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CH02: S [D06|0002] Aftermath


[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Battle Bridge | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All
Within a minute after Wenn Cinn left, seemingly about to go down to the Doctor Nicander, a CONN officer finally made his way unto the bridge, and Tyreke Okafor could take his seat in the Commanding Officer's chair. The relief about not being responsible for the helm would be short-lived, he feared, but at least he would be able to get a better understanding about what state she ship was in. Before he left the front of the bridge, however, he paused at Lieutenant Nator's side.

"Thank you for your aid back there," he said in his thick accent, referring to her idea about balancing the warp field. He gave the Hermat a quick smile before engrossing himself in the readings he could see in the armrest of the center chair. Mawo... This is going to be a long night.

Vael Kaeris, from the Endeavour was filtering the results of the scans at the science station, and offered to aid anyone with need of medical attention. Tyreke raised his hand to his temple, finding the blood there half-way coagulated at that point. "Aye, Commander. There should be a medkit somewhere in the back. Thank you," he said, merely having glanced up for a moment while gauging the aftermath of the battle. He took a deep breath, knowing that the whole ship was already at work with dealing with the damages, but while Cinn learned what the next step ought to be, Tyreke would try his best to coordinate everything.

"Stand down to Yellow Alert," he said, wondering for another moment where he ought to begin. "We have multiple hullbreaches along the dorsal side of the hull, and the starboard side - where the Savi grazed us with their graviton cannon - has ruptured. Evacuations of breached areas are already completed, and I see that you've already deployed your people as best as you might, Curt Lucas."

"Aye," said the NCO that was on bridge duty for Engineering, "though we are understaffed, and we have yet to handle all the plasma leaks. We are bleeding and we're bleeding bad. The starboard nacelle... you know about already, but I'm not sure it's advisable to drop out of warp until we know where we should go. We still don't have any good coordinates for where we resume sub-light speed and hide while conducting repairs."

"Let's wait for word from the Captain, and focus on putting out the plasma fires and get a control of the EPS grid then," said Tyreke to everyone present, thinking that the actual breaches in the hull would have to wait too. "Make sure all critical systems are restored, with focus on shield emitters and shield regeneration. Make an inventory of our weapons systems, and all non-essential personnel should either report to sickbay to help with the wounded, or report to Mister Lucas for repair tasks."

Tyreke looked around then, seeing the weary faces of the bridge crew. They had been on duty since the early morning, many of them, and Gamma shift was soon available to relieve most of those present. He could not leave, however, until Cinn gave the order, but perhaps he could give the heroes he'd just served with during the battle some respite.

"In a moment like this, it is understandable that we all wish to continue throughout the night, but tomorrow - if we somehow pull it off - we will reach the third Rendezvous, and by then, it would be ideal that those serving on the Alpha shift are rested. It's not sustainable for us all to continue. Therefore, when your Gamma shift relief officers come, you are excused to leave. You will all be informed about the development on the morrow."

OOC: This thread is open for all, where you can depict the aftermath of the battle as you see fit through the eyes of your characters. One-on-one scenes are best written as Supplemental threads, though. It is also optional if those with characters on the bridge wishes for them to stay there, or take the opportunity to leave the bridge. Off duty, sleep might be the recommendation, but heading to a lounge for a drink might be tempting as well. We have newly added the Whetstone Lounge on The Sword, located on Deck 13. As for Supplemental threads, more information will come soon in regard to how much In-Character time there will be for such, but for now, keep new Supplemental threads to the immediately following hour after the battle. This means between midnight and 1 am. Posting titles in Supplemental threads should be: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0001 hrs. <set time> 0100 hrs. ] Insert Title

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[ Lt T'Less | Battle Bridge | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Ethics Gradient ]

The stoic Vulcan kept one ear out for the bridge chatter, listening for orders issued for Tactical directly as well as to get an idea of their condition following the battle. Her own heart-rate was returning to normal as her adrenal response subsided, and now that she was less focused on her job, the sounds and smells of the bridge reasserted themselves. In particular, the acrid smell of smoke and the sickly, seared smell of burned flesh.

ch'Rayya was still under the collapsed deckhead. She supposed that made her the Acting Chief, at least for this shift rotation. Analyses and inventories still had to be submitted, but at she wasn't one of their crew of a more technical bent; she might yet be up for half the morning if that were the case.

As it was, she secured their weapons from readiness to reflect the ship's lower alert state, then requested personnel and equipment updates from the department. T'Less directed those to her PADD, relinquishing her borrowed portion of the Ops panel to its previous configuration before standing and stretching. She arched her spine and pushed her shoulders back for a second to ease some of the muscular aches that had settled in during her extended sitting period, not to mention those from resisting the jolts that had made it through the inertial dampers during the fight.

I carried you through again, she thought. Safe and sound.

There was no reply - only a bleep from her PADD that signified the shield envelope re-energising at a few percent of maximum strength.

A quick, deep breath, then she continued her work. She was looking forward to meditation and sleep.

[ Lt JG Nator 159 | Battle Bridge | Deck 08 | The Sword ]

Nator had to suppress the urge to grind hir teeth at the order to continue on. Though it did at least mean that they were closer to their rendezvous than they would otherwise be when they did stop, s/he couldn't help but feel as if they were tempting fate by stressing an already-damaged pylon and infrastructure. Pushing hir fringe away from hir face, s/he sent a message below to send a crew to begin removing the deckhead wreckage and to replace the destroyed console. And to... remove the body. Somehow, it felt a great disservice to be unable to name the Andorian officer from his face. What's left of it.

S/he had hir head bowed towards the engineer at his station while they figured out priorities and how best to allocate their remaining personnel. Honestly, the situation seemed grim. And s/he highly doubted their ability to fight anything larger than a work bee at the moment, unless they were content to lose half the crew. Or worse.

That did, of course, count out the Tactical department, the skill of their engineers, and their pilots. It wasn't as if the Theurgy was unused to pulling the unlikeliest of feats from its collective ass.

Hir metabolism did lend itself to situations such as these, however. A Hermat might only need four or so hours' sleep a night, besides the fact that s/he hirself was determined to work until s/he (figuratively) dropped. Until s/he had made up for lost time.

Repaid hir debt.
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[Lt. Commander Vael Kaeris | Battle Bridge | Deck 8 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Nolan  @Top Hat  @Auctor Lucan

As the accented lieutenant patted him on the back, his lips turned into the slightest of frowns, not so much from the approval of his skills, but for the question that followed.  His dark eyes turned towards the crewman, his response as dispassionate as a vulcan's, "It is my intention to conduct the analysis myself.  In light of the chaos of the past hour, I thought it prudent to announce the status should that intent be disrupted by unanticipated events."  The response was not intended as a reprimand.  These people did not know him as his own crew did, but there was still some internal sense of insulted pride.  He gave an acknowledging nod to the lieutenant as he departed in pursuit of the commanders, more to assure him that there was on insult taken and none implied.

Turning his attention to the nearby emergency station, he opened the lockbox to retrieve the medical pack within.  With practiced ease, he withdrew the medical tricorder within and approached the lieutenant that had assumed station at the captain's chair.  Holding up the tricorder, he reviewed the results quietly before retrieving a dermal regenerator and tending to the cut that the older man had along his temple.  "This appears primarily superficial.  It may sting for a few more minutes.  If there is prolonged discomfort, I am certain sickbay can provide you with an small dose of terakine."  Returning the regenerator to the pack at his side, he then pulled out an antiseptic wipe and quietly removed the excess blood that had congealed along his patient's dark skin.

He found this moment more therapeutic for himself than he'd expected, slipping from the demands of serving as the chief science officer to the comfort of his preferred profession.  On some level, he was thankful for the few minutes of respite he was receiving while the computer tended to the more brute force efforts of the signal analysis, allowing him a few minutes to revel in the artistry of medicine once more.

"Much better," he commented, as the last of the blood was wiped away.  Standing, he placed the wipe in a secure portion of pack for proper disposal.  "Computer, remaining timeframe on Kaeris Filter 1?"

A simple reply came back, "Estimated time until filter completion:  Five minutes, thirteen seconds."

Good, that gave him a few more minutes not to have to think about borg, or the future, or the past.  Only the now.  "Does anyone else require medical attention?" he asked, looking back to those who remained on the bridge, holding up the medikit.

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0002 hrs. ] Aftermath

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Battle Bridge | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All
When the Bactrican officer came to assist with the laceration that he'd gained from the edge of the science console, Tyreke Okafor was grateful, and while he could have wiped his face clean himself, it was nice to have it done properly and quickly. The dull ache remained, and while he already knew what to ask for in sickbay if he felt the need for it, it seemed the other science officer didn't mind being thorough.

"Thank you," said Tyreke and ran his fingertips over the side of his head, yet the officer from the Endeavour soon moved on to treat others, likely until that scan would be finished, at which point they'd known how much they'd learned from the sensors mid-battle. It didn't take more than a couple of minutes, however, until Wenn Cinn's voice was heard on the intercom.

[Wenn to Bridge.  Change in plans, contact the Allegiant and get the current coordinates of Vector 3 and the Cayuga then set a course, best possible speed.  They're approximately one light year away.  Do whatever you have to to get us there Lieutenant.  Cinn out.]

Tyreke looked around the bridge. The Cayuga? He had to admit that he wasn't familiar with the ship, but the Captain's orders were perfectly clear. No resources unspent and no stones unturned. Best possible speed to new coordinates, there the Stallion awaited. Then, it dawned on Okafor what the Captain must be intending.

"We might only have a nacelle and a half, but if we join with the Stallion..." he said, and it made a lot of sense. He accessed the system through his armrest and entered the database of logs on the Allegiant. It didn't take him more than a couple of seconds to find the coordinates where the Vector 3 and the Cayuga were last logged - when the Allegiant had departed on its mission. He sent the coordinates to the viewscreen, the helm and Ops alike. "Here, it's 0,75 Lightyears away... and from there... it's 1,7 Lightyears to the edge of the last Rendevouz Zone."

It was still a considerable distance, and given the condition of their starboard nacelle...

"Nator. Lucas. Can we make it, and if so, what will it take?" he asked. Cinn has been clear. This was their only priority in terms of repairs.

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[ Lt JG Nator 159 | Battle Bridge | Deck 08 | The Sword ] attn: @Auctor Lucan

"-routing plasma around that breach will de-power half the starboard flank. We need to seal it and-"

"Respectfully, sir, no it won't."

"You'll forgive my exaggeration in the moment, Chief. But I'm curious which of the starboard weapon battery, shield array, or structural integrity field regulators you'd like to lose first? That hole has shredded six sections across two decks."

"Which is why we don't have the time or the manpower to repair it. We have to reroute and work around the thing. That's before you consider the fact that not rerouting involves feeding fuel to a plasma fire."

Nator ground hir teeth, resenting the way reality had a habit of imposing itself upon you whether you wanted it or not. Mostly, s/he was trying to find things to do while repairing their engines was out of the question. A clawtip tak-tak-tak'd on the back of the oversized PADD s/he carried as s/he scrolled through nacelle pylon schematics. Grief, what I wouldn't do for a drydock, two hundred engineers, and two weeks' downtime.

[Wenn to Bridge. Change in plans, contact the Allegiant and get the current coordinates of Vector 3 and the Cayuga then set a course, best possible speed. They're approximately one light year away. Do whatever you have to to get us there, Lieutenant. Cinn out.]

S/he stopped tapping on the back of the PADD, glancing at the CPO next to hir.

From the centre seat came, "Nator. Lucas. Can we make it, and if so, what will it take?"

The Hermat turned towards the dark-skinned scientist, taking a breath to respond. Lucas beat hir to it. "We can't repair the nacelle at warp, sir. We'd be turned into a few hundred-thousand tonnes of gamma rays smeared across a dozen AU."

"If we drop to impulse, even maximum, we'll be able to get teams in there to start work," Nator added. "But it will still take-"

"An hour."

Nator stared at Lucas, wondering if he should be taken away for a cup of tea and a sit down. The man forged on.

"We know which conduits are worst-damaged, and we already had an Ops crew bring replacements to the Shoulder. Integration tests and contingency scans of the other components are what would take the most time, and aren't technically necessary. Adding that in, assuming no blockers and no other replacements are needed, would mean... eight, nine hours? To pass minimum inspection?" He shrugged. "Getting in and out; one hour. Tops. I can get you warp eight."

That speed would carry them to the rendezvous with the Stallion and Cayuga in.. six hours or so, s/he figured. Then with their engines to help as well... they might just reunite the ship after all. But 'tight' wasn't quite the word to describe that particular feat of timing. The blonde officer looked back to Okafor, hir slightly-unfocused gaze fixed on a point somewhere beyond the opposite bulkhead, and added,

"I honestly wish he weren't correct, sir... but if you believe in a higher power, perhaps you could ask them for a little supervision when we set off again."
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0002 hrs. ] Aftermath

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Battle Bridge | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: All
Hearing the Hermat and the engineer's reply, it became clear that time was not only short. The margin of error was too slim for his taste, but if they could get to Warp 8.

With a frown, Okafor did the math on his console, his field of science not warp propulsion theory. They might be able to make it to the Stallion before 0800 hrs., and with their nacelles and the Theurgy's main warp core...  "All right. We might make it to the final Rendevouz in the very last minutes of its duration, provided that Stark can drop everything and go to warp immediately," he mused, and it was clear that they really didn't have any choice. They had to try it. "Mawo... Helm, find a place to hide. Pick the best available particle could with high enough visual density and lack of sirilium. Search for no more than 5 minutes, just pick the best option."

Then, he turned to Nator and Lucas. "Pull all resources you need. Make it happen. Report back here in one hour. Then, we go to warp. There is no time to waste. Go!"

Okafor could not sit still, having sent off both the Ops and Engineering officers to preform this miracle. The relief helm officer searched about in the nav chart database and relied on the sensors to find a spot in the nebula where they could drop out of their diminutive warp speed and hide. In the end, stilling his nerves, hoping the efforts of the Vector's crew wouldn't be in vain, he joined Vael Kaeris at the science station.

"What can you tell me about the results?"

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[Lt. Commander Vael Kaeris | Battle Bridge | Deck 8 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Nolan  @Top Hat  @Auctor Lucan

The time away from the scan had been disappointingly brief.  Comparatively speaking, he much preferred tending wounds to reviewing wavelengths and pattern oscillations over and over, but this was his assignment and he would bear no insinuation that he could not do his duty.  He'd spent days aboard the Endeavour preparing for their mission, more days aboard the runabout simply trying to survive, and now, here he was aboard the Theurgy of all places, trying to fulfill that obligation that had been placed on him what seemed like ages ago.

The one called Okafor that he had treated minutes earlier approached, standing over his shoulder, prompting Vael to stifle the yawn that was threatening to overtake his composure.  He had to admit that he was rapidly approaching his threshold of usefulness and would need to excuse himself for a proper and prolonged rest.  It was only his ragged determination to see this particular task to fruition that gave him any focus.

Taking a deep breath, he turned to the lieutenant, exposing the screen he'd been studying.  "I recommend a second pair of eyes confirm the results, but for the most part, they appear oddly... simplistic.  Once the background radiation was removed we're left with this particular wave pattern," he opined, tracing his slender finger along the edge of the screen.  "It took me a moment to realize that I had actually seen a very similar pattern when I consulted with the Pathfinder project.  Several proposals had been put forth to accelerate Voyager's return from the Delta Quadrant -- everything from transwarp nacelles to quantum slipstream to..." He paused, adding a touch of what he felt to be necessary drama to his words, "Soliton waves."  A steady tap to the filtered scan results punctuated his words.

"It would appear the Borg were able to produce a finely tuned soliton resonance that managed to puncture the aperture."  Before the obvious suggestion of configuring the deflector dish could be proferred, he added, "Unfortunately, this isn't a job for deflector control.  Too blunt, too overpowered.  What we need is a key, not a battering ram, and the only system fine enough to provide the necessary resonance with the appropriate level of grace... is the sensor array."

He took a breath.  "Depending on your crew, that could take an hour or more.  But that isn't the biggest problem."  With a swipe of his hand, the image shifted to an image of the cube that had passed over them during the battle, a series of tactical scans superimposed over the image.  "Here," he noted, indicating a scan of the Borg defensive systems.  "The problem isn't the sensors... it's the shields.  You're going to not only need them at full power, you'll need them reinforced especially to withstand the quantum sheer within the aperture.  Anything going through that rift unprepared will come out the other side one component atom at a time, if it comes out at all."

"Modifying the shields..." he shook his head, "could take days, and I wouldn't recommend doing it while under assault or while sequestered in the heart of the nebula."

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[Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @Auctor Lucan @BZ

Elro struggled to suppress a yawn as he stepped through into the ICU, a tiredness that he had been putting off for a few hours slowly starting beginning to encroach on him. He was very aware that it would be irresponsible to continue making clinical decisions if he was starting to fall asleep on his feet, but for the moment, he had enough energy left in him to at least wrap up his main consern; discharging any patients that didn't absolutely need to stay overnight.

There were two particular patients he was looking in on in the ICU. Two Operations officers who’d been injured in the initial bombardment, stabilized by Doctor Rez, then transported into his care. He’d done some initial checks on the pair when they had first arrived in Sickbay, but the inoculation that’d been administered by Doctor Rez had rendered the pair a little… Disorientated, for want of a better word.

He’d done his duty, administered a dose of asinolyathin to the male, ensuring that his shattered knee wouldn’t spasm and cause any additional damage. For the female, a seven percent dose of hydrocortilene to help alleviate the pain of the head injury and a dose of trianoline to minimize the risk of a concussion. However, he was soon needed to attend to Ensign Thorne’s injuries, so he’d left the pair under the care of Jovela, the Nurse who’d helped defend him from Klingon boarders, whilst he tended to the Ensign’s wounds.

Now, the pair were back in his line of sight.

“Nurse, has there been any notable change in either of their conditions?” He asked with a low voice, gesturing to the pair discreetly as he walked towards the Nurse. Jovela turned to him with a small amile and checked her PADD for a brief moment, before replying with a small smile.

“Their vitals are well within normal parameters. I’ve been monitoring Petty Officer Ji for signs of concussion, but it’s been difficult to tell…” She paused, turning as if to check that nobody was eavesdropping, before turning back with a lowered voice. “They’ve been rather vocal; I think it’s just the medication that Doctor Rez gave them, they seem to be coming out of it now but…” She paused again, pulling a face somewhere between being unsure and looking for advice.

“Well I’m not particularly worried about,” He paused, checking her name on the PADD in his hands. “Eun Sae Ji.” He finished, his eyes satisfied with the data that had been collected by her biobed throughout the course of her time in Sickbay. “Her vitals all seem stable and there are no visible fluctuations that I can see…” He paused, thinking swiftly about the best course of action. “Use a dermal regenerator for her wound and then discharge her, with a cortical monitor just to be sure there’s no delayed effects.”

“Yes Doctor.” She replied. “And Liam?”

“Yes…” He replied whimsically, turning to the handsome blonde laying a few metres away. “He’ll require a little more attention, but I’ll handle it.” He confirmed, not waiting for the Nurse to reply before striding up to the bottom of Liam’s biobed and checking for some equipment in the nearby station.

“So, Mr Herrold.” Elro paused, to check that the man was lucid enough to comprehend. He seemed it. “Your knee is in bad shape, but it's nothing that we're not equipped to deal with." Elro told him matter-of-factly, using his traditionally transparent Betazoid bedside manner. "I'm going to use an osteogenic stimulator to repair most of the damage, after that, you can return to your quaters for rest." He paused, just to check through his notes to confirm his suggestions.

"I’ll need to meet you for a follow up in about fourty-eight hours, and until then I'll be recommending that you wear a knee brace to prevent you from putting any further strain on the wound. It wont cause any mobility issues, but it will reduce the risk of any further strain.” The Doctor paused again, activating the osteogenic stimulator he was holding. “I can give you an additional dose of asinolyathin for the pain before I discharge you, if you need." He crouched down slightly to get a better view on the damaged limb. "But for now, do try to hold still.”

OCC Let me know if there is anything in the above that you want changed

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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0002 hrs. ] Aftermath

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | ICU | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ @TWilkins
Feeling drowsy as the anaesthetics wore off, Liam wasn't sure how much time had passed where he had laid on the biobed and talked gibberish with Ji. Gradually, the glib nonsense they had indulged in had begun to wear off along with the medication, and as time passed, the reality was setting in, and the memories about their argument returning.

It was fortunate, however, that whatever Doctor Duv - or was it Rez now? - had given them had served to take the edge of all Liam's emotions from their argument, the silliness shared with Ji remaining in more recent memory - casting their debate in the weapon storage room in a far kinder light. Some things still didn't make any sense in regard to the reality that was returning to him. Whereas he had found it hilarious when drugged, that on top of all the shit that had been thrown at the crew lately, why not have bloody Klingons board the ship and start killing people too? That particular kind of dark humour wasn't so funny any more, when he looked around the ICU with sober eyes, seeing the aftermath of what the battle had wrought.

Thus, the gradual silence had found him, the laughs dissipating with the drugs in his veins, and by the time a handsome Doctor came by, Liam was frowning as much from the pain as the shame of his vocal jesting, since the present audience surely hadn't appreciated the humour. He looked up at the medical officer, realising that it was the one from the Niger, and cleared his throat. He hoped there wasn't any lingering sore feelings about how he'd disabled the Runabout in the fighter bay. Then again, the officers from the Endeavour likely didn't know it had been him that fried the shuttle through the tractor beam.

"Thank you," he said to the Betazoid. It was a Betazoid, wasn't it? Or was it just a human with deep, black eyes? He had no notions about drowning in those, of course. As heated as the argument with Ji had been, he still wanted to work things out, and it would hardly be conductive to cast furtive glances towards someone else whilst she was lying on the biobed right next to him...

"More meds?" he asked, eyebrows rising, "No, please thank you. I am good. I'd rather take the pain than continue being high as a kite. The knee brace will be fine, thanks."

The Risian Nurse, Jovela - who was also easy on the eyes but that Liam hadn't been focused on in the least - had cut off his jumpsuit leg by the thigh to get access to the injured knee, but he had been too drugged to bother pulling on the top half of the jumpsuit since he arrived. It remained pooled around his waist area on top of the biobed, and his knee had already been cleaned up, the treatment of the bone pending. All that remained was the osteo-treatment from the Doctor, while Jovela saw to Ji's head wound. Liam tried to meet Ji's eyes across the space between their biobeds, to see how she was.

"Care for something to eat once we leave?" he said, trying a smile to her, hoping for a smile back.

OOC: @BZ goes next, then @TWilkins again? :) As for the scene on the bridge, unless there is a request for something specific, perhaps we can wrap it on @steelphoenix 's excellent post about the situation with the apertures, as a kind of cliffhanger for the next part of the story. Let me know if I should post with Tyreke Okafor again nonetheless! :) 

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0002 hrs. ] Aftermath

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Bio Bed | Sickbay | Sobering Reality | Time to get Back to Work]
@TWilkins @Auctor Lucan

“prettttttttty colors in myyyyy head.  Pretttttttttty colors on my bed.  Prettttttttttttty colors dance around.  Pretttttttttttttty colors a rainbow I have found...”  Ji's arms were up, she was conducting to her invisible orchestra as she sung the song out loud.  It was a small child's song from when she was a young girl in Korea and she had been learning all about her basic colors in primary school.  She remembered the uniforms, the skirts that she hated, the name tags that emblazoned her name, and the braids her mother had put in her hair every day which never stayed in no matter how tightly they were placed. 

“Reeeeeeeeeeeeed is the coloooooooor of my lips.  I eaaaaaaaat an apple and sway my hipppppppps.  A loooooooooooovely red rose in my hannnnnnnnnds.  A pretttttttttttttttty evening sunlight reflects of the sannnnnnnnds” her hands continued to move as she sang from her bed.  It was only helped by the fact that without the mental wherewithal to keep it to one language, Ji found herself slipping in and out of her native Korean.  Still, the song was at the high pitched but slow rythym of a child's song and sung completely off key by a woman that hardly ever frequented the Korean Karoke bars with her friends back home. 

Right now she could really own them.

“Bluuuuuuuuuue is like the...”  Ji stopped for a moment, her hands frozen in mid air as she suddenly realized what she was doing.  Her face flamed brightly as sense returned to her slowly but surely as well as the scenes from the last while of talking happy, giddy, nonesense with Liam while they lay there on Biobeds. 

I hope I didn't say anything horrible.  Or confess love or something. she thought to herself quickly.  Her hands fell and covered her red and bright face as she tried to get over the horrendous fact that she had just sang a primary school song for the whole of Sickbay.  Someone shoot me now.  They'll be talking about this for months and I'm sure that Liam will remember and probably poke at me about it... she groaned loudly though she didn't really care if anyone else heard her at this point.  The humiliation was fully spent at this point and she could not even imagine how she was going to get out of this one.  Is Nicander around?  Did he hear that shit?

Spreading her fingers just a little bit her dark brown eyes darted around the parts of sickbay that she could see and she couldn't see his familiar form.  He'll just hear about it later.  Holy shit, I'm doomed.  No more Tough Girl, just a serenading lunatic. 

She heard someone call Liam's name and she dropped her hands completely so that she could pull herself up on her elbows to pay better attention.  Her head swam slightly and her eye sight went double at the very least.  “That's... that's fun.  I didn't even have to drink to get that effect.” she said outloud as she blinked several times to focus them a bit.  Finally, the pictures came back together into one solid view and she listened as the doc told Liam he would be fine and would be released soon as they regenerated his leg and got him up. 

“I'll … I'll make sure he comes in here at bath time.  I mean, the right time.” she said wincing as she shook her head only to have intense waves of pain wash over her.  She lowered herself carefully back down to the bed.  Bad idea Ji.

“Meds for bed.”  she chuckled and then giggled.  “That rhymes.”  she shook her head.  “I just meant that he needs them for sleep time.  Because, uhh pain, makes it so you can't sleep yeah?  And then he'll just be cranky and he's my boss!  And my boyfriend, so either way, he can't be a cranky pants.  Oh my God what the fuck am I saying someone fix my fucking head!”

The nurse was already there and used some kind of regenerator on the back of her head and Ji felt a bit better.  Then she injected her with a couple of drugs and Ji felt more of her system clearing out.  Her dark eyes sought out Liam.  She smiled softly at him across the space separating them.  Reaching out a hand she reached for him though she didn't think they could quite close the gap even though Liam's limbs were rather long.  He asked her if she wanted to get something to eat after this. 

“Is it more hearty than nachos?” she teased with that trademark Ji smirk on her face, returning her arm to her own bed.  Slowly, she tested herself as she sat up and got herself upright.  No dizziness, no swimming vision, she felt pretty damn sturdy.  All she had to do was go to Security and erase all Sickbay footage of the last .. however long it was she had been here being an absolute idiot.  “Yeah.  Dinner sounds good actually.” she swung her legs over the side of her bed facing Liam and jumped down.  She crossed towards his bed where the others were working on his leg.  She wanted to touch him, very badly, just to lay her hands on him and know that he was solid, warm, and alive.  But, her mind raced back to the fight they had in the Storage room, what had started this whole mess.  She reached her hand out, a mere couple inches, but then pulled it back. 

No he wants to be a secret.  Or something.  I've got to figure that shit out.  When is it okay and when isn't it okay.  Fuck I just want to know that he's okay.  To hide the movement she awkwardly jerked her hand up to her hair and brushed a hand through it.  She would need a shower to get the blood out of her hair but the back of her head felt good now.

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[ Ensign Jaya Thorne | Main Sickbay | Deck 11| Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @TWilkins @Jm Von Cat

Jaya lay on the bed, blinking at the lights a bit still and grunted softly as she tried to prop herself up on her arms but they gave out and she fell back onto the bed with a WHUMP! “Nhhhhhrrh! Darn it!” She groaned, slowly sitting herself up again, more cautiously this time and slipped again with a yelp and a new WHUMP! She then, even more slowly and cautiously started sitting up, biting her lower lip, putting real effort in it and finally…nope! WHUMP! Her hair, loose now cause her scrunchie had broken off before she was brought to the med-bay, fell across her face. She blew some strands from her eyes with a puff from her mouth then slowly started working again, not one to give up, to the somewhat controlled amusement of the nearby nurse, she finally did manage to sit up.

She looked around a bit and sighed, the place wasn’t totally packed but there really were a lot of injured people in there, she thought at least 2 out of 3 beds were occupied and that was not counting the fact that all the operating tables were being used too. “Mmmmhh So uh… when am I supposed to get out of here anyhow?” She grunted to a nearby nurse who smiled as she put some Hyposprays, freshly reloaded for quick use, into a tray on a rolling trolley table. “Doctor Kobol  already contacted Security, they said they’d send someone down soon to help you to your quarters Ensign. Transporter power is low.” Spoke the young Lt.JG. in a friendly manner. “Yes ma’am, thanks ma’am.” Replied Jaya as she looked around some more. “Not sure I know a Doc Kobol … Didn’t see his name on Theurgy’s or Black Opal’s crew manifests… wait, he’s from the Endeavour aint he?” She say in a guarded tone.

The nurse tut tutted at her a little. “Yes, Ensign Thorne, he is and I might add, is the doctor who fixed you up so please show some respect and be grateful?” She said in the sort of tone a teacher berating a student would use. Jaya sighed and nodded, pouting her lower lip out a little. “Yes ma’am…” She said in a soft meek tone, still having trouble believing some stranger from a ship that was sent to hunt them down and kill them all was being trusted enough to perform medical work on the crew, Hippocratic Oath or not, the fact they rescued a bunch of them not even really factoring to her that some might actually be thankful of them doing so and just might believe them to not be the monsters the fake messages and propaganda said.

She noticed the doctor looking her way and blinked, there was definitely something about his eyes and then it clicked, the eyes, Betazoid eyes and she facepalmed, falling back on the bed with another WHUMP! Miraculously this whole time the bedsheets hadn’t slid off cause she was still pretty much naked under them. “Great… he’s a telepath… probably picked up on everything with that “gift” of his.” She muttered softly to herself.

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[Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan @BZ

Elro didn't take long to clean up the knee of the blonde Officer, his multiple semesters of kinesiology at the Academy paying off once again in the aftermath of combat. Elro has been working on the Officer for a short time now, and despite offering, Liam had politely rebuked the offer of an analgesic. Elro wagered that the officer would probably regret that on the way back to his quarters, but the Doctor more than understood the Officer's trepidation, considering the state that they’d both been upon arrival. It was only a short while ago that Ji had burst into song... And whilst certainly amusing, it had made it a significant task to concentrate on the osteogenic regeneration.

The Doctor was slowly finishing up with the knee wound, his osteogenic stimulator whirring merrily in his hand as he worked across the damaged region, casting a gentle blue glow on the Officer’s skin. The device provided just enough stimulation to encourage the bone to repair itself with a little more haste than it would have naturally. It was work that required a fair bit of concentration, he needed to be precise as to what parts of the bone he was stimulating, otherwise Liam would end up with some rather impractical defensive spikes… But Elro was very glad of the distraction.

The pair of Officers were both inadvertently gracing him with some fairly complicated emotions...

With a deft flick of his wrist, Elro turned off the osteogenic stimulator and gave the wound a more thorough examination to ensure that his efforts had been successful. The swelling had largely gone down, most of the surface damage was repaired, and it no longer resembled the product of a replicator malfunction. His physical examination earned a few grunts from the Officer in question, but that was only to be expected. In fact, it was impressive work, if Elro did say so himself.

“Everything looks good, your knee has responded well to the treatment. I’m just going to fit the brace, then you’ll be discharged.” Elro told the blonde with a small smile, moving to stand up and almost falling over the Korean who was stood almost directly behind him.

With little more than a raised eyebrow, Elro moved over to the replicator, and programmed the device to create a knee brace to his specifications, using the data collected from Liam’s biobed. As usual, the device had produced a perfect design within seconds.

“Okay Mr Herrold,” He began, moving over to the side of his biobed and crouching down once again with one half of the brace in each hand. “This might be uncomfortable at first...” He informed the man, before clamping both sides of the brace around his wound, making the Blonde grunt again. The device whirred itself into place automatically, fixing and supporting Liam’s injury from his lower thigh to his upper calf.

“And you’re free to go.” He finished with a small smile and glance up at the Officer, trying not to get distracted by the rather flattering view of the Officer’s bare chest. “But perhaps I would recommend against any strenuous exercise.” He added, resisting the rather inappropriate urge to shoot an amused glance towards the Korean, before taking a step back from the biobed. Had he been on the Endeavour he might have done so. But the Theurgy was a whole new kettle of fish and he suspected that the two Officers wouldn’t have found it as amusing as he would have. 

“I’m going to make a note in your file to authorise an analgesic, if you get uncomfortable during the night. In the meantime, perhaps you can escort him back to his quarters Officer?” He directed his final statement at Ji with a light expression, before turning to leave the room, not before he got a hint of a burst of anger and suspicion from the offer side of the row of biobeds.

He turned to glance over, and noticed Ensign Thorne perched up, apparently feeling a trifle ungrateful... He didn’t give her more than a raised eyebrow, he noticed that Jovelia looked as though she might have been berating the helmsman on his behalf. The Risian was growing on the Doctor. Elro walked out of the room promptly, back into the main sickbay, where he once again leant against the unoccupied Nurse’s station, rubbing his index and middle fingers against the right side of his temple. He was swiftly approaching a stage where his usefulness was wavering on account of his ability to concentrate. Tiredness was rapidly creeping up on him.

Elro moved his hand to his combadge, ready to inform Doctor Rez that he’d be returning to his quarters, all patients stable and at low risk. At this stage there was little he could be needed for that the Nursing team wouldn’t be able to handle; if there was an emergency he wouldn’t be far. However, just as his hand hovered above his badge, he received his own communicé from the computer.

[Doctor Kobol , please report to the main surgical suite.]

The Betazoid sighed quietly to himself, before altering his path and heading towards the surgical bay, his fingers gently massaging the side of his temple as he walked.

Once more unto the breach

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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0002 hrs. ] Aftermath

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[ Ens. Cameron Henshaw | Battle Bridge | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | The Sword | USS Theurgy ]
It was over, at last. Truly over. Cameron could breathe again, and cry, and maybe let it all out, or hold it in, or do a bit of both, and then she would try to sleep for a thousand years, then wake up when every bit of the nightmare was completely over, or the universe came to its own bitter end, whichever came first. But not until after she'd taken sufficient time to beat herself up for a stupid, stupid mistake that costed more than half the lives of their remaining Tac Conn force. She'd been given something of a crash course for her position as Flight Ops during the Tac Conn missions, and maybe some people would cut her some slack for any mistakes she made.

Because she wasn't really a tactician, nor was she ever trained in Command Academy. But they didn't need to beat her up over it. She'd do it plenty to herself. Left to herself and her station in the aftermath and the coming change of the shift, Cam spent her time replaying in her mind first what she'd seen, and she decided she had to speak to Thomas Ravon in person soon, but she would make sure she had the full facts before she turned in evidence for her own prosecution, court martial, and eventually, execution, French Revolution style.

The recordings and playbacks showed how badly she missed the telltale sign of Martok's ship's action plan even though it was so obvious. The back of her mind had been screaming of the danger, but she did not see it. Was she deliberately turning a blind eye? Trying to focus on the inane things that didn't matter? That could have waited until she'd dealt with the more pressing threat? She was certain of her guilt for negligence. She had failed to warn the fighters in time, and their lives lost was on her. When her shift officially ended, she cast around to observe the bridge, looked at poor Keval's crushed form one last time, and then slinked away to face her own perceived firing squad.

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0002 hrs. ] Aftermath

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | ICU | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @BZ @Firefox013
Truthfully, Liam had enjoyed Ji's singing, but it seemed evident she was embarrassed about it. Without cause, certainly. Then again, perhaps he was a bit biased in his opinion about anything she did? Either way, he wasn't sure she was all there yet, talking about bath times and rhyming about it. Yet when she reached out to him, and hesitated about doing so, Liam realised that he had not been clear enough back when they spoke in the storage room. Or rather, he'd had no chance to explain fully when the Klingons showed up and the ship was attacked. He felt a pang of guilt, and wanted to get up and hug her, but he couldn't. Indeed, he was physically unable to, making him check on the progress that this Doctor Kobol  was making.

The Betazoid didn't take too long to clean up the knee, the osteogenic stimulator whirring steadily until he turned it off and announced that he was finished. It hurt a bit when he got his knee brace, but soon enough, he was told he was free to go, but got a dubious warning about strenuous activity. It made Liam cast the Doctor a glance, feeling quite embarassed because the mind-reader had likely been picking up on a lot of the things that were going on between him and Ji. He opted against making a reply to that, instead rising to his feet. While the knee ached a bit, he could support himself well enough.

"Thank you, Doctor," he said and gave the man a cursory smile, and when when he was finally able to, he stepped up to Ji.

"This is not the Fighter Bay," he murmured, before he leaned in... and kissed her fully.

While the kiss lasted, he ran a hand behind the small of her back as well, but mostly for sake of balance, supporting his knee a bit, but he felt it important to finally drive his point through; that he wanted her to be his girl, and he was prepared to show the whole of Sickbay as much. Only after a considerable amount of time did he part from her, and looked her in the eye - his bare chest rising and falling from the loss of breath.

"And we are not on duty." Having said this, he smiled to her, clearing his throat a little in embarrassment for being quite so forward. "I... feel like having burgers. Your quarters or mine?"

He threw a glance towards the doctor, about to assure him that he'd be easy on his knee, but the Betazoid had already left. Instead, he saw Jaya Thorne, whom he'd only met briefly, and she seemed to be checking out from sickbay as well. Not seeing someone else helping her yet, he supposed it was only right to make the offer. "Do you need help getting out of here, Ensign?"

She used to be an NCO, just like them. Liam hoped Ji didn't mind. It looked like the former Petty Officer from the Black Opal was alone, after all.

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[ Ensign Jaya Thorne | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Jaya had been looking around, noticing the betazoid doctor approach. She was going to thank him even if she didn’t exactly trust him yet, a thanks was the least she could do but then the computer announce they needed him, so he was off to help over there. This left her with her thoughts, laying back down, eyes going half closed with an “Oh god, you got to be fucking kidding me!” look as she just then realized she was NAKED under the sheets.

Ugh great, I’m naked under here, must’ve been a lot of damage or my uniform got wrecked…” She thought as she lay there while wondering what to do next. Well, obviously she was going to need a new uniform. Just then, she heard a mans voice speaking and realized someone had asked her something, Jaya turned and saw Chief Liam Herrold there with CPO Eun Sae Ji nearby, her face god a spectacular creeping blush causing bright redness over her face as she clung to the bed’s sheets, keeping them tight over herself in embarrassment as she sat up. “Oh ah, uhm y yeah just uuuh.” She turned to the Nurse who was still nearby with a pleading look, the woman giggled and pointed to a small room off to the side. “Clothing replicators are in there ensign.” She said.

Jaya was like the former world champion runner from the early 21st century Hussain Bolt as she leapt out of the biobed, groaning as she managed to somehow stumble-dash to the indicated room in a flash of awkward, half amazing, half crazy looking movements, the door sliding shut behind herself as she was heard. “Computer, standard duty unif…” It took a few more moments but the door slid open again and Jaya stepped out, straightening a brand new uniform out on herself, he hair was still loose and cascading down her shoulders in a silky mess, framing her face like it did ages ago it seemed to her, she had gotten into the habit of keeping it in a regulation bun pretty-much all the time since she joined Starfleet.

The decorum was a bit of a façade as the young woman slumped over against the wall, holding her head, shivering before she collapsed and managed to release a substantial amount of… various things, all former contents of her stomach. “Uuuuuuh well that’s grand innit?” she said weakly, slowly getting up. “Uhm, cleanup on aisle three?” She stated to some surprised med techs who had come out of the medical serum lab only to see one of their helmsmen toss up a rather large amount of what some people liked to call “their cookies”. They helped her stand up and she smiled. “Yeah think I feel better now… sorry about that.” She said, blushing bright again, biting her lower lip.


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