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Her analogy was accurate.  Kae didn't know how much he could endure in his current state, with so many new feelings to sort through.  It was just like puberty,. When the body became so different that it was like living in some foreign nation.  To be switched as they were, it was the same thing on an even grander scale.  All he knew for sure was that it felt good to be close, and he had no intentions of distancing himself from her.

Kae bent down to finish stripping the pants and underwear from around Skye's knees, allowing him to walk to the bedroom with her.  The room featured a queen sized bed, a viewing window to either side displaying Earth and Bajor from orbit, a beautifully captivating sight to behold as he sunk onto the comfortable mattress, Skye's body bare of anything but a pair of standard issue black socks just barely going past her ankles.  "I think it's best we skip foreplay.  I'm sure you want to put your mouth on your nether region about as much as I want to on mine."  It would be uncomfortable for them both, and unnecessary, considering that they were both aroused more then enough for the ultimate act, the one that both of them might have been needing more then they realized.

Kae nervously parted Skye's thighs, offering a place for his own body to slip between, to unite them both in what might have been the ultimate act of their experiment.  Manual stimulation of each other was going to be nowhere near as powerful as what would come next.  He waited for her, half sitting up thanks to elbows planted on the mattress beneath Skye's glorious naked body.  He caught a reflection of it in one of the viewing windows, thinking how much she resembled a model.  Skye was gorgeous, more then she might have realized herself.

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Now it was Skye's turn to feel more than a little foolish as she followed along, catching a glimpse of the almost predatory look on 'Kae's' face.  Did she always look like that or was it just because she was in a masculine form?  Turning back just in time to see her own body easing back onto the bed, she took a moment just to ... well ... admire herself.  She'd always exercised and tried to take care of herself and knew she was attractive but she had to admit she looked pretty damn good.

"Oh I don't know," she replied about the foreplay as Kae's feet gradually worked off the socks and his hands reached for Skye's feet.  "Are you sure you wanna skip to the main course?"  Slipping the sock off, she nuzzled her own ankle and grazed upward to the knee before setting that leg down and doing the same to the other.  There was that glint in the eyes again as she crawled between her own legs, disorienting a bit given she would normally straddle but was easing between thighs for a change.

Leaning down, she nipped along the pelvic bone and nibbled up a little to the waist where she knew she was ticklish.  "I kinda like to play around a bit," came somewhat muffled words as that mouth nipped and nuzzled over to the navel and hands smoothed along her outer thighs until she was lightly gripping her hips.  "Sex can be lots of fun, not just wham bam thank ya ma'am."  Traveling up between her breasts, 'Kae' grinned at 'Skye' and started kissing playfully.  It was certainly a side most never saw, the gentle and playful side that she seldom got to enjoy.  Of course moving that far up meant the erection was rubbing against her nethers, grinding lightly against the clit.

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Kae hadn't expected Skye to resist the idea.  He would have thought the idea of foreplay on her own body might disturb Skye, yet she reveled in it, choosing to focus upon sensual areas but not sexual ones.  She trailed kisses all along the form Kae inhabited, rousing small pleasurable moans as they came closer and closer together.  He reached out to embrace her, to let Skye's slim yet firm fingers trace along the flesh of his own body, to seek stimulation for Skye.  Shoulders, back, hips, her hands moved along, Kae trying to think of it as Skye and not as a male figure which he held no interest in.  He wasn't attracted to males, but he was certainly feeling attracted to Skye after all they'd been through.

When familiar stiffness pressed against Skye's clitoris, a surge of life jolted through her body, an incredible gasp leaving Skye's lungs and leaving Kae almost out of his mind.  He had heard how sensitive that little bud was, but never imagined it could be that remarkable.  He buried her face into the shoulder of his body, stifling the moans while occupying Skye's mouth with kissing at the flesh in front of him.  Arms tightened around, creating a deep embrace that seemed unwilling to separate again.  Even the hips of his borrowed form were subconsciously moving, gringing his member against her smooth slit and swollen clit.    "I want this . . . worse then I ever thought I would," he admitted, hoping that Skye might feel the same, that he was not alone in feeling such deep, powerful desires.

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Skye wasn't interested in females anymore than Kae was to males but she was starting to understand the appeal of same sex pairings and more so realized that it didn't matter what form the body took, that it was something deeply personal and mentally intimate that made the acts so wonderful.  It simply didn't matter the 'plumbing' as long as the couple enjoyed each other and treated each other with dignity and respect.

Of course making Kae and herself giggle might not be considered dignified but it seemed to bring them closer mentally.  Closing the eyes did help a lot, allowing Skye to simply enjoy the moment of intimacy with Kae.  There was a little bit of awkwardness as she adjusted to the male form but her own need, enhanced by the throbbing of Kae's member left her breathless.  "I want it too," she panted and reached between their bodies.

Grasping that pulsing rod, she rubbed the head against the clit a few more times before tilting it down and when she felt the opening started to press forward slowly.  Damn but she wanted to just plung in and bang away but for a change, understandably, she didn't have enough confidence in her abilities.  Instead she gritted teeth and started inching in, taking hold of her hips to sort of brace herself.

"Holy ... hell," she groaned as those velvety walls slowly engulfed the hard member and once it was completely buried paused for a moment.  "You feel so good," she groaned and backed up slowly, starting to move in and out carefully until she felt she had the rhythm.  Her words sort of encompassed both of her, the way Kae's body felt in that moment as well as how she felt to a man's body.

Now wasn't the time to analyze how she sort of liked being on this end of things though and soon those hips were rolling, bringing Kae's member continuously back and forth though she did eventually bring a thumb into play, circling that little nub while trying desperately not to explode just yet herself.

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Holy hell didn't seem to even scratch the surface of what he was feeling.  When he first felt the pressing against Skye's entrance, there had been a moment of fear, where he sucked in a breath in preparation for what was to come.  When she started sliding inward, however, the breath was knocked out, replaced with a deep, wanting moan.  Just as Skye experienced love making from the male perspective, he was experiencing the female side of the equation, the sensations so new and unexpected that he was left leveled.  Thank the Prophets he was already laying down or he might have lost all ability to stay upright.

"Nothing . . . could feel this good," he said, Skye's voice near breathless.  It seemed impossible that sex could be that powerful, no matter who it was with, yet it was beyond imagination.  It had been built up so powerfully in his mind that Skye's body reacted to it as though each motion was a small orgasm of it's own, making question if he would even be able to survive when the real thing struck at the point of climax.

Just as she found her rhythm, so did he, Skye's powerful hips motioning to meet his own.  The way they fell together was almost too perfect, like they had been Starfleet Academy sweethearts and had been making love every day since.  Had their bond grown so powerful from the day spent in each other's shoes.  Were they going to be finishing each other's sentences from now on too?  All he knew was that he was moving the right way to compliment her motions, and she was doing the same to him.  It was beautiful, a word he;'d never thought to use to describe sex before.

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"When you really care about someone ... there really is nothing better," Skye replied in a deep breathy voice.  As she'd experienced with many guys and Kae had experienced with Rihen, sex could be damn good but when there was a true emotional connection it made it the most incredible joining.

From the moment Skye had laid eyes on Kae, she'd felt a protectiveness of him and the more she got to know him the more she cared about him.  As things stood, Kae was the best friend she'd had since before she left home.  That they were sharing this unique, awkward, yet beautiful moment was simply a bonus.

Testosterone surged and Skye shivered, the need for release welling quickly but she couldn't just yet and would do her best not to until she brought Kae and her body to that point.  Leaning forward with one hand braced on the mattress, she lifted her hips and supported them as she pumped faster and ground their pelvic regions together.  "So goood," 'Kae' murmured and set about kissing 'Skye' senseless.

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The farther along they got, the more her body to clung to his, Kae clutching her tightly.  Arms wrapped around Kae's neck, while legs did the same pulling them tighter and tighter into an unbreakable embrace, which only served to intensify the act between them.  Skye's heart pounding against Kae's chest, moans and rapid breaths rising more capably as their bodies became slick with sweat.  He wished the moment could go on endlessly, but he was already feeling the build-up.  It was a slow rise to the top, slower then most men ever experienced, but when the peak was reached, he clasped tighter, the muscles of Skye's womanhood clenching tightly around the length buried inside it.  It was different from the orgasm he felt when she was stimulating with just a hand, so much more charged with life and energy.  There truly was a difference when emotions played into it.

Kae rode the high of the prolonged climax until Skye had achieved one of her own, their tangled, warm bodies able to ride down from the mountain top together.  The heart in his chest was still pounding, but it was beginning to slow, feeling less like it would burst from his chest.  "That was . . ." Maybe the blood hadn't been able to reach his brain, but he couldn't find a way to end his sentence.  He just swallowed to try and rid the dryness of Skye's throat.  He had learned plenty about women thanks to Skye, and the unusual situation they found themselves in.  Part of him was thankful for it, but mostly, he just wanted to cuddle down, to enjoy the closeness with another human being.

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Skye was finding herself completely unable to think as the body took over, in out up down until she felt like the balls were going to explode.  Then there was the rush again though this time it was even stronger as she felt her body tighten around Kae's member.  A feral growl started deep in Kae's throat and soon both arms encircled Skye's body as those final erratic thrusts were made, the overwhelming sensation of the balls pumping hard to empty bringing that growl to a primal yell muffled by placing the lips on the neck and clamping down though not too roughly.

When it was over, 'Kae' collapsed on top of 'Skye' and pulled one hand out from under to caress the other's face.  "No words ... can describe," she agreed.  The one thing she missed in that moment was the feel of a man on top of her, still buried within her as she held him between her legs.  Still it was nice sort of resting there like a sultan on top of such nice cushions.  "I can say without a doubt you are quite incredible."  Slipping off to the side, she had Kae's body pull her own close and simply lay there snuggled up.  "I dunno about you but I ... this being switched ... well it's not so bad.  Not when it's with you.  Most of the guys I know wouldn't have handled all this as well as you I think.  You're awesome," she grinned and gave him a few sweet kisses.

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"I think most guys who would wk up in your body would just lock the door, strip naked and never leave the bedroom all day," he said with a grin.  Few men would have been able to resist the call of Skye's body.  To have free reign to touch and pleasure it while they were inside was a powerful temptation, one Kae avoided by being far too freaked out, and by having far too much respect for the woman after their mission to Nimbus III.  It had meant far more that she had accepted him, had shared herself with him, and allowed both their bodies to experience something wonderful, something powerful.

"Let's just . . . sleep like this for a while," he suggested, snuggling down beside Skye, the mutual warmth between them something far too comforting to give up just because the coitus had come to an end.  A little bit of rest, until they heard from someone that there was a solution to the crisis on-board.  They were content, so why be in a rush to fix things when there were plenty of other issues to be found?  Skye Carver's eyes fluttered closed, her breathing began to smooth out, a hand resting against the chest of  Lin Kae.

Everything was fine for the time being.

((End of scene))

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A faint chrip was heard in the background, emanating from a hidden control panel on the holodeck - a small sound repeating itself. If checked upon, a flashing message would be seen once opened:


Because it was a silent alert, Thea's voice was not proclaiming it loudly over the intercom for everyone to hear.

OOC: Either of your characters might try and contact the Bridge, but without answer, they both head there, since neither of them would belong by their regular duty stations any more, would they? Could Skye fly a Valkyrie safely with an unfamiliar body? Perhaps, Kae should try and find Nicole Howard, his Chief Engineer, on the Bridge... and Skye follows along to help explain things (both having to be present for that?). That way, both your characters will be there for the finale. If further incentive is needed (up to you), Captain Ives will contact Kae and tell him what has happened to Thea, and that he is needed on the Bridge as support staff to deal with the situation. As much will become evident if they head for the Bridge anyway.

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Skye could normally sleep through just about anything but after a while that annoying little chirping sound registered enough for her to lift her head.  Well, lift Kae's head it seemed.  A part of her had hoped maybe when they went to sleep they'd wake up in their own bodies again but it seemed not to be.

"Dammitall," she grumbled in that lower voice and dragged out of the bed to go look for the source.  Once unconvered, she looked at it and groaned before tapping the forehead against the wall lightly a few times.  "Kae," she called out not too loudly but with a bit of urgency.  "Security alert and they want us to our stations."

She tried the comms and other means of contacting their superiors but again there was only silence.  A snort then as she started to gather up their clothes.  "I doubt they'd let me go out in Kestrel like this.  So what now?  Think you should head to the bridge?  I might as well tag along," she pouted.

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Like Skye, Kae was awakened by the chime, though she was the one who reached it first.  He stretched out tired limbs and ran a hand through Skye's long blond locks.  When she told him he was being summoned to bridge, he looked down at Skye's bare breasts.  "Which me do you think they want?  The mind or the body?"  With a grin, he rose from the bed and started getting dressed, making certain he was in proper uniform, even if that uniform was white instead of yellow.

"I would think it best for us to stick together, both in case this problem gets solved and to cut down on confusion a bit."  He threw her some of Kae's own clothes, so Skye could start getting his body dressed.  When they were done, he gave a couple quick adjustments to her to rd any wrinkles in the uniform.  "I guess we better not waste any more time and get going to the bridge."

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Skye had turned to look at herself, a smirk forming as Kae looked at her breasts.  They were both somewhat more comfortable in each other's skin but she dearly wanted her own body back and knew he did as well.  "They want your mind of course and now they get boobs and brains," she snickered.  "Don't let just anyone giggle 'em though," she added with a wink.

It didn't take long to put on clothing, funny how that one garment less could actually make a difference in time.  Once they were dressed, they helped each other get wrinkles out and look presentable.  "I never really appreciated my hair much before," she said as Kae's fingers ran through it to make it not look like they'd just crawled out of bed.  "I might just have to start playing with it a little more, maybe ... if I get my body back ... start trying some more 'girlie' things."

Gesturing Kae to go before her, they stepped into the hallway and headed for the bridge.  "At least we know some others have been going through some changes.  It's still going to feel pretty weird ... and this'll be my first time on the bridge.  Got you to thank for that one, my friend."

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