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Day 02 [1700 hrs.] Fighting with the Devil

[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Flight Deck | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy]  @DocReno

What in .. the seven fucks... happened to this baby.

Ji let out a long low whistle.  She had heard this baby had recently slid into it's docking station and true to her normal form, that meant it needed a once over.  She would take a look at it and see what she thought it needed.  If it needed her own touch or if she could toss the chart at one of her boys and let them have at it.  At first glance, she was fairly fucking certain she would be handling this one on her own.  She might pull one of her boys to help her so they could double team this fucker but overall, she was just certain that it was going to take a bit of work before she cleared it for active duty again.

Who in the fuck is assigned to this one?

She pulled up the information on her PADD, scrolling through her list until she found the pilot that was last assigned to this beautiful piece of work.  She sighed as she came across CJ.  Of course.  Pressing the hatch release, she hoisted herself up into the cockpit of the once lovely machine and slid into the seat.  As comfortable as she was behind the proverbial wheel of a fighter sometimes she wondered if she missed her calling.  But then, she remembered that she was gifted at putting shit back together, making sure that it was working, and the fact that she didn't feel like dodging phaser fire for a hobby.

Powering up the beauty, she plugged in her PADD and began to run a diagnostic while she sat in the seat where normally CJ would probably inhabit.  Not that he would probably mind and.. even if he did he could get over himself.  This fucker belonged to her as much as him.  It was a partnership.  She kept him running, which kept his ass alive.  He kept flying it so she had shit to fix.  So it was a circle and a cycle and one that she appreciated because.. jobs were nice.  Especially when you were on a ship that was running from the Federation.

The diagnostic came back with a slew of issues.  How the fuck did this thing limp home anyway? she thought to herself as she unplugged her PADD saving the issues before she hopped out of the cockpit and landed with a spry landing on the deck plating.  Her boots biting into the metal below she brushed her hair out of her face and shook her head.  This was absolutely ridiculous.  Just where was that fucker.  She needed to have a few words with him on just how the fuck he had let it get this fucking bad.  Because seriously, this was absolutely.. just.. messed up.

Clearly he didn't have an respect for the work that she and the other mechanics did. 

Maybe I can make his next flight uncomfortable.  Tack in the seat, or something.  Then when he gets out and looks down there's a fucking happy face on the tack and my fucking name in Korean. she thought, not that she would do it but she found that thinking such things made her feel better and sometimes that was all she really needed.  Letting out a long breath, she knew this was going to take a lot of work.  Maybe it's a good idea to hunt this fucker down and make him come help me.  That's actually not a bad idea what so ever.

Ji unzipped the top of her coverall and shrugged out of it.  Exposing her muscular body, those muscles were what kept ships like this inline and beautiful.   Letting it hang around her waist as she began to walk around the plane to make notations of the worst of the damage to the least, a long list, but one that would be organized by the priority in which she would tackle them.  That way if they had to be called out at least the fucker would go in the direction it was pointed and not just limp around in fucking circles.


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Re: Day 02 [1700 hrs.] Fighting with the Devil

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Flight Deck| Deck Sixteen| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

Chris had spent the last few hours trying to figure out what had been going on in his life and decided to use his time in a more constructive manner as he walked across the flight deck to where his fighter had been stored for repairs the day before with the intent of helping to fix the fighter.

When he got to the spot in question he drew up to a stop as he saw the person who was now working on his fighter in the form of the head of the ship's fighter power and propulsion section in Eun Sae Ji who had her uniform jumpsuit unzipped and partially hanging around her slim waist and he just studied her for a moment as he watched her work and found himself actually enjoying the sight before him.

Eun had a certain grace and flair about her as she went about her work, checking out the damage done to his fighter in the intense fighting that had happened and as his eyes flicked to a spot where one of Terror's now deceased former pilots had hit him-even he couldn't help but wince at the sight of the blackened and peeled portions of armor plating along it's once pristine hull and he started to wonder himself how he had even managed to get his fighter back home to the Theurgy.

Chris's eyes then followed her muscular frame as she went about checking other things and he slowly started to find himself watching other things instead of what she was doing which made him blink hard as he realized what he was doing himself as he took a couple of steps out from where he was and said "Well I came down here to see if I could help fix it, Eun, but I can see that you beat me to it.." in an honest and respectful tone, waiting to see what she would do.

Re: Day 02 [1700 hrs.] Fighting with the Devil

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Flight Deck | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy]  @DocReno

The hull plating would just have to be fucking replaced.  That was the short end of it.  She looked at the peeled back plating and wondered how the fucker even limped this bastard home.  Because, he had been just short of breaching all the containment shields that kept him happy and equalized.  CJ had no idea how close he had come to swelling up like a Starfleet balloon and suffocating in the vacuum of space amid the wreckage of the great battle.  She sighed as she reached up and her surprisingly delicate fingers ran over the charred and jagged edges of the hull plating while she tried to decide exactly how much would need to be replaced.

At least this whole fucking panel, but depending on the internal damage, it could be the next one as well.  He really did a number on this fucker.

Biting her lower lip in thought, she drummed her fingertips on the once beautiful plating before dropping her hand and making another notation in her PADD.  She didn't notice that someone was watching her work.  There was always a hustle and bustle about the flight deck.  Pilots, mechanics, engineers.  Everyone going to and from some sort of job.  So she was used to the sound of people going around her and doing their jobs.  So it didn't even dawn on her that someone was actually watching her.  Plus, she was pretty fucking sure she had nothing to watch anyway.  Letting go of her lower lip, letting it plump back out properly she blew air up into her bangs, once again blowing them back out of the way.

She didn't jump when she heard a voice, it seemed that people were always walking around behind her and talking to her backside.  Maybe that's my best feature.. she thought to herself with a bit of a grin as she twisted her body slightly at the waist and her dark eyes surveyed the pilot that was coming over towards her.  Claiming that he had decided to come work on his baby a little bit but she had gotten here first.  Her brow rose.  It wasn't often that the pilots really wanted to work on their shit.  Most of the time they beat it into shit and then they left leaving the mechanics like her to make sure that shit was working again.

She would have thought he was joking but his face and his voice said otherwise.  She wouldn't mind the help this was going to be a fucking epic job, for sure.  Tucking her PADD away into her pocket she looked over at him and cross her arms underneath her chest which only accentuated what she had there.  She wasn't extremely busty, she had small curves, but they fit her well.  She was much more firm, toned, and muscular than anything else.  She needed the strength her body could give her to work on fighters and things like she did.  So she knew that it was okay not to have curves and when the right guy came along he wouldn't miss them.  So far the few people she had slept with hadn't seemed to mind.

“What the fuck did you do to this thing?” she asked completely serious, but a moment later a smile crossed her face, she was totally shitting with him.  That was the fun of being who she was.  She would choke on the word sir, especially when dealing with a pilot.  Not that he probably didn't deserve it, she was just really bad at saying things like that when she was talking to someone that was her superior.  There were times that she completely and totally forgot to use it when she was talking to the Captain or her own boss.  It was just the way that it was.

“I don't know how the fuck you got this bastard back home but if you're serious.. we have our work cut out for us.”  Eun wasn't her first name, it was her last, but she was used to people forgetting Korean names were used family first.  Because in Korea you first represented your family before you represented yourself.  You were to be an honor to your family.  Her actual name was Sae Ji, though normally she shortened to Ji for expediency as well as just.. ease of those people around her remembering it and using it.  “Call me Ji, please.” she said as she looked back up at the fighter that stood in front of her.  “I assume you were uninjured.”  her eyes looked back over at him.  He didn't look injured, but looks could be deceiving.  Wouldn't mind nursing him back to health. she thought to herself and her eyes returned to the damaged beauty in front of them.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Flight Deck| Deck Sixteen| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

When Eun asked him what the fuck he'd done to one of her fighters, he couldn't help but wince at the memory.  "Talking to a couple of the pilots from the Orcus that lead to a large chunk of them switching sides to be honest." Chris said as he quickly looked down at how her breasts where pushed out slightly by her action and wondered if she had meant to do that or not before his eyes went back to her's. "Took a couple of pulse rounds to the aft section next to the primary leads to my particle shield connectors."

Chris then walked past her to do some physical checks of the damage himself, having gotten used to being able to do some minor repair work during the time that the Harbinger was running from the Federation before they hooked up with the Theurgy. "Well fuck, I didn't know that I'd take that much damage..sorry about causing the workload to be heavy but like I said, I'm here to help fix what I can.." he said before turning around to look her in the eyes as he finished with "if you'll have me?"

He listened to her and then when she mentioned what she would like him to call her and that he wasn't uninjured, Chris couldn't help but wince just a little bit. "I am after a fashion, Ji, injured that is." he said, her name rolling off his tongue with the right pronunciation. "Turns out my oldest brother in Marcus was commanding the Orcus and from what one of the pilots told me..well, he was hoping that I wasn't dead yet and leave it at that."

Chris then undid the upper part of the jumpsuit that he'd changed into and moved it to tie the sleeves around his waist that left him naked from the torso up save for the tank top that was stretched across his muscular, scarred, and tattooed upper body as he motioned at the damaged fighter but he caught a look that flashed across her eyes briefly and wondered if it was a good thing..but he liked what he saw. "Alright, where would you like to start?" he asked.

Re: Day 02 [1700 hrs.] Fighting with the Devil

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Flight Deck | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

He winced.

She partially felt bad.  He didn't deserve all that, it wasn't really his fault he had been in a fucking battle and here she was berating him for getting the fighter all fucked up in it.  At least he was alive, but that didn't mean he was without any kind of injuries.  She wished that she had been nicer, but then, she wouldn't have been Ji if she was nicer.  She was one of those people that just tended to say what was on her mind and fuck all the consenquences but she supposed that she could have taken a bit more care when she was dealing with a guy that had barely squeaked out of a war zone with his life. 

He was honest about the shit that happened to him, Ji's dark brown eyes widened as she listened to him.  She couldn't even imagine going through the shit that he had.  She had gone through her own mission shit here on the ship but she had decided that she liked being on the ship.  Though if she had ever done anything else it would have been something along the lines of his job.  She loved the thought of actually being able to go out there and fight for what she believed in.  To protect the people that they were protecting, those that she needed to save.  Those that were in danger, or innocent.  There were so many times that she wanted to ask one of the pilots to take her on a spin.  Just go flying, kick in the engines and just fly.

“Yeah I saw those shots, I'm going to have to replace the connectors.” she instructed as she turned on her heel and followed him as he walked around his battered and beaten baby.  Her eyes watched him as he took in the damage.  The likelihood was that when he got back from the battle he didn't have time to check it all.  That he had been just so glad to be home he had probably headed straight to debrief and hit the showers.  Or the infirmary.  Whatever it was, that he had happened.  And often, when pilots returned to their fighters they found that they were taken back by just how much damage had been sustained only to still be alive.  How close death was knocking, how close he was to breathing down the backs of their necks.

He stopped taking in all the carnage and turned to face her.  Her head tilted to the side, her arms bent at an angle hands resting on her hips as he told her that he was willing to help her.  Having put so much work on her plate, he felt bad, and wanted to help.  If she would have him.  Her brow rose and she took one hand off her hip to run in through her hair, letting it fall back in place as it would while she slid her hand to the back of her head before returning it to her hip.  She was totally and pretending to actually think about his offer, when in fact, she wasn't thinking about it at all.  She would love help, and there was nothing wrong with a pilot that was willing to put in some sweat equity into his own plane.

“I guess, if you want to.  And promise to listen.” she grinned over at him, totally playing with him, but she might as well have fun.  She had a hottie wanting to work with her and there was not a damn thing wrong with enjoying some eye candy while she got shit done.  She was going to have to fix the fucker anyway she might as well do it with help.  And besides, he would further appreciate the work that the mechanics did on his fighter if he actually helped her.  “She's half yours.” she winked.  “you can help me bring it back from the dead.”

He told her that he was injured, in a way, but she suspected that it wasn't his body.  He unzipped his flight suit while she secured her own sleeves around her waist and tied them tightly only to look up and see his bare skin and his own suit tied up like hers.  Both of them in less than before.  Her in her black tank top as well.  She had a tattoo on her shoulder, of an old organization and her eyes took in his body.  The muscles, the scars that she could see, the tattoos.  It's going to be a long day if that's my view. she thought to herself knowing that she found him definitely attractive.  She wanted to get to know him better, but lucky for her they had hours of taking this fucker apart and then putting it back together again.  She tore her eyes off his body and looked at the fighter since he asked her where he should start. 

“Lets remove the damaged hull plating, I need to see what's under that before we go replicate new parts for this fucker.” she said as she patted it and walked back around to the torn up and damaged hull plating.  She pulled a cart over that was piled with various tools, some parts, lubricants, and other easily necessary items that she used on a near daily basis.  She pulled out the riveting extractor and began to pull the rivets out of the hull plating.  “If you hold it into place with your muscle power, it won't fall to the floor.” she said as she continued to remove the rivets quickly and adeptly.  Clearly well practiced in the arts.

“How long have you been flying her?  Does she have a name?”  Quick way to a pilot's heart?  Talking about his fighter?  Maybe?  Who the fuck knew.   She wasn't good with men, she was pretty fucking bad with them, she was fairly certain.  But maybe one day she would get it right.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Flight Deck| Deck Sixteen| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

Chris listened and nodded, keeping quiet as Ji showed him what to do and he did just that as he took the riveting extractor from her and then squared his broad shoulders to do exactly what she had done and he did it without having any problems. "A couple of missions now and she really doesn't have a name, she's been too quiet like she's been afraid to say it." he said between uses of the device.

Once he was done with one section, he helped her to remove the damaged portions and he allowed himself a moment when he caught a flash of her tattoo and knew what it meant as his kid sister Dani had a holo-poster of them on her wall or'd been a long time since he saw her last.

"Noticed your tattoo, Ji, does it have a story like half the ones on my body?" he asked honestly, his tone warm and curious as he admired how the woman moved.

Re: Day 02 [1700 hrs.] Fighting with the Devil

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Flight Deck | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

He took the rivet extractor from her hands. 

Her brow rose, that wasn't what she had wanted him to do, but big man, big tools, that was pretty much how it went she had learned through her years of working with men.  She let him have it, and instead put her hands against the plating to hold it into place while he removed the rivets.  They fell to the floor with small quiet pings, she would get them later, in a minute once the paneling was down.  It wasn't long, the machine was really good at pulling them out quickly using both a magnetic pull as well as a lower power beaming unit.  It just made everything so much easier than it was in the past. 

It wasn't long before the panel was released and together they took it down.  The muscles in her arms and shoulders far more pronounced underneath the heavy weight of the hull paneling.  They lowered it to the ground, and she pulled a magnetic device off the cart.  Turning it on, all the rivets quickly rose to the surface of the tool where they stuck until she turned the device off once she set it back down on the cart.  All the rivets were now picked up and they could get to the next panel.

He mentioned that his fighter didn't have a name yet, which made her raise her brow.  She had not heard of a fighter that didn't have a name, wasn't that like.. the first thing that a pilot did was name their plane something weird or badass. It was either female.. like Suzy, Bess, or Belle.  Or it was something very ego centric like 'Death-bringer', 'Killshot', or something equally male enhancing.  The fact that this one hadn't yet told him her name, spoke to the fact that he wasn't all male bravado.

Something she could easily appreciate.

He mentioned her tattoo, and she grinned.  It was one of her favorite pieces.  Like him, she was covered in her own slew of scars that weren't always the most beautiful things in the world.  She had scars on her arms, legs, and even her midsection.  Being a mechanic wasn't always easy and she hardly ever had time to waste on people in Medical to heal her, so she let them go after it naturally, which usually left her with scars.  Not to mention there was times in her life that her life had been just plain in danger.  Not that she liked to talk about those, no one did. 

“The Black Eagles.” she smiled warmly.  “They kind of got me obssessed with fighters and fighter squads.  I don't think I'm quite coordinated to actually fly one of these fuckers, but in the very least I love working on them.  My love for fighters began the day I saw the Black Eagles above Korea doing their thing.  They were so beautiful and graceful in the sky.  I couldn't help but just fall in love.  Suddenly, I wanted to know how all this shit worked, what made them run, how did they create something so streamline out of all these heavy bulky parts.  From then on it was just.. pure love.” she gave a shrug of her shoulders.

On her other arm as she slid past him to hold up the next piece of paneling that he needed to take the rivets out of, he would see a nasty but healed scar on her upper arm right about her bicep area.  It was a dark red color, of having not been treated but healed naturally.  Not yet faded to the pale white scars that would come eventually depending on how deep the scars themselves were.

“What kind of stories do your scars tell?” she asked curiously, trying to keep her mind on the job and not thinking about where the hidden ones were.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Flight Deck| Deck Sixteen| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

When Ji told him about her tattoo, he couldn't help but smile at the memory. "One of my sisters is a fan of them as well, she would litterally kill to hear your story of seeing them in person..well, as close in person as possible that is." he told her in a warm tone.

When she slid past him, he noticed the scar and while it looked nasty..he couldn't help but find it somewhat artistic in how it was placed against her smooth but muscular skin and how she simply didn't even try to hide it gave him a profound amount of respect for her as he knew a lot of female officers that would much rather hide their scars rather then embrace them.

When she asked him about his scars, he didn't feel the usual shame that he did when people asked him about them and how she asked made him want to explain a little bit better. "Which one's Ji?" he simply asked honestly in return as he pulled off his tank top to show her the ones that was easily covered by his tank top that covered his muscular and toned upper body without a hint of shame.

He motioned to the obvious set of bite marks on the lower right of his abdomen, "I was a..guest of the Klingons for a couple of years during their brief war with the Federation prior to the onstart of the Dominion War and the overseer of the gulag loved to test his prisoners mettle..these bite marks came from a targ."

He motioned to one on the opposite side of his torso underneath a small coloumn of Chinese characters that were tatttooed there. "Injury in the line of battle when the Harbinger and Theurgy first met and we had to fight the Reavers."

He then turned his back and motioned at the claw marks on his right shoulder blade. "Same gulag as the targ, got into a fight with a gorn to help my mentor." he said with a faint smile.

He then turned back around and did something unexpected as he took Ji's closest hand and brought it up to the scar under his right breast that was much more angry and deep looking. "This actually have to kind of feel to understand it." he said simply and he felt his heart race the moment that those calloused fingers touched his bare skin. "That one actually has more of a story behind it. Before I served in the Federation, I worked on a long haul freighter out of high school and we were on the wrong side of the border when Gowron's time limit about the Archanis system ended."

The memory of that fateful day crashed into his mind but somehow..he didn't have the usual reaction to it that he usually did and chalked it up to having Ji there with him. "We were boarded by a klingon cruiser and I was helping to defend the ship against the boarders which was part of my job and one of the klingon marines got me with his knife and it got caught in one of my ribs." he explained as he ran her fingers down the scar. "This is the first one I ever got, thought I was actually going to die but the klingon who got me felt obligated to save me..something about how I took the fight to him face to face earned his respect but it didn't stop him from nearly killing me."

Chris then ran his thumb over her knuckles gently before letting go of her hand and started to pull his tank top back on. "I've got more scars in other places. I...I can show you them to you at some point if you like?" he offered up, wondering why he sounded nervous for a moment there as he fixed his green eyes onto the tech.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Fighter Deck | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy]  @DocReno

She smirked, she had never thought of anyone else really knowing about them.  They had definitely made an impression on young Ji and she had fallen in love that day with the power that a fighter plane could actually carry.  But then, whens he got into the fact of working on them, and when she was able to really begin to put them together, take them apart, keep them running, work up new ideas to help optimize things like that.. it was highly important.  She found that as much as she loved the thought of flying, she had never really been sure that she was coordinated enough for that.  She instead, loved the fact that she was able to just work on them.  That was where she found her passion.  Finding the love of figuring out how they all worked, how to keep them in the sky, and keep her pilots safe. 

In a way, she felt responsible for them.

He asked her which scars she meant, she was about to answer when he calmly removed her tank top.  Well if I had known that was how to get you half naked I would have done it a while ago. she thought to herself as she brushed her hair out of her face.  But it was clear, moments later, why he had taken it off.  Because there were so many scars that she hadn't been able to see earlier because of his shirt.  And she had the same problem.  Several scars on her stomach, the one one her arm, and some nasty ones on her legs.  They all told different stories, just like she assumed that his did. 

He talked about being a guest to the Klingons for a couple of years during the Federation War.  There was a overseer that liked to test on his prisoners.  Ji swallowed heavily as he mentioned that the bite marks were from a targ.  Her brow rose, she had never expected that, not at all, and now she was starting to feel bad about asking.  He was matter of fact about it, how he was explaining all of it.  But, that didn't mean that they still didn't hurt.  She felt bad for him, because that was only the first of several.

Another was an injury in the line of duty.  The battle when the Harbinger and the Theurgy first met and the Reavers had to be fought.  He showed her the claw marks on his shoulder.  She felt horrible for him, he had been through and seen so very much already.  Her own seemed much lesser than any of the ones that he had.  Nothing so terrible, nothing like being a prisoner and bitten just because it was the whim of the man that kept you.  He turned back around and reached out taking her hand.  She was so caught off guard that she stepped forward in surprise bringing them just a few inches apart as he put her fingers to the scar in the center of his chest.  Saying it was better to feel this one.

Is his heart racing? she thought to herself.  She swallowed heavily again, but it didn't clear the lump in her throat.  Her calloused fingers, which had seen untold hours of work touched the scar there, feeling the bumpy rough skin, and feeling his heartbeat through the scar.  She didn't know why, but it made her tingle all over.  He told her the story.  She listened, her eyes locked with his own for a moment as he told her all that had happened to him.  She felt terrible for him.  That he had been sewn back together, saving his life, but it had left a scar.  Probably the best scar of all because it was the one that meant he was able to live.  Standing here in front of her.

She felt his thumb brush over her knuckles and a slight blush colored her cheeks, one that he would probably catch, because she hadn't the mind to look away before he would catch it.  His eyes were green, how she hadn't noticed before was beyond her.  Her eyes were the dark brown that you could only see the brown in the right light, in dim lighting they looked black.  They were soft at the moment but she spoke as many words with her eyes as she did her mouth.  They were expressive, for sure, right now, they expressed that she felt sorry for him, that she wanted to know more, and wished that he hadn't suffered so much. 

He let her hand go, but she let her hand linger for a moment, until he began to put his shirt back on she took it as a clear sign that he didn't want to talk about them anymore.  Not that she wanted to ask about more.  He mentioned as they stood close together, that he had more that he could show her sometime.  Her blush returned for a moment and a grin crested on her lips.

“I'll hold you to that.” she admitted as she pulled her own shirt up, to just underneath her bust.  She didn't have as many as him, nor as cool of stories either.  But she had a few.  On her stomach were two red scars  that were flattened with age.  “This was coworker stupidity at one point.  Well when I was in training anyway.  Caused an explosion, got two pieces of shrapnel in here.  Missed my liver by a hair.” she chuckled as she looked down and then back up at him exposing her tight middrift to him.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Flight Deck| Deck Sixteen| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

"I'll hold you to that." she said as a grin appeared on her face that made his heart race just a little bit faster.

He saw movement and saw that she was pulling her own shirt up just below her bust, his eyes where trying to catch sight of either the standard issue bra or a hint of flesh of that lovely bosum that she had..

..Chris had to blink at that thought as he tried to figure out where it came from as he looked down to see where two of her scars where now exposed that looked older due to how they were now flat against the smooth plane of her stomach and she told the story of how they got there followed by a full throated chuckle at which point she looked down and then back up at him.

Chris swallowed against a dry throat as he reached out with his calloused, broad fingers and very lightly traced the scars with a gentleness that often surprised people who knew of how extensive his training in close quarters combat as his touch was feather light upon her skin.

Chris didn't say anything but as his eyes went back to her's, he felt a powerful felling at which point he brought the hand that was feeling the scars and her middrift down to her right hip and pulled her close to him as he brought his left hand up to cup the left side of her face as he kissed her fully on the lips as he pulled her close and tight against hard body against another.

As he kissed her he didn't try to deepen it or slip her the tongue but how he kissed her was more important as he just did that in the semi-privacy of the repair area that they where in.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Flight Deck | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

She wasn't embarassed about her scars, they were all stories of her life.  She supposed that had she cared enough she would have gone over to the medical bays where she was when she was hurt from time to time and find someone to heal her.  But she didn't care.  Like him, scars were parts of your life and she almost wore them like accessories.  Fuck half the time she was working in a tank top or a bra and her lower part covered in her jumpsuit.  She didn't hide her scars or her body, not that she showed them off either, just with the kind of work that she did she tended to appreciate being cool rather than too hot and sweaty.  The jumpsuit could get hot when she was working for long hours.  Even though they were on a climate controlled ship she tended to be busy.

She was surprised however, that his hand volunteered itself to find her midsection.  Her brow rose curiously as she felt his fingers slide over the now smooth skin.  Having been healed over time and flattened because when she wasn't working, eating, or sleeping, she was either watching Korean Dramas from home or she was working out.  The woman was fairly cut considering how physical her job was.  Her eyes looked up at him, and his eyes met her own. 

I think I like green.

She thought to herself.  His hand slid across her midsection to her hip and pulled her close.  Her eyes widened as she took that step finding herself against his rock hard body.  He worked out as much as she did probably, and that was something they could probably do together.  She could use a good sparring partner for taekwondo.  Before she could even think twice his other hand came up to her cheek and cupped it softly, considering that in the next breath he was kissing her.  For a moment her body, in its entirety, just tensed.  Not that she didn't like it, she was just absolutely surprised.  He was good looking, that much was for certain, and she actually found herself attracted to his scars, but she hadn't expected him to make a move like this.

It wasn't just a kiss though.  There was something else.  He wasn't deepening it but she could feel his tongue slowly .. almost tasting her lips, just the tip of his tongue moving around the circumference of her lips and then across the center.  She had no idea why, but that did something to her, that made her wake up and loosen up slightly.  Her arms slid up his own upper arms and around his neck pulling them even closer as she parted her lips just a little allowing him entrance into her mouth to deepen the kiss for sure.  His hair was short, and that was fine, but one of her hands was softly brushing against the hair on the lower part of his head.  Brushing against the bristly hair that was there.

She allowed the kiss to go on.  She could feel his attraction to her, in the way that he was pressed against her, and what was pressed between them.  She had learned, the hard way, sleeping with someone didn't equate that anything would happen.  Once with Nicander, and twice with Sten, though one of those times was out of her control.  But she had learned that she wanted to do something different with the next guy that wanted to take her jumpsuit and toss it across his room.  For another few moments she let the kiss continued.  Letting their lips dance and their tongues get to know one another before she finally broke the kiss.  Her brown eyes looked up into his green ones.  She didn't step back, she stayed close.

“We should.... do something together.” she said softly.  Looking up into his eyes.  “Get something to eat, watch a movie in our Quarters.  Something to get to know each other a bit.  Because.. I'm thinking I'd like to do that.  Would you?” she asked, feeling rather vulnerable putting herself out there like that, but it didn't hurt to ask, she wanted find someone to be with and not for a single night but someone she could count on, get to know, grow with.  Maybe it could be CJ.

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Flight Deck| Deck Sixteen| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

Chris didn't understand what made him want to kiss Ji right then and there but something about this woman was different then some of the others in his life at that time and there was a certain honesty about her that he found enticing as he simply kissed her and didn't try to deepen it or anything.

When she froze up at first, he was prepared for her to break the kiss and attack him but when she suddenly started to relax and then slowly return the kiss even to the point of parting her lips as he slowly slipped his tongue into her mouth to seek out her's as he deepened it..his heart started to beat faster as he pulled the young Korean woman even tighter against him and while he felt his cock throb hard with a desire that he couldn't ignore..something kept him from doing anything other then just kissing her.

As the two made out hard in the shadow of his broken fighter, his hands slowly started to slid up and down her firm body, enjoying the feeling of her under his fingertips but when he got to the swells of that lovely ass of her's..they didn't dip any further and inwardly he was fine with that as she pulled him down further into that kiss..

Eventually she broke the kiss but didn't move away from him, looking into his eyes and his green ones met her brown ones as a singular light managed to hit her just right and haloed her perfectly as she spoke of wanting to get to know him better and he saw how she had gone from hard to soft...showing a vulnerability that he'd never seen from her before.

Chris mulled it over for a couple of moments, his eyes never leaving her's as he simply held her and stroked the small of her back very tenderly before he softly said "I would like that, Ji.." as he brought a hand up to stroke the right side of her face tenderly before giving her a very brief, tender kiss on the lips. "I would like that a lot actually."

As he kept looking into those brown eyes of her's, he actually felt happy again as he smiled and then leaned his head down to nuzzle the left side of her neck lightly before he kissed the side of her neck a couple of times before stopping and just holding her and waiting to see what she would say next.

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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Flight Deck | Deck 16 | USS Theurgy] @DocReno

It felt nice, good even.  Kissing CJ here against his broken fighter.  She liked the way that he made her feel, like she was pretty.  Even though she was no virgin and had slept with a few guys here and there, she had never really found 'the one'.  Even though CJ might not be 'the one' she was hoping to at least explore that option regardless.  More than that, she wanted to just try to have someone that she could lean against and enjoy her off times with when she had that time.  His lips felt good though, against her own and when they deepened the kiss, she could feel herself growing excited.  She found CJ very attractive, and more so than that, the way he made her feel. 

He pulled her tighter against him and she could feel that he was even more excited than before.  It was nearly impossible for him to feel her own excitement but it was there.  She wished that she didn't want more, that she could pull him up into the cockpit of his fighter and take care of one another for a little while.  But, she wanted to get to know him first, or after, something, but the more he kissed her the less logic was remaining within her mind.

His hands explored her body.  Taking in the toned and tight body.  The job that she had meant that she had very little skin that wasn't firm and muscular.  She wasn't very busty but she had enough there and on her backside that gave her body a fair amount of curves that some liked anyway.  Apparently, one of those was CJ.  Her own hand slid carefully, gently underneath the tank top that he wore, finding the scars of his body.  She ran her fingers over them, memorizing the feel of the bite mark from the targ on his lower abdomen before she let her hand slide around to his back and began to work up and down his back feeling the muscles and the other scar up there.

Finally, the kiss broke, she was breathing a bit heavily and was struggling, greatly, with not dragging him off to her Quarters to finish the job right now.  He thought about her suggestion for a moment, and she felt the lump in her throat getting tighter and larger for a moment before he finally told her that he would like to do that as well.  Pressing a soft chaste kiss against her lips, she smiled against the kiss returning it for a moment before he continued to speak.  He cupped her cheek, and her hand left his body and lay softly on the hand that was holding her cheek.  Her eyes watching his for a moment. 

We're totally in public here... she reminded herself.

“I get off shift, in about half an hour.” she said as she let go of his hand and wrapped her arms around his neck gently holding herself against his taller frame.  “How about I go to my Quarters, get changed and everything.  You can come over, about 1800?” she asked her brown eyes shifting up to look at him, biting her lower lip.  It would give her time to shower, dress, and clean up a little bit because true mechanic style she had shit all over her place.  Tools, schematics, plans, all kinds of shit not to mention her hobbies and she needed to probably turn off the Kdrama that was still paused on her holo screen too.

“Are you free?  You could bring something to drink?  We can replicate food, watch a movie, talk?  More?”

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[Ensign Chris "Husker" Slayton| Flight Deck| Deck Sixteen| USS Theurgy]
ATTN: Blue Zephyr

Chris listened to what she was saying and he could feel her excitement from how she responded to their making out and didn't care that they were in a semi-public and open space as he enjoyed the feeling of her fingers against his bare skin under his tank top and when she suggested that they get together later that night, he smiled as he nodded. "I don't have anything planned and would love to spend some more time with you, Ji...a quiet dinner, cuddling on a couch, getting to know you..."

He then took a daring move and cupped her tight little ass, squeezing it tenderly and lovingly. "You'll forgive me, Ji, but I've been wanting to show my attraction to that part of you for a few minutes fits you perfectly and I couldn't hold off any longer." he explained with a blush that actually crept down onto his broad chest before he rested his forehead against her's. "I won't lie when right now all I want to do is make out with you some more, Ji, but I can wait for that if you want to?" he said with a complete honesty that he himself wasn't expecting.


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[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Flight Deck |  Deck 16 | USS  Theurgy]  @DocReno

He didn't have any plans, a smile warmed her face as she listened to him tell her that because she didn't have any plans either.  Which was why she had invited him to come over and have dinner, enjoy a movie, and just be together.  They could learn about each other and find out if they were at the very least compatible or something, which was ultimately what she wanted.  She was attracted to him, scars and all. But that didn't meant that they were meant to be together.  So it made sense to give themselves a moment to just be together and find out if they even liked each other for more than their scars and bodies. She was glad he was game to come to her Quarters, she would have to clean up, after her shower, and then find something cute to wear.  She wanted to make a good impression.  They were just staying in so nothing so fancy she would save something nice for if they ever got to have a leave and go have fun somewhere she could dress up for him.  But for now, she would just stick with comfortable and cute. 

She could totally pull that off, right?

He leaned down and cupped her back side, causing a blush to cross her Asian features, and she looked up at him, her brown eyes meeting his green.  He apologized but wanted to show that he was attracted to her.  Especially, apparently, her back side.  She couldn't hold back the chuckle that elicited from her lips as she gave a shrug.  She worked out, and her body was both firm and tight so that meant she had a nice backside.  Squats and manual labor paid off when someone liked a body like hers.  He told her that he wanted to make out with her more, but he could wait for this evening if that was what she wanted.  She leaned close, pressing his forehead and hers together.  Wrapping her arms around him tightly for a moment she smirked.

"There will be time for that tonight.  I think if I do any more, I won't be able to stop." she gave a one shouldered shrug.  "Come to my Quarters at 1800." she whispered and kissed his lips finally, softly, gently, but solidly for a moment before pulling back and letting him go.  She was excited, because now they would have something to look forward to.  She needed to finish her assessment of the fighter and turn it in so she could bust back to her Quarters and find something to wear and get clean.

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