she could diagnose and treat minor to moderate wounds and illness. Anything above her skill level would be preped and referred to full MD’s.

If there were no objections she did just that. Seeing to injured, triaging, fixing what she could, and what she couldn’t flagging for those with more skill than she possessed.
Lieutenant Vanya - Science Officer - Zoology/XenoZoology

Lieutenant Junior Grade Zark – Security Officer – Combat Medic

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[ Doctor T’Panu | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Doc M.

"Doctor T'Panu, forgive my impertinence, but are you well?  There seems to be something about your demeanour that suggests that you are suffering intense discomfort.  Have been under continuous or intense strain as of late?  Would you like to sit down?”

T’Panu thought about her question. She had just arrived back in Sickbay after an exhausting time for everyone. She was still adjusting to life on the Theurgy, after so long spent on the Cayuga. Her Vulcan side was eager for duty, discipline, routine. But her Betazoid side said otherwise. Both sides, stuck in a conflicting battle.

She carefully pondered what she had said, and debated her reply.

“I apologize for my rather erratic behaviour as of late. Truthfully, I have been thinking a lot about my last encounter with the Borg. Wolf 359 was a very terrifying time. One that I never thought I would have to face again. I never talked to anyone after that battle, thinking I would never have to face it again. But it’s always been there, in the back of my mind, slowly eating away at my sanity. With everything that has happened in the past while, I guess it’s come back to haunt me worse than I ever could have imagined.”

T’Panu paused briefly as she turned back to look at Maya. She was unsure what she was thinking, but could feel her focus on every word that T’Panu was saying.

“Growing up, I practically lived at the Vulcan Learning Center. I remember one day, my mother and I got into a fight. We were discussing something at the time, when we got into a disagreement. I stormed out of our home, and went straight for the Learning Center. I had always had a very intense sense of duty, which I learned at a young age from my father. My parents tried to teach me how to deal with my Vulcan/Betazoid heritage; which, as you can imagine, caused many internal conflicts. I always had good grades, but not many friends. Duty always came first, no matter what the task was. My father was high in the Vulcan High Council, so I always felt I had much to live up to.”

T’Panu turned back around, appearing to stare off into space. “When I first told my parents I was leaving Vulcan to join Starfleet, for the life of them they couldn’t understand why. It had always been assumed that I would follow in my father’s footsteps. They had a preconceived idea that that was my goal, my plan. But they never asked me what I wanted. It was a rocky time between us all, but they eventually understood.”

T’Panu turned back around to face Maya again. As she did, she relaxed a little and leaned against the counter. She stared around for a minute, thinking about all she had seen in her years, all the people she had helped, how much she loved what she did.

“I have only recently begun to learn how to deal with my emotions, the things I’ve seen. Duty has always been a part of my life as if it’s hardwired into my DNA. My emotions have always taken a backseat as I’ve been so driven by duty and pride. I apologize for my behaviour as of late. I will strive to deal with my emotions better, and hope this begins to explain a little more about my heritage and the way I am.”

T’Panu examined Maya as she gave her final reply. “I truly appreciate your concern for my wellbeing. It’s nice knowing there are so many people here I can turn to. I apologize for my erratic, withdrawn behaviour. Maybe we can sit and have a Vulcan tea when things begin to settle.”

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[ Maya | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Juzzie, @lisavw @Nolan any character in sickbay.

Maya had an unsettling habit of staring directly at the person she was conversing with.  Her large hazel eyes were wide open.  She believed this let the person she was speaking with know that she was giving them her undivided attention but in reality made her appear surprised.

"That would be welcome.  It has been quite some time since I was on Vulcan,” she admitted.  Although both her face and voice were perfectly calm and even, she held her body in a somewhat rigid pose with the fingers of each hand curled around the digits of the opposite appendage.  "I imagine that much has changed.  I too was… encouraged to enter my current occupation,” she continued carefully, "and I must confess to having fundamental disagreements with my mother,” she went on as her eyes narrowed at the recollection.  "But given the circumstances in which we find ourselves, I sometimes wonder if I was too hasty in dismissing her instructions.  Even so, when I left the home world I found the experience… liberating.  There were so many different peoples and cultures.  It was when I realized that out of all of these different civilizations there was, in theory, a place for anyone who found themselves at odds with the culture of their birth.  The cosmopolitan nature of Starfleet seemed like an efficient way to expose myself to individuals of various different cultures and travel the quadrant.  Like you, duty seems to be an overriding factor in my personal makeup.”

Maya’s eyes widened again as she allowed some of the stiffness to leave her body.  "But these are things we can discuss with our counselors.  I apologize for my somewhat unseemly outburst,” she added in a professional yet conversational tone, despite the fact that aside of her still and rigid posture, she had been completely calm and unflappable the entire time.  "As you can imagine, all of us aboard the Theurgy have been under quite an appreciable strain.  I suppose that transference was a factor in my diagnosis.”

Although Vulcans were known for being a private people, there was no point in keeping secrets from another Starfleet physician.  Access to medical records gave doctors and nurses all sorts of information that left very few surprises and an accurate picture of whom one was talking to.

"Speaking of counselors, we have a mutual acquaintance, Lieutenant Rhys Williams.  We attended Starfleet Academy together and shared a few classes at Starfleet Medical.  Has he been well?”

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[ Dr T'Panu | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

T'Panu listened to what Maya had said, surprised she had a similar backstory. She often felt alone, as if she had to deal with everything herself. Never very open, always letting her sense of duty take over. It was as if she had never knew how to pay much attention to anything else.

"He has been! He had his hands full aboard the Cayuga after our fight with the Borg. I'm sure he was kept quite busy with the crews mental states."

T'Panu paused, unsure of how to continue. She had done a lot of that lately, when it came to speaking about anything to do with the Borg and their recent encounter.

"We have all been under great strain, as of late. And I imagine it won't be getting any easier anytime soon! It's been so long since I've taken leave I don't remember what anything looks like besides the inside of the ship's hull. It's been years since I took my last leave. I travelled to Risa last, which was so beautiful. I can already feel the warmth of the sun, the smell of the cool, ocean breeze, the calm of the meditation I was able to get there. Everything was so peaceful, and I long for us all to have that again."

T'Panu looked up at Maya again, as she realized she was still aboard the ship, still staring at the same hull that she had gotten so used to looking at.

"Truthfully, I haven't seen Lieutenant Williams since we came aboard the Theurgy. That's partially my fault, as I was also so busy avoiding him. I believe once this mess is over and we get a chance to breathe, I think I shall pay a counselor a visit. I think I could use someone to talk to after all of these years of bottling my problems."

T'Panu appreciated Maya's boldness, sharing her past and allowing T'Panu the opportunity to get to know her better. She knew what it took for a Vulcan to open themselves up to others, having been stuck in that culture for as long as she could remember. She hoped she had shared enough about herself so that Maya, and others, would be able to get to know her and understand what she had been through and where she came from.

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