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[Lt. Commander Wenn Cinn | Turbolift | Between Decks | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] attn: @Top Hat @Nolan

Standing in the center of the turbolift at parade rest, Cinn pondered the vision the Prophets had blessed him with.  A part of him was annoyed with Them and their lack of plain clarity, but he wasn’t willing to dip that far into sacrilege.  The Prophets spoke the way They did for a reason, it was up to him to determine what They wanted for him.  At least thats what the ranjens and prylars always told him as they taught him the path.

Their surprising proximity to Vector 3 was a boon, and an easy interpretation of what the Prophets had told him to do, or at least as part of the message.  With luck Yukimura would have plenty of details to provide.  As much as he wanted to have Okafor set a course right now, the last thing they needed right now was to fly straight into an ambush.  The biggest unknown at the moment was Nicander.  He couldn’t put a lot of faith into the poor man’s words anymore, not since the parasite came to the fore, but the doctor had just saved them from Chancellor Martok’s misplaced wrath, so at least they could hear him out.

Of course Ducote picked that exact moment to be difficult.

Focusing on the human’s eyes as he expressed his objections to their situation, Cinn listened in silence, waiting for the man to finish.  It took the entirety of the short trip before he was done, and for a moment it looked like he was trying pull rank when the doors opened.  Glancing at his executive officer for a moment, Cinn wondered just what Lt. Tovarek was thinking about this little tirade.  “Computer, close doors, halt turbolift.”  Snapping shut with their usual hydraulic swish, Cinn waited for their privacy to be assured before responding.

“Commander Ducote, be very clear about this point: until I’m relieved by Captain Ives or Commander Trent, this is my ship.  According to regulations I am allowed to utilize all personnel on board however I deem fit.  At the moment, we are working to save the Federation from a clear and present danger that has integrated itself into the highest levels of Starfleet and possibly even the government.  If you refuse to believe the existence of the parasites despite all of the evidence you have been shown, and will see here shortly, that is your issue to work out.”

Cinn continued on without pause, his gaze burning its way into the human’s pagh.  “Irregardless of the parasites, there is no doubt that the Borg are here, and currently have the ability to invade in force.  You yourself have seen this.  So ask yourself this: if we are the renegades that Command claims us to be, why would we still be here?  A dozen different governments would love to have the Theurgy under their flag, their best scientists and engineers studying every bolt and seam to gain an advantage over the Federation while the crew basks in their finest luxuries?

“If you want to continue on your vendetta against the Borg without us, fine.  We’ll put you and anyone else from your crew back onto your runabout and send you on your way down the Borg’s warp trail, right where we found you.  How does that sound, Commander?”

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[Lt. T’Panu | Fighter Assault Bay | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

T’Panu stood at the exit of the Allegiant, admiring their new ship. She was holding Annika up for support, who was beginning to be able to stand on her own again. After everything she had been through, she couldn’t fathom how this change would affect her. T’Panu hoped she would be able to adjust quickly and trust that she was safe. Regardless, T’Panu was going to be there for her in every way she could to make sure she felt comfortable talking to someone about what happened.

T’Panu noticed a Trill walking up to them from the bay. She noticed her long, blonde hair and obvious Trill spots. She had a very welcoming demeanour as T’Panu noticed she was extending her hand in greeting.

“Welcome aboard the Sword, my name is Doctor Rez. I'm glad to see another medical officer on board the ship. Do you have any casualties aboard the ship that we need to beam over? If not I'll gladly beam us back to Sickbay, I think we might be shorthanded after the Klingon battle.”

T’Panu put out her hand and shook the doctor’s back in welcome, as she explained what had recently happened. ”My name is Doctor T’Panu, it’s nice to meet you Doctor Rez! Our ship has been through quite a lot, as I’m sure you’re well aware. Thankfully, we do not have more wounded aboard our ship. We found Annika’s escape pod amidst the Azure Nebula and rescued her. Judging by her injuries, she’s been through hell and back and is still recovering from her wounds. We can brief each other further in the Sickbay when we arrive.”

T’Panu was both curious and intrigued to hear about what had been going on aboard the Theurgy. She hoped they hadn’t been through too much, but hearing about a Klingon battle didn’t sound very promising. She hoped there hadn’t been too many wounded or killed, but was also trying to be realistic.

She looked forward to working with another doctor and being able to bounce ideas off of each other. The thought of a proper Med Bay, rather than an aft bay (more appropriately a broom closet) was too good to be true! She prepared to be beamed over, still holding Annika up, as she felt herself dematerializing.

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Turbolift | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @chXinya @Nolan

Ducote looked back at the doors as they hissed closed with a quiet thump, before returning an impassive gaze back to the Bajoran. Partly that was born of a practised polite poker face when in an otherwise-charged interaction, but partly it was also that his tiredness was catching up to him again now his adrenaline high from the battle was wearing off, and his facial expressions were one of the first things to go. His tiredness had affected something else, which was brought into sharp relief as his empathy picked up another spike of cool frustration from Wenn. It seemed obvious in hindsight, and he cursed his earlier attitude immediately... no taking it back now, of course.

He hadn't gone to the effort to be as diplomatic as he should have, given he wanted it in return. Also a combative use of 'you' rather than 'we'... and his general tone. Ah well.

Wenn however neatly danced around the point the Commander had been making - blunt as it may have been. Briefly he considered replying to the scattered points the ACO was throwing at the wall, but he had no interest in being gish-galloped while he was this tired, either - suppressing the wince at 'irregardless' was hard enough. The message Ranaan had intended to send was 'we're not entirely on-board, but you have opened us to being convinced. Please be civil while we unlearn months or years of propaganda.' Obviously, that was not what had been received. Which was fine; that was his error.

He wasn't sure where any of the rest came from, though. Their conversations in the marathon briefing, perhaps? A fair leap of logic somewhere.

The hybrid's black eyes glanced at the man in Science blues sharing the lift car with them, before looking back at Wenn. He was wrapping up. For a moment, using his Human empathy rather than his Betazoid talents, he (belatedly) realised that he couldn't be the only exhausted person in this turbolift, let alone this ship. He took a breath, trying to reset.

Still, he felt a little disappointed. In Wenn's insecurity, in his own ineloquence.

"... How does that sound, Commander?"

Finding the Borg had been the Niger's mission, at his behest. That task was now complete - and while escaping this deathtrap had a certain ineffable appeal to it, he doubted the damaged runabout could withstand the nebula at this depth in order to carry that information to the Federation at large. And then there was the matter that his name had been used on a communication within range of the Rotarran - even if it had been encrypted, it was only a matter of time until the brass associated him with the Theurgy. Parasites or no, that wasn't something he could really afford. He - and all the Endeavour survivors with him - was over a barrel.

Ducote sighed.

"I'll take all that as a 'No'. Shall we, Captain?" he said, bending his arm at the elbow to point at the door.
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[ PO2 Eliska Bremmer | Security Center | Deck 7 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Jm Von Cat @patches @Top Hat @trevorvw @Auctor Lucan

"Aye Sir, on it!" 

Bremmer had half-expected the Chief - no, the Captain, she had to forcibly remind herself - to shoot down her idea after he had most categorically stopped her from dealing with Nicander in a quick, brutal and effective fashion.  Just as she'd expected that Ducote character to jump her ass for daring to speak directly to the one person whose call it would ultimately be in the end.  But neither rebuke had come, so instead she simply looked at the environmental control panel in front of her.  Already the room showed it was in a vacuum, and she could easily enough tweak the gravity...

Well, it would seem that a local user could not just crank up the gravity plating to 25G from the control panel.  Maybe if she tried her Security override.  No. Maybe under an emergency protocol?  No, not that either.  And a long stream of profanities in her native pidgin of Czech, Polish and German escaped her lips as she tried to find a way around.  If Sinead had been there.  But no, she had been back on the Helmet when the shit hit the fan in such an epic fashion, so that left her with only one option.  "Engineering, this is PO Bremmer in the Security Center.  I need gravity in the room just outside temporary holding cranked up.  Way up, to 25G's."

"Say again?" came the voice at the other end.  "Look, we got a damn parasite in temporary holding, and The Captain wants another barrier in place, and I can't do that from here.  Now, are you planning to do it, or do I need to have you call him instead?" 

There was a short pause, and then the panel by the door flashed and rang in alarm once more, warning of further hazardous conditions on the far side of the door.  Vacuum and a high enough gravity to turn flesh to paste.  Just as was needed.  "Bremmer to the Captain.  Sir, forcefields read steady, you've got vacuum, and deck plating says gravity is 25 times normal just outside secondary holding.  He ain't going nowhere."

And, as she closed the channel, Eliska Bremmer turned about to lean against the wall, and she let herself slump to the deck.  They hadn't yet secured from Red Alert, but she was exhausted.  She had been in that suit all day, and between dealing with Nicander three times, having been on standby all day, and the counter-boarding action, she was more than ready to turn in.  With practiced ease, she pulled her helmet off and let it fall next to her, revealing her face glistening with sweat and her braid dripping with the stuff.  Perhaps the suits were climate-controlled, but it was still stuffy in there, and she was desperately wishing to peel the damn thing off, and the skin-tight long underwear she wore underneath, and let herself dry out a little before taking a shower, preferably a real one.  Maybe a soak in the baths, too, would be an idea...

But for now, she was still on the clock, so to speak, even if she was slumped to the deck.  So, instead she addressed the Bajoran who'd had her back throughout this latest adventure.  "So, Ridun, barring any other immediate need to deal with an active boarding, I suppose you're in charge again." 

And still, she managed a tired grin.

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[ Tessa May Lance, callsign:  Goldeneye | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Even Angels Cry, @Griff @Havenborn, @Multificionado, @Nolan, @Jm Von Cat , @Blue Zephyr, @Masorin@Triage.

"Lieutenant Lance, I am Petty Officer t'Jellaieu. We met briefly at Sol, just before the ship was attacked, when I was inspecting the Valkyries. I take it that you shall need help here?"

”Oh!” Tessa blinked innocently, ”Have we met?  You look familiar somehow…”  Her eyes widened in recognition.  ”Oh yeah, Admiral Sobral’s aide… I remember you now.  So how are you?  I love what you’ve done with your hair.  So um… how did you get here?” 

Despite the chaos and confusion surrounding the Theurgy’s escape from the Sol system all those months ago, Tessa still remembered the admiral’s aide who was assisting in an inspection tour of the Lone Wolves’ fighters when the ship was forced to flee the very organization that had ordered its construction.  Tessa hadn’t really seen Petty Officer t'Jellaieu after that; she had assumed that the newcomer had either beamed out or hadn’t survived the first week of their exile. And yet here she was, in the flesh; wearing a baldric and a sword on her back as if she was a character from a Swords and Sorcery holodeck program. 

With all that was happening at the time, and had happened since, Tessa should not have remembered t'Jellaieu at all.  She certainly hadn’t remembered her name.  The only reason she had any recollection of the petty officer was because of the two brow ridges above the bridge of t'Jellaieu’s nose that formed a flattened V-shape on her forehead.  Together with her pointed ears, they really made the petty officer look like a Romulan.

[ Maya | Primary Surgical Suite | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Nolan, @patches

“Completing the scan now,” Petty Officer Riley Patterson said as she operated one of the consoles surrounding the biobed.

“Let us see the results,” Maya of Vulcan replied in a quiet and somewhat empty voice.  “It would seem that I have severely overtaxed my temporal and manual nervous systems.  It must have happened when I was attempting the stel’von.  It would seem to be beyond my current ability.”  Whatever the stel’von was, the universal translator in her combadge wasn’t translating it.

“Hm,” Nurse Patterson grunted as she held a finger before Maya’s large hazel eyes and moved it slowly to the left and the right to see if her eyes would track.

Petty Officer Kino Taer entered the room slowly as if she wanted to make sure there wasn’t a serious medical procedure being conducted before she interrupted.  Patterson turned to look at her but Maya just kept staring vacantly at the screen on the wall that displayed the data from the neurological scan. 

Petty Officer Taer seized her opening:  “If you don’t mind, miss. I’d like to ask the good doctor here a question while you run your scans.” Kino said as she stepped fully into Maya’s field of vision, ultimately leaning against the wall opposite of the surgeon. Maya instinctively leaned to her right in an unconscious effort to peer around the security specialist, but the one-eyed Trill valiantly addressed the little Vulcan regardless.  “Doctor Maya, I’m told there’s a serious situation developing in the temporary brig.  Do you recall what happened before you were beamed out?”

Maya blinked and seemed to notice Taer for the first time.  “Why yes.  Master Chief Petty Officer Barton bludgeoned me with the rifle butt of his phaser and I lost coconsciousness,” she replied conversationally. 

Nurse Patterson allowed herself a small smile of relief.  Doctor Maya was sounding like her old self again.

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[ High Chancellor Martok, son of Urthog | Bridge | Negh'Var Heavy Carrier IKC Rotarran | Azure Nebula ] Attn: All
In the aftermath of battle, Martok was ready to kill something with his bare hands.

The Rotarran had lost a warp nacelle, suffered numerous hull breaches, and some of the crew had become irradiated by the nebula. Damage reports were coming in from all sections of the ship, the bridge crew were talking on top of each other, and yet Martok just stood there and glared at the viewscreen, his thoughts split between the defeat he'd suffered, and the sight of the Borg cube that had vanished in the middle of the battlefield. He was silent, because he waited for word from the Phantoms that had gone after the Theurgy's middle hull. He waited, for confirmation of a kill, because he knew that 'the Sword' had no shields left, and that gave his Phantom Leader and her pilots the chance to make this battle a victory nonetheless.

Yet then there was silence, until one survivor on a damaged Phantom reported back, saying that another ship had appeared, and that he was the only survivor. It made Martok take a deep breath, and as if he was a statue come alive, he turned back towards the smoking and burning bridge, his upper lip curled in a bitter snarl.

"Captain," said N'Garen, looking a bit harried with some of her mane of hair melted; a near brush with a plasma leak. "Six of our ships are en-route. They are dropping out of warp now."

"They are late," growled Martok, his hands balled into fists at his sides. The humiliation of it couldn't be helped, but he knew what he would say to the Captains of the Imperial fleet. "Hail them!"

"Aye, Captain."

The flickering viewscreen showed six different bridges, and before either of the Commanding Officers could say something to their High Chancellor, be it in attempt to undermine authority or question him as to the nature of their defeat, Martok raised his voice. "This is the Rotarran, we have engaged the Theurgy, yet they fled without any shields left - hounded by our Phantoms. May Sto'Vo'Kor await them all."

"Shall we give chase?" offered one of the Captains, looking eager enough.

Oh, but Martok would like nothing rather. "The Theurgy is mine," he said, however, and stepped closer to the viewscreen. "And it seems the Klingon Empire's entire fleet has been blind, for an enemy more worthy than the Theurgy have been left to roam right at our borders, and neither of you have sighted it. Your honour is in question, to have failed the Empire."

This stirred the Captains, some of them snarling at having their conduct questioned. Some shouted their objections, asking what enemy this might be, and that if there was a threat to the Klingon borders, they would vanquish this foe.

Martok turned his remaining eye to N'Garen, who understood well enough. She transmitted the sighting of the Borg cube to the viewscreen, showing the arriving Klingon fleet what they had encountered. It made them quit their posturing well enough, and in the silence that dampened them, Martok spoke anew.

"Rally the Empire for war. While we came here to hunt a single, traitorous ship, our battles ahead will be about more than just this one ship. The Borg have come to our border, and there, they shall remain. We will not yield an inch to the Collective, and repel them from Klingon space at all cost. The Federation might be our allies, but we need to protect our own against this threat. I want all Klingon ships back from whatever missions they might be on... to prepare for invasion."

When the image of the Borg cube vanished from the screen, the Captains looked solemn. Martok supposed that he might raise their spirits somewhat, for there was glory to be found, for all those who did not gain the honour of death in the battles to come.

"We know where they will come from," he growled, eyes creasing in promise of triumph, as unlikely as it might be. "So we will fight this enemy at their own gate. We will tear it down on top of them if we can. We will show the Borg... how we welcome its kind in the Beta Quadrant. jaj vIghaj!"

They would own the day, indeed, regardless what might follow in the night.

Behind him N'Garen just smiled, for more reasons than one.

OOC: I will leave this thread open for any loose ends yet to be tied, but I will not be posting again here, since Supplemental threads will be set up for the next phase of the Sword's voyage. One will be in the Brig, and another will deal with the immediate aftermath overall on the Sword. More information will come soon in regard to how much time there will be for new Supplemental threads of your own, but for now, keep new Supplemental threads to the immediately following hour after this battle. Posting titles should be, CH02: S [DXX|YYYY] Insert Title (Day 06 | 0001 hrs. <set time> 0100 hrs.)

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[Ensign Six | Airlock | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @Numen @Nolan @Triton @Triage @Griff @Gadget @Fife @lisavw @chXinya @Top Hat

Ensign Six was, so far, the only crewmember of the Allegiant to have not disembarked. She could see that Izar greeted what was apparently a friend ("Wolf-01, Razor"), but she didn't muster the nerve to actually disembark, what with Ghost glaring daggers at the ex-drone. "Drone slut," she had called her, and it hurt so much.

Ghost, on the other hand, never budged; rifle trained at Six, she stood, as if determined to not let her pass.

Finally, Six spoke.

"Don't you think you need to have that nose treated?"

Ghost continued to glare, but she instinctively raised a hand to her nose. Seeing the blood, she remembered she broke her nose during the battle. She rushed to the nearest reflective surfacing and was gobsmacked to see what a sight she was, the river of blood streamed from her nose all the way down her flight suit.


She rushed out of the bay, but not before she had a parting word at Six.

"Dinnae think this is over, drone."

With Ghost gone, hopefully to Sickbay, Six disembarked from the Allegiant but remained in proximity, wondering what she should do.

With the feeling that she needed to get away from the launch bay, and the Wolves, who intimidated her the more she looked at them, especially with their apparently aggressive callsigns, she paused a moment to think.

What should she do now? It was unlikely Masuda would want her to come along; she presumed her services as a guide was no longer necessary.

She could think of a few possibilities: The first thought to come to her was finding somewhere isolated on the "Sword" to set up an alcove, just like on the "Stallion," but she didn't want to. Much as she can do without an alcove for days at a time, owing to the booster pack embedded in her spine, she needed an alcove all the same, but it would mean a prolonged absence, again like on the "Stallion." She practically missed everything that's happened since the Theurgy hid in the Azure Nebula, missed the abduction of Captain Ives and several crewmembers (though she counted herself lucky to have been absent; she hated the possibility of being a captive along with them) and when the Theurgy split in three to evade their enemies. She missed a LOT in setting up her forensics lab.

Besides, the crew of the "Sword" had just been attacked themselves, and they would be extra jumpy if they came across somebody who caught them by surprise, even if it wasn't a hostile.

No, the best thing to do would be to find some place more comfortable where she can wait; she was still a part of the security department, despite her skills, and it would be entirely possible that she and Mariner would be debriefed by Commander Wenn. After all, the ranking officer of the "Sword" was the Security Chief.

She momentarily wondered if she was in the right department for her skills. She was an excellent hacker; she should've been an intelligence officer. But no, the best thing possible was forensics, despite the security department. She could be stuck an ensign a long time like Harry Kim. Maybe, if and when she got promoted, she'd request a transfer to the Tactical department. She'd look better in red than in yellow, and the more she thought about her hacking skills, the more she thought she was better off in Tactical, close enough to Intelligence, than in Security.

If and when. She wasn't sure if she can request an inter-vessel transfer as an ensign, but it could be possible.

Maybe she'd request a transfer to the "Sword." It was an insane thought, given the greater possibility of people disliking her, but it depended on what Commander Wenn was like. With or without Masuda, meeting Commander Wenn was inevitable.

She suddenly realized how tired she was. She had been going on restlessly. Like everybody else, she needed rest. With the booster pack filling in for her alcove for the time being, she can sleep like anybody else. She went through the first door she saw and was surprised to find herself in the lounge.

"It'll have to do," she muttered with fatigue. She made a note into her own database to remind her when she woke up: Depending on orders she receives, set up an alcove as soon as freaking possible. Just an alcove; there's no time to set up a forensics lab, unless the security center has one already. But all the same, expect to hear a call from Masuda or from Commander Wenn.

She was suddenly so tired she didn't care if any of the Wolves threw her out. She plopped down onto a couch, still dressed in uniform, and surprised herself by falling asleep at once.

OOC: This may likely be the last post for Six in this chapter, or, depending if the chapter continues on, for the current time, given the lateness of the hour. Six's awakening from her rest will serve as the beginning of a supplemental, if somebody has an opening for a supplemental later on. The most obvious case would be somebody from the crew telling her she can't sleep in the lounge, but there can be a wide variety of ideas. Please let me know through DM for any supplemental ideas with such a beginning for Six.

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[ Lt Simon Tovarek | Battle Bridge -> Turbolift | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn:  @chXinya  @Top Hat

Tovarek hadn't ever been gladder to see the Allegiant show up when they did. A sigh of relief being released by him as they dispatched of the raiders along with T'Less's handy work. He walked over to the science station where Vael Kaeris was as he had announced the data from the Borg cube and the intelligence they had gathered about it. He patted the man on the back "Well done." he simply said with a thick Russian accent as he looked at the raw data and he looked around on the bridge to check if anyone else needed medical attention "If nobody is in need of it, would you process the data yourself?" he asked before he noticed the man he was talking to technically outranked him, unless he still held his title of XO... "Sir." he concluded.

Tovarek's attention however was called away by Cinn as he instructed him to follow him and Ducote to the Brig for the Nicander situation. Tovarek simply nodded as he nodded at Okafor as he'd be the one to be in charge of the bridge once more. Once the trio was inside the elevator Tovarek began to think of options on how to handle the Nicander crisis. It truly was if anything a crisis. Part of their security center had been brought to -25G for God's sake. Yet if that wasn't enough a new crisis developed in front of him, starting with Ducote.

"Mister Wenn, I would remind you that we did not have to lift a finger to help you in that fight. We are still the victims of a kidnapping under a false pretence, your story is still in dire need of independent verification... and if you speak to one of my officers like that again, we will have a rather more robust disagreement."

Tovarek was surprised to hear the tactless remark of the senior officer that technically outranked both of them. He glanced over at Wenn Cinn who simply returned the glance at him before the lift came to a stop entirely. Tovarek leaned back against the wall of the turbolift as Cinn gave a reply of his own.

"Commander Ducote, be very clear about this point: until I'm relieved by Captain Ives or Commander Trent, this is my ship.  According to regulations I am allowed to utilize all personnel on board however I deem fit.  At the moment, we are working to save the Federation from a clear and present danger that has integrated itself into the highest levels of Starfleet and possibly even the government.  If you refuse to believe the existence of the parasites despite all of the evidence you have been shown, and will see here shortly, that is your issue to work out."

"Irregardless of the parasites, there is no doubt that the Borg are here, and currently have the ability to invade in force.  You yourself have seen this.  So ask yourself this: if we are the renegades that Command claims us to be, why would we still be here?  A dozen different governments would love to have the Theurgy under their flag, their best scientists and engineers studying every bolt and seam to gain an advantage over the Federation while the crew basks in their finest luxuries?

"If you want to continue on your vendetta against the Borg without us, fine.  We'll put you and anyone else from your crew back onto your runabout and send you on your way down the Borg's warp trail, right where we found you.  How does that sound, Commander?"

Tovarek looked at both gentlemen now as he licked his lips "Sirs... I think this conversation can be saved for a later date? We have a bigger fish to fry so to speak." As Ducote seemed to agree it didn't take long before the lift moved further to the security center.

[ Lt Cmdr Thomas 'Razor' Ravon | Fighter Assault Deck | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

"You should know better, I don't easily die." he grinned at his friend as he had to laugh about his bully armor joke. He glanced over at the ORE and the rest of his crap that he was carrying around and he shook his head "Don't tell me you found the time to mooshine aboard the Allegiant?" he said softly with a grin before he bit his tongue about giving the man a hug. "We both know that if I gave you a hug now Izar, that I'd be transporting you right to Sickbay together with the good doctor here." he joked "Aside from the peasant filth, you need vitamins to strengthen those bones of yours. I swear you're made out of jello or something."

He looked back at Daniel as he requested new orders as Amelya Rez and the Allegiant doctor vanished by a site to site transport. "I'll have to leave you for now Izar, but come look me up later alright!" he smiled before he walked to Daniel. "Park the ships back into their slots, work with the deckhands in clearing up the bay. Freshen up after that and prepare for new sorties should the need arise. That means rearming your ships and agreeing with the pups what armament you'd like." he told him as he patted the man on the shoulder "Nice flying out there and I'm impressed by the way you pinned the Klingon down." he said to him as he looked him in the eye.

ravon's eye drifted over to Lance as she was speaking the with the pilot of the Allegiant and he decided to walk over to her to inform her about any further orders like he had with Daniel. Just like with Daniel he personally would tell her that she did a good job out there.

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[ Ensign Jaya Thorne | Main Sickbay | Deck 11| Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: attending medical officers.

As Jaya lay there on one of the Biobeds after being evacuated, her body starts to convulse, the blood loss causing a severe shock reaction, she is still unconscious but her body begins thrashing about randomly on the bed, shaking violently. Smacking one of the nurses in the face, startling her but soon the Doc has her calmed down again. “Hmmm must be form the blood loss and adrenaline surge, shock symptoms, stable now… odd her REM state is quite high.” Noted the Doctor as he worked, the nurse blinking at the readings.

“Doctor, this is not beyond the limits but too high for someone who’s simply unconscious, she must be dreaming but its too high for a simple dream, isn’t it?” Dr. Kobol  nodded. “Yes, but her vitals all read stable if low, hmmm, peculiar.” He noted it on his PADD as he grabbed some medical tools. “Okay I am not reading much damage other than muscle tissue and blood loss, no arteries were hit, this is fortuitous. Let’s get to work shall we?” The nurse nodded to him as she handed him a laser scalpel to allow them to cut up and extricate the large piece of metal in the young woman’s arm.

Inside Jaya’s Mind:

She smiled, feeling happier than she had in ages, speaking with her Grandmother had been great. “So, Granma Frances, you said, when we first started speaking, feels like hours ago now, that I am not dying?” She asked quizzically. Frances smiled. “No dear, you aren’t, yes you are quite hurt but they are working on you right now, you’ll be fine in a few days time, just relax here with me while they do, I promise you, you will be fine!” Said the slightly older looking woman as she gently brushed some hair from her Granddaughter’s forehead. “I’m also glad of where you put yourself, the sunrise will begin soon and we’re in the lake lands not far from the family cottage darling, a magnificent choice any proper Thorne would picture when in your position I am sure.”

Jaya nodded, smiling as the sun crested the peaks to the east of them, slowly rising, the snow atop the highest ones shimmering in the rising light. The view was magnificent, reminding her of the ones she saw during her childhood on the Lake during the summer months. “I do hope I make it, there’s so much I feel I still have to do.” Her Grandmother nodded. “Yes, there is dear, so rest, relax and trust me, you will be fine.” She hugged her Granddaughter warmly as they watched the sunrise together.

Back in the Real World:

The medical personnel had been at it for a while, finding more than a little foreign matter in Jayas wounds and a lot of damage, nothing that could not be easily fixed but it would take some time under regenerators and physiostim units to give the ensign her mobility back, not to mention the need to replenish her lost blood. “Ok, that’s it for the big stuff, the wounds are clean, now we need to get her regeneration treatments going.” Said the doctor as he closed the surgical cover over the young woman who was now lying naked under a heating sheet to keep her warm while they worked. “So young, thankfully she has a very good chance of making a full recovery.” Noted the nurse, to which Dr. Kobol  nodded. “Yes, very much so, I took a bit of time to go over her file not long ago, Ensign Thorne, Jaya by her first name, is a fighter and has a good track record, not spotless mind you but good. She apparently, almost single handed, got us out of there alive piloting wise and injured through most of it, I for one am quite impressed at her sheer skill at the helm form what I have heard.” He smiles softly, looking at the unconscious woman's face. “Let us do what we can for her, she deserves our best!”

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[ PO2 Kino Taer | Primary Surgical Suite | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] @Doc M.

Kino frowned as Maya told her, in that characteristic conversational voice, that Master Chief Petty Officer Jeremy Barton hit her with the butt of his rifle.

“Bullshit.” It came out of her mouth before her brain could process the news enough to stop herself. “The Master Chief wouldn’t do that.”

Barton had been the senior non-commissioned officer in the Security department, an integral link between the enlisted and officer ranks that helped to ensure the department aboard the ship was run efficiently and that conflicts between Security personnel were handled correctly. Starfleet’s training emphasized the core principles that governed its behaviors, which meant Barton would have been the epitome of what the pseudo-militaristic arm of the Federation wanted to see in its NCOs. Hitting Doctor Maya with the butt of his rifle violated the emphasis on non-violent outcomes, put both the Master Chief and the doctor in a situation where both could be severely injured or killed, and would have easily given rise to a crisis like what appeared to be developing in the Security Centre.

It was simply flat out something Kino Taer refused to believe could happen. She might have done something like that early on in her career. Her training and experience now meant there were several other options she’d go through almost instinctively before resorting to hitting people with her rifle. Even with the Klingon, the melee was a last resort forced by the Klingon’s charge in a confined environment. He was literally trying to kill her and she managed to subdue him. Barton’s additional decade+ of experience should have meant a complete avoidance of this.

What the hell really happened in that room? Did Doctor Maya force the situation again? She did inject adrenaline in Nicander despite clear orders not to, placing us all in greater danger.

The Trill shook her head slightly, suddenly thankful that her helmet veiled her facial expressions at this point. The last thing she needed at this point was to start worrying about a possibly rogue Vulcan doctor on top of the soap opera that the Theurgy was already. Barton’s death was going to hit the Security enlisted ranks pretty hard.

“Thank you, Doctor,” Kino finally said after a deep breath. “You’re lucky to have escaped serious injury with a hit to the head like that. I’ll leave you to your duties now.”

With that, she turned to leave the room quickly before changing her mind about questioning Maya more closely. As suspicious as the story sounded, Maya was still the ship’s premier neuroscientist and one of its most experienced surgeons and Sickbay was nearly overflowing with casualties. It was a better use of both of their time to let her do her job at that moment. Besides, nothing she could say or do would change anything at this point and Kino was just really tired with a headache that seemed intent on returning.

She directed the three others that came with her to keep following her. The shift to Yellow meant that Alpha Shift could finally consider resting while Gamma took over the bulk of the work needed at that point. Personnel were now going to be reshuffled to fit different priorities. That meant returning to the Security Centre was the best option for anyone with a rifle right now.

OOC: Kino's off to the Centre now and bowing out of this thread in favor of a new supplemental I'll be writing shortly.

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[ Maya | Primary Surgical Suite | CMO Office | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Nolan, @patches

“Doctor Maya, I’m told there’s a serious situation developing in the temporary brig.  Do you recall what happened before you were beamed out?”

Maya blinked and seemed to notice Taer for the first time.  “Why yes.  Master Chief Petty Officer Barton bludgeoned me with the rifle butt of his phaser and I lost coconsciousness,” she replied conversationally. 

“Bullshit.  The Master Chief wouldn’t do that.”

“In his defense, he was under the impression that I was once again under Doctor Nicander’s influence and that I was using my people’s telepathic abilities to influence his men,” Doctor Maya continued in a calm and almost casual tone.  “Given this ship’s multiple experiences with mental tampering his actions were quite understandable.” 

Nurse Patterson paled at Maya’s nonchalance.  From her testimony, it was apparant that Maya was ignorant of what had happened after she fell unconscious.  Although Barton, Wyburn, Drolix had been placed in cryosleep capsules after they had been beamed to sickbay it was obvious that their remains were going to be filed under “Organ Donors” rather than “Patients Awaiting Treatment.”  Given Maya’s literally delicate nerves, Riley Patterson decided to let Petty Officer Taer decide whether or not the condition of Barton and the others should be revealed the little Vulcan right now.

Kino Taer seemed to be trying to make up her mind on that issue as well, and when she finally spoke it seemed that she had decided against it.

“Thank you, Doctor.  You’re lucky to have escaped serious injury with a hit to the head like that.  I’ll leave you to your duties now.”

“Any time I can be of assistance Petty Officer,” Maya nodded serenely as the security specialist took her leave.  The little Vulcan then turned her attention back to the screen that displayed her neurological data.  “Nurse, I shall require two milligrams of synaptizine and I need you to fetch four neural transducers.  I will show you the appropriate areas I need them placed on my body."

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[ Lt jg Kala Marika | Airlock | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @Numen @Nolan @Triton @Triage @Griff @Gadget @Fife @lisavw @chXinya @Top Hat @ Multificionado

The mission on the Allegiant finally over, Kala could permit herself the smallest sigh of relief as she stepped down onto the gravity plating of the Theurgy. She was alive, and given the week she’d just had, that was in itself, no small miracle. Glancing around the deck, she realized that aside from the others on the allegiant she knew no one on this ship.

To say the week had been the week from hell was beyond an understatement. First the borg, which was bad enough. Watching your shipmates, despite their most valiant efforts, captured and assimilated by drones, sometimes their own shipmates, the look as the borg took over their bodies, turning them mindless, into drones. Then forced to kill them yourself, otherwise you would face the same fate as they did. She'd survived that with barely a scratch, though the mental and emotional scars would last for some time, that she knew even if she didn't fully appreciate what it meant or wouldn't for some time.

Then came those horned devils, like something out of a terran storybook designed scare children into submission. They were far less bad then the borg, though in many ways, with the ship as crippled and wounded as the crew were, these demons did more damage then the borg. The crew of the Cayuga fought them off as best they could, only making headway with the arrival of that ship of the damned, the Theurgy. Whether the Theurgy knew about these beings, or was just there to offer aid, Kala didn't know, and didn't really care to know. A hand out of a pit was a hand.
At least this hand had not only been the Theurgy, but a few familiar faces, and speaking of familiar faces, she noticed one from her ship hanging around the landing area looking rather amused by something. She wandered over to Chief Eboh, “Hey Chief. Any idea what they need us for now? And what shapes the Cayuga in?”

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila| Fighter Assault Deck | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
Att.: @Nolan @Fife @SummerDawn  @anyone left in the bay

"Moonshine ?, I'm afraid no, not this time ... You're quite needy, are not you?" Bila answered with a laugh, then he raised as much as he could the ORE 's container and trying  call Ravon's attention over it. "No, no, i've been working on this. This little fella may be able to reverse a borg assimilation process in its earlier stages, if the infected is able to reach the lab... That or cause him or her some deep burns unviable with life, depending on the time I've to run some tests and tune it up. So far, the most spectacular result I've achieved has been make a sample of my own blood explode, but I'm confident that it ends up working." He explained shrugging slightly. Then he indicated with his scruffy chin the small briefcase that Eboh carried around. "That thing my helpful minion Eboh is taking care of, are some modified nanoprobes vaccines, they allow normal functioning and delay assimilation if it occurs. It burns when applied and leaves a metallic taste in your mouth, but it works. In the lab test at least." Bila composed his best wise-ass smile, he was proud of his achievements, especially given the limited time he had arranged. Also, questioning safety of what he was experiencing was one of his favorite pastimes when he was around the pilot. He was an expert playing the mad scientist role, even when it was far from reality.

The hybrid had a rebuttal about his jello-bones on the tip of his tongue when Tom apologized, proclaiming he had work to do. Izar dismissed him with a wave of his hand while joking. "Go, go, put some order on your flock, birdman. I'm going to put all this in a safe place and I'll meet you in the lounge or in your nest, just gimme a comm when you have some time to waste with the nerds, bully boy." He patted the other man's back to urge him to leave and watched him go with his arms crossed over his chest, wide smile in his face. Despite the stark contrast between the two men, he had missed Ravon.

Without further ado he turned to Chief Eboh, barely managing to see him above the bulk of the ORE. "Hey, Igor, be a good minion and look for something to carry all this to the labs, maybe to anti-grav sled or something, surely they must have one around to lend us. Put the vaccines in there and bring it in as soon as you find it, if you're so kind." He snorted, the burdensome device was beginning to stagger his weary body and his arms were shaking due the effort. "Contact Ingeneering officer on duty when you are finished, they may need your help with repairs. If there aren't any life or death matter, you are off duty, enjoy some R & R and a nap until Captain Yukimura call for us."

It was then that the half-bajoran noticed the presence of the engineer. During the scout mission he had barely seen her briefly in the docking bay since their posts had kept them at a distance. Despite this, Bila was always grateful to see another ridged nose around. "Liutenant, the same suggestion goes with you. Maybe the repair teams need your services, if not, I think there should be a lounge on one of the decks where you can relax." He said with a softer tone than the one he'd used with Eboh. The chemist smiled tentatively. He knew little about the engineer and the hybrid always took extra double precautions when faced with a member of one of his two species. He stayed where he was waiting for Eboh's return while watching the woman. The weight of the Ore seemed to increase every second that passed.

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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Numen @SummerDawn

Eboh turned as he heard someone greeting him, finding himself looking at the diminutive figure of the Allegiant’s Engineer, Kala Marika. The El-Aurian hybrid directed a half-smile at the officer as he adjusted the case of vaccines which was held under his arm.

”Hello, ma’am,” the large man said by way of greeting, ”I can’t say where we will be needed, though the ship seems to have taken quite a beating.” Ekon glanced around the mast space of the fighter assault bay as he spoke. ”To be honest, I’ve spent so much of the last few days in Jefferies tubes aboard the Cayuga or on smaller vessels that it feels a bit strange to be in such a large space.” Ekon chuckled as he spoke, the sound coming as a deep rumble.

”If I’m being completely honest, ma’am, I could use a drink after the week we’ve had…” The Ops Chief confided in the shorter woman, ”Though I…”

His words were cut off by the all too familiar voice of the Allegiant’s science officer, who was attempting to peer at him over the bulk of the ORE he struggled to carry. The half-Cardassian called him a minion again and asked him to go find an anti-grav sled for the scientist to transport the ORE on. Ekon could see the man’s arms shaking as they struggled to support the device, the sight of the other man’s discomfort bringing Ekon some small degree of satisfaction.

”Yes, sir.” Ekon replied calmly as the demi-Cardie snorted and continued to speak, more or less repeating the orders Yukimura had already issued. ”Very good, sir.” Eboh acknowledged in a neutral tone, before turning to the Bajoran officer. ”If you’ll excuse me, ma’am. I won’t be long.” With that, Chief Eboh strode off into the vast space of the fighter assault bay in search of an anti-grav sled.

He found one before too long tucked against a wall further along the bay. Retrieving the sled, he placed the case of vaccines on it’s surface and made his way back towards the Allegiant, not moving particularly quickly as he hummed a random tune. He was following the scientist’s orders, though he was in no hurry about it, taking a small amount of joy in the science officer’s discomfort. ”Here you are, sir!” Eboh said as he noted that the Cardassian’s arms were shaking dangerously now, the man seeming as though he might lose hold of the device at any moment. Letting the anti-grav sled come to a halt, Eboh stepped forward and took hold of the device, the large man having a much easier time of it than the scientist had. ”Careful with that, sir. It’s quite heavy, and we don’t want you dropping it!” Eboh said cheerily as he shifted the device onto the sled. He suppressed a smile as he took a moment to enjoy the sight of Lt. Izar sagging with relief, finally free of the heavy burden. ”If there will be nothing else, sir, I think Lieutenant Kala and I should go check in with the repair teams.”

”Seems you’re in need of spending that excess energy you display. I’ll take measures to give you work during the next two shifts, working off some of the raktajinos you’ve been engulfing. You don’t want to grow fat, old man.” With that said, Bila set off, shaking his head as he maneuvered the anti-grav sled. Eboh could only chuckle as he shook his head at the scientist’s retreating back before turning to Lt. Kala.

”Sorry ma’am, I never got a chance to answer you.” The Chief apologised, ”I haven’t heard anything about the Cayuga’s status, though I know one of the engineers sent over from the Theurgy to assist with repairs, and he’s one of the best.” Eboh told the woman, looking down at her and giving her a small smile. ”I suppose we should go check in to see if they need any help before I go get that drink.” He added, giving the small woman a wink as he stepped off to search for someone to check in with, unsure if the engineering officer would follow.

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[Lieutenant JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Doc M. @Nolan @Triage @Triton @Havenborn @chXinya @Top Hat

Much as she had enough trips to Sickbay to last her a lifetime, Rawley felt that she wouldn't be long; a broken nose was a simple matter.

The moment she walked in, however, she had a short intake of breath.

"Shite. What a redecorating job," she muttered. Sickbay almost seemed as much a mess as the fighter bay, and she could see just from the waiting area.

If she had to hazard a guess, she'd presume Klingons.

She sat in the waiting area. There was one doctor still on her mind, and she hoped she had the time. She tapped her combadge.

"Doctor Maya? This is Lieutenant Rawley. If yeh have a mo' I need some work done on me hooter."

She was willing to wait. Besides, now that she had forgiven Maya, at least she didn't mind if Maya took a look at her. She'd rather be around her than the drone slut.

She didn't know when or where the drone slut came from, but inwardly, she felt bad about antagonizing a guest, like she did with Commander Ducote. But she didn't let that thought bother her. The guest was a drone. With Commander Ducote, it was different. She quickly apologized to him, but she had a feeling they'd meet sooner or later, and Ducote was likely to tell her off.

Well, at least she would expect Ducote to tell her off if and when they met.

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[ Lt jg Kala Marika | Airlock | USS Allegiant NX-80978] Attn: @Numen @Fife

"I think we've all spent way too much time in Jefferies tubes the last few days. Coming from an engineer I suppose that's saying something." She hadn't gotten much else said when she heard another familiar voice above the noise of the bay, that of one of the Cayuga's scientists, one Lt Bila. "You made it too Bila? Damn it's good to find a few familiar faces. I was getting worried I was the only one aboard the Theurgy." She grinned a little, "After the week we've had, a drink sounds wonderful."

She could feel a little of the awkward tension in the air between them while CPO Eboh went off to find a pallett jack for the load the man was carrying. She wondered if perhaps some of the tension came from him being a child of two worlds, worlds that less then a generation ago were fighting each other. "I don't think we really got a chance to properly meet Lieutenant. I think introductions over drinks would be called for when we're free from this crisis."

She was grateful when CPO Eboh came back with the anti-grav and helped Lt Bila get his stuff squared away. She meant every word about introductions over drinks, and she intended to keep it. But for now, there was still that awkward gap between them, even if she called him by his last name from time to time. She nodded as he told her he wasn't aware of any changes to the Cayuga. "I hope they get squared away, I'd love to help but somehow I doubt we can just waltz back over right now, not while we're unofficially TDY here." She nodded, "Jeen will be grateful for the help, anybody who can turn a hyperspanner would be welcome right now after how badly trashed the systems are aboard ship."

"I'll come with Chief. Might as well keep my hands busy till we get this shit show sorted out." She remarked, smiling a little.

OOC: TDY -> Temporary Duty Assignment

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[Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] @Firefox013 @Jm Von Cat

Somehow, Elro felt the most relaxed he had for a long time, despite the badly injured human strewn on the biobed in front of him. Things were a little calmer in sickbay; there was a nurse milling about and tending to a few of the other patients, but at this stage, it was damage control rather than triage. Nobody was critical, he didn’t need to run from bed-to-bed diagnosing and treating. He could actually focus on one thing for the first time in a long time.

Ensign Thorne, the ace pilot who had managed to outmanoeuvre the Klingons whilst she had an eight inch piece of metal sticking out of her arm, according to the Sickbay gossip. The nurse working with him was very complimentary about the Ensign, but Elro was being very careful to withhold judgement on anyone who was a part of the Theurgy crew.

After all, it was only a few days ago that he was staunch in his belief that the entire crew of the Theurgy were traitors to the Federation. Since coming aboard, they had informed him of the apparent truth, which the entire crew were convinced about, but Elro still couldn’t be entirely won over. He’d seen a man, a Câroon, with injuries that should have killed him long before he had ended up in Sickbay. He’d been heavily involved in the operation to stabilise the former CMO, but had seen no evidence of a parasite or anything of the like.

What he did believe however, was that the crew of the Theurgy, or at least, the crew of Vector Two, were not traitors or vagabonds like Starfleet Command had described. They respected the chain of command, they had a sense of comradery that escaped people who were prone to dissent and deception, and they trusted him. Trusted him enough to be the only physician in Sickbay for that matter. Yet, he had a sinking suspicion that they had given him the trust because he was a medical officer and they needed his assistance. And possibly his limited assistance in fighting off the Klingon boarding parties with Jovela... He expected that the rest of the Endeavour’s crew may not be on the receiving end of the same level of respect.

Of course, all of that could change very quickly. In either direction.

His pondering thoughts were disrupted as he noticed the young Ensign on the biobed begin convulsing, her limbs thrashing against her control and one of them sharply catching the attending nurse across the cheek. Her blood loss was causing her to go into shock.

“Twenty milligrams of lectrazine.” He directed to the nurse, the hypospray being brought back to him almost instantly. The sickbay crew were certainly proficient. He came over with a melancholy flutter in his gut as he remembered that the people he was comparing the Theurgy nurses to were all unaccounted for, most likely dead or assimilated. Only a few had managed to escape on the Niger. He hoped that at least some of the others had gotten to safety as well; he certainly knew that R’Rori’s talents would be needed in the days to come.

Ensign Thorne reacted well to the medication, calming down almost immediately after he introduced it to her system. Elro's eyes fluttered down to the biobed console as he noted the changes in her vitals.

“Must be from the blood loss and adrenaline surge, shock symptoms.” He pondered aloud. “Stable now…” He continued murmuring as he noted something unusual from the console. “Odd.” Elro established, fetching up a medical tricorder just to double check. “Her REM state is quite high.”

“Doctor,” The nurse began. “This is not beyond the limits, but it’s too high for someone who’s simply unconscious.” He paused, thinking for a second. “She must be dreaming, but it’s too high for a simple dream, isn’t it?”

The nurse was correct in that it was slightly unusual, but from what he was getting from the Ensign, she was having some form of reactive dream involving her Grandmother. Nothing untoward. He tried not to pry too deep into her unconscious thoughts however; he didn’t quite know how the crew of the Theurgy would react if he began fishing around inside their heads any more than passive empathy. After all, Doctor Maya wasn’t far away and the Vulcan could easily misidentify his telepathy as probing the Ensign’s mind for tactical data.

“Yes.” He replied, nodding. “But her vitals all read stable, if low.” He made a noise between curiosity and bafflement. “Peculiar.” He made a few notes on the PADD he was using to keep track of the unfamiliar patients. “I am not reading much damage other than the muscle tissue and the blood loss.” He told the nurse, ready to start working. “No arteries were hit, which is fortuitous. Let’s get to work, shall we?”

The nurse nodded, passing Elro a laser scalpel without so much as a word, trying to anticipating his needs. He would need the scalpel, but he placed it down at first, freeing both of his hands and allowing him to get to work on removing the shard of metal imbedded in her bicep. The Doctor placed a clean piece of gauze against the wound and gave the metal a firm tug. It slid out easily, his hand clamping down on the wound to control the blood loss. He could have considered a transporter, but that would take valuable time and since they’d be using the autosuture regardless, the difference was inconsequential.  However, the nurse looked at him and blanched.

“We’ve got a transporter! Why the hell is he pulling it out like some Klingon ridgehead?” The nurse thought, Elro listening in and trying hard not to chuckle at the result; the nurse didn’t hide his suspicion.

“If you’d be so kind as to use the autosuture on this wound, I’ll get to work on the rest.” He added, collecting the laser scalpel from where he had set it down, and in his other hand retrieving a dermal regenerator, before examining the Ensign’s body and working out exactly where he should begin.

The Ensign was decorated with cuts, scrapes, and singed patches of her dark uniform revealing blistered areas of her flesh. She did have a nasty wound on her forehead that had been heavily bleeding down onto her eye, however it was her leg that was Elro’s primary concern. She had a deep, singed, gouge that would require the use of the autosuture to get it properly closed. He'd need to wait for that. Elro instead, visited her nose in the first instance, which had a rather misshapen lump beginning to form, most likely as a result of her falling down onto the deck plating on her way off of the bridge.

The procedures took a little time, most of her wounds were decorated with foreign debris and some of them would require follow up regeneration before she would be fighting fit. She had also lost a lot of blood, but Elro was confident that some rest would be sufficient for her to recover. A considerable amount, perhaps… But aside from the necessity for future regeneration, he and the nurse had repaired the majority of the damage and she was firmly out of danger. Elro let out a sound of satisfaction.

“That’s it for the big stuff, the wounds are clean.” Elro announced, thinking about the next steps and what would be sufficient to facilitate her future recovery. “Now we just need to get her regeneration treatments going.”

“She’s so young.” The nurse said quietly, looking over at her file on a PADD to input any necessary details from the procedure in case they were needed for later reference. “Thankfully she has a very good chance of making a full recovery.”

“Yes, very much so.” Elro replied. “I took a bit of time to go over her file not long ago.” He replied, turning to look over the nurse’s shoulder. “Ensign Thorne, Jaya by her first name. She’s a fighter and has a good track record.” He paused, tilting his head ever so slightly. “Not spotless mind you, but good.” Elro returned back to his initial station, tidying away the equipment he had used and placing it in the draws of a medial station that he had claimed as his own, rearranging every tray so that it was reminiscent of his station on the Endeavour.

“She apparently, almost single handed, got us out of there alive piloting wise, and injured through most of it.” Elro informed the nurse, who already knew the information, but the Doctor was trying to make a conscious effort to appear that he was trying to assimilate into the crew. “I for one am quite impressed at her sheer skill at the helm, from what I have heard.” And felt. He mentally added, remembering the first jolt that sent he and the other Doctors sprawling.

“Let us do what we can for her, she deserves our best!” The nurse replied with a considerable enthusiasm, making Elro sigh lightly to himself.

“She’s doesn’t have anything to worry about. When she regains consciousness she can return to her quarters to rest, just make sure she’s got a cortical monitor on, just in case there are any unexpected complications.” Elro informed the nurse, knowing that the monitor was not strictly necessary but also well aware that it would not reflect well on him if the young COMM officer had some frightful complication after he’d returned her to her quarters. “I’ll continue on my rounds.” He dismissed himself as he headed to check on the other patients in the other compartments, aware that he had spent a long time with the young Ensign.

As he left the room, he took a moment to glance around sickbay. Things seemed to be running smoothly, especially given that the CMO was currently unavailable. Elro was unsure whether Dr Nicander would even be permitted to step foot outside of the brig again.

Elro himself faced a similar imprisonment… It appeared he was stuck here for the moment. Even if he were permitted to leave the ship, which he highly doubted, and if he could somehow get back to an allied Federation vessel, it didn’t seem a smart idea. If the crew of the Theurgy were right, and the parasites had infested Starfleet, returning to them would put him at great risk. And even should they be wrong, he would still no doubt be painted as either a traitor himself, or be forced to deliver all of the tactical data he knew about the ship.

Elro wasn’t sure he was prepared to do that.

Whilst he mentally deliberated over the status of his future aboard the Theurgy, he felt his stomach groan with a complaint of hunger. It had been a long while since he had eaten, even longer still since he had eaten something other than the accursed Starfleet ‘rations’ which he was convinced were not fit for Betazoid consumption. Whenever one of the other Doctors returned to sickbay, and he handed over his charges, Elro was going to go and get a long overdue bowl of tomato and basil soup.


OOC, sorry for the length again, I promise next time will be less. Let me know if anything is disliked and I can edit it. Feedback always appreciated.

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[ Ensign Jaya Thorne | Main Sickbay | Deck 11| Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
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Inside Jaya’s Mind:

The sun shone bright now over the landscape as they sat there, chatting, enjoying one another’s presence as the mindscape change to a radiant day. Suddenly a slowly swirling blue portal manifested a few feet away from them, making Frances sigh. “Ah it seems it’s time honey, you’re beginning to regain consciousness and I will go back to the beyond dear.”

Jaya blinked, sitting up. “Oh… that’s too bad, I mean I’m happy ill be fine and that I’m waking up but I was really enjoying this time with you…” She said in a soft, melancholy tone to which her grand-mother nodded, caressing her cheek. “You need to go back Jaya, don’t fret, I will always be looking over you, as will everyone else who has passed on before you dear. Now go, be the strong woman we have all seen you become.” She said as they stood and hugged Jaya warmly.

Jaya nodded as they parted, smiling. “I’ll see you when it’s my time then Granma… I miss you a lot.” Frances smiled as Jaya moved through the portal. “I miss you too dear, now wake up!” There was a bright flash of blue as Jaya entered the portal, then darkness.

Back in the Real world:

Jaya groaned softly, eyes fluttering and opening a bit, she looked around, her surroundings slowly coming into focus, she realized she was in sickbay. “Mmmmmh…” She blinked, the lights were somewhat bright and she was aching literally all over. “Wh…what happened!?” She said, groaning softly, trying to move her head, to look around more. She could see a Nurse and a Doctor with Lieutenant’s pips on his collar doing rounds not much further off. “Musta gotten more banged up than I thought.” She mumbled and then coughed a few times. “Ooooh damn, feel like I’ve been run over by a Battlecruiser!”

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[Lieutenant Elro Kobol | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
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"Doctor Kobol ?"

Elro turned his head slightly, looking back over his shoulder at the Nurse attending to Ensign Thorne, hoping that there wasn't suddenly some unseen complication that had developed in the short while that he had been attending to the other patients in Sickbay. He didn't have an enormous amount to do in that regard however; the Nursing team aboard the Theurgy was more than sufficient to keep their patients well tended. Elro imagined that unlike the Endeavour where a large portion of the medical team were cadets and junior nurses, a ship like the Theurgy was bound to have been offered their choice pick of officers back when it was a Starfleet controlled vessel...

He had yet to see the return of Doctor Rez or Doctor Maya, only assuming that the pair were busy with other responsibilities that he was not privy to. He had contemplated using his telepathy to try and locate them, but Elro didn't know the crew compliment and had no idea who might become aware if he started probing around the ship. He had however been maintaining an active empathic field, which he found refreshing. Despite the constant distraction it proved to some Betazoids, he found that sensing other's emotions was like a gentle breeze. He almost found it refreshing.

Elro glanced over towards Ensign Thorne's biobed in response to the Nurse's calling, noting that there were no alarms or anything of the like that would be indicative of something untoward. Instead, as he turned and began striding over to the patient, he heard the Ensign grumble lightly, saw her body move in a way that was rigid and uncomfortable, but much more comforting to watch than the aggravate thrashing of someone in shock.

Evidently, she was awake.

"W...what happened!?" Thorne groaned, trying to move her head to glance around at her surroundings. Her eyes flickered across and focused on both the nurse, and Elro, before she flopped her head back down with a disgruntled noise. Elro was pleased that she was conscious and talking again so swiftly; it hadn't been so long since her procedure. She was obviously strong, figuratively speaking... In reality she was very weak and would need a good amount of rest before getting back to the helm.

"How're you feeling, Ensign?" Elro asked as he approached, though he wasn't entirely convinced that she heard him; she still seemed half asleep.

"Musta gotten more banged up than I thought." She grumbled, and though it did answer his question, Elro was convinced that it was just her ambient response to the situation; it didn't seem directed at much more than the ceiling. She coughed a few times, which made Elro flick out his medical tricorder to make sure there wasn't any lung damage that he hadn't been aware of. The Ensign made an unusual noise as the coughing subsided, before she spoke again. "Damn, feel like I've been run over by a Battlecruiser."

"Certainly a colourful metaphor." Elro couldn't help but chuckle softly, not loud enough for either the Ensign or nurse to hear him as he did so. His tricorder exams revealed no damage, so he assumed that the Ensign's coughing was down to something as simple as thirst. "Nurse, if you don't mind getting the Ensign a glass of water, I'll make sure she gets back to her quarters for some much needed rest."

Elro stepped away from the biobed and made a move to leave the care unit, taking a double take to ensure that the Nurse had fixed a cortical monitor to the Ensign as requested. He had. Elro folded his medical tricorder back down and returned it to his pocket, walking back out into the Sickbay lobby where he perched himself against the unoccupied Duty Nurse station and lightly tapped his combadge.

"Doctor Kobol  to security." 

"Go ahead." A voice replied after a short pause, sounding almost hesitant to respond to the Doctor.

"Ensign Thorne's injuries have been well tended to, she's awake now but I'd like her to release her to her quarters to get some much needed rest." Elro politely informed the officer on the other end, lightly tapping the sole of his foot against the floor as he spoke. “Unfortunately, since my security clearance on the Theurgy is non-existent, and the other Medical Officers are currently occupied, I'd like to request that you kindly arrange for her transport."

Elro was expecting it to be difficult, for the officer on the other end to tell him to go and talk to transporter room three, who in turn would tell him to go back and talk to Security. However, in reality, the response the Doctor was granted was unexpectedly straightforward, if not a little sharp.

"We'll get it sorted." The voice replied, distantly. Elro felt his eyebrow raise a fraction.

"Thank you." The Doctor replied with a fraction more warmth in his tone than he had been granted by the security officer. Elro had found that the crew of the Theurgy had very mixed dispositions when it came to how welcoming they wished to be, and what they felt about the Endeavour crew. He shrugged to himself.

Right now he didn't want much else than to free up the biobed that Thorne was occupying. Though Sickbay was not at capacity, Elro had a sinking feeling that it wouldn't be long before another medical emergency occured. Between the Borg cube that was in the area, the entirety of task force Archeron, the recent Klingon raiders and not to mention that they may have been in the territory of the elusive Orion Syndicate, who'd probably enjoy claiming a bounty from the Theurgy... At this stage, Elro wasn't going to let himself believe that they could relax. They were not safe.

“Is there anything else, Doctor?” The voice on the other end of the communication asked, reminding Elro that getting lost in thought was an activity best done off of the comm system.

"No, thank you.” He replied softly. “Kobol  out."

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While waiting for Igor to return with the sled, the Bajoran woman spoke him, emphasizing the unfamiliarity between them and she soon proposed to solve it with introductions over some drinks. He blinked several times looking at her, confused. First, because of the naturalness with which the engineer proposed that future meeting, without an iota of pity or resentment, both sof which he'd used to meet so often  when he was around his mother's people. Secondly, by the careless use of his first name. Although since the accession of Bajor to the Federation and the greater presence of Bajorans in the Fleet had made the misunderstandings more and more infrequent, there were still people who addressed him by his name instead of his surname. So much so that every time his ears caught a 'Lieutenant Bila', his mouth acted automatically, correcting them to 'Lieutenant Izar'. That someone who had just pointed out that he barely knew him directly addressed him with his given name, without the formal 'lieutenant'... such familiarity was doubly strange. Not offensive by any means, but it was... unusual. Usually, it was he who tried to shorten distances with others, not the other way around. Usually, he was the first to drop the courtesy treatments behind, the one that tried to relax the environment around himself. That opposite situation was ... novel.

He stared at the woman a moment before answering. She seemed sincere, with no hidden intentions. Briefly, he noticed the absence of the earing that marked the devotion to the Prophets. Unconsciously, he tried to reach one hand to his own, which caused him to stagger under the weight of the ORE. But his mind was focused on the questions he began to accumulate about the engineer. Bila, first of all, was a scientist. If there were questions, he needed answers. He smiled faintly and gave her a nod. "Then, introductions over drinks we'll have." It was a short and shy answer, far from his usual wit, but he was tired and still a bit puzzled for how the other lieutenant had approached to him.

Still, the hybrid could not confirm a concrete hour for the appointment due Eboh's arrival. The dark-skinned man was ready to tease the scientist, and Izar still kept a couple of rebuttals up his sleeve. The whole situation diverted the scientist's tired mind, who abandoned the dock pushing the sled without saying another word.


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