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[Ens. Faye Lintah Elio-Danvers  | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01]Attn: @Griff @Stegro88  @RyeTanker  

The public baths were awash in a sea of desire and sex, a heady mix for anyone, but doubly so for a telepath. Especially one who had just been thoroughly and completely shagged, put on display for the amusement and arousal of others as much as herself and her quite fetching partner in crime. This was not a bad thing, in Faye's mind. Far from it, this felt great. She felt that satisfied ache between her legs that came from a good fuck, her clit practically vibrated and if she closed her eyes she could still feel the Andorian's lips on her taut, dusky nipples, and taste the other woman's kiss on her own lips. A low, pleased hum burbled past her lips, and she swayed gently in the aftermath of it all, feet idly kicking at the bubbling water of the hot tub she'd been lounging in. 

Academically she knew that Zark had been smart to make sure she was out of the water before going to get well, water. The drinking kind, not the bathing (or fucking) kind, she mused, giggling quietly to herself as she took a moment to sort the world out. Events were building rapidly, between Mickayla;s declaration and her own quip about the need for a bigger tub. Cataloging her own emotions and desires, feelings and thoughts, and separating them out from those around her took a modicum of effort more than she felt perhaps that it should. Nevertheless she had mostly mastered herself, but remained content to let the Andorian divvy up the bevy of prospective partners for what was clearly about to become round two. 

Zark's lips interrupted Faye's musings, and so much the better for it. Still swollen from their previous kisses, Faye returned the intimate gesture with equal passion and desire, intending to leave the Andorian wanting more. She hadn't even spoken yet, but Faye was getting impressions from the security medic as to what was about to happen and how things were going to pan out. Trusting in Zark, Faye simply did her best to ensure the blue beauty was more than rearing to go when she turned her attention to the others. 

A small part of her thought it a shame that Mickayla would not be taking advantage of the chance to tryout either of the men that had arrived in the little grouping of eager bathers, but then, she understood better than most the Klingon woman's disposition, and had been given a history lesson on her friends past escapades. Having been thoroughly shagged by Zark just now herself, Faye trusted the Andorian to see to the Klingon's needs. And the humans as well, though Faye did not know the pilot at all. To Faye then would fall the care and attention of the two male participants.  They were a study in contrasts, but each was appealing to Faye in their own way. And not just the fact that she hadn't had a good threesome with two such strapping individuals for herself in some time; nor that she'd never been with a Reman before, and was looking forward to the new experience. Plenty of reason to be excited between the two men, Faye concluded, and there was no disguising the smoldering look of desire that burned in her eyes as she took another breath to situation herself. She had to focus on the task at hand, attending these two before she could get her own in turn from them. 

All the possibilities, she mused to herself, practically purring. It took an effort of pure will not to dissolve into a fit of giggles at Zark's antics as the blue bombshell bounced about and laid the stage for the others, but she managed somehow, instead doing her best to look sultry and inviting. "Have fun ladies," she crooned, giving them a small finger wave, before curling her fingers into a come hither gesture at Lorad and Alistair. "Gentlemen, if you'll just step right up..."

Allowing her voice to trail off, Faye moved to knee on one of the plethora of soft, padded towels that Zark had procured and left for her use. She did not bother to try and dry off - she could only imagine that the slick sheen of bathwater all over her body would only intense the two men, but she did pause long enough to slide her wet hands through her hair to sweep it back behind her ears, and then take a long pull of water from the bottle Zark had gifted her. She had little doubt that she would be working herself up quite a bit and did not want to inadvertently pass out from a mix of heat, exertion and dehydration. That would be the opposite of sexy.

Thus fortified, the Betazoid opened herself up to her soon to be partners for her second round. Clearly neither of the men had been expecting something quite like this to happen, and to Faye, this felt like a challenge. To blow their minds, leave them spent and wanting more later. A sense of cocky pride settled onto her shoulders as she shimmed into place between the two, on her knees, looking up at each of them. Hands reaching out, one to each, resting on thighs, warm and still slightly wet. "Just relax boys. Faye is here to take care of you both. And there is plenty of me to share. If you think of something you want, or need, you just tell me, yes? Anything I do you don't like, you let me know that too. I promise to tell you if something like that happens for me, and I promise I wont get mad at all. I can see the two of you have some serious ....tensions that need some work. And I am happy to attend to that."

Privately pleased that she had managed to get all of that out without running out of air, or sounding like she was struggling to think of her next word, Faye beamed a wide smile at the two, before glancing at their obvious signs of arousal. Two plump, fat cocks bobbing in the air before her. It was too much to resist. Knowing she should take it slow, Faye did the exact opposite. She licked the palms of her hands and then reached up to grasp each swollen cock head in tandem, rolling her palms over them and sliding down the shafts to grip them tight about mid way. "Such big boys. Is this my fault?" She couldn't help to tease them, before rising up. Her tongue darted out, first along Lorad's cock, rolling her tongue around his swollen tip, and then turning her head to take in Alistair's, lips parting and pressing a slow kiss over the gland, till she had the whole of his tip in her mouth, purring. 

This didn't last long, and she pulled off with a pop before pressing each prick into the pelvis of their respective owners, and lapping up from the balls of both, all along the undersides of the cocks, her tongue darting back and forth, spread wide as she teased and tastes, savoring each mans distinct flavor and texture, while her hands kept those dicks pressed into place, cupping a pair of balls in each and pushing them up against the shaft. 

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Public Baths | Deck 12| USS Theurgy 01] Attn: @Griff @Stegro88 

Caught utterly by surprise, Natalie had to stop herself from jumping out of the water. Which would have been a bad, thing, considering that she still had Samala's legs draped around her body, though no longer were those firm legs squeezing her head and holding her in place. Still, had she given in to the urge related to her shock, she might have dragged the poor girl under the water in the process and utterly destroyed the pleasing afterglow that the hybrid was clearly enjoying. 

Taking the time to carefully extract herself, Natalie flushed with embarrassment from 'getting caught' as well as a mix of pride and bubbly pleasure from the praise sent her way by Samala. True, neither woman had much sexual experience in general, and certainly not with other women, so a part of Natalie's mind was convinced that neither should give their accomplishment much weight in the face of greater experience, but at the same time, Natalie had clearly pleased the girl. There was no mistaking the foreign flood of flavor that had assaulted her tongue there at the end, and the Martian, though inexperienced with having lovers, still knew what it felt like to her fingers when a woman (herself) clamped down and came, hard

So yes, that's a victory, she concluded as she attempted to keep herself composed and shift her position so that she was curling in next to young Crew-woman, though she kept herself submerged up to her neck in the bubbling bath water. Blushing furiously all the same, she leaned in and pressed a chase, gentle kiss to the hybrid's stomach, exposed as it was, eyes darting up to Samala. "Thank you for letting me share that with you, and being a first." 

Swallowing now she leaned back further and turned her gaze to the Romulan across the bath from them. She bit her lip, allowing herself to enjoy her new-found appreciation for the female form, before her eyes settled on Lillee's eager, though slightly abashed gaze. "Well I won't pretend I'm terribly embarrassed by the whole situation, but well, I think that was the point of my being here to begin with. I don't mind the questions a Samala clearly doesn't. I've never done something like that before. And after everyone's kind words earlier, and her eagerness, I'm glad that I've tried it. I..." she paused, warring with herself, before answering in honestly, "I think its something I want to explore further and I hadn't ever imagined being interested in another woman. And now here I am looking around this place and wondering how everyone might taste, and if there are differences and what it might be like to be on the receiving end of that kind of attention and well...I'm a mess."

Fiddling with her fingers for a moment, she looked from Samala to Lillee and back again, once more wondering if she had a fixation with pointy eared humanoids, and what that said about her, and if that was even something she had to worry about or if she could just enjoy the fact that, much to her surprise, she found herself aroused and attracted to the women flanking her on either sides of the bath and maybe, just maybe, she should quit worrying so much. And breathe. Yes, breathing was important. She took a deep breath, putting action to thought, though that did cause her bust to rise up above the water for a moment, her nipples clearly hard as diamonds, before sinking back under the waterline. "Er...what was I saying again?"

Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths

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[Lieutenant Alistair Leavitt | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn. @Brutus @RyeTanker @Stegro88


Alistair was in a daze as Zark led him aside his eyes unable to stop feasting on her naked form. She was wondrously curvy, her breasts full and her legs so nicely toned, that the hapless Alistair was stunned into silence. His eyes fell upon her buttocks, so tight but ample, and he wondered idly what it might be like to feel them, to kiss them, to bend Zark over and drive into her, to feel her beautiful blue butt bounce against his pelvis...

With his erect manhood twitching in anticipation, Alistair stood with Lorad as Zark, evidently quite perceptive and courteous as well as gorgeous, organised the party to accommodate everyone's desires. His eyes fell upon Mickayla and Donna next, and raw lust stirred in Alistair's body, a familiar ravenous hunger that was entirely at odds with his normal self. It was as if permission had been granted, the lock was off the gate, and what lay buried within demanded to be sated.

"Oh, er, hello there," Alistair babbled to Faye as she approached, her own wonderfully nubile form on display, only enhanced by the dampness of her skin. His disappointment at Zark's departure was mollified by her promise to return; in the meantime, Faye was there, was more than there, was so breathtakingly there. He stared as Faye knelt before them, her intent obvious, his breathing accelerated. Faye's teasing, her seductive tone, her electrifying touch on his thigh, could have easily made Alistair climax right then and there if he'd been a younger man.

Then Faye started. He gasped at the touch of her tongue on his hard shaft, astonished by the sensation. Though he'd experienced oral sex many times in the past, Alistair knew instantly that none of his past partners could compare with Faye's expertise. That, he pondered idly as Faye licked so masterfully, made sense; none of them would have eagerly had sex in a public bath. That only served as a reminder that Alistair was now having sex in a public bath, and his cheeks reddened, even as he felt a renewed tingling thrill at the thought of being watched.

"Oh...oh that''re really very...extremely...yes..." Alistair murmured as Faye continued, sending sharp jolts of pleasure through his body from his groin. Finally, on instinct after Faye released them, he knelt down, grasped her chin and kissed her hungrily, even as his other hand explored Faye's small breasts, tweaking her alert nipples.

After pulling out of the kiss, Alistair considered, looking between Lorad and Faye. "Uh...under the circumstances, instead of going one at a time," he said, his voice tense with a mix of excitement and disbelief, "we could...both...take you. We could...uh...hold you between the tub, into you. From both sides."

Blushing madly, he grinned goofily as he looked up at Lorad. "What do you think, Lorad? Or," he added thoughtfully as his hand slipped down Faye's body to gently stroke her damp folds, "before that, I can pleasure you as you continue helping my friend here..."


Re: USS Theurgy: What if - The Public Baths

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | Public Baths | Deck 12 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Brutus, @Stegro88


Lillee's grin was laced with mischief as she watched Natalie founder, although the Romulan's eyes drifted down to the human's full breasts as they momentarily rose out of the water. She was fascinated with large breasts, comparativey rare as they were for Romulans, and Natalie's were the most impressive breasts that she had yet seen; big, but still beautifully shaped, with such wonderfully pert nipples.

"I believe that you were coming to terms with your sexual liberation," Lillee said with a kind smile. "I remember how embarrassed you were just to drop that towel, and now look at you! Beautiful and bold, enjoying yourself with no worries. Speaking true, I am proud of you, Natalie." Her eyes shifted to Samala, running up and down the young woman's wet body in open appreciation. "And I am proud of you too. It takes great courage to do this, yes? Watching you find ecstasy at Natalie's touch...wonderful."

Indeed, one of Lillee's hands rose to a breast and began fondling it. "So, Natalie...what do you wish to experience next? You have complete freedom to go where you like, to be with whomever you like, to do whatever you like. What happens now?" Her eyes still alight with mischief, Lillee was determined to have Natalie take an active part, to make the decision. She glanced at Samala. "Do you have any ideas, Samala?"

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