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CH02: S [D06|0715] Reunion


[ Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura | Bridge | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] Attn: All (?)
Seated on the bridge of the Allegiant, Yukimura was about to complete his away mission and report to Captain Stark - his allotted Commanding Officer during the Continuance Protocol.

He had spent the night aboard another Vector of the Theurgy, but he - and those who had been chosen for the away mission - were technically still crewmembers of the Stallion or the Cayuga. Unfortunately, the time was short, for as soon as the reunion took place, they would have to set a course for the third Rendezvous. There was virtually no time to spare in that regard, lest they would be too late. The key, upon immediate arrival, was to make the two Captains that he and Wenn Cinn would meet understand all the stakes involved quickly enough.

As he sat there, in the chair on the Allegiant's bridge, Yukimura thought about what they could expect when they arrived at the Cayuga's coordinates. The ship had been in a poor state before the Asurians attacked, and Masuda could but hope the Iroquois-class was ready for flight. Yet regardless, there were larger concerns...

Had the Stallion tried to make it to the second Rendezvous? One thing was certain, the worst case scenario was that the Stallion had already left in order to reach the third Rendezvous, which was entirely possible since time was running far too short. While the officers on the bridge were likely trying to reach through the Nebula with comms to stop the Stallion, it was Impossible to know what they might arrive to.

As far as the Allegiant went, the decision had been made to leave the Fighter Assault Bay two hours before the ETA, since the scoutship could sustain Warp 8 for that amount of time, and thus free up fighter operations on the Sword before arrival. Moreover, the Allegiant would be able to dock as it should with the Stallion. In Yukimura's opinion, there wasn't even time for a physical meeting between the Commanding Officers. Such was the haste required, and even then, it wasn't certain that they would make it in time.

Within the next minute, they would return where they had left the morning before, and Masuda got on his feet.

"Dropping out of warp, sir. We're there," said Mektari Dumral, the Cardassian at the helm of the Allegiant, and just like that, the anticipated moment had arrived. Masuda glanced towards the gathered Allegiant crew, this mix of Theurgy and Cayuga officers, and in retrospect even Six - whom he'd had his doubts about - had preformed admirably. They were all on the bridge now, hoping - like all those on the Theurgy - that the Stallion would still be there, as well as the Cayuga.

So, the ship dropped to sublight speed.

And after so many setbacks, with the Klingons, the missed Rendezvous, the imminent threat of the Borg, and so many injured or dead... Finally, something fell out favourably.

For right there, waited both the starships. The only apparent sign that the Stallion was about to leave was that there were no repair shuttles out there. Better yet, it appeared that the Cayuga had power somewhat restored, it's viewports showing more pinpricks of light, and it's warp nacelles alight. It was such an immense relief to see, that Masuda smiled, and joined the elation felt by the present officers. The next moment, the Sword dropped out of warp right next to them, it's damaged hull no longer showing plasma fires, but the toll of the battle against the Rotarran quite apparent. Seeing the sword was a reminder. Time was of the essence.

"This is the Allegiant," he said, after requesting a hail to the Stallion. "Requesting permission to dock. Urgent: Please make sure to establish communication with Captain Wenn on the Sword as soon as possible, and patch the Cayuga in as well."

Upon word received, the Allegiant sped towards the ventral side of the Stallion, to dock, and the away mission would - essentially - be over. Masuda had his report ready, and Captains Stark and Siegler would have plenty of time to take part in what they had learned about the Borg... as soon as they were on the way to the third Rendezvous.

OOC: The result of the IC discussion in this thread, should be that the Cayuga sets a course towards the apertures in the heart of the Azure Nebula, to try and prevent the Borg invasion (together with the Klingon forces, who doesn't know the Cayuga's affiliation with the Theurgy lest mistakes are made in that regard.) Meanwhile the Sword and the Stallion should reintegrate under the command of Captain Wenn - since he has held his rank of Lt. Commander for a longer time.

The crucial quirk of this situation, is the haste upon which the ships part in different directions. This haste, is paramount to prevent officers that you OOC want to end up on the Theurgy, but IC would rather be on the Cayuga. I can't stress the importance of this enough. If your characters are to end up on the titular ship of this story, now is the time. This goes for both the Cayuga officers and the Endeavour officers. I leave it to everyone to come up with viable explanations or situations that make your characters end up on the Theurgy. Sickbay is a viable option, since sickbay is destroyed on the Cayuga. It could be that officers on the Cayuga just happens to be on the Theurgy, perhaps still alseep, or whatever you come up with. The secondary option, to have your character end up on the Cayuga instead, will make it difficult for a natural transfer to the Theurgy later on. It can be done, but that would be very circumstantial and a lot is still uncertain about the story progression in the end.
This Supplemental thread is free for all to take part in, best fit to illustrate reactions upon the time of arrival, wherever your characters might be. Moreover, with this post being up, a new window of opportunity for more Supplemental threads has opened. This, available for all officers on the Cayuga, the Stallion and the Sword, to intermingle in any way you see fit, up until 0845 hrs.

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion

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[ Ensign Six | Bridge | USS Allegiant NX-80978 ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @Numen @Nolan @Doc M. @Griff @Fife @chXinya @Triage @Triton @lisavw @trevorvw

Six was somewhat flustered by the haste made to get to the Allegiant, resorting to having to be beamed away from the Whetstone Lounge into the Allegiant’s transporter room. But she also had a feeling of elation. She was going back to the “Stallion,” in a way.

It did come to her as a surprise that the “Sword” was going to meet up with the “Stallion,” however.

But the thought that she left as an alcove was assembling, finally settling on a place to live…but she put it aside. The Theurgy was still the Theurgy, no matter what vector she was on. The place she had lived in was technically more workspace than living space; she liked the new quarters she picked out much better. She could still make her way between vectors once they reunited.

It came out of the fact that there were more…veterans on the “Sword” to get to know than there were on the “Stallion.”

Not to mention that she felt a sense of poetic justice to be on the Allegiant when it returned to the “Stallion,” given she departed the away mission in it. In addition to the feeling of nostalgia; she liked being on the Allegiant because it made her feel like she was back on the Delta Flyer.

In any event, she was fine with coming back to the Stallion. Depending on her availability in her duty work, she did need to check on her computer in her forensics lab; most of her data and ideas, particularly for the Revelation Array, were all back on the “Stallion.”

There wouldn’t be any good time to make the official proposal just yet, but Six needed the design in her person – literally – as soon as possible, in the event she did so. She may need an engineer’s opinion, though, once she has a moment.

She can’t help but smile at the sight of the “Stallion” and the Cayuga. Things were looking great.

Looking over at those who came from the Cayuga, particularly Lieutenant Martin, she couldn’t help but feel that she will miss them. Well, she may miss Lieutenant Martin the most. It was ironic, that the one officer on the away mission who was the nicest to her came from neither vector. However, Six will never forget the commendations he made about her.

When the Allegiant docked, Six turned to Lieutenant Martin and offered a hand to shake.

“Well, Lieutenant Martin,” she said with a smile, “in case we don’t meet again, it’s been an honor to serving with you.”

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Battle Bridge | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

Camped out in the center chair once again Cinn massaged his hand while watching gas clouds drift by on the view screen.  Amelya had done a tremendous job last night, aside from some phantom pains from the new nerve connections you’d never know that it had been completely crushed just a few hours ago.  All around him the bridge buzzed with the usual background noise: console chirps, quiet conversation, communication links to other parts of the ship, and so on.  One thing about the background noise that was concerning the Bajoran was the way the hull groaned as they moved at warp.  It was yet another reminder of just how badly the Rotarran had mauled them, and how close they came to being destroyed outright.

Returning his thoughts to the upcoming meeting, Cinn was struggling to figure out how to explain things to Stark and Captain Ziegler.  Stark knew most of what he knew already of course, all he had to do was fill her in on what had happened since the Protocol had been enacted.  Theurgy’s old XO though, which apparently she was willing to let Stark help with repairs, just how much of the past few months’ story did she believe?  At least the Borg were a known threat that clearly needed to be dealt with, they had that in their favor.  The main question was if either Stark or Ziegler would believe the reports about Nicander and just how he came by the knowledge that he has.

Cinn’s rumination came to an end when the helm called out with long expected status.  They were almost to the rendezvous point with the Stallion and Cayuga.  There was still too much sensor interference from the nebula to tell if either ship was present, they’d have to wait until they dropped out of warp to find out if this trip was for nothing.  “Bring us out of warp, and send my thanks and congratulations to engineering for getting us here.  It was well worth it to replicate all that baling wire it would seem.”

On the screen, the view shifted as they dropped past the warp barrier and came to a near stop.  The Allegiant was still right in front of them, but speeding off to the familiar shape that was Theurgy’s third vector, holding position close to the Cayuga.  The latter looked a little worse for wear, but based on Yukimura’s report they’ve clearly had quite a bit of success getting Ziegler’s ship back on its feet.  Sighing in relief, Cinn sent a quick prayer of thanks to the Prophets for helping them get to this point.  It didn’t take long for the communications array to light up.  They were being hailed by both of the other ships.  “Put them both on screen.”  A moment later both women replaced their respective ships at the front of the bridge.

Standing in greeting, Cinn gripped his hands behind his back and stepped forward a step.  “Captain Ziegler, Captain Stark, I can’t say how glad I am to see you both here.  All of us.  Time is short, we need to meet together the moment we can get on board the same ship.  We stand ready to assist with any required repairs and medical needs, but I also ask your assistance with our own. Shall I attempt transport to this ship for you?"

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark, Captain | Bridge| Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Arista @chXinya @FollowTomorrow @Doc M. 

The moment the Allegiant appeared on the ships sensors a call came from the bridge, summoning Natalie Stark from the cramped Ready room she'd posted up in shortly before the start of the shift. She'd over seen the hand over of course, at 0700, but she'd gone back into the other room to focus on the reports related to the repairs to both the Stallion and Zieglers ship, the Cayuga. The latter had come along considerably, given the gruesome nature of the Asurian jailbreak. The crew of the ship was cycling through, many of them taking a stop over in Sickbay, where the Stallion's staff was working over time, doing their best to patch up the Cayuga's injured, given the state of the later ships sickbay. She'd been in nigh on constant communciation with her counterpart during the evening, and had briefly beamed over to touch base with Lt. Kingston and MCPO O'Connel in person, before forcing herself to get some sleep back on her own ship (and admonishing Ziegler to do the same).

But now, she was back out the door of the ready room, coffee cup in hand as she crossed the bridge. "Get them - " She started to say, but over at Ops, Conway cut her off. "Incoming hail."

"This is the Allegiant, Requesting permission to dock. Urgent: Please make sure to establish communication with Captain Wenn on the Sword as soon as possible, and patch the Cayuga in as well." No sooner had Yukimura's voice come over the comms that the elongated form of the Theurgy's second vector warped into view. There were muffled gasps across the bridge as the damaged Sword dwarfed the Allegiant, the latter making its way towards the ship. Sucking in a breath, Natalie forced herself into her seat and nodded to Conway, who opened the channel.

"Allegiant, this is Captain Stark. Permission granted. You have an impressive sense of timing, Lieutenant. I'll read your report later, for now, welcome home." Short and sweet, before she twisted in her chair a bit, looking over at sciences. "I wont a full read out on that ship. Get Billy Bob a copy stat.I have a feeling he's going to be very busy repairing out sister Vector at this rate," she ordered. By then, Conway was raising a hand to draw Stark's attention.

"Captain Stark, Captain Ziegler is hailing both ships," Yvette said. there was a smile on the woman's face, one that couldn't be contained. They had found one of their sister vectors. Worse for wear, perhaps, and outside of the rendezvous point, but it gave her hope. With a quick glance, Natalie could see that hope spreading across the others across the bridge. So why am I so warry? she asked herself, face neutral. Nodding a bit, she gestured with her hand toward the screen.

"Hail the Sword and put the feed from Captain Ziegler up." She ordered, sitting back in her chair and watching as both her ships former XO, and the current Chief of Security appeared in split view. The Bajoran took the initiative, adressing them both.

"Captain Ziegler, Captain Stark, I can't say how glad I am to see you both here.  All of us.  Time is short, we need to meet together the moment we can get on board the same ship.  We stand ready to assist with any required repairs and medical needs, but I also ask your assistance with our own. Shall I attempt transport to this ship for you?" Stark digested the words swiftly and gave a small nod, unsurprised by his immediate request to meet. Nor that time was short. She was well aware that they were ticking down on another rendezvous. Rather than draw things out, she turned and met Anya's gaze through the viewscreen, before turning back to Wenn Cinn.

"Captain Wenn, it's good to see you and the Sword, though I'm concerned about the damage you've sustained. It seem's we've all had some nasty encounters. If your transporters are up to the task I'm content to meet you on your vector." That sounded processional enough, she decided, swallowing some concern. He was being polite about things, and she knew they'd all been through a rough patch, but she couldn't help remembering the coldness he displayed towards her in the last staff meeting they'd had, on the Theurgy. That sudden distance. She was surprised he hadn't simply ordered her over and asserted command over both Vectors. After all, unless he was purposing splitting up again, thats how this would end. Her command was essentially over, and she was entirely unsure how to deal with that.

"Please have your engineer send a report on the status of your ship to Master Chief O'Connell. He'll coordinate repairs between the two vectors and the Cayuga. I'll head down to our transporter room now to beam over." A pause, and then, "Lt. Conway, please have Lt. Yukimura meet me in transporter room...4," she had to think for a moment about which would be closer. "And send him my apologies. I had hoped to let him rest, but I want his input on what goes forward." She smiled up at the other Captains as she tugged her jacket down a bit over her bust, and smoothed out the sides of her skirt. " Lt. Ejek, you have the bridge. Captain Zielger, Captain Wenn, I'll see you both shortly. And Cinn," A pause, "We're all glad to see you."

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[ Lt. Zelosa Ejek | Bridge | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]

There was a lot of hope in the room. It had been a long time, it felt like, since anyone had hope quite like this. She was content to feel it, to absorb it all. She did not share in it though; something in her gut told her to hold back, lest her expectations be shattered by yet another disaster. After all, what if they reunited, only to find that one of her many friends was hurt, injured, or...gone.

But she did not reveal her suspicion. This fragile, fledgling hope was far too important for the crew of all ships involved to dash it. There were smiles, for once. Smiles! What she wouldn’t give for more of those in her life…

She had been sitting in her chair on the bridge, allowing Natalie to lead while she contemplated and worried. When Natalie announced she had the bridge, she nodded quietly. She knew this was coming. Likely, both she and Natalie would be relieved of these damnable positions and Ejek would no longer have the bridge for as long as she lived

When the feed ended, and just before Natalie transported out, Ejek spoke to her captain and temporary work partner.
“You’ve done a good job, Stark.” It was a quiet compliment. She gave them out sparingly and did not like to announce them to the rest of the bridge, but Stark needed a quick boost. Privately and publicly, the Cardassian thought that, for as clumsy as command was on her, it did suit her.

“Let’s keep up our good work, everyone. We’re not quite done yet.”

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[ Captain Anya Ziegler |  Bridge | Deck 1 | USS Cayuga ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @chXinya @Top Hat , Anyone else.

It was early, and Anya Ziegler sat in the centre chair. Though, it wasn’t as early as it had been for the engineering and operations staff who had worked through the night. It must have been hard and gruelling but, with the added resources of Theurgy, great headway had been made.

Ziegler told herself that she wouldn’t set foot on the bridge until the bodies had been cleared and she hadn’t. Following the situation with the Asurians, she had her wounds tended and then worked from various parts of the ships, helping to restore at least some of the order that had been lost. As she had worked, she projected a strong outward aura but in her own mind, Anya chastised herself as a coward. She hadn’t returned to the bridge because she couldn’t bear to look upon the destruction and broken bodies of so many crewmen including, her First Officer and friend, West.

Even now, after the casualties removed and the blood cleaned, the walls and console held evidence of the battle which had taken place, small scratches or marks seemed to line every panel. Though the situation still hadn’t been completely resolved, Anya kept looking forward to the future. If she had something to look forward to, there was a reason to keep going. She did wonder though, if the ship would ever feel like a home again.

With a flash of light, a ship arrived out of warp. It was larger than the allegiant, but didn’t cause any immediate worry, the Captain knew the shape immediately.

“Captain, Vector 2 of the Theurgy has arrived.” The call came from the operations officer. The dark rings under his eyes showed that he needed more sleep that he got, but there was nothing Ziegler could do to relieve him just yet.

“Hail both vessels.” She ordered, ensuring she was composed and straight on with the viewscreen.

The screen itself was split into two, on one side, Natalie Stark sat. Anya wasn’t sure, but she thought she could see an immense sense of relief from Stark. Perhaps she wasn’t so comfortable in command? Or was there something else going on? As expected from anytime Ziegler had spent with Wenn Cinn, he filled out the chair he sat in and more, the large mountain of a man was formidable, but Anya had seen he did have a heart of gold.

Pausing, Ziegler let the two officers get reacquainted before piping in once the conversation reached its natural point.

“Thank you both, Captain Wenn, I agree, you are a sight for sore eyes as well. A meeting is most prudent. Please let your transporter officer that I shall be ready shortly, Ziegler Out” When the channel closed, Ziegler stood up and straightened her uniform. Casting an eye over the assembled bridge crew. Many were relief officers as a large proportion of the remaining senior staff were still off ship. “Lieutenant McKinney, you have the Bridge.”

The walk to the transporter room was uneventful, wires and damaged panels still lined the corridors, but at least the main lights were on. The LCARs displays built into the walls flickered and illuminated with life. Small signs that just perhaps, things could return to normal.

The signal to beam across came shortly after Ziegler had stepped up onto the transporter pad. With the tell-tale whine and shine of light, Anya materialised in the transporter room. An operations officer from Theurgy was waiting.

“Welcome aboard Theurgy, Captain Ziegler. I’m here to escort you to the conference room.” The young officer said, a slight hint of nervousness in his voice.

“I doubt you have moved it since I was XO, but I would appreciate the company.” Anya quipped back, as the officer’s face reddened. It was possibly a little harsh, but it was the truth. Stepping down off the pad, they quickly moved out into the corridor and on their way. As she walked, Ziegler noticed that even though the ship was the same as vector 3, in many subtle ways there was a difference. Perhaps just in the faces of those she passed, or just in the air.

The conference room already had some officers in by the time She arrived, there was no sign of Stark yet, but she would no doubt be joining immediately afterwards. Wenn Cinn took up a portion of the room with his large muscular frame. Was it possible that he was even more bulked that than when she had left Theurgy? A small part of the woman wanted to run up and hug the Bajoran. If there was one positive thing this crisis had given, it was the chance to see old acquaintances.

With the Vector Captain was someone she didn’t recognised. A man, fairly tall and solidly built with pure black irises. Betazoid, or at least part.

“Good to see you Wenn. I wish it was under more fortunate circumstances.” Ziegler said in a light, jovial manner. Turning, she held out her hand to the other officer, by way of introduction. “Captain Anya Ziegler, Commanding Officer of the Cayuga.”

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[ Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura | Bridge | USS Allegiant NX-80978 > Transporter Room 04 > Conference Room ] Attn: All (?)
Upon receiving word from the Stallion that they had permission to dock, Masuda had just nodded to officer Dumral, who in turn responded that they were on the way. The Cardassian woman issued the automated docking command, and the Allegiant smoothly got in position below the Stallion, before it elevated into place in its docking bay. When the docking clamps closed around the hull, the away mission was officially over.

Meanwhile, Masuda had heard from Stark that he would have to attend the meeting as well, which was a change of plans for sure. He had hoped to debrief the officers on the Allegiant first. He'd simply have to do it later. "Acknowledged, Captain Stark, I'm on my way," he said, and then turned to the present officers on the bridge. They had all heard his orders, and he shrugged. "It's been my honour to have you on this short mission, and while I had thought I'd debrief you in the docking lounge now, I will simply have to gather you all later. Report to your duties in your departments respectively, but please remain on the Vector for the time being. I have a feeling that the two present hulls of the Theurgy will reintegrate in a few minutes, so crossing to that Vector is also fine, of course, and I will send word as soon as I know more. Gather your things, and dismissed."

Yukimura left his personal belongings on the Allegiant, since Stark was waiting for him, and was the first person off the scoutship, heading to the turbolift that would take him to Transporter Room 04. Once there, he met Stark in the alcove, and he inclined his head to her. He expected that she wanted to be briefed ahead of the meeting with Wenn Cinn and Ziegler, so he began to talk while he came to stand next to her. "With help from Ensign Six, we found a debris field of a tactical Borg cube late yesterday evening, along with a part of Task Force Archeron, or what was left of it after the battle we'd missed. The radiation of the battle's aftermath made it difficult to scan, so we could only pick up one survivor before two new Borg cubes showed up - one of which had the same signature as the one which attacked the Cayuga. I ordered the Allegiant to hide deeper into the debris field, and escaped notice. Eventually, one cube went in a direction towards the heart of the Azure Nebula, and the other left the debris field behind."

"Energising transport," said Vereyn Kiiz from the controls, and Masuda paused his report while they were relocated to the Sword, facing another transporter officer instead. There was a young officer present that gestured that they should follow him, and Masuda could continue to brief Stark while they headed to the conference room.

"Officer Eboh was able to identify eleven starships from Sankolov's fleet, but no evidence of the others being near the battle. Before we left, we picked up an audio log from the Ark Royal - one of the Sovereign-class ships that had been destroyed. We learned from the audio log how the last ships, overrun by Borg, sacrificed themselves and the assimilated crew by ramming the cube's shields and thick armour at warp speed. We also learned why they did it; The Borg Queen was on the cube. There was no way to know if she survived or not, but as we followed in the wake of one of the cubes, we encountered the Sword. Wenn Cinn then gave the order to go here first, before the final Rendezvous, because of the Sword's damages. With the two Vectors reintegrated, we can make it in time."

Stepping off the turbolift at the right deck, Masuda finished his report. "As for the Sword's damages... the Klingon Empire has responded to Starfleet Command's request for help in hunting us down. They fought against the Rotarran in the heart of the nebula, since Chancellor Martok believed the Theurgy was responsible for the death of his son, when the Hakkarl was destroyed at the Coreless Moon. If you remember Ensign Mariner's report about the events there, you'll likely know how that wasn't the truth, but how - to an outsider - that might also seem plausible. Before the Sword left the battle, pursued by Klingon raiders, the Borg cube we chased passed them by... and entered a hidden subspace tunnel. Since then, after the Allegiant helped destroy the pursuing raiders, we have learned that the cube we saw... will bring hundreds of cubes through the tunnel. Today. If I were to guess at Martok's intentions, I think the Klingons have remained at the mouth of the tunnel... to defend their border."

At this point, they had arrived to the conference room, and when they stepped inside, Yukimura saw Ziegler greeting Commander Ducote from the Endeavour. Masuda was prepared to brief Ziegler in the same fashion he'd briefed Stark, if given the order.

OOC: Next up, @Top Hat , followed by @chXinya ! Then it's @Brutus and @Arista again. :) You all have 7 days to post, and if Masuda is asked to brief Ziegler by Ducote/Wenn Cinn/Stark, please feel free to add a sentence in which you tell the readers that Masuda gives the same report as I just wrote in this post. Please also bear in mind that neither Stark nor Ziegler knows about the Endeavour, but they have learned about Nicander being an Infested from Ejek. They are, however, oblivious to the later development with Nicander and what he's said after that, including his involvement in the Klingon encounter. Oh, and I have heard requests to have the two Theurgy Vectors reintegrated to allow for reunions, so please have this happen ASAP in the beginning of the meeting? Thank you!

No set posting order for all others who feel like posting in this thread, just make sure to get the location tag right. :)

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0715 hrs. ] Reunion

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Lt. JG Izar Bila| Bridge | USS Allegiant NX-80978 >Docking Bay Lounge | Deck 19 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]

@Auctor Lucan  @Masorin  @Griff  @Fife  @Triton  @lisavw  @SummerDawn

Tapping in his Padd deeply concentrated , Bila perceived the drop of the scout vessel to sublight speed by the change of luminosity in the corners of his field of view. Although he still needed to reckon the distribution of samples of nanoprobes vaccines between the three starships, he looked away from his tablet and gazed towards the bridge main screen, where the image of the two ships they were approaching could be seen. Both were far from being in the best possible conditions but still despite this, he couldn't prevent the the tie of nerves that knotted in the pit of his stomach loosen slightly. The Cubes they had witnessed lurking the battlefield and later, when they reached the Sword, seemed that haven't been able to found the damaged vessels. His eyes slowly averted to the elegant shape of the Cayuga, the Iroquois Class ship had been his home for the last year, and the hybrid was glad to see her again, her lights more abundant and bright than when they had left.  They arrived home. And they were still alive. Without suppressing a relieved smile, Bila raised a silent prayer to the Prophets, grateful for their favor.

The main screen soon changed its image, when Masuda answered the hail of the Stallion and Bila lost his interest on the display. The Allegiant's captain soon requested permission to dock and communicate with the rest of the captains, so the attention of the chemist returned to focus on his tablet. The calculation of the distribution of the vaccines between the two vectors of the Theurgy depended on the remaining crew, the index of culture of the samples, the possible action of various catalysts that he had discussed with Dr. Parnak, the equipment of the different labs of the different vectors and in the Cayuga, the damage reports that specify how many of those laboratories could be used and in what percentage of efficiency... There were many variables, too many. His less optimistic calculations said that barely 15% of the Cayuga's crew could be vaccinated, if they were concentrated in less than 3 decks. In the case of the Theurgy, that percentage was reduced to 3% of the total crew of both vectors. If he trusted that everything would go as it should and could synthesize accelerators for the cultivation of nanoprobes... Or which was almost the same thing: if he was really optimistic, they could inoculate 65% of the crew of the Cayuga and 30% of the crew of the Theurgy.  It was insufficient, he knew it. Bila was reducing crew members, people with their lives, dreams and ambitions to mere percentages, mere numbers to throw in two piles. One in which they would have a small extra chance of saving themselves, the other condemned them to certain death or something worse in case they were approached by the Borg. He knew that the responsibility wasn't his own, and yet ... and yet, Bila noticed how the knot in the pit of his stomach tightened again, the anxiety before such a decision contributing to the almost constant anxiety in which he was sunk lately.  It was not enough. If he had more time. Just a little more time... Unconsciously, he put his hand in his earring, fiddling with the thin chain as he did when circumstances were far from being under control.

His worried pondered was interrupted by the voice of the Allegiant's Captain. He dismissed them briefly, and Bila just responded with a short nod and a worried smile. "It's been an honor to serve under your orders too, sir." He acknowledged in a whisper. As soon as Masuda left the bridge, Bila turned to face Eboh. "I'll need your help again" He asked with a more cordial tone than he usually used to with the Chief. He remembered well what had happened after landing on the Sword and wasn't going to let the other hybrid make him waste his time with another dirty trick. Bila couldn't afford it, not this time. "I will need your help to carry the ORE and the vaccines to... deck 17 labs. Remember neither of them can be transported by their instability." He kept saying after look away from the dark-skinned man to check the Theurgy deck layout he had downloaded to his device. "If you can get some help, it would be perfect, there are several more cases than the last time and we need to work against the clock to set them to cultivate again as soon as possible," he instructed as he continued to type on his padd looking for the responsible officer of the science department of the Stallion at that time. His search gave him the name of the ensign Cir'Cie as the official in charge of the science department of the vector. "This is Junior Liutenant Izar to Ensign Cir'Cie, I need to request the use of several labs in deck 17, chemistry or biolabs prefered, I'll brief you shortly about the nature of the experiment" He requested using his combadge. Shortly after, he leave the bridge, expecting to be followed by the Ops. Chief immediately.

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[Lt. Cmdr Vael Kaeris | Cmdr Ducote's Temporary Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Top Hat  @trevorvw  @TWilkins

It was often difficult to maintain a sense of timing so far removed from the command structure of the vessel.  They were, after all, little more than passengers at best on this ship full of accused traitors and rebels.  And though his own crew had gathered in Commander Ducote's quarters to discuss their predicament -- or rather predicaments, as this vessel seemed cursed to flood as it was to shower -- and to weigh any options they had possibly drawn in their time aboard, passengers they truly remained with only as much power as the command crew would care to give them.

And given their first encounter, Vael questioned whether significant change would ever be forthcoming in that regard.  As the his refugee crewmates discussed expressed their thoughts, ideas, anxieties, Ducote had seemed to take them all in their stride, as any dutiful commander would, offering support where he could, instruction where he needed.  And yet Vael was keenly aware that the commander, too, needed support, needed some confirmation that his people, such as they were, stood behind him.

To that end, and perhaps not unexpectedly, Vael kept his own briefing to the point.  He was factual.  There was little point in attempting to honey-coat the situation.  The commander had instructed him to coordinate with his counterpart among the Theurgy crew.  He had, at least disclosed his findings to the members of the crew that had been present on the bridge.  Who among them he might consider his counterpart, if any, was at question.  He'd had no real opportunity to study the crew manifest for the ship and, separated as it was, the question remained as to whether their own CSO was aboard this particular vector.

But the command was straight forward enough and no less than Vael had planned to do on his own.  As the meeting drew to a close, Vael rose, acknowledging each of his companions with a respectful inclination of his head before he completed the tea he'd been nursing for much of the conversation.  He'd intended a private moment with the commander, hoping to gauge his own well being, assuming Kobol  had not already made such an attempt telepathically.  In that instant, however, what little luxury of time they may have desired was cast aside as the trail of lights that streamed by the viewport suddenly turned to pinpoints, the faint shift in the gravity plates and inertial dampeners telling one and all that they had emerged from warp.

Vael walked to the port and looked out on the starscape.  "Commander," he motioned, indicating the second vector and the Cayuga floating ahead, the Allegiant rushing to doc.  "We should probably make our way to the bridge."

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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Sickbay | USS Theurgy] Attn: @anyone

The Chief counselor of the Cayuga's eyes snapped open their vivid blue scanning round the room. His body snapped up in place, something he immediately regretted as his head  felt like a Klingon was having a party in it. The Anxiety, the horrible cold feeling around his heart dissipated as he recognised Starfleet uniforms around the room.

All around him were people laid up on beds around what it became apparent to him was a sickbay. Many were unconcious some were moaning gently, one was screaming. A young ensign was surrounded by medical technicians treating him. Rhys was ashamed to realise his thought was not one of sympathy, it was one of irritation. The yelling made his head worse, his hand went to his face covering his eyes from the bright lights.

Rhys tried to remember what had happened over the past few hours. It was hazy, he remembered having his head smashed into the floor and an awful feeling of not knowing where he was. He was fairly sure now he had been concussed, he also vaguely remembered the Cardassian counselor of the Theurgy escorting him to sickbay.  Or was it someone else, looking into his past memories was like trying to look through oil.

He tried to get up, no one seemed to stop at least not at first. He was probably not so high a priority based on the amount of severe injuries he could see around him. Not for the first time in his life he wondered if he was really cut out for this life. His feet touched the ground, he still felt dizzy though no where near as incapacitated during his fight in the corridor. Nausea threatened to overwhelm him but he pulled himself together.

He wasn't sure what he was going to do, he just wanted to do something. All the people around him seemed far worse off than himself. If no one would stop him, he would stagger out the door and head for the bridge.

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Bridge | USS Allegiant NX -80978 > Docking Bay Lounge | Deck 19 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] @Numen @Auctor Lucan

Once Ensign Dumral had guided the Allegiant home and docked with Vector 03 of the USS Theurgy, Eboh quickly went through the necessary final checks before turning away from the Ops console to cast his gaze around the bridge. The CPO listened as Lieutenant Yukimura addressed the bridge crew, speaking of the honour it had been to serve with them and lamenting that he would not be able to brief them until later. Having instructed them to remain on this Vector of the Theurgy for the time being, he had dismissed them and departed for his own briefing, with several of the officers present echoed the sentiment of it having been honoured to serve with Yukimura prior to the acting Captain’s departure. Eboh had remained silent, not out of disrespect but rather out of habit and the belief that an NCO adding his voice to those of the officers on the bridge was unnecessary.

With Yukimura’s departure, Eboh rose form his seat and rolled his neck form side to side. No sooner had he returned his head to a neutral position than he found his vision filled with the rather unpleasant grey visage of their resident half-Cardie scientist, who wasted no time in requesting Eboh’s help. Eboh resisted the urge to roll his eyes and sigh as Lieutenant Izar elaborated, explaining his request in more detail. He had a feeling that Izar really did picture Eboh to be some sort of minion, existing only to help the mad scientist tinker with his projects and lug equipment around the ship. Eboh briefly toyed with the idea of ignoring the man, though he knew he wouldn’t. The half El-Aurian had anger problems among his other faults, though outright insubordination was not something he was capable of.

The half-Cardassian scientist finished his explanation and turned away without waiting for a confirmation from Eboh, heading towards the lab he had set up on the Allegiant. Eboh allowed himself a deep sigh then, the large man’s shoulders sagging slightly as he made to follow the bothersome science officer. He moved through the Allegiant’s corridor and followed Izar into the lab, where the ORE and multiple cases of vaccines awaited transport to new facilities aboard the Theurgy. He knew that Izar was right, and that everything would have to be carried rather than transported to the new lab, and so it was a small mercy that they had only to travel up 2 decks. Izar had busied himself fussing over some sinister project or another at a station on the far wall of the lab, and Eboh took a moment to stick his tongue out at the back of the grey scaled scientist’s head before moving to the ORE. The ORE’s large size and significant weight made it problematic to move, as Lt. Izar had demonstrated with his shaking and whining during it’s unloading on the Theurgy’s other Vector. Eboh knew that the scientist would never be able to carry it all the way to the science labs aboard this Vector, and so the dark-skinned man rolled his shoulders in anticipation of carrying the thing.

”Whenever you’re ready, sir.” Eboh informed the scientist, who was in the process of gathering cases of vaccines. ”I’ll need you to walk ahead of me to make sure the way’s clear.” A small smirk twitched into being on the Chief’s face as he added, ”Just be sure not to make any sudden stops. It would be a shame if I dropped the ORE on you.”

With that, Chief Eboh bent at the knees and maneuvered himself to get a grip on the device, the bulk of the Omicron Radiation Emitter’s casing making it difficult to get a good grip. Finally Eboh straightened, the hefting the ORE into a more manageable position before he turned and waited for Izar to lead the way. Eboh followed the half-Cardassian annoyance as they made their way out of the Allegiant’s docking bay, doing his best to ignore anything the scientist chose to prattle on about but having little success in that endeavour. And so it was the Eboh was left wondering how one skinny little scientist could prove to be so annoying as he lugged the bulky ORE along, trailing after the source of his annoyance with little to do but listen.

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[ Lt JG Nator 159 | Battle Bridge | Deck 08 | The Sword ]

It had been a long night. S/he had managed an hour or so of sleep, snatched amid changing shifts, but mostly s/he was running on caffeine and grit. It had been a slog of manual labour and a few hasty prayers offered to whatever spirit of Thea remained in the ship, conducted in spaces not quite designed to allow so many warm bodies and traffic of heavy-duty components. But they had been successful.

The engine worked.

They had been borne at high warp to their destination, almost exactly on time, and as the ambient hum dropped in volume and pitch as they dropped back to sublight, Nator couldn't help but match the change in the sound with hir own posture. S/he slumped in hir seat for a moment of self-indulgent relief, suppressing the irritation at being touched when the Engineering CPO back on shift clapped hir on the shoulder.

"Told you it'd be fine," he said.

Yeah, yeah.

Sitting back up, s/he began getting ready for reintegration; checking the clamp sites were mobile and clear, that the structural damage they'd taken wouldn't impede the process, and that the Stallion was in similar or better shape than they were. Hir clawtips made sharp clicking noises as s/he typed. Never a dull moment.

They could still make the final rendezvous with the Helmet. And, oh! What a feat that would be, to get all three Vectors together again under the noses of TFA and the Klingons. Deep in hir chest, quite unbidden, s/he felt the swelling pressure s/he usually felt before a hunt. Hir body readying itself for a pacing run followed by a kill-sprint, to pour every ounce of hir strength into the killing blow.

Old instincts, new purpose. They would run down the Helmet, pick it up, and thumb their noses at their pursuers.

Nator found hirself in the best mood s/he'd been in in days.

[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Conference Room | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Arista @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @steelphoenix

When Ducote and Vael had entered the room led by a tired-looking tactical JG on the way to the bridge a few minutes ago, he greeted Wenn with a nod and a quiet 'Good morning', even if it promised to be anything but. That and the fact he felt some of his patience had resurfaced thanks to his few hours' solid rest did wonders for his ability to be polite and diplomatic all at once.

Alas, there was no coffee.

It was a small detail, and it was hardly as if they had the time to drink it given the sense of urgency he could feel radiating off the bodies in the room, and it was possibly the least important thing, but after so long having meetings with a pot of the black stuff sitting in the middle of the table it felt strange not to see one. Disciplinaries were exempt, of course, and there had been more than a few of those given some of the fiery personalities aboard the Endeavour... emergency briefings like this one were rarer, though. Much so.

He blinked away the images of the Endeavour, walking to one of the tall windows looking out over the dorsal hull, clasping his hands behind his back as he looked over the beautiful gossamer strands of colour running through the lightyears-wide gas cloud. If I never see this fucking nebula again, it'll be too soon.

One foot tapped twice before he decided that the noise would annoy everyone in the room including himself, so he stopped. It was hard to remain composed. If the doctor in the brig had been truthful, they were on an incredibly short timetable before the Borg arrived in force. It took some effort of will to suppress the bitter snort he wanted to make.

'In force'. They came in force twice with a single ship and it was nearly the end of the Federation. This is another scale entirely.

Aside from his aborted foot-tapping, there was little in his body language to betray his unease. Vael would probably pick up on his artificially-still posture and the minor tick in his jaw muscles though, his being used to court politics back home making him quite insightful in places like this. It was like waiting underneath the Sword of Damocles. He felt sick, furious, afraid, ice-calm, doggedly hopeful, all by turns. He could well imagine the wry look on Captain Amasov's face, had the man been able to see him now. But the bastards finally got you on their third attempt, Old Man. May God watch over you.

An instant before the doors opened, he felt the approaching minds outside the lounge. He turned halfway to watch who came in, out of curiosity. More of the Theurgy's crew, no doubt. His eyes narrowed fractionally as he counted a quartet of pips on one woman's collar, though. She had a similar intensity of gaze as Blue did- No.

She was Human, by how she felt to his empathy, which he found a boon; fewer obstacles to being able to read her without having to 'tune in' like he did with some of the less-common species in the Fleet. So it was easy to pick up the warm recognition she felt upon seeing Wenn Cinn, and the mutual recognition in the Bajoran. Not... necessarily a bad sign. But he had Designs here.

"... Captain Anya Ziegler, Commanding Officer of the Cayuga."

Ducote nodded once as he shook her hand. "Captain. Commander Ranaan Ducote, former First Officer of the.. former USS Endeavour." He couldn't quite hold her gaze for the last few words, though he met her eye again as he released her hand and stepped back. Admitting his failure aloud made it real, there was no hiding from it. Not for the first time this week, he wished for some time machine to carry him back, DTI be damned.

He glanced at Wenn, hoping to get down to business.
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Ranaan Ducote: "A ship is a home; its crew a family." [Show/Hide]
T'Less: "Your odds of prevailing against us are... slim." [Show/Hide]
Valkra: "Come! We will shake the gates of Sto'Vo'Kor!" [Show/Hide]

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[ Lt Simon Tovarek | Battle Bridge | Deck 08 | The Sword ] @FollowTomorrow @Firefox013

After finally getting some shut eye Simon returned to the bridge on the Sword as they were minutes away from reaching the point the Allegiant had given as they location for Stallion and the Cayuga. He sighed as he warmed his hands with a cup of coffee and he noted that Cinn was already or still in the center seat. Simon took his place besides Cinn as the ship dropped out of warp and the other two ships came into sight. The science officer couldn't help but feel a sense of relief to see the third vector. Looking forward to the many cargo bays the Stallion had, he wished to continue on his drone work.

Cinn gave his orders and the other bridges came into sight split on the view screen. Simon said nothing and just kept his professional composure as the trio of captains talked and agreed to meet. Cinn would make his leave soon as he'd talk to the others, Simon saw no need to attend to it as well and his hunch was confirmed as he got control over the bridge. He nodded and stood when Cinn left and he looked at the officers present.

Tovarek first asked for a status report on all systems after the travel at warp. Checking which systems had been looked after during their travel and which were still in dire need of repairs. Once satisfied with it he smiled faintly "Alright, time for the real deal now. Open up a channel to the Stallion for me." he ordered as he walked over to the center seat and waited for the hail to be accepted. "Lieutenant Ejek, Lieutenant Tovarek here, I'd like to start reintegration as soon as possible. Prepare the ship and personnel for it." he stated before continuing "Otherwise, given the state of this Vector, we'll never reach the third Rendezvous in time."Simon concluded as he awaited her confirmation. Once done he turned his attention to the helm of his vector "Helm, set course for Vector three and begin the process. Take it nice and easy, there's no rush at the moment."

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign “Ghost” | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Triton @Havenborn  @Doc M.

Rawley had already been making a beeline for the Fighter Assault Bay. She felt it was a good time as any to report to Ravon…Tom…and see what assignments he can provide. She wasn’t expecting any flying, per Maya’s recommendations, but it never hurt to report to the bay anyway. The other Wolves are likely to come trickling in, in any case, and she may as well be one other Wolf to be on hand.

She was glad that the drone girl was gone, but at the same time, she felt a twinge of respect. So the drone was fighting Asurians, in her own way. She felt like a wee lass cheering on her favorite fighter when she saw Jimmy Mariner’s footage of taking on Asurians. Still, she can’t help but feel curiosity at the viewscreen footage the drone provided. Perhaps the next time they met, she’ll ask.

She had a mind, depending on what Tom Ravon had in mind, to drop by Sickbay later, so she could see if she could see how Meony was. She missed the ginger lass.

By the time she arrived, she could see Tom Ravon at his Kestrel. Rawley smiled. Exactly where she expected him to be. She knew a good flight commander spent more time in a cockpit or around his or her bird than in an office.

“’Ghost’ reporting for the day’s duty,” she said when she approached him.

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Conference Room | Deck 8 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy]

Seeing his old friend once again was a ray of sunshine for what was sure to be a very bad day.  “Anya!” he saluted with a smile.  “I wish things were different too.  A cafe and jumja teas perhaps?”  Ducote and Ziegler made their introductions as well while Cinn glanced at Yukimura  to give him a nod of thanks.  Stark wasn’t too far behind so it was time to get this meeting going.  Time was short and there was a lot to go over.  “Please take a seat everyone, we do not have a lot of time.”  Taking his own chair at the head of the table, the view behind the Bajoran was almost picturesque.  The Stallion slowly came closer as the Sword maneuvered in to link up, her hull a dark silhouette on the blue nebula gas.

Sitting as straight as a first year Academy cadet, Cinn looked at everyone in turn.  “To get to the point, if our newest intelligence is accurate, and with everything from the source having been verified so far I have every reason to believe in said accuracy, we have approximately 2-5 hours before a massive Borg armada pours out of this nebula.  Their goal is the assimilation of every major and minor power in the Alpha and Beta quadrants.”  The reactions of the assembled leaders was exactly what he expected them to be.  That wasn’t the end of it though.  “As much of a nightmare as that is, there’s another player on this field: an extra-dimensional parasitic race whose goal is to get themselves assimilated by the Borg so that they can then use the Collective’s power to plunge the entire galaxy into chaos.”

Cinn let that bomb settle before continuing.  Of course the question was asked: just what was this intelligence source?  Cinn glanced at Stark who could easily guess, then Ducote and Yukimura who were there.  “Captain Ziegler, I’m not sure what you have been told about why the Theurgy went rogue, the reason is simple: Captain Ives learned that key elements of Starfleet Command had been taken by these parasites and were using us to subvert Federation ideals and security.  The USS Harbinger later joined us after discovering an infected officer on board their ship, and while attempting to send a Federation-wide warning we learned that Captain Hawthorne of Starbase 84 had also been possessed.”  Tapping the screen controls in front of him, Cinn brought up their ace card.  “Shortly after that debacle, we discovered that Doctor Lucan Nicander had also been possessed.”

On the display screen, a live image of Nicander showed his current circumstances.  “Apparently crewmember Heather McMillan holds some special ability that allowed Nicander himself to regain control of his body from the parasite, though he compares it to a constant battle.  He’s been able to tap into the thing’s innate abilities to assist us for the past few hours, though it takes a toll on him in doing so, namely from letting the parasite regain some measure of control.  For everyone’s safety he’s been isolated in the temporary holding cell in the Security Center, locked behind two level 10 force fields and a full vacuum.  The main reason he’s been able to learn about the parasites’ goals and provide other key intelligence is the parasites’ ability to visually and mentally communicate irregardless of distance.  Simply put, with a bit of effort he can see and hear anything another possessed being can.  Because of this, we’ve learned that elements of the Klingon Empire have been taken, as well as a new power called the Vigilant of Sa - the Savi - who we ran into just a few days ago.”

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[ Lt. Zelosa Ejek | Bridge | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]

Soon enough, Ejek had an incoming call put up on the viewscreen. It was Tovarek’s face and voice.
"Lieutenant Ejek, Lieutenant Tovarek here, I'd like to start reintegration as soon as possible. Prepare the ship and personnel for it. Otherwise, given the state of this Vector, we'll never reach the third Rendezvous in time."
“Our chances will be better once we join.” She nodded, thinking that perhaps the man was expressing sentiment that everyone else aboard the ship was feeling. “Expect to see us soon.”

It was time. Honestly, Ejek never thought they’d get to this point, where she’d hear herself say these words; “Begin re-integration procedure. Be gentle, doesn’t look like either of us are in good shape. I know we’re all excited to meet up, but I’d like it done right, not fast.”

She wished they could go fast. She had a very long list of people she wanted to check on. She was certain everyone else had similar lists.
“We’re almost there.” She folded her hands, speaking to no one and everyone. Her eyes closed and she imagined...friends. Her family.


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[Lt. Rhys Williams| Corridors| Deck??| Vector??|USS Theurgy] attn:   @Anyone

It felt like a long time since Rhys had stepped out of the sickbay. He had very rapidly become lost in the maze of corridors. This was perhaps a clear sign that the cobwebs had not all been blown out of his head. He had never been on the ship before of course, but he had not really thought to ask the ship's computer where he was and where he needed to be going.

He could see crewmen and officers going about their business. They seemed busy and to be preparing for something. Most never glanced at him, a handful did cast an eye over him but they were far too busy to register the stumbling Welshman. His head hurt and he felt sick, plus there was the over ridding feeling that he was not really making rational decisions. He was not even sure why he was heading to the bridge or what he would do when he got there.

This was not the first time he had received a concussion, as an avid player of rugby this had happened a few times. It had never felt quite as bad as this however. Though at least he was not collapsed on a muddy field with a collection of large muscular blokes crushing his bones to paste. You had to take what compensations you could.

He stumbled his way down corridors and the further he walked the more shaky his legs were, and the more obviously unstable he looked. He leaned on bulkheads every few feet as he staggered on.

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[ Petty Officer Leticia Jones | Corridors| Deck 15 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:] @Juzzie,  and anyone else who has a character in Vector 03’s sickbay.

As Lieutenant Rhys Williams staggered out of the Vector 03 battle sickbay to blearily explore the corridors of Deck Fifteen, Petty Officer First Class Leticia Jones dashed out into the corridor with him.  ”Lieutenant, Doctor Hernandez hasn’t released you from sickbay,” she informed him as she reached out and plucked a small device from his forehead.  “Well, you seem to be responding to the treatment,” the coffee colored unregistered nurse admitted, ”but I think that I should run some tests on you to make sure you don’t pass out in the corridor somewhere don’t you?”

[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Fighter Assault Bay| Deck Crew Lounge | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @BZ, @Havenborn, @Masorin, @Multificionado@Nolan, @Triton, and anyone else who might have a character in the fighter assault bay.

Tessa tottered into the fighter assault bay in time to see the familiar sight of the Vector 03 stardrive section known as the Shield through the magnetic field that turned the huge hatchway that led out into the black into one of the best windows aboard the Theurgy.  She watched it slowly pivot until it was facing away from the Theurgy and then it grew closer and larger before finally being lost to view.  What was unexpected was the view of a second starship, a battered Iroquois-class long range explorer that limped along after it and only left her view when the Sword pivoted, rose, and dipped during docking maneuvers.
A sigh of relief escaped the golden eyed pilot as she realized that they were no longer alone.

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark, Captain | Bridge| Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @chXinya @Arista 

Unsurprising, Ensign Kiiz was at the controls of the transporter room when she entered. Natalie had been musing over how the meeting was going to go. How she'd bet stepping away from command of Vector Three, and into - what she assumed - was an executive officer role. Perhaps a better use of her skills, given her choices of late, but she liked that center seat. It was very likely the last time she'd sit in it.

Shaking that off, Natalie gave a nod to her transporter specialist and ascended the stairs up to the alcove. She picked her pad, and saw Yukimura enter. "Lieutenant," she called out to him. "My apologies for taking you away."

In what she assumed was true to his fashion - and perhaps, given the time constraints, prudent - the tactical officer launched right into an analysis of his mission. And it stripped the color right out of Natalie's cheeks. Hearing the words Task Force Archeron was not at the top of her list of things she wanted to hear in the morning, let alone in conjunction with the Borg. Then again, when they sent the Allegiant off, running into the Borg was almost a certainty.

Before she could comment, Ens. Kiiz engaged the transporter system, and the familiar blue white swirl took her away, depositing her on an almost identical transporter pad on the ships second vector. She gave a passing nod to their escort and dipped her dark haired head toward Lt. Masuda, listening in as they progressed along. The Ark Royal was a formidable ship. That their solution was self destruction is...less then reassuring.

"The Borg Queen?" Natalie raked her mind for all that she knew about the enigmatic figure that stood at the top of the hierarchy. "Haven't we killed two of them now?" She muttered darkly. It seemed however, that the surprises were still to come. Swallowing, Natalie summoned up the iron will she had put on display while in command of the Stallion, to hide her reaction to the continued bad new. We never get a damned break. Two steps forward, one step back, she thought bitterly. Hundreds of Borg? how in the hell are we supposed to deal with that. And the Savi. And Archeron. Dammit all to hell and back again.

"The Borg, The Klingons," she said after a moment, "Romulans back at Black Opal," she reached out and gave a gentle squeeze to Masuda's shoulders. "All we need are the Cardassians to round this month out." Pulling her hand back she tugged her jacket into place. "Lets see if Captain Ziegler beat us to the punch or not."

With that, she stepped forward, through the door, Masuda in tow, coming up short as she saw Wenn Cinn, and Anya Ziegler. And a Commander she did not recognize from either her ship, or the Cayuga. It completely derailed her plans upon entering the room. As such, no order to quickly de-brief Cpt. Ziegler was given. Perhaps Wenn Cinn would take care of that.

"Who the hell is that," she whispered under her breath, glancing at Yukimura. This was, perhaps, one surprise too many. Something that Masuda thought not nearly important enough to mention? Something he had been unaware of. Or something he had been manipulated into believing was not out of the ordinary. She'd heard of that, in the past. Alien's inserting themselves into crews, twisting memory and record to convince the others around them that they were a part of their crew.

Or maybe you're just as paranoid as Anya accused. Natalie silently chastised herself. There could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this that wasn't alien infiltration. God knows we've got enough of that all ready. She caught Cinns eye, briefly, before taking her seat in silence next to the Cayuga's ship master, not bothering to get an introduction to the stranger in the room. Cpt. Ziegler did not seem too agitated over the unexpected face, and Natalie deduced that she at least had been given an introduction. That would have to suffice.

The ship hummed around her, and Natalie could tell it was in motion. Ops was not all that different from Engineering, and she was well familiar with the peculiarities of her ship. A quick glance confirmed her suspicions. The two vectors were reintegration. Good-bye, independent command she thought. She had so much else to dwell on that she really should push the sudden sense of loss aside...

"Oh for gods sake," she whispered under her breath, reaching up to run a hand over her mouth. Of course they wanted to get assimilated. She should, by all rights be terrified. That she was angry, more than scared, worried her. She needed to schedule time with a shrink. She eyed the Bajoran officer across from her, trying to gauge from the man the full source of his intel, and not liking her suspicions. This was going to end poorly.  How they could trust that ....thing.

She shuddered, once again forcing herself to repress the memory, the knowledge of what had been a light moment of healing now an open wound on her soul. Think of something else, anything else her mantra from the past few days, after she had learned that particularly disturbing truth. The pressures of command had been a much welcome distraction there.

Natalie pointedly refused to look at the live display of Nicander, after that one, short glance.

Eventually, Wenn paused, and Natalie raised a finger to draw his attention. "We've had our own run in with the after effects of the Borg, and I am quite sure that Captain Ziegler can fill you in on any specifics regarding the Cayuga and the cube they encountered that was not already passed along by the crew of the Allegiant." She shared small nods with Lt. Masuda and Cpt. Ziegler. "We also had a dust up with the Asurians. They're out and about on the hunt and they made their presence known, to the detriment of both of our crews.

"However..." She turned her gaze full onto the one man she did not know. The apparently Betazoid Commander in red. "If I missed the introductions, my apologies, but just who are you and what are you doing here?"

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Lt. Kaylon Jeen | Cir'Cie's Quarters | USS Theurgy - Vector 3| Attn @Auctor Lucan

The timer went off....Kaylon rolled over and saw the display.  0745  It had been a while since he'd slept that late, especially recently with all the repairs to the Cayuga going on.  He had been at the forefront of the effort.  It had been even longer since he had spent the night in the company of a beautiful woman.

Turning his head, he saw Cir'Cie asleep beside him.  The Vulcan had surprised him with her willingness to spend time socially with him.  He had met her in the Theurgy's mess hall while eating lunch there after a meeting with the Theurgy's engineering staff to go over some further needs that the Cayuga had.  She had seemed friendly enough, for a Vulcan.  He had heard she was a botanist, so he spoke about native Trill plant life, including the Ter'anakul plant, used to create Kaylon's favorite dessert, The Ter'ana Souffle.  She had, if the term could be applied to a Vulcan, eagerly tasted the leaves of the sweet plant when he replicated one last night.  After that, she had become actually friendly.  Kaylon had assumed that Cir'Cie had appreciated the interest he showed in her scientific specialty.  Botany was not one of the sciences that many paid a lot of attention to, outside of terraforming and crop sciences.

Looking around, somewhat bleary eyed, thanks to the other thing they had shared from the Ter'anakul plant..Ter'an Bourbon.  He, more than her, but the repairs had been going well with no major setbacks or alien attacks, so Kaylon had felt like celebrating.

The end result, they had wound up in bed together.  

Now it was time for him to get dressed and get back to the Cayuga.  He sat up, and turned toward her, trying to think of something to say so he wouldn't seem like the Wham, Bam, Thank you ma'am type, but he had to get going.  There was a plasma inducer he still needed to repair and realign before noon.

He opened his mouth to say something, when she looked up at him expectantly.

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[ Lieutenant Commander Thomas Ravon | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
@Multificionado @Doc M.

After the minor hiccup in the morning, Thomas had continued work to make his fighter flight worthy. Combat ready wasn't exactly the right word as he still needed to swap some things out of the ship, yet he was getting there. He heard footsteps behind him, a light set to be sure before he turned around to look at Rawley. She reported for duty and just seeing Evelyn made the pilot smirk about the earlier thing in the morning with Bila. "Rawley.... At ease." he smiled before he attempted to clean his hands a little with a piece of cloth "Not much to do at the moment, just check for any work here in the bay. Or finish up on your mission report." he answered her.

Thomas his eyes fell on the launch bay's exit as the Cayuga and Stallion came into view. The ship moving into position to reintegrate. It made the pilot smile "Ah, now that is a sight for sore eyes..." he whispered as he nodded towards it so Rawley could see as well. In the meantime Tessa had arrived as well as she looked at the closing vector as well.

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Lt. JG Izar Bila| Bridge | USS Allegiant Docking Bay Lounge → Corridors | Deck 19 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]
@Nolan  @Fife

After collecting all the data he needed from the Allegiant computer, Bila took a pair of vaccines' cases, his duffel bag stuffed with padds hunging in his shoulder and some hyposprays and he was more than ready to leave the small ship. He didn't deign to answer the Chief's crude attempt at provocation, and he limited himself to pointing out every obstacle that the heaviest man could find in his way. He was well aware he was just rambling alongside with his helpful remarks, but he couldn't avoid it. He was doing it partly to fill the silence that had followed his attempt to communicate with the responsible officer of the science department. But mainly because he was nervous. There was another comm he had to perform, that he WANT to perform, but at the same time he was terrified by the same idea of doing it. So, when he and Eboh drove themselves into the corridors of vector 3, the chemist was surprisingly silent, unable to maintain a dull talk due the sudden dryness of his throat. The hybrid cleared his throat several times and looked over his shoulder to the other man without changing the speed of his steps. The petty officer seemed quite focused on carrying the ORE and the rest of the vaccines, and on that that supplies stack kept in balance between his meaty arms. With some luck that would keep the insidious hybrid busy enough to make the comm without any witty remark.

The bajcardie accelerated his strides and moved forward slightly, so that he remained within Eboh's sight but outside of his auditory range. Or so he expected. Being hard of hearing compared to the rest of the humanoids, Bila was never sure if he would be heard or not. He couldn't risk going further and being lost of sight, so he mustered up his courage and activated his combadge again."Junior Lieutenant Izar to Petty Officer Benmual" He said with more self-confidence than he really felt. The communicator chirped in his chest, pointing that a connection had been established with the designated person. That innocuous sound made his heart skip a beat and the dryness returned to take hold of his throat. "I ... well ... I ... I'm alive" he babbled quickly and, almost at the moment his words left his lips he realized how absurd they sounded. "I... I mean... the Allegiant just came back and I... I was wondering, well, given that we have been ordered to stay by this vector until further notice, I ... I was wondering if... that maybe, well, maybe if you are out of duty ma-maybe you don't mind to share a tea or something else with me, here, in the Stallion" He quickly fumbled, feeling that every word he uttered was even more shameful and awkward than the previous one. "O-o-only if you can a-and want to, of course" he finished saying before removing the fingers of the badge, while he hopeless felt how the blush crawled to his cheeks.

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[ PO 2nd class Kythalie Benmual | Transport room 1 | Deck 19 | USS Cayuga ]

Standing in the transport room with another security officer, Kythalie was charged to take one of the Theurgy crew members back to his designated ship. After causing for some racket and operational disturbance, the man had been sentenced to the brig. He was however to be sent to the brig on Theurgy and thus Benmual was charged with bringing the man to said brig. While they were waiting for the former people to be beamed across her combadge chirped and she frowned, not expecting any communications heading her way.

Hearing Bila's voice and his incoherent, yet seemingly steady voice made her chuckle lightly as she tapped her own badge. She turned away from the company she was in "I'm on duty lieutenant." she offered him strictly, business like and to the point. She couldn't help but smile faintly as she wondered if it would spook the scientist, remembering how he had frozen more then once in Sickbay. She continued however "I am however on my way to the Stallion for work related matters. I think I can squeeze out a refreshment top before I head back to the Cayuga." she answered with a coy undertone in her voice "I'll contact you when I'm done."

With that she waited for his reply before the link would be cut as the transport officer motioned her to get into position on the transport pads.

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[ Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Triton @Havenborn @Doc M.

Rawley turned in Tom’s direction and was absolutely gobsmacked. The Stallion.

“Well, I’ll be gobsmacked,” she said in astonishment. She had, after all, missed when all the vectors separated, and smiled widely at the sight of one of them.

She stepped to Tom’s side and briefly rubbed her arm along his.

“It couldn’t have happened at a better time, aye?” she said, making an aside glance and winking back with a cheeky smile. She noticed the second ship and remembered Jimmy Mariner, earlier in the Whetstone Lounge. “That must be the Cayuga. One of the new lads, Jimmy Mariner, he tells me he stopped a boarding party of Asurians on it. Aye, Asurians, that’s what he says. Even showed me footage. Jimmy Mariner’s bloody tough to take on a bunch of Asurians and live to tell the tale. I’m sure there were plenty of arses and goolies for him to smack down.”

As she looked, it just occurred to her…

“That must be Anya Zeigler’s ship. Theurgy’s former first mate. Natalie Stark must’ve certainly gone oot of her way to save her boss’s arse along with her ship. Jimmy helped save it…along with a ex Borg girl. Cannae believe it. God forbid the Helmet has faced something worse.

“Anyway, yeh mentioned mission report, Commander,” she said, figuring to drop her casual tone; she is on duty, after all. “Alright if I use yehr office to fill it oot?”

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Lt JG Salem Martin | USS Allegiant Docking Bay Lounge ] Attn: @Multificionado @Auctor Lucan @Arista @chXinya

As Six extended her hand to say good bye, Salem softly placed his hand over hers, and lowered it kindly if awkwardly pushing away the gesture. "Oh don't worry you will be seeing me again, cause I'm going with you." He said rather amused for a moment. He had been thinking for the past few hours while they had been in transit from one section of the ship to the other. He walked out of the Allegiant with Six.

He had already recorded a number of messages to be sent to the Cayuga back to his fellow crew, the few friends he had made along the way, but most importantly too his Captain, and the soon to be captain of vectors one and two as he had just asked for the commanding officer of the ship.
Turning to Six. "So yeah, like I said I'm not exactly leaving you just yet." He lifted up his bag. "I'm even packed."

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