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Doctor Who - In A Cat's Eye

When the Doctor finds herself in an abandoned hotel filled with homeless people, she comes face to face with an alien threat unlike any she has encountered before. But is this alien menace really the threat it seems to be?

This is a Doctor Who Fanfic set in one of the periods when 13 was off traveling by herself away from the Fam.

By Absinthe

It was a dark and stormy day. It had been raining since before the dawn and the sun had not dared to peer through the clouds all day. It was the kind of day that made poor Ellie Mae’s joints ache, yet she continued to hurry through the dark alleyway as quickly as her old bones would allow.

When she heard a noise behind her she stopped and spun around.

A cat had leapt onto a nearby trash can and was grooming itself.

“Shoo!” Ellie Mae cried out and waved her hands frantically.

The cat looked up at her and squinted slightly.

“No! None of that you!” Ellie Mae shrieked and turned to flee once more.

She was getting very tired now and her body was aching like it had not in many years, but she couldn’t stop.

She walked under a dark overpass and began moving to the other side.

She froze when a small cat walked out and sat down, as if waiting for her. Its eyes seemed to glow with a hidden menace as it watched her.

“You leave me be!” the poor old woman wept as she turned to head back the way she had come, but stopped when she saw three cats sitting behind her, their eyes glowing in the dim light.

The cats began to meow, more cats arriving each second and joining the cacophony of sound.

Ellie Mae screamed in horror and then suddenly fell silent.


The TARDIS roared as it landed with a thud in the abandoned hallway.

A moment later a blonde-haired woman stuck her head out. She popped it back in and there was a banging sound. A moment later the woman stuck her head out again and scrunched her nose in frustration.

“This is not where I was supposed to land,” she complained back to the interior of the TARDIS.

The machine made an otherworldly sound.

“Oh, fine, have it your way,” the blonde woman said and stepped from the TARDIS.

She sniffed the air and looked around. It was raining outside and she was inside. That was a good thing she figured.

She was in a long hallway and the doors were covered in dust and each was marked with a number.

“Okay, so this must be a hotel of some kind,” she said and walked over to a door and ran her finger over the top of the door frame, a feat she had to stand on her very tiptoes to achieve. A great deal of dust fell as she slid her finger over the smooth wooden frame. “And abandoned for some time.”

She looked around and licked her finger, then stuck out her tongue in disgust. “Yep, that’s Earth dust, no doubt about it,” she said and wiped her hand on her coat.

“So, I’m on Earth, judging by the state of the hotel and its furnishing it was decorated in the 1970s and has been abandoned for at least 20 years,” the woman said to no one in particular. “Means I’m sometime in the 90s…”

She turned and began to march down the hallway. She had a good guess when she was and more-or-less knew about where she was, now it was time to find someone and fill in the details.

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