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[ Deacon | Maintenance Bays | Main Research Hull | The Versant ] Attn:  @SummerDawn   @patches   @Auctor Lucan   and all wedding guests

Deacon's eyes sparkled playfully, a slight smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth as he leaned forward to formalize their newly public union, cupping K'ren's cheek with his hand as he gently placed his lips to hers, biting softly at her lower lip as he pulled away, an array of far more interesting options occupying his thoughts as to how they should demonstrate their union.  Monkey modesty, though, and he supposed some sense of time and place would ensure that he adhered to the expected level of decorum.  "First kiss?" he whispered, "Seems tame compared to last time if you ask me.  But there's still later.  Added incentive to get out of this place."

Turning his attention towards Nerina, he inclined his head as thanks for her officiation, a second nod given to R'Rori for her assistance in facilitating the spontaneous ceremony.  "I think we've taken enough of your time.  Long day tomorrow, I suspect."  He cast his eyes back towards the dispersed crowd, the gold and blue swirling together in his eyes.  "I think the others could use a little motivation if you can spare it.  I'd offer beverages suitable to the occasion, but I'm fresh without a lounge at the moment."  Slipping his hand into K'Ren's, he added, "Now, if you'll excuse us, I think my... wife and I should be alone for a bit."

He paused long enough to see if K'Ren had anything she wished to add before leading her to a quiet corner to finish what remained of their ascribed rations.  Hunger in the face of adversity was foolishness, as was fatigue, and this day had been nothing if not exhausting to him.  The thought of heavy sleep embraced in the arms of his mate grew more appealing by the moment.

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[ K'Ren | Maintenance Bays | Main Research Hull |The Versant ] Attn:  @steelphoenix @patches @Auctor Lucan @all
K'Ren smiled a little, feeling her mate's touch against her cheek as he leaned in to kiss her. She returned the kiss, feeling him nip at her lip, his human teeth doing little on the way of injury to her lower lip but she understood the gesture, the desire that her mate had for her welling up, as it did in her. "Firrst of many," she remarked, kissing him a little more passionately then she might normally in public, it was their wedding after all and while monkey modesty dictated a certain decorum, she could get away with a kiss.

After the kiss was done, their lips parted, K'Ren followed her mate's lead. "Yes thank you both. I know it seems odd forr such a thing to be done at a time like this, but we are grrateful forr yourr supporrt." She took Xander's hand in her own as he finished his thank you's, and she glanced over at him when he suggested they needed some time alone. She was unsure what her mate planned, if he planned to consummate the union here in this bay.

Under different circumstances she would have leapt at the chance, but here and now, there was little privacy to be had, even behind crates, and these uniforms were designed with utility in mind, not discrete sexual encounters. For now the intimacy would have to wait, wait until they were back aboard the relative safety of the Theurgy. Then they could consummate the union, hide away for a few days and get acquainted with each other's new body.

She held his hand as they went back to where they'd been sitting, the half finished meal they'd started to eat. She could sense he was tired, as was she and she nuzzled him gently. "Rrest and rrecoverr ourr strrength mate, therre will be harrdship ahead, then we can rretrreat into the prrivacy of our quarrterrs once we are safely back aboarrd Theurrgy."

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[LCdr Blue Tiran | When Pain is Tangible | A Broken Heart | A Fissure in My Soul | Finding a Focus]
@Auctor Lucan @Zenozine @Fife @patches

She was gone, the Betazoid.

Blue had effectively scared her off.  She didn't feel any better for it.  But she sure as fuck wasn't going to spill her soul to a complete fucking stranger in the middle of a room filled with other complete fucking strangers.  She wasn't about to jack with any of that shit.  If that woman wanted to know what was wrong and the kind of pain that centered itself at Blue's heart then she could find another time to come pick her about it.  Right now, she wasn't going to get shit.  Even if it was another time, she doubted that she would talk to anyone that she didn't know.  Some might say it was easier, but few could really read Blue.  Duco-

Her mind shut her down the moment she thought of the first part of his name. 

Tears streamed down her cheeks, and her shoulders trembled with the silent sobs.  She dared not make a sound.  She didn't want to draw attention to herself, she had enough of it.  She was the only person that could talk to Echtand.  The only one that hadn't been corrected or fucking recycled.  She had survived and that already stood her out among the others.  If it hadn't been for her crew remembering her she knew that there was no fucking way these people would have allowed her to be with them.  She heard him move closer, Cross, and she kind of hoped that he would help her.  Give her something to ground herself with.  But, but, he didn't.

No one wanted to touch her.

Not even Cross.  Especially not Shar. 

The only person ever brave enough to make that step was Rana-

Words.  Voices.  They reached her, or rather it was just one voice.  Lieutenant Commander, he must mean me.....  Fuck.. why won't people leave me alone.  I need a fucking sharp implement and a closet all by my fucking self.  She brushed her hair out of her face and looked up.  Tear streaked cheeks on view for those close by.  She looked rough, badly, and she looked as though she was likely going to just fucking keel over.  Though she hadn't yet.  Though she wanted to.  What was the point of soldiering on.  She had been abandoned by her fucking parents as a girl and now Du-.  No, she couldn't allow herself to think about him she had to focus.  Focus on what was in front of her.

The request.

Angrily she brushed the back of her hand at the tears that still stained her cheeks until they were gone.  Almost like a child that was done with their tantrum and trying to get the evidence off their faces.  She brushed the unruly but greasy curls out of her face and looked at the woman and the male.  The one mentioned something about the fact that they could all use some sort of medical kit. 

Makes sense... I wonder why Echtand didn't send any.

Blue was quiet, this was giving her something, anything, to do besides wallow in her pain and misery.  Focus was good, focus was what got Blue through a fucking day.  Right now, she didn't have anyone in her court.  No one to help her breathe.  Nothing that could keep her busy.  Nothing to put all her energy into.  She had always buried her thoughts and emotions behind her work.  She shifted her blue eyes, as crystalline as they were but also rimmed with the angry red of someone that had seen horrors and cried tears of full pain.  Still, they zero-d in on the woman in question that worried about the fate of her egg.  She had been pregnant, that or the egg was out?  It was very hard to know but at this moment Blue knew that she was the only one that could contact Echtand.  The only one that could find the fate of the egg for this... mother?

That's what it seemed like anyway.

At least she already gives a shit.  I hope she doesn't give up.  Don't give up on your kid lady.  It's the worst shit you can do to someone.  None of this was said out loud.  Blue didn't have the words on her lips that would enable her to reach out like that to someone that she didn't know.  She did hope for the little... egg-let?... that everything would work out all right.  She swallowed heavily realizing that she was still staring at them.  She hadn't given them an answer and .. furthermore they were still waiting. 

I should speak...

Blue cleared her throat and licked her lips trying to breathe life back into her body for a moment.  “Yeah, uh.. I'll see what I can do.  He said he wouldn't contact me until morning so I can't promise to know before then.  Soon as I get a message, I'll let you know.  No one likes to be left ha-han-hanging.” she got it out at the end, nearly choking and vomiting on the word at the end.  Her face went pale, paler than normal Blue pale which was practically white as it was.  She reached behind her and pulled the PADD Echtand had given her for communication and began to pen the message to him.

[We need medical kits, or supplies if possible.  Some of our officers are wounded.  We need to be as ready as possible for tomorrow.  I've heard there is .. a baby.. an egg, actually, missing from it's mother.  An Ovri.  The egg was a cross between Klingon and Ovri.  Do you have knowledge of the egg?  Can it be returned to it's parent?  Please, respond quickly.  ~Blue]

She looked up after she pressed send.  “I sent it.  I'll let you know.” she said heavily.  A familiar.. but creepy person came into view.  Blue rolled her eyes, this was helping.  Her friends, having something to do with her brain.  Less to wallow on. 

“You need to grow your fucking fur back.  Or I will fucking replicate you a fucking fur coat any time you're in my presence and you know how I am about my fur, and you know full well I'll fucking do it.” she said to R'Rori.  She scooted over, so that she was pressed a bit against Cross to make room for R'rori to sit down since she seemed hell bent on coming to hang.  Blue didn't want to talk about the wedding, it was awesome that people loved each other and decided that this was the fucking moment to get all fucky, but, Blue didn't feel like celebrating.  She didn't feel like breathing, actually.

She needed all the distractions she could get.

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[ Lt R'Rori | Maintenance Bays | Main Research Hull |The Versant ] @Blue Zephyr

R’Rori stood quietly as Nerina led K’Ren and Deacon through the marriage ceremony. S/he didn’t bother to suppress hir smile as they recited their vows. It was a good feeling, one s/he desperately needed in order to keep hirself from going loopy on this ship of the damned. A part of hir couldn’t quite escape the feeling that s/he was standing in a very spacious coffin since the moment s/he woke up in the tube, but at least this wedding gave hir something else to dwell on.

It was over quickly, almost too quickly for the former hybrid’s preference. The newly married couple walked off, hand in hand, leaving hir back to hir own devices. Hir smile faltered as s/he looked around the room, only mildly conscious of doing so in a search for something else to distract hir. R’Rori might have easily enough recovered hir physical balance after the Correction but hir mental balance was still off. Hir body felt too raw and too wrong for that sense of unease and mild disgust to not rot in the corner of hir mind, always reminding the non-binary person of a body that was too female, too human.

Ah, Blue!

S/he walked over to the blue-haired engineer, hir steps growing hesitant as s/he noticed the pair engaged in a conversation with Blue. Apparently, she had sent a message about their egg. That was going to be a really interesting matter to see the resolution of. Their captors, these Savi, certainly hadn’t shied away from committing atrocities now. What’s one more egg dead? Hopefully, it was still intact and viable though. R’Rori was troubled enough, not to mention how desperate the female who laid the egg must be.

"You need to grow your fucking fur back.  Or I will fucking replicate you a fucking fur coat any time you're in my presence and you know how I am about my fur, and you know full well I'll fucking do it."

It was classic Blue – a mild insult veiling the fondness beneath. It was true she loved fur. She was borderline obsessed with it, as R’Rori recalled many sessions where she talked about Ducote’s war against the fur blankets that Blue so adored. This flashed in hir mind briefly before hir defenses broke. The reference to hir own fur reminded the counselor too much of what s/he had just gone through, driving a dagger through hir heart in one sharp exhale. Hir face went blank. S/he took the proffered seat without remark, one hand resting on the center of hir chest.

“Yeah.” R’Rori finally replied in a small voice. “I don’t think it’s going to grow back, Blue.”

S/he brought a hand to hir eye, wiping off a tear that managed to make it out. The counselor looked at it in mild surprise.

I thought I cried this out already….

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bay | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Blue Zephyr @patches

Cross had remained silent as he sat next to Blue and watched the Bajoran approach, introducing himself and the two Ovri nurses that were with him as members of the Theurgy’s crew. Cross listened as the Bajoran made a request for Blue to relay to her Savi contact, a medkit, and mentioned an egg that was taken from the Theurgy. A hybrid egg, born of one of the Ovri and… a Klingon?

I wonder what the Savi would have done with a hybrid egg? Cross thought to himself, remembering his own correction. What the Savi had done to the abductees was bad enough. To do such things to a child, or an unborn infant…

Cross was by no means squeamish, but the thought of what their captors and tormentors might do to an unborn hybrid was truly disturbing. Cross gritted his teeth as he fought to push down the surge of anger that the thought stirred within him, swallowing back the bile-like taste that rose in his mouth.

Just a child…

Cross was all too aware that there were people in the galaxy willing to experiment on children. He was living proof of that fact. The thought of such things never failed to bring him to the verge of vomiting.

Cross turned his attention back to Blue as she produced the PADD that was their lifeline, their connection to her Savi contact, and drafted a message. He could tell that she had been crying again, and felt a pang of pity for the woman. The pity was not born out of sympathy for her plight, but rather from Cross’ knowledge that she was stuck with him for company at the moment, the Vulcan being well aware of the fact that having him around wasn’t much better than having nobody at all. The message sent, Blue informed the Bajoran and the two Ovri that she would keep them informed on the matter.

It was then that movement caught Cross’ eye as the form, or rather new form, of R’Rori approached. The former feline was greeted by a remark about hir lack of fur, with Blue threatening to make hir wear a fur coat if s/he didn’t grow it back. The remark was much more in keeping with the old Blue, and caused a smile to creep over Cross’ features.

For his part, Cross simply greeted R’Rori with a nod and a ”Counselor” as the former Chief Counselor of the Endeavour joined them. Blue had scooted closer to Cross to make room for the newest member of their little antisocial party, and was now lightly pressed against Cross’ side. Cross found Blue’s proximity both comforting and unnerving. He was not one to generally let people close to him, either physically or emotionally, and the contact with another person made him feel somewhat awkward, though he somehow found it comforting at the same time.

It made him feel less alone.

Cross couldn’t help but give R’Rori a weak grin over the slouched form of the Endeavour’s Chief Engineer as the counselor informed Blue that s/he didn’t believe hir fur was going to grow back. Looking at the former Caitian hybrid, it still felt strange to see hir in hir new form, though he imagined s/he may think the same when looking at him.

All the talk of fur caused Cross to reach up with his free arm and run a hand over his normally bald head, feeling the stubble of several days growth under his fingers. His other arm was currently trapped between Blue’s body and his own, the feeling of comfort he experienced from the contact leaving him unwilling to shift himself or free the limb.

Cross glanced down at Blue again, still concerned about the Human. It was good the counselor had joined them. She was another familiar face, few though those were in the crowd that now inhabited the maintenance bay, as well as being someone who could at least try and talk to Blue. Someone that Blue knew and trusted. Someone less awkward than him.

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[Lieutenant Zephyr Praise | Unknown Maintenance Bay | Unknown Ship | Unknown Space | Unknown Future]
@Auctor Lucan @Numen @Zenozine

She had left the group, the Vulcan and the angry one.  It was still odd, that a human, likely untrained could shield her mind from Zeph.  To be shut out completely was an unusual feeling and Zeph was wondering just what was going on with her.  She was possibly hiding something, but it wasn't anything nefarious as far as she could tell.  As she had only gotten a couple steps away she could hear the others coming over to the young blue-haired woman.  Zeph didn't want to eavesdrop but she could sense the horrendous worry coming off of one of them, the trepidation at approaching the young woman, and the hope but fear that were so interlaced they came from the same origin.

So she paused. 

When the conversation was done, Blue pulled out the PADD she had been sitting with and began to pen the message.  She was far nicer with them than me, probably because they aren't poking her about personal stuff. she thought to herself.  As the Ovri and the young man turned from Blue when they were ready to go find themselves a spot to settle for the evening Zeph paused, reaching out the grab the wrist of the young man for a moment before letting go.  Once she had his attention, physical touch was unnecessary. 

“Sorry to have over heard your issues.” she said softly.  “However, I'm a Medical Doctor, so, when the Medical kits come in, let me know.  I'll come help you all.” she smiled warmly.  “I hope your news is good.” she said honestly and sincerely before offering a kind smile.

She had offered her help because that was what doctors did.  Giving them all a bit of eye contact to show that she was genuine she began to head off towards the crowd letting the others get settled.  It was exceedingly easy to pick out the Klingon in the crowd.  Not only because she could feel his location with his emotions but because he was loud as crap and he was looking for her as well.  When their eyes met through the crowd their faces lit up in mutual admiration.  Slowly and carefully they moved through the massive crowd of wedding celebrators to merge with one another.  She slid herself in his arms and nearly lost herself in the fold of them.  Snuggling into his chest listening to the hearts beating in his chest as the thrum seemed to calm her near immediately.

~I'm tired.  Will you lay with me?~ she asked him mentally, the first way they had learned to communicat with each other and honestly she was just so glad that he didn't freak out about such things.  So many people did. 

She pulled back and slid her hand into his leading him to a quiet and darkened corner.  She was exhausted, it was in her stride, the set of her shoulders, and her face.  They didn't have beds, or blankets, or anything.  Everything was different, everything was on the edge, nothing was for certain.  Not even their survival.  They had a hell of a better chance now but anything could happen tomorrow.  This might be the very last night she saw the people that surrounded her right now.  Zeph lay down on the ground beside Khorin and slid close to him.  Looking into his eyes softly as they lay in the half dark of the corner they had found.  Khroin's back was to the room, she assumed to keep her protected, but moments later a slight glistening on his cheeks might have proved another reason.

She smiled supportively.  She gently pulled him closer to her body.  So they could curl against each other.  Her fingers brushed through his hair gently stroking it the way a mother might in a way.  She didn't wish to fill the roll but she knew it did wonders to sooth people down.  She smiled at him warmly, only inches from his ridged face.  Trying to be the supportive person in his life right now.  He too, needed strength, like everyone else did.  Even her. 

~We will stand together, tomorrow.  Tonight, is for us.  To hold each other close and be safe in each other's arms.  Don't let go, Khorin.~

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[ Khorin, son of Margon, of House Mo'Kai | | Day 5 | 2315 hrs.| Maintenance Bays | The Versant ]

Attn:  @Blue Zephyr

When the ceremony was over, Khorin stretched his full height and looked around, looking around in search of Zeph. There were few among the abductees who exceeded him in height, so he could see the top of most of the heads, but he wasn't able to distinguish the soft curls of the betazoid anywhere. He rumbled her name, or at least that was his intention, but his voice resounded loudly in the bay. The pilot didn't give him much importance, a Klingon that went unnoticed was a shame for his kind.

At a certain moment, the wave of people opened and allowed him to glimpse her. They meet their eyes, and the Wolf face etched a wide grin. She shone through the crowd as if a spotlight were constantly illuminating her, as if she were a beacon guiding him in the middle of the storm. The steps of both led them slowly towards each other, longing for the other, at the same time, enjoying that last moment apart before they met. He took her in his arms, and felt complete again. He stroked tenderly her head, placing one of her rebellious strands behind her ear from time to time. An impossible battle to win.

At one point, she entwined her mind with his, confessing her weariness. Even her inner voice sounded exhausted. He smiled while his mind whispered ~ Yeah, just let's find a place to be comfy ~. Talk to her that way seemed more natural than doing it out loud, more intimate. Khorin not needed boasting to prove that he had no weaknesses. He could just be himself. He let himself be dragged across the bay, feeling the weight of the past days taking over him. He'd been running on anger and fight drive since the very moment he'd been abducted, even though he was possibly the least upset about the changes he had undergone, his transformation was one of the most dramatic. The bra'kul had given him a new full set of organs, changes in most of them, extra bones and emotion swings even more extreme. Khorin had allways be a passionate man, but he'd never know what really meant to deal with full klingon turmoil. There were no shades of gray on his feeling now, where in the past he was happy now he felt elated,  when he felt upset, now he was maddened, a little crush now had become in.... THAT. He didn't even has a name for it. But it was overwhelming.

At the end, he found them both curled in a dark corner, her back against the wall to keep her safe, his walling their little world from the sight of the others. Looking at her eyes, his free hand cupping her face, Khorin felt how the exhaustation and uncertainty seized him and spilled through his cheeks. Just the way it mustn't since klingons weren't able to show it that way, everybody knew that. Now she knew the truth behind that fact. He almost hope she chastised him for that display but, instead, she moved closer and combed out his mane, smile etching her beautiful face. Not only did she not care about his passing weakness, but she supported him, strong when he couldn't. That feeling he'd no name for spread even more. So he left her enter in his mind, no words there, just confusing, raw emotions. Primal, fierce and genuine.

In the end, when his silent breakdown calmed down, he found her practically asleep in his arms but still holding him. Fatigue may have overcome her body, but not her will. His hearth skipped a beat upon realizing it. However, he didn't have time to let himself be seized again by emotion, as he felt her body tremble slightly. Khorin sat up carefully, carrying her in his arms, looking for a warmer place for her to rest. His eyes spotted the doors of the storage rooms. A smaller room would be easier to heat, and more comfortable for her. It was the only thing that mattered. Walking carefully, trying not to disturb her sleep, he went to one of the unused rooms and closed the door behind them.

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[ Ensign Lin Kae | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Zenozine
The Lieutenant Commander seemed a bit out of it at first, not replying immediately. It might have made Lin Kae nervous in any other situation, but because of where they were, and what he'd realised she'd been up to all alone on the alien dreadnought, he gathered that the lack of a reply was not a rank-based arrogance. The mark of tears on her face was plain, and she had likely been through a lot. Still, when she did catch herself staring in silence, the woman with the streak of blue in her hair moved to accomodate the Ovri, and to ask for the medkit.

"Thank you," he said, inclining his head. He glanced towards the other people from the Endeavour before stepping away, talking to Hylota and Vinata.

"Hopefully, that asset aboard has a lot to win by accommodating us, and you'll get the location where your child is at," he said to Hylota, looking up at her. "I... don't know if I am best suited to aid in reclaiming it, my skills better applied to something with screens and buttons, but there are fifty-seven people here, some of which I am sure will help you. Despite all we have been through, we are still Starfleet officers, and we look out for each other. There will be many volunteers to help you get your child back, if it's aboard this ship."

Seeing how the two Ovri were alone, and he could sympathise with their unique plight, Kae looked around the maintenance bay. "I think there are still storage rooms available, in case you want to withdraw from the rest tonight," he said, gesturing towards a couple of doors in the corner of the bay. "I... wouldn't bother too much about what the Savi have done to you either. When we get back to the Theurgy, we have some of the best doctors in the fleet there that can restore you to your original selves. Doctor Nicander, for instance, even managed to save Sarresh Morali from death after he fell into an acid bath. I am sure the Chief Medical Officer will be able to take good care of you."

[ Ens. Nathaniel Isley Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] @Triage
Seated at a ninety degree angle in front of Sinead, Isley opened his eyes when she spoke. Apparently, she'd had more success than he did. The years which he had spent in training was too long ago, even though it served to soothe the raging turmoil inside him - this agitated, paranoid suspicion that Romulans in the Empire must have learned to school in some fashion. Not like the Vulcans, of course, but all the pent up emotions he felt were unbearable, confirming how Vulcans - the cousins - likely had to be feeling as much as Romulans, only they were taught to suppress it all. He knew so little about what he was, making him doubt himself.

"I'm glad to hear it," he said quietly to Sinead, not admitting to his own shortcomings. What would that serve her to know? It was better if he appeared - to her - to know what hew was doing. Theoretical learning was not equal to the actual meditation itself. "Whatever it is you see, whatever you might have done when the Savi tinkered with your mind... It's not you. I killed, but I was found innocent, in the end, because the truth tends to come out at some point. I might have been demoted for lying about my confession, but I could return to the pack, and fly with the Lone Wolves again."

Isley sighed, and looked out across the maintenance bay. "Well, I tried, at least, before all this happened. I didn't even get to fire once against this ship, before I was abducted."

Pausing, Isley then looked towards Sinead again, remembering what she'd said about Ives - whom Isley had a checkered past with. It had started out in one way, and yet ended in quite another. "If Ives is supposedly held in captive still, it must be in an area where this asset aboard can't access with transporters. As fortified as it might be... we still have the Reaver warp fighter here. Perhaps it can be used to breach that area.... if we can't reach it on foot."

The time for planning was not ideal, however, as weary as people were, and given how the asset had yet to give them more information. "Perhaps sleeping is a good option," he said, glancing towards the door behind them.

[ Echtand qi Versant | The Quarters of the Voice | Precept-ship Versant ]
As if washing is hands from what he had done, Echtand qi Versant had cleansed his body, and taken his time doing so as well - his mind ceaselessly working on what would come on the morrow. By the time he emerged from the sanitation chamber of his prodigious living quarters, his pale body damp in the dim light, quite some time had passed, yet he had managed to solve a couple of logistical problems he'd foreseen. Unlike his usual scientific methodology, he did not have the time he wanted, so that meant taking a few short-cuts in his plan. At least he'd made progress, but the hours of the night were few, and he suspected he'd not be able to sleep even if he was finished.

At that moment, he wished he was born a Scion, so that he didn't require rest, and could continue to hone the finer details of his endeavour. It was, however, a fleeting notion, now that he suspected he'd gleaned the truth about the Scion Directive.

He passed his tablet, and saw how a blue light shone in it's corner. He picked it up and opened the message, walking towards the aft viewport. As he read, the sprawling expanse of the Versant stretched for three kilometers outside the panoramic viewport, ending in the damaged engine sectiom, which was almost repaired at that point. The message was succinct enough, clear in what the specimens he had helped escape needed for best possible performance. He had thought them well-fed and cared for in the Correction Program, yet he had failed to foresee how they - despite the safety protocols in the Observation Pen - still could have hurt themselves. That request made sense, of course, but... an egg? A macrolecithal egg containing a zygote of such a mixed genome?

Frowning, he walked towards his research center, the displays lit and waiting for him...

But then, there was a shrill chime from the door.

Working his diminutive jaw, he glanced towards the incriminating research. Quickly, he tapped a few times on his tablet, and shut off the screens. He walked towards the entrance while typing a reply to Blue Tiran.


Once the message was away, he checked the identification of his visitor. The name made him pause, since he had not expected her. He was conflicted, for he did not have time for this particular visitor, since he had to spend the night preparing for the morrow. In the end, he decided that it would seem more suspicious if he didn't even open the door. He tapped the tablet once more, and in a couple of seconds, a figure appeared in the antechamber. She walked up to him with an almost intrigued expression on her face.

"Echtand," said Sclergyn, one of the researchers in the Biolab which he had a mutual interest with. Her iridescent eyes stared at his bared body. "Is this a bad time?"

He wished to deny her. To send her away, but seeing her, he was torn between a primal response - a base reaction - and foresight of the consequences of loosing hours in her company. Yet after a few seconds, he realised that... after tomorrow, he might be dead, and this was his last chance to see her before nothing would be the same. At least not for him, since if he failed, she might even be one of those that supported his judgement; likely submitted for as a test subject. Just like his parents had been.

"No," he said, remaining where he stood in the opalescent light - his brow drawing down over his eyes.

Seeing the look he gave her, with a mixed expression of anticipation and fear crossing her porcelain features, Sclergyn walked past him. "I will undress," she said quietly in her contraltro voice, and moved to the back chambers of his living quarters, already working on the fastenings of her bodysuit.

Echtand glanced towards his research center one more time, before he followed the female Antecedent.

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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Shit is Real | Vulnerability | Rest for the Wicked | Soul Pain]
@Fife @patches

She had only been joking.

Yet, one look at R'Rori's face and she knew she had crossed a line.  Blue was used to crossing lines, it was basically a habit and hobby at this point.  She never felt bad about it either.  Everything she always said was usually true just most people didn't think it should be said out loud.  Blue however, didn't find that holding back the truth did anyone any good.  She didn't like to be lied to and thus, she endeavored not to lie to others.  There were people that could see past her shit.  Some of the friends of her past.  Some of the crew she had served with.  Ranaan.  R'Rori.  Laurel.

Blue felt her heart heavy with the words the former Caitian spoke as she resigned herself to sit next to Blue and make their little group larger.  Studying her friends' face and the way that she seemed to truly miss the other part of her Blue realized that she could relate.  It wasn't easy, losing part of who you were.  She was glad that no one could read her mind at the moment.  People might believe she was just overly emotional.  Putting so much of herself into a man.  Allowing him to have such a impact on her that without him she could not breathe.  All that kept her moving with forward momentum at this point was the fact that she had to survive. 

Or at the very least, help the others.

Then she could wallow.  Then it could consume her, and she had no doubt, it would.

Blue leaned over and she pulled R'Rori into a hug.  She held her close for a long moment letting the hug settle and hopefully soothe her broken soul for a moment.  “I'm sorry Ror.” she whispered gently just holding the woman, her counselor, her friend.  “I know what it's like.. to be missing part of yo..y...yourself.  You..your s..s....soul.”  Blue's voice broke up as she spoke to the young counselor and she tightened the hug hoping for mutual soothing before she finally pulled back to let the woman have her space.  Blue, wasn't a hugger, but there were times.. situations that called for such.

Her PADD chimed and Blue picked it up.  She looked down at the message she had received from Echtand.  It was short and succinct but it worked well enough.  He would look into it, and furthermore, he would send medical kits when he could.  Blue felt exhausted, she didn't message him back.  They weren't here to chit chat he had shit to do, and she had shit to do.  She had to hold up to her end of the bargain.  And hope that all fifty fucking seven of the other fuckers in here did too.

She didn't even realize that while she looked at her PADD her head had slowly tilted, and made it's way to Cross' shoulder.  Resting comfortably on his strong shoulder.  With his height, it was the perfect spot for her to rest her head.  It was as if her body could just not hold it up any longer.  She clutched the PADD to her chest to protect it-their one life line.  Before she knew it, she was gone, her body was breathing heavily and regularly.  Her eyes had fluttered closed at some point.  That or a blink had just forgotten the opening part.  His shoulder reminded her so much of him, of being a small girl, of being protected and safe.

Blue Tiran was asleep on the Vulcan's shoulder.

A knock at her door and young Emelia Tiran looked up from her desk.  A small work light beamed out in the otherwise dark room.  Cascading it's light on the parts, pieces, and objects on her messy desk that she gleefully called a work station.  Her mother called a mess.  And her father called a challenge.  Worried she was caught, up working in the middle of the night, she shrunk slightly on the stool she had perched on waiting for the hammer to fall.  The knob on the door turned and the door cracked open.  It was hard to tell, in the darkness who it was, but a moment later the familiar silhouette was on display.

“Em.  It's two a.m.”

She grinned.  “Arthur!” she beamed over at him, her bright blue eyes shimmering.  He was the only one that understood the insides of her mind.  Far older than her, and in the Academy himself, he was home for a visit this weekend.  He had been busy today with old friends and having fun.  He must have just come home for the night. 

He slipped inside the room and held his finger to his lips.  “You know Mom will blow a gasket if she catches you up fiddling with this...” he looked over at the desk surmising the parts.  “..project?”

Emelia rolled her eyes rather hard tilting her head to her dark curls framed her face in their mess.  “It's the old replicator from the garage, dad tossed it for garbage but I know I can fix it.” she beamed.  “It really just needs a new output conduit and a new Kinfink Junction cube. Once I get those fixed back up it will need a polished lens but that's something I can do without spare parts.”

“And you need this replicator back together at two o'clock in the morning?” Arthur asked a grin on his lips, the same grin Emelia had, as he stepped over towards her desk.  Leaning his hip against it he reached up and tugged one of her sable curls around his finger.

“Well, no, but tomorrow there will be chores, and school and less time.”

“You don't like school?” he asked tilting his head to study his littlest sister.

“It's just, they don't teach anything fun and I want to do my stuff.  I want to make things.  And there I have to sit and listen and I don't like that crap.”


She rolled her eyes again.  “It's not that bad of a word.  Besides, I don't fit in.  Most girls want to have pretty hair and try to dress super cute.  I just want to take things apart.  Last week I fixed holoprojector in my History class.  That was sooo fun, I even got an A as a result.”

“Because you fixed it?”

“Yep!  I think he was tired of waiting for maintenance.” she shrugged. 

Arthur sighed and kissed his little sister on the top of the head and picked her up from her seat.  Carrying her over towards the bed.  She sighed into him and snuggled.  “I'm not tired.” she murmured. 

“Mhm.  I can tell.” he said smoothly as he stepped out of his shoes and climbed up on her bed with her.  He sat her so that she could lean against the wall and sat beside her.  “I just want to sit here and talk to my brilliant little sister before I have to go back to the Academy.” he stated.  He patted his shoulder, her favorite place and she leaned against him.

“Well I'm not tired so I'm not going to fall asleep this time.” she said adamantly.  Luckily, the yawn held off until after she had actually said the phrase.  Her brother smiled down at her.  He kissed her forehead and she snuggled into him more.  “Tell me about the academy?”

Not a surprising question from one Emelia Tiran.  “Oh, Em, you would love it there.  It's so full of people just like you.  The tech labs are amazing and every time I'm in the lunch commons and I hear the engineering cadets talking about something they want to make or how to make a phaser work it just reminds me of you.  There is so much talent there.  I've never seen so many smart and talented people in one place.  We all get along pretty well but it's like any school where there are fights.  Good people and assholes.”

“You said asshole.” she admonished sleepily.

“Now so have you.” he chuckled.  “Anyway, you know I'm not very tech savvy but I've been in one of the labs while I was studying a basic engineering course.  The holo panels and the holo displays were so top notch I kept trying to touch what I was seeing only to remember that I couldn't.  There is a group of students that are soley there to create holo programs, that's their big goal in life.  I'm not sure why but hey whatever floats your boat right?  I wish I could bring you there some time so you could visit.  I would love for you to see all the possibility out there for someone like you.  You think you don't fit in but Em, you will, you're made to do great things I can te-.”

He cut off mid sentence at the sound of a slight snore before Emelia shifted so that she was breathing better.  He grinned softly and guided her down so that she was laying in her bed.  Her fingers still tarnished from the work she had done.  Pulling her ragged quilt over her body he tucked her in and brushed her curls out of her face.

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[ Lt. Cross | Maintenance Bay | Precept-ship Versant ] @BZ

Cross froze as he felt something come to rest against him shoulder, slowly turning his head and rolling his eyes to investigate with the least possible movement. He found himself looking at the top of a head which was covered in black hair with streaks of blue in it. He could see hands clutching a PADD, holding is against her body. The deep, regular rhythm of breathing told Cross what had happened.

Blue Tiran had fallen asleep.

Cross raised his gaze and gave R'Rori a wide-eyed look, as though silently asking the counselor what he should do. He knew there was little either fo them could do short of waking the slumbering Human up, and Cross felt that Blue deserved the rest after what she had been through. That still left him unable to move, trapped as he was under the slightest pressure form the engineer's head.

As Cross watched her doze, her head resting against his shoulder, Lieutenant Commander Blue Tiran seemed oddly small. The word surprised the Vulcan as it came to him, arising not from her gaunt appearance, but rather due to the fact that Cross had never seen her cry before, nor had he seen her act so vulnerable. Here, leaning gently against him, was the Endeavour’s tempestuous Chief Engineer, and yet Cross saw something different about her. She seemed somehow… fragile. Cross though he knew why.


They had all lost friends aboard the Endeavour, people they were close to.

Kai. Annika. Both dead. The thought brought a bitter taste to his mouth, the realization of the loss of his friends finally settling in now that they had a moment to breath. They had lost more in the days following the Endeavour’s destruction as well, those who had been recycled like Ensign Julbi, killed to feed the very aliens who held them.

Cross had no doubt Blue was suffering the loss of Commander Ducote, though he couldn’t imagine the depth of the loss she obviously felt so keenly. The Vulcan’s experience with romantic feelings and loss was extremely limited, leaving him at a loss for what to do.

Several strands of black and blue hair had fallen over Blue’s face, and were being moved with each deep, slumbering breath the Human took. Cross reached out and gently tucked the hairs back behind one of Blue’s ears. He hesitated for a moment, his hand lingering in the air by Blue’s head, before gently laying his hand on the top of Blue’s head. It was not an intimate gesture, but rather a protective one, as though the Vulcan were attempting to shield the sleeping woman from the world around them, and all the horrors is contained. Cross slowly leaned his head back, letting it rest against the bulkhead behind him, his movements slow so as not to wake the exhausted engineer.

Rest now, Blue. Cross thought, brushing yet more errant hairs back into place before resting his hand defensively atop her head once more. Sleep, and let the worries keep for tomorrow. If we survive the fight to come, we’ll have plenty of time to grieve.

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[ Lt. JG Sinead O'Riley | Maintenance Bays | The Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan, @Brutus, @Zenozine, @Masorin, @SummerDawn, @chXinya, @Absinthe, @steelphoenix, @Blue Zephyr, @YasyraTrill, @patches, @Fife & @Numen
Studying him with a keen eye, Sinead was not quite convinced that Nathaniel was as at peace as he seemed to be trying to portray, but she neither said anything nor voiced any curiosity. She surmised that if or when he felt like telling her, he would, though her private opinion was hiding or denying truths wasted time, and only did more harm later on. But it was for him to decide, and she could be completely wrong on her guess. It had happened before.

She listened carefully as he explained something about himself, her mind in the meanwhile processing his explanation even as she began playing out scenarios and outcomes for the next few hours, when it was time to take action. Since there was so little to work with, and far too little knowledge, the scenarios had too many unknown variables and risky outcomes, most of which ended in too many fatalities on their part.

“Aye,” said Sinead, “th' Reaver mayh be a valid option, but we do no' be knowin' th' Savi layouts, military numbers and mohr. Until we do, 'tis indeed best we take th' opportunity t' recover our strength. Thank yeh, Nathaniel Isley. Awaken me if yeh need.”

They were interrupted by the abrupt wedding announcement and ceremony of Deacon and K'ren. She stood by, bearing witness, and though she felt it illogical and somewhat poor in timing, she could see the value in how it seemed somewhat uplifting. Bringloidi unions were significantly simpler in practice, but the ceremonies were interesting to watch. She offered applause when others did the same, and before too long, it was already over, and the gathered officers once again dispersed, with Sinead rejoining Nathaniel in their designated "spot". There was really so little for them to do, even in planning, until their benefactor, through one Blue Tiran, gave them more to work with, or if Blue would provide them with any additional information.

Without further ado, the young woman curled up right where she sat and pillowed her head with her hands and closed her eyes, her body relaxing, and her mind clear. She would not let guilt assail her or disrupt her thoughts. There was danger aplenty and she did not need to add doubt into the mix. Whatever came next, she would make ready for it.

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[ Vinata Vojona & Hylota Vojona | Observation Pen | Main Research Hull | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @all ]

The siblings listened to what Lin Kae about the situation, being very understanding of his limitations as an asset in a fight, the both of them could relate to that quite easily, but as Lin Kae proceeded to do his best to comfort them, to ensure them that things would turn out in their favor, the tension in the air seemed to lessen, Hylota let out a sigh as she relaxed a little, the possibility of her child, her last tie to Maal being safe, Hylota felt as though she could perhaps take up the offer for rest, but as Lin Kae brought up Nicander and how his medical expertise could be of use, well things turned south. Vinata winced at the unintentionally painful statement, Hylota tensed and scowled, the reminder of another one of the hells she had to deal with, how someone she had trusted so intimately had been a traitor. To the Ovri the abuse of a position of power, to betray and lie to those who relied upon you as a master of any kind, it was one of the greatest taboos of their race. With a people who value the knowledge and expertise of an individual in how it can help the whole, to use this gift to harm was tantamount to murder.

Letting out a bitter chuckle Hylota glared at Lin Kae, she was done, she did not care what hurtful things she said, her composure was shattered as she threw her hands in the air in mock praise. "Oh Of course Doctor Nicander, oh yes the parasite bearing traitor will save us! The vile monster I watched being cut up and laughing off phaser fire before we got abducted. You know what I am sure he will be able TO HELP!" Hylota took a deep breath and let out a strange croaking sound before she stormed off to take a cargo room for herself to retire in for the time being. It seemed she was letting off steam within though as sounds of dull banging could be heard from within as Hylota punched the walls, her screams of anger thankfully being muffled.

As Hylota went off to be alone Vinata swallowed and reached out to put a hand on Lin Kae's shoulder in a compassionate expression. "I am really sorry for that. My sister is at her breaking point...essentially what you would consider her spouse was killed in front of her before all the stuff with Doctor Nicander happened. To our species betrayal is socially regarded as just as bad if not worse than murder, considering how close we had been to the Doctor and how he helped us integrate into the medical staff, this betrayal has cut quite deeply." Vinata looked Lin Kae in the eye and gave a reassuring squeeze of his shoulder. "You could never have known what had happened. You did not deserve that outburst, and if my sister was not so distraught I think she would have composed herself better...but saw earlier." Vinata sighed and looked out to the gathered crew. "I guess I should speak on my sister's behalf. See if I can get people willing to volenteer to help if the news comes down and it turns out my sister's fears were correct." Vinata sighed as he rubbed his temple and walked towards the crowd.

[ Vinata Vojona  | Observation Pen | Main Research Hull | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan , @Brutus , @Triage , @Masorin , @SummerDawn , @chXinya , @Absinthe , @steelphoenix , @BZ , @YasyraTrill , @patches , @Fife & @Numen ]

Vinata walked to a point where most of the assembled abductees did not have their backs directly to him before he took a moment to try and compose himself. He had never done anything like this, addressing such a large group of people on a non medical topic, all so that he could ask them for their help, to ask them to put themselves at risk for the sake of him and his sister. Swallowing Vinata knew he had no other real recourse left. Taking a long slow breath Vinata let it in and out a few times before he felt he was composed enough to address the gathered crew. Speaking loudly and hoping to get the attention of any that might have chosen to try and get rest. "E-Excuse me, may I have everyone's attention for a moment?" As was the nature of Ovri language, through the translator his voice was loud, but oddly melodious as he addressed the group. "M-My name is Ensign Vojona, it has come to light that there is a possibility that something besides the crew was abducted...aboard the Theurgy was a recent birth, between my sister and a member of the medical staff, a Klingon some of you probably knew as Nurse Maal. The birth resulted in a single stable egg, the only hybrid child of their sister fears it might have been abducted with the rest of the crew when we were taken." Vinata felt his heart pounding in his chest, there was a reason he chose to be reserved and off to the side, he hated how his guts felt right now, but he had to do this, there was no shame in asking for help. "As of right now we do not know if the egg is here aboard the ship, but if it is revealed to be here...then my sister and I will be going after it. We do not know if the egg will be a detour or troublesome to get, and I cannot demand aid, but I would like to ask if anyone would be willing to volenteer, to agree to come to our aid and join us in our mission if it does come to pass that the egg is here aboard the ship." Vinata suddenly looked downcast and shifted from one leg to the next nervously as he took a few seconds to collect himself. "I know it sounds foolish to call upon volunteers before something is know for sure, but I feel it is better than the rest of you know what is going on now while we have a calm moment to think, than to ask this of you when we have our mission to carry out to escape. I do not expect any of you to throw in with us for this possible mission, but at the very least thank you for giving me your time...just come talk if you wish to pledge aid." Vinata nodded and clenched his hands together as he awkwardly tried to move off to the side, pacing as he would look to the rest of the groups, not sure if he should be with them or not, he was truly no good at this, looking to Blue Vinata began to wonder if he could be of use elsewhere.

Walking back over to Blue, Vinata cleared his throat gently as to announce himself before he spoke. "Um thank you for what you did for my sister, I am sorry if she just brushed off your existence. She is not in the right state right now." Vinata's dark eyes lingered on Blue for a moment before he spoke once more. "I cannot help but notice you are also in a poor state. I understand that you probably wish to be left alone right now...but if there is anything I can do for you I would like to know. I can offer medical diagnosis from surface inspection...I know a small amount of massage and therapeutic stimulation. Truthfully I do not know if there is anything I can do for anyone here...but if I can help I would like to offer my service, you at least seem to be the most in need of aid of anyone here right now." Vinata seemed shy and compassionate, hie body language clearly expressing he was prepared to back away at a moments notice. He truly just wanted to offer any contribution that he could, considering how useless he felt he had been so far.

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[ Lt R'Rori | Maintenance Bays | Main Research Hull |The Versant ] @BZ @Zenozine @Fife

R’Rori barely registered Cross’s weak smile as s/he settled in next to Blue, some process in hir brain filing it away to prompt forget about. When Blue started to pull hir into a hug, shock fell quickly to relief and s/he returned the hug fiercely. S/he cried more freely now, aided by Blue’s soft-spoken words, forgetting for a few precious moments to keep up hir appearance, to play hir role on stage.
“I miss him too. All of them. I- I miss home.” S/he whispered, not even sure if the words were loud enough to be understood by the engineer.

As Blue pulled away, R’Rori only reluctantly let go, sniffling a moment and wiping away hir tears as s/he worked to regain hir composure. Blue’s PADD chimed and s/he looked over curiously. Apparently, it was another message from their mysterious benefactor but not one that required urgent action on their part. Slowly, Blue drifted to sleep and R’Rori smiled a bit to see her head resting on Cross’s shoulder. S/he shrugged at Cross’s look.

A yawn of hir own escaped as s/he took the opportunity to stretch hir legs and arms. One of the two that Blue was speaking to earlier came up to them after speaking to the group as a whole, apparently unaware that the woman had fallen asleep. The counselor smiled warmly as he spoke of offering medical assistance and apologized for his sister. After a glance at Cross, R’Rori took up the task of responding in her stead.

“Blue is sleeping now, Ensign, but I am sure she won’t take your sister’s words or actions personally.” S/he was still unused to the different qualities in hir voice now, somehow including an almost Caitian purr in hir words as her tired mind and body worked together to form coherent speech. “I will make sure she knows of your offer, though.”

S/he stood up slowly. Hir muscles registered their complaints, but were ignored. As Vinata had himself noted, there were plenty that needed assistance, both medical and psychiatric. All that awaited the former Caitian hybrid in hir sleep would be unpleasant dreams and anxiety. Perhaps R’Rori could yet stay awake a bit longer.

“I am Lieutenant R’Rori and this is Lieutenant Cross who is serving as an impromptu pillow here. We were on the Endeavour. I am a counselor by trade, but I am familiar with basic medical treatment. Perhaps we can both seek out other wounded here to help?”

S/he held out hir right hand as s/he finished speaking, gesturing to the rest of the bay. There were clearly others in distress, even as many began nodding off one by one.

“Do feel free to rest, however. We will all need our energy tomorrow. You and your sister have been through a lot and tomorrow, I suspect we’ll get to see what our Savi ‘friend’ wants from us in exchange for our freedom.”

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[ Vinata Vojona  | Observation Pen | Main Research Hull | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan , @Brutus , @Triage , @Masorin , @SummerDawn , @chXinya , @Absinthe , @steelphoenix , @BZ , @YasyraTrill , @patches , @Fife & @Numen ]

As Vinata was made aware that Blue was now resting and that his apology would be passed on for him, he turned his attention to R'Rori, his eyes dark and observant, the traits giving an unexpected parallel between the Ovri and their captors. As R'Rori spoke and explained their own expertise. To hear that there was a counselor was a huge relief, and considering what had been unfolding as of late Vinata felt that he might want to take advantage of things.

As R'Rori spoke of how Vinata should try and get some rest he let out a sigh and shook his head. "Hello R'RoriI, my name is Vinata, and thanks for the suggestion, I honestly wish I could could get to sleep, but I do not have the heart to face what awaits me in my sleep right now. Now that I have been able to think clearly, all I can do is remember the state of medical when we were abducted, the things that were unfolding and how it might be when we return." Vinata swallowed and looked to R'Rori and crossed his arms in a way that showed he was a little apprehensive. "Look I hate to come off as selfish considering the state of affairs right now...but I need to get some stuff off my chest and I do not think that I am going to get any other time...would you mind too terribly if I were to use you expertise in counseling for a little bit?"

Vinata did not feel as though he was asking for something he had any right to right now, it was not outlandish to suppose that R'Rori would want to get some sleep as well, and what good would it do for them to be carrying around Vinata's pain along with everything else. Besides these people had half of their identity, their heritage stolen from them, it was not as though Vinata's correction could be compared to that. Honestly when it came to matters such as these Vinata struggled to bring himself to talk, he did not have the right to complain, or at least that was how he felt.

Vinata had to take another long slow breath as he collected his nerve once more, he could not continue that kind of thought forever, it was not healthy to continue to remain silent, he had seen the effects on his sister quite clearly. Shaking his head he looked to R'Rori and amended his initial statement. "I understand this is a bad time for everyone and my suffering is in no way special, but...there are just some things I need to vent. Perhaps we could talk while we walked among the assembled crew and see if anyone needs immediate aid?" Vinata hoped this made his desire to talk seem less selfish.

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[ Lt R'Rori | Maintenance Bays | Main Research Hull |The Versant ] @Zenozine

R’Rori nodded quickly when Vinata asked if he could lean on hir “counseling expertise”, as he put it. It was a task s/he was about to start offering for others in the crew, as hir mind still dealt too much with the recent Correction by the Savi. S/he had to really think for a solid minute to recall what his species was. They were a recent enough addition to the Federation that s/he hadn’t run into them before but s/he remembered pretty much just that they were loosely similar to amphibians and their sexual dimorphism was reversed from the typical.

Well, hopefully, their psychology is similar enough! Goddess knows we’re all dissimilar otherwise!

A bemused smile crossed hir face as Vinata offered to conduct their talk while offering aid to the others. S/he shook hir head slowly before responding.

“You’re not being selfish in asking for a sympathetic ear, Vinata. It sounds like you left a very serious situation and if you’re here, you’re having a pretty bad time of it yourself.” The former half-Caitian’s tail weakly twitched, a remnant of hir former nonverbal communication that s/he was still capable of. “Besides, you’re one of our few qualified medical people here. We need you in relatively good spirits.”

S/he looked around for a good spot and pointed at one of the smaller side rooms. “We can go there, if you’d like, for some privacy. If you’re more comfortable talking while working or walking, though, we can do that. Please, lead the way and I’ll follow.”

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[ Vinata Vojona  | Observation Pen | Main Research Hull | Precept-ship Versant ] Attn: @patches ]

As Vinata was comforted and told that he was not being selfish and that they could talk he visibly relaxed, his body sagging as he let out a sigh and he smiled to R'Rori. "Thank means a lot to me that I can have someone to talk to in this time." Vinata motioned to one of the rooms and began to walk slowly. "I personally would like for us to be alone while we talk...I have a lot of things to vent an I do not feel that I should be this open around the others, I do not want to drag down the mood so soon." With that Vinata focused on getting out of sight, going into one of the storage rooms and closing the door behind them. As they were finally alone Vinata let out a sigh and he fell back against the wall with a sigh. "By the stone mother I am tired." He reached up and began to rub his face, taking a long deep breath once more before he looked to R'Rori. "I am not sure how long I can keep myself together. There has just been so much stress, so many small things building to this mess." Vinata closed his eyes and took a deep breath once more, the steady breathing working to calm his nerves.

As his dark eyes opened once more Vinata looked at R'Rori for a moment before he spoke. "I really do not know how to lead into this in a good way...there are a few things that are weighing down on me...but I feel that the big one right now is just the uncomfortable feeling of identity." Vinata hung his head and shook it for a moment before he looked back up, a slight look of shame on his face as he felt he was wasting time. "I know this is not a concern for right now...but it has been weighing down on me more so than before. I do not know if you are aware of Ovri biology and the difference between our males and females. To sum it up my sister looks like what you would expect for a male and I look like a female. This let to a lot of confusion in the academy. I was always mistaken for a woman and it really never bothered me...I was confused at times see I find the masculine figure rather appealing, I must admit I find the strong frame of mammalian males rather appealing, but I have always been kind of on the fence about men sexually...I have experimented and I enjoyed myself. Thanks to those I had in my life I felt comfortable to try indulging in the female lifestyle, embrace what people assumed about me." Vinata went silent for a bit as he wrapped his arms around himself.

Vinata was silent for a moment before he looked back to R'Rori and he continued. "Then we got abducted...and corrected. I am not a hybrid, I was corrected to match the sexual dimorphism of most other races." Vinata began to rub his arms as he held himself. "It is one thing to play at being female, to not correct others and just embrace a is another to have your body changed against your will. I woke up to find myself made a woman, to be drugged and fucked by a man I can scarcely remember. I feel violated, like an intimate part of myself was taken...and what makes it worse is that no one will notice, that I cannot bring myself to complain...was I not pretending to be as I am I have reason to I want to change is all just so muddled and confusing...I do not know what to think." Vinata let out an sigh as he hung his head and held himself more firmly.

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[ Lt R'Rori | Maintenance Bays | Main Research Hull |The Versant ] @Zenozine

As s/he listened to the Ovri speak in their secluded location, R’Rori felt a pang of sorrow and pity for Vinata. S/he knew well the feeling of a body that did not fit the mind, both before hir Correction and now. It had taken hir years to switch from she and her to s/he and hir pronouns and realizing that hir identity lay in areas beyond the popular male or female binary. There had been plenty of deep discussions about gender with a Hermat classmate, a counselor, and others within that community in the Academy.

Vinata would have none of this community support specifically for cross-sex changes like this, though there were plenty available that would empathize with him in the sense of nonconsensual changes to his body. All that would be available was that empathy and counselors like R’Rori, as well as R’Rori’s own experiences with gender dysphoria. After he finished speaking, R’Rori stayed silent for a moment to think over what s/he should say.

“Thank you for taking the time to explain a bit more about Ovri biology,” s/he finally responded gently. “There really is not yet a whole lot that we know about your species beyond some basics and you are the first I have met.”

S/he looked around briefly for a crate to sit on. The ordeal and lack of real sleep was starting to take its toll on the humanoid. Once settled in, s/he crossed hir legs and pulled up hir tail to curl it up in hir lap like s/he was used to.

“I am … familiar with the feeling of your mind not fitting who you are, ‘correction’ or not. I am something that the humans like to call ‘non-binary’. I don’t quite fit the mold of either man or woman. If we make it back to a Federation ship, I can give you some reading material on the topic if you are interested.” S/he smiled faintly as hir right index finger twirled the tip of hir tail. “I was not quite Caitian or Human either prior to our … visit here. Always something in between and something more. Our identities and our relationships to our bodies can be very complicated. It gets even more so in situations like yours, when our bodies and autonomy have been so grossly violated.”

Hir grey eyes studied Vinata’s face somberly and s/he leaned forward slightly, bracing hirself with hir hands on the crate.

“One thing that I want to make clear here is that you do have the right to complain. You went through some serious trauma recently and you need to heal from that, just like any physical wound you might treat. It will take time and we will get that time for you to process all this and make any choices that you need to.”

R’Rori tilted hir head to the right slightly as one of hir ears twitched in response to some sound s/he heard from outside the room. It sounded like footsteps walking by their door.

“You said that you ‘played’ at being female. Can you expand on that?”

This is going to be a very interesting conversation.


OOC: Auctor mentioned that since it had been awhile since we last continued this that we go ahead and end it here and I agree! We can discuss specifics of the conversation over PM to reference later in interactions between R'Rori and Vinata, if you'd like!

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