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CHAPTER 04: Invictus [Supplementary 07: All Jammed Up]

CHAPTER 04: Invictus [Supplementary 07: All Jammed Up] 
[ Sarresh Morrali | Life Support | Deck 07 ] Attn: Sirus

There was a moment, one small, short moment, where Sarresh's eyes locked with Sel's. He could see the resistance that they had both been struggling so very hard to maintain, shatter. All because of a loose canister of Leroxin. Their careful, calculated dance of ignoring what their hormones were screaming for, even in spite of what had happened so very shortly ago, was all for naught. The Bajoran was pressed so close to him that he could feel her breath hitch in her throat, her heart beating faster in her chest. And then her lips came crashing in on his and there was nothing, nothing at all he could do to hold back.

She pulled at his gown once her arms were around him, and it would offer little in the way of resistance. Soon enough it would fall away, revealing every toned, taut inch of his newly minted body - even more so than had already been revealed to her in the corridors before. His smooth skin sprouted goosebumps under her very touch, and his lips felt like they were on fire, consuming hers with a burning, aching need, to kiss. Slipping past his own mouth, his tongue ran over her lips, demanding entrance, not willing to take no for an answer. He barely registered how short it was now - tho it was still longer than the average humans; he was beyond caring about the anatomical differences right then. Those eyes of his clouded with a haze, a heat from deep within, turning the artificial gaze into something that was half lidded and smoldering as one hand snagged into her hair, gripping a tight fistful.

Hips ground against hips - his now bared ones to her's, cotton clad -  as that other hand slid deftly down her back, He wasted no time with the tight bra that covered her breasts - he needed her, needed to be in her, right then, gods help him right then. Those fingers slid under the waistband of her damp panties, thumb hooking to drag them down her ass. He tugged and he tore, pushing and pulling till the slid between her ankles. Swift, and with slightly jerky movements, his hand moved around between them, to cup her, to rub and spread those moist folds. Sarresh felt himself slip further, and further into that heated, lustful haze. His lips parted from Sel's and he moaned out her name, in a tone that promised all he wanted right then and there was to be fucking her. A tone heated and intimate enough that he'd likely be embarrassed by it later, but that part of his mind had long ago shorted out.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Life Support | Deck 07 ] Attn: Brutus

Lust. In that moment it was all that Sel knew. As their hands moved over each others bodies, skipping right over any sense of foreplay or preliminaries. They were both far to gone for anything like that to matter. He was somewhere beyond hard and she could feel her fluids sliding down her thighs, having long since soaked through her panties. It had only really been minutes since the assault by the now dead fighter pilot and yet neither was sane enough to care. She wanted to be fucked and he wanted to fuck. The fact that they were doing this to each other was little more than coincidental.

As he pulled her panties down her legs she yanked her bra off, not wanting to stay dressed in any way. She felt his hand move along the inside her thighs and reach her oh so hot and slick folds. She whimpered in the kiss as she felt his still smooth and soft fingers move over her soft flesh, sliding over her beyond sensitive skin. She was so sensitive at this point that his touch almost hurt, but so turned on that that tiny little edge of pain pushed her to delirious new heights. There were no thoughts in her head other than the desire to be fucked by him, to feel his hardness inside her.

The kiss broke for a moment as e breathed her name. It was a moment of intimacy that almost brought her back from the delicious place of pure pleasure. In her mind it was pure sex, and yet somehow some intimacy had slipped in. There was a pause as for a moment all the lust cleared from her mind and she realized what she was about to do. Though just as she was about to say something er body took hold and before she could think of how to react, the thoughts of doubt and fear quickly disappeared from her mind as her knees trembled and gave slightly, pushing his hand harder against her soaked folds. before she could stop herself she was grinding against his hand.

In that moment her lips parted. "Fuck me... please fuck me..." she breathed, all thoughts of fear pushed aside by her bodies mighty need. Fuck the consequences, she wanted to fuck and nothing else mattered at this point anyway. A single hand moved from his back, reaching down, gliding over the hand between her legs, her slick juices covering it. She got her hand as slick as she could manage and then reached out and wrapped her slick fingers around his hard member. "For the love of the prophets fuck me..."

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[ Sarresh Morrali | Life Support | Deck 07 ] Attn: Sirus

Words sprung out of his mouth, jumbled tones in a poor approximation of the Ash'reem language formed by tongues and vocal cords simply unequipped to deal with their formation. And yet it still conveyed the heated desire and utter need he felt when that hand, so slick, gripped his cock, squeezing the hard, hot flesh between drenched fingers. It was a torrent of paasion and brutal need that spilled forth as his hands moved across those tempting folds and slid up under her thighs.

Ash'reem weren't naturally a super strong species - they were far more agile and dexterous, than of hearty constitution. But Sarresh was muscular enough - and frankly, aroused enough - to lift the Bajoran up and press her bared back to the cold panels behind them. "Fuck," he muttered the word in Federation Standard this time, his cock still in her grip through it all. His ass clenched tightly as his hips bucked, pushing the firm length through her hand. The swollen tip found her damp sex, slid along those folds. Strong, nimble hands guided her legs around his bare hips. He could feel one of her heels digging into his asscheek.

With intense need, he thrust forward, cock sliding through the tight grip of the hand trapped between them and into Sel's dripping pussy. Bare toes curled against the deck as his legs spread out just enough to provide an extra sense of balance. More words, utterly alien even to Sarresh tumbled out of his mouth, right until his lips pressed into the pulse point of Sel's neck and he sucked, hard, words muffled by her skin.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Life Support | Deck 07 ] Attn: Brutus

There were no thoughts other than the passion that flooded through her mind, her hand wrapped around his throbbing member as his hand cupped her dripping slit. Her head was swimming in the sweet sexual thrill of it all. Then he pushed her back and Sel let out a soft gasp as her sweat soaked back pressed up against the smooth cool metal of the life support control room wall, it felt good. Instinctively  as he pinned her against the wall she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his mid section, lifting herself to align his still hard member, wrapped in her fingers, to the moist slit.

From this angle his rock hard member was all the closer to sliding into her soaked pussy and with one thrust he slipped through her soaked fingers and inside her moist folds. She withdrew her hand and wrapped both of her arms around his neck and shoulders, supporting all of her weight on him and the wall. His hands adjusted her legs to give him better access as he thrust into her.

From the first instant he was inside Sel's mind blanked. She had been able to keep some conscious though before this, purely sex driven, but now she was a slave to the feeling. A few thrusts later, as his member slammed against ever sweet spot, she found herself moaning. The sounds weren't quite words, but rather short little cries of pleasure. She gripped his mid section with her legs and ground against him as he thrust into her.

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[ Sarresh Morrali | Life Support | Deck 07 ] Attn: Sirus

Control was out the airlock at this point. Everything was shifting to instinct and perception. He could feel her squeezing him as he thrust deep. Arms settling snug around his neck. Her breath on his cheek as she moaned out for more.  Because she had to need it as much as he did. They were both lost in the heat, the haze, that aching, all consuming need that coursed through their veins, courtesy of Eve Jenkins.

Not that Sarresh gave a damn about any of that. He thrust in again, strong, and fast, no finesses. His nails began to dig into the underside of Sel's legs, gripping her tighter with each hard jerk of his hips. A groan bubbled up past his lips, and he gritted his teeth, rutting harder, and harder. If anyone were listening in, they'd be able to hear the wet smack as his body met hers. His hard, oh so hard shaft plunging deeper every time, trying desperately to sink to the hilt. He was almost frustrated that he hadn't been able to achieve that yet, despite the fact that he was clearly hitting Sel in all the right places. Just a bit deeper...

She was squeezing him tighter, both inside, and out, legs wrapping snug around him. He felt pulled forward with each thrust, each sweet plunge. Soon they were both grinding against one another, the former Ash'reem pinning the Bajoran between his toned body, hot body, and the cold, hard wall. The thrusts became shorter, but no less hard, Sarresh unable to pull back quite as far. His balls were slapping between his legs, swaying back and forth with each thrust, and he could feel the muscles in his back tense, but he didn't care. All that mattered was the tight, wet warmth wrapped around every aching inch of cock.

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Then, there was a chirp from the intercom in the small room, and Ship A.I. could be heard.

[Thea to Junior Lieutenant Morali. Please stand by to activate the dispersal of the first Lexorin containers. T-minus two minutes to activation,] she said, and then she added, [The battle is over. We prevailed, and Lieutenant Commander Wenn is allocating personnel to deal with the mutineers once the two dispersals have been made. I repeat, please be ready to activate the first dispersal at my signal.]

Oddly, the A.I. sounded sad, yet if one might give it some thought, it would be evident that the defeat of Thea's future daughter meant that the Calamity had been destroyed.

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[ Ryuan Sel | Life Support | Deck 07 ] Attn: Brutus

Somewhere in the back of her mind Sel was aware of the comm signal from the ships computer. For a moment she was aware that she needed to do something, something important, but the raw lust and the feeling of Sarresh thrusting in and out of her slick hole pushes all thoughts out of her mind. At this point all she could think about was the cock thrusting in and out of her, driving her higher and higher into golden tinted pleasure. She could feel her body getting closer to the edge of the abyss and all she really wanted was to be cast over it and swallowed by the wondrous bliss that waited beyond.

Every thrust drove her closer and closer, her pussy walls gripping his cock tighter and tighter. Every time he plunged back into her she let out a cry of pleasure as she hit every sweet spot all the harder. The feeling of his nails digging into the soft flesh of her legs bringing in just enough pain to make the pleasure hat much better. All the while she grew wetter and wetter, her fluids practically dripping onto the floor now. The endless stream of hushed bajoran curse words emphasized her growing need to just fucking cum and with each thrust she knew it would not be much longer.

At this point both spoke their own native languages and neither could really understand the other, yet the words were meaningless, simply window dressing around the raw physical need. The need to cum. The need in one way or another to breed. It was primal, something that language could not cover or even effectively get across. And yet they both knew that the other wanted it, making words meaningless in more than one way.

And then the dam broke. Crimson waves of pleasure crashed over her. Here already tightened pussy clamped around his member and spasmed, practically milking it. Her hands clawed at his back as she screamed out in pleasure. The was all the pheromone soaked mind wanted, all that it cared about, in this moment nothing else mattered or indeed even could matter.

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[ Sarresh Morrali | Life Support | Deck 07 ] Attn: Sirus

There was a new voice joining the chorus of moans and curses in the life support control center, making an odd counterpoint to the carnal cadence of Ryuan Sel and Sarresh Morrali. It was sad, and removed, while they were guttural, passionate. And though the ships AI needed their attention - the whole ship needed their attention, really - the Temporal Affairs Officer was far more preoccupied with seeing to his own needs just then. And, by proxy, Sel's as well.

The Ash'reem people, biologically speaking, contained a core instinct - when the time was right - to breed. It was a stronger urge then many sentient species, on the rare occurrence that it happened. That rarity was, of course, dooming the entire species. If the drive isn't there, it isn't there, and with narrow windows of fertility, well, things looked rather bleak. And while Sarresh was, strictly speaking, no longer Ash'reem, the genetic re-sequencing he'd underwent had only changed so much. There were still ingrained desires, and the Deltan pheromones from Eve Jenkins were wrecking utter havoc on those hind-brain instincts.

In short, nothing mattered more than filling up Sel to the brim, as best he could. Multiple times. And the little chip in his mind, all the work that the Relativity had done before sending him back to his own time, and yet to take up issue with this.

Her scream was sharp, piercing, and to his hormone addled mind, the sweetest music he'd ever heard. That tone, even more so then the nails scraping his newly minted flesh, caused things in him to squeeze tight in need. She rippled across a shaft that was beyond hard, squeezing around every inch and milking him past the point of any resistance. His body simply couldn't hold back the rush that hit like fire, searing down his shaft from his balls. His cry was more of a high pitched growl, shoulders bunching, legs shaking, as he ground into her, hilted inside. He pulsed, deep into the Bajoran woman, the haze of need flooding his mind as his seed flooded her.

Not that it brought any more then a temporary relief to that searing need.

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There was another chirp from the intercom in the small room, and Ship A.I. could be heard again.

[Thea to Junior Lieutenant Morali, please respond. T-minus thirty seconds to activation,] she said, and then she added, [Petty Officer Ryuan, are you there? I have mapped the targeted individuals aboard me for the Lexorin dispersal. I am keeping my internal sensors pinned on them, but I need either of you to activate the command for the valves to open. Otherwise, I do not have access to the Lexorin.]

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[ Ryuan Sel | Life Support | Deck 07 ] Attn: Brutus

It was all was fluid, her orgasmic bliss crashing over her in waves, her body shaking and spasming under each and ever crash of those golden waves of pleasure. At this point she was a slave to the feeling and nothing else mattered. Even if she could hear the voice of the ships computer it would not have mattered or even could matter, the world that problem was in was so very far from her, lost in another time and place. There was nothing else that could matter, that could ever matter, but the feeling. She would never normally deal with anything without some degree of control, but the pheromones had removed all thoughts of control.

And then she felt it, the rod buried deep inside her seemed to explode, it's hot liquid spraying deep inside her. Sarresh's seed rushed into her causing her to move forward and bite his shoulder to keep from crying out, her soft lips pressing against the firm flesh of his toned shoulder. For a moment all she could do was hold onto him, her nails digging into his back and her teeth into his shoulder.

Such acts, bordering on violent, would usually seem more fitting to a Klingon woman than a Bajoran, but with their fiery tempers it was not unheard of. In fact according to some tales Bajoran women could Rival their Klingon counterparts in terms of aggression and violence during a romantic fight. Though for Sel, who was usually far more contained, it was a simple act of raw unrestrained carnal passion.

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[ Sarresh Morrali | Life Support | Deck 07 ] Attn: Sirus

There it was, some nagging annoyance in the back of his mind again. A voice, urging him to do something other than what his body wanted. What his body needed. He'd never experienced the events of Niga first hand. The polination affect of the plants there had never seeded itself, never reworked his mind and body, never forced him to copulate and spread those spores throughout the galaxy. But he had seen the effects, when the Relativity came to call and correct the disruption in the timestream, like the hand of God Himself stroking the waves of fate, saviors at the last possible instant. Those were memories that he had been allowed to keep, and a part of him wondered if this is what the felt like.

Again, Thea called out to the duo over the comms, and frustration bubbled up in the sexually heated haze that Sarresh shared with Ryuan Sel. He needed more from the Bajoran, despite the sticky heat that wrapped his cock, the feel of his seed trapped inside of her body. And he needed that damn voice to go away so he could focus on what was important. Important, like the feel of Sel's teeth in his skin. Had a bite ever felt so good? Had it made him shiver so much, from head to toe. There'd be a bruised mark there the following morning, an imprint of her teeth in his fresh skin. It made him tremble with more desire. The hormones rushing through him, they - he - where did the line end? - wanted everything that Sel had to offer.

It was in frustration that Sarresh pulled away from the wall. It was adrenaline and need that kept Sel in his arms as he stumbled and staggered back. That damned voice - he was cursing now, even as his cock trembled inside of the Bajoran, the movement causing all kinds of new sensations to run though him. His hand crashed down on the console, fingers smashing over a slew of controls, before he found the proper button. He damn near pounded it, before his ass hit the edge of the console and he stiffened, the glass surface cold on his hot skin. That of course caused him to thrust up, harder. With the dispersal protocol triggered - the voice was saying something about 10 second now - Sarresh groaned and allowed himself to give in deeper to that need, as he laid Sel out on the floor under him.


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[ Ryuan Sel | Life Support | Deck 07 ] Attn: Brutus

The voice of the computer remained lost to the mind of Ryuan Sel, all she knew was the heat and the passion of the moment. She was only momentarily drawn out of the moment when she felt him move, pulling her away from the wall, though in that moment all she could really think was how much she wanted more. She wanted to feel his hot cock thrust in and out of her, filling her with even more of his seed. There were no thoughts beyond just desperation. She could not process that he was activating the console, none of it mattered to her anymore. All she wanted was the feeling and when he thrust up into her harder it was all she could do to keep from crying out.

Then he pushed her to the floor, the cold ground hit her her sweaty spine, creating a sort of suction that held her in place even as her back arched and she cried out. And then all was bliss, she clawed and bit at his back and shoulders as she could feel him thrusting so deep into her slick hole. All time simply vanished in that moment as wave after wave of pleasure claimed her.

OOC: Ok, here we can pretty much fade to black if you want. Not much more can happen besides more relentlessly fucking and to be honest I more want to more onto the post where they have to talk about this incident than continue writing it. I hope that makes some degree of sense.

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