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PRO: S [D06|0115] Nyctinasty

Prologue: Supplemental [ Day 06 | 0115 hrs. ] Nyctinasty

[ Lahkesis Saugn | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] attn: @Masorin

When the discussions and conversations had died down and people began to break up into groups, some groups larger where people would cluster and speak among each other, some people by themselves to dwell in silence as the night began to press in, and some huddled in the depths of darkness alone or with others just trying to get some sleep for the day that was to come. Those who desired some degree of privacy moved into adjacent small rooms and hid away to pass the long hours. What they did in those rooms was between those of them that hid together and those that hid alone.

The sounds of the low murmur of quiet conversation and the massive ship's engines pressed in around them, seeming to fill in the gaps of the air so that there seemed to be no real free space. It felt like it was crushing them, or at least it felt that way to the plant-based doctor.

The man who had grabbed onto Lahkesis had not released her and she had helped him into one of those storage closets where she did her best with the supplies there, little more than mechanical parts and clutter, but she did what she could with the soft parts there to craft bedding for him. She was, at that moment, more operating on instinct than anything else. She knew how to care for someone and she knew what needed to be done to ensure others were taken care of. In some way, at least in her fractured mind, she had taken the man as her charge and decided to care for him.

"You must rest now," she said softly as she arranged an induction coil as a pillow for herself and allowed the man to rest his head on her bare thigh.

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Hi'Jak | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Absinthe

Jack had grabbed the woman who was helping him, but he still wasn't entirely sure why. He had been tired, not as tired as he had been when he had been beamed aboard this ship and this journey had began, but still tired enough that he was questioning if he had any travel or fight left in him at the moment. After all of the meetings he was still tired, and yet even as he laid down on what little comfort the two of them could find he had no intention of sleeping. as comfortable as her bare thigh would have been it was still too early for sleep.

It was unfortunate that pens and paper had died out in the digital age oh so very long ago. He had seen the Savi work pads, but a pencil or marker was basically an item of a bygone era and he so desperately wanted to write. It was part of the process of learning actually physically writing stuff down helped Jack comit stuff to memory, he was good with math, and could do complicated stuff on the fly, but this was a bit more difficult as he was trying to commit to memory the factors that the Savi used to build their language.

When the woman told him he should sleep he shook his head. "Can't sleep, I need to write stuff down. Else I will loose it all by morning." He couldn't afford to loose anything that he had learned, even if the tapestry wasn't perfect he needed some way to commit some of this stuff to memory.

He searched the loading bay trying to find anything that would work for his purposes and found something that could work. He found a thing, it was a smooth round cylinder about the size of his index finger. And when he popped the lid open it oozed a green fluid with a strong stink to it. He tested it on his finger first to make sure it was safe to use, before using it to draw on a wall when he felt no pain.

The wall however was a non stick material and any attempt at drawing with his goo just slid down the wall unable to hold it's form. "Of course they have self cleaning walls, why wouldn't they." He muttered to himself cursing the fact that the Savi clearly needed sterile environments. He hadn't seen a speck of dirt since he had gotten to this place that wasn't on another humanoid.

His eye turned towards the nude lady whom had offered herself as a pillow a moment before. "Turn over, I want to use your back for a canvas, it's for the greater good."

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] attn: @Masorin

As she watched the man she could not help but feel an odd emptiness. He was working for their survival and only a few hours before she had let herself go, prepared fully to die, perhaps even longing for it. She thought death would make sense, that it would be simple and fast and then it would all be over and she would not feel the same confusion anymore. But it had not come. Instead, she had been taken to another place and now she was tending to someone more focused on survival than she.

He spoke with a disdain of their captors and she could only vaguely remember them. The face that had been projected, and something deeper, some dark phantom prowling around the darkness in her mind. She feared to look too closely into that darkness, she feared that phantom that hunted her from the shadows. She could not see it, she could not remember it. Yet she knew it was there, inside her mind, a past event reaching out to grab hold of her and drag her into the darkness. It made her fear to close her eyes.

"Turn over, I want to use your back for a canvas, it's for the greater good."

She eyed whatever fluid was leading from the small canister with some suspicion for a moment. She did not know if it was harmful or not, if it would hurt his physiology or hers. Yet she could not refuse an order, she could not process the ability to refuse an order and his command left no room for her to think of it. He didn't even need to justify it, there was no greater good in her mind anymore, all he needed to do was command and she obeyed.

She did not nod or say anything, instead, she moved, rolling her body slowly as to not remove any support it provided until her pale back was exposed to him. Her skin was flawless, no mark or blemish, not even a mole or speck of pigment out of place. It had the look of something almost artificial, yet as she breathed the ribs were visible moving under the skin, her lungs filling with air and exhaling more oxygen-rich air.

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Hi'Jak | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Absinthe

Jack saw how submissive the other woman was, and he did note it down for future use, maybe she was agreeing with him, but in truth it seemed that she wasn't all there. Heck he wasn't even sure what the heck he was using to draw on her, but when he applied a small amount of it to her skin it didn't seem to have any real negative effect, and gave him the desired ability to write, though it was just a single page he could at least put down the math and iconography he deemed the most important for the upcoming mission. He had a few different goals in the long run, but he suspended them for the moment as he worked his fingers along her back.

He felt her smooth skin, and there was something sensual about all of it. not really sexual, his mind was too focused on other things to go that far on the moment, though he did recognize that he was currently using another human being as a sheet of paper. The odd thing was he didn't really want to know about the woman or rather her name, there was something kind of pleasant about the idea that two strangers could in someway work like this. Or that he was touching someone who was probably an alien that he had no prior contact or connection too.

"I take it you were a doctor? were you with the Theurgy before now or picked up from another ship?" He tried to engage the woman in some conversation as he worked on his math, idle stuff, trying to balance his desires between working with her, finding out about her, yet keeping some of the mystery of their meeting alive.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but you seem kind of dazed, not that we aren't all a touch lost at the moment, a bit burnt out." He took a moment to rub the back of his neck, where they had injected him with a stimulant and sex drug and forced him to rape another member of the crew while drugged. He was glad that he had no memory of the event in all honesty, he didn't like the idea of sex being used as a weapon, he had always tried to use it in a restorative manner.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] attn: @Masorin

The gel-like substance felt hot on her skin, or maybe that was just his finger. She was aware of it pressing against the flesh of her back, leaving trails of the gel that seemed to hold the warmth there, keeping the heat of his touch pressed against her in the markings he left on her. She did not close her eyes, the fear of the phantom being too great in her mind, but she did her best to relax, letting her breathing slowly as to not interfere with his work.

Her body temperature was roughly the same as the bulkhead she lay on and as her ample breasts were pressed against it she could feel the texture of it against her skin. There was a sensual intimacy at the moment and it felt almost like a dagger in her mind. She was not certain why it bothered her, only that some detail of it made her feel unsafe.

Yet she could not remember the last time she did feel safe, she was certain there was a time. She had a memory of a dragon, a scaled creature over her. She could not remember if the creature was her friend or an enemy. She could not really remember its features, only the leathery scales, and the dense muscle. Something about it scared her and thrilled her at the same time. As if the creature was unsafe to all.

She wished she could remember the details of it. She wished she could remember any piece of it that would give her some context. No detail in her mind seemed to have the context it needed, nothing seemed to fit together. It was like a puzzle that was missing most of its pieces yet had some that still fit together.

"I think I am of the Theurgy," she said softly. "I think I was a doctor there. And then something happened and I was not there." Her voice cracked with some pain. She was not only not all there, what was there of her was very clearly quite fucked up.

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Hi'Jak | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Absinthe

"Did they drug you?" Jack was done writing for the moment and was taking a minutes to check over his math, his hand on her back keeping her stable, as he brushed her short pink hair. His eye focused on the flawless skin, she was attractive he knew that, but she seemed damaged, and it wasn't a good idea to jump into bed with damaged goods.

Then again tomorrow they were going to be fighting a war on a ship with more advanced technology, and much larger numbers, the smart choices were all gone, and it wasn't like he wasn't lonely.

"Shortly after getting out of here, they put me in a room with another alien, drugged us both, and forced a mating scene. I don't really remember much, I don't even really know if I know the others name. I saw them back in the big room, but I don't know them." He shrugged.

"the drug they put me on messed with my head and I currently have no sense of time." He admitted though he looked around. "I was half dead when they brought me here, and I don't remember when they put me into the simulation versus when we got out, I'm not even sure this is real or another simulation within a simulation."

"Truth is I have no way of knowing if anything is real right now."

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] attn: @Masorin

"Did they drug you?"

Her thoughts swirled in her head as she tried to remember. Had they drugged her? She could remember... something?

"I don't... I think... maybe... I can't..." she said, struggling to find the words as images and sensations flashed through her mind. She felt like there was something she was not letting herself remember, something that if she did would do something to her, but she did not know what and that scared her.

A shiver ran through her as she felt her heart pound harder in her chest, the heat of the gel on her back feeling like it was burning into her. She was aware that her muscles hurt. Her body was sore. Her throat felt raw, like it had after that fire when she had breathed in so much smoke... When had that been? Had that been a long time ago? Her mind spun around her as little bits and details crept into the darkness.

Tears began to slide down her cheeks and onto the deck plating below her, the fructose-rich liquid running along her cheeks. But she made no sound to reveal her tears, no cry of pain or anguish. Only the tears.

She could remember the probe. She could remember the face of her tormentors. She could remember them touching her. She could remember the drug making her feel unlike she had ever felt before. She could feel it all in her mind and it disgusted her and made her feel unlike she had ever felt before. She had wanted to die because remembering that was too much.

"They made me... They... They..." she struggled with the words even more now, her voice beginning to crack and break with emotion. She could not remember much, but she could remember enough. She knew they had made her body betray her and it had seemed they had enjoyed it. "I didn't... I couldn't... It felt too... good..."

She buried her face in her arms shame burning her eyes and cheeks, not able to look up, closing her eyes on purpose for longer than a blink for the first time since then. She felt the darkness of her mind seeping towards her.

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Hi'Jak | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Absinthe

Jack could tell that he had struck a nerve, he wasn't really sure of what to say in this scenario. He knew the girl had been damaged goods, from basically the word go, but he still hadn't really expected to hear about something raping a young woman. Well then again these were the same creatures that put him in a cage drugged him and then let him loose on another person, so he couldn't really claim to be surprised. Jack put his hand on the back of the woman's head brushing her light pink hair.

He sat there for a moment brushing her gently as she cried, not saying anything not doing anything more than being a comforting and helping hand. He let her have her cry, and sighed.

"Sex isn't supposed to be a weapon." He sighed. The fact that he had been weaponized earlier against his own will was something he had come to despise, and here was another victim. He helped the woman for a moment.  Finding a way to clean her off. Looking over the soft pale flesh. She was beautiful, his own desires were apparent in that regard, but it felt wrong to do anything to a crying woman.

"Come here." This time it was Jack who was offering his lap for Lahkesis, as his one hand brushed her. "What you experienced, wasn't your fault, and it's not bad that you felt pleasure from it."

"the negative part, the dark part is that whatever happened was invasive, happened without your permission, that's a personal wound. It can cloud the mind, and give your mind a shock. Normally you would be taken off duty, given time, and counciling, we don't have any of that. We have a crew that if one of us is off focus we are all going to die." Jack's hand brushed her back gently. "So I'm here to help you, and ask what you need."

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] attn: @Masorin

Though his words lost some meaning on her pain and trauma addled mind, his touch made her relax a little. She was still tense, like some small fragile creature, despite being relatively tall and shapely. She was much like a flower that had been trodden on, it's petals far more delicate and brittle than they had once been. Her hair, usually shining with a luster and gleam, seemed dull and perhaps, as a result, a bit less firm and thus softer.

She put up no resistance to him, her body moving easily as he moved her, wiping away the gel from her back. It was as if she could not fight back against him even if she tried, let alone wanted to. The fructose based tears continued to seep from her eyes, but she made not a sound by way of sob or cry. She was too far gone for such things. All she could do was feel and react to the feeling, barely able to think much beyond that. His tending to her like this even overrode her instinct to care for him, leaving her with very little, only a broken creature.

She laid her head on his lap and gazed at nothing, her eyes unfocused and blurring with the tears. She said nothing in response to his words, instead letting them float on the surface of her mind like the leaves of the lily, floating on the water. She felt empty inside, as if she had been hollowed out. She saw faces in her memory, faces she felt she should know, faces of friends or maybe monsters, they all looked blankly at her from the abyss of her mind.

Because of the nature of heat conduction even though she was the same temperature as the air around her, she would always feel slightly cold to the touch if the air was below a certain temperature, even though she did not personally feel cold. The result was that to her other people touching her often felt much warmer than they truly were. This had not been an issue with Sithick as he was around the same body temperature as she was, but this man, he felt so much hotter, the heat of him flowing into her. She found that she liked it, that it was relaxing.

"So warm..." she said, at last, her voice quiet, but clear. She moved closer against him, so that more of her cool, soft skin, touched his fiery skin. She wanted more of the heat, she wanted more of the heat to seep into her, she wanted the heat to fill her emptiness and chase away the darkness.

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Hi'Jak | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Absinthe

It was not difficult to see what Lahkesis was doing or wanted as she moved closer to him. He looked at her as she said that he was warm, and yes he could feel the differences between the two of them, the heat that flowed through him, and the slightly cold foreign touch. He knew what she was getting towards as she moved closer.

Sex, Jack wasn't entirely sure if he was in the mood or not, on the one hand he had a rather beautiful woman, who was putting herself at easy access to him, on the other hand it had been a hell of a long day, and he was weighing in on the options there. After what the Savi had done to him it seemed like it should be the furthest thing on his mind, at the same time however, he wanted to have some level of control over himself, and diving back into the bed with another person on his own terms was a good way to start.

For her however he wasn't sure what he should do, she was clearly impared, but at the same time she was the one trying to initiate. He wasn't a councilor, but he could tell she wasn't the most sound of mind. Still they both had needs and desires. His hand came across Lahkesis's ass after a moment of thought, slapping her hard enough that he should have left a red print across her flawless pink skin. Instead he was  amused when the impacted area started to glow. Jack gripped her back side not letting go of the area he had probably just bruised and squeezed her so that it would cause a slight amount of pain. He was doing this for one reason to simply stop her from attempting to put him in her as she moved so close to him.

"Before we go any further down that road, some rules."  He pushed her back for a moment, his hand leaving her ass and resting on her shoulder. He already knew she wouldn't fight back, she seemed pretty much unable too, so in terms of things like 'we do this my way' he was pretty much already in control. "First think hard, is sex what you really want right now? if it is, don't speak, and instead bow your head to the ground, raise up your ass, and bark like a Terran dog."

His instructions were odd, because he knew that if she was out of her mind his request was too bizarre to follow, if she didn't follow his words exactly he would call this off, because she was mentally unsound, if she laughed or did something else he could call it off because of the same reason her mind not being in that place. Here he was instructing her to go out of her way for something she looked like she wanted, to give him complete confirmation.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] attn: @Masorin

His touch was like fire on her skin, the heat of it rushing into her. And then there was a jolt as his hand came down sharply onto her rear-end. She let out a gasp of surprise the second of the impact, her bottom suddenly feeling hotter and pulsing with heat.

Had she done something wrong? Something to displease him? She honestly didn't know. She looked up at him and he spoke to her.

And she was, for a moment, confused. Was this sexual? Did she want sex? She knew he felt warm and she wanted that warmth. Even where he had slapped her a moment ago felt like fire, the skin feeling as if it was tingling with life, the glow of the skin having diminished slightly, but in the dim closet still being quite visible.

She bit her lip as she considered his words. And then she decided. She wanted more of the heat, she wanted the fire of him to consume her.

Without a second hesitation after the decision was made she moved her body, lowering her head and resting it on the ground, her breasts pressed against the cold deck plating. Her back arched and her rear-end rose into the air, exposing her sex to him. She was already aroused, the outer labia clearly slickened with her fruity smelling fluids. There was the faintest of pulsing glows, the mark on her bottom and the faint glow her aroused sex.

What she did next she had not thought she would ever do, but he had told her if she desired anymore, any more of his touch, of his fire, she would need to do it. And she had nothing left to resist him, no feeling of self-preservation. She had already given up and was ready to die. Nothing mattered.

The sound was akin to the bark of a dog, an attempt to emulate the sound from her human-shaped vocal cords. It was not perfect, not the sound of someone simply saying "bark" or "arf" or any one of a dozen common words used in place of the sound, but an attempt to recreate the sound. She wanted to please him, wanted to satisfy his request as he had asked it. But more, she wanted him to touch her again. She wanted him to consume her, like fire. And with the heat still flowing from her still glowing behind, she wanted him to hurt her, and she didn't know why.

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Hi'Jak | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Absinthe

Jack watched as she started to follow his orders without word or hesitation. It was attractive to be sure. Seeing someone go through with his own demands were always amusing. He watched as she bowed her head, and raised her ass, the slight hesitation before she barked. Jack moved a touch closer to her, his hand brushing her pink hair petting her as though she were an animal.

"Good girl."  His voice was patronizing at best. But he still moved her, taking her by the hair to move her head so that her her lips brushed his crotch. Though she had done what he had told her, his cock was still flacid, he was tired, so he needed her to put forward some effort to get him erect. "suck it."

He continued to brush her hair after he had pulled her to his cock. If he had another hand he would have smacked her with it, but instead he was moving her head to rub his cock against her lips. "By doing this, you  are agreeing to be my pet. Whether in public, or private you will address me as Master. Everything i demand of you should be followed by a 'yes master' or a 'thank you master' do you understand?"

There were other things as well, but honestly they were probably gonna be dead by tomorrow so for now he just shut up, if they got back to their ship he could force her to follow whatever rules he wanted then, for now he wanted to enjoy some form of sex. His hand moved off her head, and down to her rear, his fingers brushing her ass, before moving down to her pussy, His fingers traced over the bright pink skin trying to see if she had anything close to a clit if she didn't he would simply plunge his fingers inside of her starting with two.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] attn: @Masorin

He took control of her and she put up no resistance to him, her body moving under his slightest touch. She did not know how many sexual encounters she had before this, she couldn't piece it together in her mind. She remembered bits, pieces of sex and sexual things, but she didn't know the context of the moments. They were simply in her mind. Yet this was different. Some of her memories were primal, some vicious, but this was something else. It scared her and yet at the same time she longed for more.

As her rubbed her face against his soft member, her lips parting slightly so that her tongue could press against the flesh of it, she could hear him speak. He seemed to be laying down the rules, what he wanted and what she was expected to do. In some part of her mind, she knew she was nothing more than a tool, an object to be used how someone saw fit and then discarded. He made it seem like if she obeyed these rules, if she followed them and did not disobey him, then he would hold her close and not cast her into the trash.

"Y-yeth math-ter," she breathed, the words slurring due to the presence of his member on her lips. And with that, she took his cock head into her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around it. She used one hand to support herself and the other to reach up and began to smear her fruit scented saliva over his member.

After a moment she removed the head from her mouth and began to tongue bath the length of it, rubbing her tongue all over it, making it slick with her fruit smelling saliva.

She did her best to not pause when she felt his hand move down her body, trying to keep herself from leaning into his touch. And then they came to her wet sex. She felt his fingers slide over the slick folds, over the peak of her sensitive clitoris. Her skin was only a touch firmer than a normal human's flesh, even though it looks all but identical.

Lahkesis was tougher than a normal human, the tissues that made up her body had a much harder time breaking. It was why it took so much to damage her, but when she was damaged it would be lethal unless she got some form of treatment. The tissue had one purpose really, to move to a new place so that the plant would form and new pods would form. She was meant to make the plant species spread farther and farther, at least at the biological level. Any human desires were just quirks of biology, left there so she would fit in with the species she was mimicking.

It was a simple biological function that had produced her, an experiment to see the limits of the plant.

And she moaned as his fingers stroked over her slick folds, probing at the sensitive nub of her clitoris, because at that moment nothing else mattered, nothing beyond the fingers touching her, the cock she took into her mouth once more, and the voice of the man who now called himself her master.

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Hi'Jak | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Absinthe

Jack wished that they were back in his room on the theurgy, he had a few things that had been fabricated that would have been great for this situation. He also missed having too arms. Gone were the days where he could pleasure a woman, and grip her hair at the same time. Now he had to focus on only one task at a time.

Still even without his hand guiding her, Lahkesis took to the task with a zeal that he hadn't really expected. She seemed to be intent to try and cover his cock to it's full extent. Looking at it now, gone were the ridges that he had so short a time ago. Without them his cock looked different, and he had to wonder if it was a touch smaller without the klingon harriatage.

His hand left her pussy after playing with her folds, coming away with something that tasted kind of nice. He slapped Lahkesis' ass hard after a few seconds, grabbing her hair tightly in a fist as he lifted her mouth up, putting the head of his cock against her lips, and when she opened her mouth he pushed her all the way down to his balls testing the actual length of his cock as he understood it.

For any other woman this would have probably cut off her air, the force was so sudden that it probably could have even caused them to puke on his lap, something he didn't particularly mind in the moment as he was currently testing her body. He watched her reaction, and when he saw that she could take it, he re-positioned them. He pulled Lahkesis up, still gripping her by her pink hair tightly as he pulled her around putting her on her knees as he got to his feet, and planting her back firmly against the cold wall.

"Hands  between your legs, play with your pussy. Open your mouth wide say aw." He waited for her to do as he bid and then he started to fuck her throat. Since he quickly learned that the woman didn't have a gag reflex on his first go, he could fuck her mouth like it were her pussy, and not have anything negative come from it. His balls slapped against her chin as he took out his aggression on her mouth.

Testing out his human dick, he knew it wasn't the first time he had done anything like this, but at the same time it was the first time that he could enjoy it, and he was taking full advantage of his new found toy. Not giving her a moments rest as he made sure to rub his cock against her tongue with every thrust.

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[ Lahkesis Saugn | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] attn: @Masorin

As he moved, slapping her rear-end again, she left out a sound somewhere between a whimper and a soft cry, almost a mewl. The creatures, those alien creatures, had done something like this to her, but they had been dispassionate about it, looking at her like a thing to be poked and prodded to see how it would respond. His touch was something different, if anything he seemed passionate and dispassionate at the same time.

As he gripped her hair and forced his rigid flesh into her mouth, until it slipped into her throat, she barely responded. She felt the heat from his member, she could feel it pulse and throb inside her throat. And then he withdrew it and it felt like he pulled her breath out with it. She gasped when it was removed, pulling in the carbon monoxide around them and exhaling near pure oxygen.

He moved her with an almost cruel force, uncaring, yet he did not seem to move her in any painful way. He seemed to be testing her responses and then pushing her.

There was no thought, no moment of doing. "Yes master," she said and then opened her mouth making an 'ah sound'.

The sound muffled and stopped the moment his cock entered her mouth and, gripping her hair tightly, he moved her head and indeed her whole body, pushing himself in and out of her throat.

As commanded she moved her hands between her legs and began to touch herself. She had done this before, she had researched how, but this was very different. Her sex was already slick from him toying with it and she could not help but moan around his member as her fingers found her clitoris and she began to stroke up and down her folds, manipulating her clitoris like it was an oiled marble on a glass surface. It was all so slick with her juices.

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Hi'Jak | Storage Closet | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Absinthe

Laying next to the exausted, broken woman that Jack had battered, bruised, humiliated and fucked to the point where his seed oozed out of her no matter which hole he had touched. He was calming down. The adrenaline and fuel he had gotten from hurting and abusing his new found toy was a thing of beauty. Now he laid back, rolling onto his back as his arm shifted Tiana was what he had renamed her. Given to her from the shortened and feminine version of Nicotine an addictive plant. Which honestly fit her well.

He kissed her neck, gently as he caressed her beaten body. He knew she probably wouldn't respond. If he were klingon still he may have had it in him to go another three or four rounds, but as it was, his cock was spent completely. He had covered everything he had wanted to do to this woman. He claimed Lahkesis's lips for his own taking her in a more gentle nursing kiss as his singular arm wrapped around her in a hug pulling her closer to him caressing her bruised skin and feeling the odd cold texture of her flesh against him.

"How do you feel?" He asked softly, unsure if he would get a reaction out of her once that kiss broke. His thigh rested between her legs, brushing against her woman hood gently feeling how wet, and tortured that was. His entire fist had been inside of her.

He had to hope that this closet was sound proof, he had basically brutalized the woman, and he didn't really want others to know.

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[ "Nicotiana" | Storage Closet | Precept-ship Versant ] attn: @Masorin

With his now tender touch, Nicotiana did her best to just relax, though her body was soo tired she could hardly fight it. She did not sleep and rarely lost consciousness, but she did grow tired. Even with that, she could hardly remember feeling quite as exhausted, at least not in many years.

She had never had sex quite like that. Though Sithick had been primal and aggressive, what Hi'Jak had down was very much a different thing altogether. Her body trembled as he now rested his body against her. A faint wince crossed her face as she felt his thigh moved against her battered and sore sex, still coated with a thick layer of their combined sexual fluids. Air rushed into her as she took weak little breath and let out the combined narcotic compound with each breath of pure oxygen that escaped her lips.

She heard him ask her a question, but she could barely sting a conscious thought together, sentences were far too complicated for her to do speak beyond only a single word. "Tired," she said weakly, the word seeming to slip out in little above a breathy whisper. "Good... tired.." she tried to explain, though she could hardly string the two words together.

Her body felt like it was buzzing, her nerves tingling as he held her close, it almost hurt. But she was far too weak at this point to even shift her own body weight, let alone seek out some comfortable position next to him. She just wanted to rest, to just let the rest of the night pass. Nothing else existed in her reality. She could barely care about being discovered or even think of it as a possibility. In her mind, she had even lost the reality of the ship she was on and the trauma of the past day. Nothing else mattered or even existed, the small supply closet they were in may as well have been the whole universe. Indeed she could hardly attach herself to the reality of the moment anymore, her mind drifting into some inky void.


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