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Topic: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.] (Read 14127 times) previous topic - next topic

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Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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Even though it seemed impossible she could almost feel him growing fuller and harder in her making her wonder just how much more there was to him. What makes you think I am going to give you that chance? I may continue simply enjoying myself like this for the rest of the night," she whispered softly to him as her fingers continued feeling what of his body that she wanted to. He was at her mercy and her mercy alone. This would be something she would she would make sure he knew by the time they where finished. She liked how he went to work before she even asked it of him her body shuttering heavily as his tongue softly glided over them. As he began to suckling on them her body clenched tight around him making her almost weak. Her body was lost in pleasure as he arched into the thrusting force his cock roughly against her sensitive spot almost making her scream in pleasure as her nails softly dug into his sides drawing a little blood.

Her end was coming soon and she knew it but did she really want to stop it? As her moans kept spilling out so would long deep growls making her sound a little more animistic then something humanoid. If he had not told her that he didn't want her holding back it would have been far different. She wouldn't have let herself slip into the predatory nature that flowed strong through her people. "Miles," she whispered his name as her body shuttered heavily over him her tight passage quickly growing tighter. "I'm sorry," she whispered before she stopped holding back as her body started its orgasm hit. Her head moved from his moving to the crook of his neck before her teethe sunk into his shoulder feeling blood flooding into her mouth as she growled through her orgasm which flooded from her landing on his thighs. If he tried to move his head her teethe would sink deeper into his shoulder. It wasn't until her orgasm slowly died off that she would let go of him slowly as her tail slowly unwrapped from around him. Laying her head on his shoulder her breathing would come out in heavy pants. "Don't say I didn't warn you," she whispered softly to him.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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He moaned through the pain.  Though it was far from what he was used to or even what he woudl normally enjoy there as something else there.  He hardly liked the sensation as his shoulder throbbed from the sudden intense pain as she bit him. But, the way she moaned and writhed against him her inner walls tightening and quaking as they began to release their own fluids brought him through the pain as his own throbbing reached its own climax as his own organ pumped a new batch of thick hot cream deep into her filling and overflowing from her only adding to the flow of fluids that now drenched his inner thighs. 

Slowly their climaxes drew to a soft recession and he felt her tail loosen.  His hands free he gently embraced her as she lay against him he guided her lips to the very shoulder she had bitten and smiled "You did.  But I'm glad I didn't heed your warnings."  he said softly holding her close, his tail wrapping around her again gently letting her feel its soft warmth clothing her loins a bit as his hardness receded a bit though still firmly within the body he far from wanted to part from.  "Besides I think its safe to say that it will be hard for any female to stake any claim on me as strongly as the mark you just left."  He said knowing the bite would likely scar and it would be a scar he knew he would make sure to always keep.  He smiled softly and gently kissed and nipped at her ear whisperning softly. "Do I 'need' to satisfy you further?"  he asked pride hoping that she felt their union was up to her people's par but his own libido wanting this to only be a short break before they lost each other once again to animalistic carnal lust.  before adding.  "Or, do you just want me to."  he said hoping the bragging words would make it clear that even now he was not fatigued and the challenge from earlier to see who could literally last the longest was still on.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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Hearing him moaning through what she knew would be painful for him she would let herself get lost in the pleasure that was coming from joining him like this. Even through the pleasure she could feel him reaching his own climax as she moaned softly for him feeling him flooding a new batch of thick hot seed deep in her mixing with her own juices. She was still amazed at how much he was able to produce even with this being their second time joining. As her climax slowly drew to a close  she felt him wrapping his arms around her holding her close to him. As he guided her her lips to the bite she would gently kiss it as a small smile crossed her lips. "You say that until you wake up sore tomorrow," she whispered knowing his shoulder more then likely would be hurting tomorrow. "I'm glad you didn't heed it either Its been a very long time since I've been able to enjoy the primitive nature of my kinds mating," she whispered moving her head to lay on his chest as she felt his tail wrapping around her letting her feel its soft warmth. "That is the whole point of it. That is close to how my kind mark their mates. Although to have a life mate it is a little more permanent and a different type of mating is involved," she whispered as her fingers played over his chest before trailing down over his sides.  His kisses and nips to her ears made her shiver softly as her eyes slowly closed. His words to her where playful and made her think for the first time he would be able to fully satisfy her needs. Slowly she raised her head as she looked in his eyes. Leaning in she very softly kissed his lips before she nibbled softly on his bottom lip. "How about we go with both? I both need you to and want you to. But for your safety and your other shoulder you may want to take the lead this time,"

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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He smiled as he slowly and gently pulled out of her before she felt a strange sensation as something seemed to start to push against her whole body.  Slowly a coat of thick soft fur grew from his body as his face rearranged itself into its true form.  His chest changed in a bit of its shape as beneath the fur there was still the pair of nipples but under that there were two other rows of much less obvious ones much harder to find within the thick fur almost mistakable for small moles.  "I know my shoulder will be sore.  But I've had much worse injuries before and reported for duty the day after."  he said with a smile holding onto her and letting her feel his furry  arms embracing her as she sunk into the thick warm fox fur of his chest. 

"So you want me to take charge huh?  So do you want me to "force" you to submit, or do you just want to play the willing "pet?" He asked softly rolling over on top of her as he pushed his canine organ against her leaking slit. rubbing his length against her so she could feel his thick knot rub against her letting her have a sense of his new length, girth, and most importantly, the difference in shape his real body could provide her.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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The next thing she felt was the strange feeling of something equally as soft as his tail growing under her body. It was strange but not unwelcome. In truth she could easily get use to sleeping like this. Maybe instead of threatening to cut off his tail she should start threatening to skin him instead. Leaning her head she softly brushed her cheek over the soft fur loving the feeling of it against her cheek. His soft arms wrapping around her would pull a soft contented sigh from her as she enjoyed the comfort his body had to offer. She only just heard his words before he rolled them over on the wrestling mat. She could feel his new length and girth rubbing against her wet slit as her eyes grew dark and hungry. Reaching up her hands softly brushed through his newly grown fur on his cheeks before softly moving up to his ears as she rubbed them softly. "Oh come now what fun is there if I just role over and let you have your fun?" she whispered as her hands softly brushed over the bite mark she had given his shoulder. "I mated with you in the way of my people show my what you kind has. After that we will decide what to next if you still have the energy that is," she said with a small smirk on her lips.
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Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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He laughed softly.  "so you want me to have you as I would one of my own kind?" he said "As you wish Valky.  He pressed his canine muzzle to her lips and forced his tongue deep into her mouth in an eager kiss that filled her mouth with his flexible and strong tongue.  As she had requested he indeed was ready to show her what his kind had to offer and without a word of further permission his tail wrapped around her body fully and wrapped around her tail.  Slowly he gently moved it aside as he pressed his organ against her wet slit teasing it for a moment before pushing in in a single smooth motion allowing the entire length had possessed as a human into her eager warm insides.  At the end of what was his pelvis before there was something else.  A thick hard knot of flesh that strained against her tight womanhood.  

He pressed on his more pointed tip pushing into her depths as the knot strained against her entrance before it yielded stretching as he pushed the hard bulb into her letting her slippery fold capture it as he knotted himself within her securely.  Feeling himself secure within her body he reached a mildly clawed hand out and began to eagerly grope at her breast as his cock pushed roughly against her innermost depths stretching her out far further than the human like cock he had before could ever dare to.

He began to push in and out of her straining the knot against her with each motion making her entrance stretch and relax from the strain of the knot nearly coming out with each thrust as he eagerly kissed her and groped at her breasts forcefully kneading her as he eagerly repositioned to use every bit of leverage he had to pound her insides each rough slam into her depths making the non groped breast bounce as he pounded within her plunging her depths eagerly awaiting to hear her moans and groans of pleasure.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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His laugh brought a smile to her lips as she enjoyed her time with him wanting to feel more of what he had to offer. "Why not? I had you as I would have one of my kind," she whispered softly before he pressed his canine muzzle to her lips forcing in tongue deep in her mouth with an eager kiss making her moan softly as her tongue brushed against him. Her body arched into his as he wrapped his tail around her body before she felt his organ pressing against her wet slit making her moan softly ready to have him in her once more. As he pushed in it one single smooth motion her head rolled back as she moaned loudly her eyes closing in pure pleasure. Even through the pleasure she felt something else at the end of his member straining against her tight womanhood. Her eyes opened ever so slightly as he pressed a little more feeling his pointed tip pushing deeper into her depths and his knot strained against her entrance causing a little bit of pain mixing with pleasure.

When her walls finally have way and he pushed the hard bulb into her wanton body she would groan softly still feeling the intoxicating mixture of pain and pleasure. Her mind was swimming with pleasure as she felt him reaching around groping at her breasts making her moan all that much more spiking the pleasure she was feeling from him. As he forced himself deeper in her pushing roughly against her innermost depths to the point she was stretched more then she ever had before. It seemed in this form he could stretch her and fill her in a way no one had ever been able to do before and it was driving her crazy. "Miles," she moaned out his name loudly seemingly more then ready to submit to the pleasure he was giving her. As he started pushing in and out of her his knot straining against her it almost felt as though she where losing her virginity for the first time with how he was stretching her out.

She kissed him back with hunger and need as he continued stretching her and making her body fully his like he was. Her head lowered as he started thrusting into her moans spilling out as he continued thrusting into her body hard and hot. Her tail softly snaked up around his body feeling him in so deep in her.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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He couldn't help but grin hearing her moans as he pushed deeply into her   he slowly pressed up against her cervix and began working the tip against it gently rubbing it with his tip.  Unlike the females of his own kind who were able to make their bodies barriers more malleable he doubted her own biology much like human anatomy was the kind to accommodate a cervical penetration.  still at the least he could let her feel his tip massaging her deepest barrier and gently pressing against the tight sphincter rubbing against it like a soft fleshy finger probing her innermost areas playfully threatening to take a kind of virginity from her she could never imagine could be taken. 

He softly whispered.  "Does it feel good?"  he asked knowing the answer through her constant moans.  He held her tightly before beginning to eagerly nip playfully at her neck as he continued to work himself within her teasing her furthest barrier and stretching her out at every angle around it.  "There's so much more to enjoy tonight" he said eagerly gently pulling at her teat and giving it a soft twist before letting go before pinching and pulling at it again loving the feeling of her body squirming in pleasure.  he smirked as she felt himself start to throb within her as a hot slick and thick pre began to coat her innermost depths.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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The way he was thrusting into her along with how he was stretching was pushing every pleasure nerve ending she had pushing her into a daze of pleasure. A long deep groan slipped out of her lips feeling him pressing against her cervix knowing if he kept it up it wouldn't be long before he would be in it. Her claw like tips of her fingers dug into the mat tearing them slightly as she continued enjoying the pleasure he was feeding her. "It feels wonderful," she whispered to him as she opened one eye looking up at him with a small smile on her lips. Her head turned eagerly as he playfully nipped her neck finding her lover it seemed was more then up for the task of slating the pleasure that had been demanding satisfaction. "I hope it is feeling good for you as well," she whispered feeling her body stretching out in a way it might not recover for a while. "I will be enjoying everything you have to offer fox, don't think this will wear me out," she whispered softly. As he pulled eagerly on her teat before twisting it softly her body shuttered softly as her body clenched around him threatening to climax though she fought it off as long as she could. His throbbing member and hot slick fluid spilling into her almost made her cum once more. "Oh no you don't get me to come that easy," she moaned out.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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he pushed up against her again his head gently probing at her cervix again soon he was rubbing it intently his tip grazing the tight sphincter with each movement.  The females of my kind are able to make themselves...Relax so everything fits.  I wonder.  Is your kind able to do so or do I just have to tease you until you wish you could enjoy having your womb stretched from the inside."  He said intently teasing her with each movement twisting pinching and stretching her nipples enjoying those moans of mixed pain and pleasure knowing he had found somewhere very special on her body to toy with and make her squirm. 

Eagerly he moved his head down and began to lick between her breasts leaving a trail of canine saliva on her chest before pressing his muzzle to one of her soft nipples and eagerly beginning to suckle on her breast as a clawed finger pinches stretched and twisted the other like a perverted kind of playdoh.  Soon he was pinching the very tip and pulling on it so tightly her breast itself seemed to try and stretch before he let his claw like nail just graze past the tip scratching it just barely as friction and her skins limited elasticity forced the breast to be free from his pinch bouncing back to its normal shape as a tiny speck of blood appeared on the tip of her breast. 

Slowly knowing how much she loved his suckling mouth he embraced the no doubt tender teat in his mouth and began to softly caress it with his tongue.  "Which do you like better my valkyrie?"  he asked. after gently releasing her teat from his mouth with a long savoring suckle making her breast tear away from his lips bouncing back to her body roughly.  "That?"  he paused as he moved his muzzle to her other breast the one who had experienced nothing but pleasure thus far in this play.  "Or this"  he said before giving her breast a soft nip and pulling away a bit holding her teat in his teeth pulling at it a bit roughly while making a soft growl noise pulling away causing her nipple and breast even to stretch further and more roughly than the other had before now tonight.  as meanwhile his cock continued to do as it had been doing as he rubbed her inner walls down with his pre testing her cervix wit the tip occasionally even giving it a pit of a push to tempt her into thinking he would actually try and push through the impossibly tiny opening.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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Her moans came out as he pressed against her probing her cervix making her wonder just how it would feel to have him in so deeply. Already it felt wonderful. "We aren't able to relax as females of your kind, but with enough prodding it does dilate," she groaned out feeling him pinching and stretching her nipples as her tail wrapped tightly around him. Begging him to go harder and faster. The feeling of his tongue licking between her breasts over the long scar would pull a mixed shutter from her body. The feeling of his thick saliva resting on her skin was odd but pleasant in the same right. Feeling his muzzle pressing against her nipple before she felt the eager suckling she couldn't help but moan long and loudly her nipples hardening even more as he started pinching and pulling at the very tip.

As his mouth started suckling once more she could moan long and loud as her eyes closed softly savoring the feeling savoring the soft caressed of his tongue. Her eyes slowly opened as he asked which she liked best. As his mouth left her she found her body missing the feeling almost instantly. The long savoring suckle was more then enough to leave her wanting more. As he asked 'or this' her brow rose slightly before she felt his teeth lightly biting and pulling a bit roughly causing her nipple and breast to stretch further and rougher then before. The pain mixed with the pleasure of his cock rubbing against her inner walls mixed in an erotic torrent of sensations. Every time he would push against the impossibly tiny opening she would groan softly as rubbed her body down against his. "I like the first one better," she panted out as her hand reached down brushing through his thick fur as she enjoyed herself with her lover.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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He eagerly resumed the soft suckling using his hand to gently caress and massage her cups gently softly squeezing and teasing her nipple as he suckled and tongue massaged the other making up for all the torment and more showing her that if she liked the gentle treatment more then this is what she would receive as he began to fully test her boundaries within. Probing as she had suggested hoping to give her the same wonderful climax a female of his on kind felt when having her womb stretched by a hard cock and and filled with hot cream.  Tell me if I go too deep.  he said knowing the amount of trust she must be putting in him to allow him to go so deep within her and test her bodies limits with regard to penetration.  Soon he was pushing in a bit rougher forcing the head up against her cervix.  the tapered tip of his cock pressed against her cervical sphincter as each thrust probed her deeper and deeper wondering if her body would give way enough to let him in fully to stretch her out from within or if it would just dilate enough that he could let her feel her womb being bathed from within with his thick hot seed.  He had never been this intimate with someone from outside his own species before and with each groan and pant shared between them he felt himself growing closer and closer to her.  Usually he would not dare let another become this close but he knew even after they had satisfied each other he did not want to leave her side tonight.  He wanted to wake up to her beside him despite the consequences.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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As he resumed the soft suckling her moans would continue spilling out as he softly and gently tormented her body with their matting. The probing she felt inside her only fueled the pleasure he was giving her. "You don't have to worry about that. My kind where literally designed to take a lot of punishment," she whispered before more moans spilled out feeling him forcing his head up against her cervix sending sparks of white hot pleasure through her. She knew her body and she knew what it would take to give them both what they desired. She timed the movement of her body waiting tell he had just started to thrust into  her before her hips would slam back forcing the tapered head of his cock through the tight cervical sphincter. The first penetration would hurt as a low growled slipped out and her claws dug into the mat ripping the fabric slightly. Soon though all she could feel was the pure pleasure of having him that deep inside her. "Sorry but you where taking too long," she whispered as she looked up at him from over her shoulder. "It won't hurt again it is just that first thrust that can be a bit rough," she whispered rolling her hips against him feeling him rolling inside her womb. As much as it frightened her she felt herself growing closer to him opening up more to him then she had anyone before. Normally when she took a lover it was only for a short time and then they would be gone form her life but something told her that he would be around for a lot longer.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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He gasped as he felt himself forcefully enter her by her own actions.  By the Grand matriarch though it felt wonderful within her as he began to roll back and forth pushing his cock deep within her womb forcing himself in so deep that his cock began to leave a bit of an impression on her tummy as he felt her womb wrapping around him stretching to his every movement distorting her belly.  He angled a bit just to force his cock to make her belly contort around his meat to force her to see it pushing against her.  "You look so hot like this."    he said running a hand over her belly accenting the shape of his thick meat forcing against her inner walls bulging her out a bit.  "I cant wait to make you look pregnant with my cum." he half teased though from his volume earlier she probably knew it was far from a tease.  More importantly though he had begun to rock roughly in and out of her letting his cock slip out of her cervix and push back in this time a smoother penetration as he coudl tell with each repeated penetration her body got more and more used to the forceful opening of her womb and by letting him in this deep she had really touched off on one of his deepest fettishes which only made him desire her body more than before.

Eagerly he groped at her breasts sucking at them tongue rolling over them and suckling as he began to slip finger and thub over the other gripping squeezing and teasing it to her hearts desire as each thrust he made into her made her tummy stretch visibly.  "Mumm I'm so close."  he moaned softly.  "Are you ready?"  he asked knowing that there would be not much of anywhere for his cum to go with his cock blocking its only escape out of her womb.  When he came it would have nowhere to go but to fill her womb making it swell until he pulled out.  He could only imagine the sensation she would feel when he pulled out and his cum began to gush out of her in a thick torrent .

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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His gasp would be more then enough to spark her pleasure once more as she felt him forcefully entering her stretching her in a way she had never known before. As he began to roll back and forth pushing his cock deep in her so much so that she felt her stomach leaving a bit of an impression on her stomach her arms would give out as her cheek rested on the mat. Her moans would almost sound like screams of pleasure as he continued moving in her. Feeling how he angled himself as he forced his cock to make her belly contort even more around him making her moans spill out even more to the point she was almost panting at the feeling. "You feel so good like this," she whispered feeling how full he was making her feel. The feeling of his hand over her belly accenting the shape of his thick meat which only made the whole thing all that much hotter to her. His words might have been a half tease but something hold her from what he had done before he would easily be able to do it. The smooth feeling of acceptance as he started rocking roughly in and out of her told her body wanted this as much as her mind did.

The eager groping and suckling of her breasts made her moan even more as she her body was quickly starting to reach its limit. "I am too," she whispered softly as she looked at him before one hand reached back softly caressing his sac with a soft delicate touch. "Cum for me. Fill me up. I want to feel you cumming in me. I want you to make me cum as well. I want that pleasure high," she whispered as her hand continued softly caressing his sac as she continued ridding the euphoric high he was bringing out in her.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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That was all he needed to hear as she felt his pre spatter her womb's inner walls with the volume any normal being would spend in a full climax.  She knew though this was only the start as her womb was covered in sticky fluid allowing him to glide within her easier than before as her cervix became slick with cream allowing him to push all the way in his cock stretching her womb itself even further into te core of her body as his balls began to clench and pulsate in her hand.  THe thick Hot jets of cum began to pulseate from his throbbing cock as cream began to fill her womb stretching it like an organic water balloon causing her tummy to bulge with it. Within seconds she had a bulge in her gut resembling a swollen baby bump as he continued to pulse within her filling her body up to its very limits each grinding pulse stirring the thick mass of cum filling her womb as he slowly pulled out  still Pumping thick jets of cream into her body.  Soon he was filling up her pussy his cream filling every little crevice as his knot kept her inner walls sealed up not allowing one ounce to escape as cream filled every surfac of her womanly folds giving her pouch a sligh bulge.  before he pushed back in roughly spreading her cervix again forcing his cock into her womb to stop her up fully letting her own climax milk him the rest of the way as he held onto her relishing how much she was enjoying becoming the best mating partner he had ever enjoyed.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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She felt his pre spatter lining her inner walls with what would normally be a full climax but she knew there was so much more to come with him as her lover. With his precum his movements became so much more easy as he glided effortlessly in and out of her willing body. As he started pushing all the way in her stretching her womb she would moan feeling herself drawing closer and closer to her own climax. With her hands on his full sac she could feel it clenching and pulsating in her hand making her wet knowing he was about to fill her in way she hadn't felt before. His thick hot jets of cum began flooding into her as his cock throbbed inside her. She felt his cum flooding in her body making her moan as her womb quickly filled before it started stretching and soon she looked pregnant from him cum alone. As he continued she finally had to roll her head forward slightly feeling herself being stretched to her very limits. As he pulled out she would groan softly enjoying the feeling as her tail lightly squeezed around him. "Miles," she moaned his name out softly before screaming out in pleasure feeling him roughly spreading her cervix once more pushing her over the edge as her body shuttered and her climax came quickly as her body clenched around him. Her moaning screams spilled out as she continued cumming feeling even more pressure starting to build inside her womb. As her climax slowly died down she slowly opened her eyes looking down at her swollen stomach seeing she truly did look pregnant knowing this was the closest that she would ever get to see what it would look like. Reaching out her hand softly moved over her stomach before she looked back at him with a small soft smile. "When you pull out its going to make one hell of a mess. I feel sorry for the poor bastard that has to clean this all up,"

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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He smirked, "Then I'll have to make sure not a drop escapes." he said with a smile looking around a bit. "Lets see here"  he said looking towards the small mat beside the main sparring mat and gave her a cunning grin. "perfect" he said reaching out at the roll of athletic tape that lay on the mat.

15 mins later: Deck 05: Senior Officer's Quarters: 

Miles smiled as he Escorted the lovely Asurian into his room.  Teasingly he ran a hand over her still swollen tummy smirking.  I bet you can't wait till I pull that tape off and let you give birth to a river of my cum."  he teased after the door shut having made their way from the gym to his room in the clothes they had worn into the gym.  He smiled as he removed her clothes again kissing her breasts and cupping them from behind as he reached down and began to play with her pussy from behind pushing fingers against the tape that kept the cream within her straining to get out.  "How about we have a nice shower he asked? After all it was you who brought up that we shouldn't leave a mess for anyone to clean up."  He teased pushing against the tape teasing her knowing how much strain was on it and how each movement caused the thick cream to slosh inside her still stretching walls from the pressure causing her to feel as if his cock had never left her as she walked.  It was more than clear that she had been seized with at least a near orgasm multiple times as they made their way here and by the way he teased her now and the way she seemed to twitch at any touch made it obvious she was near that edge again.  The difference was he was going to make sure she was pushed over that edge before he gave her the release from the pressure within.

OOC: hope you don't mind what I did here Dawinter  Figured it was due time to move it to where they end up in the morning.

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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As he spoke of not letting a drop escape her head turned back at him in a deeply questioning expression feeling her body being so swollen with his seed she couldn't think of staying like this for a while. "Miles you are a sick sick puppy," she whispered seeing him picking up the roll of athletic tape but somehow at the same time it was new and interesting to her.

15 mins later: Deck 05: Senior Officer's Quarters: 

Every time he ran his hand teasingly over her swollen stomach she would let out a small growl not use to having her body looking like it was. "In someways I like feeling like this. The procedure we go through to appear human also makes us sterile so it is nice getting to feel what its like to be full like this," she said looking back at hm with a soft smile. Her smile stayed feeling him removing her clothes before feeling his hands on her breasts once more would make her moan softly feeling the pressure making her feel like he was still inside her. As his fingers pushed against her pussy her body would shutter softly as she pushed against him. "A shower sounds wonderful," she whispered and in truth it did. To her it would be the perfect way to end what was already a very good day. Reaching up her fingers softly brushed over his cheek as she pulled him down into a slightly deeper more passionate kiss before pulling away slightly. "Lead the way lover,"

Re: CHAPTER 02: Lovers' Quarrel [2350 hrs.]
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Miles gently smiled as he turned on his hybrid shower.  His unique fur necessitated the instillation of a rather unique showering apparatus within his quarters, a hybrid of a sonic shower and a standard water based one augmented with hair or rather fur care products.  As the water heated and the oscillation of sonic pulses began he led her into the shower gently reaching down and slowly rubbing her down below again.  Slowly gently he pulled the athletic tape from her as he slipped behind her letting the water caress her breasts and trail down her body as the tape was pulled allowing the release of the pent up seed within her.  as he groped at her breasts and body playing with hr all the while as she felt water pouring over her sonic pulses teasing every inch of her body and a mass of Vulpinian seed gush down between her legs as he held her letting her relax in his arms toying with her body as she moaned in pleasure  reaching down to tease her clit as she began to feel the  the torrent coming to an end.  Slowly he turned her around in the shower and planted another kiss on her lips before rather eagerly reconnecting and gently pushing her against the wall of the shower beginning another round with his lover before turning the shower off.  By the look in his eyes he had only just begun their mating session.

It was hours later when Miles finally turned the shower back on.  The two of them were now half laying in the shower as they kissed eagerly still connected.  her body was covered head to toe in cum as he wiped a fresh batch from her face feeling a final eager pulse as he filled her womb for what he guessed was a 3rd time.  Eagerly he pulled out letting her moan as cum seeped from her body and the shower bathed them for real this time.  he took great care with her despite their combined exhaustion.  after a while they had both became clean and the two barely stumbled to the bed together.  It was mere seconds before they were both out cold wrapped in each others arms in the afterglow of an uncounted number of orgasms.  I guess they would both have to settle on a tie regarding who wore the other out first.