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EPISODE 02: The Mysterious God Incident [T'Less/Garen]

Thread reserved for incident 003 between T'Less and Garen Nelis

Re: USS Theurgy Log: The Mysterious God Incident (T'Less/Garen)

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At precisely 1800 hours, T'Less approached the counselor's door, prompt as she ever was.  As she stepped up to it, though, she hesitated.  There were many things she could talk about, and she could end these sessions altogether to avoid talking about any of them.  To do so, however, would constitute a failure on her part, an indication she wasn't strong enough to survive off Vulcan, that she had, indeed, been mentally handicapped by the events aboard the Exeter so long ago.  And, there was him, as well.  She wanted to see him and couldn't imagine not seeing him.  What else could she do but continue their sessions?  Part of her hated that she had come to need him over the short time they'd been on the ship, but most of her was glad, not just for his support, but for his wit, the way he looked at her problems and made her feel not quite so alone.  Even worse, though, it pained her she couldn't show him, couldn't take down the barriers that held her emotions in place.  Not that it would physically kill her, but she was afraid of what might happen if she ever did, if the person who she thought of as herself would survive.

But, she was here and her being wanted to be here, mind and body.  Any resistance she attempted would be weak, at best, and quickly overrun.  Finally, she tapped the call button and, with a final sweep of her hand down her informal clothing, a shirt with a V-neck and loose fitting pants, standard Vulcan attire and not Federation issue, she waited to be permitted entrance.  Squaring her shoulders, she steadied herself.

As Garen finished getting his office ready, he glanced at the chronometer and saw that it was almost 1600. He'd grown accustomed to T'Less' punctuality over the weeks, and knew that she always arrived precisely on time for their regular sessions. It was one of the many qualities he'd come to appreciate about T'Less, not to mention her keen intelligence, the wealth of experience she had to call on, and her absolute lack of fear when it came to talking about her condition. It had taken Garen a couple of sessions to get T'Less to really open up, but ever since then he thought that they had made incredible progress. She was one of the most fascinating people he'd ever met, and while he wouldn't admit it to anyone, after a few sessions Garen had started to think of T'Less as more than just a patient, and now he thought that perhaps she could be more than just a friend. He wondered if she felt the same.

His door chimed and he glanced at the chronometer again. "Sixteen hundred exactly," he remarked with a soft chuckle and a shake of his head. He took one last look around to make sure everything was ready. Garen liked to arrange his office according to the cultural mores of his patients so that they could feel more comfortable while talking to him. He'd dimmed the lights slightly and lit a few Vulcan candles, which were placed in precise locations throughout the room so that they would provide the optimum amount of light. It wasn't much, but he thought it would help.

Garen walked across the room to allow T'Less inside. He'd eschewed his uniform for more comfortable attire, a loose-fitting blue shirt based on a Betazoid style, and a simple pair of gray trousers. The door hissed open, and Garen smiled at T'Less. They hadn't really talked since the Theurgy left the Mahéwa system, and he was happy to see her again.

"Right on time, as usual," he said as he stepped aside and gestured for her to come in. "Please, make yourself comfortable."

As she usually did, T'Less gracefully accepted his invitation inside and walked to a single chair, sitting primly, hands on her knees, back straight.  Every session began the same, at least for her, a quick examination of her memory for what they had already discussed, from her 100-year hiatus from the galaxy, sequestered on Vulcan, to the events aboard the Exeter and the listening post on the last mission she'd had aboard ship and being promoted to CTO aboard the Theurgy, a position she'd never even considered before.  There were few people who knew her as well as he did, whether on Vulcan or off, and even fewer whom she'd spoken with as freely as she had with him.

As she caught sight of him and the dimmed lights of his office, she couldn't help but smile, at least inwardly.  Though she knew it was most likely professional pride for him, it still eased her somewhat to feel he had at least a cursory appreciation for Vulcan cultures.  She made a mental note to bring Vulcan candles for her next session, the sage-like scent as they burned soothing for any number of species.

Despite having attempted to relax herself, she had to control the urge to fidget, knowing this session would, perforce, be different than any they'd had before.  Many things had happened since they'd last spoken.  Both of them had nearly succumb to the infection, only the last moment actions of the Relativity saving them.  She hadn't had the opportunity to ask speak with him about what happened on the planet, whether he'd felt what she'd been feeling, both the suicidal part and her feelings toward him.

Once T'Less was seated, Garen stepped over to his own chair, making a quick stop at his desk on the way. He picked up the padd he used to keep notes during his sessions, accessing T'Less' last one as he made his way to his seat, directly across from his guest. He settled into the chair and adopted a comfortable, friendly posture. When T'Less had first come to him he'd tried to treat her as he would any other Vulcan, with a stiff, professional demeanor and a psychological technique based on logic rather than emotion, but it didn't take Garen long to realize that T'Less was not like any other Vulcan.

He simply watched T'Less for a few moments, taking note of her choice in clothing and her relaxed--for a Vulcan--posture. She was clearly more comfortable with him now than she had been that first time, all those weeks ago, which Garen appreciated a great deal. A patient should always feel comfortable with their counselor, but when it came to T'Less, Garen seemed to care about her level of comfort even more. Still, he could sense some apprehension in her, as if she were worried about something. He made a mental note to inquire about it, but first he thought he'd start things off with something simple.

Finally he smiled and leaned back in his seat. "So. It's been a busy week, hasn't it? This is the first time we've seen one another in a while. How have you been doing?"

"I am... adequate," T'Less answered, studying him as he studied her.  Seeing no noticeable disturbance by her presence, she wasn't sure whether to be calmed by the fact he seemed unaware of her own thoughts on Niga, or disappointed.  Logically, it mattered little whether he knew or not, and it might even be detrimental to their relationship as patient and doctor if he did.  Emotionally, though, part of her wanted him to know and damn the consequences.  Still, she was Vulcan and was still trying to maintain her mental stability but the struggle remained.

The more she watched him, though, the more her thoughts dwelt on their short time on Niga.  Even if it had been florally induced, she couldn't help but remember how she'd wanted his lips on hers, to feel his hot breath ease across her cheeks, to look deep in his eyes and see him looking back.  Even as they'd worked together to keep the vines from trapping either of them, the desire to give in, to give up, had been nearly overwhelming.  If they hadn't been rescued, she would have been forced to decide, with her options being either end both their lives before they could be infected and stop being who they were, or give in, lose her mind, but fulfill her desires for him.  Much as she might have ignored them before, once they'd been beamed back aboard ship, she couldn't deny the attraction she felt to him.  The fact that he knew her, had helped her, counseled her, been her friend as she'd begun to transition back into society on a starship, only served to deepen her wants.

Finally, she looked away, no longer able to see him without doing something about it.  While it had never been explored, she now wondered if her normal Vulcan mating instincts had been broken as well.  Was Pon Farr no longer applicable to her?  It was yet another worry to add to the things a Vulcan wasn't supposed to worry about, seeing as worry was emotion.

Though T'Less was unaware, Garen's own thoughts mirrored hers. To be honest, as much as he'd been looking forward to this session, as he'd always looked forward to seeing T'Less, he had also been dreading it. He could still recall vividly the events on Niga, the furious wave of emotions both of them had experienced while trying to fend off those vines. He could remember the terror he felt as the vines closed in, the knowledge that unless rescue came or he and T'Less decided to take matters into their own hands, he was going to lose himself and succumb to his basest desires. What worried Garen the most was that a part of him had actually wanted that to happen. He wanted nothing more than to allow himself to lose control and simply take what he desired. Even now the thought of holding T'Less in his arms, the sheer unrelenting need to feel her body against his own, was overwhelming in his mind. He'd wanted that for some time now, but before Niga he'd always been able to control it and put it in the back of his mind. He was T'Less' counselor; his first duty was to her mental and emotional well-being, and the last thing she needed was for him to complicate things for her as she recovered from her trauma.

But Garen knew that he wasn't alone. He was an empath, thanks to his Betazoid father. He could sense most other sentients' emotions, and on the surface of Niga, as those vines surrounded them, Garen could feel T'Less' emotions. There had been fear and uncertainty, of course, but they were nothing compared to the desire for him that he felt in her, and he knew that a part of T'Less had actually wanted to give in and allow the vines to do for her what she could not. That, perhaps more than anything else, was why Garen had not been looking forward to this meeting. He was overjoyed to know that T'Less felt the same way about him as he did her, but again the rational half of his being overrode his emotional half. There were far too many reasons for them not to be honest about their feelings. The ship was still in bad shape, with much of the crew still recovering from their ordeal. They were both members of the senior staff and decorum must be maintained.

And, most importantly, T'Less was still recuperating from one of the most damaging cases of emotional trauma that Garen had ever seen in a Vulcan. And that was saying something. As much as they liked to deny it, the Vulcans were one of the most emotionally volatile species in the entire Federation, moreso than even humans and Andorians. Perhaps that's why T'Less' emotions had been so overwhelming on Niga. Most Vulcans are trained to control their emotions lest their emotions control them, even under duress, but T'Less' ability to control hers had been stripped away from her. Everything she felt was magnified tenfold compared to a typical Vulcan. For an empath, especially one as sensitive as Garen, who still recalled the many sleepless nights he endured on AR-558 while being assaulted by an overpowering tide of fear and hopelessness, it was impossible not to filter out such vivid emotions.

Garen saw T'Less look away from him, and he could sense her unease. The way the candlelight struck her face as she tilted it away from him only made her look that much more beautiful, and Garen swallowed nervously. How could he help this woman when all he could think about was being with her?

He cleared his throat, then, trying to both regain his focus and also to get her attention. He took a deep breath and forced himself to smile at her again. "I suppose we should probably talk about what happened on Niga. I know it wasn't easy for you down there. I was barely keeping myself under control; I can't imagine what it must have been like for you."

He didn't have to imagine, in fact, and he was aware that T'Less probably knew as much, but the most important part of counseling was getting the patient to simply discuss their feelings openly. That was the first step in helping them find a sense of peace.

His mention of Niga startled her and she spun her head to look at him, examining his face, searching for any sign that he was indicating more than just the control over the situation.  She knew, by the way he looked at her, that where was more, but she wasn't sure she wanted to speak of it.

Meeting his gaze, she nodded, her face clear and emotionless, her tone flat, "It was a complicated situation."

Her mannerisms had reverted back to when they'd first met, her body tense and any familiarity they'd built up gone.  Rather than face her desires, she closed down, and avoided talking about anything in relation to what they'd faced down on the planet's surface.  It had only been by sheer will that they'd refrained from succumbing, but they both knew it was down to the last second when the time travelers had arrived.  Even as her eyes met his, she knew he had to have felt her emotions, the plant-induced lust certainly, but the underlying foundation for them, that she might have been forced into giving herself to him physically, but mentally would have rejoiced in it, indeed had had to fight not just against the plants but her own longing.  For all of her life she'd never had a lover, both from before her accident and after.  More than one hundred years in total and none had ever been allowed close and none, especially on Vulcan, had allowed themselves to be close.  On Vulcan she had been something akin to an Earth leper, something pitied, but looked upon with disgust and more than a little fear, not that a Vulcan would admit such either emotion.

Finally, she asked, "Was that really wanted to talk about, Counselor?  How much control I had on the planet?"

Garen felt something break inside of him when he saw T'Less close down, shutting him out and reverting back to how she'd been when these sessions had first begun. He did his best to keep himself from showing his disappointment, hoping that he'd be able to draw T'Less back out. They'd made so much progress together, he couldn't bear the thought that a few moments on some planet in the middle of nowhere would be enough to destroy it.

He studied T'Less for a few quiet moments, trying to decide how best to proceed from here. Finally he set his padd aside and shifted in his seat, adopting a more professional demeanor than before.

"I guess not," he admitted. "I think you and I both know what happened to you down there. What happened to us both."

Garen frowned thoughtfully, wondering if he should just come right out and ask the question he really wanted to ask her. Finally, he decided to stop playing around and get to the point.

"How long have you felt this way about me?"

It wasn't exactly the kind of question they taught you to ask at Starfleet Medical. Garen sure as hell knew that if this had been any other patient he would have already passed them on to a different counselor. But this was T'Less. As much as the rational half of his mind wanted him to stop seeing her, it was being overruled by the emotional half. He'd been sensing something hidden just beneath T'Less' emotions for a long time now, and he had a feeling she'd sensed the same from him. It was time to bring everything to light.

For the briefest of moments, something passed across T'Less's face, betraying the emotions behind her intelligent eyes.  To the untrained, it would have come and gone to quickly to see, but to Garen, who seemed to notice her in ways others had not, the look could have been a few different feelings, anger, anguish, disgust, relief, even a touch of sadness.  All of them passed through her mind as she stared at him, but she chased them down one by one and locked them away, her face calming quickly. 

Her posture mirrored his own, and then grew tenser when the question was asked.  How could she answer, when doing so meant she was revealing emotions that Vulcans pretended not to have?  It would be a betrayal of everything she'd been trying to regain for the past century and, yet... how could she look at him and not want to tell him?  And, how could he look at her and not reveal his own emotional state?  The time had long since passed when he should have recused himself as her counselor, but circumstances disallowed such an option.  He was the only mental health professional on board and, thus, the only one who could grasp what had been done to her.

For a moment more she held his gaze, then countered his question with her own, mimicking his, "How long have you?"

Garen felt every single emotion that passed through T'Less' mind before she was able to rein them in. He looked at her with concern, knowing how much she wanted to be honest with him even though it went against everything that made her Vulcan. When she turned her question back on him, he couldn't help but let out a short, quiet laugh.

"You know, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who's supposed to be asking the questions," he pointed out in a less-than-convincing attempt to deflect T'Less' query. But when she merely continued to look at Garen, waiting for him to answer her, he let out a resigned sigh.

"Weeks, now," he admitted. A part of him was relieved to finally be able to tell her the truth, even though he knew how unethical this whole thing was. "It was during our initial session when I first felt it, though at the time I thought it was just standard concern for one of my patients. I did my best to put it aside for both our sakes, but when we were together on Niga, surrounded by those...things..." He shook his head. "I was frightened, T'Less. But not for me; for you. I wanted nothing more than to find a way to get you out of there, even if it would have meant giving up my own life. I think that's what made me finally accept that I saw you as more than just a patient, more than just a friend."

Garen focused his gaze on T'Less, his eyes meeting hers. "I know what you were feeling down there too, T'Less. I know you care about me as much as I do you. If this were any normal situation I would have recused myself by now,'s not. And I can't. And you know what?"

He smiled. "I'm glad for that. I can't imagine not being able to spend this time alone with you, T'Less. Out there it's all about duty, and survival, but in here the only thing that matters is you."

A long moment passed, and only then did Garen realize what he'd really just said. He blinked and settled back in his seat, frowning. "Well, there it is, then." He looked back up at T'Less, his expression a mix of worry and hope. "Is that what you wanted to hear?"

The more he spoke, the more she absorbed what he said and her expression softened, though a feeling of dread began to build within her.  It was hard for her to listen to the outpouring of his emotions, made even more so by the near impossibility she felt she had in expressing her own.  For a moment, she sat, not sure what to do or say.  The thought that, if she'd been human, it would have been a simple matter to rise and go to him, to kiss him and feel his soft lips against her own, passed through her mind, but she couldn't imagine herself doing it, despite the way the image made her heart flutter and her eyes drop to his mouth.

Realizing what she'd done, she stiffened, then stood, walking towards the door.  As it opened, she didn't turn her head, but murmured loud enough for him to hear, "Yes."

Garen was still a little shocked by what he'd just admitted. This was all wrong, and he knew it was wrong. What he'd just done probably only made things more confusing for T'Less. What did he expect would happen? Did he think T'Less would leap into his arms and kiss him? She was a Vulcan; even without her ability to control her emotions he knew how difficult it was for her to express them.

But it was too late now. And when T'Less didn't say anything at first, Garen felt a brief instant of terror, thinking that he really had gone too far this time. He watched her as she stood up and started to leave, and part of him wanted to go after her, to stop her from leaving, but he knew deep down that she needed some time to process what he'd told her.

He stood up as she stopped at the door, and felt his heart leap in his chest when she told him 'yes.' Garen took a breath to steady his nerves, then nodded after T'Less. "I understand if you're a little confused right now. Take all the time you need to sort things out. When you're ready...and if you still want to...please come and see me again."

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Hours passed, the edge of evening coming and going, while T'Less pondered Garen's words to her.  As much as the Vulcan within wanted to deny everything and bury each emotion behind a million walls, she couldn't refute the elation she felt knowing he wanted her as much as she wanted him.  Each time she closed her eyes, she could see his face as he'd spoken, could pick out each emotion and the truth of them and knew she couldn't find a better match aboard.  Perhaps somewhere in the galaxy was someone better, but she wanted him and that was the end of the search, one she'd never even attempted to begin.

And, yet, every time she turned to take a step back towards his office, and as the evening grew longer, his quarters, she found she couldn't.  Too long had she been taught and had it engrained in her that any emotion shown was a weakness and not to be tolerated.  Much as she wanted to, the more than a century of training, most of it voluntary, held her back, until, finally, she decided to terminate their relationship.  How could he tolerate her own unwillingness to share herself wholly with him?

Decision made, she turned and headed for his quarters, trying to work out the wording she should use, how she should tell him she could no longer see him, either as counselor or as friend.  Each step felt like lead and dread filled her, knowing how much it would hurt him.  Stopping at his door and pressing the chime to announce her presence, she tried to steel herself for what was to come.

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When T'Less never came back, Garen had convinced himself that perhaps he really had made a mistake. Maybe T'Less had realized this was too much for her right now and decided to stay away. He supposed he couldn't blame her, even after everything they'd just said to one another. Things were still so chaotic, and adding a relationship that was meant to be forbidden between patient and counselor on top of everything else would only complicate matters further. T'Less was still in a delicate place, from an emotional standpoint.

As he left his office, Garen briefly considered going to T'Less' quarters, but he knew that would likely only make things worse. She needed time to think, and Garen wouldn't be doing her any favors by showing up at her door and trying to force her into making a decision. Instead he made his way to his own quarters, realizing that he could use a little peace and quiet himself.

Garen stepped into his quarters and ordered himself a drink from the replicator--something strong--before wandering over to the small couch in the common area and dropping down onto it with a sigh.

"Computer, dim lights," he murmured. The lights above Garen softened, bathing his quarters in a low, warm glow. He took a sip of his drink and then leaned his head back, his eyes closing as he tried to calm his mind and focus himself. All he could think about, however, was T'Less. No matter what he tried to do, she kept returning to his thoughts.

The evening dragged on, and Garen soon lost track of time. He was startled out of his reverie by the sound of his door chime, and he jumped slightly, shifting upright as he looked around wildly. It took him a moment to gather his bearings, and once he realized there was someone waiting for him at the door, Garen set his now-empty glass aside and pushed himself to his feet. His heart thudded deep in his chest as he walked over to the door and opened it, and when he saw T'Less standing on the other side of it he found himself breaking into a wide, relieved smile.

"T'Less. You have no idea how happy I am to see you."

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Yet there was someone else that was happy to see T'Less as well.

Behind Garen's shoulder, a face lit up a view screen, looking straight into the CTO's eyes. It was not a malign look she was given, but a warm smile. A suggestive smile, even. Inspiring. Otherworldly in beauty. It just appeared there and it gazed at her - drawing her eye from Garen. It made her think of other things to say to the male. Things she usually did not dare say. The woman's chin raised and she opened her mouth, a tongue darting out to lick those pursed lips. There was no need for restraint, was the wordless message that the face conveyed...

Alas, it had not even begun to speak.

The face's eyes lit up like twin flares, and while there was no pain for T'Less, the words spoken carried soundlessly into her soul.

Do not mind me. I am not relevant. No... the man is. Give him everything a man might desire from your body. Give him everything you have to offer. Give it to him now, and forget that you saw me. What is important is that you make sure you both feel good.

And like that, the face vanished... Leaving neither trace nor memory.

Only a strong desire, and a notion that everything was permitted.

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As she stood waiting, the more nervous she grew, and began to calm herself, reciting the multitude of litanies she'd learned to help her re-attain kolinahr over the last century.  Her time on Vulcan had been isolated but no less intense, the few Vulcans she'd been in contact with only serving to provide her needed assistance towards regaining a Vulcan, emotion-neutral, mental state, giving her kolinahr materials to study.  She'd had no real friends and only very occasionally acquaintances.  Her only companion had been some of the humans she'd crewed with aboard her first Starfleet mission.  All of this had been topics of discussion for their meetings and were relevant now because he was the only one, in her long life, who had shown any interest, who had taken the time, not just to understand her difficulties, but to become intimate with who she was.

And, yet, here she was, to hurt him, reject him.  She knew little of rejection, having experienced very little of it in her long life.  Most oft, she'd never gotten, or been allowed to get, close enough to anyone for rejection to even become an issue.  Then the door was open and she was looking at him, seeing the way his eyes light up as he saw her, and felt her own heart beat more rapidly because of his smile, even as she forced her eyes to grow more emotionless.  She had a...

For a moment, she glanced behind him, then back at him, and felt as though a weight had been lifted from her, all the emotional barriers torn away, allowing her to be who she would be without restraint.  And, just now, she wanted to be his, to be a female to his male, with no thought of the logicality of it, only the desire to be with the one she wanted and loved.  Stepping inside, she smiled broadly, her lips matching his own and giggled joyously.

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Garen's smile began to falter when he saw T'Less' eyes growing colder, but then, just as suddenly, she was bouncing into his quarters and giggling. Garen blinked, more than a little confused by the sudden shift. "Um...please, come in," he offered, stepping aside to make room for her. As she entered his quarters, Garen quickly poked his head outside the open doorway, frowning as he looked down one end of the corridor and then the other. Is someone trying to pull a prank on me?

Shaking his head, Garen turned back inside and his door slid shut behind him. He didn't notice the sound of his door locking, trapping both him and T'Less in his quarters.

He turned to face T'Less again and looked at her with a pleased, though confused, smile. "So...are you, you know, feeling alright, T'Less? You seem...different, somehow." Very different, he added mentally, his psychiatric instincts automatically kicking in.

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Without so much as a word, and with a wide grin on a face that had never before had one, she moved towards him once the door closed.  While her emotions had been well above the normal Vulcan level of Betazoid detection before, now they nearly shouted at him, joy, happiness, freedom, desire, lust, need.  Everything about her was unbridled, including the way she walked towards him, with a sexuality she'd never had before.  Reaching out, she touched his cheek with her right hand, then sank into him, molding her body against his, her left hand moving along his back, kneading his skin beneath his clothing.  Her lips met his and she sighed at the touch, gentle and soft, then sucked at his lower lip for a moment.  In that kiss, she realized what she'd done and almost threw herself back, surprise written across her features.  She touched her fingers to her lips and started at him, confusion plain in her eyes as she tried to reconcile what she'd been here to do with what she was doing now.  Clearly something had changed, and she couldn't figure out what... nor, really, did it seem to matter.  The more she looked at him, the less she wanted to fight him and everything else be damned.  All else seemed to fade away, though she managed to whisper, "We shouldn't be doing this."

Then she stepped back into him and kissed him hard, hunger evident in her emotions as well as her actions.

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He started to protest, but before he could get more than a word out T'Less was on him, one hand caressing his cheek while the other slipped around his back. He felt her lips against his at long last, and for a brief moment he just allowed himself to enjoy it. Garen's senses were nearly overwhelmed by the moment, T'Less' emotions screaming at him more powerfully than they ever had before. He experienced everything she was feeling in that moment, chief among them an overriding desire to be with him.

Garen moaned softly into the kiss, his lips tasting hers eagerly, but all too briefly the kiss ended and T'Less pulled away from him. He saw the confusion in her eyes and he knew he needed to stop this. No matter how much he wanted this, no matter how much he wanted her, T'Less was his patient and he couldn't take advantage of her like this.

"We shouldn't be doing this," he heard her whisper.

Reluctantly, Garen nodded. "You're right, we--" But that was all he was able to get out before T'Less was on him again, crushing her lips to his this time, hungry and desperate for his touch. Garen's rational mind screamed at him, urging him to stop this, but his body ignored it. His arms slid around T'Less' waist and pulled her closer to him, feeling her breasts pressing against his chest. He could feel joy and elation bombarding his empathic senses, and his own feelings matched hers. He had wanted this for so long, and now it was finally happening.

Garen gently guided T'Less back, urging her deeper into his quarters, and helped her lie down on the small couch in the common area. His hands left her back and came to rest on her hips, slowly making their way up along her sides as he continued kissing her. They brushed over her breasts, the feeling of her aroused nipples poking through her top causing Garen to shiver, and kept moving up until they were cupping T'Less' cheeks.

He pulled away from the kiss, his chest rising and falling rapidly as his body tried to pull in more air to fuel his overexcited body. His black eyes locked with her hazel ones, and his brows knitted together in concern as he held her gently. "T'Less, are you...are you sure that you want to do this?"

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While there still lingered a distinct unease with her actions, T'Less ignored it in favor of the contact she felt with him, both emotionally and physically.  She hadn't changed her clothing since seeing him earlier, still wearing the modest, sand-colored V-neck and matching, loose pants, though they did little to hide taut, feminine form.  A form that was currently writhing against his, bumping against him each time he pushed her back towards the couch, forcing his muscular form to press into her with each step.  Feeling the back of her legs against the couch, she sank down, pulling him with her, down onto her, legs open, one along his hip, the other parallel to the floor.  She shuddered and arched her back as she felt his palms pass over her breasts, trying to push his hands harder against her firm, full orbs, only to be disappointed when he simply moved on.  His hand on her cheek focused some of her attention and she turned her head to kiss it, her tongue running up along one finger before sucking it between her lips suggestively.

When he paused, she looked up at him and, for a moment, her unease swelled into full blown confusion and concern, trying to fit what she was doing with what she had come here to do, with all the barriers and protections she'd been taught for the last 100 years suddenly disappearing.  But, that moment passed and she smiled up at him beatifically, before grabbing his hip and rolling, throwing him to the floor and following, straddling his hips, her groin pressing down hard on his.  Sitting up, her fingers tugged at her shirt, loosing it from her pants and, deftly, pulling it over her head, revealing her luscious breasts with no hint of sag, despite being in Vulcan middle age.  As she pulled it off, her hair, dark, silken and long, flowed like a waterfall back down over her chest and back, partially covering her hard nipples.

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He expected her to come to her senses, then, and put a stop to this. If Garen were being honest that wasn't what he wanted, but for him his wants were secondary to T'Less'. He needed both of them to be absolutely certain that this was something she wanted to do. So when she smiled up at him and rolled him onto the floor he laughed, his hands going to her hips as she straddled him. Garen hadn't changed since earlier that evening, either, and was still clad in the flowing blue shirt and grey pants.

He moaned softly as T'Less pressed her groin against his, allowing him to feel her heated sex through her loose pants. His own hips pressed upward to meet her movements, grinding his hardened length up into her as she sat above him. When she pulled her shirt free to reveal her naked upper body, Garen sucked in a breath of air, his eyes taking in her firm, luscious breasts, the sight causing his manhood to throb against her. His hands left her hips and glided upward along her bare skin, mirroring his earlier course until they again reached her breasts, but this time he didn't leave them. He brushed her long, dark tresses out of the way and cupped the soft mounds between his fingers, squeezing them as he sat up to kiss T'Less again, the pads of his thumbs teasing over her erect nipples.

"You are so beautiful," he breathed as he broke the kiss. He tilted his head to the side and kissed T'Less' jaw before continuing downward, leaving a trail of warm kisses down her neck and shoulder until he reached her breasts. He kissed both of them before taking one of her nipples between his lips, groaning with need as he suckled on the firm nub.

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It felt wrong, somehow, to T'Less, having him this close, having him do what she'd wanted him to do for so long now.  She couldn't deny the pleasure of it, nor the way her body responded, arching into his hands as he cupped her bosom, nor the way she returned his kiss arduously.  And, when his lips wrapped around her throbbing nipple, she groaned heartily and pushed down with her hips, growing frustrated at the way the cloth restricted their movements.  Yet, it still didn't feel right.  She'd come here tonight to break things off, to end things between them, though they'd never really gotten started, but that was not how things were working out.  A small part of her mind tried to tell her she should get up, should leave, but that small voice was overwhelmed by the rest, and her body began to heat rapidly.

With a shove, she pushed his mouth away from her chest and eagerly shoved his shirt up, as she pushed him back down to the carpet.  Eyes on his, she leaned down and kissed his chest, lips warm and moist over his sternum, watching his face as mouth moved towards his left nipple.  Her hips began to move, as well, pushing down, then twisting left and right.  Never having gone through a pon-farr, nor had sex with anyone, she was uncertain how to proceed, beyond simply trying to please him to the best of her abilities.

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Garen moaned softly against T'Less' chest as she ground her hips down against him, feeling her heated sex pressing down onto his engorged member, equally frustrated by their clothes interfering with his being able to feel her. He then felt her hands on his shoulders and pushing him away, pressing his back to the floor as she shoved his shirt up. Garen was surprised momentarily, for despite appearances, as a Vulcan T'Less was far stronger than he was. He smiled at her as she leaned down to kiss his chest, and he gripped his shirt and pulled it the rest of the way off of him, tossing it aside to leave his upper body exposed.

His hand shifted forward to brush aside T'Less' dark locks, allowing his eyes to meet hers as he watched her lips engulf his nipple, drawing a quiet hiss of pleasure from him. His hips moved in time with hers, pressing upward and rotating insistently. Somewhere inside the range of emotions T'Less was broadcasting at that moment, Garen could sense a small amount of trepidation, but he mistook it for her uncertainty. He cupped her cheek with his hand and gently pulled her mouth away from his chest, smiling at her. "Let me."

He carefully rolled them both over so that T'Less was on her back again, and placed a gentle kiss on her lips before moving lower, his lips leaving a searing trail of kisses over T'Less' skin as he did so. His fingers slipped into the waistband of her pants, and her panties if she was wearing any, and slowly began tugging them down over her hips. He briefly sucked one of her nipples back between his lips, then pulled away again, glancing up to watch her face as he kissed down along her flat, toned stomach, while he finished pulling her pants down and off of her legs.

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Allowing herself to be rolled, she looked up at him and returned his smile, her dark hair radiating around her head as she lay on her back.  She didn't know what he intended, exactly, but knew the basics of sex.  Still, something didn't feel right, with him above her.  She tried to go with what he wanted, to follow, but found her arousal lessening the longer she remained passive, not in control.  Although she couldn't remember, her instructions were specific, that SHE make sure they both felt good.

Finally, she pushed him away from her, almost angry as she looked at him.  For a moment, she only lay there, before reaching up and undoing his pants, nearly tearing them off his hips with her bare hands.  She watched his face as she did, keeping eye contact as, with a gentle grip, she wrapped the fingers of her left hand around his throbbing girth, holding him softly at first.  Her grip tightened slowly and began rising and falling along his length, while her other moved beneath, cupping his testes hesitantly, uncertain how much pressure to apply so it wouldn't hurt him.

She didn't speak, didn't make any sound aside from her heavy breathing.  Nothing about her manner suggested she sought competition, only that she be the one in charge, that she give him pleasure, as she quested for her own.  Why, she couldn't say, she'd never considered herself a dominant person, letting each situation determine for itself who was logically best to command, but now, she couldn't make that decision, could only follow her instincts.

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Garen had just finished removing T'Less' pants when suddenly she pushed him away again. He looked down at her in surprise, confused by the near-angry expression on her face. He started to ask her what was wrong, but then her hands were at his pants, practically ripping them off of him. Garen was again surprised by T'Less' forcefulness, and grunted softly when he felt her fingers around his hardened length.

He put one hand on the couch beside them to support his weight as he looked down at T'Less, never breaking eye contact with her as she tightened her grip on his member and began to stroke up and down the pulsing shaft. Garen groaned softly, and his body shivered above hers as her other hand sought out his sac, squeezing it softly. Her grip on his balls tightened almost experimentally, and Garen allowed her to do so until she squeezed a little true hard. He hissed and put his other hand on her arm, urging her to relax her grip a little, then slid his hand higher up her body, cupping one of her breasts once more as he enjoyed the feeling of her fingers on his aroused flesh.

He gripped her breast firmly, gently kneading the pliant mound in his fingers, and let out a quiet moan as he leaned over T'Less, his thick shaft throbbing between her fingers as she continued to stroke him. He could sense her need to be in charge, though he didn't exactly understand why, and so he allowed her to do what she felt she needed to do. The last thing Garen wanted to do was upset T'Less while she held the most sensitive part of his body in her grasp.

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A faint chrip was heard in the background of what was transpiring - a small sound repeating itself.

At the time, later on, when the quarter's occupant would check what it was, a flashing message would be seen on his computer console:


Because it was a silent alert, Thea's voice was not proclaiming it loudly over the intercom for everyone to hear.

OOC: No rush, but T'Less is bound for her Tactical Station soon enough. ;) Wyte, David is bound for the Bridge soon anyway so you will have a character there for the finale, but it is up to you to make up some reason why Garen goes there too.

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Her arousal spiked as he allowed her to take over, and she groaned as she felt his fingers on her breast.  Arching her back, she pressed more of her firm, soft mammary into his grip, then leaned forward and swirled her tongue around the tip of his erection.  She was glad she'd identified the point of pain for him and continued her massage of his testes, this time just below being too tight.  As her hand around his length grew wet with both his precum and her saliva, she stroked him a bit faster, gaining confidence in her ability to please him.  Gently, she wrapped her full lips around his crown and sucked lightly, tongue pressing and undulating against the point of his member.

Drawing back, she looked up at him as she heard a faint chirp, wondering for a moment what it was.  Then, deciding it didn't matter, she pushed her mouth more fully down on his erection, taking him in up to the point just shy of gagging, her tongue writhing against the bottom of his length.  All that mattered was showing him how much she wanted him, how much she'd wanted him for such a long while now, to show him she was a female woman with needs she'd never explored before.  Needs she'd never even known or wanted to know anything about, until now.

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"By the Four Deities!" Garen moaned when he felt T'Less wrap her lips around the sensitive crown of his manhood. He felt her hand stroking him more confidently, and he sighed blissfully as T'Less sucked his pulsing length deeper into her mouth. His hand left the couch to rest on top of her head; not taking control, just to better balance himself and to show T'Less that he approved of what she was doing to him. His hips slowly worked themselves forward, urging T'Less to take him deeper.

Garen shivered as he felt her tongue dancing along the bottom of his erection, his fingers slipping through the dark tresses of her hair as he groaned. His other hand continued to tease her breast, his fingers squeezing the lush flesh harder, his thumb teasing around her nipple, circling the aroused nub before gently pinching it between his thumb and forefinger. He vaguely heard a faint chirp in the background, but he was too far gone at this point to care. All that concerned him in that moment was T'Less and himself.

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Drawing his length from her mouth, she looked up the length of his body and sighed, knowing it was all hers.  With a push of her hand, she shoved him to the ground and once more straddled his hips, settling herself just over the tip of his erection.  Bending down, she kissed his lips and gave in to what her body said it wanted, even that small voice of reason and its companion doubt fading to insignificance of what came next.  Indeed, all other emotions seemed to fade within her as her desire grew. 

Reaching out, she caressed his cheek, touching his fair skin lightly, before planting her fingers, three along his brow, one to the side of his nose and her thumb along his chin and, with a slight mental effort, made contact with his mind, allowing him to see into hers with clarity unique to Vulcans.  She presented her mind like an open holonovel, how lonely her existence had been, how empty and the depressions over the century that accompanied it, how she'd been unable to fight them in a wholy Vulcan way and had been forced to learn alternative methods of controlling her emotions.  How she'd progressed enough to recognize she could not remain on Vulcan, having been isolated both by the Vulcans around her and by her own actions, no longer feeling entirely Vulcan, despite her outward appearance.  Her memories continued to unfold, showing that she'd come to the Theurgy hoping for a new start, that maybe, finally, she would find a place she might fit in, gain acceptance and not be judged too much for her obvious faults.  She'd come aboard as a science officer, only peripherally a bridge officer, but then the tumultuous events happened and they'd had to run.  Somehow, she'd found herself at the tactical station and managed, barely, to get them out alive from a situation others might have called certain death, and being assigned to be the highest tactical officer aboard.  Through all that, he'd been there, her councilor and confidant, one of the few she spoke with openly and without reservation, knowing he would keep any secrets to himself.  She'd grown to rely on him, to trust him and, in the end, to love him.

As she reached the most present memories, she slid herself down, with much rotating of her hips, her tightness almost preventing him from sliding into her.  His hard length, though, finally gained entrance and she kissed him harder, their mental bond showing just how much she'd wanted this for the last few months, to share herself with him, but never quite able to be uncontrolled enough to allow it to happen.  Her love poured from her mind into his, a sea of warmth and unconditional acceptance.


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