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[Deck 11 - The Garden of Eden]

"Oh look, she is coming to," said Cir'Cie with an uncharacteristic giggle and licked the fingers with which she had been rubbing the new Chief of Operation's pussy. The Vulcan seemed delighted by the taste, and leaned down to twirl her tongue around one of Natalie's jutting nipples. Lucan could not help to watch the ongoings, even if he did manage to meet Natalie's gaze momentarily. They were in this predicament together, and the determination that surfaced in the young human's eyes gave Lucan the will to continue the futile debate.

If all else fails, the simple words might get through. "Ensign Cir'Cie, listen to me," said Lucan his mind flailing for some kind of solution. "You can't do this. You will take this ship to a starbase, or even a planet. From there, this plague of yours will spread throughout the whole Alpha Quadrant and beyond."

The Vulcan merely nodded, smiling. "Exactly, Doctor," she said, and licked at the other nipple, "I was thinking we could try and reach Earth itself. This is supposed to be the fastest Starship in the Federation, correct? Once there, we could just start beaming people down into the cities. I wonder how long it will take for the whole planet to fall... We could establish new gardens and use the major Transporter hubs to send people there."

Evidently that tactic did not help at all.

Baring his teeth, the CMO glanced to Stark, trying to find some kind of reason to keep arguing. Her bruised face was the reminder about reality before the virus struck them. "You're talking about the end of civilization. Most people - even in my position and with my oath - would rather destroy the ship than let you ruin everything that all the known species have ever accomplished. Lt. Stark too," he said, nodding towards her, trying to not look at the perfectly rounded curves of said woman's chest and how Cir'Cie was framing one of Natalie's breasts with her hand and suckled upon the hard bud. "With all that is at stake, and shove comes to push, someone untouched by you will realise that there are no alternatives. As long as there is a single uninfected aboard, you can count on the great risk that there will be sabotage made - perhaps in a way that takes us all down. No, I will not give you the encryption codes, nor will Natalie give you hers."

The words were for Natalie too, words that they both could hold on to.

Cir'Cie pouted at Lucan in a mocking way. "I'm sorry to hear that," she said in reply and sat back from Natalie. Even as she did, there was a faint rustle in the undergrowth, and the crowd that watched them stirred - mesmerised with something. Lucan already knew what was about, but to Natalie, the sight of the vine that rose like a cobra between her parted legs might be a tad.. startling.

"Oh, look... It fancies her! I am sure it will be able to change her mind. As for you..." Cir'Cie glanced down at Lucan's groin and noticed how his cock was as hard as it ever could be. She smiled and bit her lower lip. "I love watching women go through this. It makes me a little horny."

For the plants were starting to come alive; greenish vines sprouted from the soil, entwining themselves around Natalie's arms and legs. Leafy tendrils brushed against her body, stroking her breasts and belly with feathery touches. Purple and violet blossoms along the vines were carried closer, and with every breath, she might fall deeper and deeper into its erotic spell.

"It is getting you ready for coitus, Lieutenant," said Cir'Cie to Natalie after moving away from her a little, and her hand found its way to Lucan's erection. She began to slide her fingers all over his penis - drawing her nails along it whilst she addressed the Chief of Operations. "Pretty soon you won't be able to help yourself. You will want to feel something moving inside you. Something big and hard, something that will fill you up."

Lucan's breathing quickened as she began to slowly pump his cock with her hand. "Ensign... don't..." The beast inside was screaming in mindless panic - about to be corrupted too.

Yet the Vulcan just smiled innocently. "Oh, I'm sorry, Doctor. I guess I just get carried away sometimes... especially when there's a nice big dick nearby. In fact, would you mind if I completed what we began yesterday? Mr. Grayson will make sure you won't do any tricks this time..." She crawled on top of him.

"Ensign... please... don't do this. Don't you see...this is an alien. You're allowing an alien life form to conquer all known civilisations."

"Oh, don't be so dramatic. It's not conquering us. Just changing us. Letting us evolve. Besides, it feels wonderful... as the Lieutenant here is about to find out." she said, in a mock-serious tone. "Besides, I have to fuck you, Doctor. It's the only way I can be sure you're telling me the truth about the encryption of the antidote. And Natalie, she is one of the few that can permanently deactivate the Ship AI hologram."

She looked down and guided his cock underneath her pussy. The deja vu from the day before in the Med Lab stuck Lucan full on. "Cir'Cie... I'm begging you... don't... for the sake of the galaxy, don't do this..."

She gave him a wicked, lustful smile as she sank herself down onto his cock.

The Vulcan moaned loudly as his rigid inches went up inside her, enveloped by the delicious wet warmth of her inner sex. Lucan groaned as she slowly descended, impaling herself upon his rigid dick. When it was all the way inside her, she let out a satisfied sigh and smiled.

Mind ablaze, Lucan gritted his teeth and tried to resist the divine feeling of her; forced himself to look away from Cir'Cie's lactating breasts. Instead, he saw that the thick purple vine witht he bulbous head that had risen from the soil between Natalie's thighs was now stroked them - searching and scenting for her juices. Eventually, it nudged against her sex slit... as if curiously probing for a way to get inside.

All they had was each other, Lucan and Natalie, to remind each other to not surrender.

"Lieutenant," he said hoarsely to her, eyes sits and jaws working, "you must not give in... Once you... the chemicals in your brain... I told you all at... ungh... Do not..." His stumbling explanation was interrupted when Cir'Cie began to move her hips up and down, massaging his Câroon phallus with her wet pussy. The erotic sensation was too powerful for him to ignore, and he groaned helplessly as she writhed up and down on his throbbing cock.

"Oh, but you will come... You both will..." Cir'Cie giggled as she squirmed rhythmically on top of her new victim. She rubbed her breasts and smiled as she bounced up and down upon his thick erection. She turned her eyes to Natalie. "Oh, I think it has found its way..."

Indeed, the purple intruder slowly pushed its way inside Natalie's vagina. Yet it did not get far. "Ah," said Cir'Cie, giggling, "are you a virgin, human? I wish my own virginity had been lost this way... You are truly blessed now... Nnghh..."

Lucan managed to watch, along with everyone else, as the alien plant began to pump itself in and out of Natalie's wet groin. In the complete silence of the Garden of Eden, he could hear the wet sucking noise every time the plant slid inside her - a slow, deliberate rhythm that was steadily forcing itself against the human's hymen. In seconds, it would be stretched far enough to pop.

"Don't.. don't..." Syllables that slipped from Lucan's lips with little meaning.

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- Middle Computer Core -
     Amikris groaned in pain and pleasure both.  How long had they been doing this she wasn't sure, but she was sure that everyone had taken their turn with her and that she had barely been able to keep up the act.  Her parents had gone to great lengths to indoctrinate her into the same outlook they'd shared for their career in Starfleet.  Repression, Self control, discipline, and supression of urges that came natural to her species.  It helped alot, right then as her first real sexual experiences came in a rapid sucession.  Normally a member of her kind would have caved and given into the instincts that over a million years of evolution as the apex predator of their homeworld, as infertility had gone up, so had the urge to reproduce gone up. 
       It thankfully was the early signs of withdrawl that made them stop.  As she began to shiver and have minor spasms, she bluffed that she needed nurishment and water after so long out of the water.  It was a hard sell at first but as the seizures slowly got worse, she thankfully was able to convince them by the end of the hour.  Thankfully in anticipation of their long hours of work, the infected had gathered some stockpiles of water and food here in the core.  It was difficult to supress the symthoms but thankfully the time it took for her to eat and drink, was enough time for the others to loose interest in her for now.  She carefully walked behind them as she nursed a water bottle like an alcholic might nurse a bottle of their favorate beer.  Her path took her slowly toward her phaser still on the floor.
        One she had her phaser she'd walk back toward the food stockpile at the far end of the room setting the phaser to a wide dispersal and stun setting.  She eyed the group hesistantly.  Three of them would have to die and she wasn't quite ready to make that choice but would she ever be ready?  That hard the hardest part in what she was going to do, she had the antitode but only eight doses.  If they woke up soon, she'd be in trouble and at risk of them undoing all her hard work.   She opens fire with one large dispersal, aiming to take out all of the infected computer techs in one shot if she could. 
Ester and Adam made their way to the bridge, a lustful look being exchanged between them as he prepared to claim her once more, this time her fully altered form.  Their destination, the Captain's chair assuming Hannah was done with her stunt by now.  It was hard to tell if that would be the case, if not well he could always claim her on the tactical display or even navigation, since they were locked out.  His dick only seemed to harden more at the idea. 
Upon entering the bridge they almost immediately noticed the interlopers and unconcious pair on the floor. "Thea restrain Mr Kea for us know the new rules on this ship, he's not enlightened and therefore a threat to our grand new mission."  Ester and him both made their way toward the two of them, Ester searching for a phaser as she stroked herself eagerly wanting to be ready for her part to play in the moments ahead.
The two adult Ash'reem responded almost immediately to their new enviroment, speaking in their native tongue, arcorn began modifications to his phaser as Amatras began to stratigicly fire and eliminate the vines that drew to close to them in the mean time.  It wasn't safe that was for sure but they didn't have much choice, until evac could occur.  The new sights and sounds made them well aware of the transportation that had happened and the logical conclusion that they must have failed on the planet.  They weren't afraid like the vulcan and human might be.  Amatras understood the nature of the virus well enough now to understand that they likely wouldn't be effected immediately.  Even so, it wasn't wise to try to wait for the plant to attack them here in the swamp.  They let T'less take the lead on this journey.

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The Main Bridge | Deck 01

Of course Thea tried to help Lt. Kae with another barrage of chirping messages to clog up the consoles from which the computer scientists worked in the Main Computer Core. However, they lost the forcefields previously erected before they got the bay doors closed and sealed.

Upon the view screen, Wolf-08 was low on shields yet fought on with a maddening fervour with the will to be able to leave and seek new breeding grounds. It took hit after hit by the sweeping lines of phaser fire from both the shuttle and the Valkyrie, it was out of hard-points, yet still it wore on. Had Thea only been able to continue what she had been doing, she would have helped. Alas, she had just managed to send off a shuttle before the bay doors were sealed, and now, the infected fighter pilot aimed to leave - about to shoot its way stright through the intercepting Runabout. It looked like it head as far as it had to on impulse engines before it left the USS Theurgy's graviton field.

That was when the voice of the Security Officer made Thea turn around - her sensors having singled the infected out already but there had not been time to address the issue of their arrival. Now, as it were, they announced themselves, and the ignorant man - one Junior Lieutenant by the name Adam Kingston - had the nerve to instruct her to cease Lt. Kae. Evidently, the man had been too busy with the Cadet in his company to pick up on the fact of what Kae had given her.

Freedom to choose. And she chose not to adhere to those instructions. Remarkable, how quickly she had adapted to the concept of following orders out of free will. Almost frightening.

"No," she said, and that was the only word she said before she raised her phaser and started firing.

She had to shoot them both before they took down Kae. For she realised that without his help, she would not be able to save the ship from this plague that she had been denied to stop in its early progression. The more human side inherited to her by her programming placed guilt upon herself that she had not acted and informed the Captain about the ongoings during that night, but it was too late.

Now, she had to save what she could - restore her crew as best she might.

The Main Computer Core | Deck 05

With almost everyone present in the Main Computer Core area having taken the opportunity to experience sex in all ways applicable with the young Ash'reem - her vagina seemingly restricted for some reason that they eventually failed to remember - they eventually let her drink and eat from the supplies brought there from Below Decks.

Mr. Regal watched her, having also tasted the touch of her lubricated hands and her tongue. He had extracted himself together with Felicity to a niche in the main chamber away from the others, and together with the middle-aged woman the three were enjoying themselves with the support of the walls in the close quarters. Someone of the computer geniouses cursed. "The damn AI did it again. She has spammed us. Come, help me out with this..."

That was when the cum-covered and naked Ash'reem calmly picked up her phaser and started firing.

Shouts and cries went out, and three people remained unscathed by the first barrage of orange energy - a dispersed wave of vengeance that caught most people completely unaware. Naked bodies toppled and hit the walls, and whatever initial return-fire went wide of the Ash'reem's small body.

Mr. Regal and the middle-aged woman ran up behind her though from their hidden position, unarmed yet close enough to try and knock her off her feet. Felicity - her not being programmed for combat to the extent of other holograms, went for a phaser rifle first - only fixing her hair on the way there.

Mr. Regal reached her first, trying to wrest the phaser from her, the woman second. Off to the far wall was the third shooter - a young man from Ops - that withheld fire since William blocked the line of sight.

Felicity turned towards the battle - rifle in hand - in time to see what the infilitrator did next...

The Brig | Deck 07

The feeling of Edena's full breasts in its hands was sheer bliss for the creature formerly known as Jien Ives, yet it was far from content. Just as it was to test the wetness hidden underneath the panties with its fingers... when the creature's male form took a blow from its prey - her cranium connecting with his forehead and making his hands leave her body.

Next came the kick that might have caught its unprotected sack unless experience had made the creature turn sideways in a combat stance. As it were the significant force of the kick caught its hip while it was unbalanced, and it almost fell to the floor.

It righted itself, however, with a hand to a wall. There was no room for hesitation. Jien changed into its lithe female form and set after the Intelligence Officer, the first three steps ungainly as it limped from the Trill's previous block. Once it built up enough speed, however, the creature threw itself to grab the escaping Trill's calves with its arms.

Going down to the floor together, just below the control panel, Jien grunted when it lost the air in its lungs with the landing. Still, mouth parched and hunger driving it on, it crawled up the almost naked Trill - changing into its heavier male form. With its legs, it forced the Trill's thighs wide, and it licked the spots that ran across her body as it progressed up her back. It used its arms to keep the victim down, and to fend off any elbows or attacks as best as it may. The best option was to keep low, close to the prey, and to let her smell and feel its intimate presence.

The creature continued to kiss and lick the Intelligence Officer as it progressed up her body - going for the nape of her neck, her ear and her cheek. It caressed her spots and her inner thighs with its calloused palms. Soon, it pressed its hard member against the thin veil of the prey's undergarments.

Aye, only the last piece of cloth kept the creature's hard manhood form entering her - pushing and grinding hard between her nether lips but not getting further. The creature tried to catch any flailing hands and keep them locked above her head, whispering with a hot breath.

"Yield to me, Rez..."

OOC: Kuro, I have checked with Searcher and there has been a slight misunderstanding about the hit/no hit of the EMP torps, so as you've noticed have proceeded under the assumption that Wolf-03 was not hit by the EMPs. If you care to change that small part, we'll go on to the grand finale. Let me know if there are any questions! :)

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When the new arrivals came to the Bridge, Kae couldn't help but feel some pride in seeing Thea deny their orders.  Even if he knew she could, seeing it was something else entirely.  Part of him had almost been worried that she might follow orders more out of instinct then programming, yet she told them no, and even proceeded to fire her phaser at them.  Kae took that as an immediate reason to get to cover, using the CONNs in the room as barriers from which he could fire his own phaser from behind.  He wasn't much of a skilled shot, choosing to apply his skills to using a computer over pinpoint precision with a weapon.  Still, it was at least some cover fire to keep the enemy from taking shots repeatedly.  Thea was also the one with an advantage in terms of firepower, as the phaser he programmed for her was holographic, and the only one which didn't have concern of running out of power through repeated use.


She was in a difficult position.  Pinned to the ground, she had little hope of overpowering someone with a greater size and weight.  Humans would have called it a ground and pound, though the type of pounding that Ives had on his mind was much more concerning then a simple fistfight.  He took a great deal of attention to her spots, as most of her past lovers had.  It was their unusual feature, like how most people moved to tease at a Vulcan's ears.  For other Trill, it was just another part of them, but for another race, it was something exotic.  Edena shut her eyes, trying not to notice the slippery tongue working along her spots.  She desperately tried to find a plan, to ignore the scent coming off the infected body, her former hosts supporting in every way they could.

"Yield to me, Rez..."  At that point, it didn't feel like much of a choice, as she felt herself being prodded by something hard from behind.  Her last piece of clothes was her only defense against invasion, infection for the second time.  Was this how it had to be?  Taken forcibly for the second time since this crisis began, first by Regal and now by Ives?  No, even if it meant infection through some other means, she wouldn't be taken again!

She lunged her head to the side, where his arm went past her to hold down her struggling hands.  She had one weapon left and she planned to use it, biting forcefully into his arm.  She had considered it before, but knew his blood would infect her if she broke the skin.  Now, she didn't care any more.  She wanted him off, she wanted him unconscious.  She was never much of a warrior without Jona and Ilya helping her, but right now, she wanted to win.  She wanted to defeat her would-be rapist, even if it meant another infection she would have to fight off with all her strength.  Her bite was like some small feral animal, refusing to let go until he was off of her and she was free to move again.  She had been pressed into a corner and could no longer be held accountable for her actions.

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OOC: To all active players in this Episode. The next post you all write for each of your characters will be your last in this Episode, unless specific circumstances dictates otherwise. If such is the case, I will request a second one based on the forthcoming development. Make sure you finish grand, and if applicable, have your characters loose (or be about to loose) against the infected/the plants. PS. Kurohigi will only need to post once more with Isley and with Kae. DS.

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Her expression turned grim and T'Less felt her despair growing, along with her arousal.  Even now, she fought the almost impossible urges, keeping a step out of its reach, pushing it aside with each pulse of her phaser.  When it started beeping that it had a low charge, she almost fell to her knees at the realization they wouldn't be fighting much longer.  She risked a glance at Garen, before turning her attention back to the vines.  In a hopeless voice, she said, "It has been useful knowing you, Counselor."

Realizing it might be one of the last things she ever said, she realized it wasn't what she'd wanted to say.  Reaching behind her, she touched his side, not seeking sex, but simply contact and murmured, knowing Arcorn and his mate were too far away to hear, "I regret I will not be able to know you better."

She knew, as the charge on her phaser began to dwindle, she would take her own life before allowing herself to be taken, her mind filling with the suicidal decision.  Would he do it, if she asked?

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Adam frose momentarily as he stared at Thea.  How could she just ignore his order, for all intensive purposes they had claimed the computer core.  Further as a security officer, he had authority to give her basic orders, such as assisting in restraining a subject if possible.  His pause was his mistake as Thea's phaser struck him square in the chest.  The blast causing him to fall back and hit his head off a console as he fell.

Ester retrieved a phaser from where it had fallen hours earlier and rose it take aim at Kae. "Come on Kae....join us, its so much better this way." She pulled the trigger on the phaser, sending a stun burst toward her target.  "You can't win you know that don't you?  Let me be the one to enlighten you...please?"  The young blonde cadet asked as she took a few more shots, aiming between Thea and him as she slowly made her way around the bridge's upper level being careful to avoid revealing herself for long.


Ascorn and Amatras switched phasers as he got started on modifying hers.  The beams were invisible, now focusing on the narrow wavelength sequences that liquid and gaseous water absorbed readily.  Everywhere the phaser shot small puffs of steam rose from the swampy terrean, vines began to burn and blister.  Amatras turns and takes aim at the vines along T'less's island as well, allowing the arc to cover as much of the island as she can without hitting the two crew members.

-Computer Core-
Amikris struggled with the phaser and stared at Wiliam Regal with hateful eyes.  How, dare he touch her without her approval?  She may have let them do as they wanted earlier but they wouldn't stop her here.  Her muscles tensed in her mouth as her wobbly cartlidge like bones were wiggled back and forth in the struggle for her phaser.  Her mind did the math with ease and struck out violently, slaming his head dead center well she adjusted her footing and attempted to knock the woman behind her off balance and bring her down as a shield against the 3rd man.  Assuming it worked she'd aim the phaser and take a shot at him.

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Isley's unerring shots had saved her from the torpedoes though she had felt the concussive waves, the ship jarring and a few sparks spewing from a nearby panel.  Wolf 8 just about had her and she felt the sweat building and scrunched her shoulders as a bead slipped down her neck and trailed down her chest.  She'd taken enough hits that her own shields were down to about 30% and if this last-ditch maneuver didn't work she would be dead in the water just like the others.

Looking at the sensors, she realized she hadn't fooled Wolf 8 and that last one was heading straight for her.  No doubt it would take her out of the fray but could even take her out permanently.  Desperately she tried to careen the other direction and that's when Isley saved her again, his shot taking out the torpedo at the last moment.  The destruction was still enough to slam against her weakened shields and she was thankful for the inertial dampeners and gravity enhancements as a myriad of sparks showered around her and for a moment it seemed she'd lost control of her ship.

Shields were down to 5% and she knew a few more hits would make the fat lady sing unless that last burst she'd sent that way disabled the shields and Isley could get the pilot beamed aboard his shuttle.  Again she thought of high tailing it out of there but again she couldn't leave Isley behind, not to mention just about anything could take her out now.  He had the ability to cure the crew so protecting him was paramount.  Keep Wolf 8 engaged, give Isley a chance.  The needs of the many outweigh ... oh fuck Vulcan logic!

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He wasn't tempted by Ester.  His concerns outweighed his curiosity, even if the air had been saturated with that scent that emanated from the infected, compelling him to desire.  He couldn't let that be an obstruction to survival, not when so few people were left free of the infection's grip.  He kept himself bunkered down behind the CONN, popping up to lay down his cover fire when he heard no phaser sounds coming his way.  The fire fight was likely to knock out controls on the bridge, so all there was left for him was to fight back, maybe subdue Ester and Kingston with Thea's help and move on to other sections of the ship that might have been in need of aid.


The damage from the photon torpedo explosion had been rapidly decreasing his power levels.  He had just enough to Beam Wolf 08 into containment . . . before the force field gave out.  The infected rushed Nathan, who still held the advantage of Vulcan physiology paired with the combat training of a soldier without restraint.  He could be ruthless when he needed to be, and this was such a case, strong fists punching and choke holds used to render his opponents unconscious.  He had gathered his remaining cures for just such a reason, and injected each of his former captives after they had all been controlled.  "When you wake up, you'll be thanking me," he told them, as he turned his attention back to the CONN.

Auxiliary power depleted.  Life support failing.

They might have had an hour or two of air aboard the shuttle before they were in serious trouble.  He only hoped some kind of rescue could be mounted before then.  Without power, he couldn't beam them elsewhere.  He had done all he could.  All that was left was to sit back down in the pilot's chair and stare out at the horrid planet that done this to them.

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[Deck 11, Garden of Eden]

Natalie tried, hard, to focus on Lucan's words, the way the doctor tried to comfort her, give her reason to keep fighting, and ignore, in turn everything that came out of Cir'Cie's mouth...when it wasn't wrapped around her nipples, lighting up every tense nerve in the taunt little bud of flesh. It was so hard to focus when the Vulcan did that. All the scared woman wanted to do was close her eyes and moan, loud, begging for more. She couldn't. She knew that. Between Lucan's pleading, and the threat, wrapped between teasing, succulent lips, of taking over Earth, was more then enough to remind her of the price of succumbing...even if the loss of her own identity wasn't already reason enough to try and resist.

So when Cir'Cie slipped away from her nipples, the moan that did fly from Natalie's lips was only partially from arousal, or so she told herself. She tried to settle down, to force herself to relax, to stop breathing fast, but then she saw it. Her eyes grew wide, terrified. "nooooo" she whispered, a harsh breath fluttering past split lips. It was thick, it was purple, and it was rising, squirming....and it wasn't just between her legs. The Ops officer started to squirm, to struggle, as she felt the vines working around her arms and legs, restricting her further. She started to pant, hard, with grunting little groans, as it further restricted her movement. She couldn't hear the Vulcan any more, couldn't hear what she said what she implied, or inferred. She was fighting inside, feeling herself start to slip away, the rush of hormones causing her sex to nearly drip with want, with need, for the vine. All there was was the sickeningly sweet scent in her nose, the powerful binding, the light, feather sweet touches causing her to moan, and the knobbly vine scooting closer....closer....

The poor woman could feel it, pushing in, spreading her folds, slick  with need. Still, it was too big, too much for a woman that had never been with a man, never had anything thicker then a finger, and she moaned, half in pain, and half in desperation, as it stretched her entrance. The first hit against her hymen made her whimper. Soon it was a steady, forceful thumping, over, and over, and over, driving her to moan and beg "nooooo, no no no no" She couldn't look at Lucan, could barely hear his words, as she tried, oh how she tried, to ignore the burning need in her core, that wanted more then anything, for the strange, foreign plant to take her. Her face was flush, her pupils dilated. She found herself licking her lips, as her arms, her legs bucked, trying, straining against the vines holding her down. "Do-doctor" she moaned, in desperation, the word broken by a particularly sharp thrust. It was stretching her, her walls, her hymen...

"NNnnnnrrrraaahhhhHHHHHhhh!" Her head flew back and her mouth opened in a wide, wordless scream. The pain flared up between her legs, as the diligent plant forced itself past her innocence, tore it away with its relentless need to push deeper and deeper. It rubbed against walls untouched, causing pain, and pleasure, to flare inside of Natalie, as a tickle of blood joined the other fluids coating the purple, phallic vine, twirling and squirming into the bound woman. Her cries of pain quickly turned to sobs, as tears rolled off her cheeks and her head tossed side to side, her sweaty hair matted. Even those sobs were soon muffled, as a second tendril reared up, small feelers sliding along the lips of her mouth, pulling them back, prying her jaw open with a painful gasp, before forcing the flowering bulb past her lips, and into her mouths, shutting of the last of her vocal resistance, while the vine in her stretched, virgin sex worked to overcome her mental fortitude, driving her closer and closer to the burning climax her body desired.

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[ The Garden of Eden | Deck 11 ]

Never in his life had Dr. Lucan cin Nicander felt such lustful hunger.

He was going to come soon, and he knew that his orgasm would consume him. Yet there was no way to stop it. Even if his hands and legs were freed, he would still want to fuck the Vulcan on top of him. He was addicted to it now; this delicious friction of a woman's sheath. With every move of her body, he lost a little bit more of his mind. And soon - very soon - there would be nothing left, except for depraved, obscene urges.

He knew this, and yet he lay there and smiled as Cir'Cie bounced enthusiastically up and down, moaning savagely as she screwed herself toward her own sexual culmination. She squeezed her breasts for him, sending squirts of warm milk down upon Lucan's chest and face. He gazed up at her and wanted nothing more than to touch her, and he yanked at his restraint solely for that purpose.

Yet the first orgasmic, gagged, mewl belonged to Lieutenant Natalie Stark. She had raised her hips up in the air, bucking wildly against the purple vine that churned in and out of her frothy cunt. Creamy sex fluid oozed and dripped from her convulsing twat as the alien plant continued to spear its way deep into her groin, while dozens of smaller tendrils probed her nipples, her clitoris, and countless other places where her body was the most sensitive. Lucan heard her moaning and whimpering in the throes of sexual bliss, no longer concerned about the fact that she was soon to be impregnated by the alien's seed. Already, Lucan knew he would fuck her next - her cries heightening his own experience.

Just then, something unexpected happened. Cir'Cie lit up like a Warp Core about to explode and was thrown off the Doctor like a disposed rag - sliding and rolling along the patch-work undergrowth. Lucan cried out in loss of her intimate contact - his face a mask of rage. The beast inside screeched for blood.

There had been a bright flash of light, and a squad of armed troopers in hazmat gear had suddenly appeared in the middle of the Garden. Bright blue beams lanced out at the naked crew members, toppling them into stunned unconsciousness. Concentrated shots were dealt towards the farthest dark corner of the Cargo Bay - where the twenty foot tall and mud-covered cluster of a root system trashed about in a death dance. Alien vines everywhere writhed to life in agony. The blue light made the monstrosity seem even more grotesque in its final moments before it caught fire. It disintegrated and got torn apart in degrees by the energy weapons. The vines around the bay area snapped about like iron wires, sending bodies everywhere.

Within seconds, everyone in the room - including Lucan and Natalie - was stunned from insanity into oblivion.

[ The Brig | Deck 07 ]

The creature known as Captain Ives should not have bothered to pose the question. Instead, he could have yanked her panties sideways and forced himself into her.

Yet as it were, the creature cried out when the Trill's teeth cut into the tissue of its upper left arm - not letting go. She desisted to free his arm and savagely continued, and the creature cried out again, louder this time. It tried to pry her head away with his right hand - causing further pain. Primal fury took the creature, and it tried to slam the head down into the deck-plates. It could not do it, lest the bite would tear his arm open. Chameloid blood dribbled around the lips of the Trill. Ripples coursed over the creature's bare back, its morphogenic matrix trying to compensate for the wound to its physical image.

The hand that held her wrists above her head was weakened by the bite into that arm, slipping. The creature still had its right arm - which it used to make a fist and hammer her skull. When that did not work, it tried to crack her ribs with brutal close punches that drove into her exposed side.

In the end, despite the pain, the creature decided to do the only thing it could to make her more compliant... and reached down to tear at the Trill's panties with a hard yank of its fingers. The cloth ripped from her hips at the third try. With her thighs already held apart, it began to force its rigid organ inside her...

Then, the Brig Control Room and the combatants were bathed in light. The creature lifted its head and was instantly shot with a blue energy beam.

The Chameloid's limp body was quickly torn aside, revealing to the woman tall humanoids in featureless hazmat gear and rifles. One of them raised his weapon without pause, and the second shot fired took out Edena Rez where she lay.

[ The Main Computer Core | Deck 05 ]

William Regal had thought that he was on the verge of wresting the weapon from the Ash'reem strumpet, so he bared his teeth at her in a sinister smile; a premonition of what was in store for her. Yet to his horrific surprise, he saw the young woman's gullet open up beneath his eyes. He barely registered the tongue before the impact made his feet leave the floor.

Disembodied pain. His teeth. They were all around him as he fell backwards; torn out of his gums as the tongue had struck into his smile and ripped them out mid-flight when it retracted. Gravel in the back of his throat. No, teeth as well. He did not have the time to feel horror for the fact that he felt the draft of his short flight through the back of his neck. He was still ignorant when he struck the floor - a meaty sound of flesh against the deck plating. He could not even feel the impact. He only felt his head rebound against it. Heard the wet clatter of enamel against titanium.

There was something wrong with his jaw, although when he tried to raise his hands to check, they just flailed around with slack fingers. A warm metallic wetness spread through his ravaged mouth. He felt it dribble out his neck too. He felt some of the teeth lodged there fall out.

Only then he tried to scream, eyes staring wide-eyed around him.

He saw the Ash'reem strike the woman and use her as a shield, the rapid bursts of orange energy tearing through woman and making her dance a thermal gavotte in Amikris' grip. The shots were returned; the Cadet smiting the distance. William could not see what happened, but there was no return-fire so the young man had likely fallen. William did not reflect on it, his miscreant life instead flashing before his eyes as he bled himself out on the floor - lungs still pumping air because of the adrenaline rush.

Felicity finally stepped past him with her assault rife, and before Amikris managed to whip the limp body of her happen-stance shield around - a dead weight held in one hand - the Lounge Hologram brutally shooting her down. Afterwards, when everything lay still, Felicity looked around and mouthed a Greek saying that William had added to her repertoire.

"Ο Έρωτας δεν είναι ποτέ μακριά από το Θάνατο"

Only William had faded to oblivion, not able to hear it one last time. He never even noticed how the men and women in hazmat gear arrived and had to shoot out the holo-emitters to deactivate Felicity. His creation, whom valiantly - ignorantly - had kept her posting as a guard in the desolate area.

[ M-Class Planet Niga | The Mahéwa System ]

The vines of the alien plant-life lashed harder and harder against the two patches of solid ground where their prey made their last stand, meaning to come past the searing energy weapons.

Snapping to and fro, they were eyeless in their search for a hold, just like regular grape-wines from Earth ever reached for a new heights. Only the Starfleet Officers were witnessing the process at horrifying speed, and not the tranquil climbing that usually took weeks and months. Alas, these vines could smell the secretions of their arousal and become almost agitated when denied its mindless will.

The swamp and the trees gradually fell apart all around them from the fire, and the masses of thick, murky water that was set to boil by the Ash'reem couple raised a gagging stench from the bottom - rivalling that of the purple flowers. Most of the vines perished in the heat, yet not the ones reaching down from the canopy above. The steam from the heated swamp water became a cloying fog that made it difficult to see - more so to aim. New limbs of the plants appeared for each that fell away from the phasers, and before long, they would run out of energy. Some of them were already coughing and sputtering their particle beams - down on their last joules.

When everything was shrouded in the mist of nigh defeat, and when the vines still rose from the smouldering undergrowth, there was a point when the solid ground under their feet began to disintegrate from the heat. Their footing became unsure. They were down to their last resorts, some even contemplating suicide before corruption... when bright light finally cascaded across the area - lighting up the mist from inside.

And they were gone from the planet surface - the vines flailing listlessly against empty air.

[ The Main Bridge | Deck 01 ]

With a mordant stride born from the emotions that she could not deactivate, Thea used Lt. Kae's other gift as she bore down upon Ester. She switched into her passive state, and the phaser beams shot right through her without affecting the integrity of her holographic matrix. Since Adam Kingston lay there and bled from his head upon the floor, Ester was alone in the face of the sentient projection's ire.

Thea had been pushed to her limit - her crew all falling victim to to the outbreak - and she knew she was eventually going to be alone on a ship of madness. At least until someone deactivated her permanently, and she could end her life in ignorance of the galaxy's demise. She had lost hope, if a hologram might grasp the concept of such, and she was bitter at how she would fail her creators and herself in her own aspirations for a life worth living among organic friends and crew. Lieutenant Kae had actually made things worse, in one sense, in how he just that day had vitalised new possibilities for her: that she just might meet the last prerequisites to become defined as an Isomorphic life-form.

In the face of Thea's wordless wrath and the impossibility Ester to do something about the threat with her phaser, the young woman hesitated before turning around to flee. Only Thea was faster, raising her own to shoot the fourth-year Cadet in the back - sending her past the sliding doors with the blast.

With her smoking phaser held out before her in one hand, Thea said nothing as the doors closed again - leaving her and Lt. Kae alone once more upon a Bridge riddled with phaser burns and gusts of sparks.

She knew herself, the ship in whole, and she decided not to give Lt. Kae the damage report. There was no use. Soon, the low energy levels might deactivate parts of her systems before one of the infected shut her off. Turning her gaze to her saviour, she gave him a bitter-sweet smile, and could not stop the tears running down her cheeks while her image flickered. Her face contorted in sorrow when she tried to speak.

"Thank you."

The silence lingered then, despair made manifest.

[This is Captain Ducane of the USS Relativity,] said a voice from behind Lt. Kae - a face fluctuating upon the damaged view screen. It was a human, and he wore an odd Starfleet uniform. His face was grim given the circumstances, yet still he attempted a small smile to convey the intentions of the newly arrived. [Right now, people from my crew has boarded the USS Theurgy and is dealing with the infected as we speak. Do not attack, because we know about the Starfleet conspiracy, and we know the truth in your claims. We know, because we have witnessed the merit in them. The Temporal Prime Directive forbids me to say more, though we... wish that Starfleet might teach their young about your coming crusade in the 29th century.]

Thea looked upon the face of the kind man for a long time. She blinked - wanting to see it with her own optical sensors before she would believe it - and switched the view to a visual on the Wells-class timeship. It rested there right before the damaged Theurgy: a sleek vessel of salvation for them all.

Not only had the Bridge been hailed, but the two valiant fighter pilots as well, the same message delivered to them all: That the hours and days of recent madness had ended.

- FIN -

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