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CH02: S [D06|0001] The Second Path


[ Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura | USS Allegiant >> Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 - The Sword | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya @Top Hat & @Nolan. Optional: @Jm Von Cat , @CanadianVet & @patches 
The midnight hour had struck, and Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura had been summoned to Security - reason unknown - to see Captain Wenn Cinn of the Sword.

Yet far be it from Masuda to question why he was summoned to the security center of the ship instead of a regular briefing room, but given the findings during the away mission of the Allegiant, and the whereabouts of the Stallion, the former XO on the Black Opal spent few thoughts on the chosen locale. Instead, after having made sure his report about the new officers from the Cayuga had been circulated where they had to, he had left the fighter bay behind. He had spent a few seconds telling the away team members that they were off duty unless otherwise summoned, but that it was recommended they aided in the repairs and making sure all injured crew were brought to sickbay.

Once the turbolift brought him to Deck 07, he entered the security center, keeping his eyes out for Captain Wenn. It wasn't hard to spot the man, and he found Lieutenant Tovarek there as well, to the left side of the main area. There was another man with them that Masuda didn't recognise, and his frown of consternation grew deeper when he saw that the man was a Commander. He would surely know if there were any more Commanders on the Theurgy besides Carrigan Trent. Could it be someone the Sword had picked up.

There was, however, no time for an immediate introduction, leaving that to Cinn. Instead, he walked up to the three men, not looking into the opened doorway they seemed to have gathered at. "Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura reporting, sir," he said in is Chinese accent and raked his mind for what was of the most import.

"Early, yesterday, the Stallion encountered a Federation starship adrift - only one lightyear away from here. It was the USS Cayuga, and they had been attacked by the Borg. Captain Stark is currently aiding Captain Ziegler, whom I've been told you'd know, and her crew by repairing her ship. I was sent on a mission to ascertain the nature of the Borg threat, which is why the Allegiant found you. Yet there is more, we encountered a part of Task Force Archeron, or what was left of..."¨

Masuda trailed off then, his eyes having drifted to the area inside the doorway, and found himself staring through two force fields, and upon a dark figure inside there. There was blood in the area beyond the doorway, and for a moment, it was as if he recognised the silhouette that stared back at them. It took him another moment, until he was sure, but that didn't answer his immediate question.

Until he remembered Zelosa Ejek's report... about what had happened in sickbay before the Savi had attacked the Theurgy.

Wǒ cào...

The Infested doctor was still alive.

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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0001 hrs. ] The Second Path

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[ Lt Simon Tovarek | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 - The Sword | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya  @Top Hat  , @Auctor Lucan

As Yukimara entered Tovarek was standing at the shielded door opening that gave view of the holding cell area. He observed Lucan Cin Nicander with interest as the man simply stood there. The carnage around him having redecorated the walls and the empty sockets where the bodies would have been if they hadn't been moved away in the now high gravity cordon were reduced to nothing more but high pressurized deck plating. The weapon they had nothing more than a slight hump on the plates around the cell as the eyes of the science officer and acting XO never broke away of the infested doctor. It was fascinating really.

Yukimara alerted his presence and began to hand out a detailed report about what had happened with Vector three 'The Stallion' Tovarek turned his gazed away from the doctor and looked at the formed Black Opal XO with interested as he mentioned the Cayuga and most importantly Captain Ziegler. The name sounded familiar, heh ad remembered her as the XO when he came aboard the Theurgy, yet she was replaced when the ship left Earth. Regardless, it felt like a positive note at least in times like these.

As far as positivity could go since the ship had encountered the Borg like the Endeavour crew had. Tovarek's eyes glanced up to the exotic Commander of said ship before he looked at Cinn. 'Why was it that people were sending out shuttles to ascertain a Borg threat?' he thought to idly to himself before he mentioned remnants of Task Force Archeron. Tovarek shifted his stance at the thought of it. A task force that was dispatched to dispose of them, met the Borg instead and was annihilated for it. A waste of valuable resources and lives to say the least.

Simon took the word as the Chinese officer was drawn by the infested man in the cell "Were there any survivors?" he asked firstly to Masuda as he moved to stand behind the man, looking along over his shoulder to Nicander. "How far away is the Stallion exactly from our current position and how long would you reckon the repairs would take to the Cayuga if everything went according to plan?" After hearing him reply he nodded and thanked the man for his service.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Security Center | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy  | 0001 hrs. ] Attn: @patches @CanadianVet
In the moments leading up to Lieutenant Yukimura's arrival in the security centre, all appropriate and requested containment measures had been implemented. These actions left a strange void of actions to take, in an almost sudden occurrence he and the others within the detachment had no immediate threat, no task in need of immediate undertaking. The result for Varder was a distinct and rapid feeling of exhaustion.

his attention was briefly occupied by fellow petty officer Bremmer, her helmet removed, slumping against the wall and eventually down to the floor. "So, Ridun, barring any other immediate need to deal with an active boarding, I suppose you're in charge again." Fair enough words of truth, spoken from one clearly exhausted person to another. The young Bajoran cast a quick look around the assembled team, even those that had not been in the previous sickbay detail were clearly drained. A habit that combat had, those that were around since then, even in spite of the exo's held a slight droop in posture. With his observations noted he comm'd control, "Varder to security, resuming operational control. Requesting stand down and relief orders for unit Echo-5." From there it only took a short amount of time and protocol before the request was accepted.

With all required formality now complete Varder too removed his helmet to reveal his matted down hair and sweat beaded features, he took a short few steps out from the other security officers, before speaking, "We stand relieved, check in your gear and go grab a beer." With that being said and his helmet held under one arm he used the other to aid Bremmer to her feet before the small and exhausted group departed to go about their business.

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Security Center | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | 0001 hrs.] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Top Hat

Standing by the outer door to the temporary holding cell, Commander Wenn was as still as a statue.  Despite the motions an noise coming from the various security officers going about their business in the Center all around him (including the heavy clomps of those decked out in exosuits), the only sign of life coming from the Bajoran was the subtle expansion/contraction of his chest with the occasional nostril flare.  Not even the raucous protests out of their Klingon POWs in the main brig elicited a reaction out of the man, and anyone who knew Klingon or had a working universal translator knew that the Klingon’s language would peel the paint off of the bulkheads.

In truth, Cinn was simply trying to get his mind back up to speed.  It had been a very long day and the stresses from it were coming down on the Bajoran like a collapsing wormhole.  It was probably all of the adrenaline and other chemicals flushing from his bloodstream but it felt real.  The way he’d snapped at Commander Ducote in the turbolift was just another sign of the impeding crash, and he knew it.  Focusing on Doctor Nicander, locked in a staring contest that he had no way of winning, Cinn was desperately trying to re-center his pagh, with very limited success.

Lt. Yukimura arrived shortly after the trio had and wasted no time in giving his report.  Mentioning Captain Ziegler, Theurgy’s old executive officer, Yukimura hit something in Cinn’s thought process.  A very visible blink signaled the end of the Bajoran’s mental respite, but he didn’t turn away from the silent form on the other side of the dual forms.  The Wenn will be shown a second path. They’d said.  Theurgy must become whole.  The Prophets knew that the Stallion was nearby, but it wasn’t trying to get to the rendezvous, instead they were helping what he hoped was still an old friend.  Changing course to join them certainly matched the description of another path.

“Distance and time are meaningless here.”  Cinn finally exclaimed, arms crossing in front of his chest as he turned to the assembled command staff.  “It may not be the original rendezvous, but we already know we can’t make it in our current condition regardless.  Not to mention, if Captain Zeigler is alive, and she’s a friend.  If she agrees to help us in our mission, we’ll be in a far better position than we currently are.”  New resolve filled the man like a breath of life, though the fatigue was still plainly evident in his eyes.  Tapping his combadge, “Wenn to Bridge.  Change in plans, contact the Allegiant and get the current coordinates of Vector 3 and the Cayuga then set a course, best possible speed.  They’re approximately one light year away.  Do whatever you have to to get us there Lieutenant.  Cinn out.”

Stifling an exhausted sigh, Cinn’s dark eyes turned towards the forcefields yet again.  “You said that you can make a difference Doctor.  It’s time to elaborate.”  he spoke into the nearby comm panel, the lack of a gravity-distorted echo a reminder that there was nothing but vacuum between them and the cell.

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @Nolan

Ducote failed at last to suppress the yawn that had been fighting to get out of him for the past hour or more. He actually had to pause mid-stride as it forced his face towards the deckhead and his mouth as wide open as it would go. 'Flip-top Ranaan' is what his mother would have called it, like he was some novelty cookie jar. He followed behind the two Theurgy officers, blinking his itching eyes and relishing the brief moment of quiet... though that was replaced in short-enough order by the hollering and insults of their Klingon captives.

'Yukimura' met them in the security offices, and he summoned the effort to be polite and nod a greeting while he offered his report to Wenn. Ranaan leaned against the threshold of the open doorway, crossing his arms and sighing as he took the weight off his injured knee. Even knowing what had happened in the antechamber beyond the forcefield, seeing the remnants and the sheer extent of the bloodstains across the deck was something of a shock. He did sharpen somewhat, however, at the news that Task Force Archeron had met the Borg.

"Were there any survivors?" the scientist asked, beating Ducote to the punch by an instant, and the taller hybrid focused on the lieutenant, still leaning against the wall though he was. Archeron may be the Theurgy's enemy - or at least its flag officers - but there were social experiments dating back hundreds of years that clearly showed otherwise good people performing illegal or immoral acts based on incomplete information and pressure from authority. That had even formed the core of his argument hours ago, when he'd been in the very cell Nicander enjoyed at the moment. The task force were the 'bad guys' - but the crews were Starfleet. Same as him.

He grimaced at the news.

Next to them, Wenn seemed to enjoy something of a rejuvenation as he found a second wind from somewhere and commed the bridge to meet another Vector and the Cayuga. Though what 'distance and time are meaningless' was supposed to signify he had no idea. The Endeavour officer racked his brain for a second, wondering if he knew the ship at all. He decided he didn't, but there were a couple of security officers aboard the Seneca with whom he'd been at the Academy.

Santa Maria. The goddamn Borg. It wouldn't be the last time he'd think about such a complaint, he was sure. And it sure as shit wasn't the first.

"You said that you can make a difference, Doctor. It's time to elaborate."

Ducote returned his attention to the man across the gulf of vacuum between them, waiting for the response. In the back of his mind, though, he couldn't help but feel his opportunities to get his crew the hell away from this deathcan were diminishing. Though sooner or later, he knew they'd have to choose.

I have no idea how to ask them to do that, either.
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[ Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 - The Sword | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya @Top Hat & @Nolan. Optional: @Jm Von Cat , @CanadianVet & @patches 
It took Masuda a moment to tear his dark brown eyes away from the scene inside the open door, hearing the Sword's First Officer asking him questions. He opened his mouth to answer...

...but closed it at again when the tall, dark Bajoran seemed to leap at his intel, ordering the bridge to set a course towards the other Vector and the Cayuga. Evidently, he did not even have to tell them the exact coordinates, which Tovarek had asked for, leaving it to the bridge to get it from the Allegiant't logs. What did Wenn Cinn know that made him so decisive?

In any case, Masuda wouldn't have much to tell them about the state of the Cayuga anyway, since it was quite some time he'd been there, but he did have more to say on the topic of the ships from Sankolov's task force, and how many survivors there were.

"We picked up one survivor, claiming she was from the Arizona, by the name Annika Van den Berg. I don't know if we'd be able to pick up any more, or if there were more out there. The radiation of the battle's aftermath made it difficult to scan, and it was a field kilometers wide. Furthermore, while we entered the debris field to pick up the survivor, two Borg cubes showed up. We hid upon the broken hull of the Ark Royal, until one cube went in this direction, and the other left the debris field behind. My Operations officer from the Cayuga was able to pinpoint eleven starships from Sankolov's fleet, but no evidence of the others being near the battle."

Masuda paused, before adding. "Moreover, we picked up an audio log from the Ark Royal. It was a tactical cube they encountered, the kind we could all read about in the Voyger's logs from the Delta Quadrant. And when we arrived at the scene, it was evident that the cube was destroyed. We learned from the audio log how the last ships, overrun by Borg, sacrificed themselves and the assimilated crew by ramming the cube's shields and thick armour at warp speed. We... also learned why they did it; The Borg Queen was on the cube." Masuda remembered the words of the Andorian captain well. "I don't know if she survived, but this wouldn't be the first time a Borg Queen reappeared, so I think the invasion was merely delayed. Lastly, we didn't sight the other half of Sankolov's task force yet, but they are all likely in the Azure nebula by now, searching for us."

Eventually, after any comments were made on his report, the Commanding Officer of the Sword would open a channel to the Infested Doctor in the holding cell, and asked him to start talking. At first, there was silence through the static of the commlink, but soon enough, the Doctors' lips moved, and his voice could be heard through the control panel.

[You saw the Borg cube, and how it left the nebula through a hidden portal in the heart of this nebula. I don't know if you are aware, but there should be twenty-seven apertures behind the portal that the cube opened. They are subspace tunnels, which even the nameless darkness doesn't know where they all go. What is known, however, is that the Borg invasion always begin the same way, with three cubes first coming through to scout and repel ships close to the nebula. Then, one cube returns through one of those apertures. Then, it takes somewhere between nine to twelve hours, before the full scale invasion begins, and the Federation and Klingon Empires will be lost. Hundreds of cubes march through the subspace tunnels. Billions of lives lost or assimilated. Whole planets destroyed. If the Borg are allowed entry, it ends the same way, the difference being that the darkness will have usurped the mind of the Borg Queen, and the Collective is used to tear everything apart - even the Hive Mind itself lost to chaos in the end.]

Doctor Nicander stepped closer to the force field, staring at the four men through the pocket of lethal gravity.

Masuda frowned at what he heard, the ramifications of what he heard mind-boggling, but the questions were already coming.

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @Nolan 

Ducote's fog of fatigue was encroaching; now that he was leaning on something rather than actively standing straight (in itself a rarity) he was struggling to stay awake. Nicander was making a limited amount of sense to him over the comm, but he got the impression that this wasn't the parasites' first rodeo. Which rather raised the question of how they were supposed to do anything about it - which also took for granted that their one ship could stop hundreds of Cubes in their tracks. And the Queen! The news piled higher and higher, it seemed, threatening to crush him.

Mentally, he shook his head, finally catching an errant little thought that nearly escaped him before. Their ship. Not ours. Almost drunk with tiredness, he clung to his resistance. Some distant, still-able-to-be-intellectual voice in his head claimed it was because 'Theurgy as enemy' was easier to accept than the alternatives. The voice made a note to reexamine his assessments in the morning. And ah, sleep... what a seductive thought that-

" the name Annika van den Berg."

That was what Yukimura had said. Van den Berg. Ducote sharpened a little, and forced himself back onto both feet. His heart beat a little harder in his chest, and a pressure asserted itself in his throat. The Niger hadn't carried the only survivors after all. There were others. There was hope. He wasn't sure if he wanted to shout or vomit.

"Evidently, we need to close those apertures," he said, his voice thick. "I'll have Kaeris volunteer his services to your Science department to help," he nodded to Tovarek. "A couple of the civilians have relevant expertise, too, if you want to ask them." Then he faced Yukimura. Keep it cool.

"I will talk to your Arizona survivor, Lieutenant. Is she still in the landing bay? Or medical?"

His body cried out - yet another thing added to the to-do list before he'd allow himself to rest. And he still needed to talk to his other staff, too. Try and decide just exactly what to do... or at least admit how limited their options actually were. Bleakly, he wondered if he'd have to start a fifth day on his feet...

'Arizona' is a helluva way to say 'Endeavour', anyway.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0001 hrs. ] The Second Path

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[ Lt Simon Tovarek | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]Attn: @Auctor Lucan  @chXinya  @Top Hat 

The Russian scientist listened to the Asian as he unfolded what exactly he had encountered on his way to them. It didn't stop the shivers down his spine to hear that a part of TFA had been obliterated by a tactical cube with presumably the Borg queen aboard. He rolled his tongue against the back of his teeth as he nodded as Masuda reported what the Ark Royal had transmitted. Tovarek couldn't disagree with the choice of the acting captain to make their voyage over to the Stallion. It was both tactically as personally a good choice in Simons mind. He crossed his arms silently before Wenn opened up the channel to Nicander.

The interest of the scientist drawn to the special specimen in their holding cell as Wenn began with a seemingly straightforward conversation with it. The good doctor began to speak once more as his voice filled the room. It felt as if they had ended up in a dark slasher kind of movie that Simon had seen during his university days. Ancient stuff, yet so predictable. He brought his attention back to the now as the broken man before them spilled his guts about the apertures and the impending Borg invasion. The eyes narrowed of the scientist, the invasion seemed unstoppable... Unless they'd find a way to block or close the portals as a whole. His mind shifted to the intelligence that one of the Endeavour folk had downloaded onto the ship computers. Perhaps there was a way to reverse the process or to block it all together. Perhaps... The apertures could be a way out of the nasty situation they found themselves in?

Ducote spoke up next as he wished to see the Arizona survivor, Simon simply looked over at Masuda before looking back at Ducote "Commander, closing the apertures might not be the only option we have. If we can travel through them..." he paused. Ducote wasn't part of this mission, nor of this crew. Having him sentenced along to ride along to a destination unknown might not have been the brightest idea the science officer had at the moment, yet fatigue was striking all of them at this point "Of course, that is if your crew is willing? We could drop you off in the Nebula before we venture further." he corrected himself, he raised his suggestion up to Cinn instead "Captain." he addressed the man now "Perhaps we can intercept the invasion after we met up with the Stallion? Close down or use the apertures to our escape should at least be viable options." he exclaimed as the data needed to be sifted through, yet with the help of the Endeavour crew and perhaps some civilian aids, the process might be quickened.

Lastly Tovarek looked at Nicander "Doctor, can we control these apertures through you? Or do you know of a way on how to use them?" he asked as he narrowed his eyes, truly they couldn't just go on the word of an enemy of their mission. The words Nicander would speak next would have to be checked, cross checked and double checked. Far all they know, the parasite was just toying with them, preparing their futile demise.

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Security Center | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Top Hat

The more Masuda explained the situation the Allegiant had found the worse Cinn felt about the situation.  Task Force Archeron was in the nebula and actively searching for them.  Worse, at least part of them had come across the Borg and were completely torn apart.  He wasn’t sure which was worse, the fact that the Borg had killed more people, or that Admiral Sankolov is likely to find a way to pin their deaths on the Theurgy.  News of a survivor should’ve been a boon to his mood, but he was so tired all it could do was elicit a nod of appreciation.  Ducote jumped right in with a declaration to meet with this van den Berg, and Cinn found himself fighting his ire at that.  “Belay that.  Medical will tend to her first and once they have cleared her only then will someone interview her.  Preferably after said interviewer has had a full night’s sleep.”

Before anyone could say anything else on the subject Nicander stepped up and started with what he knew.  Very little of it was good news.  Hell, it downright was apocalyptic.  If Nicander was right then in half a day the Borg will overrun the quadrant, starting with the Azure Nebula.  That was frightening enough, but if the Collective became a weapon of the parasites then nothing would be safe.  Combining the doctor’s testimony with Yukimura’s report, it was no wonder a queen was on the tactical cube, and he agreed with the idea that she’d be back.  She was always back.

Tovarek was faster on the theorizing than Commander Wenn was, the scientist clearly used to more open discussions than a security man like himself.  Traveling through the apertures themselves in an effort to intercept the Borg wasn’t necessarily an impossible idea, Captain Sisko had famously faced down a Dominion fleet consisting of 2800 ships inside the Celestial Temple.  Escaping the destruction by slipping through and abandoning the Alpha Quadrant to the Borg to save themselves?  Never.  “Now that we know which one the Borg are using, if we have a way to cut the Borg off from these apertures then we will do so.  If we do not…” Cinn stepped up to the forcefield and turned to look at the other three, “then we will make our stand here, doing whatever we can do to slow them down.  We will not abandon the Federation, its fate is ours.”

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[ Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 - The Sword | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @chXinya @Top Hat & @Nolan. Optional: @Jm Von Cat , @CanadianVet & @patches 
Masuda had been about to open his mouth and reply to the Commander in front of him, when Wenn Cinn belayed the request, which he had no choice but to obey. The talk about the apertures and the Borg was underway, and it seemed the Bajoran wanted this enigmatic Commander right there with them while they spoke to the Infested beyond the force-fields. Masuda hadn't been dismissed either, so he remained, hearing the voice from the control panel again, when Nicander replied to Tovarek's question about the apertures.

[I can see through other Hosts, past and present, at great cost... yet I exert no control over spatial phenomena or construct,] said the Doctor, not exactly derisive in his tone as he stared through the gravitational pressure and the two force-fields. [I do know, however, that the subspace tunnels are not safe for travel. Nothing organic makes it through... unless the shields are calibrated against the quantum shear. I can provide the shield harmonics for it, having seen its use many times before, in the cycles so far. This Host you have come to know - me - have travelled through them, more times than I can grasp. This time is different, because I remain in brittle control, all because of the Radiant.]

Nicander raised his mismatched hands - one metallic and one tattooed - and put them against the frame of his doorway. [Heather MacMillan was the key. She, and her people. Her powers restored my sanity during the battle at Starbase 84. The wavelength of her light suppressed the hold of this nameless darkness. I have tried to tell you. We must weaponize that light. We must find the Radiants, because we have - unfortunately - lost MacMillan on the Versant. There is another Host there, for I saw her die. I saw the Infested individual on the Precept-ship vaporise her, right in front of Captain Ives. It was as if... the host taunted the Captain by doing it. Perhaps it revealed to hir... what has been aboard the entire time, right under our noses.]

The Doctor pushed away from the door frame, turning his back on the silent spectators, but his voice could still be heard through the control panel - the words filtered through the static of the commlink. [Since I became myself, I have tried to learn more, and you should be able to find my research in my office. I will provide access to it. As much I can do, without having to delve into the darkness again, and loose myself to the void. I hope... the Rotarran's shield frequency was worth the lives of the people I killed here. I... regret how it used my ire to seep into me. It was the sight of Doctor Maya being struck down in my defence, protecting me and the entire crew from the folly of those guards - or perhaps just their distrust of me and her. Either way, it was enough, when I was already staring into the abyss. Doctor Maya should be commended. Otherwise, I would have been shot... and the ship might have been destroyed. It was her, also, that resuscitated me, against Rez' orders.]

 It seemed like it was important to the Doctor to say this, perhaps out of guilt towards this Maya, whom Masuda had known to be in the Brig since Sonja Acreth's escape.

[That was not all I saw... through the Host on the Versant,] said the Doctor quietly, and Masuda didn't know if he wanted to know - the words of the Infested doctor spelling doom at every turn. [The abducted. I saw them. Deputy zh'Wann... the Ovri... Doctor Saugn... Fighter pilots... All the hybrids taken from our stasis pods... People I didn't recognise, who must have been abducted from other ships, or perhaps survivors of the Borg. It... had to be more than fifty people I saw, stripped and bare to a garish, green light. They were on top of a metallic platform, and they were being dissolved. 'Recycled', I believe the term has been in other Cycles. Their flesh was shed from their trashing bodies, becoming a mist of biomatter... until there was nothing more there. Not even bone or teeth. Their collective matter was... fed into the ship. To sustain the population of Savi, and their experiments.]

Nicander turned around, and it was impossible to see clearly, but the Doctor's face seemed twisted with regret. [I am sorry, but they are all dead. They, and whoever else the Savi abducted. There is nothing for us there, if you entertained an idea to save them from the Savi. Rather, you should do whatever you can to stop the Borg. Before it is too late.]

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @Nolan

He shouldn't have expected his declaration of intent to go unchallenged, really. But Wenn's irritation was answered only with an exhausted sort of exasperation from Ducote. His eyes closed as he fought not to slump on his feet again, very close to the end of the extent of his effort.

"Belay that. Medical will tend to her first and once they have cleared her only then will someone interview her. Preferably after said interviewer has had a full night's sleep."

Maintaining whatever ruse van den Berg was attempting suddenly seemed like a lot more work than he was capable of at the moment. Ducote pinched the bridge of his nose before attempting to scrub some of the sand out of his eyeballs and took a breath. His voice was low, but calm. "I'm not going to interview her, Wenn. I'm going to see if she's alright; she's one of the Tactical officers from the Endeavour. The Arizona was her previous assignment, though I don't know why she gave you that one and not her curr- well, her last." He looked at the dark-skinned Bajoran again. "And as her first officer, I have a duty of care I do not plan to abandon."

Nicander continued, talking about the apertures and how they might be survived. Given the state this part of the ship was in, however, and how the others must be looking by now (assuming Archeron and the KDF hadn't hounded them down yet), he doubted they'd be up to much quantum shear regardless of any particular shield harmonics. His gaze fixed on a place beyond the corner of the bulkhead somewhere while he listened to the incarcerated doctor. Asserting he could see through the eyes of other hosts - something he'd normally not give much credence to but for the trick he pulled with the Rotarran's shield frequencies.

The 'Radiant' seemed interesting, but he'd never heard of them (which wasn't to say that this crew hadn't; MacMillan - and a Human name, too! - was a member of this crew, by context). But if it were as simple as matching a wavelength of light... Ducote shook his head. There was a trick to successfully manipulating people - you seeded the lie with a truth. Seeing through a host's eyes, for instance, was likely true given the events of the battle earlier. Once your conversation partner had accepted that, you could tell them something else with a much greater chance that they'd take it. 'Your crewmates are dead; no point looking for them', for instance. Bonus, describe it in a horrifying way to also demoralise the people to whom you speak. Practically textbook.

[... you should do whatever you can to stop the Borg. Before it is too late.]

"Well, whatever you think of the rest of it," he said, fairly heavily hinting just exactly what he thought of Nicander's speech, "I find myself in agreement with his last point. I still say you should close those apertures - escape some other way, if you can. Doing both seems impractical, and no ship is worth the quadrant. Not the Theurgy, not the Endeavour, not the Enterprise. And while I appreciate the offer of being let off the ship at last," he said, looking at Tovarek, "it seems a little late. If nothing else, I am keenly interested in helping you stop an invasion. The rest..." he fought off another yawn, "is for tomorrow."

Ducote stepped between the other three officers and continued on towards the exit. "I'll be in sickbay," he said, then held a finger in the air as he added, without looking back, "For a sedative!"

And not Annika. Not at all, no siree.
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Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0001 hrs. ] The Second Path

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[ Lt Simon Tovarek | Security Centre | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]Attn: @Auctor Lucan   @chXinya  @Top Hat  

Hearing about the apertures and the need for specific shield harmonics was no surprise. The fact that he offered to give them to the brass did make Tovarek raise a brow. How credible was he? Sure he had helped during the Rotarran charge, yet that was perhaps only his only way to make sure he survived. The shield harmonics could be a trap after all, luring them into whatever parasitic mess awaited them. A conclusion he hoped the others shared along with him.

The ravings about the Radiants was another note that struck Simon's head. He remained silent during the entire expose of the doctor and he looked at Cinn and Ducote respectively as he leaned against the wall next to the opening that gazed out to Nicander's cell. They'd have to research and find out with Heather how her powers made the control of the parasites brittle. If it could be weaponized perhaps or used in future endeavors. Yet they'd have to figure out where Heather McMillan was, he hadn't seen her around lately and he wasn't sure what had happened to her after the away mission.

Tovarek's mind was beginning to wear down as he spoke of Maya who should be commended for her actions. The doctor spewing out too much information as Tovarek's mind had to compartmentalize the most important things. The big bell resounded as a red alert in his head though as he spoke of the survivors on the Versant. Those who had been taken away. He claimed them to be all dead, any hopes for finding them there would be futile. Their attention to be focused on the Borg entirely. Tovarek looked at Cinn, wondering what went on in the big Security man.

This time over Tovarek chose to not reply to whatever Nicander said, leaving it in the capable hands of Cinn to deal with. Ducote in the meantime seemed to jump aboard the idea to stop the Borg, which in fact would be a logical if not deadly option. The man retiring to Sickbay himself for a sedative as he seemed well tired enough to drift into sleep on whatever surface he'd find. Tovarek waited for the man to be gone before he looked back at Cinn.

"Do you think we can believe all he says on his word?" he asked the acting captain "He is infested after all, with no way to tell how much truth it speaks."

Re: Chapter 02: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0001 hrs. ] The Second Path

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Security Center | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Top Hat

When Nicander continued with what he knew, Cinn could only listen in silence, his mind filing away the tidbits about safely traveling through the subspace apertures, how MacMillan was apparently the key in keeping the parasite inside of their doctor under control, his research into such, even his confession as to what happened to the guards that used to be in the antechamber between them.  The Bajoran wondered why the guards saw fit to assault Maya, even if she were to be acting against Dr. Rez’s orders that didn’t merit a beating.  If they were still alive he’d make sure to review the visual logs to find out exactly what happened.

Cinn’s mouth opened to thank the poor soul for what he sad to say but Nicander continued on unheeded (not that he could’ve seen the motion with his back turned the way it was), and without moving a millimeter towards them he managed to take the deck out from under the man.  It was bad enough that these powerful Savi had Infested among them, but with each detail on how it reduced their captured crew, and others, into nothing but fuel.  Everything around him seemed to recede away as his vision twisted into a tunnel of rage that he could barely control.  He could only hope that his face was managing to remain neutral, the feeling had gone out of his face, all of the sensations directed to a growing pulsing in his forehead.

“Thank you Doctor…” was all the Commander could squeeze out of his lips and he killed the commlink between them.  Ducote wasted no time in making his exit, his declaration of going to Sickbay clearly meant to thumb his nose at CInn’s authority, but he just nodded in acceptance, face still locked on the cell on the other side of the vacuum.  Alone with his XO, Simon took the opportunity to talk about what they’d just heard.  “Everything?” Cinn asked in return, rhetorically.  “Of course not, but he was right about the Rotarran’s shield frequency, and the Borg’s arrival.  Get started on that research first chance you get, pull anyone you require.  Put someone on everything we know about subspace apertures as well, we can at least try to independently verify as much of what he said as we can over the next few hours.  We’ll need to get together with Captain Ziegler and Commander Stark with everything we’ve learned.”

Still numb from everything Nicander had said, Cinn couldn’t bring himself to order anything else, or comment on it right now.  “Get those projects started and take your relief Simon.  We’ll be no good to anyone dead on our feet like this.  I’ll see you in the morning.”  Without further word Cinn turned and left the room, his long strides taking him straight to his old office.

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[ Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura | Security Center | Deck 07 | Vector 02 - The Sword | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nolan 
After both Commander - was it 'Ducote'? - and Captain Wenn had left, Masuda found himself alone with Lieutenant Tovarek and the Doctor, who could no longer hear them after Wenn Cinn closed the link. What Masuda had just heard was disturbing on so many levels, ranging from the promised scale of the Borg invasion, to the loss of so many of the Theurgy's crew. Not just that they were dead, but how it was supposed to have happened. He had to take a moment to collect himself, before addressing the Scince Officer and current XO of the ship.

"If you need me, I will be on the Allegiant, since I have no quarters on this Vector. Unless they have already done so, I will instruct those on my away team to report to the Quartermaster, but those that have slept recently today will be aiding in repairs and taking care of the wounded. Personally, I am dead on my feet, so unless there is ought else, I will be retiring for the evening. Before I turn in, however, I'll send the full report about the findings of our mission."

Waiting until he was dismissed, Masuda turned on his heel and left the Security Center.

On the other side of the two force-fields, Nicander still watched Simon Tovarek - the scientist the only officer remaining in sight. His face was unreadable in the dim light, leaving no clue as to his thoughts.


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