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Lucan's shattered mind registered the actions of the Cadet, how she made no comment on his words and looked out the small air-tight window into the Sickbay - supposedly to see whether there was anyone in view - before removing all of her clothing, including her wrappings. Dr. Nicander's thoughts were already stretched thin over numerous things to consider, and the fact that Amikris was secreting her worries did little to remedy his own.

Deftly smearing the glistening disinfectant gel over his upper body, where Cir'Cie had kissed his skin and raked her nails. Lucan did register the nigh self-mutilating measures the Cadet took to rinse her oral cavities with a bottle marked to contain almost pure Ethenol. Wise, he supposed, given Lt. Gladstone's way to die. Still, despite the vibrations and the warm fog in the chamber that served as a high-end sonic shower, the lingering scent of Cir'Cie still made him drink in the sight of the Ash'reem in the blue light - making him feel like his famished loins were crumbling in need for release.

He was just about to address his lower body's glimmering trails of Vulcan sex-juices when Amikris moved over to him in the small chamber and asked how he had fared. her proximity did not help him the least, but he grit his teeth to find some sliver of restraint left so that he might answer her. "I honestly do not know, and I cannot leave anything to chance." It was not productive to recall just how far Cir'Cie had gotten with her forceful seduction, but images from moments earlier flashed before his eyes. "She rubbed her labia all over my lower abdomen, my thighs and along my penis... I cannot be sure, but it felt like my gland momentarily entered her just before she released me and fled."

He had barely finished speaking when he found hat the Cadet had moved to assist him. She was shorter than him, and while she stood so close before him, she was using her hand to rub disinfectants over the areas he had described. He grunted, head swimming with residual urges, when her Ash'reem six-fingered hand began to milk at his rigid shaft. "Amikris, I..."

What was he supposed to say? The darker side of his soul rejoiced in her actions, finding this an ample opportunity, yet he knew that she - with her cultural differences - only meant to help him. He ought to be helping her too. How could he not, since his carnal needs and his precautions, his official role on board and in his enactment of a good officer all coincided on that point. He had to help her too, and not just stand there before her and revel in her ministrations. Thus, breathing very heavily from what she was doing and his manhood twitching in ardent need for more, he dipped both his hands in turn into his canister of gel and put it on a shelf.

He began with her neck and then her cheeks, her brow and then the lips that Gladstone had kissed. He brushed his thumbs across them, before moving down. Her breasts had probably been protected, yet he still filled his tattooed hands with them, stroking out the gel over her mounds and her crests. Her hands on him was too much, and he supposed he would have to warm her. "I... Pardon me, but I should w-warn you that you will make me..."

Lucan did not have to finish his sentence, she would know what he meant. Through the stimuli he was under, an image of Gladstone rubbing his penis along Amikris' vagina resurfaced, and he proceeded, very slowly so that she might stop him, down her abdomen. "He was inside you, wasn't he - only your hymenkept him at bay in the final moments..."

As the Cadet stroked his cock, he slipped a finger down between her legs, rubbing the gel very gently into the opening of her sensitive womanhood. Facing her thus, standing there in the decon room, he looked into the tinted glasses of her goggles and wondered what she might be thinking - doing this to her CMO, and begin given the same treatment in turn. The symbiont screamed at him to break her seal, yet his more rational side always won out, and he did not do more than was required.

In order to keep himself from exploding all over her abdomen, he was considering how it would look if they were seen, and what the next shift would think when they found the body on the floor. They could not linger too long, he reckoned between the noises he was making deep down in his throat. With his lips pursed, he resisted the urge to slant them across the Cadet's and kiss her extraordinary mouth... since it was hardly called for. It was the contamination, the scent if nothing else, that made him thrust his hips lightly against Amikris hand wanted her to use that mouth on him, yet he forced himself to silence. He continued to rub her nether lips and the shallow entrance to her chaste grotto, and did not know how his other hand had come to stroke up and down her back - his breath fogging up her goggles even more than the steam was doing. Still he did not speak, though his lips were drifting closer and closer to hers.

Their actions were only accompanied by the hum and the swirling fogs of the chamber. He had to maintain posture somehow, even if the silence had stretched far too long than seemly. "We n-need to... ngnh... to make a serum, s-some kind of antidote right away... Yet we must make sure were have not been infected... first..."

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Jovela shrugged, her shoulders lifting and falling in a way that was, by genetics and training, aimed at being pleasing to the eye. It seemed unusual that she didn't find anyone, but then, perhaps they had to attend to private business in the head? It was possible, although not telling her or launching the EMH was against procedure.

Ah, but of course they were under power restrictions, weren't they? She vaguly recalled an order to only launch the EMH in a life of death situation. But regardless, it would not do to leave the sickbay unattended, so she went to sit down on a bed when she saw... a foot? She walked over to it and gasped when she saw that it was a body. The state of his clothing didn't bother her as she knelt down and grabbed a tricorder and quickly scanned him. He had stopped breathing, and his heart had stopped in the past few seconds. She glanced around for a brief second, but there was no doctor, and she had no choice.

"Activate Emergency Medical Hologram Mark 1" she called out, as she continued to scan the patient. There was an... oddity, there was some sort of contamination in his blood, but she had no time for that, his neck was broken and she needed to get it fixed ASAP.

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There was a shimmer in the air, and the EMH mk. 1 materialised on the other side of the naked body on the floor.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency," it said, and the dim light of the Med Lab glinted off his glabrous head when he turned to look down upon the body. There was a pause and a small sigh before he crouched down. "I see... Nurse, please hand me a medical tricorder. Thank you."

After receiving it, the hologram scanned the dead body briefly and stood up, rolling his eyes before handing the medical instrument back to Jovela. "My unerring diagnosis is that this crew member is dead. Even though I might be able to resuscitate his heartbeat, it will not matter since - if you spare a glance to this area and the pool of blood I am standing in, and why not further consider the bone-fragments lodged into the ceiling - you will find that the top of his spine has been rammed out of his neck. So even if I would give him a proverbial jump-start, there would be too little blood present to feed oxygen into his cut-off and already deceased brain.

"Oh, and to add a little cherry on the top, the body is rife with some kind of unknown contaminant that would need an equally unknown amount of time to find a cure for. Time, which this patient does not have any more. I'm a doctor, Nurse, not a deity."

Raising an eyebrow, the EMH folded his hands behind his back. Another sigh emphasised his lack of patience and terrible bed-side manners.

"Could you please deactivate me before you take this body to the morgue and add my diagnosis to his journal?"

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Jovela shook her head. "Thank you. Computer, deactive the EMH please." she said, sighing. She had known it was hopeless even as she had activated him, but still, she had felt a duty to have a doctor offically call it, that was procedure after all. As the Doctor vanished, she stood up and straightened out her uniform. She picked up a padd off the desk and quickly wrote in the details, stating his time of death and affixing the diagnostic that the EMH had given. She finished filing the report and then looked at the body. What was going on? How had this happened? Where was everyone? Questions that needed answers. But right now, she had a body to move. And since there was no-one around, she had little choice. She tapped her communicator. "Nurse Jovela to Transporter room, I have a body to transport to the morgue." she said, her voice, normally breathless and full of sex appeal calm and controlled. Of course, it still did sound like a sex goddess speaking, but at least it was a sex goddess who was filling out some paperwork or something. But Jovela awaited a reply regardless.

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[Chief Counselor's Office]

Garen felt himself fighting against a yawn that had crept up on him suddenly. The Theurgy's new Chief Counselor frowned and looked at his chronomete, doing a double take when he saw the time.

Had he really been here most of the night? He'd only stopped by his new office to move his things in and review the former counselor's case files. Somehow he had completely lost track of time and the world outside his office.

Sighing, Garen shut down his computer and leaned back in his chair, rubbing his eyes. What a day this had been.

After closing everything down, Garen stood up from his desk and made his way out of the office. "Computer, lights off," he said, the counselor's suite darkening behind him as he left.

He hadn't gotten very far down the hall when he saw Lieutenant JG Jovela alone in one of the med bays, looking rather flustered.

"Nurse Jovela?" he said, frowning as he walked over to her. "Is there something wrong?" Garen answered his own question a moment later when he stepped into the med lab and saw the body. Visions of comrades lying dead in the caves of AR-558 flashed quickly through his mind's eye.

"What...what happened?" he was finally able to ask, tearing his eyes away from the body and looking at Jovela.

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"I really don't know." Jovela said, as the body slowly vanished in the unmistakable shimmer of a transporter at work. "I've been in the storage room, cataloging samples from the planet, and I come out at the end of my shift to find no-one else around and a dead body lying in the middle of the medbay. I've just had Transporter Room 3 transport it to the morgue but... Do you have any idea what's going on?"

As she said this, her comm suddenly activated. "Transporter Room 3 to that fine, fine Nurse Jovela. Tell me honey, you alone down there in the medibay? You want some company?" came an unfamilar voice, a drawl from the southern parts of North America back on Earth. Jovela's brow crinkled, and she looked down at her badge in confusion. "Sorry, who is this? I was speaking to Ensign Fox a moment ago." she replied, ignoring the odd nature of the comments for now. She'd heard a lot more cruder terms in her life, and she wasn't fazed by such come ons. It used to be part of the job, now it was just something that happened.

"Oh, she's being looked after." came the reply, with the sounds of something like... a struggle? Something was happening in that room. "So, like I asked, you alone, or you got some friends?" the voice asked, as there were the sounds of buttons being pressed on the control panel.

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Garen looked visibly relieved when the body dematerialized and left his sight. "I'm just as confused as you," he told Jovela. "I've been in my office all night, going through my predecessor's case files." He winced and brought his hand around to the back of his neck, a little embarrassed. "I guess I kind of lost track of time..."

The Betazoid listened carefully to Jovela's conversation with the man in Transporter Room 3. He could hear the sounds of a struggle in the background, as well, and something in the man's voice made the hairs on the back of Garen's neck stand up. When he heard the sounds of the man working at the transporter controls, he suddenly got a bad feeling and hurried over to Jovela. "No!"

Ignoring the nurse's protests, Garen snatched the Risan's combadge out of her hand and threw it across the room. The combadge smacked into the wall, then clattered to the floor, where it lay for a moment before it suddenly dematerialized in another transporter beam.

Garen exhaled in relief and flashed Jovela an apologetic smile. "Sorry about that. Transporter Room 3 doesn't sound like a very safe place to be right now..."

OOC: I hope this is okay. It sounded like that's what you were hinting at with the sounds of buttons being pressed, but if you had something else in mind let me know and I can change this.

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(OOC: That's cool. Hopefully what follows is also cool, if you don't like it, tell me and I'll rewrite. ;))

Jovela looked at him, her chest heaving slightly. She had been worried he was about to attack her or something when he yelled and lunged at her, but she noticed the badge's vanishing. "All right, what's going on here?" she asked, turning back to him, before her vision was filled with the sparkle of transportation.

After a moment, both of them, and the medbay bed, and all the random pieces of equipment within a few meters of the two medical personel materialised in the transporter room. "Bit wasteful, but area beaming still works!" came that same southern drawl. Now they could see who was speaking, an older looking man wearing the tattered remains of an engineer's uniform. It had been torn mostly off him, only the cuffs and collar area remained, the vast majority of his uniform was gone, his skin bare.

Next to him was a bizarre tableau, wherein Ensign Fox was pressed against a wall, one crewman tearing at her uniform, exposing her private areas to the room, while the other was forcing his tongue into her throat, it seemed. While she was pushing against them, her pushes were becoming weaker and weaker. Next to them another crewman, a young Bajorian man, lay on the floor, while one woman rode his thick shaft, another grinding her sex onto his eager face. The obscene sounds filled the air as the engineer clicked his tongue. "And here I was, hoping you'd bring another cute nurse. Ah well, I'm sure we can find a girl for him. But I've wanted to fuck you since the moment I saw you, you sexy piece of tail. Come over here." he said, smiling at her as he walked from behind the controls, his cock huge, thick and pointing right at the nurse, who had her hand over her face.

Dammit, I had left Risa to avoid this sort of thing...

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(OOC: That's cool. I wasn't quite sure where you wanted to go with it. I probably should have PM'd you about it, but oh well, it all worked out! ;))

Garen had just started to reply to Jovela when they were both suddenly enveloped in a transporter beam. He'd hoped that whoever was in Transporter Room 3 would give up once he'd separated Jovela from her combadge, but apparently that had been too much to hope for.

"By the Four Deities," Garen breathed as he got a look at the small orgy going on in Transporter Room 3. Just what in the hell was happening?

It took a moment for Garen to recover from his surprise, but he managed to do so in time to notice the Southerner, almost completely naked, making his way toward Jovela. Garen quickly interposed himself between the nurse and the engineer, reaching forward and roughly pushing the Southerner away from them both, knocking him back into the transporter console. "Back off, asshole."

He glanced back over his shoulder at Jovela. "We need to get out of here."

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Jovela could only blankly nod, as she took his hand and prepared to run towards the door. But as she turned, one of the women who had been riding on Bajoran had stood up. Despite the fact that she had wonderful curves, Jovela unable to prevent herself from  checking out the beautiful woman, she still was a threatening force. She must have been a security officer, as she blocked their path towards the door, a predatory smile on her face. "Come on, it'll be fun. We can share him!" she said, nodding to Garen. Jovela stewed for a moment, as if debating it, and then she slapped the woman across the face.

It was hardly a devistating blow, but it did catch the woman off guard, and she stumbled to her side, in the direction of the slap. This caused her to stumble into the southerner, who was just getting back up, and the two tumbled over the transporter controls. As they fell to the floor, Jovela could hear a bone breaking on impact, but all she heard were the two of them moaning as they intertwined. But as they had rolled over the controls, the transporter started back up, engulfing Jovela, Garen, and all the random supplies in another transporter beam, Jovela closing her eyes, hoping they'd end up back in sickbay.

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Garen did a double-take when Jovela smacked the Bajoran woman and sent her toppling back into the Southerner. Before Garen and Jovela could make a beeline for the door, though, the other two somehow managed to activate the transporter during their writhing.

"Not again," Garen groaned just before he dematerialized.

The blinding blue-white transporter beam shimmered out of his sight a moment later, and Garen had to blink as his eyes suddenly adjusted to darkness. He let go of Jovela's hand and spun around in a slow circle, looking around to get his bearings, and then groaned.

"Well, the good news is, we're not stuck in a room full of rapists," he said. "The bad news is we're not even on the ship anymore."

As Jovela opened her eyes, Garen waved a hand toward the nearby jungle, dimly lit beneath the night sky. "Welcome to Niga."

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Jovela looked around, confused, until her eyes adjusted and she could see the jungle in the distance. She then looked at Garen. "Well, maybe you should deactivate your combadge for now, they might be able to detect it and beam it back. I may have spent a few hours down here, but I don't want to be here alone. Then we find somewhere to camp." she said, leaning over at the waist to pick up the various tools and devices that had beamed down with them. Most of them would probably end up not being useful, but she felt safer for having them. She knew that she should really kneel, or at least bend at the knees, but years of dancing and 'dancing' tended to leave their mark, some actions she did without thinking, and bending over to show off her rear was one of them, her ass pointed in Garen's general direction as she picked up the devices. She then stood up and looked at him. "Any ideas which way to go?" she asked, rubbing an arm with the other, her heaving chest lifted slightly by the action.

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Garen reached down and plucked his combadge off of his chest, turning the device over in his hands for a moment. He tapped it once with a finger, frowning when he didn't hear the usual chirping sound. "It doesn't look like I have anything to worry about. That last transporter beam must have done something to its circuits."

He stuck the damaged combadge back onto his chest and looked up just in time to see Jovela's shapely ass staring him right in the face. He blinked in surprise, but didn't look away. He might have been half-human, but he was raised a Betazoid, and the Betazoids did not share humanity's proclivity for prudishness.

When he reached out to Jovela with his mind, he could sense her anxiety. But he didn't need to be an empath to see that the night air was making her cold. He walked over to her and unzipped his uniform overshirt, placing the grey-and-black garment around Jovela's shoulders.

"Here, let me take those," Garen said, offering to take the assorted devices out of her hands. He looked around again and nodded toward the jungle. "I think the away team found a clearing near here. We can rest there, and then in the morning I'll see if I can use some of this stuff to try and fix my combadge so we can get out of here."

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"Oh, thank you." Jovela said, smiling at the counciler as she wrapped the jacket around herself. She nodded. "All right, but we'll have to be careful, we may... Well, I was about to say we may have to contact Starfleet directly, but then that's not going to happen, is it?" she said, sighing. She looked at the tools he was now carrying. "That's not a lot to form a long term camp with." she said, shaking her head. "But lead on." she said, again smiling at him, trying to be brave.

But as they walked, her thoughts, inevitably, turned back to the scene just a few moments ago in the transporter room. Yes, it had seemed to be that they were attacking Ensign Fox, and yet... She seemed to be giving in quicker than usual... And what was worse, Jovela was, well, desperate.

Despite her attempts to be professional and to put her past life behind her, she still found herself seeking out a few partners for sex in every posting. She just felt better if she had some release, and she made an effort to pick crewmembers who were out of the way, low on the food chain, both so that they would be not ones to spread gossip and also out of some sort of muddled desire to improve their lives. They may have a crappy posting, but she could give them something to enjoy.

On the Theurgy, she had found 4 Crewmen who worked down in Recycling, 3 humans and an unjoined Trill, who were perfect. She had, in the first few weeks on board, enjoyed several sessions with them, including one memorable orgy with all of them at once. But they were all killed in one of the first attacks by the Federation ships, and given the situation the ship had found itself in, she had denied herself contact, since sex was the last thing that she should be doing, with the ship in such chaos.

But now, as they walked, she kept thinking back to the scene before her, as she thought about those males with their hands all over Ensign Fox, and about being the one lapping at her sex, or joining in on the three writhing bodies on the floor... Her thoughts stuck, and as she walked, she got progressively hotter as she thought about it, her labido releasing a lot of pent up frustration, her uniform slowly beginning to wetten in the crotch...

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Garen walked alongside Jovela, his mind whirling as he tried to process everything that had just happened. It had been an intense couple of weeks, what with Starfleet hunting them down, and then the crew apparently all turning into sex-crazed psychopaths. Now he was trapped on this planet with no way of calling for help.

And even if he could call for help, he wasn't entirely sure if he'd want to right now. He had no idea how far the madness had spread throughout the ship. What if he and Jovela just ended up right back where they had started?

Well, it's certainly not the worst thing that could happen, he reasoned. Jovela was an incredibly attractive woman, seemingly without even trying to be. Garen wasn't ashamed to admit that the sight of her bent over in front of him had stirred his lust. His arousal only grew more intense as they walked; his senses were almost overwhelmed by the intense feelings of arousal that Jovela was experiencing.

"You do realize I know what you're thinking about, don't you?" he asked her, grinning. They soon came to the clearing Garen had mentioned, and the Betazoid stopped, looking down at Jovela as he turned to face her.

"I suppose now's as good a time as any to say that I've been thinking the same thing." He put down the tools he'd been carrying and reached up to brush a lock of dark hair away from Jovela's face. "You don't have to hide your feelings from me, Jovela. Even if you could. On Betazed we always strive to be true to ourselves. You don't have to pretend like you're someone else when you're with me."

Garen stepped closer to Jovela, smiling down at her, his black eyes looking deeply into hers. He could feel her wrestling with her desire, and in his mind he urged Jovela to just let go and enjoy it, to be true to herself.

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Jovela had stopped dead in her tracks at his comment, staring at him for a second. And then she rolled her eyes. "Of course, Betazoid... Should have remembered." she muttered to herself, as she strode to keep up.

When they made the clearing, she looked up at him, the extra inches he had in height over her something she was used to. Most men seemed to like being taller than the woman. And women were a little all over the place, but that didn't matter now. She blinked a couple of times, as he brushed some hair out of her face, before smiling. "Well... It's just that I know Starfleet is such a professional operation..." she said, her hands reaching up to the fastener of his uniform, slowly pulling it down. "You have to be focused on the job at hand at all times..." she continued, as she slowly slid down to her knees, pulling the fastener down as far as it would go. "You're not supposed to get distracted...." she said, her face locked in a sarcastic serious pout. "Or to let your baser instincts rule you." she said, as she pulled down on his uniform, not pausing until she had it off, and began to pull it down his body. "Focus. It's important, right?" she said, before her hands reached under the material of his uniform and saught out his shaft, gripping it in a light but steady grip. She looked up at him innocently as she began to stroke it, while pulling his uniform down to expose his body to her as she knelt before him.

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"Very...nnngh...important," Garen gasped as he felt Jovela's soft hand grip his rapidly hardening shaft. The Betazoid shivered as the Risan slowly began to stroke him, feeling himself growing harder in her tender grip.

He looked down at her, grinning at the innocent, almost teasing, expression on her face. "Which is why...aaahh...I think it's best that we get this out of our systems now," he added, reaching down and gently taking hold of her chin and tilting her face up toward his. "So that we can better focus."

Garen winked down at Jovela and leaned in toward her, his lips brushing against hers briefly before he kissed her, moaning softly against her lips as the nurse continued stroking his thick shaft.

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Jovela rose to her feet as he kissed her, letting him stand more upright as their lips touched. But after a moment, she broke away, leaning back. "Well then, Councillor, in that case, I must insist you let me perform this medical procedure without delay. This does need my urgent attention." she said, squeezing his shaft to reinforce her point. She looked behind them. "Ah, this will do nicely. Please, lie down here, and let the nurse take care of you." she said, turning on her charm, her voice now dripping with desire. She led him by gently pulling on his shaft, towards a large stone, warn smooth from decades of rain and wind, and then guided him to lean on it, the surface sloped just enough to let him lie back and give Jovela access to his body. She yanked down on his uniform, revelaing his shaft to the cool jungle air. "Yes indeed, this is serious. Let's see if this works, shall we?" she said, looking up at him with the same innocent but deterimined look on her face, before she leant down and took him into her mouth, her lips wrapping around his shaft, instantly sucking with loud slurps as her head began to bob up and down over it, her hands running from base to her lips and back again.

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"Oh, fuck!" Garen groaned as Jovela sucked his throbbing shaft between her lips. His head fell back onto the smooth stone, eyes closing for a moment as he felt the Risan work her hands and mouth up and down his rock-hard member, listening to the sounds of her lips sucking him into her mouth.

He could feel Jovela's delight as she sucked him. Her desire was practically radiating from her in waves, bombarding Garen's senses, which just made the pleasure he was feeling that much more intense.

He opened his eyes again, looking down at her, watching the gorgeous Risan bobbing up and down on him. Garen smiled, encouraging Jovela with his moans, instinctively hunching his hips up toward her, urging her to take more of him. He reached down and brushed Jovela's hair out of her face, coiling the dark tresses around his hand so he could see her better.

"'re very good at this, Nurse," he moaned, shivering with pleasure. "I think your treatment is working."

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Jovela moaned, his groans and moans like music to her ears. For all her desires to be taken seriously, for all her hang ups about her past and her culture, about how Risa and Risans were seen by both outsiders and themselves, she still loved sex. As she slid her mouth back and forth over the thick shaft of the Betazoid, she felt at home, she felt wonderful. Even stranded on an alien world, in the middle of the jungle, she was in control. She rose up until only the tip of the shaft was encased in her mouth, her tongue flicking over the head, and then she looked up, her eyes on his. Filled with lust, her eyes never left his as she slowly slid down, further and further, her gag relflex long since trained and controlled. She forced his entire length into her mouth and throat, her eyes still on his, and then...

She hummed, a simple Risan tune. But the sound never made it out, as instead the sensations passed into his length, her mouth and throat vibrating around his length. She then pulled up, his shaft emerging from her mouth with a loud pop. "Oh yes..." she moaned softly after catching her breath. "I do believe this is working well..." she added, her hands still jerking him as she spoke, before she again dived down onto his shaft, long, deep strokes, forcing his entire length in and out of her mouth and throat, her own sex dripping with her fluids.

But her own desires would come later, for now, she focused on the task at hand, of giving the very best blowjob she could, regardless of the circumstances.

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The clearing was almost completely silent, but for Garen's moans and the sounds of Jovela sucking him off. Garen's jaw clenched, letting out a long, low moan as the sensations began to get the better of him. He sat up slightly, his hands pushing his upper body off of the large, smooth stone, and stared down at Jovela, his heart pounding in his chest as the Risan nurse's skills quickly took him to the edge.

"Jov...ngh...Jovela!" he gasped, feeling his orgasm approaching, ready to explode. "I'm about to...fuck...I'm gonna..."

Garen was unable to finish his warning as Jovela suddenly swallowed his length down again. He groaned as that put him over the edge, reaching out and putting his hands on Jovela's head as he suddenly came, his muscles spasming as his cum spurted into the Risan's warm, sucking mouth.

"Ooooohhh fffuuuuccckkk!"

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Jovela would have smiled from ear to ear if her mouth wasn't busy at the time. Instead, she stayed where she was, his shaft embedded in her throat, and she swallowed and sucked, a mixture of gagging, swollowing and sucking noises filling the jungle air as she took every warm, delicious drop down her throat, her skills honed with years of practice as she managed to get every last drip of it, none of it escaping.

Well, almost, since she knew what most men liked. As his hands left her head, and his shaft twiched one last time (although not, if she had her way, for the last time that evening), she slowly slid up, her head rising off his shaft, her hands gently dragging along his slick length. She rose up, and with a sultry look in her eyes opened her mouth, showing him his seed, or at least, whatever she managed to keep in her mouth, most of it already down her throat. She swirled it around in her mouth, playing with it with her tongue, and then she swallowed, slowly, her throat muscles clearly defined as she ingested his seed. "So good..." she said, daintily wiping her lips with a finger then licking it. She glanced down at his shaft then back up at his face. "But I think, for testing, we'll need some more. Do you need some recovery time? Or perhaps some motivation?" she said, unable to stop a note of excitement into her voice at that last comment. It had been a while since she last performed for someone, and while she had ran away to avoid it, she still loved doing it. She just wanted to do other things as well. But here and now, she wanted very much to perform for the Betazoid...

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Garen chuckled at Jovela's words, panting quietly as he tried to catch his breath. His entire body was still tingling from the intense orgasm.

He was still more than excited enough to continue, but he could tell from Jovela's voice that she wanted to give him a show. This whole thing had started because Garen could sense how much the Risan had needed this distraction. She clearly enjoyed the role she was playing right now; the last thing Garen wanted to do was deny her.

"I don't think any man could possibly be more motivated after that," he breathed, chuckling. He shook his head and looked Jovela over, his black eyes slowly making their way from her smiling, sultry face to her heaving breasts, and then further along her curvaceous figure. Garen bit his lower lip as he took all of her in. It seemed almost as if the Risan had been built for sex.

"But I certainly won't say no to seeing more," he finally added, smiling at Jovela as he looked back up at her face, eager to see the nurse's naked form, his still-hard cock twitching in anticipation.

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"Good..." she said, trailing off. She slowly slid to her feet, before placing a hand on his chest. "No moving, no touching until I'm finished. Nurse's Orders." she said, before taking a few steps away. She closed her eyes, then began to move, slowly, her hips swaying to a non-existant beat. Although, had anyone been watching with a metranome, she was keeping perfect time, even without actual music.

Her body swayed slowly as she removed the jacket, undoing it casually before letting it fall to the ground, although she spun around to see where it landed. As she spun, she shook her body, causing her curves to jiggle and move in a pleasing way, before she ended up back facing him. Her delicate fingers went to her uniform, and she began to pull down the fastener, leaning forward as she did, her undershirt straining against her chest. She took some steps towards him, her hips swaying, as she slowly slid off one shoulder then the other, the top half of her uniform hanging, bunched at the waist. She then spun back around and slowly gathered the undershirt up, pulling it up and off her body, revealing her flawless skin to the jungle air. She tossed the undershirt over her shoulder, hoping it would land on him, although it only half did. She did not turn around, teasing him with her naked back and perhaps a hint of her breasts as she walked back to the jacket he had given her and bent over to pick it up.

She slid the jacket on and then did it partly up before turning around, now showing off some cleavage while hiding most of her breasts, a finger waving in the air, as if to say not yet. She turned back around and bent over, shaking her ass towards him, as her hands then slid down her body, and then back up, having undone her boots' clasps on the way. Another spin, and she kicked, the boots landing either side of him, just to the side of the stone on either side.

Now barefoot, she now began to dance rather than tease, her movements graceful as she spun, her head twirling her hair in wild circles, before she slowly dropped down into a near perfect splits, her hands running up her legs and into her hair, a look of joyful concentration on her face. She rolled out of the splits onto her hands and knees, and then rolled back to her feet, a few feet away from him, as she faced away from him and slowly, teasingly, pulled down the uniform, revealing her ass, clad only in a barely there thong cut panties. She stepped out of her uniform, turning back around.

Only then did her hands go back to the jacket, with one flick undoing the fastener. She grasped the jacket's sides in her hands, showing off some of the swell of her breasts. She teased one, showing some more skin, followed by the other one. She spun around again, and then briefly flashed him before holding the jacket closed again. She then finally pulled the jacket apart, revealing her soft, perfectly formed orbs to him, her dark nubs clearly outlined against the jungle air, hardened and pointed. She slid the jacket off her arms, dropping it to the jungle floor once more. Then her hands went to her panties, playing with them, pulling them from side to side, teasing him with a half pull and then back up.

But as she teased, she walked closer, still swaying, until she was mere inches away. Then she finally pulled the flimsy material down, revealing to him her neatly trimmed patch of hair, in the old fashioned 'landing strip' design, and her sex, which was glinting in the pale light, moist and begging to be touched. She let the panties fall to the ground, as her hands openly rubbed her sex, spreading her lips, a soft moan escaping her lips as her fingers caressed her slit.

She then leant down, hovering over him. "So then, is the patient ready for another course of treatment?" she asked, her voice low and husky as her face rested a few inches away from his.

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All throughout the show that Jovela had put on for him, Garen had wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch her, to feel her soft skin in his hands, but he knew better than to disobey the nurse's orders, and even if he had tried, Jovela always seemed to know when to dance just out of Garen's reach.

He watched in awe as she danced for him, slowly removing her clothes, enticing the Betazoid with every motion. His eyes were transfixed on the Risan's lithe, practiced movements. He knew she had likely done this sort of thing for many others in the past, but he didn't care. Right now, at this moment, she was all his.

Garen bit his lip again when Jovela finally, teasingly, removed the jacket he had given her, groaning softly as she bared her perfect breasts, the light from Niga's moon shining down on Jovela and giving her skin a silvery glow. His eyes locked with hers as she came closer to him, her body swaying, and he heard himself moan as Jovela slowly let her panties fall, the sight and scent of her aroused sex driving the already lust-crazed Betazoid mad.

He smiled at her, then, as she hovered over him, looking up into her eyes as he finally reached out to her, his hands slipping around to grasp her round, firm backside, squeezing the soft flesh gently. "More than ready," he breathed, leaning in closer to Jovela, his lips just barely brushing over hers. He suddenly spun her around, switching places with the Risan as he now pushed her back against the tall, smooth stone, grinning as he slowly, teasingly ran his hands up her naked body.

"But first, I think the nurse deserves a little attention herself," he told her, tilting his head to the side as he leaned in, breathing in Jovela's scent as he kissed the side of her neck, gently biting at her soft skin with his teeth. His hands slid up her flat stomach to grasp her large breasts, thumbs circling the erect nipples.

Garen smiled at Jovela, then slowly started making his way downward, his kisses trailing from her neck and shoulder and down her chest, his tongue trailing out to lick one of Jovela's dark nipples before slipping the little nub between his lips, sucking softly as he teased her other nipple with one hand. His other hand started to make its way back down Jovela's stomach, slowly slipping between the woman's thighs to find her wet slit.

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