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Day 02 [1800 hrs.] Movies and Memories

[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 14 | Quarters | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

Ji had just gotten back about twenty minutes ago.  She had found that her roomate thankfully was just about to go on duty and wouldn't be back until far after shift, she figured that she and CJ would be done by that point, or in her bed room if things went a different way.  She hoped that it would just be a good night, she didn't have high hopes or a great deal of expectations, she just wanted to enjoy herself and find a good friend, maybe more.  Hopefully, more.

She stepped out of the shower and sighed, sometimes she just flat missed hot water and soap.  She brushed her hair out hoping that it would look all right, she wasn't very girly though she had her moments she didn't feel like she had the time to be messing with her hair and trying to find a pretty style for it.  She should have told him to come over later so she had more time to prepare.  But, for now she didn't have that choice and she needed to get dressed.  She had set some clothes out to wear while she picked up the Quarters.  She pulled on her cut off jean shorts, they were so short the pockets hung out the front.  She put on a short white shirt over her simple plain bra that exposed her scarred mid-drift because she intended to change as soon as she cleaned.

Stepping out of the bathroom she headed for the main living area, and sighed.  There was crap everywhere.  Quickly she went around the room.  Picking up the books and returning them to the shelves, the little nicknacks and treasures back where they belonged.  She straightened the pictures of her family; her Omma, Appa, Oppa, and Unni.  All of them were important to her and she loved them all dearly, she missed them.  She turned to pick up the food that her Room mate had just eaten and found a pair of panties crammed into the cushions of the couch.  With a sigh she opened her room mate's door and tossed them onto her bed.  Can tell she was fucking about during off hours. she thought to herself.

She headed back to her bedroom and found that it wasn't all that clean either.  Ji didn't normally have anyone coming over.  But she might as well, just incase.  She straightened the bed sheets and covers.  Smoothing out the bed and arranging her pillows just right.  She fixed a few more personal photos and put some books that she had been working on up on the shelf.  She made sure that her laundry was picked up and put away so that it wasn't covering the floor. 

All of a sudden, the bell chimed.

What the fuck?

She didn't even check the chronometer she was certain that she had more time, so she rushed into the larger shared room so that she could tell who ever it was at the door that they weren't welcome.  That Kym, her room mate, wasn't here or that she herself had plans and wasn't accepting visitors.  She pushed the button to open the door only to find CJ standing there.  Her eyes widened severely, clear surprise written on her features.  She swallowed heavily and a blush crossed her face. 

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed as she bit her lower lip, and closed her eyes.  This was going poorly already.  “I just.. time got away from me while cleaning, I'm completely under dressed and probably look a hot mess and here you are looking handsome and I look like I should be washing the underside of a fighter.” she ran a hand through her clean hair and it fell back into place as her hand moved towards the back of her head to scratch there in utter embarrassment. 

“Well .. I mean come in!  I .. yeah.. I'll go get dressed, you can just.. chill... in here.”  she blushed more as she stepped out of his way so he could enter the room.  Man, this was already starting off on a bad foot and it was all her fault.  Should have put on the cute clothes, then cleaned. she chastised herself.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

Chris helped to try and fix his fighter the best that he could before he was pulled off to take a gander at the new fighters that Terror and her people had brought with them, all the while he was still amazed at the events that lead to him having a possible dinner date later that night.

Chris had to shove that to the back of his mind as he noticed how underarmed the Valvarians where in his opinion as he checked out the weapons loadout.

At the end of his shift, Chris went back to his quarters and grabbed a quick shower and taking the time to trim up his beard a little bit before finding some respectable clothes to wear in the form of a simple black shirt and a pair of jeans that he normally would wear around his quarters to relax in as well as his TaConn Hoodie which he pinned his combadge to before grabbing one last item and heading for Ji's quarters.

The entire time that he spent going there, his mind was awash with questions with one of them being the current state of things in his so called "love life"-he and Tessa had made tenative plans to spend some time together following the end of the battle at the space station but instead when he saw her in post combat briefing..she had simply broke down and ran from the room and had been ignoring him ever since.

It wasn't like they were an exclusive item..but something about the situation still stung a lot especially since he was torn up inside after Terror and Sniper had told him that Marcus *HIMSELF* was the commanding officer of the Orcus and the memory of that ship floating dead in space, ravaged and gutted with it's spaceframe still a lit with fire made him almost sick to his stomach with fear and rage;

Fear that his oldest brother was dead and rage at the person who had ordered barrage..yes, they were technically at war but that was besides the point.

Chris quickly shoved those thoughts to one side as he came up on Ji's quarters and he pressed the chime to let her know that he was out there as he quickly moved on hand behind his back as he waited for her.

When the door opened, he actually felt his breath catch in his throat.

There was Ji dressed in simply in a short white shirt that exposed her toned, scarred midriff with a pair of cut off jean shorts that where so short that the pockets hung out and was stark against her pale asian skin and a surprised look on her face that was slowly enhanced by a powerful blush.

Chris also couldn't help but blush as he took in the sight of her and when she kept trying to apologize as she ushered him into her quarters, he kept one hand out of sight to her for the moment as the doors closed behind him and when she finished telling him that he could chill in her living room while she got dress, he simply leaned in and kissed her tenderly on the lips just once.

When he broke the kiss a couple of moments later, he whispered " look gorgeous, you don't need to get all dolled up for me." against her lips before he kissed her reassuringly again before showing her the small bundle of flowers that he had for her. "You'll have to forgive me but while I might be one of the more combat capable sods on this ship, I'm still a romantic at heart."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuck.

She was not ready for him.  She wasn't dressed.  She had totally wanted to be cute.  He had seen her covered in grease and in her jumpsuit and tank top, but he hadn't seen her all cute and put together.  Granted, that wasn't how she was often, because of her job.  But, she honestly had wanted to put forth the effort tonight.  Teach me to clean my fucking place more often .. but then I wasn't expecting anyone to want to come over today, til I met CJ. she reminded herself as she brushed a hand through her hair feeling really embarassed. 

Not that he was over dressed.  He was wearing jeans and a tshirt underneath a hoodie.  She appreciated the look though he looked comfortable.  Though as he stepped in, the door hissed closed behind him, he had one of his arms stuck behind him a little bit.  She wasn't sure why but then he was kissing her softly.  Her eyes slid closed and she kissed him back, her hand resting against the soft fabric of his hoodie remembering all the scars that it was hiding from her view at the moment while her own were on full display. 

Chris told her that she was gorgeous and she didn't need to doll up for him.  She blushed, because she didn't feel gorgeous, but the way he said that against her lips made her weak in the knees.  She bit her lower lip until he kissed it back out of hiding with his lips.  “I just wanted to, first date and all.” she admitted.  He pulled his arm out from behind his back a bouquet of red and white roses.  Her brows rose, she had never ever gotten flowers before from anyone.  When she was back in high school and it was time for boys to give fits to the girls they liked she never got anything. She was always fairly tomboyish and the guys that went to her school seemed to want the more feminine girls instead.  Which was fine, but it had made it lonely.

“These are beautiful.” she whispered softly as she gently took them from him and burried her nose in them.  They were probably replicated which meant that he had spent his rations on them.  Which made them mean even more to her.  “You shouldn't have wasted your rations on me.” she said softly as she leaned up and kissed him again, the blush from earlier still burning on her face.  She turned and she put the roses in a small vase that was on the book shelf across from the couch.  She wanted to be able to see them, later she would move them into her room. 

Since he didn't want her to change or anything she guessed she would just stick with what she had rather than leave her date all alone.  She brushed her hair out of her face and then realized that he was here for a date.  Fuck I don't even know how to date properly. she sighed and looked up at him, looking rather dashing.  “Have a seat on the couch.  I'll .. replicate some food and we can eat and find a movie.”  she said warmly.

While he did that she went to the replicator.  There was often times that she forgot to eat so she actually had a few extra rations which was perfect.  She replicated some Kimchi fried-rice one of her favorites from home.  Two steaming bowls appeared along with a bottle of booze and two shot glasses.  She might as well have fun with her date.  Bringing the tray to the couch she sat down next to him.  “This is from home.  Korea.” she said softly as she handed him a bowl of the food.  “It's a bit spicy.  I hope you like spicy.  Anyway, fried rice, with vegetables and kimchi.” she said with a smile.  It was often eaten with a spoon so he wouldn't have to try to navigate chop sticks today.  She sat close to him, so that their bodies were touching one another. 

“Computer screen on.”  she said and a freeze frame of the latest K-drama she had been watching came up and she rolled her eyes.  “Computer, search movie database for .. uhh romantic comedy.” 

Anything else would probably kill any good romantic mood they had going so she figured a romantic movie, even a funny one, would be a good idea for the time being.  The computer randomly picked out something for them to watch.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding. and she saw the screen come up with the title as the movie began she put a spoon of food into her mouth.  “How have you been since we parted?” she asked curiously having swallowed her bite of kimchi fried rice and her dark eyes looked over at him.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

When Ji mentioned that she wanted to look good for "first date and all", Chris' face burned hotly as he honestly didn't think that he was worth such an effort-he was just plain and simple Chris Slayton after all.

After she took the flowers from him and said that they where beautiful which made him smile but he didn't say anything at first but when she realized what he had done, Chris shook his head to that comment. "Yes I did, Ji..first date and all." he said with a smile before he returned her kiss.

Chris sat down on the couch and watched her move, admiring how her ass moved within the cut-offs, catching the occassional flash of skin there which made him blush when he realized what he was doing and that in turn made him somewhat confused as he recalled how he had seen Ida, Tessa, and Kanti in slightly similiar states and he didn't blush like he had been at that moment.

Chris ran a hand through his short hair and wondered why everything was different at the moment..was he actually here on a date of all things and feeling like he was back in his first year of high school?

His thoughts where distracted by the crisp, freshly fried and slightly spicy smell of the rice and looked over at Ji as she brought a tray ladened with several items over to it..a real smile on her face before she sat it down on the table followed by herself.

Chris blinked a couple of times and blushed again, his internal question was answered in full force when he realized that she was sitting close enough to him that their bodies was touching without touching..he could practically feel her body heat and it was welcoming..inviting..

After she handed him a bowl of food and he took it while explaining what it was as she tried to find a movie for them to watch, he decided to take a bite of the food and was hit full on with the spices that it contained and he enjoyed it mostly because it reminded him of his own home which had brought many cultural dishes from all over...most especially the spicier ones.

The moment that the opening title music for the movie that Thea had chosen at random started, Chris couldn't help but chuckle a little bit at the "choice". "I halfway expected Lost Love in Times or Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms..even though I'll freely admit that I like Goblin, the lonely and great god more then I should." he said, "Network Twenty Three on my homeworld carried a wide selection of unique shows and movies from Earth's past."

He then found himself caught in those dark eyes of her's when she turned to face him and asked what he'd done with the rest of his shift. "I was bored after debating the pros and cons of the fighters that Terror and her people brought with her from the Orcus, they are not well armed and it also turns out that those things are the prototypes..but I had a much more important thing on my mind." he said by way of explanation, his green eyes locked on her brown ones and in a softer tone he added "to be honest, I was missing you."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

He said he had to get her flowers; he didn't, but she appreciated it none the less.  Honestly, she couldn't remember ever getting flowers from a man before, and figured that she would have to do a couple nice things with them before they died, as flowers did.  She wasn't really a plant person, she was also the person that couldn't keep a plant alive to save her life.  Luckily, she didn't have to keep them alive she just got to enjoy them while they were.  That was enough for now. 

She didn't even notice, as she bustled around the room getting things together and putting the flowers somewhere that he was watching her and catching glimpses of the skin that she was hiding underneath partial shorts.  She didn't mind though, she had intended to be cuter though, she would have to try harder next time, but he didn't seem to mind so she put it out of her head for the time being.  There seemed to be no reason to push it, honestly, and she just wanted to enjoy their little date.  They could have gone off somewhere, she supposed, but there was nothing wrong and something to be said about just staying in and getting to know each other without having to worry about the public watching them and keeping an eye on them.

When she sat down and handed him the bowl, allowing Thea to find them a movie to watch, she rose her brow when he mentioned that he was surprised that she hadnt put on a Korean drama or something.  Her brow rose even higher as he mentioned that he had watched one called Goblin, admittedly one of her favorites, and that he had in fact liked it.  “Well fuck, Chris, had I known that you actually liked Korean dramas … hold on.  Thea, can you put on Goblin, the Great and Lonely God, starting from episode one with subtitles?”

She might as well enjoy it, she would know what was going on without the subtitles obviously, but she figured that he might not be fluent in Korean. While they had their combadges she didn't want him to have to use his universal translator it was easier for him to read it.  “You know my favorite part is when the young girl gets kidnapped, and the Goblin and the Reaper go to save her ass.  They're walking all badass down the fucking street, lights go off one by one .. ugh it's my favorite part, I swear it just makes me melt every time.  And the back story between the Reaper and the Queen, heart breaking I swear.”

She shakes her head.  He began to tell her about his day.  Checking out more fighters in the time they were apart before heading to his Quarters to get ready and showering.  He admitted to having missed her which caused her to pause, spoonful of Kimchi half way to her mouth as he said so.  Her dark eyes looked up at his, and found his green ones looking back at her.  Her cheeks dusted with pink as he said that and her brain finally restarted as she managed to work the bite of dinner into her mouth and chew thought fully for a moment.  Had she missed him?  Yes, and no.  She had been so excited to get ready for the whole date that she had spent her entire time cleaning, and not doing anything to actually make herself presentable.  She had been torn between dress and normal clothes, she would have probably gone normal clothes and that would have been fine considering what he was wearing.

She had this idea, dream, whatever that one day she would steal an article of clothing from who ever it was that she was dating so that she could enjoy wearing it and sleeping in it, even though it was huge and baggy it would be comfortable and smell like them, and that was all she wanted.

“I finished working on your fighter, then headed here to shower and clean.  My room mate and I aren't known for being tidy which is how you surprised me.  At least I managed to finish cleaning before you came.” she chuckled bumping his shoulder with her own.  She settled back into the couch and into him leaning against him slightly as her eyes turned to the show where the main character was about to become the Goblin by being murdered and left for dead as a traitor to the crown.  It was nice to have someone that didn't think she was nuts for loving these things.  For her it was normal, she had grown up on shit like this, but for others they had a hard time reading subtitles and didn't much want for something that they had to read.  The point of watching a movie was to watch the movie, not read it.  She didn't mind reading them, she just wanted to enjoy herself and a bit of home was always nice since they were so far away from it. 

“Where did you grow up?” she asked since he had mentioned some network he had watched that had old vids from Earth.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

Chris couldn't help but smile as he watched her eyebrows climb higher and higher as it dawned upon her that he was being serious, Network Twenty Three had actually warped Little Chris' mind in a good way when he was younger and what little he did know of the more Earth based languages came from listening to the words as he read the subtitles.

He was actually enjoying himself as everything about the little date was going well..hell, the two of them even had the same favorite scene from "Goblin" and then she started to tell him about the rest of her day playfully bumping his shoulder as she settled back down onto the couch to lean against him slightly as they continued to watch the show.

Chris quietly shrugged out of his hoodie and gently drapped it against the arm of the couch before leaning more against it and gently pulling her along with him so that she could relax more comfortably against him as they watched the Kdrama.

At that moment, Chris had to blink as he had done that on pure reflex and it felt natural which was one more thing that was confusing him as he actually felt..for the lack of a better word "himself" around her and that made him smile.

"Where did you grow up?" she asked in a curious tone that drew him out of his thoughts.

"I was born on a colony world known as Gamma Perseus Three or it's actual name of Asgard." Chris said as he wrapped his strong arms around her and nuzzled her neck gently for a moment. "It's larger then Earth, on a clear night you could see the Tiān Chuán nebula which was located near by..there are only three cities on the whole planet with the rest of it still having the same majestic beauty when my great grandfather who started his branch of my family there and was the first marine operations commander for the colony."

Chris shifted just a little bit so that Ji could be more comfortable without realizing what he was doing. "I grew up in the hills around New Alexandria, the capital city, and you could look down across the Njord Bay and see nothing but miles of beautiful blue ocean.." he continued, happily remembering his life before everything. "I'm just happy that my family's home was big enough because I'm the third oldest of eight children..It went Marcus, Daniel, me, Helena, Danille, Morgan, Nikki, and AJ.."

Chris trailed off as he gently reached up and moved her top just enough to reveal the tattoo and gently traced it with a finger. "You and Dani would get along, you both found inspiration from the same squadron and the last time I heard from her she was trying out to become a pilot like me."  he added softly.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

He shrugged out of his hoodie.  He was wearing a black shirt underneath it, and put the hoodie to the side.  She had to admit, that he looked good in just a tshirt.  It hugged his muscles just right.  She had to admit she had a thing for muscular arms and he didn't deny her that view.  She smirked slightly as he got more comfortable beside her especially as she bumped his shoulder and leaned against him.  She couldn't help but feel comfortable with him as well.  He was a good guy, she could tell, deep down.  Though she had no idea what it was that he was interested in her for.  She was just a mechanic, and she was just the sort that spoke her mind, she knew there were far more beautiful women on the ship than her.  With her short hair and muscles.

But he was with her, and not them.

For some reason.

She had never heard of his home world.  She listened though as he told her what his life was like, where he lived.  That his Grandfather was one of the original settlers and he grown up there with a bunch of siblings.  She had one brother and one sister, but she didn't have a whole bunch.  Her family was fairly tight knit and her Halmony lived with them as well, her Grandmother.  It was larger than Earth, his home, and she found her head lowering until it hit his shoulder and rested there comfortably.  She sat up slightly as he began to list all of his siblings.  Her eyes widened with every one of them that he listed off.  She smirked softly as he lifted up the small sleeve of the shirt that she wore.  He put his finger on her tattoo and traced it, she smiled softly.

“Well if she's anything like you, then she'll be a good pilot.” she said honestly.  She hadn't actually paid much attention to Chris before today when they had spent time together and things seemed to happen.  But she knew that he had to be a good pilot to survive all the things he had been through.  She wasn't sure if he was supposed to go out tomorrow but if he was, she knew that she would worry for him.  That was just her way.  Once she cared for someone, she knew that he would be in the back of her mind a lot. 

“I only have two siblings.” she admitted to him.  “Eun Hye Si is my older sister, my Unni.  Eun Ho Shi is my Oppa, my older brother.” she smiled softly as she sunk back against him taking another bite of her kimchi fried rice.  It was good, and it made her miss home even more.  She didn't want to miss home, she wished that she could see her home.  She wished that she could talk to her Omma and her Appa.  She sighed softly as she relaxed into him, feeling the warmth of his body coming against her. 

“I grew up in Korea.  Obviously.  We grew up in a small room, my siblings and I shared a single room and my Omma and Appa had the other.  My Halmony moved in right before I headed off for training, so she took my spot.” she chuckled.  “But my Oppa is getting married soon, at least that's what I heard in the last com I got from my parents, and my Unni is about to graduate college, she'll be a Prosecutor, so that's exciting.  They have such neat lives.  I know that my Omma wants babies.” she chuckled warmly.  “It seems like Oppa will be the first to give her some, I'm not sure about babies, honestly, I guess right guy, right time, sure, I'd like to have children.  But, maybe not on a ship running away from the Federation.  Who knows.  Only time will tell.” she chuckled softly as she took another bite giving him a chance to talk.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

He listened to her talk and heard the same elements of happiness talking about her growing up in Korea like he did on Asgard and as she talked, he gently stroked her back tenderly.

"Maybe one day when this is all said and done, you can take me to me the places you used to visit when you were younger?" he asked honestly as he smiled warmly at her. "and congradulations to your family's successes, Ji, and you know that everything will be fine in the me."

He then ate some more of his meal as well, before sitting the bowl back down. "Dani's going to be a pilot one way or another, she's got the same drive and determination as me..Morgan's working for Network TWenty Three as an engineer while both Nikki and AJ are still in school. Chris explained , wondering how his youngest siblings where in the wake of him running off on possibly some fool's errand.

"Daniel is an officer in the fleet, the last time I heard from him before all of this started he was stationed on Deep Space Nine as a security officer and getting ready to ask a young bajoran woman to marry him.." he continued but then he stopped as he thought about the last two names on his mind and his smile slipped away and he wrapped his arms around Ji's lithe muscular frame for emotional support without realizing it. "Helena..Helena is always hard to talk about. During the war with the Cardassians when we were kids, the Cardassians hit Asgard when nobody was looking and the next thing we knew, they had boots on the ground and was hitting every target at once."

Chris closed his eyes as he could easily remember the sounds of weapons fire, the smell of cooked bodies, the screams..everything and when he opened them again, he actually looked tired. "My mom, aunt, and uncle where trying to get us to a safe location while all hell was breaking down around us..Helena tripped over a piece of rubble and she screamed out, I went back for her when a squad of cardassians came around the bend." he continued before letting go of her with one hand to pull his shirt up and he pointed an older scar with a good chunk of tissue around it that while it was now skin colored with age-it hadn't healed right and was obvious.

"I went to help her but a cardassian Glinn thought it would be funny to shot me because I was supposedly charging..I remember the pain and the heat, Ji, and then I blacked out to my sister's scream." he finished explaining before he shook his head a little bit while pulling down his shirt and holding her with both arms again. "Got my first scar that uncle saved me but we never saw Helena again after that, when my oldest brother Marcus got there followed by dad a day was like she simply disappeared."

Chris took a moment as he fought back the more painful memories that wanted to come up and take hold like they usually did when he thought about that day in quesiton and the weeks afterwards...but there was something about Ji's presence that helped him, calmed the waking nightmares and that made him smile softly with a rueful smile. "You're the first person I told that story to, did you know that Ji?"

He then leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips, "I want to share another thing with you on that note..I never felt like I was happy with anyone, you know really actually happy..but right now there is no other place I'd rather be then right here with you." he whispered against her lips as he looked into those eyes of her's. "i wish that i could put all of how i'm feeling into words..but i'm better at doing then talking.."

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

One day, he wanted to go see Korea.  She blushed, but smiled and gave a nod.  She would love to take him there.  Go to the street vendors and eat the fish cakes and the duboki.  She wanted to go drink soju with him underneath the tent buildings.  She had always wanted to have someone to take to the top of Namsan tower so that they could leave one of those really stupid little locks with their initials on it.  She wanted to do so many things, and share them with someone.  Her Omma would love to see her bring a man home, and her Appa would probably challenge who ever she did to a drinking contest because that's apparently how it worked, at least as far as she had seen with others.  He told her that she could trust him, that everything would be fine, and he congratulated her on the successes of her family.  She chuckled.  “Well I'd love to take you to Korea if we ever get back around to Earth for a visit.  If not, I'll take you to a holodeck of it one day so you can at least get a fake taste.” she chuckled as she shrugged her shoulders.

She did that sometimes.  Even though she knew it was fake, she didn't care.  Sometimes she missed home so badly she could taste it and she wanted to sometimes just feel it.  So she would call up a program that was Seoul and she would just immerse herself in the day to day, which made her feel stable and grounded and centered again.  Sharing that with someone would be even better.

He talked more about his siblings.  Dani wanted to be a pilot, and Morgan was working at the Network that he mentioned he had seen some of her K dramas on.  Then there was Nikki and Aj that were still in school.    She smiled softly, she could hear the pride in his voice as he talked about his younger siblings, he was a good brother, she could tell.  Family man.  There was nothing wrong with that, Ji had never much fit in overly much with her family but that didn't make her an outcast.  She had just wanted different things than her brother and sister.  But that didn't mean what she wanted was wrong and her parents accepted what she had done with her life, but sometimes she wondered if they knew that she was okay.  If they knew that she was on a ship that was no longer tied to the fleet.

He had another brother in the fleet, and then another sister.  Helena.  He broke into the story about his sister, and her brows rose and her eyes softened as she listened to the story of the attack on his home world and how his sister had been taken or killed by a Cardassian.  He pulled his shirt down so that she could see the wound that he had gotten at the hands of the Cardassian.  She sighed softly as she reached up and didn't touch his scar but the hand that was holding his shirt down.  Clasping it softly.  Her thumb crossed over his knuckles gently.  He looked as though he was fighting some sort of inner demons before he refocused on her and she gave a bit of smile when he told her that she was the first person that he had told the story too.

“I'm honored that you wanted to tell me that story.” she said softly as she leaned in and just gave him a very long hug.  As she pulled back he kissed her, and she let her hand cup  his cheek while he did so.  It was nice, to feel him against her, to know that they were connecting on a whole new level.  She liked getting to know about Chris, more than just heated kissing in the flight deck, she wanted to know about him.  Likes and dislikes, his past and his dreams, what he wanted from the world.  The kiss broke and he told her that he wanted to tell her something else since they were being very honest.  So Ji waited to hear what it was that he wanted to say.

“Just spending time with me, talking to me, getting to know each other, and all the things that we want to do... will make me know how much you care.” she said softly.  She twisted and put her bowl down.  She poured them both some of the Soju and she handed him a glass.  “It's bitter, but it's good and I love it.  It's Soju from Korea.  It's good for getting you drunk.” she laughed as she held up the glass to clinked hers against his before she tossed back the whole glass, wincing as the bitter harsh taste hit her and slid down her throat.  “Yes.  That.  Right there.  Is perfect.” she chuckled as she poured them both another glass. 

“So what made you decide to be a pilot?” she asked him curiously, concentrating more on him than the show now.  She wanted to know as much as she could.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
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Devon listened to Ji, feeling better after what she said and the gentleness that she showed him after telling such a painful story and when she handed him the glass and told him about the drink, he clinked her glass back and tossed back his whole drink as well-thinking that it was just like Andorian Brandy.

He was wrong.

The Soju had a stronger bite to it as it burned like a twisted fire snake down to his stomach as he winced also at the bitter taste of it. "It's interesting to say the least, Ji." he admitted easily but he was slightly caught off guard by her asking him about why he became a pilot.

"I guess you could blame Dani for that one actually for getting me started on that path." he admitted fondly as he recalled the conversation. "Dani and I have always been close, when she saw that I was back home after being a POW for two years she stormed into my room to check up on me and she was the first person to see me without my shirt on and she didn't turn away in disgust or try to convince me to get rid of them."

Chris looked down at his chest and oddly enough chuckled for a moment. "She actually just ran her hands over my chest and said that I should never get rid of them because they told my story of how I evolved into a different yet the same person." he explained before he shook his head lightly. "After our father's funeral, we went for a walk and there was a fly by since our father had made admiral by that point of your favorite fighters squadron, Ji, and Dani suggested that I become a pilot and then we had a two hour discussion as to why and she simply pointed out that I was a natural."

Chris then really let out a laugh but this time it was a full blown belly laugh and he was smiling. "She was right, turned out that I was more then a natural since I scored in the upper five percent of my class and you should've seen her at my graduation, Ji."

He then looked at the Korean woman who was looking at him, giving him her full attention as he took a sip of the Soju and enjoyed the bitter taste as the fire once more rolled down his tongue. "One day when this is all over, I want to spend a month in Korea if you're up for spending a month on Asgard?" he offered to her. "I want to show you a few places that might like such as the Hodor Proving Grounds, the Njord sea, The Asami Sato building...and the place where I crashed my very first time while training to be a pilot." he finished with a deep blush.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

She chuckled as he tasted Soju for the first time.  She could tell that he didn't clearly expect the bitter taste but that was exactly what you got when you tried it for the first time.  She smiled softly and leaned against him refilling their glasses because you tended to finish the whole bottle once you got started.  Though she doubted that either of them would get drunk on one bottle, it largely depended on if you were a lightweight or not.  “You get used to it.” she admitted honestly, she had growing up and she had been part of drinking contests with her siblings which she could drink them both under the table even though they tried, occasionally to beat her, they never succeeded. 

When he had gotten back from being a POW, she could only assume that he was talking about being with the Cardassians or something, but she wasn't entirely sure but it made the most sense.  He told her that Dani had pushed him to being a pilot, stating that he was a natural.  She smiled warmly at him, because she figured that you kind of had to.  She was glad that he was close to his siblings.  He was a good man, and deserved a good strong base back at home, a good foundation.

“I didn't realize you'd lost your father, I'm sorry to hear that.  My Appa, or father, is .. the person that always told me to follow my dreams.  Even when it took the way of mechanics and propulsion that was okay.  He told me that to follow my dreams and to make a living doing what I loved was the greatest gift I could give myself.  To be happy.”  she smiled softly, she hoped that he had been close to his father as well.  He deserved such things.

He told her that when they were all done with the horrors of having to be on a run, that he wanted to spend a month in Korea.  She smiled warmly, taking someone home with her, to meet her family.  To show him off.  To know that he would have to be someone special for her to take him.  Because, if she took him home that would speak volumes to her family.  Then he wanted to take her to Asgard where he was from and he wanted to spend another month together, which was something that she was actually really excited about.  She would love to see the place where he had grown up and had lived, meet his family, his brothers and sisters.

“I would love to do that.” she admitted softly as she tossed back her drink and put her empty glass on the table in front of them.  She twisted her body so that she could look at him and talk to him and just enjoy her time with him.

“I think it would be nice to see both our homes.  To experience them.  I'd love to meet your family.  Especially Dani.” she chuckled as she snuggled in close to him.  The next episode was already starting.  She snuggled into his shoulder and looked at the screen again, it was nice to be around him.  Feeling his arms come around her, just made her feel comfortable and accepted.  It was odd for her.  She didn't usually think about herself being something that would suit someone else. 

“What did you do when you were a kid?” she asked him curiously.  “What were you like?” she asked him curiously as she leaned against him letting his arms stay around her as the watched the show though she wasn't really paying attention to it, her fingers brushed her fingers against his hand.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
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When she apologized at the loss of his father, Chris just felt hollow but he didn't say anything other then nod in thanks as he tossed the rest of his glass back and listened to her talk about her past which took away the hollow feeling and replaced it with the warm one again.

When she asked him about his childhood, Chris had to chuckle just a little bit. "It was interesting, You have to remember that when I was born, Ji, the fleet was still ten or fifthteen years from classes like the Galaxy which would have the room to allow families to be on the same ship for long periods of time." he said, his face slowly cracking into a smile. "There was school of course and I played a couple of sports like rugby and martial arts..I was the third oldest brother, so I got picked on by Marcus and Daniel a lot but it was worth it because I had one of the best couple of big brothers you could ask for.."

Chris then blinked as he smiled. "There was one time when we were younger, Marcus wanted to go and see this girl that he had this tremendous crush on while Daniel kept trying to tell him that she wasn't worth it but we went away..and we got lost, bad enough that Marcus fell into the river Freja right in front of where his crush was skinny dipping, it was priceless to watch him sputter and blush.."

Chris was laughing hard enough that there was no way that she couldn't feel it but then it faded. "They dated for about six months until he decided to join the academy..she was actually hoping to marry Marcus but you know how life works."

He shook his head for a moment before he smiled, "Aside from the constant pestering by our father about the family legacy in the Federation, Ji, I had a somewhat normal child hood save for that one really dark moment...I never got a chance to be a proper hellraiser because I had to be responsible for Helena and the others."

Once he was done speaking, he ran a hand up and down the side of her body and enjoyed the feeling of closeness and warmth as they snuggled together on the couch. her fingers being lightly brushed by her's as he nuzzled the side of her neck for a moment and just inhaled her scent, finding solace in it. "So, what were you like as a kid?"

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Deck 14 | Quarters | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

He wasn't raised on a ship, neither was she, but she supposed that meant his father was gone a lot.  But he apparently had time to be home because he had a fucking shit ton of siblings.  So he couldn't have been gone all the time, that or they just made up for lost time when they were home.  She listened to what he had been into as a kid.  His brothers gave him shit, and she couldn't help but grin at that because her own siblings had done that to her as well.  She didn't mind it though, and it was more about who got better grades which was always them.  She was very good at school when she applied herself but she didn't always want to fucking do that.  She was usually busy taking shit apart or rebuilding shit or doing things with her hands.  That was where she excelled.  He mentioned that he had played rugyb and martial arts, and she could only nod.

She was a fourth degree black belt with Taekowndo and she would love to be able to go test for her next belt but she wasn't sure that it would happen any time soon.  She could go so much higher given the time, practice, and the years put in.  But, that was fine with her, she would remain a fourth for as long as was necessary and it was nothing to balk at.  She was very proud of what she had accomplished, the art of Tae Kwon Do had been something that had kept her focused and disciplined throughout her life.  It had helped her in many ways. 

He told her a story about his brother and how he had the hots for some chick.  On the way to confessing his feelings he fell in the river and ended up being a laughing stock.  They still got together though, it was to be short lived however, due to the fact that he signed up for the Fleet.  Her brow rose, wondering why they didn't go for a long distance thing or even bringing her on the ship.  It must have been too hard for them to make that kind of decision instead of trying it out.  She felt bad for the woman, she didn't deserve that what so ever.  But, then life happened, and shit happened, and that was just the way of things.

He turned the question back on her.  Ji lounged back on the other end of the couch resting her head on the arm of the couch her feet on the cushion right beside him, her knees bent so that they both fit without her encroaching on his space.  “Well lets see.  I was most definitely a hell raiser.”  she admitted honestly.

“I hated school.  I just .. could not sit still and do shit that required numbers and letters and writing and all that shit.  Korean school is amazingly strict, and it was hard to get through, I did not qualify for any of the big colleges and that was just fucking fine for me.  I didn't want to go.  I had been dead fucking set on being a mechanic or a pilot from a young age.  I was in tae kwon do.  I'm a fourth degree black belt.  I was always running away to do shit.  I'm a adreneline junky.  I put together a motorcycle at one point. Worked great, for like a month.  Then I had a nasty accident, swerved to miss a car that was driving on the wrong side of the street, some fucking foreigner or something.  Anyway, got into a bad accident, fucked up my legs.  Hence the scars.  Was grounded for a while after that.”

This whole time she was grinning like she was having a shit ton of fun talking about.  “Then I was constantly spending time at the hanger of the ...”  Her holo screen on the wall began to ring and she pulled herself up on her elbows looking over at the screen to see it was coming from Leigh her number two.  She rose her brow as she looked over at the screen.  “Thea accept call from Leigh.”

The Andorian woman's face filled her screen.  “Chief... umm.. so... there's a problem.”

Ji shot up off the couch and crossed her arms over her chest.  “What happened?  I was just there like.. two hours ago.”

“I know.. I know but the … umm bird in Dock 08 keeps chiming and it just decided to fire up it's engines.  We got those turned off but it keeps like.. doing weird stuff, and we need you down here.  We think there is a short in the system somewhere but we can't find it and we may not be able to kill the engines next time without disabling the whole fighter.”

Ji sighed.  “I'm on my way.”

She cut the screen and Leigh was gone she turned back to CJ.  “I have to go.... work calls and all of that, but I hope you had a good time.  I did.  Can we do it again sometime?  Maybe next time we can go out?  Do something fun, holodeck bar.. or dancing or I don't know!  Something fun!  I'd like to get to know you better.”  Ji smiled at him warmly hoping that he wasn't put out by the fact that she had a job to do and sometimes that called her away in the middle of things.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Quarters| Deck 14| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

Chris listened to Ji intently as apart of him wished that he'd grown up with her for a few reasons including Korea sounded much more fun then Asgard..sure things were more structured but from how she was talking it sounded a little bit more structured and free then life on Asgard.

Asgard had begun it's existence as not only a colony world but also as a major Federation stronghold since it existed spinward towards the inner systems like Andoria, Vulcan, Tellar Prime, Alpha Centurai, and Earth among others that made up the heart of the Federation but it was also a prime target for a hostile nation like the Cardassian Union...this meant that it would always be on the front line and many of it's citizens where trained to be ready to fight at a moments notice like the citizens of the nation of Israel on Earth that was..

He was proud to hear about her training in martial arts and even more happy to hear that she was just as big of a daredevil as he was..but he felt his heart go out to her when she mentioned her accident and felt a spot of rage build up when he heard about how her accident was caused but before he could ask anything-there was n incoming call which abruptly turned everything back into work.

He listened to the conversation and when she got up, he could almost hear the sigh of frustration in her voice which made his heart go out to her then it went out to her more when she sounded defeated..extremely happy but defeated none the less.

Happy because she enjoyed herself by having a simple and quiet little meal with him.

Chris quietly got up and moved over to her, wrapped his arms around her and drew her into a kiss but it was a simple and tender kiss, no attempts to make it more passionate or deep or tongue..just tender and caring.

When he broke the kiss, he looked deeply into her eyes and asked her warmly "Did that answer your question?" against her lips softly.

He then simply held her for a moment, still looking into those eyes. "I hope you don't mind me doing that, Ji, but it was the best and honest way to answer your question that yes I would love to do this again." he said warmly.


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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Quarters | Deck 14 | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

She felt bad, really, she did.  She didn't want to feel like they had to cut their date short but being the Chief came with certain responsibilities.  She had to go when there were problems.  There were others on duty that could handle a lot of things but sometimes they needed the Chief especially when it came to something that was such a big thing like this.  Some short in the system of a fighter meant that they needed the best of the best on deck and she was going to want to make sure that it was personally secure and properly fixed.  The fighters were due out to go back out tomorrow.  She had to make sure that they were all completely ready and secure.  She wasn't going to have one of the fighters go down on her watch if she could help it.

He got up and came over to her, her brow rose as he didn't answer her question.  She figured that either he was pissed that things had to end this way or he was going to give her a peck and head out.  Either way, she would roll with whatever it was that happened.  She wasn't going to be overly worried about it.  He came over to her though and pulled her in giving her a soft and gentle kiss.  Their lips softly moving with one another, as they kissed one another.  Finally, the kiss ended and she smiled at his words.

“I guess so.  You'll have to give me a recap later.”

If she didn't have to go, she could have stood to explore his lips more, but she did.  There was a crisis on the flight deck and she was going to need to take care of that as soon as she possibly could.  She didn't even change, she just shoved her feet into the boots that she had left just inside in her bedroom door and laced them up.  Her ankle, sprained three days ago, was throbbing and it heightened up as she made her laces as tight as she could but she would manage.  She had managed for three days and she hoped that eventually it would be getting better.  She tested the weight in her boot and then she sighed softly as she felt that it was going to hold for now.  She would have to ice it and elevate it tonight or Nicander was going to have her hide at her next check up.

When ever that was going to be.

Ready to go, she smiled over at CJ and let him out of her place.  She looked over at him as the Quarters door slid closed behind her.

“I'll come find you.. or you can come find me.  We'll do something again soon.” she said as she gave a wave and headed off at a steady clip for the Turbolift that would take her up to the flight deck.

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