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Day 02 [1225 hrs.] New Quarters of the Rising Sun

Day 02 [1225 hrs.] New Quarters of the Rising Sun

[ Lieutenant JG T'Zantha "Sniper" | Corridor on Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: Tessa (@Doc M. )

T'Zantha was holding the PADD given to her with her new quarters assignment in her right hand as the snippets of a song that she had heard Chris singing that night when he returned to his quarters and then again this morning before the start of his shift going through her mind.

Both Tali and herself had spent the night in Chris' quarters, simply resting in clean replicated standard issue underwear after the meeting with their new squadron commander-as Tali viewed him despite her comments about what he had said to her during their conversation earlier-before she borrowed one of his own uniforms and went to go and meet with this "Razor".

It sat in T'Zantha's mind about how the golden eyed woman..the one that Christopher had been concerned about when she had mentioned that she'd been shot down during the battle..suddenly reacted like that and then ran out of the room had acted towards both her and Tali the day prior as something about the young woman's reaction and attitude made her concerned.

Did she think that by the sudden and abrupt return of the couple into Christopher's life that would change thing for her and Christopher?

Obviously the two were an item at least in T'Zantha's mind because of the look on the golden-eyed pilot's face was carefully kept and guarded..but she understood the thing that was hidden in that look as it was the same one that she had in the reflection of the Harbinger's washroom after she saw Tali flirt with someone else for the first time..

T'Zantha shook her head as the slightly unpleasant memory tried to rear it's ugly head as she continued her search for the quarters that she was now possibly going to be sharing with Tali or as such since actual quarters on the dreadnought was at a premium due to recent events and damage but after a few minutes of searching, she came across the room in question.

"I must make a note to track down this..Tessa was the name that Christopher used when she left..after I have secured the quarters." she finally said to herself before stepping into the living room of the quarters.

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[ Tessa May Lance | Junior Officer Quarters | Deck Eight | USS Theurgy ]   Atten. T'Zantha (@Doc Reno)

As it turned out, Tessa May Lance was easy to find.  One didn’t even need to ask Thea for her location.  An open door in the corridor revealed the plucky lieutenant in a junior officer’s quarters.

Several large boxes were on the carpeted floor, but were still open to reveal the contents.  One seemed to contain clothing; another was filled with personal possessions including the images of birds from various worlds depicted in a variety of mediums including small carvings, paintings, etchings, and a number of deactivated holoemitters for conventional three dimensional images.  The box that drew the most attention was the one that contained what appeared to be ceremonial weapons and the accompanying light armor that seemed to consist of a white undecorated uniform and a meshlike mask.

Tessa was holding a thrusting weapon that Terrans referred to as an épée, a word that in an ancient regional tongue known to linguists and scholars as French meant “sword’.   It was a thrusting weapon that featured a narrow ninety centimeter long blade and a bell shaped handguard protecting the grip.  Tessa was making a few clumsy thrusts at the air and didn’t see T'Zantha until she turned in the Vulcan’s direction. 

Tessa yelped in surprise when she made eye contact and the épée, escaped her grip, spinning through the air in T'Zantha’s direction until bouncing off the doorframe to rattle back into the room and across the floor.  “Oh!” Tessa squeaked. “I didn’t see you there!  When Ravon gave all of you a half hour to find your new quarters I figured I’d clean out Hannah’s room before one of you new guys started going through all her stuff!” the flustered pilot explained as her hands gestured wildly. “I’m sorry; I hope I didn’t scare you…”  Tessa’s topaz yellows eyes rolled slightly as a thought entered her head and she corrected herself.  “Well of course I didn’t scare you, seeing as you’re a Vulcan of course…  Well I would have been scared, you certainly scared me!  Are you okay?”

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[ Lieutenant JG T'Zantha "Sniper" | Junior Officers Quarters, Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: Tessa

Sniper arched one pale white eyebrow as the epee came to land next to her followed by Tessa's attempt at an apology to which she gave her one of her very rare ghost smiles before toeing thin blade of the weapon next to it's hilt and very gracefully with an air of too much practice flicked it up where she caught the slender hilt of the blade with her right hand in an almost snake like motion. "You have to take into affect that my chosen mate is an Andorian, Tessa, and as such one might say that I am used to having weapons thrown at me as a form of..foreplay?"

The albino vulcan then brought the sword over to the other woman and then presented it hilt first to her. "However as you can also probably tell that I am not like most vulcans due to my condition, I did not have the full intense training of my fellow species as it is often viewed that ones with my skin affliction isn't worth the effort needed to train those who could die by the very exposure to the home world's sun the next day, true?"

T'Zantha then gave Tessa something that she hoped the human would understand was something very private and a sign of respect as this time when she did her "ghost smile", it was a little bit more obvious as an actual private smile which she let slip from her face after long enough for Tessa to understand what she meant. "While I have a lot of the same training, I'm not considered to be a full vulcan by most as when have you ever heard of a Vulcan being called "Sniper"..true?"

Inwardly,T'Zantha was hoping that the slightly younger human woman would understand the level of trust that was being presented to her-after all Christopher trusted and cared enough for her to be worried about her then why should Sniper return the favor?

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[ Tessa May Lance | Junior Officer Quarters | Deck Eight | USS Theurgy ]  Atten. T'Zantha (@Doc Reno)

What was she doing here?  Was this her new room?  Instinctively, Tessa couldn’t shake an inkling of hostility to an interloper who would dare steal poor Hannah’s quarters, but she was going to have to suck it up and be a team player.  She was going to have to say something and not just stare at T’Zantha like she was an invader from another planet.  Okay, technically T’Zantha was from another planet, and she was invading Hannah’s quarters, but it wasn’t going to help anyone or promote team spirit if they started off on the wrong foot.

The flustered young Terran tried to clear her head and make sense of what the Vulcan was telling her, but it was difficult.  T’Zantha’s chosen mate was an Andorian?  Why would she be telling her that?  Oh wait, T’Zantha was telling a joke.  You don’t get to be part of a fighter squadron unless you can be ‘one of the team’ and give each other ‘the business.’ 

When T’Zantha handed the épée back to Tessa, the golden eyed human gave the weapon her undivided attention lest her clumsiness take out one of the Vulcan’s eyes.  No wait, what was T’Zantha saying?  Something about having a condition, some kind of kin affliction?  What was a ‘kin affliction’?  Was it a racial thing?  She didn’t think that racism still existed on Vulcan, but how would she know?  Speciesism still existed but racism?  Did anybody still care what color a person’s skin was when there were folks with different color blood?

No wait!  What if the Andorian she referred to as her chosen mate was Tali zh'Idenna?  Were Vulcans really that homophobic?  Of course they were!  Any emotion toward someone that wasn’t part of family or procreation was an obscenity in their culture wasn’t it?  Dang!  No wonder she joined Starfleet!  The poor thing!  But why would the Vulcans propagate the myth that homosexuals would burn up in the sun like vampires? 

More importantly, why would T’Zantha be telling her this when her species ranked number one in “hard to get to know”?  Was the Vulcan coming on to her?  Did Chris want to have another three way?  Or a four way?  Or a five way?  Holy smokes!

Somehow Tessa had completely missed the fact that T’Zantha was discussing her albinism.  To Tessa’s eyes, her fellow pilot was just another race of Vulcan; just as there were a variety of races of Terrans depending on how close their ancestors lived to the equator or what continent their ancestors were from.  The idea that T’Zantha would discuss a genetic condition with Tessa didn’t even occur to her.  Tessa was so wrapped up with saying goodbye to her dead squad mates and trying to determine whether it was a good idea to get close to the new ones that the meaning of T’Zantha’s words flew right by her.

“Are you telling me, that the people back home didn’t even consider you a Vulcan?” Tessa asked in disgust.  The thought of such bigotry still existing in the United Federation of Planets made her skin crawl.  “I can’t believe it!”
The colorless Vulcan graced Tessa with what could have been a smile.  "While I have a lot of the same training, I'm not considered to be a full Vulcan by most as when have you ever heard of a Vulcan being called "Sniper"..true?"

“Why wouldn’t there be another Vulcan nicknamed 'Sniper'?  I mean, not to stereotype, but your people are known for patience and being real quiet, y’know?  It takes a lot of patience to be good hunters and not scare the game away and I hear you guys can do subspace physics in your head so shooting your own food should be a snap.  When you stop to think about it, you should make natural snipers.  Oh yeah.  The vegetarian thing.  I completely forgot about the vegetarian thing.  Is that why you’re ostracized on your planet of bigots?  Because your race of whiter than white Vulcans eat meat?  No wonder they think you’ll burn up in the sun, they must think you're vampires!  Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations my booty!   What a bunch of bigots!  I thought we were all better than that!  I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a nice steak?” Tessa protested as she gestured with her arms and caused the sword she was holding to swish dangerously around her body.  “Ooop!” she cried as it flew out of her hand to clatter off the wall and bounce dangerously back in her direction.  “I better put this away right now,” she muttered sheepishly as she knelt to pick it up and put it back in the box.  She looked back at the Vulcan who was fixing her with a look that expressed… almost nothing.  “So…  um, are these your new quarters?” she asked in an attempt to make small talk.  In Tessa’s opinion, starting the conversation off by talking about how the folks back home didn’t really treat you as a member of their species seemed too intense as an icebreaker.

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[ Lieutenant JG T'Zantha "Sniper" | Junior Officers Quarters, Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: Tessa

Sniper silently watched and listened to the human speak for a moment and when she went on her minor tirade, she simply arched one snow white eyebrow until she finally lost the steam of her thought and simply nodded as she crossed her arms over her slender chest. "To answer your question first that yes, Tali and I have been assigned to these quarters and we agreed to share them since it would allow the Theurgy's quartermaster a certain degree of ease in room assignments." she explained simply.

Sniper then uncrossed her arms with a slight sigh. "Also I gave you that information, Goldeneye, as a way of helping to explain to that while I may be a vulcan, I can indeed be scared and that also I'm no stranger to having sharp melee weapons thrown at me as well." she added with a ghost of a smile crossing her features.

Sniper then stopped in her own line of thinking as she studied the other pilot for a few moments before saying "Allow me to try this again then shall I?"

Sniper then stood up a little bit straighter and offered her a polite smile. "Hello, my name is T'Zantha and my apologies if my attempt at breaking the ice failed to work." 

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[ Tessa May Lance | Junior Officer Quarters | Deck Eight | USS Theurgy ]  Atten. T'Zantha (@Doc Reno)

“You gave me that information?  Really?  When did you give me that information?”  Tessa’s tone was that of concern and confusion and not the slightest bit challenging.  “Well you probably gave me that information.  I’ve been really distracted lately.  Honestly sometimes it seems like I can’t keep two thoughts in my head…”  She stopped herself when she realized that she was talking to one of the new squad.  The old squad had covered for her, but now there weren’t enough survivors from the original Lone Wolves to count as the majority anymore.  These were first impressions and Tessa was blowing it. 

Why had T'Zantha gone out of her way to tell Tessa that she wasn’t considered a “full Vulcan” back home on the home planet?  Because T’Zantha was trying to break the ice and let Tessa get to know her in the quickest possible way.  They were squad mates now; their very survival required them to act as a unit and be close enough to each other to drink each other’s urine if the situation called for it.  T’Zantha was a logical person and probably though that an information dump was the logical way to break the ice and get Tessa to let her in.  And Tessa was so focused on herself and her dead shipmates that all of that had flown right by her.  

“Um oh, uh, it’s not your fault,” Tessa smiled sheepishly as she extended her hand.  “You’re not exactly catching us at our best… oops!”[/b] she squeaked as she pulled her hand back.  “Sorry, I forgot about the whole handshake thing.  Believe me, the last thing you need right now is make contact with my jumbled up thoughts!”  Boy was that true.  It would be better for the newcomer to think that Tessa was a blabbering idiot than for her to make psychic contact and remove all doubt.  Tessa wasn’t sure that she was in a stable enough mental state to wear a uniform, let alone fly. 

“Where was I?” Tessa stammered as she tried to focus.  “Oh yeah, welcome aboard the Theurgy.  We’re kind of in the middle of reorganization due to the whole ‘taking excessive casualties’ thing…  Of course Thomas already told you that…  I’m Tessa May Lance, by the way.  I don’t know if anyone has told you.  It seems like every time there’s going to be a proper introduction we get sidetracked.  My callsign is Goldeneye.”

OOC:  We may have found Tessa’s perfect “straight man.”

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[ Lieutenant JG T'Zantha "Sniper" | Junior Officers Quarters, Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: Tessa

Sniper listened to Tessa as she spoke and then gave her another one of her ghost smiles at the end of it. "It is understandable, Tessa, you are under a lot of stress due to the sheer amount of things that has happened to this ship and it's crew since the..event for the lack of a better term..happened."

Sniper then motioned at the young woman in front of her. "You should not mourn your late friends and squadron mates, Tessa, but take the positive memories of them and use them as a knife against the next enemy that comes to us to try and take us from those that we care is that same thought that keeps my Tali alive time and time again." she explained.

Sniper then lowered her hand as something came into her mind that reminded her of why she also wanted to talk to Tessa to begin with. "Perhaps you could explain something to me, Tessa, and if it the question that I want to ask is too personal then please accept my apology in advance or if you wish, you may ask one of me." she offered up respectfully as her pale red eyes locked onto the human's with a questioning look. "Is it alright to ask?"

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[ Tessa May Lance | Junior Officer Quarters | Deck Eight | USS Theurgy ]  Atten. T'Zantha (@Doc Reno)
“Sure T'Zantha, what is it?” Tessa replied.  “It’s not about the Harbinger is it?  Please don’t ask me about the Harbinger!  I don’t want to talk about the Harbinger!  Go ahead and ask me anything you want but not about the Harbinger!”

Taking a breath, Tessa calmed herself down and tried to stop her pale cheeks from burning a rosy crimson.  She ran her fingers along the side of her head and glanced away in embarrassment before turning her topaz yellow eyes back to the colorless Vulcan.  She coughed once before speaking again.  “Ahem.  So, was there something you wanted to ask me?” she asked in a quiet tone that attempted but failed to be nonchalant. 

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[ Lieutenant JG T'Zantha "Sniper" | Junior Officers Quarters, Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: Tessa

Sniper blinked a few times in complete ocnfusion at the human woman's sudden outburst which made her completely curious as to what to her during the events with that ship and chalked it up to one more thing to ask more in detail later.

"Very well Tessa, I will refrain from asking you what happened but I will like to ask you about that at a later date..Christopher had been somewhat hesistant to speak on the matter and I would like to know consider that one tabled even though I wasn't going to ask about it."

Sniper rubbed her chin thoughtfully as she tried to figure out the best way to ask the quesiton that was on her mind, her red visage was focused solely on the other woman as she mulled it around in her head before finally a thread came to mind and she decided to expand upon it.

"Yesterday when you met me for the first time in passing, you ran off when you saw me talking with Christopher..I have been somewhat curious what I have done then to have offended you?" the albino vulcan asked simply and honestly. "I know we arrived as part of a hostile force at first but we are all now the same..pack I think was the term that Razor used during the briefing?"

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[ Tessa May Lance | Junior Officer Quarters | Deck Eight | USS Theurgy ]  Atten. T'Zantha (@Doc Reno)
“Oh yeah, we call the squadron a pack,” Tessa shrugged.  “It’s part of the whole ‘wolf’ thing.  Sometimes we even howl,” she continued before she was distracted by a melancholy thought.  “At least we did while Miles Renard was in charge.  He was a Vulpinian and he could turn into this huge wolfman thing, kind of a huge furry anthropomorphic canine lupine thing, really, um…”  Tessa trailed off as she squinted and glanced away while placing a fingertip on her lips.  By now it was plain that the human pilot had somehow lost track of the conversation and was trying to recall what it was about.  

“Aha!”  Tessa abruptly exclaimed as she held her finger up in triumph.  She looked at T’Zantha and waved her hands before her as she gestured distractedly.  “Offended me?  You haven’t offended me, not exactly at least,” Tessa chirped as she unconsciously took a step backwards to give her room to gesture even more dramatically.  “It’s just that we lost… well I lost just about all of the old squad, I mean the Lone Wolves as I knew it is over…  I mean, all we got left is Tom and Nate now that Ghost is out of commission…”

Tessa’s lower lips trembled as her topaz yellow eyes filled with tears.  Her pale cheeks reddened and before T’Zantha knew it, Tessa’s entire body was trembling.  “WHY DID THE DEVOTED HAVE TO HURT GHOST FOR?” she shouted.  “I thought they were my friends, I thought they gave us hope but they had to go around and start attacking people for no reason!” she howled.

It was unlikely given her background that T’Zantha had seen very many children crying but now before her eyes she witnessed a full grown woman weeping as if she was a small child. 

“W-why?” Tessa sniveled as she put her arms around the colorless Vulcan to cry on her shoulder.  ”W-why would they do that?”

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[ Lieutenant JG T'Zantha "Sniper" | Corridor on Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: Tessa (@Doc M. )

"To be honest, I never understood why command had this sudden..desire I think might be the best word to use to have the first series of squadrons created for TacConn to be referred to be the term of "pack" while interceptor and bomber units are assigned the more normal nom-deculture of squadron." Sniper simply said after she heard Tessa's comments about the now former squadron CO for the Theurgy. "I hope that our new SCO does not expect me to..what did you say..howl?"

When the human pilot started to have a little bit of a mental and/or emotional break down, she simply reached out and gently placed a comforting hand onto her right shoulder and gave it a reasuring squeeze. "I do not know, Tessa." she said in a very gentle and kind tone, recalling the conversation that she and Terror had with a specific pilot recently at which point she could only shake her head. "Oft times of great darkness and sorrow, people cling to the old world religions or find something new to try and connect make it their own."

She then took a breath to cleanese her thoughts before continuing. "Maybe they were trying to get her to join or force her to do something that she knew was wrong..could be anyone of a hundred variants of a hundred other variantions to be honest."

The albino pilot then reached over with her other hand and placed two fingers on her chin, pushing up gently enough to have their gazes connect, hoping that she could find some kind of understanding and kindness in the vulcan's pale red gaze. "Tell me, Tessa, why did you seek out such a thing?" she asked simply and with kind of serene honesty that she willingly and openly gave. "Why did you seek out such people, my young new friend..could you not take hope from those that you call friends that you needed to seek it elsewhere?"

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[ Tessa May Lance | Junior Officer Quarters | Deck Eight | USS Theurgy ]  Atten. T'Zantha (@Doc Reno)
“I… I guess I just wanted something to believe in,” Tessa admitted miserably.  “I just wanted some hope.  This is all such a nightmare that I wanted to believe in some great hero from the future who will be able to go back in time and make this all go away,” she sniffed as she drew back so she could wipe the tears out of her eyes.  “W-when I went to their midnight meeting they were so filled with hope but little did I know that they had just hurt Rawley an hour before so bad that the docs had to put her in stasis!” Tessa bawled as she shook her fists.  “It’s so ridiculous!  These are our shipmates!  There was no reason!  Besides, how is Sarresh Morali supposed to predict what’s gonna happen when all of those idiots keep trying to change stuff, huh?  They’re just making his job more complicated!  Urk!”

Blushing furiously, Tessa put her hands over her mouth and looked guiltily at T’Zantha.  She had just opened her big mouth and given away just how unstable the crew of the Theurgy really was.  If the Vulcan knew how many times the crew had been taken over by something or had their emotions overridden by something else she would think that they were all delusional and that Starfleet was perfectly justified hunting down a dangerous ship full of crazies.  She couldn’t let on how tenuous things really were aboard the Theurgy or the next time T’Zantha got into her fighter she would leave and never come back.

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[ Lieutenant JG T'Zantha "Sniper" | Corridor on Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: Tessa (@Doc M. )

Sniper simply let the other pilot talk and when the golden-eyed pilot covered her mouth with her hands like she was revealing some great secret, the albino couldn't help but allow something secret to slip through of her own.

There was the faintest, slightest, mere ghostest..of a giggle.

And it came from a Vulcan.

T'Zantha then tilted her head to the right as she let go of Tessa's face and then motioned towards for the other woman to sit down on the couch as she walked slowly over to the chair next to it. "Hope is what we make of it, Tessa. When I first stepped onto a ship following my time at the academy, I was considered to be an outcast by my fellow vulcans simply because as an albino, logic dictates that I wouldn't be able to survive the harshness of the my home world past the age of one..let alone to my first year of a teenager."

Before sitting down, Sniper turned just enough to show her left profile of her body to the other woman and motioned to herself. "Yet here I am..against logical dictation."

The red-eyed woman then sat down, leaned back and crossed one slender leg over the other as she kept looking over at Tessa and hoped that she would sit down but she continued none the less. "I met an andorian, a zhen as a matter of fact, who was also considered an outcast and we...became something more because we found hope for our situations in ourselves and as time passed we never stopped caring about each other because that hope was as real as this chair under me." she then shook her head as a memory crossed her mind. "One day, a couple of years later mind you, a new pilot had been assigned to our ship..young, angry, he'd spent the last couple of years prior fighting to survive in a place that no person would come out of sane but he did..he was without hope at which point my partner and I took him under our collective wing and tried to heal him the best that we could by giving him hope as well.."

Sniper then let out a slight sigh as a memory crossed her mind as she remembered the pilot in question-full of an inner quiet rage that never rose from it's dark spot inside of his katra, his own personal hope that an inner peace could ever be found dashed against the rocks of reality.

T'Zantha then looked over at Tessa and simply asked "What is the hope that you desire the most at this time..a personal hope that will save you from the darkness within or one that you can share and help to save everyone from because knowing a future that's always changing is not a thing to hope for.."

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[ Tessa May Lance | Junior Officer Quarters | Deck Eight | USS Theurgy ]  Atten. T'Zantha (@Doc Reno)

Did T’Zantha giggle or was she just coughing politely?   It must have been a cough, but to Tessa it sure sounded like a giggle.  The pallid Vulcan’s next words sounded so wise, but then Tessa remembered that Vulcans don’t age as quickly as other folks.  Then through a supreme act of willpower, Tessa forced herself to pay attention to what T’Zantha was actually saying.

T’Zantha was an albino?  How could Tessa have missed it?  In this era of modern medicine, Tessa didn’t think there were albinos anymore, but apparently she was wrong.   The egg white Vulcan was sharing quite a bit of her personal history, just as she had when she first came in.  It was strange, but it made logical sense.  Tessa supposed that she did the same thing, but the Vulcan’s cool delivery made it seem strange and artificial to the overly emotional human.

The hair on the back of Tessa’s neck stood up when she heard T’Zantha talk about her Andorian paramour.  Suddenly this all started making sense.  Andorians had four genders; they needed a four way marriage to have children and be considered a nuclear family.   Although Vulcans were noted for being extremely private, it was logical for an outcast like T’Zantha to enter a relationship that would ensure the greatest amount of intimacy and belonging as possible.  Zhen meant girl; Tessa knew that because that’s what gender ThanIda zh'Wann was.  That meant that T’Zantha’s buddy was Tali, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the pilot with the troubled past was Chris.  This explained his preference for three ways:   He was with a couple who were looking for a four way!   Holy smokes!   Had T’Zantha been flirting with her?  That wasn’t a cough; it was flirtatious giggle.  Had the Vulcan been flirting with Tessa the whole time, but Tessa had been so self-absorbed that she hadn’t realized it?

Uh-oh.  T’Zantha had finished speaking.  She was looking at Tessa expecting a response.  Keep calm, Tessa.  Play it cool.  You don’t have to decide if you want to joine Chris’ Andorian family until you figure out what you really want to do.   Just be as cool as a Vulcan.  Yep.   Easy-peasie.

“W-what is the hope I desire most at th-this time?”Tessa stammered as her iron based human blood burned under her skin and made her pale face crimson.  “What kind of question is tha…  Hey wait a minute!  That’s actually a good question!”

It was the center of Tessa’s dilemma wasn’t it?  Ever since the Theurgy had gone on the run, everything had changed so much that Tessa wasn’t able to figure out what it was she wanted that she could reasonably get.  She had just allowed herself to be tossed around by the fickle whims of a hostile and uncaring universe without making the slightest effort to regain control of herself and retain her sense of identity.  Small wonder that she had lost that ‘death or glory’ spirit that so essential for being a warrior.

“What is the hope I desire most at this time?” Tessa repeated.  “Right now I want to be part of something again.  I was part of Starfleet, then part of my squadron, but everything has changed so quickly I don’t know what to make myself a part of!” she admitted as she paced the room holding onto her elbow with her left hand and held her chin with her right hand.  “I wanted to be in a relationship with Chris but tying him down like that just isn’t realistic right now,” she continued.  “What is the realistic hope I desire most at this time?”

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[ Lieutenant JG T'Zantha "Sniper" | Corridor on Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Doc M.

Sniper blinked slightly as she took in the information that Tessa put before her, her red eyes looking at the human as she explained herself but then something caught Sniper's attention..Tessa had wanted a relationship with Chris..

T'Zantha closed his eyes and replayed the events of the previous day and then some of the pieces slowly came together at which point she made a tsking noise as she opened her eyes and simply said "Tessa...I think that some of your data is wrong."

"To cover your first situation, you are apart of something and you never left it as you are a member of Captain Ives' crew and yes, we're fighting an uphill battle against an enemy that has hostile agents here and aboard but you are *APART* of this ship and it's company." Sniper said in a gentle and respectable tone. "Yes things change but at the core of it all you are here and apart of this pack still, so please do not sell yourself short or think that you're not apart of something."

T'Zantha then took a good long look at the human, hoping that she would understand without any problems but instead simply got up and walked over to her and said "As for Christopher, Tali and I broke up with him over a year ago and he was the only friendly and familiar face that we knew, so Tali and I stayed close to him until after we were cleared by medical that we didn't have one of those..things inside of us." before letting out a slightly depressed sound and a shudder at the thought of the parasites.

"Tessa, I believe that you may have..what is the human term that Liquidus used once.." the vulcan actually looked at a loss for words for a moment before she snapped her fingers as she recalled it. "I believe it is "Shot yourself in the foot"."


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[ Tessa May Lance | Junior Officer Quarters | Deck Eight | USS Theurgy ]  Atten. T'Zantha (@Doc Reno)

”Oh my gosh, you heard about that?” Tessa protested.  ”I swear, it was just that one time!  Oh wait; you weren’t being literal were you?” she stammered, desperate not to make it any more obvious the state of alienation, isolation, and division so many aboard seemed to be suffering from right now.  ”I ‘m sorry I was being so possessive of Chris.  I mean, it’s not like I’ve got any claim on him or have any right to expect anything from him or anything.”  Her next words were a bit melancholy.  .  ”And I understand completely if you and Tali want to get things going with him again… It’s not like I’ve known him that long or anything.  And you’re right… of course I’m part of something bigger!  I’m a part of the crew!  I’m a part of the squadron!  I’m a part of the new Lone Wolves!”  Her rant stopped abruptly as a thought came to her.  ”Holy Smokes!  I’m a part of the Lone Wolves!  We’ve got to get back to the flight deck before our break’s over!  We’ll be late!”


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