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Maybe she was underestimating Ida more then she should have.  She was placed in a position of power that gave her more potential then anyone else to get away with murder.  Her description of her phaser setting was accurate too.  Illya knew it's effects quite well, and the resulting damage it would do, not only to her, but her surroundings as well.  Despite it all, she didn't display the slightest change in her personality.  There was no sign of sweating, no increased heartbeat, or even a subtle communication of fear in her eyes.  It wasn't because she was unafraid, but because she knew she couldn't show fear.

"You're more aggressive then I gave you credit for, Babe."  Illya spoke, a grin forming, especially as she felt the phaser pass over her chest, as if she was being played with by the Andorian Chief of Security.  "Why don't we just get to the brunt of this.  You don't trust me, and nothing I say is going to change your mind about it.  We should just get right to the point; you'll be watching every action I make, waiting for me to slip up.  I'm tell you I have no other agenda, you don't trust me, and so you keep monitoring me.  Any method I try to find to prove myself to you will seem like trickery on my part, and we'll keep walking around in circles for the rest of our time together on this ship.  Am I close?"

Illya's gaze fell to Edena's left breast, which was receiving the majority of Ida's attention.  It had resulted in the stiffening of the nipple, which only made the woman's smile grow more devious.  "You are paying a lot of attention to this body.  Soaking in every detail.  Trying to make sure it won't be forgotten if you pull the trigger?"  She questioned, before delving a bit deeper in her theories. 

"I've seen eyes like those before.  Photographers . . . painters . . . they're the eyes of an artist.  Are you an artist, Babe?"  Illya searched the woman's face for any indication she was right; looking for some tell-tale sign.  "I did my share of modeling . . . but that was two lifetimes ago.  Edena's body is uncaptured by an artist's eye . . . she rarely has any fun whatsoever.  It can be rather boring and . . . frustrating, if you catch my drift.  Maybe you should let me pose for you?  If you still plan on killing me, you should at least let me leave something behind to be remembered by." 

Ida hadn't even admitted to being an artist yet, and Illya was going on about wanting to be a model.  Maybe it was just a way of taking her mind from the confrontation between them, or maybe it was simply an act of seduction.  Then there was another theory.  Illya didn't get control of Edena's body all that much, and maybe, in that brief moment of freedom, she wanted to have some fun.   Gaining control of the body which it must have felt like she was alive again, rather then just an echo from the past.  Who wouldn't want another chance to feel alive?

"I have no interest in Starfleet Intelligence, the Mahewa System, or anything else right now.  The only thing I am interested in . . . is Babe the Blue Ox."  Illya stated, revealing the origin of her nickname for Ida; an old Earth tale.  "I've seen a lot of Andorians in my time, but I never knew one who had such a flattering figure as you.  If you really are an artist . . . I do hope you had the decency to share that body of yours with the art community as well.  It would be a shame if you didn't."

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The more Ida grew convinced that this soul inside the Trill was tying to stall for time or distract her from her intentions, she grew both more and more resentful as well as intrigued with her efforts. Ida had to give her credit for he qualified guesses. It proved to show that she was as capable of deduction as an SI operative should be. Therefore, it proved nothing but that she was using her insight to address the current threat.

Question remained, what should Ida do?

The spy was right, they could trade words all night and it would make no difference. There were only three possible outcomes to the situation. One, she pulled the trigger and smeared whatever would remain of the Trill all over the place, with all the ramifications. Two, she left, and time would pass for the spy to pre-emptively circumvent whatever measures Ida could resort to to keep her under surveillance. It would be a state of deterrence - lasting for as long as either of them remained alive and/or aboard the starship. Three... she stayed, and...

Lost, in a sense.

Yet at the same time, it would serve to keep one's enemy close.
A nagging and irritating thought, however intriguing. Yet she knew that the intrigue was dangerous, and that she could not trust either of them - herself or the spy. How in the name of the Andorian moon could she accept an invite from this woman? No, this was not her kind of battleground. It was the spy who would be on conditioned ground, whilst she only knew the more... direct means of approach when it came to dealing with an enemy.

"This," she said, and calmly - coldly - placed the top-side of her phaser between the spies legs, "is also a weapon, yet in comparison to you, I have the decency to not wield it on a whim. Therefore, I want you to remember the coldness you feel now, for it is the only thing you will feel from me. Enjoy your freedom, Lt. Commander... while it lasts."

And thus, she turned around, an walked out of the Intelligence Officer's quarters, not looking back. The only sound heard was the hiss from the sonic shower.

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Ida's ability to remain calm and cold made Illya question if Andorians were blue because of ice water in their veins, rather then because of some kind of pigmentation to their flesh.  Undoubtedly, such a personality served her well, yet it disappointed the former host to a degree.  She almost thought of her proposition as a win-win scenario, providing them both with something she was certain they both wanted, while neither of them truly lost anything.

Then came the feeling of a phaser pressed against the bare flesh between her thighs, which made her chin raise.  There was a feeling of fear that she still couldn't afford to show, so she disguised it as a small moan, as if pleasuring by that sensation.  Perhaps it was the first thing she could think of, or maybe her body just responded with the thing Illya would have most expected from her.  "You know where to find me if you change your mind.  Just ask for a private moment with Illya Rez.  I'm sure Edena would oblige."  She flirted one more time, unable to resist the idea of one last tease, to cement herself as calm and cool under the pressure the Andorian woman pushed on her.

Finally, Ida turned to make her exit, leaving Illya to make her last comment.  "Enjoy the wet T-shirt contest.  I'll bet you take first place."  It was a last chance to draw attention to the soaked uniform clinging to her body as a result of her barging into the sonic shower.  As the woman's visage soon became a memory, Illya let out a desperate, terrified breath, finally allowing her bottled up fear to escape her.  Her hand moved to her chest, feeling the pounding of her heart that came from the wake of an intense confrontation.  It wasn't the heart pounding moment she had been aiming for, but it did leave her with a similar effect; the danger had been a turn-on.

"I'm betting Edena is out for another little while."  She murmured to herself, as her hand began to trail down her abdomen, to the place where Ida's phaser had been pressed only a short time ago.  The only way that Illya could feel was when she was in control of the body, and when that happened, she couldn't help but miss the simple pleasures.  Since Ida had denied her, she was left with no choice but to take care of her own needs.

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Below Decks:

Nerina laughed, again her soft, feminine chuckle sounding slightly out of place from such a tall, striking woman. "We are off duty, so I believe you're off the hook, so to speak, offically." she said, her words coming out clearly, although the alcohol was clearly having some affect, her choice of words being slightly repeditive. "Unoffically... We'll see." She added.

But when he asked about her figure, she shook her head. "It's a shame, when we lost holodeck privaledges, I lost my normal training scheme. I'm not big on exersize for the sake of it, you know? I have this great program, it's got rowing down the rivers of my home planet, sparring with some of the greatest warriors in Klingon and Human history, rock climbing, some olympic events... Now I'm down to just jogging down around the lower decks. I don't really like gyms, I prefer more... interesting work out methods." she said, her eyes closing slightly as she looked at him. A part of her was telling her that this was a bad idea, but most of her, and the booze, was waiting to see if he would move or if she'd have to do it herself.

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"Sounds like a good program.  I usually stick to runs around the lower decks myself, though on most of my postings, I requested the right to adjust the gravity settings on the deck during the time I was using it.  An increase of thirty percent I have found to be enough to get the most intensity out of a run without wearing down the body too quickly."  Nathan explained his own usual training methods from previous times aboard Starfleet vessels.  "I've always found that the holodecks serve better to escape from any kind of work, be it a workout or just a way to forget one's last duty shift.  I was never much of a holodeck user, though; I had . . . maybe four programs that I transferred with me when I came aboard.  My music collection was more plentiful then that.  My most run program was a flight simulator for the fighters; I'd been using it not only for training, but for devising my own tactical strikes and even for making some modifications to the fighter itself that I planned to submit for future improvements; not exactly an escape from work, but it was something I found myself wanting to do."

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Nerina half listened to his words, instead her eyes remained focused on his eyes, as she tried to think through the alcohol. She was trying to weigh the pros and cons, trying to work out if this was a good idea or not, if what she was considering was too far one way or the other. But as he spoke, her Klingon blood finally boiled over, and chided her for trying to think. A Klingon does not think, does not plan, they charge in and take! Take!

As he finished a sentance, she suddenly lunged forward, albeit slowly thanks to the drinks. Her hands went to his shoulders, pushing him back against the side of the turbolift. She leaned forward, their faces almost touching. "Stop talking." she said, her voice a low growl, before she grabbed his chin, turning his face to the side. She then leant in and kissed at his neck, her lips and teeth moving over his skin. Her bites were not enough to draw blood, nor enough to leave a mark, but deep enough for him to feel it, as she nuzzled at the flesh of his neck.

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[ The day before the Brig interrogation | Captain's Ready Room ] Attn: Garen Nelis

With dark eyes weary from the battle they had just won, Jien Ives read through the personnel file of the person he had summoned to his Ready Room.

He had, of course, already perused the information twice, and this not counting the years he had been the Counsellor of the USS Vendetta, and Ensign - now Lieutenant - Garen Nelis had seen him regularly. The young man had suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his lingering presence on the site known as AR-558, and though it was years ago, Jien wondered if it had been his own advice that had made the man decide to go back to studies at the Academy, and change departments.

For now, given the evolving situation in the Counselling Department aboard, Garen Nelis was the both the highest ranking and best suited man to replace their late Chief Counsellor. This, after the Assistant Chief Counsellor had shown her true dark colours. Jien scowled at the thought of this Edena Rez, whom now sat in the Brig, and closed Garen's file on his computer console.

He folded his fingers underneath his eyes, and rested his jaw on his thumbs - his gaze staring upon the door which was bound to admit the half-blood Betazoid momentarily. After the bygone years, Jien did not know which of his Chosen Forms he had used during his sessions with Garen, and at the dire hour, he did not care. Because these were different times for them both, and though nostalgia was oft considered a pleasant reverie, Jien Ives was no longer the man's Counsellor, but his Captain and Commanding Officer.

The Lieutenant would probably notice the difference; in how Jien's iron faith in diplomacy had been reduced to burning debris. There is no lasting peace to protect. Never was. Only intervals of mobilisation.

Oh, Captain Ives knew the advantage of just rattling the sabre, but to draw it had proved to render more results. Had he merely threatened to fire upon the Starships that had harried them, they would not have been alive, and the truth would have died with them. Still, it was a cost that lay upon his soul, and a burden he would carry to his grave.

The chime rang through his blackened thoughts, and he quietly told the Computer to admit the visitor.

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[ Captain's Ready Room ]

So, this is it, thought Garen Nelis.

The Theurgy's newest--and now only--senior counselor stood before the door to Captain Ives' ready room, preparing to speak with his commanding officer for the first time since the world had turned upside down.

He had a feeling that he knew why Jien--no it's Captain Ives, now, he corrected--had called him up here. Garen had joined the crew of the Theurgy mere days before the Federation turned its back on one of its own, with the idea that he would start out small and work his way up. He had only recently completed his training as a counselor, after all. But now his boss was dead, and Lieutenant Mikahl had turned out to be a spy, which left Garen the highest ranking counselor on the ship.

Can I really do this? he asked himself. He'd been pondering that same question all day, now. He had only just joined the crew. This was supposed to be his first assignment. And now he had the shadow of being a fugitive hanging over his head, on top of everything else. How was Garen supposed to cope with all of this? He sometimes still had trouble handling too much stress.

But he had to get over it, at least for now. His captain, his friend, was waiting on him. So he rang the door chime, and when Jien gave him permission to enter, Garen took a deep breath and stepped forward.

The door hissed open, and Garen stepped into Jien's ready room. "Hello, Captain," he said, offering Jien a friendly nod, and smiled. "It's been a long time."

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Jien remained where he sat for a small moment, taking in the changes in the physical form of Garen - a habit common for Chameloids - before he rose to his feet and walked around the desk to greet him. He had half a mind to reprimand him for not following protocol, in not stating rank and reporting his presence as summoned, but that was but a small notion - one that passed when the memory of that old face pierced the dark clouds of his mind.

"Indeed, Mr. Nelis," he said, still having to act formal given the circumstances. Garen could not get the impression that he was given a personal favour in being asked to fill the seat in the Senior Staff that had become vacant in the passing of their former Counsellor, and the betrayal of Mikahl - or Edena Rez - but was picked out of both necessity and his merits. Moreover, because of things Jien knew about his past; the first hand experience to suffer under the circumstances that that the crew currently were.

Abandoned, all on their own - fighting impossible odds.

This Jien thought whilst shaking his hand. "Please, have a seat, for I reckon we have a few things to discuss."

After seating himself again, Jien folded his hands on top of the desk, and looked Garen dead in the eye. First things first. "Before we continue, I need to know whether you accept the position as Chief Counsellor, despite your recently completed training in this field. I could very well order you to carry out this duties; tasks sorely needed at this dark hour for our crew. Make no mistake, I will not lie to you and thus say right away that you have little choice in the matter, yet I would regardless require to know whether your heart is in the right place. It will serve me to know if you will serve devotedly, or reluctantly."

He paused, realising how he sounded compared to the man Garen had once known. Rather than pretend at nothing, Jien chose to effectively address it.

"Nor should you make the mistake to think me your own past Counsellor," he said in a low voice, the dead centres of his eyes completely still, "for I am now commanding a vessel destined for hell, with the faintest hope to complete our mission, and save the Federation from being eaten up from within by the enemy. I cannot afford to make compromises, or stray from protocol. For these things are the invisible iron web that keep the crew's hopes high, and the chances of mutiny low. It will be on your head to keep such thoughts from their minds too, so I will have you know the challenge you are up for as well - now that we are alone in our desolate trench, with the enemy shrouded in shadows."

He had chosen his words very precisely, even if his features remained cut in cold stone.

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Garen watched Jien as the Chameloid spoke, his brow creased in a concerned frown. He knew that his old friend would be different, given their present circumstances, but he had been hoping for a somewhat friendlier welcome.

"I understand completely, sir," he said after taking a moment to compose his thoughts. "I never expected to be put in this position when I joined the crew. I'm sure you never thought you'd have to put me in this position, either; at least not yet."

The Betazoid paused for a moment, watching Jien's expressionless face, wondering what was going on under the surface. He could have easily reached out with his empathic senses and felt for himself, but Garen was not quite ready to invade his new CO's privacy, certainly not so soon after everything that had just happened.

"I understand what you require of me, Captain Ives, and while I'll admit to having some doubts, I also understand that you're low on options." He sighed and leaned forward in his chair, resting his elbows over his knees.

"Captain, you found me during a dark time in my life, and led me out of the darkness. I'll never forget that. I owe you everything; I wouldn't even be in Starfleet now if it hadn't been for you." Garen smiled. "Now it's my turn to repay the favor. Of course I accept the position, sir. It's the least I could do."

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Jien inclined his head where he sat, and leaned back a little in his chair. "My gratitude," he said quietly, "for your loyalty and your altruistic disposition."

Even though Mr. Nathaniel Isley had managed to find the M-Class planet by the name Niga in the Mahéwa System and they were heading there to regroup and resupply, they were all - any given moment - prone to be detected by their comrades in Starfleet via long-range sensors. Before they could restore their own sight, Jien felt like he was sitting on nails all the time. It came with the job, he supposed, and it did not serve to elevate the mood even if Garen Nelis understood and complied with the requirements bestowed upon him.

Pausing, Jien chose to address the second item on the agenda. "Before I move on to the practicalities concerning your place amongst the Senior Staff, I would like to discuss the matter of Edena Rez - whom you served under during our flight from Earth," said Jien and placed his elbows on the arm-rests of his chair, fingertips meeting before his face as he thought the matter through once more. "During the brief time of the past number of weeks that we have been running for our lives, was there any point where the former Assistant Chief Counsellor acted out of the ordinary. Moreover, did you sense anything from her that would verify or exemplify her betrayal towards this ship and crew?"

Captain Ives paused there, to let his former client and friend think this through. "Reason I am asking is that by her claim, which she made at one of the Briefings after one of the many battles we have been through, she is supposedly still wishing to serve the Senior Staff of this ship in our dire undertaking."

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Garen took a moment to think back on the events of the past couple of weeks. He hadn't exactly had time to closely monitor Mikahl--Rez, he amended--with Starfleet hounding the ship at seemingly every waking moment.

"To be honest, sir, nothing comes to mind," he said with a shake of his head. "Nothing in regards to her duplicity or deception, I mean. I do recall sensing some apprehension from Rez, as if she were conflicted about something, but I never got the chance to ask her about it."

He frowned at Jien. "You're not actually going to let her rejoin the crew, are you? How can you be sure that you can trust her?"

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At the question, Jien did smile a little - yet it was a rueful expression. "One must consider all eventualities, yet I indeed find the possibility... remote. However, I should - perchance - let you know that I have been a Starfleet Intelligence operative myself, decades ago. Thus, I have some insight that will help me ascertain her disposition - to know by her answers in upcoming hearings whether there is any iron in her claim to being trustworthy. Yet the matter is not as simple as that, I am afraid..."

The Captain inclined his head towards the view-screen of the spatial vista; a blue nebula iluminating one side of his face with its bright glare. "Out there, the hounds are still upon our tail; scenting for us tirelessly. Suppose that we would have an SI operative on board that could send sub-space messages on the right frequencies... and we would learn where the hounds are? Edena Rez might just be the key to know the enemy, if she pretends at still being on their leash and wearing her false name."

Shrugging a little, Jien moved on. "Yet as you say, the matter of her actions up until now is heavy indeed. I have yet to fully entertain the notions about what kind of possible use she might be to us - loyal or not. Time will tell, if we can spare enough of it."

Next were the usual proceedings, and Jien addressed them deftly to get it over with. "You can contact the Quartermaster to learn where your new Senior Officer Quarters are. If you don't mind it, he will probably give you the former Counsellor's rooms. They have been cleared from his personal belongings, so the Quarter Master will simply Transport your own items there. Security will give you clearance to all of the crew's evaluations and journals, along with what our offline database contains in regard to your new position. Moreover, you need to establish routines with Dr. Nicander regarding the prescription of anti-depressants and other medications; or simply inform yourself about how these things have been handled prior to this challenge we are facing. Then, you have your office to set up in either of our two Battle Sickbays, the remaining vacant one being meant for any kind of future Assistant Chief Counsellor that you recommend to me or Commander Nerina."

Taking a deep breath after relaying this speech - or the versions of it - that he had been giving far too often lately, Jien fell silent for a while. He supposed that he ought to indulge in less prioritised topics. Garen was, after all, a familiar face from a time when Jien had been both a lesser and a greater man - instead of the rabid dog he now felt like.

"Have you kept up with your training, Garen?" he asked at last. It was not until then that he remembered how he had commonly worn his female form in his company. Thus, he then changed... into her other form. She smiled faintly to him, as if in apology for his oversight. With her voice altered, she added, "Your form does seem to have aged well, so I would venture to guess that you have."

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Garen nodded along with Jien as he listed off orders pertaining to his new duties. He remembered meeting Doctor Nicander, very briefly, but they hadn't really said much more than 'hello' to one another. He wasn't looking forward to taking over his predecessor's old office, but life must go on.

He flinched a little when Jien shifted into her female form. Not out of fear, it had just been so long since he'd last seen it done that he'd forgotten how it looked. Garen smiled at Jien and shrugged modestly.

"I figured since it proved to be so helpful during my recovery, I might as well keep at it. I definitely feel more focused now, both in mind and body." The Betazoid grinned across the desk at her. "Thank you for noticing, by the way. I do try to keep in shape."

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Nodding, Jien got to her feet and slowly paced over towards the view screen - gazing at he nebula. "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try," she commented idly in reply on the way there, "decisions that Counsellors enable - yet never make themselves - for all of their patients. The credit is all yours, and I had little to do with it besides showing you how I focus."

Considering whether she had any words of advise to Garen, given the rather challenging task he had been given - being the Chief Counsellor during the present circumstances, she came up short. She certainly did not envy the soldier-turned-psychologist. She glanced over her shoulder, her hands folded behind her back. "Solitude," she said quietly, obviously speaking of the ship, "is something that you ought to consider a potential thing for us all. For we hear voices in solitude that we never hear in the hurry and turmoil of our ordinary lives. Not just yours, others, but our own inner voices. We may receive counsels and comforts we get under no other condition. Perchance it is something to remember in these extraordinary times - the days, weeks or even months that just might be our last."

She fell silent there, looking back out of the view-screen. "Do you have any questions, Garen? We can speak off the record if you so wish."

Before her minds eye, she saw debris floating in space, expanding across many light-years. An endless sea of scrap metal. Carcasses of Starships that she had commanded to be shot down. Her cost of duty. Though she had pride for her crew, none whom had decided to jump ship regardless of everything they had been through and the obstacles yet to come. Though to Jien, she could not shake the thought that they were - in the end - merely her accomplices in murder.

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Garen watched Jien as she slowly crossed her ready room to settle before the viewport. He regarded her silhouette, framed by the nebula outside, with concern. Despite Jien's cool and detached demeanor, Garen could sense the turmoil she was trying to bury deep down.

He sighed and stood up, watching Jien carefully as he joined her over in front of the viewport. "Captain, I'm the Chief Counselor now--which makes me your counselor," he said as he walked up behind her. "It's now my responsibility to look after your mental and emotional well-being. I know you're hiding your feelings for the benefit of the crew; as their leader, you can't afford to let them see you conflicted."

The Betazoid stepped around from behind Jien and stood beside her, looking briefly out at the nebula before turning to face her, noting the way the blue light of the nebula illuminated her features. "You don't have to do that when it's just us, Captain. You can talk to me."

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Nerina's actions were so sudden, he didn't even anticipate her.  Being a fighter pilot, he was used to having sharp reflexes, so her speed at catching him off guard was something to admire.  Aggressive actions followed, as he was pushed against the wall of the turbolift.  Despite her nature, he knew there was no need for concern; no matter how roughly it might have began, it wasn't violence in her eyes.  It was something he was much more happy to see.  He forced his head to the side, as she powerfully forced her lips against his neck, acting with the kind of lustful strength he would have expected from a full blooded Klingon.  As much as he wanted to just let himself enjoy it, he knew he couldn't.

No Klingon woman could respect a timid lover.

Nathaniel pushed back against her, giving her the very same treatment as he pinned her against the wall.  "Computer, halt turbolift."  He spoke, hearing the familiar chime of compliance.  There would be no interruptions, as he brought his mouth to her jaw, lightly pressing his teeth against it.  It was for one simple reason; a showing that he desired her, in a way that would be familiar to her Klingon half.  It was a mating ritual amongst that side of her family, though they often drew blood and left a bite wound with their sharp, pointed teeth.  More then the bite, his hands told his desires, as they held to her hips, strongly moving up her sides with a strength few women got to experience.  After all, Nerina was part of a race that was far from made of glass.

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Nerina growled, a mix of lust, discomfort and anger, her mind a mess of conflicting emotions, desires and thoughts, coupled with a generious (for her) amount of alcohol, leaving her slightly dazed. As unprepared as he was for her lunge, she was just as unprepared for his return, and for his biting. Her hips resisted his grip, as her hands went to his shoulders.

They rested there as she tried to work out what to do. This was different, she'd never met a man who knew as much about Klingon mating as this one did. She had gotten used to the human way of doing it, and she was trying to remember what her mother told her, and trying to listen to the voice that she normally fought to keep in control. But it just wouldn't come, she wasn't sure what the true Klingon mating ritual would entail. So she decided to just wing it. If he wanted pure, true Klingon sex, he could find a pureblood Klingon.

Instead, her hands went to the fasteners of his uniform and worked at them, forcefully pulling on the material, not quite hard enough to tear but certainly not as smoothly as regulations would allow. Her grip was not ideal, given her head was leaning to one side, presenting her jaw and neck to his mouth, allowing him to continue, even as she began to try and undress him.

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Nathaniel wasn't looking for a Klingon mating ritual; far too many broken bones resulted from such things.  Sex for a Klingon man and woman was as much a fight as anything else, with both fighting for control, and not above inflicting serious harm to get it.  All he wanted to do was turn Nerina on, by using a degree of aggression to resonate with her Klingon heritage.  Even if she was only partly Klingon, there was still a part of her that was an aggressive lover and responded to it favorably when it was given.

Once she had unfastened his outer jacket, he put his arms back, allowing it to be easily slid off, leaving him in just the white undershirt.  He returned the favor, tugging at her own jacket until her red undershirt had been revealed, though his efforts did not end at that.  Just as quick as he could open her jacket, his hands were to the hem of her shirt, which he pulled upward until it was up and over her chest, revealing whatever laid below, be it a brassiere or bare breasts.  His hips pinned her own against the wall, bringing their lower bodies tightly together as he continued to kiss and nibble on the jaw and neck that she so eagerly presented, even as the self-generated heat that was building in the turbolift started making him think they were in a steam room.

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As her upper body became exposed to the increasingly heated air of the lift, she grunted, as her hips tried to push against his, his position pinning her against the way, her lower body unable to move. She tried to move a couple more times, but it became clear he had her pinned, and so she stopped bothering.

Instead, she growled and pushed away his chest, creating some air between them, pulling his mouth away from her jaw and neck, even if it had felt wonderful. Instead, she shrugged off the undershirt, and then slowly, looking into the pilot's eyes, her hands went to her brassiere. It was not standard issue, it was in fact a traditional Klingon brassiere, albeit one with none of the blades or weaponry that marked a true female Klingon Warrior's garment. It was instead an interesting mix of leather and the silver metalic fabric that marked the Klingon uniform. Nerina, her face slowly clouding with lust, slowly undid it, both to entice and tease the young man, and also because it was an unusual item to undo, having been designed for battle and to support the weight of some blades and/or vials. But after undoing the clasps, and the tie, she slowly let it fall off her, her slightly tanned orbs revealing themselves to the lift, her nipples already hardened. She took a deep breath, looking at him, awaiting his next move.

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When he lifted her shirt he expected to either see the standard issue underwear, or nothing at all.  Instead, the sight of something befitting a female Klingon warrior was what he was met with, proving that Nerina wasn't as far away from her warrior side as he might have thought.  He had known Klingon officers who wore additional decoration on the outside of their uniform, but this was something new, and between the exotic nature of her undergarment, and the way they made her breasts look, he was turned on even more.  The instant she removed the item, baring her naked chest to him, his head lowered, lips pressing to the exquisite mounds of flesh, while his hand moved to massage the other, displaying attention for both of her ample assets.  This left his other hand unoccupied, though it soon found a purpose for itself, moving between her legs to rub the fabric of her pants into her feminine region, warming it up for the time when he got her lower body just as naked as her upper.

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Nerina had no time nor any mind to explain the relationship she had with her mother, the complex nature of her and her mother's attitude to their culture, their past. Instead, it sufficed to her that he liked the look of the bra, and began to lick and fondle her breasts after she revealed them to him. She growled once again, although this one was much higher in pitch, and was more a moan than a growl. Her hands went to the young pilot's head, running through his hair, encouraging him.

Her legs at first tried to squeeze together, tried to stop his other hand from entering into her crotch. But she overcame the reflex and spread her legs slightly, giving him access while keeping some pressure there, the friction from her thighs adding to his talented hand's rubbing, causing her to become more excitied, her body reaction to his touch, becoming hotter, her sex beginning to moisten, her nipples hardening even more in his mouth, under his touch.

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Nerina was one of the few women in the galaxy that Nathaniel had met capable of looking both strong and attractive.  Her body was sturdy, looking like she could resist any advance, be it a proposition from a crewman or the force of a storm against her, yet she still retained a femininity that appeared so sexy.  Hearing her strong growl begin to break down into a softer sound of desire was enough to turn him on even further, as she was baring herself more then just taking her top off.

His lips sealed around her nipple, he let his teeth lightly graze against them, to give her that feeling of roughness in their act, but not to hurt her.  Likewise, the hand that groped her other breast closed in on the other nipple, fingers squeezing and twisting, using the sounds that came from her to determine just how much would bring her to the limit of pleasure without going into pain.  Even as all of this occurred, his hand continued to rub her lower region, before reaching up to the waist band of her pants, and beginning to tug them down, and get a look at what laid beneath.

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Nerina's moans did not stop, her body kept reacting favorably to his touch, her nipples staying as hard as pebbles as he twisted and turned them, her eyes closing tightly as she leaned back, short sharp breaths marking every moan, as she lost herself to the touches of the young pilot. She wasn't sure why him, what about him she was drawn to, but at this moment, she didn't much care. He knew what he was doing, and her body demanded to be touched.

Her hands went to her waist band as well, helping him pull them down. Unsurprisingly, there was a matching leather panties beneath her uniform, although this one was far simpler. While it was clearly the match of the bra, there was only one loop for a blade, as if Klingon woman felt that too much bladed weaponry down there might be a problem. But she kicked off her pants, and boots, leaving her in just her panties, against the by now quite warm wall of the turbolift.

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The leather brassiere and underwear had more of an effect on Nathaniel then he had expected.  Perhaps it was the idea that leather was often associated with a dominatrix, and given Nerina's aggressive personality, it wasn't a far stretch to think she could have been the type.  For Nathan, there was no bigger turn-on then making a strong woman weak; to see her become submissive to his whims.  Raising his head back up, his lips went to hers, while his hands traveled down to her rear end, grasping it and pulling her closer to him, groping her ass as he passionately kissed her.

When he had enough of the taste of her mouth, he moved on to another taste he had an interest in.  Descending to his knees, he pulled down her underwear, and removed the last barrier to everything he wanted.  For a moment, he simply admired her intimate region, taking in the details; it's scent, it's shape.  After what must have seemed like forever to Nerina, he gave her what she must have been craving by that time; his tongue extended, and licked upward across her moist slit, taking his first taste of her sex.

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