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    Feel free to talk about anything and everything pertaining to the Star Trek: Theurgy story on this board. Off-topic discussions may be conducted further down. Polls will also be held on this board.

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Star Trek: Theurgy | Season 2
  • Episode 02: Cosmic Imperative

    As the USS Theurgy set course for the Romulan Neutral Zone to join Chancellor Martok, meaning to find a way to mitigate the threat of the Romulan fleet's thalaron weapon systems and negotiate a treaty with Empress Donatra, they learned that an even greater threat loomed deep behind enemy lines. The Infested Savi in the Scion High Council sought to accelerate the death of the Hobus star, creating a supernova that wouldn't just destroy the entire Romulan Star Empire, but reach halfway across both Federation and Klingon space. With the arrival of Romulan forces at the Klingon Border, and a pressing need to secure the future of the timeline, the Theurgy was forced to deploy against multiple objectives at once. Meanwhile, having devised a plan to do so, Ambassador Elim Garak finally acted on his knowledge about the parasitic threat. For an overview, check this link: Cosmic Imperative Calendar.

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  • Interregnum 01-02 S2

    The rival to Martok was defeated, and the Klingon Empire found new unity under their High Chancellor. A unity against the new threat of the Infested, which was no more just a rumour in the Beta Quadrant. Trouble brewed on the horizon, however, in that Praetor Tal'Aura had armed her fleets with thalaron weaponry in order to make a decisive end of the Romulan Civil War. Donatra's fleets were in full retreat towards the Klingon border, where Martok might offer aid in the knowledge that the Praetor was one of the Infested. Before then, the harried crews of the Theurgy and the Oneida found three weeks of relative peace, where both repairs could be made and recovery could be had, although with the aid of the Savi, some missions of high import could still be undertaken in preparation for the battles to come.
     For an overview, check this link: Qo'noS Shore Leave Calendar.

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  • Episode 01: Advent of War

    After the Borg Invasion was stopped, the Infested retaliate. In the interest of inciting war, they detonate a thalaron bomb in Paris, right in the city where the President of the UFP has her office. The President, Nanietta Bacco, managed to survive the incident, but when Starfleet Intelligence cite that Praetor Tal'Aura of the Romulan Empire is the most likely to be behind the attack, she authorises Starfleet to investigate and act on this threat to the Federation. Meanwhile, a rival to Martok has revealed the location of the Theurgy to Starfleet Command. The rival also challenge the decision by the High Chancellor to side with Captain Ives, seeking to undermine Martok's power in the Klingon Empire for his own gain.
     Link: Advent of War Calendar.

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Star Trek: Theurgy Anthologies
  • Aldea Prime

    After the Battle of the Apertures, where the USS Theurgy stopped the Borg Invasion and the plans of the Infested, High Chancellor Martok arranged for safe port with the Aldeans. With the Theurgy in drydock for repairs in the Aldea Prime Shipyards, the weary crew was able to breathe at last, no longer persecuted, and with the Klingon Empire as their new ally. It was a time for healing, and to find strength, while Thea was restored for the continuation of the mission. The naming convention for threads on this board is simple. Just write the day, time and title of the scene like this: Day XX [YYYY hrs.] Insert Title. Here is also the Aldea Prime Calendar.

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  • Director's Cut

    This board serves as a place where all our writers can write scenes that couldn't make it into the main story of Star Trek: Theurgy. These scenes could, for example, be scenes from the past, detailing early character stories and behind the scenes stories, where the characters are shown doing things that wasn't seen in the main story line. Scenes here are Theurgy canon, though. The naming convention for threads on this board is simple. Just write the location and the title of the scene like this: USS XXXXX: Insert Title Here.

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  • Parallel Universes - "What if?"

    This board serves as a place where all our writers can write "what if?" scenarios. Here, alternate realities where he/she died, that ship blew up or these two characters met can be written without affecting the story. The scenes on this board are not Theurgy canon. The naming convention for threads on this board is simple. Just write the location and the title of the scene like this: USS XXXXX: Insert Title Here.

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Star Trek: Theurgy | Season 1
  • Episode 05: Courage is Fear | Part 2

    Before Captain Ives was abducted by the Savi, the crew of the Theurgy were ordered to execute the Continuance Protocol. This, because they had faced impossible odds of survival, and the truth could not die with them. The result was that the ship was split in three, and after escaping from the Savi search patrols, the three Vectors learned that it was not just Task Force Archeron and the Savi that hunted them inside the Azure Nebula. The Klingons had answered the call to arms, and the Borg had begun an invasion of the Alpha Quadrant.

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  • Episode 05: Courage is Fear | Part 1

    While the Theurgy conducted repairs in the Azure Nebula, she was intercepted by the Asurians that sought vengeance for the defeat at Starbase 84. Yet they weren't alone, since they brought reinforcements in the form of a dreadnought never seen before in the Alpha Quadrant - an advanced ship that belonged to the mysterious Savi. Furthermore, Task Force Archeron had entered the Azure Nebula, and the crew of the Theurgy faced impossible odds of survival. Was the truth finally going to die with them?

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  • Interregnum 04-05

    After the Battle of Starbase 84, the Theurgy escaped into the Azure Nebula. The mission to send the Simulcast was a complete failure. The Devoted of Morali grew more aggressive, and Ives' authority could be in question by both hir original crew, as well as the crew from the USS Resolve. Forsaken as they were, would the crews aboard the Theurgy unite or scatter, and would the Asurians - who suffered grievous losses at Starbase 84 - vow vengeance upon them all?

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  • Episode 04: Simulcast

    The crew of the Theurgy prepared to undertake a daring mission to Starbase 84. Situated at the edge of Romulan space, the station was fitted with a ‘whistleblower’ system – a wartime device capable of broadcasting an unstoppable signal alerting the Federation to an imminent Romulan invasion. Captain Ives planned to use the system to send a message, detailing the truth of Starfleet Command. The only issue? It was impossible to hide the source of the transmission, meaning every ship and station would know where Theurgy was.

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  • Interregnum 03-04

    After the Calamity was destroyed, there was an SAR-mission launched to find the crew that had abandoned the Harbinger in escape pods before it was destroyed. Later, a mission to the Black Opal facility was undertaken. The mission to restock the Theurgy was meant to be executed without casualties on either side, but poor luck and the intervention of a Romulan warbird resulted in the facility having to be scuttled.  The Black Opal station's commanding officer Lieutenant Commander Dewitt and her staff joined the Theurgy’s crew.

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  • Episode 03: Unconquerable Soul | Part 3

    Unbeknownst to the crews of the both the Theurgy and the Harbinger, the Harbinger’s first officer - Commander T'Rena - had convinced Captain Vasser that resisting the evil that had taken over Starfleet was futile. Deciding to hijack the Theurgy and take the crews of both ships into unknown space, T'Rena used her Vulcan telepathy to brainwash key members of both crews to come around to her way of thinking. Those loyal to Captain Ives had nearly managed to secure the Theurgy when the Calamity intercepted them.

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  • Episode 03: Unconquerable Soul | Part 2

    Having left Theta Eridani IV, the Theurgy faced Task Force Archeron. Had it not been for two allies aboard the USS Archeron - the leading Odyssey-class ship of the Starfleet task force - both the Theurgy and the Harbinger would have been destroyed. Two days later, they were hiding from the Calamity in a Class-9 nebula. Taking the opportunity to do so, a Lohlunat was arranged for on one of the Theurgy's holodecks in order to let the two harried crews have one last "shore-leave" before the next, fateful battle.

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  • Episode 03: Unconquerable Soul | Part 1

    The Theurgy encountered the USS Harbinger in the Hromi Cluster. As the two starships were in brittle communications with little trust between them, they were attacked by an unknown starship. Together with the Harbinger, the Theurgy battled this hunter sent by their common unknown enemy - a starship from the future. A Calamity-class ship named the USS Calamity with an completely holographic crew compliment. After the battle, the two ships sought refuge on Theta Eridani IV for repairs.

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  • Interregnum 02-03

    After the Isthar Entity left the Theurgy, In the Holographic Laboratory, Lin Kae showed Thea what he had been working on since he had visited Nimbus III. With the help of the industrial replicator, he had the parts to finish a project he had been theorizing and working on for years - the schematic he showed her was of a mobile emitter.

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  • Episode 02: Whatever Gods May Be

    The USS Theurgy was visited by an omnipotent alien entity, and it was only through divine intervention – literally – that the crew could continue their mission.
    During the time, this entity visited the ship and cast things into chaos, it became evident that it might have been a figure that shaped mankind's early history, not to mention all other planets in the galaxy.

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  • Interregnum 01-02

    After the Niga incident, the course was set for the Nimbus system, where the Theurgy's crew hoped to trade for spare parts and supplies that their replicators couldn't provide. They crawled slowly along an asteroid field to avoid detection by Starfleet, coming to terms with what happened at Niga.

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  • Episode 01: Outbreak

    The Andorian ThanIda zh'Wann and the Vulcan by the name Cir'Cie were raped by a kind of plant on the planet Niga in the Mahéwa System. After they regained consciousness, they beamed up to the USS Theurgy and spread the pollen of the plant. In the end, the time ship USS Relativity showed up and stopped the outbreak. The infected, with their minds affected by the virus, only hazily remembered the time when they were infected, merely scarce fragments of recollections. This served to help many of the crew to come to terms with the events.

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Alternate Universe Boards
  • Alternate Universe Stories

    Free form writing of scenes and stories outside the Star Trek: Theurgy universe. All genres acceptable but all site rules still apply. Character profiles are posted on the board below this one. No members may only write on this board, but always have at least one actively played character in the Star Trek: Theurgy story.

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  • AU Character Profiles

    Here is where characters outside the Star Trek: Theurgy canon universe may be posted (as opposed to our Wiki). These characters have noting to do with our story, but used for free form writing in another universe of the writer's choice.

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  • Star Trek Discussion Board

    Here you may conduct all non-Theurgy related Star Trek discussions, like opinions about movies or the new series on CBS Access and Netflix etc.

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    Feel free to talk about everything non-Star Trek on this board. Share youtube clips, pictures, etc. Just no visual adult-themed content of any kind.

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    Here is where posting tutorials and writing resources can be posted for the benefit of the whole group. Help your fellow writers with sources of inspiration and to improve their craft, but don't give personal advise unless asked for.

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