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Re: Day 02 [1230 hrs.] Cultural Misunderstandings

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[ Cmdr Carrigan Trent | XO's Office | Deck 01| USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

Trent himself was not quite sure what to expect; the Lieutenant had demanded to be struck, but he had not been.  However, the man wanted violence done to him, so he got his wish.  But to Trent, violence was not the joyful thing it was for Klingons.  To the Human, violence was a tool to be used, but it was one he used coldly and dispassionately, it was an asset in accomplishing a mission.

And in this case, the mission was to establish that Trent would tolerate no threats to this ship. 

While the reactions he had witnessed were not quite what he'd expected, the Lieutenant did snap out of his insubordination and fell into a position of attention, and put words to his actions.  "Let me make myself absolutely clear, Lieutenant.  You had one chance, and you've expended it.  The next time you step out of line, do not look for leniency."

"Commander Dewitt will be in touch with you; dismissed."

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