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Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0905 hrs. ] The Omega Device

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Entering the Auxiliary Reactor | The Versant ] Attn: @Masorin @Brutus @chXinya @Absinthe
As bad a shape as the Doctor was in, Ida's focus was entirely on climbing the side of the auxiliary reactor - to reach Shall and the escape hatch in the deckhead. The way that the Teslyliac duplicate turned more and more into a dead weight was worrisome, a limp burden that Ida had to carry up the ladder, but at that rate, the adrenaline in her veins enabled her to do it.

All the while, she could hear the Savi trying to breach the sealed doors to the reactor, knowing that she had no means in which to defend herself until she got to the top. She could taste the salt of sweat on her lips, and her heartbeats thundered in her ears. Every moment counted, and she hoped the two human scientists - for they were human now - would manage to get on top of the spherical reactor chamber in time. Above her, she could hear Shall moving and muttering, perhaps cursing their Savi benefactor, but Ida could only focus on climbing and not dropping the Doctor from her shoulder.

If she had to, she supposed she could hook one arm behind a rung in the ladder and twist her body outwards, just in order to fire against any Savi that managed to get into the reactor area, but it would prevent her from continue climbing. Therefore, her antennae were tuned to the sounds and movements behind her, just to anticipate such a need. The only reason she remained rational, and calm, was because of her training. The fear she felt was very real, crippling, but in her current mindset, her focus pushed all things but the task and the survival of the group out of her mind.

Finally, she reached the top, and Shall had managed to get the hatch open. Making sure the others would make it through as well, she hoisted the limp form of Doctor Saugn upwards, getting help with the weight from Shall. In a wild rush, the last survivors of the team were through, and the hatch closed with a hiss. Ida got into a crouching position, Doctor Saugn on the deck next to her, and secured the wide corridor in which they had emerged. It lay silent and gloomy, without signs of movements. Ida kept her rifle raised as she turned around, and didn't forget to look up either, before she was satisfied that the team was relatively safe.

"Clear," she said and while keeping her rifle raised, she typed a message to Moby, simply saying:


Only then did she afford to look at the others. "Are you hurt?" she asked them all, before she looked at the woman on the floor. She was... turning brown, like a flower decaying in rapid stages. Hi'Jak spoke to her, and her only reply was the truth, her eyes still on the Doctor while she spoke. "Our Savi benefactor will be sending it once that Admiral, Semathal, has been killed by another team. We're on our own for the time being."

It was clear that the Teslyliac duplicate was dying, and that she needed... something before it was too late. Since Saugn was the only medically trained officer present, it wasn't like she expected the others to have any grand ideas about what to do. Regular field medicine wouldn't likely do anything for her, so the idea to take her to some kind of medical facility aboard the Versant was as good as any. The problem, however, was that they had no idea where to go, and the maps on their wrists were only so helpful.

"Anyone have any water? She's supposed to be plant-based, so pour it on her skin..." It was the only solid idea she had, knowing far too little about the Doctor's rare species to give them anything else. Problem was she didn't think anyone have bothered to bring water when setting out from the hideout. "Do you see any restrooms on the maps? They might have faucets..."

While she speculated, she began to type another message to Moby.


OOC: Free posting order! In your posts, nothing happens for 15 seconds or so, then, they are all transported to a small medical bay with two Savi Antes present. They will receive a text from Echtand stating simply "GET TREATMENT BY THREAT, YET SPARE ALL ANTES" or something like that. Moreover, the gallons of water will be transported unto the floor as well. Their Savi tablets will reveal that they are in another part of the ship, in wait for their escape route. Have fun! My next post will likely be the last one in this thread, ending it, so these would also be your last ones too.

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0905 hrs. ] The Omega Device

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Lt JG Hi'Jak Transported to a medical facility | The Versant ] Attn:@Auctor Lucan @Brutus @Absinthe @chXinya

With his hand on the map his eye was busy trying to look over the entire ship trying to find the nearest medical facility. The size of the ship was probably the biggest problem. The Versant was in jack's opinion over built, and overly complicated. Half the things on this ship provided little if any actual use, and he could see areas where he at least could cut out some of the mass of the ship if he had been the one designing it. Klingon Architecture wouldn't have allocated half the space these labs had.

Complaints aside the layout was hard to look at when he had to scroll over tiny fragments of the map at one time or zoom out so that everything was unreadable, as time passed he looked up when he felt a familiar tingling sensation run up and down his skin.

Moments later he was standing in a medical facility along with the others. Jack blinked looking at the message that said to get treatment through threat. "Um.... Okay." He looked to the two Antes. He dropped the computer back onto his hip and quickly drew the gun. they didn't need to know that this thing couldn't kill them.

"Get her onto a medical table, now!" He said lifting the gun towards the Antes his hand shaking as he did not used to holding the weight of the gun. He actually looked like he couldn't aim t them directly So Jack did the most brazen thing he could think of to make up for his lack of menace.  He walked up to one of them and quickly put the gun directly in their face. "I don't need to aim if the weapon is touching your skull, now move! Help the injured female."

He pointed to Lahkesis. "I'm a doctor." Not a direct lie he had a doctorate. "So if you try to poison her I will know."  That was a lie he honestly didn't have a clue what this lab had or how someone in her condition could be treated. He remembered a few things she had told him about her biology. "Set up some U.V. Lights for her, she needs sunlight, and water."

It was odd, he was holding these people at gun point they could probably help him to regrow and attach an arm. He had no idea what they were capable of and yet the idea of taking away medical aid from lahkeses to grant him things that Klingons had been granted a spar of or that Federation technology could replace made him feel uncomfortable, she was more of a priority than him. "Now, Move!" To punctuate his point Jack turned his gun up and fired at the ceiling causing a burst of sparks to fly about the room. Before leveling it back at the Antes head.

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0905 hrs. ] The Omega Device

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[ Lahkesis Saugn "Nicotiana" | Emergency Medical Facility | The Versant]

Her world spun and pulsed, changed and shifted. She couldn't focus on anything, the world was in a haze, almost as if a heavy fog had fallen and she could not see through some distorting lens. She could see the shapes, feel them against her body, hear voices, but the sounds were all muffled and distorted. She could barely recognize anything, yet it seemed that she could not even panic in the face of it. She felt too weak to move, too weak to comprehend the world.

In the world outside of her, the Ante flinched at the shower of sparks. It looked to its colleague and for a moment considered its options. Surely if they aided these lesser beings they would be punished in some manner. Yet if they did not, this deranged creature was likely to attack.

"Place her on the examination table," it said and gestured to the closest one. He could examine the specimen easily enough, that would do no harm. If there was something to be learned he could justify repairing it and in turn that would keep the deranged creature from attacking, or at least he hoped it would.

When the specimen had been placed the table it began the scan. There was data on the creature in the database, but clearly, something had changed since the last recorded scan. It was difficult to tell the nature of the change. There was a great deal of tissue damage. The enraged one had said she required ultraviolet light and water and based off of the botanical nature of her tissue this would likely be the case. with a few button presses, a probe descended from the overhead component panel and began to coat the specimen with a fine mist. A second probe descended and began to emit ultraviolet light.

"There are plasma burns on the tissue and it appears a synthesis is taking place which is causing the skin to change properties. We may need to remove the affected areas as it appears to be spreading," the ante said as it continued its scans. "No... It appears any damage to the skin will cause such a reaction." The Ante considered its options. "We need a more powerful light source. Something more complex than artificial light. I can only stabilize her so much with the materials available here."

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0905 hrs. ] The Omega Device

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[ Lt (jg) Sarresh Morali | Below the ZPE Reactor | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn:

It was cramped there, with the dying nurse, with the two Andorians and Hi'Jak. And all the while, there was that device, cradled against him. He had to sneeze. He was afraid to sneeze. His eyes began to water. If he sneezed, and he jarred that box the wrong way, who knew what would happen. He was more afraid of sneezing in that moment, than what might become of the woman that seemed to be physically wilting in front of him. Which should have freaked him out but ...if he sneezed..... the itch was growing, his head snapped back - flung forward, and he sneezed -

As the whole world dissolved around him.

For one panicked moment he thought he'd actually realized his sudden nightmare. That he had caused an implosion in subspace rendering all warp travel in the area impossible, and scattering his atoms across that range. Then he realized that this was stupid. If he could have the worry, it hadn't happened.

Blinking, he looked around, rubbed his nose, and saw Hi'Jak  holding an Ante a gun point while he barked orders. Sarresh's mind caught up with what his ears and eyes were telling him. Swiftly standing, the time traveler held the case against his chest, while he fished out his own fire arm.

"If you don't head my friends words, this will go poorly," he stated, voice cold as ice. Which of course was when Hi'Jak shot the ceiling. Crazy damn fool of a man! Sarresh thought, as sparks cascaded around them. What would have happened if something had blow up! Sarresh didn't speak those words, no matter how much he might want to. That would not help the situation.

Scowling, he watched them lift Lahkesis up onto the table. Clutching the bag against his body, he shuffled forward. Counting on Ida to keep an eye on the doors, his eyes darted from the two aliens to Jack, then down to the nurse. A frown passed over his face. "More powerful than an artificial light? Like what? You got a star near by we can go expose her to?"

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0905 hrs. ] The Omega Device

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[Ens. Irnashall "Shall" ch'Xinya | Medical Bay | The Versant]

The incessant buzz in his antenna intensified as the transporter beam seized the Andorian and deposited the quad in a new room.  Shall tried to get his bearings first, eyeballing the beds then some of the bits of equipment laying around before he remembered that his PADD showed a message.  In true Klingon fashion though, Hi’Jak went straight for the cudgel, eliminating any pretense or even attempt at a diplomatic solution.  In seconds there was a hole in the ceiling and the Savi jumped to work.

Shall stood to the side, half watching the aliens work on the dying one.  His mind was more focused on the cube that Morali was carrying.  He still couldn’t wrap his head around the idea of this Omega molecule, yet here they were, carrying around enough of it to wipe out subspace for light-years if the man from the future could be believed.  Shaking his head to clear it, Shall turned back to his wrist PADD to watch for any new messages and to get his bearings.

Idly moving the map around with his finger, Shall’s antenna perked up when a familiar sound reached his ears.  Glancing up towards the source he could see the instruments dangling from the ceiling above Saugn and the flashback hit him like a block of ice.  For a moment he was back in that cage, naked and trying to escape a similar arm as, in turn, it tracked and shot each of the four Andorians trapped together.  What followed next, he spared a glance towards Ida, his antenna involuntarily twitching with the memory, wondering if she was dealing with the same.  He couldn’t quite tell though, as the scientist’s mind started making new connections: The “experiment” done on him and his fellow Andorians was “medical” in nature.  He was currently in a facility made for medical purposes.  There were computers and data taps in here, and he had a portable storage device on his wrist.

Conclusion: the data that could save the Andorian species was accessible from his current location.

Changing menus, Shall connected to the closest terminal and started looking for the Savi’s research database.  He didn’t get far though, every time he tried to get into something other than a basic directory menu security firewalls cut off his access.  Before he knew it he was growling in frustration, antenna lost in his hair as it plastered itself against his skull.  “You!” he yelled, pointing at the closest Savi (thankfully the one not working the arm controls).  It either ignored him, or wasn’t listening though, striding over to a console to look for something.  Seeing blue, Shall almost lunged at the being.

In just a few bounds, Shall’s hand was on the Savi’s thin neck and he slammed it forward, the impact shaking the monitor.  Pressing the Savi’s face into the screen Shall’s rifle poked into the alien’s back as an extra warning.  “Your partner can work on her for now.  You are going to access your research database and give me all of the data collected from myself and my three mates.” Shall growled into the thing’s ear canal.  “Do it now.”

So lost in his rage, it never occurred to Shall that he wasn’t exactly forthcoming with some proper search terms…

Re: Chapter 04: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0905 hrs. ] The Omega Device

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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Entering the Auxiliary Reactor | The Versant ] Attn: @Masorin @Brutus @chXinya @Absinthe
While Ida found the scientists in her company able-bodied Starfleet Officers, it was ironic how it wasn't until after they had managed to claim the Omega device and killed those Scions that nerves began to fray, and mistakes were made.

Their Savi benefactor had heeded her request and transported them to a medical facility on the Versant, and while Hi'Jak and Morali made their threats to get Doctor Saugn the medical treatment she needed, Ida had secured the exits. She ground her teeth together when someone of the scientists fired into the deckhead, knowing that the energy burst might have been picked up on internal sensors, but she'd merely thrown a quick glare in their direction, before returning to her task. She'd taken glances out into the adjacent areas, determined that they were uninhabited, and then worked on sealing the doors against unwanted company. She was listening with half an ear to the proceedings, and it seemed some kind of universal translator was activated in the room, since she could hear the aliens replying. She was no medical officer, but the kind of light required to save the Teslyliac duplicate seemed preposterous...

...but since she'd been on the away mission with Heather McMillan, the idea was not too far fetched.

"If she can be kept stable while taken off-ship, perhaps the Radiant aboard the Theurgy might be able to help. There is no telling how long it might take bef-"

Then, Shall - the third scientist - seemingly went berserk, pulling one of the medics away from Saugn, and began to spit out nonsensical demands. Only when he said 'my three mates', Ida alone understood, and her voice turned sharp.

"Stand down, Ensign!" she said, and walked over to Shall, her tone cutting his ears. In no way or form would she acknowledge being one of those three mates, for she did not see herself as one. She was victim of these tall, grey aliens, having violated her by using others of her own species, and there was nothing that bound her to either of the three that had been in that pen. "Let go of that doctor immediately, and let him assist in treating Lahkesis Saugn. By Lor'Vela, who are you to put her life on the line for sake of your own needs? Get a hold of yourself, officer!"

With a grip on the Savi's collar, she extracted him from Shall, giving the Chan a hard look, before showing the alien back towards the Teslyliac duplicate. Her stare might have lingered on this Andorian that had violated her for a bit longer than she had to, before she addressed the two Savi in the room. "Stabilise her. Now! Do whatever it takes to give her more time. As much time as you can, so that we can get her to someone who might help her. Understood?"

Little did she know that the Radiant was already on the Versant.

[Sehl to zh'Wann, come in,] came a voice, suddenly, from the tablet mounted on Ida's wrist, and while she had no inclination to speak with yet another Andorian who thought he was a mate of hers, the Thaan sounded alarmed. [The hideout has been compromised. We got company and had to defend ourselves. We are on the move now, having split up in five groups and using the maintenance ducts to hide in. Requesting aid, because most officers here are either hurt or in no state of mind to defend themselves.]

Ida swore, looking towards Saugn, the Doctor's plight preventing them from immediate action.

[Deputy zh'Wann, are you there? Do we have the escape routes yet? We're won't be able to hide here for much longer.]

What was taking Isley and the others so long? They merely had one Scion to kill, and still no word? Ida mumbled curses and paced the room, unwilling to let the Omega device fall back into Savi possession, and letting the Doctor die. Options were few, and none sound.

[Is anyone there? A Savi search team is right behind us, and I am loosing people fast. Please respond!]


OOC: As I wrote last, this post was the last one in this thread, ending it. Stay turned for the conclusion in True Nature. :)

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