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Day 02 [1450 hrs.] Wakey Wakey

[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat
The brunette woman that was laying on the biobed shifted a little, her eyes shifting underneath closed eyelids, like she was dreaming.

Looking around in the cockpit of her warp fighter, Rini dodged out of the way and used her helmet to see through the fighter to see the Calamity firing. Aiming, she unleashed all the force she could, and saw the fire rake across the shields.

Listening to the chatter, she saw one of the other fighers get hit, and she swerved away from a missile - straight into phaser fire. Her fighter shook and rattled, and then there was a loud bang from the side. The fighter bucked moments before Rini felt a blazing pain her side moments before a sharp shooting pain shot through through her, causing her to buck suddenly, her back arching.

Her mind registered an inhuman howl and then she realised that it was actually her screaming in agony. Eventually, she was able to calm her body and mind. Looking down, she spotted something that looked like metal sticking through her abdomen and then she heared a sizzling sound as alarm bells went off.

Zrinka undid the belt holding her and turned to look at the spike. A moment later, there was a roar and she felt a wave of heat lash out the back of her exosuit. What she didn't know and couldn't see was how the explosion had damaged the suit's back, which was now not functioning well.

Zrinka screamed again as the fire lashed at her back through the suit, causing her skin to quickly redden and blister.

A computer voice came from the speakers in her exosuit helmet, 'Environmental sensors have detected combustion byproducts. Engaging fire suppression system.'

There was a rushing sound and white mist before the fire was put out.

Rini knew that she was in big trouble and spoke, "Computer, status."

'Communication, ETS and escape pod systems inoperative, engines running at 15 percent, life support damaged. Pilot lifesigns fluctating and registering injury.'

Sighing, she added, "Dumb shit computer. Computer, activate emergency beacon, and plot direct course back to the Theurgy."

The fighter turned, and she yelped in pain. But it was quick and she could see the hangar bay coming closer. Watching the hud readout as the numbers begun closing, Zrinka didn't realise at first that the edges of her vision were going funny and then her head lolled to the side as she slipped into unconsciousness.

Moaning as she slowly came awake, Zrinka realised her side was aching and her back too. She opened her eyes  and winced when the lights seemed to bright, closing them again. Reaching down her side to where the ache was, she felt some sort of bandage and something different underneath.

Zrinka opened her eyes more slowly and let her eyes adjust before noting that she seemed to be in the ship's Sickbay - although she wasn't exactly sure which one. Pulling herself up into a sitting position and ignoring the pain from her side, Rini took a bit of a breath when her legs were over the side and calling out, "Hey! Anyone there? What happened?"

Even though she felt shaky, Zrinka wanted to get some answers, and well, she was a bit impatient to find out. Last thing she remebered was her fighter.

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Josie

Eve sat there reading a book. At this point it was about all she could do while the patient rested. For the remainder of the treatments she needed the patient awake. The book itself was an odd one, an actual paper back physical book rather than a PADD that contained the text of the book. On the cover, if one looked close enough was the picture of what appeared to be a twenty-first century family with a laptop and a television, but the art for it was done up in the style they used in the 1950's. A strange contrast to be sure. Even more strange as it was a hologram only conceived of in stories written in books like this that was holding the book.

As she sat there with her legs crossed, the sickbay systems kept close watch over the patient on the biobed, as part of the computer she was able to multi-task.

The designers of her program went to great lengths to create as realistic a program as possible, even going to far as to add in code that allowed her to imitate being tired. She let out a little yawn as she continued reading.

After a few more minutes she looked over to check the patient, one Ensign Zrinka Agaixot. The sickbay systems telling her that the patient for the moment was stable. She nodded slightly to no one but herself before standing from the chair. She set her book down on the table next to her after folding a corner of the page she was on and closing the book. She then walked over to a replicator.

"Computer, mint tea. 37 degrees Celsius." There was a small beep then the sound of the replicator materializing the order. The replicator however didn't actually create anything. The computer detected that it was Eve who made the request, and using the holographic systems created a holographic drink in the style that was requested in much the same way that the holodecks would do the same for a holo-character. Her designers, in an attempt to make her more personable for long term treatment, gave her the ability to eat and drink. Power was not an issue on ships and starbases that were designed to run an LMH, so her own program drove the holographic images that imitated food and drink.

She picked up the glass by it's handle and brought it to her lips to take a small sip. She knew it was going to be perfect, though she did wonder for a moment if she was actually tasting it, or if it was just bits of code telling her that she was, telling her that it needs to taste like tea with a hint of mint. What would it taste like had the drink actually been real, would she taste it at all? She just smiled slightly and took another sip. Who cared, this was real enough for her for the moment.

Eve heard the moan first, but didn't turn around, might be a bad point in her dream. It wasn't until she heard the voice that she finally turned.

"Hey! Anyone there? What happened?"

"Whoa, whoa. Easy now. You shouldn't be moving around just yet." She quickly moved over and placed her cup down on the table next to her book before moving over in front of Rini. "It is good to see you up though. Your injuries were quite severe, from what I'm told you almost didn't make it." She paused for a moment to look into Rini's eyes, using the sickbay scanners to check for any possible brain trauma by monitoring Rini's eye response as she looked around. "Let's start with the basics, can you tell me your name?"

In truth she didn't need the woman to state her name, Eve already knew having been told, and later accessing the woman's medical history on a monitor earlier. This was more a test to see if the woman's brain was functioning by having her try to access the simplest knowledge any organic would know.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat
Rini looked at the woman for a moment, before her memory of the woman being the long-term medical hologram came up to her. The bright red hair was what really triggered her memory, and Rini wondered if the program would remeber some of things she had done when under the influence of parasites or whether it had access to her psych records. That was really the only time she had much to do with the LMH that she could even think of.

The openly pansexual & rather uninhibited pilot had already been considered to have a reputation for promiscuity, and when she had been caught out nude in her shower by two guys, she had participated in rampant deviant behavior. There was lots of wonderful times during that, and Zrinka knew that once she was infected, her messed up mind had actively particpated in lovemaking. She couldn't really remeber exact details, but she could remeber attempting to seduce a red-head that she couldn't remeber much. She hoped it wasn't the doc - that could be a bit awkward for the doc, although Rini didn't feel embarassed by it.

Shaking her head, Zrinka looked into the holographic woman's eyes and spoke, "I am Ensign Zrinka Agaixot, and I am a fighter pilot in the Lone Wolves squadron. Don't coddle me, Doc. I was a Marine and my callsign is Honey Badger."

Rini realised she was tapping her foot against the edge of the biobed, and stopped it, "Now, please tell me what happened and what my medical state is? Last thing I remeber is being in my fighter and speared by something. Then I felt burns."

Tilting her head and then her back so she could see if it would be possible to see how bad, Rini asked, knowing it would be an interesting little trophy, "And how bad are burn scars? I hope you left them alone." But there wasn't much she could see at that angle.

Turning to Eve, she asked, "Is there some sort of mirror here?"

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Josie

Eve smiled as the woman before her spoke. Well that's a good sign, she knew her name and her personality seemed to be in tact. That eliminated the need for the second, and even third basic questions she was going to ask. She turned and moved over towards the replicator and punched in a few commands.

"Well, your state is stable for now. You were very badly burned when you arrived here, however I didn't personally treat you. Your medical file states that you were impaled by a piece of your fighter. I'm no engineer, but given the records, I'm almost certain your fighter didn't make it. You are very lucky to be alive Ensign."

She then took something out of the replicator and turned back to face the woman, holding in her hands a medium sized hand held mirror, the largest a personal replicator could manufacture. She then strode over and held it out for the woman. It would have a little bit of weight to it, yet another test to find out motor function to make sure she didn't lose any in surgery or in stasis. She had added about fifteen percent lead to the molecular pattern to add the weight.

"I will have to ask that you take things slow for a little bit. You are already sitting up and that's a good start, but you've been in stasis for quite some time, and in surgery. I think the last thing you need, or want, is to re-injure yourself and have to go back in for more surgery."

Eve continued to offer what she hoped was her calming smile, and hoped that the thought of having to go back in for more surgery would be incentive enough to prevent the woman from jumping around and doing cartwheels just yet. At least not until she could determine if the woman was fit for doing such.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat
Rini noticed a smile on the redhead and watched as she went over to the replicator. She shrugged, "It is all healed up so it might as well just be a flesh wound. Hmm.. I'll just have to see if the engineers can get something back in working order so I can get back to flying."

She was pleased when she saw the mirror before Zrinka frowned at Eve's comment about taking it slowly, "Doctor, I am not really sure about whether you would have access to my counselling records or not, but I can tell you that there really isn't any physical way I can stay still."

She could see in Eve's eyes that the doctor did care, and from her experiences in Starfleet with doctors, they were a lot more stricter of paitent care then when she had been a Marine.

Without any hesistation at all, Zrinka reached to her waist and pulled the off-duty shift that she had been given off, leaving her without anything above her waist. She was quite determined to find out how bad it was and whether there was going to be anything she wanted to do.

Twisting her body, Zrinka tilted her head so she could use the mirror to check out the scars on her back. They really didn't look as bad as she expected, and in her thoughts, she was thinking that it could be interesting to get a tattoo over. Maybe something fire based? Reaching around, she touched the scars and didn't feel any pain - they had healed, and wriggling her back, Rini didn't feel any real pull.

Rini was pleased, "Not too bad. I might get some ink over it though. How long do I have to stay here? I am already beginning to feel stir-crazy. I'm pretty sure that I can feel with my toes."

Tapping them against the edge, she nodded, "Yep. So I can't see it is a big problem."

Zrinka smiled back to Eve, "What if I promise to try not to do anything too bad and maybe we do a little deal?"

Reaching out, Zrinka ran a finger down Eve's hair, "I'm sure there is numerous ways. You have the most pretty eyes, ones that I rember. That other time, I know that I was sort of.. out of things like the rest of the crew, but not anymore."

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Josie

As Zrinka stripped off her top, Eve spoke. "I do actually have access to your psychological profile for the moment." As she spoke she also turned away slightly, a way of giving the woman a little bit of privacy. "Not full records of every session you ever had, but enough to know that you are a very active woman."

She reached over to grab a medical tricorder, opening it she pulled out the scanner diode and turning back to the woman she began to pass it over the Ensign, observing the readouts. "Every time combat officers promise to take it easy, minutes later they are back in the fray potentially aggravating their injuries and they find themselves--"

Zrinka's finger trailed down her hair, and Eve just stopped. For a moment there was no movement from her at all. The diagnostic currently running on her causing her reactions to be a little slower, more so when her program encounters something it wasn't expecting. Code shifted and rearranged, and she took this moment to look into Zrinka's eyes. Her cheeks changing color slightly, ever so slightly shifting from normal color to a slightly redder color. This was all over within a minute though as the rest of her program seemed to kick in again and she smiled.

"You've just recovered from a rather nasty situation. I can understand that you might be feeling.. Things. Do me a favor, can you stand? If so, I can escort you to your quarters. Will help me see if you are fully recovered, and it will get you out of sickbay."

Eve stepped back slightly and held out her hand to the woman, an offering to help steady her should she need it.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat
Rini noticed that Eve turned away from her a little, and found it quite amusing. She never really had been modest so she didn't mind.

When Eve stopped in mid-sentence, Zrinka grinned, knowing exactly what Eve meant, and knew that she would have to hold herself back a lot for  awhile. "Yes, I know that too. I will try to use different ways to burn my energy off. Like maybe swimming instead of marathons, wrestling & climbing walls."

Zrinka smiled and let her hand drift down to Eve's shoulder, "Doctor, that isn't really the sort of feelings I meant. Yes, I know I am injured, but it isn't just that."

Realising that it might be rude if she wanted to do this herself, she spoke, "Doctor, thank you for the offer of help, but I want to do this myself. I need to know that I can look after myself."

Pushing off from the bed so she was standing, Zrinka took a moment to make sure she was stable. She wanted to see if she was okay by herself, and she would not accept her body failing in this. Being in control was important for her.

Her legs were a little bit weaker then she was used to, but there were ways she could work on that. There was a little pull at her side, but it wasn't that bad.

Grinning, Zrinka smiled, "In the interests of not pushing myself too hard, I would be pleased if you could escort me to my quarters. Would you be able to explain exactly what they had to do to me? As a pilot, I need to know if there is anything I need to watch for."

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Josie

In truth, Eve was actually expecting the Ensign to try to stand on her own, but knowing that there was something more than the unforgiving biobed or the floor often helped some. She stood there watching, taking careful note of every move the woman made, looking for any sign of pain or the like. The surgeons aboard the Theurgy were absolutely miracle workers given the situations, but even the best organics made mistakes from time to time.

She took a moment to run the tricorder diode over the woman one more time before replacing it back into it's slot in the device. She then slid it into a little pouch designed for it on the side of her hip so that she had ready access to it at a moments notice should she need it. After which she reached down and picked up her tea that - through the miracle of science and holograms - was still at a perfect 37 degrees Celsius, and her book.

"As a pilot, I need to know if there is anything I need to watch for."

Without missing a beat she said, "Big honkin' phaser blasts might be a start. I would also advise avoidance of class ten torpedo systems." Somewhere buried in there she does have what passes for a sense of humor. She then motioned to the shirt that was still laying on the biobed. "Might also want to watch out for walking around the halls topless." She then smiled at that and took a sip of her tea quietly as she continued to watch the woman.

She figured she would hold off on explaining the intricacies of what had to be done to help the woman until they were on their way out of sickbay.

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Day 02 [1450 hrs.] Wakey Wakey

[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat
Rini was pleased when she was up and rolled her eyes about getting scanned again. But she didn't make any complaints as she knew Eve was trying to care about her health - even if she wasn't really prepared to herself. She knew that she was often very absent-minded about things not realted to flying, and health often was one of those.

Rini grinned to Eve, "Maybe it is just me, but I don't really think that human bodies change that much in a short period. But I understand you are being cautious. That would make it really hard on my death-wish. I suppose I could put my top on, but it isn't like I haven't been seen before with less."

Smiling playfully, Rini walked over close to the doc, reaching out and putting an arm around her to pull her close, as she leant in close, softly asking, "Or do you have some other meaning behind it? Jealousy maybe?"

Rini looked into Eve's eyes to see what sort of reaction she might get. As she watched, Zrinka slowly began stroking the doctor's back.

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Josie

Eve just smiled as she listened to the woman speak, taking another sip of her tea. "Death-wish perhaps. It does take a certain mindset to fly a fighter against a full on starship. Not something I can say I would willingly do myself."

She felt the arm wrap around her and pull her closer to the woman, sensors telling Eve that the woman's body temperature was within human normal range, the holographic systems adjusting her uniform and skin tension to match the pressure detected. The sickbay sensors being far more accurate than any other area of the ship as they had to be able to read biometric details of anyone within it's confines.

Eve then let out a small giggle. "Jealousy? I don't believe my program is capable of that level of detail. Though who knows, I was designed to be as.. 'Life like' as possible, so that might be buried in there deep in my personality matrix." She then reached over with her free hand and tapped the woman on the nose with her index finger. "You aren't really my type though." She ended that with yet another smile. As Zrinka looked into Eve's eyes, her eyes ever so slightly adjusted to the minor change in light level. The holographic system accurately imitating the moistness of the eyes providing a slight reflection of Zrinka.

She 'felt' the fingers stroking her back, but only because her fingers were actually making contact with the specially attenuated forcefields that make up her form. The computer systems translating that, and informing the program that drives her that a sensation should be felt along her back. This however produced no reaction from her as - for the time being - her program didn't include any sort of reaction subroutines for this kind of action beyond the basic adjusting and adapting to present the illusion that she is physically there and not just a computer driven image.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat
Rini grinned with amusement, "Yes, that is pretty true. You have to be a daredevil. I love how it gets the adrenaline going, but I suppose you don't have the need or ability to simulate that. I wonder if Thea would have any reactions to space combat - I'll have to ask her later."

Rini smiled as Eve explained she didn't get jealous, and then blinked as Eve tapped her on the nose. Sighing and then letting go when she realised it was inappropriate, Rini nodded, holding out her hand, "Oh, I'm sorry about that. I can understand and I apologise for my unwanted advance. You are quite attractive and I went too far again. If you check my psych and service record, you will find it is a bit of an issue for me. I guess I began doing it as a way to take back control after... the incident when I was a Marine."

Picking up her discarded uniform top, Zrinka slid it back on, "I suppose I should get dressed, but I really don't mind it. Humans can be a bit prudish though."

When she was ready and had smoothed it down, Zrinka took a step forwards towards the door and then stopped, "Let's go, since you want to be an escort. I want to see Bobo."

Then she continued, and headed out of the sickbay, turning towards a lift that could take her to the right floor.

A bit further down the corridor from Sickbay, Rini asked, "So, I sort of got the idea that you didn't want to talk about some bits back there. How do you think these injuries will affect ee doing extreme sports or piloting? I need to know exactly what part of me is different and the effects of it. I can feel some sort of access port at my side for something and I don't like not knowing."

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Josie

"I guess I began doing it as a way to take back control after... the incident when I was a Marine."

Eve's psychiatric subroutines kicked in, included in her program as her long term observations might require also evaluating a patients mental health after a major incident. She continued to watch, and then followed Zrinka as she exited the sickbay. Was a bit of a strange sensation for her, she could feel the holographic emitters in the hall activating as the ones in sickbay shut down. The transition was so seamless that there wasn't even a slight flicker of her image. But she could tell, she could feel her senses being dulled as her program began utilizing the regular sensor systems through out the ship. She found she could no longer 'feel' the biometric details of Zrinka, she could still tell where the woman was and what she was wearing. She could still see how the woman's hair moved as she walked, how the clothes moved. Eve didn't get out of sickbay often so this feeling was still relatively new to her and it caused her to take notice.

"Well, they had to give you an artificial pancreas. You were skewered. There was a bit of re-constructive surgery as well. You were very badly burned. Your flight suit saved you mostly, however I believe you at the time had a lot in common with a turtle in it's shell in a soup. With the fighter systems offline, your suit just couldn't keep up with the amount of heat that was progressing through the craft, and rather quickly the thermal protection systems failed. Thankfully, transporter records could be used to reconstruct most of your skin, past injuries included. I can return to sickbay and get a dermal regenerator to remove those if you like?"

Eve continued to walk with the woman, taking another sip of her tea that to the trained observer never seemed to empty.

"So.. About this 'incident', when you were a marine? As I said, I have a general knowledge of your psyche evaluation. If you don't want to talk about it, I understand. However, I am curious."

She kept her book tucked under her arm as she walked, right above the tricorder. In truth, the only two things about her person at the moment that weren't holograms.

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Day 02 [1450 hrs.] Wakey Wakey

[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat
Rini listened to the doctor's explaination of her injuries, and quick;y shook her head, putting her hands up a little, "Thank you for being honest, but I want to keep those scars. They are a nice little touch for what I went through. And really, it's going to help a lot with my rep for being a badass."

Grinning, she added, "I didn't get the nickname of Honey Badger for being all nice and quiet. I'm even thinking that I might get a tattoo over it - something fire related. I'm guessing that all the neccessary information I need to know about the pancreas is in the computer, right?"

She found it quite amusing that Eve was sipping tea while walking, and wondered if it was like a nervous crutch or something. But she thought it was rude to ask..

Zrinka shrugged, "Oh yeah, I was a good Marine. Even got up to Corporal and was given my own squad to command. But it was on an away mission that everything went fubar."

She stopped walking for a moment, thinking and then continued walking & speaking, "Nothing really much shouldn't be on the record. A lot of people died, including my lover, Hannah, when we got overrun. They stripped me, beat me, raped me. Then they drugged me up and raped me some more. I ended up pregnant because of it. During the rescue, I got into flying and left the Marines because I wanted to do more. You will find that I ended that pregnancy as soon as I could."

Zrinka shrugged, "And before you ask, yes, I see counselling and working through things." Although, it was the bare minimum that she did, but. She didn't like introspection much.

Arriving at her quarters, she thumbed the door and was pleased when it opened & things seemed untouched. Over on the couch, she saw Bobo and the little tribble began bouncing.

Racing forward, she scooped him up, before calling out, "Come in if you want, Eve."

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Josie

Eve just smiled as she continued to walk with Zrinka and listening. Not once making a judgment or comment as the woman talked. She did make a mental note that she would have to update Zrinka's psychological profile with the information she was gathering from this however. She really wasn't paying attention to where they were going, letting Zrinka lead the way. In truth though she didn't have to pay that close attention to her location, basic ship schematics being available to her so that she could find her way to any location and provide medical aid.

"And before you ask, yes, I see counseling and working through things."

Eve chuckled lightly. "Yes, but I'm sure your counselors would like to see more of you. Especially after such a powerful incident as nearly dying."

"Come in if you want, Eve."

Eve nodded as she stepped in through the doorway. Again she could feel the shift of the holographic emitters as the ones outside shut down to be taken over by the ones in the woman's quarters. Crew quarters were equipped with the most basic of holographic emitters. Not powerful enough to recreate an entire environment, but simple basic things for short durations was possible. Most of their power being reserved for the emergency holographic systems in the event that someone required aid in their quarters. This however was a completely new sensation for Eve as the sensors in the quarters were even more limited than the ones in the hallway, further dulling her senses. She had never really been in the crew quarters before, so she took this moment to look around and see how things were decorated while Zrinka cuddled the odd creature known as a tribble.

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[ Ens. Zrinka 'Rini' Agaixot | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @TrexelCat
Rini had realised that Eve was just listening to her and she sighed when Eve mentioned counselors wanting to see her more. She hated really going to see them, as Zrinka never really liked confronting what she was feeling.

Stopping suddenly, she couldn't help wrinkling her nose, "Oh crap. I forgot about that. I don't even really know why I told you all that."

Zrinka smiled as she lifted Bobo upto her face and gave him a little kiss, grinning as he rubbed against her. There had never really a day that the pair of them had been away from each other since she got him, and she felt a bit of guilt that she hadn't been around. He had a personality, but she never knew exactly whether Tribbles could tell that much.

Looking around, she was quite pleased to see that nothing really had changed, not even the pile of padds she had left on the table. There was signs of them having been shifted, but it was probaly by whoever had looked after Bobo.

Turning to Eve, she tilted her lip a bit before asking, "I know this may sound kind of stupid, but I apologise if I caused you any discomfort about my failed attempt to seduce you. There was no malice. You really are quite beautiful."

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[ EVE Program AK-1 | Main Sickbay | Deck Deck 11 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Josie

Eve let out a small giggle as she stood there just outside of the range of the door sensor allowing it to close behind her. "It's fine. You were far less aggressive about it than a few of the crew back in January. Though I am curious how one can find a collection of circuits and subroutines attractive. I understand that the woman my image and personality is based on is considered attractive, but how do humans put it? I'm just a shadow."

She delivered that all while retaining her smile, as though she were just making simple conversation. She then took a sip of her tea and moved over towards the couch and sat down. She didn't really have a need to sit, she didn't get tired. But she found that in some situations it bothered people if she was standing all the time. Something about constantly having someone above them. So in effect, while Zrinka was still standing, Eve was psychologically placing herself below this woman. This also had the added benefit that the only place for Zrinka to go in this psychological dance to was equal. Unless she sat on the floor. But Eve had already accounted for that as well in that going further down would be intentional and the dance would be over.

Eve mentally waved off her psychological subroutines for a moment as she took another look around. "You know, I think this is the first time I've ever been in someone quarters, and they weren't dying." An odd observation, but still an attempt to keep the conversation going in hopes that Zrinka would strike up talking about herself more, perhaps explain her choice in decoration or why she leaves PADDs on the table.

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Rini was amused when Eve giggled and she felt relieved that Eve hadn't taken her actions badly, "Okay. I have a tendency to be way too promiscious for my own good and I'm pretty sure you realised I am very pansexual. Like when I seduced Admiral Decour and turned her lesbian. That's what got me demoted and sent to Theurgy - so it was rather lucky."

Blushing, memories of the time that the LMH was talking about came back to her, and she felt her body reacting, "That was an interesting time. I got banged in the shower and so fell for it. It is probably very lucky that none of us women got pregnant afterwards. I still feel bad about Crewman Jones, even though she told me she enjoyed it later on."

Smiling to Eve, she smiled, "Maybe that is true about the circuits and subroutines, but I honestly think you are lot more then that. I find you quite interesting and the current likeness that you have is very attractive."

Moving over to the replicator, she stopped and then said, "I know this may sound stupid, but I was just about to ask you if you wanted anything from the replicator."

Getting a limeade, Rini moved over to the couch and sat down next to Eve, "I don't consider you a shadow at all."

Grinning, Zrinka smiled, "I'm just glad that I didn't leave it as a pig-sty before I went on duty that day. I'm glad mine could be your first for that. Do you have any chances to do any activities outside of the Sickbay or medical work? like interests or hobbies and such."

Twisting around and leaning over, Rini grabbed her acoustic guitar case and pulled it out, putting it on her lap before opening it to show one of her prized possessions, a replica 1960's Gibson Hummingbird Vintage acoustic guitar, "Like I play an acoustic guitar."

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Eve simply held up her nearly empty glass of mint tea to show she already had something. She quietly sat there and listened as the woman talked, carefully watching the woman's movements. She was still here in a medical capacity and she needed to make sure that the woman was healed, or at the very least well on her way to being healed. Organic beings had this preoccupation with trying to hide things, especially when they felt they had seen enough of the doctors. But under the scrutinizing gaze of Eve, very little would get past her. The slightest wince, ever so tenderly favoring a certain side, avoiding letting anything touch a certain area of skin, Eve would see even the slightest hint that something could be wrong.

The walk to Zrinka's quarters progressed well enough, not a single stumble, or even a wobble. Everything about her movements matched the information available to Eve. But Eve deep down felt that this woman might greatly benefit from seeing a psychologist, if nothing else to help her out with potential feelings of nearly dying. Something that greatly impacts organic minds, even if they don't want to accept it. And while Eve would classify as a competent counselor given her psychological knowledge, the diagnostic running on her program was a reminder that perhaps she should not be the one to do that just yet.

"Do you have any chances to do any activities outside of the Sickbay or medical work? like interests or hobbies and such."

"Science actually. I don't exactly get out of sickbay much though. Until recently I was only used mainly in the capacity of an emergency system. I am capable of operating for extended periods, something I remember doing on Jupiter Station before I was installed on the Theurgy. While there, I quite enjoyed reading about different forms of science, most pointedly being quantum science. Though I also like biology and reading in general."

With that she laid her book on the coffee table so that Zrinka could see it.


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The hologram stayed with Zrinka for some time before she had to return to her duties, called back to Sickbay. When she was alone, Rini sighed and walked over to her computer console, knowing she had to know what had become of that Calamity ship and the rest of her squadron. There were plenty of reports to go through, she reckoned, and she was sure she wouldn't like much of it.

Therefore, she avoided the computer console for quite some time, wondering if she really was lucky to be alive at all, when things hadn't really changed since she went into stasis. She stroked bobo's hair where she sat, looking at that computer console, and tried to muster the courage to face reality. She'd hoped to escape just that - reality - with the hologram, but it had been in vain.

Perhaps I should check if Game is off duty? she thought, before she realised that her lover might not even be alive.

In the end, she went to that computer console... and switched it on.


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