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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie ]  Attn: 1) @chXinya 2) @Triton 3) @Nolan 4) @DocReno 5) @Hastata-Nerada 6) @CanadianVet, @Auctor Lucan.

[ Wolves, this is Terror.  Deploy defensive positions around the Sword.  Goldeneye, I suggest you GET. A. GRIP. Shoot to kill but defend the Sword. Show the Klingons what you're made of. ]

“Oh my gosh, this is it,” Tessa muttered to herself.  [ Copy that, Teror, ] she acknowledged as she powered up her AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie and followed the other fighters out of the fighter bay and into the glowing blue haze that was the Azure Nebula.  “We’re launching.  This is it, we’re launching,” she muttered to herself.  “I can’t believe it’s going to end this way.  This is it, we’re finally launching against… the Klingons?” she protested in disbelief when she finally checked her sensor readings.  While waiting in the fighter bay she had ‘zoned out’ into her own little world and hadn’t paid attention to the data being transferred to her fighter from the CIC.  Now she was surprised by the sight of the the IKC Rotarran accompanied by the a horde of three-man IKR NIyma Phantom Raiders.  “The Klingons?  Why are the Klingons trying to kill us?” she asked, completely forgetting or blocking out the memory of the destruction of the IKS Hakkarl and the subsequent shootout in the SuD Lang mining station’s shuttlebay.  “Gosh darn it; is there anybody who's not trying to kill us?”

She was brought out of her musings by the voice of her wingman, Ensign Chrisopher Slayton, callsign “Husker”.  [ Goldeneye, are you okay?  We’re falling behind.  What’s wrong? ]

[ Nothing Husker.  I’m all right.  Just trying to maintain situational awareness. ]

[ It will be okay, Tessa. ] Husker assured her.  [ Just follow Tali.  She’s one of the best pilots in the fleet and nothing can stop her. ]

[ Roger that, Husker, ] Tessa replied as their fighters accelerated.  [ There she is now; preparing to engage.  Let’s go back her up… ] 

Just then the Rotarran fired it’s main guns.  Tali and her wingman T’Zantha didn’t have a chance.  Their Valravns were turned into crimson white fireballs, and it was unlikely that there was enough debris left to fill a cockpit with.

”Aah!” Tessa cried.  A moment of panic was then followed by an uncanny determination as her mind went blank and her training took over.  There was only one thing to do:  engage the raiders at point blank range to make it impossible for the Rotarran to fire at the her and Chris without risking Klingon lives.  So much for staying close to the Sword and running blocker.  Ghost was already engaging them and would need back up.  [ Come on Husker! ] Tessa contacted her wingman, [ We’re going in! ]

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[ Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia | Valravn-Class Interceptor "Chimaera" | Engaging Enemy over I.K.S. Rotarran-U.S.S. Theurgy Vector 2 Contested Space | Heart of the Azure Nebula ]Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Nolan, @Havenborn, @Triage @Blue Zephyr & @Multificionado

"Alert all fighters, weapons free.  Keep those Reapers off of us and if they get any opportunities on the Rotarran's weapons and sensors they take them.  Tactical, concentrate fire on shield emitters and nacelles, I want the Chancellor disabled, not destroyed."

Well, that was that. Alessia maintained her proximity to her target and her squadron as she accelerated into an attack angle against a squadron of raiders peeling out of the Rotarran's hangar bays. Knowing she'd be targeted without pity, owed to Klingon Honor, Alessia held her fire until the enemy was facing her. Fury had done his homework as every turret aboard trained onto that formation without Angel having to lock photons or phasers.

The kinetic weapons' rapid targeting and reactionary arcs were the perfect point defense she needed against those crude but effective Imperial projectiles that her recent posting had made her aware of. Her Valravn already carried more than its fair share of ECM countermeasures and micro-photon torpedoes. Having prepared her hardpoint arsenal for the Borg (to hit them with varying harmonics, ranges and intensity), she carried a single EMP torpedo, which would more than give the Chancellor and his bridge a disadvantage to rival Martok's own wartime injury. Pity; estimates showed that would at least allow for one crippling hit against a Cube. 

Otherwise, the Valravn was an interceptor, and naturally inclined to prevent bombs and other warheads from harming their homebase, rather than inflicting damage against hostile cruisers. Then again, that's what was expected of her back when she flew Peregrines on the Hornet. Alessia manually charged all phaser banks, giving Fury full access to two aft phaser emitters and the anti-fighter warheads.

Hands firmly on their controls, Angel quickly warned Fury to "Hang on!" as she exposed the Chimaera's underbelly to have its aft phasers and kinetic cannons reach onto their painted-- incoming targets. When Salvo gave the order to commence the attack, Angel first steered the elegant twin-hulled fighter into an aileron roll and elliptical thrust that fired its simultaneous arsenal at the incoming raiders as both M-142 RF Mass Driver turrets spewed out lethal kinetic barrages against simultaneous targets in overlapping arcs of fire in beautifully-lethal concert with the Valravn's aft phasers, which fired with Fury's expert moving-target aiming capabilities.

"Splash one! Got a second bandit smokin'!" Fury  cheered briefly as he remained focused, claiming a kill and an injured hit. "Qapla!" he whooped, clenching his facial features as he scanned for targets to the vessel's aft.

"Don't get Klingon on me, vaquero<Cowboy/literally: 'buckaroo'>. If you hit sirillium gas pockets, you won't make it to your own service. -Or- mine, so watch it!" Alessia warned scoldingly but in the same breath, praised him. "Nice shooting, Fury! Keep it to burst-shot and keep your last meal in your guts..." On that remark, Angel banked into the vector but over the path of a second raider, firing a rapid-fire pulse phaser barrage of red-orange hellfire as the Raider passed, tumbled out of its pattern and was slashed by her starboard turret's 4-rounds-per-second projectile fire that combusted the Klingon fighter in a glorious explosion.

Angel maneuvered the craft in an unpredictable, almost erratic approach as the Valravn retrained its forward arsenal against Salvo's coordinates on the fighter. In just a few taps on her tactical screen, she programmed her EMP torpedo to single out the Rotarran's targeting network, in the hopes the chaos that ensued would result in the Sword making use of the Klingon Flagship's blind fire and focus on disarming it and neutralizing its fighters. It would result on the attack run she aligned herself for. 

Wolf Five, Meony, made the first run as Angel aligned up her run to take place just a few moments later.

Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie, Sassy Slayer | The Infinite Coffin | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Nolan, @Havenborn, @Jm Von Cat, @Blue Zephyr & @Multificionado
"Salvo to Meony and Angel. Assuming that we're going to engage the Klingons; Meony I want you to use your Tetryon cannon against the Klingon vessel, open up a small hole for me to drop my Hellbore torpedoes in. Angel and I will cover you. Angel once the shield is down you and Meony will cover me while I drop both Hellbore torpedoes on the target. Salvo out."

“Copy, Salvo.” said Meony. Assuming they were going to engage the Klingons. Pheh. By the redhead's estimate, and knowing Klingons and their tendencies, it was all but guaranteed that they were going to fight. Diplomacy with the Klingon Empire generally involved violence as a demonstration of superiority and the way to earn respect, honour, or just about anything else. It drew a tired, exasperated sigh from her, and made her wish for once to meet with some sweet, gentle and generous aliens that would pop out of warp, offer sympathy and say, “We know it's hard, and we're here to help you. Also, here's lots of chocolate and six million bars of gold-pressed latinum.”

Her vision swam again, and she struggled to force it back into clarity, feeling the pressure in her head building to nearly unpleasant levels.

Thomas Ravon cleared them to go weapons free, and she watched as Alessia break into an attack run, clearing a path for her to make her own run. “Angel, Salvo, Ah'm makin' mah run for th' Rotarran.” said Meony, keying a direct channel to the two of them as she accelerated, setting her mass drivers to automatically target any hostile raiders that got too close to her. She also put her ECM systems to good use, ordering up a higher concentration of anti-targeting software, and scrambling sensors to confuse raider sensors for a while. One raider flew directly into her flight path, and Meony made a corkscrew, firing her pulse phasers and phaser emitters, both fore and aft as it wound around her to avoid collision, to remember her by.

It would live to tell the tale.

The manuever knocked Meony out for a few seconds and her fighter strayed aimlessly long enough for it to be obvious to anyone observing that something was wrong. “Oh God!” Meony came to, her private channel to Alessia and Daniel still open, “Ah'm okay...Ah'm okay...” she quickly pulled her craft back to its original flight path, and extended her tetryon cannon. Her right nostril was getting blocky. She could smell copper and knew she was bleeding again. Not yet, please. Not yet! She set her cannon to manual targeting, not trusting the Sassy Slayer's unwieldly handling of the cannon for what would be a delicate assault plan.

But before that, “Wolf Fahve, Eagle One!” she announced, sending out her first EMP torpedo, she was aiming at the Rotarran. Once the torpedo impacted, she let fly with her Tetryon cannon, using the primary firing mode first, painting a pretty picture for Daniel and Angel to follow up with later, and then switched to the secondary mode after a few shots. Azure blue bolts shot forth in a single stream rain of shield-rupturing splashes against the flagship of Martok, strafing all the way to the aft section, hopefully opening up vulnerabilities that would lead all the way to the ship's engines. It was too late to do anything about the hangar bays, but they could try to disable or even weaken the cruiser's warp capabilities, buy the Sword and the Wolves some respite. It was all they could do now.

Finishing her strafing run, she quickly reported, “Door's open, Salvo. Movin' t' cover ya!” She banked her fighter hard to port, and flanked Daniel once her turn was completed. She readied her cluster bombs and phaser cannons to lay down cover fire for the lead wing.

This is Meony's fighter's current armament

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[ Lt. Kai Akoni | Battle Bridge | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

The dark skinned Bajoran in command had tried his best, but Chancellor Martok had other things in mind. Both this part of the Theurgy and the fighters stationed aboard her were under attack. Despite the amount of fighters out there, the Theurgy still took hits. As Kai was reading the display in front of him; which displayed reports from the security teams all over the ship, he realized he was currently, for all intents and purposes, useless. There was literally nothing for him to do other than stare at the screen.

The ship once again rocked violently to the right, even though the inertial dampeners kept the sudden movement from being worse than it could be. Simultaneously, a console a few metres away erupted in a shower of sparks. Kai looked over to see if anyone was injured or needed assistance. The bridge was darkened, with the usual red flashing lights lighting it up more on a regular interval. Kai noticed that a slight haze hung in the air and smelt the acrid smoke as well.

Kai was observing the crew as they responded to the crisis, noticing they were as good as any crew he had served with. This was no surprise as they were Starfleet officers and were well trained. Multiple officers all over the bridge kept yelling out reports to the man in command as the battle ensued. The ship then rocked again, this time to the left as sparks erupted from what was presumably an EPS conduit in the ceiling above his console. Kai instinctively lowered his head and covered the back of his head with his right hand. The sparks showered down onto Kai without causing any injuries or burns. He was left slightly off balance, but quickly resumed his steady stance at the console.

The large man wondered how long the Theurgy would survive this battle; or if they’d actually survive it at all. Kai pondered if it might be a more tactically sound move to withdraw and regroup..but lucky for him, he wasn’t in command.

The console in front of Kai chimed, which interrupted his thoughts. He turned to it and saw displayed a text message reading 'Nicander willingly giving intel of presence of multiple apertures, Borg presence, and indicates connection to other infested. It seems as if he can see what they see. Relocating to Brig under heavy escort.'

Kai immediately took action on this and ordered some of the roving security officers to assist in relocating Nicander to the brig. He sent an extra 4 security personnel to assist; either to escort or to clear the way, was up to the crewmembers down there. Kai almost signed his name on the orders, before remembering and erasing it and just marking it as bridge.

Kai turned from the console and raised his voice to be heard over the commotion, "Captain! Nicander is giving intelligence about multiple aperatures, Borg presence and a possible connection to the other infested. They're moving him to the Brig now".

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[ Lt JG Nator 159 | Battle Bridge | Deck 01 | The Sword ] Attn: @chXinya @Auctor Lucan @steelphoenix 

It had been too much to hope that Wenn would be able to convince Martok of the truth of their escape from the site of the death of his son. The Hermat sighed quietly in hir seat, though not out of any particular exasperation or negative judgement at their captain's attempt, and not even really at the Chancellor's response. Mostly it was a sigh of resignation. Not for the first time, s/he wondered if s/he had been brought out of stasis last week, or if this were some unrousable comatose nightmare.

Straightening in hir seat, s/he set about ensuring damage control teams were on high-standby, ready to go, and adequately supplied. Nator had to brace hirself against the console stanchion as the first salvo from the Rotarran's prodigious forward battery slammed into their shields. S/he swore quietly to hirself as s/he watched the field integrity count down from its not-entirely-brilliant starting number. Wenn barked orders behind hir, while hir fingers flew over the console to balance system priorities in concert with the bridge's Engineering station. Between the heaving manoeuvres and the incoming fire, avoiding mistyping a command was becoming troublesome.

One of the Endeavour crew - mercifully, a quiet one who tended to speak only when he had something useful to say, rather than the more combative example s/he'd seen from the Bactrican's superior so far - spoke up over the new level of noise to make a few suggestions. Nator spared some attention to weigh what he said, not enjoying the prospect of trying to project ship-scale holograms into the Azure given the likely power requirement.

S/he twisted in hir seat to look back at the man who was speaking, and the one in the centre seat.

"Captain, I should be able to modify our deflector to induce such a resonance in the Rotarran's shield array." The briefest of pauses, punctuated by another lurch in the deck as a heavy disruptor bolt found its mark. "I'm less certain about the hologram part."

A small alert (amidst a sea of other alerts) on hir console pulled hir attention back while s/he awaited the final word - shield bleedthrough meant that the last shot had overloaded a section of the EPS grid amidships. Plasma flow was already re-routing, and a damage control team was standing by to get in there as soon as the alpha radiation dropped to a safer level.

Content to let that handle itself, s/he instead scooted to the far half of hir console and wiped that part of it back to standard config before bringing up deflector control. Nator began to program it to generate a shaped-pulse isomagneton burst that should play merry hell with the Rotarran's shield grid. Power allocation would have to come later, pending the Word being given, but there was no sense having a seconds-long lead-up for if they did want to deploy it. A quick simulation indicated better-than-even chances of success. It'll have to do.

Beggars, as the saying went, could hardly be choosers.

Amidst it all, hir badge chirped. [Ensign McArthur to Ops. Requesting site-to-site transport of Drs Nicander and Maya, Petty Officers Varder, Bremmer, Taer to the temporary brig ASAP.]

"Acknowledged, Ensign. Locking on... energising." At least the energy requirement for a five-person site-to-site was trivial compared to that required by even one Vector in active engagement under Red Alert. Hir display showed the five new biosignatures appear in the indicated holding cell in the brig.

[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Battle Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @trevorvw @patches @Doc M. @Jm Von Cat @CanadianVet

[... We'll have words if and when we get out of this alive.]

A complicated series of expressions chased each other across Ducote's face as Rawley finished her nonpology. At length they settled into a sort of baffled amusement. The lieutenant - who, according to the Starfleet that Ducote still served, was nothing more than a well-trained criminal civilian at the moment - was going to 'have words' with the commander. All right. Sure. It wasn't even the weirdest thing he'd heard today. He glanced over to Kai though, as if to check that he had heard correctly, before shaking his head to himself and looking back at his console. If she hadn't picked up the sarcasm in his barb, maybe she wasn't fit to fly. And wasn't that a sobering thought in their current predicament?

Hell, if we do make it through this, I might even indulge her and head down to the bay for a chat. Probably be good for a laugh. In the meantime, he merely closed the channel to the fighter without comment.

The entertainment he felt quickly faded as he took in the wider situation again, though. Martok was unimpressed with Wenn's speech, as Ranaan had feared. At least when the orders had to go out as the Rotarran opened fire, the Bajoran found a talent for concision after all. Ducote bent his knees to absorb the shudders in the deck that the inertial dampers couldn't catch, and braced himself against the ship's manoeuvres.

Having little to do unless the Klingons decided to get up close and personal, Ducote kept an eye on the holo display to watch the looping movements of the two fighter screens. The pragmatist in him had always questioned the use of manned combat-capable small-craft in this age of computer-predicted firing patterns and supra-lightspeed munitions, but a deeper-set part of his brain did consider them, to use the technical parlance, fucking cool. There was an old romantic air to the aerospace fighter ace that was hard to deny. But given the choice of being caught in a flying tin can between a cruiserweight ship like this part of a dreadnought and whatever flavour of battleship the Rotarran counted as, and not doing that, he would always favour the latter.

Akoni brought his attention back to the room as they received a message. Any remaining shred of his amusement at Rawley's antics faded completely as the implications settled in. He looked up the escort detail assigned to Nicander and composed a return message.

[TO: Security Centre, Dr MAYA, PO1 VARDER, R., PO2 BREMMER, E., PO2 TAER, K.
FROM: Bridge Security
RE: Nicander

Use any means to sedate subject ++immediately++. He is currently a critical risk to operational security. Recommend resuscitation only when under interrogation conditions.]

The last thing they needed was the infested doctor bringing down Archeron on their heads right now. He didn't think it too likely that Martok would call for them out of regard for appearing to need their help, so that left the energy output of their battle acting like a flare in the nebula. With any luck, the nature of the cloud itself stood some chance of masking that too. So the greatest risk of detection lay with their extradimensional mole.

Oh, for the days of boring-ass lunar surveys...
Nator 159: "I accept no responsibility for the ensign's manifest stupidity. Sir." [Show/Hide]
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[ Ensign Jaya Thorne | Battle Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Jaya sat there, listening, her console beeped, and she grunted. That nosey little… She thought as the officer from the crew of the endeavor seemed to try and gain a stronger hold on her console, that, she wasn’t going to allow and tapped a few keys, sending a message to him that read: Nu-uh sir, you can look, but no touching! As his PADD would shake a bit, his new controls blocked by a feedback code.

That being done, she noticed that the Chancellor was definitely not responding well to LCDr. Wenn’s diatribe and things we’re gonna get hairy any second now. They definitely did get hairy a moment later.

The Klingon fighters began engaging theirs, she was not so worried about them so much, their pilots had proven to be of exceptional caliber and would do well against the Klingon single mindedness and bloodlust if they used it against them. Her hands flew over her console as she quickly “kicked” the vector into action, the large vector surging forwards and to the side, angling itself as it started circling the commencing battle around in a curved flanking maneuver designed to both give them a bit of distance from the fighter generated spaceborne furball as well as a cleaner shot on the Rotarran.

“Sir I’m giving tactical the best angle I can for the largest number of weapons to fire on the Rotarran on our first pass as well as give our fighters some support!” She stated as the “Sword” rapidly gained speed, she was hoping that even just 1/3 of The Theurgy packed enough punch to give the Negh’Var Carrier a run for its money. “Here’s hoping we can make a dent Commander!” She said in a calm, matter of fact statement, eyes cold, focused, hands deftly flying, inputting maneuver sequences at a swift pace, along with secondary and tertiary sequence optionals just in case. Jaya was in the one and would fly this lady like she stole her if she had to.

It was as if all her nervousness and insecurity were both gone, evaporated into the ether and left behind only a focused, ready machine, one designed to fly their vector and help them win this fight, a fight that, yes, LCdr. Wenn had attempted to prevent and failed. Since Chancellor Martok was so determined to fight them, she would give the old warrior as good a show as she could and would do her best to do exactly that.

She furrowed her brow as she maneuvered the Vector around, hoping to take position in a way to help support their fighters with fire from their mothership. “Starboard side weapons should have a good shot now!” She said out loud so the officer manning the weapons console could hear. She kept the ship maneuvering in order to both give fire support and try to get at the Chancellor’s ship for some attacks on it. “Let’s hope we can hold our own.” She stated matter-of-factly as the battle unfolded around them and they were jumping right in to help their Warp Fighters.

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[ Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia | Valravn-Class Intercetor "Chimaera" | Engaging Enemy over I.K.S. Rotarran-U.S.S. Theurgy Vector 2 Contested Space | Heart of the Azure Nebula ]Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Nolan, @Havenborn, @Triage @Blue Zephyr & @Multificionado

"Alert all fighters, weapons free.  Keep those Reapers off of us and if they get any opportunities on the Rotarran's weapons and sensors they take them.  Tactical, concentrate fire on shield emitters and nacelles, I want the Chancellor disabled, not destroyed."

"Salvo to Meony and Angel. Assuming that we're going to engage the Klingons; Meony I want you to use your Tetryon cannon against the Klingon vessel, open up a small hole for me to drop my Hellbore torpedoes in. Angel and I will cover you. Angel once the shield is down you and Meony will cover me while I drop both Hellbore torpedoes on the target. Salvo out."

Once those two hostiles were dealt with, Angel and Fury's weapons output sufficient cover fire to do protect Salvo and Meony's fighters from starting their attack run as phasers and turrets continued to turn to face the inbound Klingon Squadron now either breaking off for other fighters, the Sword, or the three of them. Angel turned to face these pursuers, jinking her Valravn in the time it took to bob and weave out of the incoming disruptor fire, which Fury all too eagerly answered to. "Immelman turn!" Alessia warned as her RIO acquired a lock with another microphoton as Alessia fired a diagonally-aimed phaser burst as her fighter pulled up, meters above and behind the fighter she'd crippled, and which Fury's torpedo finished off.

"Copy!" Fury groaned in his seat as his pilot conducted a 'roll-off-the-top- turn which translated as a fancy U-turn that rotated the fighter on its horizontal access, giving the onboard primary weapons an arc to hit any pursuers or would-be enemy torpedoes. At that moment, though, Alessia picked up the attention of one of the Rotarran's gunners, who timed his shot on this interceptor in conjunction with a raider lying in wait. Angel trusted the ECM module pod her fighter packed as well as both hers and Vinnie's turrets only so far. More so as she accelerated into the aft position of her squad. Meony hailed them, conducting a similar evasive maneuver as her fighter skillfully corkscrewed around a bandit.

“Angel, Salvo, Ah'm makin' mah run for th' Rotarran.”

"Angel copies, Meony. I got your six!" Alessia replied. Noticing that the Valkyrie suddenly went stiff on its vector. Angel noticed and feared that if her wingmate didn't keep an unpredictable pattern, any half decent Klingon gunner would blast her out of the stars. "Meony! Carajo!<Dangit!> You're Drifting! Eyes up, Ensign!" Alessia kept her distance a few dozen meters behind and above to stay out of any stray fire that could have hit her instead of Salvo or Meony. Sensing that Something was wrong with Wolf-Five, Alessia armed her EMP missile. She locked on, ready to fulfill her wingmate's role if.... whew. The Tetryon cannon fired

“Oh God!” Meony replied. “Ah'm okay...Ah'm okay...” After a tense moment, Alessia heard an old weapons fire announcement not heard since flight school or the Dominion War. “Wolf Fahve, Eagle One!”

Having a clear path now to follow up, Alessia got tone as she locked on and fired her EMP Missile. Previously, she had scanned and located the Rotarran's targeting systems and the disruptor batteries most likely to deliver energy damage to the Sword and inflict point defense damage against the Wolves. The Bigger they are... she thought as she announced "Wolf 10, Eagle One! EMP Missile away! The missile flew on target as Alessia pulled away, exposing as much of her weapons' hardpoints as she could to inflect as much hardpoint damage as she could during her escape path out away from the carrier in time for hers and Meony's EMP torpedoes to even the odds. The attack hadn't concentrated on the hangar bays, but given the calculus of the Sword's weapon systems and fighters against initially only 2 dozen raiders had been something of a first-round victory. Or it would be once Salvo released his ordnance.

Angel's strafing run didn't go as unopposed as she'd hoped; though the gunner below could no longer fire the round that would've destroyed the Valravn, his ally in space did. She banked reactively in time to veer out of a waiting Raider, whose disruptor bolts had made a bid to avenge the successful attack on the raider's mothership, and threatened to contain Angel within its afterblast. After taking a one-two punch that sounded like a sudden metallic-energetic 'zap!', Angel's fighter took a hit, but Angel reactively made a beeline for the fore of the flagship's bow, crossing the Rotarran's bridge, only to cut downwards, stop her engine enough to let her pursuer follow a ghost vector and summarily wind up in Fury's gunsights. "Light him up, Vinnie. … Fury?" Alessia didn't have time to check her RIO's lifesigns when Fury didn't reply in the heat of the moment. No response out of her RIO was terrifying, and at that moment, avenging against the fighter who'd gotten a hit on her Valravn wasn't at all assuring. Alessia vengefully expended additional phaser bursts to this fighter for all on the bridge to see, before she re-entered the fight.

Not when she had to regroup with her squad and continue to provide overwatch. One more kill thus far and her fighter would be an Ace in a Day, but glory wasn't even close to the top of her priorities. But she did manage to get a menacing glare off at the Bridge of the Chancellor's flagship as she banked forward and trained all weapons to bear in another attack against the fighters themselves, targeting anyone going after either Valravn. Alessia attempted several more times to contact Fury. His vitals were still breathing and her fighter hadn't been breached that she could detect, but something was off; Even a Morse Code hail didn't work. "Angel to Salvo, Razor: My RIO's down, status unknown; likely just incommunicado. Our fighter's intact, plenty of fight in both of us. Confirm and advise?" 


Angel's current Valravn Weaponry
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
"You're not the only one with a gun,"

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[ CPO Liam Herrold | Tactical CONN Briefing Room | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr  @Masorin
To be honest, Liam hadn't expected the kind of reaction he got, thinking that somehow - somewhere - she was aware about how they were risking their positions in the fighter bay by having sex in public places. He had just wanted her to settle down a bit, tried to make her see how having sex on top of Sten's desk just to spite him was not constructive in that regard. And now, this spectacle, with her chewing him out about wanting to keep a low profile, right in earshot of the Gorn? It was as if she either didn't realise the implications of his request, or she just didn't care about his feelings. Did she want to flaunt him as some kind of trophy in everyone's sight, as if to prove a point?

"Shh, keep your voice down," he whispered in a strained voice, glancing in the direction in which Sithick was working, hoping he wasn't able to hear them, even if the chances were all but gone. Ji had completely dismissed what he'd said about Sten, making him think she knew the risks but didn't want to talk about what she was up to. "I don't want to hide you, that's not the point. I..."

Taking a deep breath, Liam ran both his hands through his hair, and exhaled. "I just meant on the deck, obviously. I am not ashamed of you, but I do think it is impossible to remain professional around you if you go about and... taunt the Chief by wanting to have sex in and around the flight deck, and I can't restrain myself when you do so either. I just... don't want the deck crews and the Chief see us when we're on duty. I think it sends the wrong signals, and it might cause your mechanics and my technicians to loose focus entirely. The Heads of Avionics and Spaceframe, they might start to think I'm giving you favours, covering for you, and they will start to cause us both grief. They begin reporting things to Covington, and he's already transferred you off-ship once because he didn't want you around, thinking it was wrong to be with you. That certainly tells me what he thinks about interpersonal relationships, or having a relationship with one of his subordinates. Don't you think he'll think the same about you and me?"

He reached out, putting his hands on her shoulders, looking her in the eye. He tried to find a smile, but he wasn't sure he succeeded. He still kept his voice down because of he Gorn. "I want to be with you, but while I am worried about us, you take every cha-"

Then, the whole room was cast sideways, throwing them off their feet. Liam didn't cry out, but he tried to grab a hold on the shelf - eyes wide. He merely managed to grab the edge of an emitter housing, and it slid off the shelf in his fall. He landed heavily, the air leaving his lungs, and the emitter casing hit his knee. He cried out, thirty kilos of metal smashing his leg against the deck plating. When one of the casings fell of the shelf, the rest followed, eight more tumbling down in the commotion.

The ship was hit. Is it the Borg? he wondered, fighting down the panic - both Ji and him unaware about the Klingon ship that had just opened fire against the Sword. Regardless the enemy, Liam was stuck, and perhaps his girlfriend as well. "Ji!"

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[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Battle Bridge | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]
Climbing back to his feet, Tyreke Okafor had a gash from the edge of the science console across his bare head. While the rest o the bridge had descended into instinctual battle operations, which was supposed to keep their fear from taking over as much as effectively fight back against the enemy, the scientist grimaced when he saw the blood on his hand. He heard Wenn Cinn tell him to do something about the Rotarran's shields, to forget about the appertures, and he looked up at the twenty-seven sillouettes on his screen, knowing that while they may have found the way the Borg could enter the Alpha Quadrant, there was nothing they could do about it.

"Aye, Captain," he said in his heavy Beninese accent, clenching his teeth as he closed the sensor screen. The ship shook again, sparks lighting the sweat on his brow, but he defied the stress of the situation in order to think clearly. Head hurting, and still caught up in his earlier findings, and his mind yet to reboot, it was Vael Kaeris that made the suggestion about using a magnetic resonance. Nator 159 supplemented the idea with using the auxiliary deflector mounted at the tip of the Sword. "Good thinking... Nator, do it! When ready, fire the deflector on the Captain's command! As for the photonic distraction... our shield emitters have been calibrated to ward off radiation, and we have even managed to install Ensign ch'Xinya's particle sensors into them." Another hit, and Tyreke clung to the science console. "Mawo! I'm a biologist, but I am certain we can't make them pull triple duties as holo-emitters as well, at least not here and now."

The large man from the Endeavour - Kai Akoni - called out, saying things about Nicander which made Tyreke frown. See what they see? he thought, frowning, eyes darting over the screens as he tried to think, trying to ignore the pain. "Is that how the Klingons could find us? Did Nicander see... No, he was sedated," with a deep frown, he looked towards the Rotarran. Could it be..? "Captain, the Doctor could aid us, yet it might be dangerous."

He looked towards Wenn Cinn in the center seat. Both of them had mixed feelings about Nicander, but Tyreke knew the Bajoran had called the Doctor his friend. As he locked eyes with Captain Wenn, Tyreke reckoned he saw the same thought in the Commanding Officer's eyes. Tyreke would never give such an order himself, not with the stakes involved, but perhaps Wenn Cinn might. Another barrage from the Klingon flagship slammed against the Sword's shields, and Tyreke felt like a moth in a storm.

Ensign Thorne, at the helm, was shouting that tactical was about to get an opportunity to fire, and Keval ch'Rayya might have acknowledged her, and fired as suggested. Only another barrage of disruptor fire hit the Sword, and if Lieutenant ch'Rayya hadn't leapt back in time, he would have been caught in the blast. "Shelat!" he cursed, stepping out to the side. Unfortunately, the deckhead above him gave away, and the edge of the plating caught him at the base of his neck, before he was buried under the weight. Cables were bared, and danced like snakes above the debris, spraying sparks across the deck.

"Aft shields are gone, Captain... and we have Klingon boarding teams on decks eleven, thirteen and sixteen." A female voice, and Tyreke didn't recognise it immediately. "They got aboard before we could regenerate. Current overall shields at thirty percent," added T'Less, who had resorted to using a PADD instead of the broken console. The Vulcan's voice was tight but even, despite how they might have lost the Chief Tactical Officer.

Okafor did a double take, seeing that her hair was short, always having thought her hair was longer. Odd, how he'd notice something like that, given the situation. The Vulcan raised her eyes to Jaya Thorne. "Helm, take us around for another pass. We need attack patterns Beta Two followed by Beta Three. A full spread of quantum torpedoes readied. Ops, we need more power to forward phasers for this charge, but prioritise shields, else we might not make it all the way."

Tyreke looked away from the Vulcan, wondering how hard he'd hit his head - imagining that she used to have another name.

[ High Chancellor Martok, son of Urthog | Bridge | Negh'Var Heavy Carrier IKC Rotarran | Azure Nebula ] Attn: All
Seated in the center of the Rotarran's bridge, Martok, son of Urthog, felt invigorated by battle at last. For too long, he had been mediating and held the Empire together. Now, he would finally break something apart.

"Take us around for another one," he snarled through his teeth, his glare unflinching as he stared at the viewscreen, having made a full turn and unloaded all their charged disruptor cannons into the hindside of the rogue ship. As for the Rotarran, it's damages were far from critical, and he already felt victorious.

"Aye, Chancellor!" called Helmsman Ch'Targh, who manoeuvred the Negh'Var carrier as if it was as lithe as a Bird of Prey.

"We managed to transport three boarding parties before they got their aft shields back!" his weapons and security officer, N'Garen, called in grim triumph, before continuing to speak. "I suggest we push forth, and fire torpedoes as we go. We should not relent until she is completely adrift! Or better yet... we just watch her get torn apart."

Martok wanted to grant the woman her request, yet his remaining eye espied the efforts of the warp fighters, and how they were coordinating a strike through a hole in the Rotarran's shields, using their unique firing solutions - primed for up-close usage against enemy shielding. Prototype fighters or not, Starfleet Command had kindly enough informed him about what he was up against. "Stand by, N'Garen. We have glob flies to smite." He raised a hand towards seven warp fighters that were closer than the rest. "Inform Doran that those are the priority for her Phantoms... while the Rotarran fire against the unsuspecting flies in the back of their formation. Ready pulse disruptors... and fire at will. Then... we move in for the Theurgy's throat."

"Aye, Chancellor," said N'Garen. "Bridge to Phantom Leader! Concentrate efforts on the fighters closest to the Rotarran!"

[We hear you, bridge! Raiders, follow me!] came the voice from Doran, daughter of W'mar, and on the viewscreen, the green raiders all swivelled and came in hard against the Raiders that were about to try and pierce the Rotarran's shields - green brilliance filing the screen.

Martok's glare remained, carved in stone, as the Rotarran began to target the warp fighters at a distance. One by one, they were caught in the streams of disruptor fire, and when their feeble shields gave away, they detonated - creating yellow flares against the Azure Nebula's backgrop. As he had watched them get destroyed, one by one, Martok had begun to sing under his breath - his lips moving against his fangs.

Qoy qeylIs puqloD.
Qoy puqbe'pu'.
yoHbogh matlhbogh je SuvwI'
Say'moHchu' may' 'Iw.
maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'.
nI'be' yInmaj 'ach wovqu'.
batlh maHeghbej 'ej yo' qIjDaq vavpu'ma' DImuv.
pa' reH maSuvtaHqu'.
mamevQo'. maSuvtaH. ma'ov.

By the time he had finished, the rest of the bridge crew had joined him, and they had destroyed three warp fighters.

Meanwhile, the Phantoms were in full engagement with the survivors, and it was time to advance. "Charge her!"

OOC: I will post with Nicander after (Suggested PO) 1) @Doc M. 2) @Jm Von Cat and 3) @CanadianVet have posted, setting the scene in the Security Center. The fighters destroyed (see above) are Wolf-06 (Husker), Wolf-09 (Witch King & Aria), and Wolf-11 (Catscratch & Vagabond). Earlier, when the Rotarran first opened fire, Wolves 07 and 08 were destroyed (Terror, Shocker, Sniper & Bear). Feel free to illustrate their deaths through comm traffic if you feel like it. No destroying of more than two raiders per post, but there are no more NPC fighters to destroy lest you want your primary characters to ETS back aboard the Sword (or die). Seven days of posting for all begins today, and on the bridge and among the Lone Wolves, there is no set posting order. Here's the bridge crew: [Show/Hide]
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Primary Surgical Suite, Main Sickbay, CMO Office: [Show/Hide]
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[ Lt. Kai Akoni & Cmdr. Ranaan Ducote | Battle Bridge | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Joint post with @Top Hat

Kai and Ducote manned the security station on the bridge as best they could. The ship was taking a beating from the Rotarran, but wasn't out of it yet. With most impacts came a shower of sparks that rained down on various parts of the bridge, a dismayingly-early sign of how stressed their infrastructure was by this assault. Fortunately (depending on viewpoint), the two men had little to do at the moment but spectate. Nicander and the security team had been transported to the security centre, all the areas they had picked to be fortified had been secured, and the security teams throughout the ship were in position. 

As Kai finally had the opportunity to take a breath, fate - or rather, the Klingons - had other ideas. The ship shook violently from a large impact, sending the officer manning the Tactical station recoiling from his seat in time to be laid out flat by a collapsing segment of the deckhead.

The console before them erupted in intruder alerts, as a new voice called out, "Aft shields are gone, Captain... and we have Klingon boarding teams on decks eleven, thirteen and sixteen. They got aboard before we could regenerate. Current overall shields at thirty percent."

Kai tapped a few keys on the console and brought up the plans for those decks in front of them. Ducote ran his finger over the deck listing, reading as fast as he could. Deck eleven held, among other things, sickbay; deck thirteen noted deflector control and deck sixteen contained the fighter assault bay. Kai could see Ducote's gears turning as fast as they could possibly go, a grimace on the older man's face. They had set up for a Borg incursion, not a Klingon one - potentially, a single drone stood a reasonable chance of taking the whole ship if it managed to take charge of any of the places they had reinforced already. Which is why places like 'deflector control' were left to their usual readiness - the Borg wouldn't care too much about it once they started assimilating the crew. But a Klingon boarder would want those shields down to allow for reinforcements... or just to allow their vessel to pound the Theurgy to dust. Ducote's index finger drifted back up the screen and stopped on the listing for deck thirteen before tapping it twice. Kai turned to Ducote, who similarly turned to Kai at the same time, his empathy picking up on the unspoken request.

"This isn't the Endeavour, but our fates are tied. If you want to head down and take charge, I'll send teams to meet you. Arm yourself on the way."

Kai nodded at the Commander, and returned a clipped "Aye, sir," as he made his way to the turbolift.

Ducote watched the large man board the turbolift and then turned back towards the security console. His fingers flew across the flat and smooth console in front of him; issuing orders to any available security personnel to reinforce deflector control. He prioritised any team already in exosuits, or near the lockers.

"Mister Nator," he called forward to Ops. "Do I have power available for internal force fields?"

If he could funnel the Klingons into ambushes, or split the boarding teams into smaller parts to be pinned down and neutralised, all the better.

The turbolift approached deck thirteen and Kai could feel the adrenaline coursing through his veins. His pulse was fast and his breathing was elevated. The turbolift slowed to a halt and the doors hissed open. As Kai looked out into the corridor, he noticed it was darkened. Around the bend he noticed the glow produced from both Starfleet phasers and Klingon disruptors. He heard the screams and yells from Starfleet and Klingons alike. He took his first step out on to the deck plating and started jogging towards the action.

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[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie, Winterbourne | Azure Nebula] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Havenborn @Triage @Triton @Doc M. @chXinya


Rawley wondered when her neck was going to stiffen up, indication of whiplash. She did make such a sharp turn, after all. Her nose was still bleeding freely, but she didn't care. All that mattered was the battle. She could see she had a limited number of torpedoes, so she diverted some power to the weapons. Her phasers now spewed harder and managed to rip apart a Raider. She heard someone over the comms chatter.

[Witch King to Ghost. Leave some for the rest of us, won't you?] came the call, a male voice with amusement.

"Ghost to Witch King," called Rawley through comms, tasting her flowing blood as she spoke. "Are yeh feeling namby-pamby back there? This party's waiting for yeh, so move yer arse!"

Witch King scoffed over comms and said, [I'll show you namby-pamby, motherf...]

But then he got cut off with a scream...and then nothing.

"Witch King? Hullo, Witch King, come in!" Rawley screamed. A look down at her sensors, past the small pool of blood accumulating on it, and saw that the Rotarran had taken out three fighters at the rear of their formation. Witch King must've been one of them...along with his RIO, considering the new Valravns. Wolves Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Eleven were gone. That's almost half the pack gone, including most of the new Valravans...Rawley had to scoff. If they were so top-of-the-line, how the bugger did they not stand a chance?

To make matters worse, the Phantom Raiders seemed to be accumulating, and focusing their attacks on the remaining pack.

She knew she was seething, that with all that's been going on. Losing some of the pack, most of which she never had a chance to get to know, meant getting so close to the bloody edge all it took was a gentle tap.

"Hope this will teach yeh not to mess with wolves, yeh wankers," she growled with soft fury. "I am so sorry to do this to yeh, Chancellor."

[ Kohor of the House of Korath | Cockpit | Phantom Raider Kangar | Azure Nebula]

[Raiders, follow me!]

The call came from the Phantom commander, Doran, and Kohor followed along with his wingmate. He can see that the rest of the squadron were coordinating their efforts on the remaining fighters.

That suited Kohor just fine. Because there was one Theurgy fighter that got his attention the most.

Kohor had been keeping a particular eye on that fighter. This one held his attention more than the rest of the traitors. There was something odd about this. This one didn't fight in the usual manner of Federation fighters. Again, he wondered if this pilot would've been worthy of a Klingon.

"Worthy of a Klingon as you may be," he said with intrigue yet indignation, "you still serve the traitors, and it is an honor to fight you in battle."

Now it seemed this fighter was slowing down, within proximity to the Rotarran's shields.

"What in Kahless is that targ doing?" he muttered aloud.

His fellow co-pilots merely shrugged, as curious about this fighter as they were.

After a moment, the fighter dumped a pod which dispersed pieces of...whatever was in it, and took off to rejoin the fight.

"You picked a bad moment to dump your garbage," Kohor scoffed, before opening comms to his wingmate. "Kohor to Phantom Raider Korg. Close ranks around this targ! We'll cut off its retreat!"

As unsportsmanlike as it was, in war, there is nothing more honorable than victory.

"It shouldn't be too hard, Lieutenant," said one of his co-pilots. "The fighter is still slowing down."

Kohor looked at him, then looked back...and then he narrowed his eyes. What was this? Was this another trick from the traitors?

"Are you following that fighter through its sensor readings?" he demanded.

"Yes, why?"

"So, care to explain to me why we’re closing ranks on a pile of garbage?"

It was true. He only looked back a second and the fighter was gone. Almost fast enough to go to warp speed. He and his wingmate closed ranks instead on the pile of garbage. Kohor was not as technologically sound as his father Korath, who was as much a tinkerer as he was a warrior, but it didn't take the stupidest of warriors to figure out that the pile of garbage seemed to contain the fighter's signature. He lost his quarry.

[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie, Winterbourne | Azure Nebula]

Rawley was feeling sweat as well as blood. Those wankers nearly had her. Fortunately, she knew what took up her ordinance, and she knew an ECM pod when she saw one. At least it was enough of a diversion to scarper from the two Phantoms chasing her. She lost them for the time being. Rawley couldn’t help but wonder if those wankers stuck to her like mosquitos. Maybe because she had taken out the rest of his chums.

“Sod them,” she muttered to herself.

As good as it was to lose them, the battle wasn't over yet.

So far almost half their squadron from the pack was gone. Five bloody fighters. And the odds were still bad. All she had left was the Hellhound cluster bomb and the Micro Torpedoes. Fat chance to unload them all at once. She was saving the Hellhound for last resort. As for the Micro Torpedoes...sod them. Save them for the time being. She'd keep her phaser fire going as much as possible, but the Klingons were still going strong. The odds were still in their bloody favour.

It was going to look like a long bloody night...or a short one.

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[ Maya | Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy  | 1500 hrs. ] Attn: @Nolan @patches, @Mathis @Jm Von Cat @CanadianVet

"No!  She can't! Not in this Cycle!" Lucan cin Nicander cried out as his attempt to rise made the invisible restraints that held him to the biobed visable.  He collapsed, and stared into a void that onl he could see before shaking his head in disappointment. "I saved her, only to lose her..."

asked Doctor Kobol .

"Heather... Heather McMillan, " he muttered as he closed his eyes.  "I … My apologies, it's so much... Too many things to say. What... What is the priority? Where are we? I want to help, but I do not know what's most urgent... "

Doctor Maya considered that an appropriate question.  What was the priority?  She had done her part in reviving him.  Everything that the infected chief medical officer would say would be recorded.  She had nothing else to add to this exchange, yet she was hesitant to leave.  She remained bending over Lucan, her large hazel eyes staring at his face as if it would melt away if she removed her gaze from him.  As she heard the sound of the transporter and her vision was obscured by a shower of silver sparks it occurred to her that she had remained too close to Lucan.

[ Maya | Deck 07 | Temporary Holding Cell | Security Center | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ]   Atten: @Auctor Lucan, @CanadianVet, @Jm Von Cat,  & @patches.

The green blooded physician found herself leaning over one of the bunks/benches in the temporary holding cell in the Security Centre on Deck Seven.  Lucan was lying beneath her just as he was in sickbay.  But was he similarly restrained by invisible fetters here as well?  She stood up straight and peered at the three petty officers that had transported to the security centre with her.  Behind a transparent electrostatic force field she could see Master Chief Petty Officer Jeremy Barton sitting at his security station.  Beyond him was the door that led out to the waiting area, the aide duty station, the rest of the security centre and the door that led to the rest of Deck Seven.  Blocking the view to that door and standing on the other side of the force field were two exosuited security crewmen armed with rifle sized phasers.  Doctor Kobol  was not in attendence.  Apparently Maya had been selected to be the attending physician while Doctor Nicander was questioned.  

She bent over the prosate Câroon.  “Tell us about Captain Ives,” she asked softly.  “Can you give us the captan’s location?”


[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie ]  Attn: @chXinya, @Triton, @Nolan, @DocReno, @Hastata-Nerada, @CanadianVet, @Auctor Lucan.

[ Come on Husker!  We’re going in! ]  Goldeneye’s Valkyrie soared through the azure void, it’s freshly replaced twin-tandem ITD-900 series class V impulse drive exceeding expectations.  She spotted a pair of Niyma class raiders moving to intercept her.  Except they weren’t.  At the last moment, they peeled off.  Surely two Valkries weren’t that intimidatiing were they?  Or maybe they didn't want to get caught in their mother ship's next shot.  She forced her Valkrie to catch up, for only proximity to the Klingon raiders would insure that the Rotarran wouldn’t shoot them out of the sky.

[ Goldeneye. ] Husker’s voice sounded defeated.  It was completely unlike him.  [ Give them Hell for me.  Smoke me a kipper; I’ll be back for breakfast. ]   It was a quote from a holonovel they had both enjoyed.  It was the last words of a 22nd century fighter pilot.  Last words!  Checking her scope, Chris was still flying in front of the Sword, acting as a goalie to keep the raiders away.  But he knew that option was a death sentence!   

Tessa gulped as a dreadful realization gripped her:  Husker didn’t care any more.  With both of his paramours dead, Christopher didn’t care if he joined them.  [ Come on Chris get out of there!  Close on any raider you can!  If you don’t you’re toast!  That’s an ord-- ]  

Then there was no time to talk.  The Rotarran fired its guns. Wolf-09 and Wolf-11 vanished in brilliant balls of flame that ignited the sirillium gas around them, easiliy providing enough light to read by.  Witch King, Aria, Catscratch, and Vagabond, they had all been wiped out by firepower designed to take down a Galaxy class’ shields.  The Rotarran’s next shot sent Christopher’s Valkrie to the great beyond, and the shots after that attacked the Sword’s shields. 

[ EEEEEE! ]  With a high pitched shriek, Tessa fired her tetryon pulse phaser cannon at the fleeing raiders, causing their aft shields to become visible.  Focusing her fire at one of them, the raider’s shield weakened enough for Tessa to launch a photon torpedo.

Not once did Tessa reflect on the uncharacteristic retreat of a normally aggressive foe.  At least she didn’t until her heads up display informed her that she had been spiked by multiple targeting locks.  The raiders she was pursuing had friends that were more than happy to launch a torpedo at her.

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[ Lt JG Nator 159 | Battle Bridge | Deck 01 | The Sword ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @chXinya @steelphoenix 

Nator was finding the increasing number of compartments and system segments marked off in red on hir console... vexing. Before, their hounding across the galaxy had felt almost remote, being able to hide in the Azure as they had been. S/he had known that TFA and the Savi were out there, of course, but now they'd come looking for the Borg as if they'd all gone collectively mad and then Martok had shown up with full intent to kill them, too.

S/he found what felt like an old thought - despite last having come to hir only a couple of days ago - echoing to the fore again: S/he was a predator; why was s/he being hunted? A low growl escaped hir, quiet enough to be hidden by the elevated noise of the bridge.

The scientist came back - "Nator, do it! When ready, fire the deflector on the Captain's command!"

The Hermat scooted back to the end of the console s/he had dedicated to that particular task, and fed the instructions from the simulations into the deflector computers, wincing as another barrage found the ship's shield envelope. "Deflectors ready for the Word, Captain," s/he reported.

Martok's next volley, however, collapsed a whole sector of their shield grid. As s/he scrambled to re-balance the array and intruder alerts were called out, hir brain/mouth filter failed to engage before s/he rhetorically asked the bridge at large, "Well, isn't this about as much fun as a blowjob from a Nausicaan?"

Sometimes, despite (or perhaps because of) hir general lack of interest, hir sense of humour trended towards the explicit in times of stress.

The problem with expended energy, Nator decided, was that you couldn't get it back. Not instantly, anyway, and that was what they needed. Thirty percent shield integrity was not going to stand the combined tender ministrations of the nebula and a Negh'Var. Not to mention the draw of their weapons-

"... Ops, we need more power to forward phasers for this charge, but prioritise shields, else we might not make it all the way."

... Motherfucker. "Working," s/he said aloud in confirmation.

But how? s/he wondered, as s/he glanced up in time to see the sensor returns of the Klingon raiders all turn to pursue their own fighter complement.

Well, there was a thought... the only question was whether or not s/he hirself could keep up with the rate of inputs required. A grim smirk tugged at the corner of hir mouth. S/he cracked hir knuckles and started typing out commands. Nator wouldn't have time to help coordinate the teams in hir department for the foreseeable, but s/he was confident (enough) that they'd take care of themselves under current orders.

Now that they didn't have to worry about an all-around threat, s/he focused what shield power remained into the sectors of the grid facing the Rotarran. Doing the job manually as s/he was, s/he couldn't hope to focus it finely enough to intercept individual shots, but the energy requirements should still drop by an order of magnitude - which gave the Sword the necessary surplus to fulfil the other part of Tactical's request to funnel more power to the forward guns.

"Mister Nator, do I have power available for internal force fields?"

Had s/he the time to spare, s/he might have turned to fix the maniacal XO Endeavour with an incredulous stare. Need me to wipe your arse for you as well? "You'll have to pull from non-essential systems," s/he called back, focusing on hir task. "Your station should have access."
Nator 159: "I accept no responsibility for the ensign's manifest stupidity. Sir." [Show/Hide]
Ranaan Ducote: "A ship is a home; its crew a family." [Show/Hide]
T'Less: "Your odds of prevailing against us are... slim." [Show/Hide]
Valkra: "Come! We will shake the gates of Sto'Vo'Kor!" [Show/Hide]

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[[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie “Hellcat”] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Nolan, @Doc M., @Triage, @Triton, @Multificionado, Other Lone Wolves

‘If your enemy is out for revenge, decimation is the only language that can reason with him.’

~Sergeant Major Aleksander Petrov, Drill Sergeant; Daedalus Academy of Military Science, Neo-ECON, Mars

Daniel smiled, hearing the words of his drill instructor clearly in his mind when they got the weapons free order.  Daniel powered his fighter forwards keeping Meony covered from the Raiders that were coming towards them.  He fired some disruption shots towards them hoping to break their formation and keep them from lining up a short on Meony while she did her work.  However he noticed that she had a slight problem but she managed to recover, that was definitely something that would have to be addressed once this fight was over, but right now he needed to focus.  Daniel cringed when Angel used Meony’s rank over the net, whoever taught her communications discipline should be shot and spaced; you didn’t use ranks and names, they had callsigns for a reason.

Hearing the all clear from Meony Daniel lined up his shot, the painting that she had done earlier helped but Daniel’s coordinates were slightly different from where she had painted.  If this worked the way he hoped it would his torpedoes would strike the warp core of the Klingon vessel.  “Salvo confirming your coordinates for the Hellbores?.”  Knight asked behind him.  “Coordinates confirmed.”  Daniel said, Ravon and Commander Cinn could court martial him if they survived this, at least they’d still be alive.  “Understood Salvo, coordinates are locked and Hellbores are ready.”  Knight replied behind him as Daniel saw them light up on his HUD.  Only a matter of meters now before he was in range to drop his ordnance.

Another Raider had closed in towards Meony, they could obviously tell what they were trying to do, but he suspected that they hadn’t figured out what he was carrying and why their attention should have been focused on him.  He decided to make the Klingons of that Raider regret that decision and as he blasted away their shields with his phasers, his mass drivers ripped into the fighter and tore it to shreds.  One down only a dozen and a half more to go, Daniel thought to himself.

There his red-colored target lock turned green meaning he was in range and could safely drop his ordnance.  “Ordnance dropped.”  Daniel said.  “Ordnance dropped confirmed.”  Knight said from behind him.  He powered his fighter engines upwards away from the Rotarran watching as the two torpedoes locked onto their target towards their intended destination, only a matter of seconds now and there they went penetrating the Rotarran.  Now it’d be another few seconds before the torpedoes detonated and hopefully crippling or even destroying the enemy vessel in front of them.  His drill instructor would be proud of him if this worked as Daniel thought about what he had always said to him growing up.

However hearing about the status of Angel’s RIO, Daniel understood the concern.  “Copy Angel, continue with covering operations for now.”  Daniel said.  Daniel switched his comm-channel to private with Razor.  “Salvo to Razor, I have an injured RIO, Callsign Fury, any chance for a medevac once we reach the Sword?”  He asked, hopefully that’d be no problem.
Defeat, Genocide; why quibble with semantics.

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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Security Centre | Work Stations | Deck 7 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Jm Von Cat @patches @Top Hat @trevorvw @Auctor Lucan

Bremmer had been briefed about the parasites, at length.  She had seen the footage of what the one that took over some Ensign Acreth had done.  How strong it was, how merciless.  And if she'd had her druthers, Nicander and that thing within him would have long ago been taken care of like contraband: recycled for something useful.  Or blown out into space.  Or just vaporized in place.  But it wasn't her call. They wanted to hold on to it, put it in the Brig.  Well, so be it..

But that tiny little Vulcan doctor, she had to get in there, and even as Kino pulled her back, Bremmer jumped into action, her rifle snapping from its position pointing at the deck back to being raised towards the monster and she shoved her way forward, putting her armoured self between it and the squishies within Sickbay.  She knew that if it broke loose, it would try to kill her, and well might succeed.  But she was sure she would take some pieces out of it first...

But that hardly had come to pass, between beaming into the Security Center, and the Red Alert... and the intruder alert. 

Information flooded from the Bridge, and from the Security Operations console, and word had come.  Priority for repelling boarders was the ones making for the deflectors.  Well, that made things simple enough, and right there within the nerve center of the ship's security operations, crewmen were arming up, and Varder got the word to take a team in.  But he quickly turned his head towards the armoured Trill.  "Kino, you're better-qualified, you take the lead." 

The young woman didn't waste much time in shaking her head.  "Nope, not me.  I blow shit up, but that's right up Bremmer's alley." 

Eliska's own head snapped towards her old friend.  Well, that much was true.  Kino Taer was a right witch when it came to explosives and demolitions, and EOD come to think of it, making her ordnance do things no one could have thought possible.  Oh, she could hold her own in a straight-up fight but she didn't quite have the head to lead troops into that kind of action.  Bremmer, on the other hand, had come out of ACS specializing as an assaulter.  Close-quarter battle was her bread and butter and her first tour of duty as part of a permanent boarding and inspection team had given her a rare feel for fighting within the confines of a ship.  "Fair enough," the Bajoran replied; if his old shipmate trusted this addition from Resolve, that was good enough for him.  "Bremmer, you're it."

Looking over those personnel assembled, and those who had been detailed to make for the deflector array, she spoke up quickly as the section leader for this particular task.  "Taer, take point; next a fire team, then me, then the remainder.  Varder, you bring up the rear.  We're headed for Deck 13, deflector spaces.  Expect heavy resistance.  Weapons to maximum stun, but remember we're dealing with Klingons here: they might not drop on the spot, and what's worth shooting once is worthy shooting at least 2 or 3 more times just to be sure.  And remember, doors and corners, check your arcs, and don't get shot.  If I buy it, Taer is next in line of the section; if we're both dead it's Varder.  If all three of us are gone, you're in a world of hurt.  Any questions?  No?  Then let's get moving."

As they filed out of Security, Bremmer opened a closed channel to Security Operations, and the Bridge.  "This is Bremmer, taking a section to Deck 13.  Get me a closed channel for my people, one for general security, and one to higher.  And feed me every bit of information you've got on the boarders."

Use of @patches's Kino Taer and @Jm Von Cat's Varder Ridun was as per conversations in Discord

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[ Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia | Valravn-Class Intercetor "Chimaera" | Engaging Enemy over I.K.S. Rotarran-U.S.S. Theurgy Vector 2 Contested Space | Heart of the Azure Nebula ]Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Nolan, @Havenborn, @Triage @Blue Zephyr & @Multificionado

The Rotarran seemed to shrug off the airstrike that Angel's squadron carried out. Throwing in a full barrage might be a complete impact, even against such a large ship, but the decisive hit would come from Salvo. Alessia wished as ever that the Squad Leader's high-yield missiles would stagger the ship even further. It really was only in the heat of the moment for Alessia to express her wingmate back to Reality, lest she be caught in the blast radius. Fortunately, she came out of it. She internally cursed herself, at the lapse but knew it saved her life. and it foreshadowed the next few moments over the wing's channel that things were spiraling out of control.

While her damage output may have disabled one quadrant of the Rotarran's shields and local weapons batteries, the other side of the ship, including its bow and main batteries were working just fine. The wolves were filling a dragon and its wing with a dreadful resolve. The heat was turning Angel's way. She needed Fury.

[ ENS Vinnie "Fury" Ferris | In the Tunnel to the Afterlife | Valravn-Class Intercetor "Chimaera" | Status: Wounded (Electric Shock) | Engaging Enemy over I.K.S. Rotarran-U.S.S. Theurgy Vector 2 Contested Space | Heart of the Azure Nebula ]

Ferris.  Vinnie took some considerable flak for that last name as a child growing up in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Earth; 'Jersey' as it was called. Despite his nickname, though, Vinnie Ferris ‘wheel’ had grown fond of roller coasters and complex machines… it all helped him develop the fondness he had for the thrill of serving in Starfleet Tactical-Conn. In the haze of near-death. Survivors tended to recount their most basic fight-or-flight flashbulb memories to trigger a reaction. In the literal sense of the term, an improvised equivalent to a proverbial slap brought the RIO to his senses. First memories of his parents, his siblings, the rides at amusement centers and beaches they enjoyed. Suddenly, lightning struck the pier of their roller coaster, and Vinnie lost his grip on his safety harness and saw everything around him spin until its lights became a tunnel of brightness. In Vinnie’s imagination, the ferris wheel was about to break, crash and end the ride. Not on his watch. Fury snapped out of it. The last thing he remembered was the EMP launch against the… The Rotarran . Disabling the weapons and sensors through the shield breach he helped accomplish

The neurochemical reaction was abruptly halted by a familiar litany of angry spanish akin to a mother hen's incessant nagging, but when the face of his mother helping the shell-shocked RIO became a HUD-spanning apparition in the form of  Angel Garcia's visibly distraught and visibly angry face yelling Fury's name and callsign. He groggily muttered something when he felt his own fingertips.

Alessia nearly uttered some even more obscene profanity as she realized her hull wasn't exactly spotless in her seemingly-vain attempts to revive Vinny. She' had pulled out of the engagement for the larger part of 20 seconds as she seemingly succeeded. One of the Klingon raiders had left a donut-sized dent, just a few precious inches away from shattering their canopy. It must've been only the maneuvers she was pulling that kept the blast from being a direct hit. [ANGEL TO FURY: PRIORITY CHANNEL TO H.U.D.!!!] Alessia half-hollered into her comms, At her command, her entire visage took a TVD-display spanning projection on her face at several times the recommended volume a Private inter-fighter comms channel could. "WAKE UP, IDIOTA <An un-flattering term for 'Hey, You.' pronounced ee'dhee-yoah-Tahh>!!!" Alessia's features grimaced as she yelled, accelerating and turning at random and to get clear of the bandits she'd acquired. One allied fighter had just buzzed onto the KIA status on the squadron status indicator, but couldn't see who, yet. She still had a hostile trio on her tail.

Evidently, killing four of their fighters caught someone's attention. She had a response to that. But first, Fury needed to release control of his weapons systems so that Angel could fire back her response. A distinct but internal sounding thump became a rhythmic one. Morse. Alessia strained to listen amidst the weapons exchange, but heard the thumps and spaces needed for 'hurt'.  Soon after, her screen lit up with the weapons systems that had been previously grayed out. Alessia thus had more photon torpedoes in both micro and conventional photon form once Fury restored access. Then She didn't hear from him. Systems read a blown console had sent a stunning amount of voltage into the RIO's hardsuit. But Fury saved this fighter by piloting it before. By the grace of God.

[ Lt. JG Alessia "Angel" Garcia | Valravn-Class Intercetor "Chimaera" | Engaging Enemy over I.K.S. Rotarran-U.S.S. Theurgy Vector 2 Contested Space | Heart of the Azure Nebula ]

Dauntlessly, Alessia rediverted power from her phasers to her engines, starting a familiar maneuver Vinnie himself had helped design. Something based off an old carnival ride. Angel’s Comms buzzed with intensifying chatter as her pursuers chose to fight other more vulnerable fighters. More kill for their counts, but it was essential to shake her pursuers. The statistics red-lit as the Engines dashed in a circular vector to get a bird’s eye view of the fight down below before letting them cool and return to the fray with auxiliary power to the shields.

Angel was especially trying to avoid those sirilium gas pockets, even as a bait for her pursuers. Angel noticed something was wrong when the Klingon Carrier’s weapons had charged…. On the opposite side of the ship. It made her feel all the better because her EMP warheads and Havenborn's vengeful torpedo hit its mark and restricted the Klingon's weapons systems…


Not enough. Not enough to save three of her wingmates and some of her own crew.  Orcus Crew. Friends she’d known on a first-name basis, studied with, traded sparring blows and insults with. Only mere months ago, on Luna, she was going to take them all on a tour of Earth’s best places to wingsuit. Tali… she’d almost seen as a blue sister-with-antennae. Gone in an instant. Alessia’s eyes couldn’t get wide enough, nor have a higher heart pulse. Lt. JG T'Zantha. Sniper. Alessia had a very special place in her heart for the albino Vulcan. When the Rotarran’s guns fired and the weapons arced, Alessia knew. It was as if she felt the Vulcan’s katra burn out with that volley. Alessia turned up the volume on the squad channels and expressed no emotion over the comm. Still no word yet from Razor’s group or Havenborn’s ever since she engaged in shaking maneuvers to escape, find a vantage point to avenge her pack. Her Family. 

The screen's piercing rapid-buzzing sound of an allied fighter craft’s destruction. Husker. Oh no. … Alessia’s pain didn’t turn into sorrow, but rather, rage. It was love for him that brought her now-dead and as-yet unavenged sisters to the Theurgy, away from the curse of the alien parasites. It was star-crossed as she heard Ensign Slayton—brother to her own former Captain Slayton—just gave up. “Damn you.” Was all she could whisper as her mind returned to the mission as she now venomously looked for the head of this Klingon snake. If Marcus Alexander Slayton, her own former CO (as early as a week before) lost his brother because of her involvement, it would be the last straw. Slayton the elder would avenge his blood, just as Martok intended to.

But so would she.

 Earlier, she’d passed over the Rotarran’s bridge as she was avoiding the pursuer who incapacitated Vinnie and would have fired a full photon torpedo barrage against orders to knock those nacelles right off the Rotarran's ugly-ass ship, but it would have been a likewise foolhardy decision that would have wiped out the legacy of the Orcus and the trial-by-fire of the Valravn. Instead about 40 seconds after the Hellbores hit their marks, Alessia's exit vector took a charge at the bridge, turned upside down and uttered ‘An Eye for an eye blinds you from the truth.’ <Ojo por ojo te deja ciego.> in her native tongue, wearing an expression that could have blasted through the toughest armor. Now she wished she had fired during her escape to this location some kilometers above the battlespace. Angel purged those wicked thoughts when an opening presented itself. The Negh’var carrier was preparing for another punishing volley; Alessia had her chance now that she wasn’t being pursued, until she aligned for a run aft of the Rotarran’s engines.  Attacking from a strafing run relative to the location of hers, Salvo’s and Meony’s handiwork, Alessia armed her photon torpedoes and manually locked again from her position over Vector-2.

"Copy Angel, continue with covering operations for now." Salvo replied.

Rapid Disruptor fire warnings chirped on her port and starboard indicators, and Angel reverted to her kickboxer’s sense of balance and attunement—an experience shared with the late T’zantha. If anything she felt more attuned to her fighter probably than ever before. Which was why she found an opening while putting all power to shields as she cut her engines and braked abruptly through a relatively 'cloudier' patch of Nebulaic gas. Once near this patch, she began firing her ECMs aft to cover the angle of a right-to-upper left diagonal flatspin to present her microtorpedo thrusters, just outside of the gas pocket's blast radius. If anything, her idea called to tumble the Klingons into the cloud and dare them to leave it.

With her pursuers moving in for a better position to hit Angel’s fighter, Alessia had noticed same trio of raiders who It was a hasty plan and relied on preset commands that she was barking at into her HUD, working up a good sweat, amidst a hoarse throat and fighting to keep dry eyes, but Angel was channeling her rage, aggression and disbelief into a willingness to make these savages pay with an on-the-fly. Fortunately, the move was a preset on Alessia’s and Fury’s datapad and only took its mention to conduct in just 3.8 seconds. The Cannons’ independence from the Valravn’s phaser weapons, while minimal against the shielded craft or their mothership, however, littered the area with impending debris if and when it bounced off the raiders' shields and deflectors.

Saving power on her phaser power, she vengefully unloaded with her kinetic cannons even further, as if feigning desperation once she'd led them around the nebula she designated. Angel grit her teeth and continued to fire, and could almost hear the laugher in the Klingons’ until she manually aimed her microtorpedoes in a full spread to proximity detonate in a left-to-right semi-circle at varying altitudes; essentially forming a demolition wall rather than a direct lock on in the wake of her own ECMs; she was firing a 'shotgun blast'. Seemingly cornered but still in the shadow of the weakened shields, Alessia fully activated her ECM at the same time as her afterburner, pushing her getaway as the Valravn flat-spun on its horizontal axis and sped away from the direction of the debris field of littered and spent casings as the octet of microtorpedoes she detonated. She she growled in nearly Klingon rage, “Hasta Sto’vo’kor.”<A variant of ‘Hasta la Vista’>.[Show/Hide]

On queue the micro-torpedoes set off the improvised ‘nail bomb’ that went off spectacularly, like a string of lit firecrackers. Alessia wordlessly growled at her success, but could still see the fighters’ still intact, but in all likelihood, the crews aboard were wounded from the blast’s overload of their shields, permitting the randomly-scattered kinetic turret projectiles riddling anyone inside with shrapnel or exposure to vacuum. If Klingons didn’t wear comparable Tac-Conn Exo suits.

The hail of disruptor fire reduced itself to just two incoming cannons from Alessia’s aft. She circled down to Vector-2, approaching the  after her brush with death, and as she passed the suspected debris from the Orcus And TheurgyWolves. She heard a faint Groan during one of her evasive maneuvers putting the bogey in relative range of her wingmates.

It was still no time to take a breather. She could now respond to Havenborn-- to Salvo.
"Angel to Bridge & Razor. I can ETS him to sickbay, but he's not responding. Console must've burst, smells like ozone back here."

Upon hearing confirmation, Alessia authorized the Emergency Transport System to beam her RIO to sickbay, and when it was safe, the fire suppression system kicked in and deactivated the compromised console. The electric hum of a Transporter was heard when Alessia veered into the arc of Theurgy's exposed shield quadrant, wishing she could join him against the Klingons. She desired payback, and it was getting less and less favorable out here. Martok was enjoying this war. He was winning.


Angel's current Valravn Weaponry
Lt. Commander Leon "Striker" Marquez
Chief Tactical Officer, USS Theurgy
"No one left behind."

Ensign James "Jimmy" Mariner
Security Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant (J.G.) Alessia "Angel" Garcia
Valravn Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy
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[ Ensign Jaya Thorne | Battle Bridge | Deck 01 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Attn: Everyone involved in the bridge part of the battle.

Jaya heard LCdr. Wenn’s orders, hands flying over her console as Disruptor fire began hitting their fighters as well as the Sword. The young woman grit her teeth, consoles around them taking damage from the feedback brought on by the Rotarran’s fire but the Sword was a lot tougher than she looked and still held strong under the barrage. “Initiating maneuvers, aye sir!” was her reply to the Bajoran’s orders.

Her seats safety belts automatically deployed to keep her secured in her seat during combat while she input the new maneuvers and watched their tactical officer returning fire with everything they had as well, a literal barrage of heavy phaser fire, torpedoes and other weaponry was unleashed in a combination of cover fire for their Warp Fighters, sadly too late for three of them, including two of their top of the line Valravn’s. Holy crap, they got three or more of our people, shit, better stay on task! She thought to herself as she almost barrel rolled the Vector over the Rotarran’s main axis, giving their weapons some beautiful firing solution angles as she executed the ordered maneuvers and patterns. “Give them hell tactical, here we go!” She exclaimed, literally grinning as the vector showed its superior maneuverability to the Negh’Var Carrier.

Their Fighters were in the thick of it with the Klingon Warp Fighters attempting to wipe out the Sword’s fighter Cover But now they had a good angle for their weapons to start harassing the enemy fighters as well. “See what you can do about the Klinks harassing our pilots too please!” she said as she initiated the follow up turn to their roll. The ship shaking from more impacts form the Rotarran but the Rotarran was also receiving a good lashing now that they had started really opening fire on the Chancellor’s Flagship, show the Klingons that even a third of the entire Theurgy was no laughing matter, specially this third. “Take that old One eye!” She muttered under her breath while attempting to keep the Klingon tactical officer guessing as to what would happen now, where would his or her target go. Jaya didn’t know who was aboard the Negh’Var and fighting them nor did she care, these people, like everyone else they encountered seemed hellbent on killing them all and she was most definitely not going to fucking let that happen, there was no way in hell they were going down, not even against one of the greatest Klingon warriors of their age, no way at all!

More hits were exchanged, the ship violently shaking and bucking as it rode the hits, she could hear people mentioning Klingon Boarding parties as more damage occurred and a few injuries at the very least. A conduit in the ceiling burst after something hit them hard and Jaya yelped as something hot seared a streak across her left cheek. “Damnit!” She grunted, ignoring the pain and kept maneuvering the Sword to keep them in the fight as crimson fluid ran down her cheek from the gash left behind by a piece of plating that got blown off its mounts. “Got to give it to the Klinks, their weapons still pack a wallop!” Stated the young helmsman as she kept concentrating, ignoring her wound and the fact her hair got loose and was getting in her face a bit. She did her best to keep them going, clinging to her console, hoping to god it didn’t go BOOM on her. She gritted her teeth and continued moving the ship, hoping to give them both good firing solutions on the Rotarran and on it's fighters, wishing for the Klingon Warp Fighters to get vaporized by theirs and by the weapons fire coming from their vector’s quite numerous armaments.

“Whooeh lookit that one go!” She pointed on the screen as one of their Pilots seemed to literally go Beast mode on the Klingons fighting them, maneuvering and opening fire in an impressive display of what seemed like pure rage induced skill. She Moved to try and dive the Sword around the Rotarran, in between their Warp Fighters and the enemy’s, hopefully allowing more weapons fire to back up their Pilots and help prevent any further losses. “Come on Come on girl, hold together, I got you, keep going you beautiful machine!” She said, speaking to Theurgy’s 2nd Vector, a little habit she developed in flight school, some people thought this odd, she never cared what others thought, the act of speaking to the ship she flies was something very comforting to her and she used it then to help her keep flying them in this fight.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Kestrel | Heart of the Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Triage  , @Triton  , @Havenborn  , @Multificionado

Avoiding the close defensive fire of the Rotarran and it's fighter complement while he closed in on his target coordinates. He was glancing down to the squadron list as more red began to cover his console. The new arrival of Val'ravns were getting slaughtered by the disruptor cannons. He could hear the comms chatter cease into plain static, those that did try to communicate to him only came through with garbled voices and screams of agony before static just kicked in. The already wounded pack took a beating and even Husker's valkyrie got wiped out in the blue eerie place of the nebula. Thomas could only imagine the fates they'd have gone through as their ships would disintegrate piece by piece, burning consoles and the fire of the disruptor cannons shedding layer after layer before the sharp pain would end their misery.

He gritted his teeth as his ship shocked lightly by a raider's fire. He adjusted his aft phasers and returned fire at his assailant, the ship peeled off and Thomas shook his head. He deployed his Tetryon cannon as he licked his lips "Come on Kestrel..." he whispered to himself. He started to fire at the Rotarran shields, weakening the point before he unleashed his phasers onto it to create a hole. Once he had an opening he smirked as he unloaded his quantom torpedoes "Chew on this!" he screamed as he broke away, not waiting to see the impact on the sensor node of the Rotarran.

He double backed to help Rawley in her fight against the raiders. More pings moving in to their location as he received the messages from Alessia and Havenborn "Salvo, Meony, Angel, work your way back to Sword. Have Fury ETS when possible and stick close to our vector. Lure those fuckers into the defensive close range fire of our ship. Should at least give us an edge." he ordered as he looked around for Rawley "Come on Ghost, where's your Scottish ass at?" he murmured before he spotted the raiders that had been distracted by her ECM pod.

Tessa seemed to be rushing towards them though as he saw the signature beams of the tertyon pulse cannon as it fired on Raiders that were making their way to them. "Fuck sake... Ghost! Wherever you are, fly back to Sword. I'll meet you there. Goldeneye, break your assault and return to Vector 2. Let them come to us and make them pay there." he broadcasted as he barrel rolled his ship into a retreating course. He spotted Rawley not much later as the two raiders that she had lost before were coming back on her trail.

He clenched his jaws together before he dove into them. He targeted them one by one, firing his phasers into them first before finishing up the chasers with his photon torpedoes. If they weren't destroyed they'd surely have felt the heat of the incoming fire and have numerous systems damaged. Razor flew by Rawley's wing now as he looked around, the full raider squadron bearing down onto them now as they chased them like game on a hunt.

"Ravon to Sword, we're bringing raiders in for close fire support. Any help would be much appreciated." he forwarded to Cameron. "Wolves, I need a sound off once you're back at Sword. Make them pay for the losses we suffered, but look alive. I cannot stress this enough, I NEED you all to live through this ordeal. Razor out." He broke off from Rawley's wing to weave the Raiders into chasing him instead of the retreating fire elements. Not too long though as being a hero today would only end up getting yourself killed. The entire thing lasted for less than a minute before he powered his engines to full to make it back to Sword.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Weapons Storage | Flight Deck | Vector 02 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy]
@Auctor Lucan @Masorin

She did not appreciate being told to keep her voice down.

Ji's arms crossed over her chest.  The glare that she leveled at Liam right now had taken lesser men down on the Flight Deck.  Most of them knew this glare.  The one that said to tread lightly or else.  The muscles on her forearms stood out where they crossed, her eyes never left the blue hues of the man that stood in front of her but she was definitely not pleased.  She didn't appreciate his wording or the way that he was treating her right now.  She did not know why he feared Sten so much.  She wasn't giving him two thoughts rubbed together on a cold winter day.  She was not going to fucking tip toe around the fucker that sent her to another fucking ship just so he didn't have to deal with the fallout of sleeping with her.

He wasn't ashamed of her.

But he just told her to be quiet.

If her brow could have risen any higher and remained on her face, it would have.

He didn't believe that it was possible to be both professional and in a relationship on the deck.  She didn't agree, not in the least.  She waited, because he had more words to say, but unfortunately for him, so did she.  He told her that taunting Sten was not okay having sex in and around the Flight Deck was something he wasn't comfortable with.  “You seemed pretty fucking comfortable with it a couple hours ago.” she said before she could stop herself.  Her voice was not one that she had used, yet, with Liam.  It was one that proved just how very pissed off she was.  He admitted that when she pushed him into such actions he couldn't stop himself.  Oh, so now I'm responsible for your own inability to say no.  Cool, what else you got for me? she thought to herself as her eyes narrowed just slightly. 

Pissed, at this point, was an under statement.

She had come down here to give him kisses and spend a few minutes alone with him before they had to get down and dirty with the enemies that they were about to go up against.  But, now this had turned into something she was not all that prepared for.  This had gone from a great and wonderful new relationship into a fight that she wasn't sure they could recover from with how different their ideals were when it came to work.  She had no doubts she could remain professional and in a relationship. 

Worst problem was, he wasn't necessarily wrong.  She didn't know what Sten would do if he caught them having a relationship.  She didn't want to rub it in the fuckers face but she didnt think that hiding it was a great idea either.  She didn't think he would take kindly to finding out about some secret relationship.  Couldn't they prove to everyone involved that they could handle it. 

Special treatment?!  Weren't they mother fucking adults?!

His hands lay on her slender but muscular shoulder.  She studied him.  He leaned forward and grimaced or.. something, she wasn't actually sure what it was.  Maybe it was a partial smile trying to placate her but it was really hard to tell.  He wanted to be with her, her heart lifted, slightly, but she still didn't understand his odd obsession with the man upstairs.  He was worried about them though, and her heart sank back down into the pit of her stomach.  However, before he could finish whatever he was going to say the ship was hit, by something. 

The Borg!

Ji grimaced as things flew off the shelves around them.  Something hit Liam, she heard the thunk as he tumbled to the deck plating.  Her eyes followed him and forgot about her own protection.  Something from above, something heavy, apparently, thrust off the shelving in the hit thunk onto the back of her head.  Ji saw stars as her legs gave out from underneath her and she slumped to the deck.  Reaching up she rubbed the back of her head for a moment still rather dazed.  It came back with something wet.  Looking at her hand she found that there was blood, her fingers now stained red.

She stared at the hand.

The blood was red, bright red, and she couldn't help but wonder slightly where it had come from.  In the back of her mind she knew it must have come from her.  Everything still had stars, some of it was a bit blurred, like she wasn't really seeing it.  Maybe she was underwater.  It seemed to be moving, slightly.  She heard her name screamed out. 

Liam..  Liam!

Her mind cleared a bit as it sunk in that he had been in the same room and the same area as her.  She moved and only felt a bit dizzy.  The lunch she had eaten this morning came up all over.. whatever was around her.  Weapons, the deck, luckily, not Liam.  She would likely not live that shit down.  Once her stomach was empty it didn't stop.  Dry heaves took over she felt a cold sweat on her brow.  She couldn't quite seem to hold a thought, but she needed to check on Liam.  They couldn't both be down.  He had to be okay.  He was.. taller than her and had been further away from the shelf than her. 

Crawling over to him, stopping only when she was heaving nothing out of her stomach, she made her way over to him.  Blood trickled down her neck and slid in rivletes down her chest.  Her hair was matted but she didn't notice any of that, she was worried about Liam.  He would be all right, he had to be, and she would be all right.  She just needed a medical officer.  Or five minutes.  Which ever came first.

“Are you o..okay?” she said as she got close to Liam and looked at the metal pinning his leg down.  She got onto her knees and began to shove hoping to get the thing off his leg.  Still unaware that Sithick was in the room and could probably help her.

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PO2 Sithick | Weapons Storage | Flight Deck | Vector 02 | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Blue Zephyr @Auctor Lucan
Did he tell them that he was here? Sithick was finding it more difficult to focus on his task with each passing moment, first it was just the smell of aroused female that had drifted past him. It was sweet, slightly bitter, and for the most part he could ignore it. Then it was followed with their voices. Whispers and sounds of two officers shirking their duties for fraternization.

A memory of VIvi drifted to him when he had done that only a few days ago. He thought he could be content just hanging back focusing on his work letting the humans have their fun. Then came a protest, and he was more curious about what was going on. He tried to claim it was just making sure that everything was consensual. that he didn't want one of the fellow crew to be hurt, so he tried his best to be quiet trying to listen in on some lovers quarel.

The two wanted to be seen together? Was that normal?

Sithick admitted he had very little context for mating habits. He had read some books on the subject, but he had no idea what this would be. He did know from experience that sex rarely happened in ones quarters, it seemed more appropriate to use the floor. The bed was for sleeping after all.

He brushed his muzzle with a claw, was he willing to be a witness to such an act? He supposed it wasn't that bad, he liked the female form enough he didn't suppose it mattered the species of the crew in question. Was he supposed to introduce himself? What was the appropreat measures for watching?

Why does mating need to be so weird?

Thankfully none of these questions needed to be answered. The ship was hit, and hit hard. The announcement of the Borg meant very little to Sithick. He had fought in the Dominion War, and before that he had been in the service of the Orion's the biggest threat there was ironically the Federation. So any enemy that willingly killed them was something to be glazed over, for more present threats, the Borg was simply before his time.

Still the matilic scent of blood reached his nose and he knew he couldn't fake not paying attention to the couple anymore. He had to do something. He arrived turning around the corridor and saw the two. The creature towered over their bodies, he bent down a claw taking the shelving that had pinned down the man, as a clawed foot grabbed the back of the man's leg. Sithick was gentle not to harm him, or put weight on his body for fear that it may be broken, but he needed both hands to move the awkward shelving unit and he needed to move the man out from under it. "Support the neck."

He asked the woman to support the injured mans neck as best as possible as he lifted up the wreckage that had collapsed ontop of him using his foot to gently move his trapped body parts out from under the hull.

He tapped his commlink. "Medical emergency in the weapons bay, please send doctor team."

Sithick bent down but even so his massive green frame came in to Ji's vision as he looked over her, a claw moving her gently his voice urging her to move slowly as he supported her neck, and rolled her down onto the ground. "Stay awake, speak."

"Who you, I am sithick." They had gone over this in the basic field training first aid, keep the person concious move them to a laying position keep them calm, risk no further injury. He could do that much. If the girl or man for that matter made an attempt to raise themselves a sturdy claw would press against the action, and a rather loud growl of disapproval would escape his throat.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie, Sassy Slayer | The Infinite Coffin | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Nolan, @Havenborn, @Jm Von Cat, @Blue Zephyr & @Multificionado
Alarms blarred at Meony warning her of impending danger, and she looked up to her starboard side, lethargic and yet panicked at the approaching Raider, when Daniel lit it up like a Christmas tree, ripping away its shields with phasers, then tearing it apart with mass drivers. She wanted to thank him, but he was already making his attack run. Swinging her craft over him to flank him on his starboard side, she let the momentum of her fighter carry her in the same direction as Daniel's, but twisted around on its axis so that she could bring the full weight of her weapons to bear on any other attackers.

There were plenty.

One Raider approached her like a typical Klingon: Head-on, all weapons blazing. Her ship's shields flared a bright bluish-white against the onslaught, but held, amazingly. Gritting her teeth, against the violent shaking in her cockpit and from the building pain in her skull, she could feel warm fluids trickling out of every orifice, even her eyes, and her vision swam, blurring everything. Unable to recall to switch off her hailing channel, Daniel and Alessia could hear her and everything she said, “Com-putah...l-lock onta th' raider, fa-yah forward phaser arrays, two micro torps...mark!”

Triggering her still extended Tetryon cannon's secondary fire mode, she fired wildly, squeezing the firing button and the ship's computer systems made automated targeting and fired as instructed, sending two micro torpedoes after her energy weapons succeeded in bringing down the raider's shields altogether, and the torpedoes met their mark, blasting through the Klingon fighter's cockpit, ensuring a complete destruction. By the time she finished her firing solution, she estimated that Daniel had sent his payload by now, and she turned, making one last desperate rush toward the Rotarran, and fired her Tetryon again, followed by the cluster bomb, and then her own Hellbore torpedo. She managed to aim it at the warp nacelles. Hopefully the Tetryon cannon weakened the shields enough, then the cluster bomb can rip the rest of it apart, and the hellbore...

...if they could cripple the Klingon battlecruiser, it would prevent pursuit for quite a while.

Once she fired her payloads, she turned her fighter about, and nearly crashed into a Raider. “MOTHAF-!” She dove down and pulled back up, blacking out for a second, her fighter drifted dangerously close to another raider, avoiding death only because the Klingon didn't fancy crashing into her just yet, but they began firing at her shields and the shaking jarred her back to consciousness with a loud gasp, and she juked to the port side, twisting the fighter in a wild and haphazard corkscrew, clearly not prepared for the actions. “Ah'm still heah!” She said, as if worried that a question had been asked and she completely did not hear.

“Lock rear phasers onto any Klingon raider an' fa-yah,” said Meony, as she retracted the Tetryon cannon, and fired wildly at the raiders from her forward-facing array of weaponry, but the fighters easily dodged all her wild attacks, with her rear-facing weapons gaining some more moderate success, coring into the shields of one and reducing the other almost to zero. She drifted her fighter frantically, almost shooting past Daniel at high impulse, before adjusting her speed.

She was almost blind, and her breathing was ragged. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't quite find her voice in favour of focusing on staying conscious and breathing. “Jus'...a li'l...more...” she said huskily. She heard Thomas' voice as if from a murky distance, and she managed somehow to reply with a, “C-copy, Razor.”

This is Meony's fighter's current armament

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Cockpit | AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie ]  Attn: @chXinya, @Triton 3) @Nolan 4) @DocReno 5) @Hastata-Nerada 6) @CanadianVet, @Auctor Lucan.

The raider taking fire in front of Tessa lost control as its aft shield buckled.  It had lost power in its impulse drive and was spinning out of control.  But it wasn’t until it careened into a pocket of sirillium gas that it was really in trouble.  An explosion of crimson fire took down the rest of its shields and covered the three man craft in flame.  It burned and spun through the sapphire sky for almost two minutes before it entered another cloud of gas and finally exploded.

Tessa wasn’t admiring her handiwork, because her heads-up display indicated that there were five weapon locks on her Valkyrie at the first moment her shots had any effect.  “EEE!” she screamed as she broke off the attack and activated her countermeasures.  Launching from one of her Valkyrie’s four wing-mounted hard-points were micro torpedoes full of shrapnel and debris with her fighter’s transponder signature and sensor reading. The electronic countermeasures confused the enemy ordinance and caused it to think the cloud of debris was the target.

At the same time, Tessa heard the manly but concerned voice of Thomas Ravon coming in over her communications system:  [ Goldeneye, break your assault and return to Vector Two. Let them come to us and make them pay there. ]

There was only one sure way to do that without getting blasted out of the nebula by the Rotarran’s guns.  Head back to the Sword and go behind it, allowing the vector 02 stardrive sections shields and armor to block any direct fire from the Klingon warship.  Maybe some of the Sword’s aft guns would fire at the raiders that were on her tail as well.  It was an order Tessa was eager to follow; she had been breaking off the attack and fleeing for her life anyway.

“Copy that… Eek!  Whoop!  Whoa…oh!  Ah!  Copy that Razor!” she squeaked, exclaimed and moaned as she flew in an evasive pattern to attempt to lose the raiders that were following her.  She had almost reached the Sword when she heard Thomas’ voice again.

[ Wolves, I need a sound off once you're back at Sword. Make them pay for the losses we suffered, but look alive. I cannot stress this enough, I NEED you all to live through this ordeal. Razor out. ]

“Ah!  Wolf… Eek!  Wolf Three…  Yikes!  In… in position!” she reported unsteadily as she flew over the dorsal side of the Sword, taking care to avoid the curve its deflector shield.  Three raiders were on her tail firing their torpedoes as they went long.  The electric chemical countermeasures from her decoy micro torpedoes created a wake similar to a warp, impulse, or thruster engine's wake, fooling their guided missiles into false locks, but she was starting to run low on her ECM/ECCM decoys.  “I’m back at the Sword as ordered, but can somebody do something about these raiders following me puh-leeze?!” she begged pathetically. 

OOC:  Tessa is using the ECM Pod/ECCM Emitter that can be found on the AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie page.

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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Battle Bridge | Deck 8 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Watching the battle unfold, Commander Wenn could tell they were clearly outmatched in a straight-up fight.  The Rotarran was bigger, had more powerful weapons, was beyond aggressive, and had lots of raiders.  As his crew set up for their main attack run, Cinn could only watch and listen to them work and adjust his plans with the tide of battle.  News came flowing in at a fever pitch, almost too fast to follow.  Some of it went by him, but he caught the most important bits.  The first was a total surprise: Lucan was awake, and apparently he can see what other parasites were doing.  The Bajoran’s eyes met with Okafor’s, the human’s face probably mirroring the shocked look on his own.  “Put me through to the Brig as soon as they’ve beamed him there.”  A horrible idea came to mind, several pieces of an expansive puzzle coming together.

While he waited the ship bounced under a heavy barrage, the Rotarran managing to angle some of their heaviest weapons around as Jaya did her best to keep out from in front of the dreadnought.  Gripping the arms of his chair hard enough to turn his knuckles white, he was focused on the screen when another console exploded, followed by the horrendous rending of metal and arcing power conduits.  By the time he could turn to look the vile stench of burning meat filled his nostrils, and only his memories of similar during the Occupation kept him from emptying his stomach in front of everyone.  “Bypass that conduit!” Cinn yelled as he jumped out of the chair to help pull the torn metal off of ch’Rayya’s charred corpse.

The Vulcan assistant tactical officer, (T'Less was it?  It sounded right but for some reason he couldn’t quite shake the feeling that it wasn’t) stepped up without hesitation and reported the consequences of that latest barrage, freezing Cinn in place.  A single glance from Cinn over to the security station was all Akoni and Ducote needed.  The Lieutenant was off to the turbolift in less than a moment under his commander’s orders.  Knowing the situation was rapidly changing, Cinn returned to his chair as T'Less called out a new attack plan to Jaya.  “Do it.” Cinn confirmed without pause.  “Nator, stand by on the deflector pulse, coordinate with Tactical and Helm.”

On the screen, the Rotarran now turned its attention to the Wolves, swatting several of them out of the sky within seconds.  Seeing the writing on the wall, the Wolves finished their last runs and made for the hangar.  “Cover our fighters’ withdraw, I want the survivors aboard as quickly as possible.  Helm, as soon as all craft are secure execute the attack patterns and prepare to escape to warp.  Tactical, Ops, coordinate and execute at will.”

Lost in the chaos, Cinn nearly forgot that he’d requested to be put through to the Brig, and it was only now that he was made aware that the Brig was standing by.  Face hardening at the thought of what he was about to do, Cinn prayed it wouldn’t condemn his friend to something worse than death.  “Lucan, it’s Cinn.  They said you can link with the other parasites.  I need to know if there’s one on the ship we’re fighting, and if so, can you see their shield frequency?”  It was a long shot, but if by chance they could get that information their escape will be much easier to accomplish.

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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Sickbay | Deck 11 |>Security Center | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy  | 2300 hrs. ] Attn: @patches @CanadianVet @Doc M. @Nolan
Ridun had given his instructions, hoped that the action of doing so would in itself halt the alternative ideas of exactly what to do with one Lucan cin Nicander. This turned out to be a vain hope as the Vulcan Doctor took action, the first Ridun knew of it was the distinct sound of hissing from just out of sight as his attention was directed towards another Petty officer. There was a swift hustle of movement, chaotic to the outside eye perhaps but swift and purposeful on the parts of those in yellow.

Ridun himself quickly moved the surprised Doctor Rez behind himself as she backed herself into him, others were moving to distance Maya while the once good doctor threw words of warning? A plea to stay away before he returned to his ramblings on the passageways of the nebula. Then, there was something else, something he had no reason to know. Riduns thoughts were expressed in a very colourful fashion by Kino, how could this thing know what had happened to the captain? Unless... The impossibility of it all was overwhelming. The ramblings changed from then, from one thing to another, some kind of being that had died? One of the crew perhaps but Ridun was having difficulty making much sense of these words.

Then came something else, the strange sensation of being transported, shimmering away only to arrive someplace else entirely.

A thrown look around revealed the location of their unexpected travel, a holding cell just off the Security centre. A familiar location even with the circumstances, a hustle of activity as members of security moved back and forth arming up and forming units to move out. Closer than the general bustle it was clear that others were suiting in exo's or had already done so, creating a picture of what exactly had just happened in the young Bajoran's mind. He knew Kino was not to blame for this, she might be hot-headed most of the time but she was not a loose cannon.

Regardless of the situation before, everything had changed now. Intruders aboard and new orders flashing across his Hud, from one containment duty to another, at least it was far simpler to understand Klingons.

The young Bajoran called out to what was their replacements outside the holding cell, quickly passing what information was needed. "Move Nicander to a cell, the other is questioning him and stood by for any emergency treatment he might need."

Even as he was speaking more and more information was flooding down from up on high, locations of the boarding parties, request for reinforcement and the adjustment of tactical priority. Defences had been set up for the Borg, not a strategic foe. With that thought in mind he turned to Kino, he was well aware that the woman had gone through ACS, meaning she had skills beyond his own for this kind of fighting. However, she turned the duty to Bremmer, an action he accepted immediately. Regardless of what he did not know about this newer addition to the crew it was clear she and Kino were well acquainted, with that in mind it was not a big leap to guess she held similar qualifications.

To say he was not disappointed would be to make an understatement, Bremmer was quick and decisive with clear instruction issued. The organization of additional personnel went quickly, weapons were changed to stun then they were moving. Ridun bringing up the rear as instructed.

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[ Lt. Simon Tovarek & Ens Cameron Henshaw & Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Battle Bridge | Deck 8 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @chXinya , @Top Hat , @Triage  , @Triton  , @Havenborn  , @Multificionado , @Firefox013 , @Auctor Lucan 

Tovarek braced himself as the Rotarran's disruptor cannons reaped havoc across the ship. New reports came in about boarding parties and hull breaches. Their current CTO Keval ch'Rayya was killed instantly as the ceiling came down on him and the electric systems sparked. He gritted his teeth together as the ship began to admirably move into the desired attack patterns. During Beta Two the ship shook once more due to it's proximity to the Klingon vessel. Simon had to hold on to a station as the ship violently shook more than once and the inertia dampers were working overtime to keep them in place. As the followup Beta Three pattern slammed their weapons into the ship Simon wondered how much effective damage they inflicted onto the ship.

Tovarek walked up to T'Less' station as he looked over her shoulder to see how the weapons would have impacted on the carrier. He sighed lightly as he looked at the damage reports on their behalf once more. He looked up at the viewscreen before glancing back at the console. He stepped back and checked something at a side console before he smirked and walked back over to T'Less as Wenn Cinn ordered the fighters to return to the hangar and to patch him through to the monster that had reawakened.

Simon was curious as to why Cinn wanted to speak to the parasite. He remained silent though as Cinn continued to deal out orders. The first logical words flowing out of his mouth as he told ops and tactical to coordinate as they had to prepare their escape. Simon stepped closer to the console as he placed his hand on T'Less' shoulder "Lieutenant... I have a request for you." he said "Before we warp out of this mess, I want you to fire a concentrated barrage of phaser fire into this specific Sirilium gas pocket. If my estimations are correct it should be on the ventral side of the Rotarran if it chases us. The explosion should cause for some confusion if not damage if we manage to fire through those shields." he looked at the Vulcan to see if she understood his order. He gave her a final nod when she'd confirm on his order before he walked back over to the place where ch'Rayya was, moving away some debris to only see the dusky eyes of the deceased man.

As the new orders were passed through Cameron wished to contact Thomas Ravon yet seen the urgency of the unfolding events, she choose to contact all the remaining fighters at once with a clear message. "Wolf pilots this is Sword control speaking. Proceed to immediate docking as the ship will begin a tactical retreat. It is vital that you're all aboard before we commence final procedures." she awaited to hear their confirmations before she passed the message on to the hangar bay. Alerting all deck hands that the remaining fighters would return at a frantic pace. She received a message from Ravon though as he altered the orders slightly.

"All Wolf elements, Razor here. We're making one quick, final run around Sword. Dash out as much of your ordinance as you can to wipe out the closest threats that would hamper our landing efforts. Proceed to battle landings after." he called out to the pack "You better all be out of ordinance when we land. Razor out."

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