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EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Renard/Thea]

Hearing Illya's statement within the body or his commander he couldn't help but smile.  He began to speak but before he could he felt a strong pain hit him.  It was like the same pain caused when he woudl force himself to undergo a sudden shift from one form to the other that feeling that left him out of breath for minutes like he had just finished a Kilo sprint.  He found himself surrounded by a flash of light and felt his hands on the floor in front of him.  His mind felt clouded and his sense of smell seemed to have doubled.  His ears were sweeping for sounds more acutely than usual even for his natural Vulpinian form.  It took him a second to notice that he had seemingly instantly changed into his natural form though he could tell that he was having to fight to keep his thoughts to those of a Federation officer.  It was like he was in the state of mind he was in as a member of the Vulpinian military and one on shore leave at that.

The first thing he noticed was he was somewhere dark "Power's out...maybe if I just get up and look arou... OW! God dammit to hell!"  he said as he got up and walked forwards a few steps before feeling himself collide face first into what felt like a strong wire of some form.  After stumbling for a moment he realized he was not only no longer in the Ready room of the executive officer but in... well somewhere that was really really dark.  It was also at this point he also realized that he was completely naked and more importantly was without his com-badge.

he sighed for a moment as he closed his eyes letting them adjust to the darkness of having his eyes closed.  Once he opened them he could see, well sort of see at least.  Wherever he was it was extremely dark all he could see was the very very faint yellow flicker of light from what appeared to be a damaged well something.  It was just enough to guide him to it as he ran a hand over the surface on the floor.  He then traced his hand down the floor to a wall which seemed to have a rather strange wire frame of metal cord beams lacing like a web to posts that jutted out of the walls. he then smiled to himself realizing not only where he was but what he had ran face first into.  He was in one of the holodecks that had been rendered fully powerless. 

Over the next few minuites he felt his way around the walls till he found himself near the doorway that lead out of the room.  "Now here's the fun part" he said to himself as he began feeling around the door for the Opening to the Hatch where the holodeck's Bio neural Wiring was.  After a bit of tinkering he found the gel pack connecting to the outside of the holodeck door... he knew pulling it woudl likely do one of two things.  It woudl either do as he hoped and cause the power to the door to shut down similar to what an emergency hand actuator for a door would do so he could open the door manually by pulling it open.    At the very least the power to the running lights and Corridor panel would be lost and hopefully someone from engineering would come to investigate.

The result was as he had predicted,  The door failed to loose the minimal power it had.  Still at least the running lights outside and the panel was malfunctioning.   With any luck either some engineer woudl be sent to check out the malfunction.  If he was really lucky Thea woudl take notice and respond immediately.  Still, now that he had the gel pack out he had something with a steady blue glow which provided enough illumination for him to take advantage of his innate ability to see better in the dark that most other races.  "Well if noting else I have a glowy bag of mush." He said to himself as he held the gel pack in his hand.

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She knew pain.

It had been something she was able to deactivate just like her emotion chip when placed in a combat situation. However, there had been a cap to the amount of pain she could feel, since her programmers had not found it necessary to let her feel the full spectrum of pain that a humanoid's nervous system might make it feel. No, what was the reason for her to have such a flaw, even if it was a natural flaw? Perhaps too much pain could be something an enemy might use upon her projection, should she somehow be placed in extreme circumstances. Like her being bereft of the choice to deactivate herself and her movements restricted by a successful hack into the main computer core.

The cap was gone now, for she did not know this amount of pain.

Crying out into the darkness, she wrapped her arms about her frame and fell to her side on the cold titanium floor. The agony was brief, however, but the after-image made her shudder where she lay. What was happening to her? So much sensory data. New data she did not know she had sensors for. While her optical sensors seemed to be malfunctioning... No, it was dark. It was just darkness in the area where she had forcefully been projected. By whom?

"Hello?" she tried to say, croaking... Was her verbal subroutines malfunctioning? She coughed, tried again. "Please re-state your request, for I seem to be missing the file that holds your comman-?"

She had no files. She had no access. She saw nothing. Not just in the sense of what her projection could see before itself, but in the sense that she could not access the security surveillance systems. She could not access any systems.

The shock of it was too much for her to handle, and she ended up sitting on her knees and stare upon nothing at all. She had no clothes. No sense of being herself - her self-image restrained to something altogether new and undefinable. She had not the means to understand what it was that she... smelled? Could not fathom that what she feel in her mouth was the natural taste of one's own saliva. She felt her bare arms as she hugged herself, but it was not the same thing, not the way her programmers had made her feel when she touched her own skin. It was as if she - her self-awareness - had been yanked out of the main computer and all that it contained regarding how she was meant to function as a hologram...

...and her program placed in something...

Something else.

Thea was taught to handle emotions like fear if her emotion chip was activated, but this was too... raw. There were no boundaries to what she felt any more.

So she began to scream.

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He heard her speak as he saw through the mostly dark room.  Then gasped as he covered his ears as she screamed. As a canine the noise was excessively harsh and made him wince in pain.  Still, when he heard the initial voice at first he recognized her immediately abd he spoke up, "Please calm down Miss Thea."  he said loudly but not harshly, hopefully enough for her to hear over her own scream.  "Somehow you are being Projected inside One of the malfunctioning holodecks, as impossible as that is?"  Don't worry I've been in here for about 5 minutes now and we are the only things in here at all.  He said as he picked up the Slightly glowing Bio neural gel pack and slid it across the floor towards the location where he could see her silhouette.

Above all there were two things puzzling him about her.  One 'How is she appearing inside one of the only places on the ship where it woudl be physically impossible for her to appear.'  Further curiosity he felt stemmed from the second question that popped into his mind 'Why does she actually have a scent this time.' 

When the Gel pack slid closer to her location a third question popped into his mind that seemed to surprise him as much as his own circumstances. 'And why in the hell is she naked? Not that i mind the sight.'

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Whether or not they were alone was none of Thea's concern at the given moment, so what the voice reassured her off held no consequence. Rather, the fact that she was not supposed to exist in the area she occupied concerned her even more.

"Impossible, impossible," she said hoarsely as she rocked on the floor, hardly ever repeating herself but doing so now since there was no cap. No boundaries to her emotions. Her emotional chip seemed to be on overload, or malfunctioning, or... She could not piece it together because of all the interference from her fear. She tried to measure, to run diagnostics on herself, but nothing happened. She felt mentally crippled. She tried to estimate plausible explanations; to give credence by percentage with different key factors that determined her present situation. Yet calculation failed her utterly. It was as if she lacked the processing power altogether - that her software ran on early twentieth century hardware. She knew how to make the calculus, but she could not process the data - the result eluding her completely.

Instead, only the vague answers came to her; unsupported conclusions, thoughts without underlying facts, guesses made on whims, all ruled by her emotions rather than evidence. Verification. She needed to verify herself. She spoke so fast her tongue failed her - as if she had to slow down just to make her verbal skills cope with the output.

"I am Theurgy NX-79854, Theurgy-class Multivector Dreadnought," she said as she rocked in the green light from the gel-pack, "I was built in a joint effort between the Antares Fleet Yards and Utopia Planitia, commissioned on the 9th of October 2378. I am self-aware, possessing a pasitronic brain in the main computer core, and I am embodied as a holographic projection. My name, as I have chosen it, is Thea. My name is Thea. My name is Thea..."

She trailed off, blinking. Surprised that she felt like she had to blink. It was an unconscious thing otherwise. That was, before she had found herself in the dark room with the unknown voice in the darkness. Everything about her body felt so alien to her. It was as if her projection's sensors had been upgraded, or downgraded... Changed, either way. So much about herself felt new. She felt so raw. So heavy. Meaty and solid. Senses like cold and heat dominated her sensory functions in an unprecedented way - the contrast of her warm body being affected by the chill in the... offline holodeck?

"Who are you?" she asked - a bit too sharply - and tried to get on her feet, stumbling because she had to distribute her solid weight on her legs. The manoeuvre went surprisingly well considering that she was unused to this body she seemed to possess. She spoke to the flavoured, almost gruff voice that appeared to struggle with its Federation common - wrapping an unfit mouth around alien vowels and syllables. Vulpinian, came a thought, or Catian? Impossible to tell. There were too many species. To many dialects. She could not run that kind of calculus effectively either.

Awareness of her naked state surfaced, and she did as according to instinct - modesty born from references in her past programming and her experience from holonovels. She covered her breasts and the apex of her legs with her arms where she stood in the green light. A gel pack. It was alike seeing a severed limb. She could not feel it any more - could not detect anything. "How did I end up here? Do you know this? Who put me in this body? Who ripped my program from the ship and made me feel like... like... Who's body is this? This is not my body. This is not... I feel like..."

Her thoughts came faster - and slower, in a way - than her verbal output could handle. Eyes wide, she searched the darkness - fear subsiding much too slowly.

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Hearing the fear in her voice Miles knew that it was up to him to be the voice of reason here.  'oh irony how you turn the tables,' he thought  as he tried to gather the best assumptions he could to create. At the very least he would need to make up some form of logical explanation for what was happening, damn the consequences if it was incorrect.  There was a scared crew member in his presence it was up to him to provide the calm and reason to try and help her regain her composure.

"I am Untied Federation of Planets Lieutenant Commander Miles Ferrous Renard. The both of us are currently stationed aboard the USS Theurgy a Theurgy-class Starfleet vessel, registration NX-seven-nine-eight-five-four.  I am a Squadron Commanding Officer of the Lone wolves fighter squadron. My race is Vulpinian and I seem to be unable to shift out of my natural Vulpinian appearance.   We are located in either deck five, seven, or nine in Holodeck two three or four respectively."  he paused for a moment to breath as he rarely spoke this seriously and trying to remember the exact details were making his head hurt a bit.  While he had spoke he had slowly approached her.  His fox like tail had been wrapped around his waist and between his legs in some sort of semblance of an undergarment for modesty as he made sure his eyes were focused on her face rather than her body out of respect for her situation.   By now he was within a meter of her and his body fully illuminated by the faint glow of the gel pack.

'And now to bullshit my way through an explanation' he thought as he spoke again "Based on my ability to detect a human females patrimonial and general body scent from you I can surmise that somehow you, Thea, have been somehow transformed into a living human female and somehow deposited into the very same room that I was somehow transported to.  Given the impossibility of this scenario I am throwing out the possibility that my being here was a simple site to site teleport malfunction and was something much more potentially dire.  The best explanation I can come up with is that we have somehow encountered some form of being with reality altering powers similar in nature to the Q continuum.  This would explain the sudden lack of an ability to shift I have been cursed with and your predicament in being not only separated from the ship itself but somehow possessing the body of a human similar to the one that you project when called upon.  Do you understand the situation Thea?"  The last part was laced with a degree of command. He knew that she was still the ship's computer. She was still Thea and she still would be bound to have that innate reflex to answer to a Federation officer asking her a situational query.  In a sense he knew she needed familiarity  he only hoped giving her information and giving her a more common request would be enough to snap her out of her current downward spiral.

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The flow of information calmed Thea where she stood, listening intently to the approaching speaker - her breathing slowly becoming steadier. She took it all in as best as her feeble state of mind could - her storage capacity fickle as well.

The SCO, she thought, remembering - trying to remember - the details of his personnel file. She brought to mind the instances when she'd spoken with him  both in person - in projection - as well as over the intercom. Gradually, she became more at ease with the sound of his gruff voice. It seemed he was trapped in a certain state as well - his case being his animalistic form. Her eyes searched the darkness for him until he became more visible in the green light. Only then could her eyes - that she still had to consciously blink with - seek out his.

Yet as he approached her, there was that thing with her nose again. It was... She did not lack the references to discern that she was smelling something, but it was so new to her. So vibrant. So overbearing. The hand that covered her crouch came up to her nose, and she looked at him with wide eyes. The smell of a hairy Vulpinian male as the first she got to experience, and she was not quite sure what to make of it. She knew that the human smelling function was carried out by two small odour-detecting patches - made up of about five or six million yellowish cells - high up in the nasal passages. But to actually feel it?

Adult humans emitted a strong body odour that was unique among mammals on Earth - even attracting certain insects. In fact, humans were evidently particularly smelly because odours were released from nearly every part of the body while science had revealed that significantly fewer volatile organic compounds emanated from the skin of many non-human species. So - naturally - Miles Renard's smell was... exotic, to say the least, for her inexperienced nose. So exotic she was distracted from the last part of his explanation that his raised voice caught her off guard - making her blink and recap what he had said.

"Yes, 'Commander. An a-alien influence," she said and nodded slowly, letting go of her nose and letting her eyes wander the hairy torso that emanated the scent. From the thin white cover of light fur that spread up his chiselled abdomen, to his chest, wide shoulders and the mane that covered the Lieutenant Commander's neck. The light blue eyes seemed to glow lightly in reflection of their single source of light. "We are the victims of a powerful being or force that transcends known and measurable limits of universal influence. The reasons for us being targeted is an unknown factor. The ultimate intentions unclear."

Like, for instance, why our clothing or has been removed as well as some abilities and physical aspects.

"So we are alone?" she asked, one arm still around herself while the other one came to hang by her side - almost as if in defeat. "And we cannot get out?"

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"That would be a correct assessment of the current situation.  though I have been working on the aspect of getting out."  he said looking back towards the door,  "The reason for the removal of the gel pack was to either cut power to the door's functions which lie on the outside of the room in the corridor or to cause a failure in the corridor's interactive panels and running lights causing an engineering crew or yourself to investigate.  Taking out the gel pack also provided me with a source mild illumination, a sort of make shift flashlight so to speak though not a very good one.  I was considering removing the pack on the other side of the door to see if that cut the door's power.  After all if I cut the outside power to the door then it woudl no longer have its proper seal and I woudl be able to force it open.  If you have any better ideas I would be extremely grateful to hear them."  he said in a soft tone though the softness was sort of killed by the roughness of his voice itself. 

HE was concerned for hr it had to be hard for her to be ripped from such a powerful consciousness and placed in the more limited physical mind.  And the emotions and senses had to b overwhelming to her He couldn't imagine how difficult this must be for her to handle. He sighed as he looked around the room for a moment, There was little he could think to do.  Of course there were obvious ways to pass the time but even in this currently more open state of mind he wouldn't dare vocalize those ideas to her though he certainly wouldn't refuse if she made the suggestion.

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Nodding slowly, trying to ignore the scent of both beast and man at the same time and what the tingling sensation between her legs meant, Thea picked up the gel pack from the ground with alacrity and walked past 'Commander Renard. The need for a solution outweighed the need for modesty at this point. "I will see if can come up with more alternatives..." she said as made her way in the direction of the exit.

Once there, she dropped the gel pack on the floor and got down on her knees, feeling with her fingers along the bottom of the sliding door. The gel pack behind her gave her enough light to see that the entire thing seemed askew in its tracks. "It has been derailed, so the power being on or off wont help us any," she said and she go down on all fours - unwittingly baring her whole loveliness to the beast-man when she was on the floor and tried to look and feel her way along the edge of the door. "It seems to be stuck right here and all the way along from here to the left side. Let me check..."

The soft light from the gel pack played over her derrière and the back of her thighs - shifted over the folds of her outer labia as she worked. Unknowing about the effect of her company's smell had had upon her, a light glimmer came off her womanly folds as she moved.

"If we could find something very hard and insert here," she said, frowning in pragmatic thoughts, "like an beam or a support bar with the right girth. Then... well, we might have to hammer it in, but once there... we could make some progress. Its all about leverage and finding the right traction, since it has its own suspension to guide it along the ride back home. A heaving movement will make it all come together."

She glanced briefly over her shoulder into the darkness before returning her attention to their current problem. "Come over here, 'Commander. See if you can find any weak areas to ram something into."

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He couldn't help but admire the body of the ships Ai as she was on all fours and working.  Of course he made more than sure that he paid attention to what she was saying as ideas began to cross his mind on alternate interpretations of her words.  Still there was a mission and he couldn't let himself be sidetracked by such carnal thoughts as he began using the limited light to look for something that he could use for leverage.  

He smirked finding one of the stronger looking support latices beams on the side of the hologrid. "This should work as a sort of crowbar" he said puling at the metal, his muscles rippling as he began to pull at it and in the pull his tail came unfurled. He used it for balance revealing that her own scents and of course the sight of her had been having its own affect on him as his canid meat had begun to stiffen and peek out from the sheath that held it.

He bucked back pulling at the bar and he began to feel it coming loose from its affixed points. "The hard parts gonna to be detaching the damned thing from its bolted posts."  he said before one side of it snapped off and he fell back onto the holodeck floor.

He had been sprawled out on his back the scents around him having made him hard as he tried not to think about the temptation that was with him.  Of course the more he tried not to think about it the more he did think about it, and it only made him harder. By now, with him on his backm his entire erect member was exposed to Thea. 

It was certainly not the same in appearance as what would be expected of a human but was more akin to that of a canid from earth.  More surprising was its size as compared to a human he could by far be considered larger than average. With the knot like bulb at its base included he was certainly much thicker tapering off to a almost point at its head. 

Noticing how exposed he was, he reflexively pulled his tail over his crotch.  It wasn't so much out of  modesty as it was out of embarrassment at the thought of the ship's AI seeing him looking at her naked form with a throbbing hard-on.  The idea of such unprofessionalism and being seen in that state made him shudder.  But, to avoid the awkwardness or at least attempt to, he decided to try and change the subject with some humor.  "Well at least now we have half of our crowbar down other end should require just a bit if wiggling before it snaps right?"

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Instead of coming over to help her find where to insert the titanium bar, Thea glanced over her shoulder to see Miles Renard trying to get the aforementioned means for leverage from the wall.

The light being so poor, and her relative innocence when it came to such matters, Thea did not directly react when 'Commander Miles' beast-form bared himself whilst trying to tear down the support beam - her human irises instead watching the destruction of 'her' hologrid wall with a mix of fascination and discontent. She knew of the average strength of Vulipinan males from the Federation database, but could not seem to recollect the data now - another thing that was to her discontent.

As the SCO worked savagely, Thea picked up the gel pack and walked a bit closer - perhaps drawn by the strangely intoxicating scent of him, or just with the intent to help out. Yet as she approached, she came to frown, glimpsing a green-lit phallic glimmer in front of the pilot's abdomen. Little did she have time to think on it though, as the beam came loose in one end with great noise and commotion - her companion in the ordeal landing on his back.

"Commander!" she said and went to his side, the raw human emotions keeping her from level-headed restraint, "Did you hurt you-"

She trailed off, eyes wide upon what she had glimpsed earlier - something universally known as quite evident male arousal. She had her references, had seen more than her share in her database and holonovels, seen a bit too much during the Niga Incident, but this bared Vulpinian manhood that had come to protrude out of his fur-covered crouch was something she had little preparation for - her face going slack-jawed at both the implications as well as the... as the sheer physical size of the gleaming reproductive organ. It gave her mixed feelings, but given her familiarity with most known species, she did not react like the common human might: to become afraid or repulsed by it. No, the male Vulpinian organ resembled a human's to a great degree - both being bipedal humanoids, after all - the scrotum like a swollen sack of testicles and...

And just like that, the pilot covered himself with his tail and the awkward comment was made. Thea closed her mouth. It was - perhaps - at this point when she sat by the man-beast's side that she came to realise her own arousal - when seeing the SCO's. The scent was making sense to her now; a veritable alien testosterone fog. She knew also, that it was a double-sided thing, that her own scent was to blame for this alien creature's arousal too - a spiral they had walked into from which there was little escape unless otherwise distracted.

Unless followed all the way.

No, stop it... she chided herself, thinking herself as mad as the infected during the Niga Incident. She had experienced - or at least witnessed - far more sexual craze than anyone else aboard thanks to the surveillance systems. It had caused her to experiment on her own as a hologram, but as a raw and innocent human, this experience proved overwhelming.

"Yes," she said quietly in reply, uncertain whether to stay or retreat to the door again, "Please be careful though, rest, for we still need to find where to insert it..." She tore her eyes away from what the tail was hiding after saying it, and quickly made her way back to the door - on all four again. What else was there to do? It was not like she could hide her own scent, could she?

Briefly... she touched herself and she felt the wetness right away. She snatched her hand back - knowing the heated and swollen feeling from her experiments. Yet no programmer could replicate such tactile senses. She wanted to touch herself again. Focus. Her head was filled with regulation-vile things as she searched with her fingers along the edge of the sliding door - intoxicated by so many things she held no control over.

A wanton side of her human mind wanted more; the desire for herself to develop and learn remaining even if she wore flesh instead of photons.

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He smiled hearing the care in her voice, "Its okay, I'm not hurt or anything.  Just feeling a bit, ya know, exposed is all.  Not that its just me in that predicament." he said glancing over to her not able to help but steal a glance as he saw her reach back and touch her self.  He couldn't help but think of how beautiful she woudl look letting her fingers pierce those sensual folds and give her self the pleasure he could see her wanting.

He righted himself and got onto all fours walking over to the door where she was.  He began to slide his hand against the doorway seeing what she had meant now about the door being off its tracks.  the worst part was it was off the tracks to the outside.  had it been to the inside he could have just suggested both of them together try and run into it to bash the door back onto the track.  She was indeed right; this woudl take a very specific application of leverage.  Now he just needed to find a point where the door was both almost exactly halfway off its railing and the gap was enough to slip the end of the rebar like piece of hologrid structure into.

"Ya know if you wanted to, since we are alone...No never-mind that we have a mission. There is a mystery to solve involving what or who caused this and to solve it we must first escape from this, prison, of sorts."  as soon as he had spoken those inevitable words he had regretted mentioning it, what woudl the captain think if Thea reported what he said.  Still he knew they had a mission to focus on,  though it was obvious to the both of them it was becoming harder and harder to focus on that by the second.  Knowing that he put his nose back into his work as he seemed to find the point he was looking for.

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Working in the darkness next to 'Commander Renard, fumbling in the grime and dust that made the small margin between the unhinged door and the titanium plates, Thea was again subjected to the close proximity of him - the monstrous male smell of his strong body. He spoke, but unlike the acute attention that she used to possess, her attention escaped her.

No, instinct ruled her now - such that she was not prepared for - an unprecedented feeling that guided her. The fact that she was so unprepared for it stayed her from acting on it, but it dominated her every thought - undermined all that should have been important in their situation.

"Yes, a prison," she said, entirely distracted - glancing towards the Vulpinian to and fro as she felt her way along the edge. She swallowed, her mouth feeling so dry - throat so parched. He seemed attentive upon their common efforts now, despite his arousal. It all returned to that fact; the arousal they also shared, and Thea could not straighten out the priorities any more. The scents in their prison was too much. The 'Commander, however, seemed to have put his nose to their work. So why didn't she?

Because she had to know. She had to. Her will to know was greater than her will to leave.

She shifted sideways along the wall, towards Miles where he bent to the task - just next to her. She lifted her right leg and stepped over his lowered head - leaving her on her knees just above his ears. Her breathing was heavy now, her eyes slitted, and she pressed her hands against the cold door... as if bracing herself for what was to come.

"We have a mission," she whispered, not about to admit anything about her needs verbally. Her admission was plain already. "We should be getting out... We should be..."

She arced her back in offering, laying her breasts against the cold door as well. Her eyes fluttered close, fingers splayed out against the titanium. Thus, she waited, for the beast in the darkness to take her - to make her feel that which she had never known. Her breathing was too heavy for words know, and she bit her lip to keep her from begging the Commander to enlighten her.

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His mind had clouded over as he looked up at her awaiting slit.  He knew what they needed to be doing but her scent had finally broken through his will.  "Mabey if we just get this out of our systems we will be able to concentrate better." he admitted aloud to both himself and her. He knew though that just one "round" woudl likely be far from enough for him to be sated.   He said as he slowly moved his muzzle upwards and gently pressed the lips of his maw against her soft opening. 

His tongue gently pressed onwards forcing her sex lips apart as he reached up grabbing her hips softly as a hand reached around and between her legs to spread her cunt apart as his first lick withdrew slowly  savoring the deliciousness of her unique flavor as his tongue trailed its way against the hood that hid her tender clit. 

He slowly pulled away from that initial single tender lick as he got up slowly to his feet and slowly let his tail unfurl as he closed the distance between the two of them.  He slid his tail around her body as he laid his head against her neck and turned his face to hers.  He gently placed a kiss to her human lips before he gently pushed the canine tongue into her mouth as a hand wrapped around her torso moving upwards taking a breast into his hand cupping it as he pulled her back gently. 

The hand that was groping her breast moved downwards and between her legs as he slowly began to part her tender pussy slowly inching his meat closer and closer to her parted folds before he slipped a couple fingers into her first  as he slowly began to rock the fingers in and out of her welcoming folds as he sliwly and tenderly kissed her.

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That first electrifying contact of his tongue invading her nether folds caused a violent shudder throughout Thea's human body - a hoarse gasp echoing off the wall before her.

Eyes wide at the feeling, her thighs quivered, and her mind tried to stay afloat upon the surging wave of pleasure. Her beast lover steadied her though, clawed and large hands holding her hips - long fingers reaching around her thigh to spread her wide for the probing tongue. She cried out faintly when it rubbed over her hooded pearl - her eyes shutting tightly as the feeling coursed through her entire body. Yet it did not last, for he withdrew his mouth from her...

...though she learned that he had full intentions to carry on. The long tail embraced her like a third arm - soft fur brushing over her heated human flesh. He sought her mouth, and like a deer caught in the headlights of a twentieth century auto-mobile, she gave it to him - meeting the maw of the Vulpinian with her opened mouth and wide eyes. She felt the sharp teeth with her lip just before the long tongue came - this time slowly invading her mouth. By reflex born from what she had witnessed between human and the tentacled plants from Niga, she sucked on that tongue. A muffled moan escaped the corners of her mouth as she did - the taste of herself there along with the taste of 'Commander Renard. She pulled her head back a little as she suckled on the glistening, muscular organ, only to take it into her mouth again.

It was an incredible sensation, all of it. So strange, but so...

As she worked on pleasing him, she felt him cup her breast - rounded and taut with desire - with a long paw-like hand. She felt her nipple chafe against the coarse surface of his palm. Then it slid down her flat abdomen and into the heated apex of her legs - stroking her. Spreading her again. For the inevitable. Her thighs quivered and she gasped hard around the thick tongue in her mouth. The man-beast was so gentle with her, preparing her for the large copulatory organ that was due to both hurt and please her. Two thick and slightly clawed fingers pushed inside, and her eyes fluttered wide open again - hands instinctively bracing her against the wall. "Mph!" she cried in shock, but nonetheless began to undulate her hips against the fingers. "Mph... Mphh..."

Her whole body felt hot and heavy, her thoughts sluggish. No analysis to be done even if she wanted to savour this. The need for more stimulation paramount to everything. Yet still, there was more to come... As she rocked her hips against the fingers, she felt it against the back of her thigh. The rigid length that was due to fill her up - make her complete.

The Vulpinian male might be tender in his advances, the kiss gentle, but for the human version of Thea, it was still an alien maw with a tongue so large that she could perform fellatio upon it - if nothing else because of the sharp teeth. She struggled with the moving tongue as it lapped in and out of her mouth - unskilled but oh, so eager...

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His body raged with the hormones he had always tried desperately to lock up.  He was so eager to just forgo the play and push deeply into her body, and just ravage the seemingly begging woman before him.  Still he forced calmness upon himself.  She was eager unlike any woman on this ship had even been to want him.  He would make sure he was gentle and soft.  He woudl prolong the inevitable for as long as he could.  Somewhere deep inside there was a sort of hormonal monster that just wanted to hear her begging to be used before he gave her the fucking she desired.  Besides, he knew in his logic there was so much fun to be had in the play before hand ho much desire he could unlock within her in making her soaked and begging before plowing her inner walls.

He Gently pushed the fingers in deeper forcing his hand flush to the outer surface of her flesh,  gently pinching her labia between the outer fingers and inner ones.  He slowly but intently worked the inner ones into her depths feeling inside her pushing against all corners of her inner walls giving her womanly cavern a slow intent-full massage. Soon within her depths he felt the thin membranous wall inside her.   He pushed very gently making sure not to break it knowing the inexperienced former hologram would probably want her virgin wall broken by he meat of his large canid muscle than by his digits more gentle probing.

Slowly he withdrew his tongue from her mouth swirling it around to give her one last taste of it before breaking their wild kiss.  "Mumm so inexperienced but yet so eager."  he teased softly as he ran the hand that was once behind her back to the side of her face gently caressing her cheek.  HE softly pushed into her depths with his hand rubbing against the membranous wall within her.  "and a virgin too." he said as he teased the wall gently, "One that seems more than eager to change that as well."  he said in his a soft but growl filled tone. 

Slowly his tongue licked at her neck as he kissed it softly. He trailed down to her upper chest then slowly around her breast.  He gave her chest a long lick one that was forceful enough to even lift her breast a bit as the tongue pushed upwards and the friction between flesh and tongue released forcing her breast to bounce back as the tongue bounced up flicking harshly over her pert teat.  Before her breast could complete its recoiling bounce though, his muzzle was around it and his huge tongue dancing around her soft nipple as his teeth slowly grazed gently against it.  It was clear he knew just how to keep from biting as the teeth only grazed, never pinching, but slipping against flesh as his tongue did almost all the work to pleasure her tender nipple.

He slowly continued to finger her inner walls, slowly pushing against her cavern with his fingers gently sort of stretching out her walls as if in preparation for the thickness that woudl be entering soon.  As he seemingly stretched out her inner walls he continued to lovingly lick and suckle on her breast and In between two rather long sustained licks he softly whispered to her.  "Thank you, You're the first human who' ever wanted the real me."

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When Thea thought she had come to learn the pleasures that a hand could give her, the beast-man proved her very very wrong.

"Mph! Ahh! Mphhh!" she cried out around his tongue, legs thrashing when he kneaded her from inside. In truth, it was his strong arm and grip that held her up against the door, breathless as she was when she sucked and licked the thick oral muscle across her shoulder. Her own movements were weak compared to his, but she still pushed against the hand - still thrust her breasts towards his other. She mewled like an animal as the Commander rubbed her inside-out - expanding her and preparing her for what was to come. A computer program would not go insane, but a human mind just very well might. Thea felt insane already, the hunger and the need and the wanting too much to handle - her body a rag-doll to what the Vulpinian made her feel.

At some point he had turned her around so that her back was to the door, and she could not tell when it happened. He had withdrawn his tongue and she gaped like a fish for it as he spoke to her. She barely picked up what he said. What she knew acutely was the changed grip he had on her below, that he churned deeper than she had ever delved herself, and how he caressed her face. Using the door for leverage, she pushed with her hips against his hand, and she cried out as he began to lick her her neck and her breasts - each in turn. Her own hands, that had formerly been braced against the door, now coursed through his fur and across the areas where she felt skin. She raked her fingertips across him and she lacked the words to encourage him further. She felt teeth against her skin, scraping at her breasts, and she threw her head back in a guttural moan. "Take me, please?" she begged him between her ragged breaths, "I cannot... I... Ahhh! Ahhh!"

The patient kneading of her inner walls made her entire body spasm, a small climax rolled up her spine, like a premonition of a larger one. She had thrown her arms around his thick neck as the first breakers rolled over her, and only once they had passed her eyes would flutter open again. Her thighs shivered around his large hand. "Now, now, now, please, please!"

She reached down for his arousal, found it, stroked it with a virgin hand. It felt so warm... so slick. So magnificent.

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He growled softly hearing her whimpers.  He couldn't help but love the sound as she literally begged to be taken.  As she moaned and whimpered he furthered the intense foreplay before he pushed her up against the wall firmly.    He couldn't help but enjoy her scent as he felt her spasm forcing his teeth to rub rougher against her nipples.  "You sure you weren't originally programmed for a holosuite?  You are oh so willing.  It's like you are wanting to be some kind of human pet from a trashy romance novel."   he teased once he pulled his muzzle from her breast. "Not that I wouldn't mind Having you to play with whenever I wanted."  He added softly making sure she understood he would never really think of her as any kind of lower person.  It was more than clear to him that she was Being quite the submissive and since her whimpers and moans only seemed to indiate she wanted to keep herself in that "bottom" role he hoped the more dominant talk woudl only add to her enjoyment.

Knowing she seemed to be enjoying this submissive play he gently but forcefully pushed her back against the wall. His tail moved down and around one of her legs slowly lifting it as he balanced her on the one leg.  SLowly and gently he pulled the fingers from her soaked pussy slowly slipping them from her lower lips. He moved the  fingers up to his lips as he licked the base of them before touching the tips of them to her lips. "Taste yourself Thea," he said softly "Your flavor is as wonderful I could have imagined."  He said softly as he let her body gently slide down the doorway.

His meat twitched in her graceful hands as he guided it to probe against the softness between her legs.   Slowly he teased forcing his tip against her warm folds pushing against them softly for a moment pushing her lips apart as he rubbed up and down her slick pussy lubing up the organ with her own natural slippery fluids. Fluidly he gently pushed forwards sliding his head into her inner walls.  SLowly he began to rock against her her back acting as a brace against the wall she was pinned to as his cock barely pierced her body still its width was spreading her cunt wide and the tip seemed to rub against her hidden orb's jacket with each soft motion.  With ach gentle rock he went deeper and deeper into her slippery chasm parting her walls until he could feel her maidenhead against his peaked shaft.

Slowly gently he worked himself in and out of the shallow depths of her body each rock pushing against her hymen barely trying to give her as much pleasure as he could before forcing upon her the pain of tearing through her virgin wall.

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Through the carnal haze her otherwise digital mind suffered, Thea made out some of the words even though it was too much to handle. She supposed she ought to be hurt since he compared her to seedy holonovels, but she could not bring herself to care. She was too pent up, wearing a body that seemed engineered to react this way to a man's presence. At some level, she was not altogether sure this was her own free will but that of the captor that had stuck them there - together and without garments to shield them from the inevitable. She just wanted him inside her. She craved nothing else, for she was human now, and she wanted to learn. It was a truthful cause, but was it altogether her own?

Either way, when he made her taste her own juices, it was another experience to marvel at - to try ad decipher with a clouded mind void of tools for analysis. She sucked at the finer deeply just like she had seen the infected and the crew do upon male genitalia, slowly coming to terms with the mechanics of her own oral cavity. She tasted her own nectar, and taste was yet another thing that she lacked as a hologram. Up until that point, she had tasted the Commander's tongue and her own saliva, but now there was an explosion in her mouth: her womanly secretions experienced before the teat of one's mother.

Delirious from all that was going through her, she was almost too listless to realise that the Vulpinian was about to enter her - that he had let her steer his mighty penis to her waiting readiness. Desperate, she raised her legs and wrapped them around his furry waist. He handled her as if she weighed nothing to him, and then... She felt it, his bestial meat about to expand her outer labia - stroking her to get slippery enough for entry. She held her breath as it began, eyes wide and staring up and into the ice blue orbs that were Miles Renard's eyes in the darkness. She sucked his fingers for comfort, arms shivering as they were wrapped around his neck. It was so large it brushed her clit upon shallow entry. He had kneaded her, expanded her, and when he was about to enter her, she was ready. The large head of his male organ soon slipped past her folds, and her eyes rolled in their sockets - as if she was to pass out from the external physical stimuli.

The pressure, oh, the pressure. The rising pain nothing compared to the feeling of being filled like she was. He was merely beginning, and yet she was so content. She moaned and gasped around his fingers with each movement he made, each light thrust that delved a bit deeper inside. She pushed her against the door with his thrusts, and soon... he burst through her innocence.

She bit him a little then, mewled with pending release. The orgasm would have come were it not for the pain, but now, she was ready to take more of him, to let him have her as much as he wanted, for she craved the same. If she were to only be human for a short while, and whatever happened to her was revoked, she would have had this time with the SCO to remind her of all the things she would be left without.

...unless, she could tell Lt. Kae what it was that her tactile sensors lacked.

She filed away that fragment of a shattered thought for later, when she was not focused on the present. The marvel of being fulfilled so completely. She climbed upon his frame, raked hands and feet against him and she licked and kissed and sucked at what he offered her. Eventually, when the minute pain had subsided, her first orgasm rolled over her. An orgasm experienced when having a male organ thrusting inside her, instead of just her own holographic fingers questing in vain.

While the showers of pleasure rolled over her, there was no thought. Only animal rapture in the beast's embrace.

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His moans escaped in a soft but vivid growl as he pushed himself into her waiting chasm.  It was all to clear how wildly she was loosing herself in the rapture of nearing her imminent orgasm as he pushed deeper and deeper into her.   With just a few final thrusts he had not only pushed her formerly virgin barrier fully open, but with each smooth thrust.  He began to feel her tight walls begin to squeeze as he began softly knocking on the door of her very womb.

As she mewled softly against his fingers he removed them gently and pressed his muzzle back to her mouth and gave her his tongue again.  His hands began to resume his play with her chest.  Lovingly but rather forceful he pushed the massive tongue against her own tongue and into her waiting mouth.   Soon it was swirling wildly within before he broke the kiss suddenly.  His tongue ripped from her mouth which he had been filling as he spoke softly in a lusting and semi feral way "Pretend its my cock and show me just how bad you want to suck me off."  he said before pushing it back in.

As he kissed her he roughly groped at her chest and ass one hand switching between her breasts.  He gently squeezed the cup lifting it softly before giving it a firm squeeze.  Slowly the grip tightened as he began to squeeze at her as if milking her as he groped.  Soon he had switched up his game as his fingers did more delicate work groping softly then pinching at her tender nipples and pulling on them softly. As his one hand assaulted her chest the other was busy kneading and massaging her ass.  Slowly he spread one cheek away as he was working within her before slipping a digit against it gently kneading her flesh with the other fingers.  He slowly began to work a soft digit against her asshole Rubbing against the soft pucker gently probing against it.  Slowly  he worked against it and firmly he shoved the digit into it slowly rocking the finger in and out of her anus as he pushed her closer and closer to her own intimate rapture.

His kiss only deepened as soon his tongue was caressing the shallow parts of her throat gently rubbing against her tonsils as he dove into the kiss.  His fangs softly caressed her own tongue as he pushed the tongue into her throat forcing it to swell slightly from the massive intrusion before pulling it out gently and pulling out of the kiss just a bit. HE hadn't fully broke their tongue's dance as he give her the tip and flesh of his tongue to suck on however she wanted.  AS suddenly as he had pulled it back out though he returned to his previous depths as he pushed back cycling the assault on her mouth  between shallow and deep he attempted to do the best he could to use the combined assault of tongue finger and cock to give the virgin, now living, hologram a taste of being triple penetrated.

Inside her Innermost walls she felt his length brushing gently against her cervix.  Her inner walls pulsing in her orgasm around his meat, he moaned out as his cock began to pulse within her inner walls.  The soft tip of his manhood forcefully wedged against the innermost walls of her slippery inner canyon.  Within mere moments he came.  Her own tight contractions within milking his cock of his inhuman release of warm thick cum. He gently bucked against her.  With each throb each time a small jet of his seed pushing into her body, his cock pressed against the opening to her womb and the cum jetted past the barrier.  It flooded her pussy filling it to overflowing as she could even feel a small pool being deposited within the narrow passage between her womb and her overflowing sex.  

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Rapture indeed, yet also a bit frightening. When her first orgasm ebbed out, her mind settled upon the fact that it was all so new, this invasive and utterly thorough way the SCO's beast-form copulated with her. New, because she possessed a body unfamiliar to her. Yet also, in not knowing her human body, Thea did not know the norm; the usual and the mundane everyday sensations. She had previous experiences that might anchor her; stopping her from being swept away by the carnal, raw and primal experience she was having.

With her legs spread and entwined around the Vulpinian's waist, her back slid up an down the door with the rolling thrusts that penetrated her so completely - her hands still desperately wrapped behind the mane of the beast for support. Her womanly sheath could barely swallow the length of the penis that massaged her vaginal passage - the girth expanding her and dealing such rough friction. The finger which she sucked upon was replaced by the tongue she had come to know form just before - the slick muscle sliding towards her throat across her own. Yet when the gag-reflex came to her, she prevented him by sheer instinct since she had no control of that function of her larynx. Yet his request slipped past the fog of her primal mind, and she leaned her head back against the door - not able to stop herself from tasting that tongue. To suck upon it in a more controlled fashion and in a way that she might taste all the more of him.

Both his hands were free to knead and fondle her breasts, and she felt the roughness of his palms and the scrape of his claws across her skin. She ached her back as she sucked upon his massive tongue - thrusting her chest towards his hands, or paws, for that matter. It made her grind down harder upon the thick alien arousal that made her whole body melt with need. She gasped at the feeling, yet her eyes went wide when the SCO slid his hand down to support her bottom - feeling that questing finger rub her. It could not be natural, could it? If he...

Yet he did. She felt the digit of that long finger enter her anal passage, and she cried out around the warm and thick tongue in her mouth. Although he did not cease in his rolling dance, bringing her stimuli that she could not push aside. With the taste of him in her mouth, and the feeling of him hitting the back of her love channel, the finger that worked its way into her backside was yet another enticement added upon the rest - a plethora of nerves singing in her head so loud that she could not hear her own thoughts. The second orgasm hit her soon after that, and she felt her womb contract with the force of it - her vagina tightening up around that inhuman hardness inside her. Her puckered sphincter shut down too, and she cried out around the beast's tongue again. She even let it go so that she could let out the animal cries and moans against his neck when the climax raked through her unfamiliar nervous system.

During that orgasm, since it lingered for her, she suddenly felt a change in the meat that filled her up. Yes, she felt it; the convulsions in her beast lover, the intensity increasing, the warm and molten feeling beginning inside her and spreading. Her head fell back against the door and stared listlessly into the green-lit darkness above, panting heavily from the rolling waves of pleasure. Also, she marvelled in the curious feeling of the warm semen that brimmed her, spilled out of their joining when he continued to surge against her like the tide - his meat pulsating in heat. It was so much of it, it did not fit inside her. It just kept coming, polling on the floor between the beast's feet.

Panting heavily in the aftermath, Thea's shaking hands stroked the beast's fur and sought to suckle upon the tongue again - unsure what to do. Her human mind was leaden from what she had been through, her sex aching in acute soreness even as a straggling spasm or two rolled up her spine. Her breasts were firm and still responding to touch, and her palate still held the taste of the SCO. Her muscles had begun to cramp up, so she unwrapped her legs and tried to stand on her own feet - an action that caused her hips to lower down and squeeze the last semen out of the alien male organ before it slipped free of her. Oh, how her legs were unsteady when that hardness vacated her lower body, and she leaned heavily forward against the strong chest - arms wrapping around his neck for support.

"That w-" she could not talk just yet, her throat parched from her cries and her breath gone, "That was... how human's feel... when having intercourse? Is it... Is it so... So intense? I am... hurting... but in a good way... My mind's processing barely functions..."

She had so many questions, and her eyes stared wide upon nothing at all. The Vulpinian seed trickled down her thighs, and she felt so hollow in the absence of all that alien cock that had been inside her.

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He growled softly as she suckled on his tongue and spasamed around his lengthy meat.  Slowly she shifted .  He gently held her supporting her weight as his fingers slowly slipped from her ass.  His mind was racing as she practically melted up against him.  Soon he felt her slowly gently slipping from surrounding his hard member as he sighed in pleasure having been milked by her eager body.

He smiled gently as he spoke up to her, breaking the kiss gently as he pulled her from the door. "Thank you, Thea." He put his own back to the door as he slowly slid down the door seating himself on the ground holding her softly in is arms as his tails kept wrapped around her. "I've never had to answer those kinds of questions."  He said as he wrapped his arms around her softly holding her in his lap for a bit of a post coital cuddle.  "If I had to guess yes that is relatively normal especially for a first time.  From my understanding a female loosing their virginity can be painful or at the very least sore.  I'm not a female so well I lack that kind of knowledge first hand.  As for the intensity, well..." 

He paused as he held her gently running a paw through her hair and over her body in a gentle way stroking her as he cuddled with her.  His mind was still a bit of a haze he even could argue that he woudl be eager for much much more but as for the overtaking cloud of lust he had felt at the very least that was sated.  Still he continued to explain as best as he could, "I  am different from a human male so size and shape wise my kind woudl be more unique for a human female to experience.  In most species though describing an orgasm and that unique afterglow of the haze after the act. The results are a cacophony of physical pleasures, emotional whiplash, and intense euphoric sensations, I think the Human English word 'Extacy' was created to describe the intense feelings created in the throes of passion like we found ourselves in.  The fact that you are having trouble assimilating the data...Welcome to the unique world of being alive.  Confusion and feeling unstable is the norm for us living creatures."

He softly caressed one of her breasts in his paw gently squeezing it as the paw trailed down her stomach as he gently slowly began to rub at her tender pussy a few fingers slipping into her to sort of make up for the void she was bound to be feeling inside after having been filled so completely then left gaping and sore.  "Still most girls don't spend their first time being triple penetrated or taking a cock so deep its inches from pushing their cervix open and to have their womb fucked either.  Not that you seemed to mind letting your body be toy for me to play with however I wanted."  he said softly using the other hand and softly turning her head to face him as he kissed her lips softly and then kissed her cheek as he nuzzled his muzzle into her neck gently hoping she was the kind of girl, or hologram, or whatever she should be considered that liked to cuddle after sex.

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Listlessly, Thea complied with being pulled down into the alien beast's lap, arms loosely wrapped around him as he came to seat himself against the door.

She was thankful to be closer to the ground, unsteady as her legs were after what she had just been through. It was too dark to see, and everything was cast in green by the gel pack, but she suspected that whatever little blood she had shed from the rupture of her hymen had been washed out by the gratuitous amount of semen that had gushed into her love vaginal passage. An experience to add to the comparative analysis that the SCO offered her. While she now lacked the processing power to make references to other things in the Federatin database, her human mind could follow along rather well. Differently, organically, but not stupidly. She was not certain it was a welcome state of mind, though, despite how Commander Renard welcomed her to finally feeling it.

While she listened wordlessly to the growl of the beast as he explained, she was aware of how he stroked her skin and her hair. She stiffened a little when he caressed her breast, but made no sound. Yet when those clawed fingers descended to the sore apex of her legs, she let out a small whimper - the synapses in her nervous system causing her whole body to shudder in sensitivity. "No, no..." she began to say, yet when he sank those fingers inside her to replace the emptiness that his aroused organ had left her with, she gasped and dug her fingers into his shoulders - eyes fluttering shut.

While he took a kiss from her, coarse fur brushing her bruised lips, and with his fingers now filling her, Thea tried to reassemble her mind well enough to formulate some kind of reply even though the situation was bizarre to her. She found no reason as to why they lingered, even though she welcomed the words. It gave her something to anchor herself to; to give her mind a means to stay sane when the things her new body told her was not. At one level, she still relished feeling the exotic scent of him - especially this close. To have his fingers inside her made things confusing, with the soreness and the languor in her limbs, but the travels of his muzzle seemed an affectionate gesture enough.

"I suppose it makes it obvious," she said and swallowed, no ready to shift her hips against the invading hand just yet, "that I am not 'most girls', being as I have been a hologram since before the commissioning of this Starship. If my level of acceptance... was not akin to a human's, then you know the reason for it... It was your scent, this body, and the opportunity... To feel like I have not felt before, so perhaps... I wanted to feel all of it, no matter the consequences. No matter the pain, or the situation at hand. It was all so... raw, and new."

She swallowed, reaching down to slowly - hesitantly - wrap her fingers around the Vulpinian erection that swayed in-between the closeness of their bodies. She examined it now, with her heightened sense of touch, and with a need to feel what her touch did to him. She came to wrap both her hands around his base - running her palms lightly up his slick length and to cup her hands around the hardening crown. Had all of that fit inside her? "I think the correct word is 'incredible', even if I place great credence in what I have just experienced - as it is too vivid to be something else but real. At least, it was real to me. As real as anything my sensors have picked up."

It was pulsing in her cupped hands, and she stroked the head where it stood between their abdomens - feeling it respond. She had no idea what it meant to tempt a Vulpinian in such a curious way, but she could not help but explore what it meant to touch a male organ. She had touched it earlier, but only in febrile need for fulfilment.

"Would this bring pleasure to a man? Any man?" she asked in her own analysis, as hard as it might be to focus given what he did to her, "What is the best technique to bring pleasure with the use of hands?"

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He moaned in a growling way as she wrapped her hands around his pulsing member.  Listening to her own words he smiled softly and leaned back against the door enjoying having the beautiful hologram exploring his organ.  "What you are doing is great,  Though there is no best way.  There's just many ways that can create pleasure.  Though If you wanted to make it even better you could use one hand on my shaft and another to cup my balls and massage them.  Or, you could use one hand to cradle the base and another to work the top half and tease the head with your thumb.  Still its more about what you feel like doing, I always have felt that the pleasure is not just the physical sensation but the emotional sensation of knowing that a female woudl gain pleasure at touching a part of me.   In a way its a pleasure at knowing part of me brings pleasure to another."  he explained as best as he could all the while moaning softly as she teased him.

Soon a bit of pre was leaking out against her hands which only made them more slick against him.  He knew if she kept this up she would soon make him cum again.  This time though since he was not inside anything he knew he woudl create quite the mess.  He of course had an idea as to how she could prevent such a mess, but he knew it woudl also be quite fun to let the young lady or hologram find herself coated in his seed as well.  Either way he could tell more than anything she was curious.   That curiosity was obviously what drove her forwards.

He reclined as his cock began to pulse forcefully in her hands.  He closed his eyes as his mind began to slip in that familiar daze.  His fingers slipped from her pussy and his arm fell limp as he just enjoyed himself as she gave him this amazingly wonderful treat.  All he could do was pant softly as he pleaded, "Whatever you do Thea, Please don't stop."

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In realising that the beast surrendered to her ministrations, leaning back and enjoying himself, Thea felt a sense of sexual empowerment that she had not experienced before. A curious sensation, and one that sparked initatives she did not know she was programmed for. Then again, she currently posessed no programming. She was completely ad hoc, without restraints, and no means to know whether she did things correctly or not. There were no settings to limit her ability to make mistakes. Thus, that she was doing something correctly meant more to her, and she continued as instructed - looking towards the light blue eyes in the darkness to see whether it was right or not.

She stroked her fingers against the hard scrotum, not too firmly, but in a tantalising way. She rubbed the slick length, and found a little seed coming out at the tip to assist in the insistent movements of her bare hand - the lubrication letting her hand move faster and firmer along the thick girth. She focused on the head alone, with both thumbs kneading it and hands twisting rhythmically. She breathed heavily from the exertions and the excitement she felt, and when the long Vulpinian fingers slipped out of her sheath, it was not without a sense of loss.

She realised then that the Niga Incident's records had shown her something more; something she had yet only to experience with the Vulpinian's tongue. Looking up at him, she lowered her head, and stretched her jaw open to accommodate the massive crown into her oral cavity. Her hands still slid up and down his shaft, but now she began to suck and lick upon the head of him too.

When he came, it was a surprise to her - his excitement hard to measure since she had so little experience. Her eyes went wide when his semen gushed hard into her mouth and down her throat. She pulled back by reflex and coughed, only to have the next gushing spray catch her across her face - blinding her. Disoriented, she fell back on her behind - still holding on to the male organ for support - just to have the third showering land across her chest and abdomen. Still, even as she was drenched, sputtering and holding on to the hard meat, more seed trickled over her hands.

It was only when she realised that she had not made any mistake, and that she had stimulated him successfully, that she swallowed a couple of times and smiled with her cum-covered face. Legs wide where she sat, she gingerly stroked him a bit more. "I would surmise it being obvious that I have managed to stimulate you."

After wiping her eyes clear from his reproductive fluids, Thea released him and paused in thought. Reaching a decision, which took forever compared to before, she bit her lower lip and leaned back upon the floor - propping herself up on her elbows where she lay before him. "Would you please resume coitus with me? It does not hurt anymore..."

To verify this, she reached down with one hand and stroked herself - indeed finding that the soreness not so painful as it had been earlier. No, she secreted, and the smell of the Vulpinian made her want to prolong the happenstance experiment.

Re: EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [Renard/Thea]

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It was clear, by the way that he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes tightly at her expert hand, that she was not only doing good but more wonderful than most could ever reproduce.  When her fingers began to slip lightly around his sack he couldn't help but let out a low growl that could only be described as a canid version of a felines purr as he seemed to buck welcomingly into her graceful hands.  Then something else happened that made his eyes shoot open in surprise.

Without any warning Thea had begun to use her mouth.  He had planned on asking if she would after this round, but her taking the initiative only made him practically squirm in pleasure.  The curious former hologram was far from experienced but in her inexperience she gave him something he had never experienced.  For the first time he felt as if he was being explored and by a partner that was clearly not just trying to please him. This recently virgin lady was eagerly wanting to find out for herself just what pleasure was, and she was far from shy about making sure she found out what she wanted.

He moaned out as he could tell she had no clue he was about to cum and she was far from trying to stave off the flood of pleasure as her stimulations were oh so shallow. She had not even tried to take him any deeper than a few inches before he had came.  Still, the flood that overtook her was more than sufficient to fill her virgin throat.  He came came with a hard buck and the flood of semen was enough to force her mouth off of him as it filled her.  Soon he was able to see past the haze he could only stare in wonder at how tantalizing Thea looked where she was.

He couldn't help but admire the sight of her.  He had never seen anyone so eager and insatiable.  Not only had she gotten cum over her face but over her chest and body as well.  Nearly every inch even near the shower of his cum was coated in his seed and by the looks of her she was more than happy to have been given the full dose.

He eagerly but slowly crawled over to her and wrapped both his arms and his tail around her. As he gently pushed his body against hers hearing her soft voice asking so politely he could only reply equally politely and honestly.  "Of course Thea, Just give me a few minutes to recover."  He laughed softly pulling himself closer to her as his Head rested against her neck as he kissed her gently. 

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