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"Level four?"  She faked sounding horrified, still far too lighthearted to feel worry over that status.  "Is that what status the ship reaches when the Captain misplaces his dress uniform of something?"  Even in a crisis, Illya managed to try and be distracted, hoping her way into her pants while still topless, her d-cups bouncing up and down with each motion.  She pulled her shirt on only after that, fully dressing in a manner of a couple minutes, though her pace managed to make it seem longer.

"Is this an elaborate attempt for you to get me crawling through jefferies tubes so you can stare at my ass all the way to your quarters?  If so, you could just ask.  I might have even left my pants off."  She knew the situation was real, but she couldn't bring herself to be serious.  There were enough Starfleet officers on board to worry about that.  Still, she wouldn't have minded having a phaser in hand if there really was an issue on board, if for nothing more then the illusion of protection.  For all she knew, they were about to go to war with a Borg vessel.  Some good a phaser would do in that situation, other then serve as a high tech security blanket.

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he sighed, "Usually means missing personnel.  Idea is get everyone to duty stations for full crew inventory."   he then sighed as he looked over.  "I'm going to head to the bridge.  I would prefer it if you accompanied me.  If there are people going missing then at the very least if one person goes missing then it can be reported."

Looking over towards the replicator at the wall he punched in a few commands into it.  Recognize Voice print Renard, Miles, Lieutenant Comander, authorization bravo charlie four two eight four. Replicate Item Miles One, Item Three, Item Three, And Item Seven."  That said the replicator Created three objects One was what looked to be a short metal rod which miles grabbed and put onto what appeared to be a small slip in his jacket.  the others were two type 1 phasers and a combadge.  He handed her the Combadge.  He then sat the phaser down on the table as he sighed. "You do realize if you pick that up you are essentially volunteering as a temporary conscript into the Federation as a crewman recruit  I do expect it to be returned when you resign your commission."  he said bringing up finger quotes when he said commission

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How Illya hated the uptight nature of Starfleet uniforms and regulations.  When she was handed a combadge, he refused to place it in the standard position on her chest, instead turning it into an accessory on her shirt collar.  Picking up the phaser that was issued to her as well, she looked at her pants to note that her trusty old holster wasn't present on this outfit, forcing her to instead just tuck the weapon into the front of her pants like a 21st century Terran gang member.  "I'll wear the badge, carry the phaser, but I draw the line at those boring standard issue Starfleet undies," she stated, pulling on her shirt enough to give the Lieutenant Commander one last glance at the lacy red brassiere he could have been staring at on the floor if he had chosen to ignore his duty and stay with her in Below Decks

"Well, as a commissioned officer, I will have to follow your lead and your orders, sir.  If you want me to jump up and down for your amusement, now would be a good time."  She would always deflect tension with humor.  It was part of her defense mechanisms to not get stressed out in situations of life and death.  The time that Ida had a phaser on her in the shower had been met with the same thing, though that was even heavier flirting, simply because it seemed to throw the Andorian security officer off guard.  For Renard, she was using the right amount of humor, she figured.  Just enough to keep him from falling into routine.

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He sighed, "As much as I would enjoy watching the result of that order I am afraid that there is work to be done, as fun as ignoring it would be." He looked around a bit and shook his head.  "Hopefully there will be some kind of answers about what the heck is going on, at the bridge."  he then opened the door and began walking over to the turbolift opening it.  "Frankly I just don't want the captain too pissed at me for handing you a phaser, and I could care less where you wear the badge at or what you wear.  He said an audible bit of annoyance under-toning his concern as part of him more than a little peeved that his fun was interrupted so abruptly. "

((Up to you to finish off this thread however you like. Of course you can make your next post in the new topic with them in the turbolift arriving at the bridge or on the way there.))

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"Emergency situation, right?  All in regulation," she said, trying to rub some salve on his wounds.  Maybe he was just as disappointed as she was to see their time together come to an end.  Illya, ever the motivator, decided to give him something to hope for when the crisis had been averted.  "Tell you what, we both make it out of this, and I'l;l make sure to show my gratitude by doing something to you that you will never forget."  She kept it vague, hoping his mind would do all the motivating from there.  After that, Illya followed his lead to the bridge, where they would not only meet up with the crew, but also with the other hosts of the Rez symbiont.

((That should be a decent enough ending to get us to the bridge with the others))

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((Ok last post before Other topic.  I guess you could call this the first half of the other post.))

Miles smiled slyly, before speaking up inside the lift,  "Main Bridge."  The Lift began to move as he looked to her, "I'll hold you to that, Lady Rez."  he said as the lift began to move an he pulled her close and locked his lips with hers once more. fr moments their kiss began to go on before he felt the lift began to slow as it approached the bridge.  Finally he ran his hand through her hair and smiled at her.  "For luck."   The turbolift came to a stop as he pulled his uniform down and adjusted his collar before the door opened.

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