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PRO: S [Day 01 | 1200 hrs] Titan's Arrival

[ Dominic Winters | Fighter Assault Bay (FAB) | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | U.S.S Theurgy ATTN: @rae

Dominic materialized from the Klingon ship to the Theurgy on Deck 12's Transporter Room 3. It's always been more than just a little off-putting when going through the transporter process to see how you de-materialize and re-materialize elsewhere. The first thing that hit the man was the smell of fresh, processed air and he sucked in a good breath of it while staying standing on the pad for a moment. His duffel bag sitting next to him on the pad. It felt good to smell the air rather than the rather interesting funk of a Klingon ship.

Dominic at this point lacked a uniform and was dressed in civilian clothing at the time having lacked the chance to get access to a replicator programmed for Starfleet uniforms. Dominic picked up his duffel bag and stepped off the transporter pad and approached the Chief.

“Welcome aboard the USS Theurgy. PADD here has a layout of the ship, Sir. The Quartermaster’s Office is on Deck 10, Vector 1. He can arrange your quarters and various access points.” the Transporter officer informed Dominic.

Dominic nodded in thanks “Thank you.” He took the PADD from the officer and brought up the layout and began to powerwalk his way to the nearest turbolift.

[5 Minutes Later - Deck 10, Quartermaster’s Office]

It didn’t take long for the powerwalking Kzint to find his way to the Quartermaster’s office and chimed the door. The door slid open and Dominic stepped in. Giving a respectful salute to the Human who faced him, Dominic spoke up. “Lieutenant Junior Grade Dominic Winters, reporting in for quarters assignment.” He handed over his transfer PADD for the Chief to view. He copied down what needed to be copied down as was needed for record keeping.

“A pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant Winters. This is in order, I will get your appropriate clearances sorted. Your Quarters are on Deck 16.” He handed the PADD back to Dominic with the details entered. “Your issued equipment has been sent ahead to your lockers in the Bay. If there is nothing else?” The man looked busy and Dominic had much to do before meeting his new team so shook his head. “No Sir. Thank you.”

Turning, Dominic took leave of the Quartermaster’s office and powered his way down to the nearest turbolift once more.

[10 minutes Later - Deck 16, Dominics Quarters]

Dominic’s quarters were as one would expect for a junior officer, though his lacked at the moment any sort of personalization that comes with living aboard a starship. Honestly, he didn’t have much on hand anyway since he had been traveling before being pulled to this location. Dom spent a moment or two staring about the small quarters to take in the scene. He reached over to the wall panel and hit a button to bring the lights on as the large feline threw his bag towards the bed and began to strip off everything he wore and discarded it to the ground as he headed for the Shower. “Computer, replicate a new Uniform for Dominic Winters. Standard size.”

He computer beeped in acknowledgment and began the process while Dominic ducked into the Sonic shower. The naked feline standing under the sonic shower enjoyed the feeling of the sonic waves breaking down all the accumulated grime, dirt and everything else that had built up over time. Stepping out the big cat stalked out to the living area and raided his bag for a bottle of scented oil and gave himself a spritz here and there. A slightly sweet-scented perfume he had acquired on Risa. Dom quickly brushed his teeth and got into his uniform. Badge in hand, Jacket over the shoulder, and with his boots on he ducked out of his quarters to head down to the fighter bay.

[5 minutes later - Deck 16, Fighter Assault Bay]

After a quick walk down to the bay and putting the undershirt, then jacket on while in motion Dominic makes his way in. That awkward moment as he finished putting the final touches of the uniform together and started looking for his new CO.

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[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Krajin

The man Winters was looking for was in the room, though he wasn’t in view at the moment. The squadron commander was on the other side of the room, leaning against a wall as he studied the PADD in his hand, mostly hidden by a Valkyrie in front of him. One of the few he had left, Janus thought with a bit of a scowl.

The room had been a hive of activity for the past few hours, but things were dying down now, with only the final preparations left for departure. Now, the cavernous room felt empty. Which made sense, considering they’d split the whole operation into thirds. One group crammed into the Vector 1 shuttlebay, one group to the Savi ship to fight a supernova, and the rest staying here to go on some mad dash into Romulan space on the Ranger. Groups of Wolves were always out and about, so that was nothing new. But this time they’d split the entire support team too, deck hands, mission ops, and maintenance packing up supplies and shipping out. One big logistical nightmare, which thankfully was mostly Herrold’s problem.

Now that everything was in place, all that was left were the finishing touches. Which meant paperwork, hence the PADD in his hand. Never his favorite task, but it really seemed wasteful now, adhering to Starfleet’s bureaucracy after Starfleet had given the entire ship the boot. All in the hopes that they’d make it home one day and tell Starfleet, ‘look how good we were being, following all the rules while you tried to kill us.’ At least there was something petty in that.

Besides, as much as it annoyed him, it wasn’t like Janus seriously considered skipping it. Some habits were just too deeply ingrained. So here he was, idly scratching the ridges on his nose as he confirmed temporary personnel transfers for the logs. Gemini, vector 1; Archon, Eurdite; Razor, also vector 1; Goldeneye…

[Lt. JG Dominic Winters has just entered the FAB. I assume he is looking for you.]

Janus paused as the message came across his screen, a note in the corner indicating that it had come from the ship’s AI, Thea. “Been expecting him. You stalking all the new people who come on board?”

[He was just officially entered into the system by the Quartermaster.]

“That’s not an answer, evasion noted.” Rather than wait for another message, Janus shut down the PADD and slipped it into a pocket. If Thea wanted to keep the conversation going, she had other means, but the AI was silent. “Thanks for the update, Gigabrain.”

A quick glance down showed that his duty uniform was still presentable, even though a moment later he was slipping a finger underneath the collar to pull it away from the thin layer of scales for a moment, letting some air in. Thankfully, his hybrid nature meant that his neck wasn’t nearly as prominent as a full blooded Cardassian, or else this uniform would look ridiculous.

The Klingon ship bringing replacement crew had sent along basic information a few days ago, so Janus wasn’t surprised when he saw the massive Kzinti officer looking around near the center of the room. But it was one thing hearing about the size, another thing to order a new exosuit fabricated to match it, and a totally different thing to see it in person. Winters was massive, nearly half a meter taller than Janus, who had never considered himself short. He was not going to fit in a Valkyrie. Another fun task for the deck crew to figure that one out.

“Lieutenant Winters,” he called out as he approached, stopping a bit further back than he normally would so they could converse without Janus having to crane his neck back. “Lieutenant Commander Jaru Rel, but everyone calls me Janus. I’m the SCO here.” Admittedly, he wasn’t sure what the new pilot would know already. Recruited and sent here by some of the few friendly elements left in Starfleet, through an intelligence process so classified that only a few people on the ship were in on it, and Janus wasn’t one of them. He doubted those secret friends had an up-to-date crew roster to share with their recruits. But Janus was the last SCO Starfleet would have had on record for the Theurgy, even though he’d spent three months in stasis and had only been back for a few days.

“And you’re Atlas right? Welcome to the funhouse.” He noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. Shadow, watching curiously. Time to go somewhere more private then. “Let’s go to my office. You can tell me about yourself on the way.” Gesturing for Atlas to join him, he started walking.

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[ Dominic Winters | Fighter Assault Bay (FAB) | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | U.S.S Theurgy ATTN: @rae

Dominic looked around the bay some as he admired the facilities, nice, advanced.. Each and everything here was leagues ahead of the Monarch and made the Thunderball, for all its retrofits, look positively stone-age. The young man walked his way through the bay admiring every curve, every lovely little detail of this facility. The armory, the walkways, the panels.. The ships! Yes he looked at the Mark III Valkyries that remained of Wolf Squadron here. Their smooth curves, larger frames and yes! Single Seaters! Something Dominic had been wanting ever since the Peregrines were decommissioned back in the day.

He walked some more until he stood in the bay just enjoying everything, every sight, and smell, and honestly, he would certainly be touching if he could. His gaze then fell on the Valravn and his nose wrinkled at the appearance of the fighters. His head tilted slightly as he walked over to take a look at one from the side and looked a bit like he smelled something just a touch nasty. The ship somewhat reminded him of Knight class Interceptors but was much uglier. Not only that he knew it would take some more modification for the cockpit to have the man fit! Even worse it could be a two-seater.

Turning away and wandering the facility and getting a good gawk at a rather hot-bodied Valkyrie up until his name got called out. His head whipped around to spot the visage of a Cardassian on approach, well a half Cardassian judging from the ridges on the nose and lack of the shoulder ridges. Introducing himself as the SCO of Wolf Squadron. Immediately his guard went up as the man maintained a distance to avoid needing to look up at the junior officer. Dom began to walk with him of course as they headed somewhere private. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn into a Meet the Cardassians day. He thought to himself.

“Yes, I am Atlas, the one and only.” He responded at first. “What do you want to know about me? Well, I am a Kzint hybrid who has been flying ships in Starfleet straight out of the gate. From the Akira to the Peregrines throughout the war and volunteered for the occasional third shift to keep my skills diverse. Piloting a Galaxy Class is as ponderous as you might think but push comes to shove, they can dance and dance well. Earned the nickname Atlas all the way back in School when I did sports. Tackle Football, they had to get creative to take me down.” He seemed quite proud of this. “Other sports... I had my advantages.”

“Of course my other hobbies however include cooking and cleaning for my two evil sisters and long walks on the beach.” This last line was delivered with some hint of humor in it to see just how the commander reacted to it. His entire body posture from the tail to the ears spoke of someone who was at least mildly wary.

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[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Krajin

As Atlas talked, Janus led the way back through the FAB, passing through a set of glass doors to an adjoining hallway. Right before they left, he made sure to throw a glance at Shadow that clearly said ‘don’t you dare.’ Whatever she had planned for their new recruit would wait until Janus was finished with him. A little bit of hazing would help acclimate their newest pilot, but they had to go through the whole meet and greet dance first.

He held back a snort at the mention of tackle football, feeling more sorry for the guys who hadn’t gotten out of the Kzinti’s way. Janus knew exactly what he would have done to take him down, though no Federation sports team would ever approve. A hypodermic needle with a strong paralytic was something he’d been very familiar with at that age, since the Bajoran resistance hadn’t given a damn about fair play. Or sports, for that matter.

“Your two evil step sisters?” he repeated questioningly. The last bit was obviously a joke, but the context of the sisters was lost on him. It had certainly sounded like a joke. As they entered his office – his shared office – Janus found the other occupant was already inside. “Lieutenant Winters, this is Ensign Liam Herrold, Chief of the Deck.” Seated at his desk, the chief’s eyes widened ever so slightly at the sight of the new pilot. “Give us a minute Chief.”

“Yes sir, pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant.” Herrold recovered quickly, swiping a few PADDs up from his desk and heading to the door. They'd only been working together for a few days, but they seemed to be getting along fine so far, mainly because neither of them minded clearing out when the other had a meeting going on. Herrold was professional, overly so, which made him a quiet office mate when it came to desk work.

“We’re going to need some modifications made to Wolf-10,” Janus called after him, but the closing doors cut off any reply.

Rather than take a place behind the desks, Janus waved Atlas over to the other side of the room, where two holotables were set up in the corner. Two quick taps turned them both on, throwing up detailed schematics of both warp fighters that made up the Theurgy’s wing: the Valkyrie and the Valravn. “I was an old peregrine boy too, before and during the war. Went straight into them, skipped flying beasts like Thea here entirely.” Janus paused for a moment, just to see if the ship herself had any comebacks, and was met with silence. Maybe she’d get him for it later.

“Good little ships, Peregrines, but we’ve definitely improved on them. This was the testbed ship for the Mark III Valkyrie. Unless Starfleet has built more in the past few months, we’ve got the only ones. We also picked up the Valravns along the way, which was a competing warp fighter program. Pretty sure these are the last of that test bed too. I saw you eyeing them both as I was walking over. What do you think?”

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[ Dominic Winters | Fighter Assault Bay (FAB) | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | U.S.S Theurgy ATTN: @rae

The idea of someone cheating did occur to Dom when he did play but thankfully no drugs made it into play. Not that they’d do much for him unless given a double dose or two separate ones into his system. Since the Kzint body was a right pain in the arse for dealing with toxins and drugs. He still remembered the looks on the faces of other boys who his team were facing when eyes were faced laid onto him. Ah priceless. That look of horror as they tried to figure out just how to deal with something that was like stopping a freight train at speed.

He seemed surprised that the Cardassian didn’t get the story of Cinderella reference at all here or the potential for old movies. But then again, Bajoran and Cardassian. Likely would not watch such a thing as a child, if a childhood was ever had in the first place. When introduced to Mr Herrold, Dominic inclined his head in greeting to the man. “Afternoon, Sir.” Some respect for the chief of the deck. He is after all the man who can and will ruin your day or at least make things more difficult for you if you’re rude or inconsiderate to him or his staff. Plus Dom had high respect for the crew overall as they were responsible for making sure his ship flew and was in tip-top shape.

Following Janus to the tables when the two schematics came up, he liked the Valkyrie, though the Valravyn looked horrendous to him. He wasn’t quite sure what Janus was getting at when he spoke of the Peregrines. Maybe the man was trying to find a means of connection or familiarity. Or perhaps some other form of hint that the man had indeed read Dominic’s profile?

“Well congratulations. You got to fly the Peregrines straight from the Academy. A shame you missed out on flying larger craft though. It’s an experience and gives you a special appreciation for piloting craft of various sizes. I enjoyed flying the Akira with how it handled so easily while the Galaxy despite its size and… generousness took a special kind of hand to pull off fancy and tight manoeuvres. I imagine if I got the chance to try the Theurgy’s controls it’d be the same thing. Needing a certain hand and learning the personality of its engines and handling characteristics.” He responded.

Peregrines were very good, despite the hodge-podge nature of their origins and the refinement they underwent during deployment. Flying the first and second generation fighters after the Peregrines was always fun. I got to push the limits of them. What I think? To be candid? The Valravn is kind of ugly.” He had another term for it, fugly. Though he suspected Janus might not catch that. “Looking at it from just observations, very maneuverable, fast. Not something that could take a hit. Two seater though from what I can gather. The schematic for it shows no Phaser cannons, plenty of external hardpoints though. Valkyrie is more familiar, though rounded design. The Tetryon Cannon is certainly new.”

He stepped up to expand the Holo slightly and started examining bits of it. “I am a fan of the design overall. Why do you ask?” He looked to Janus.

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[ Lt Cmdr. Jaru “Janus” Rel | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Krajin
“Curiosity,” came the reply, along with a shrug and a rueful smile. “It’s not a test or anything. Everyone who comes through here has a strong, pretty instantaneous preference for one or the other.” Janus had banged his head against Gemini’s Valravn in pure frustration after seeing another two-seater in the fighter bay – and she’d caught him doing it – so he could hardly judge anyone’s reaction. “I try to accommodate. Luckily for you, the only ship I have available is a Valkyrie, so you’ve already been assigned.”

He didn’t bother continuing the conversation about large starship piloting. The Academy Instructors had moved him from conn to tactical fairly quickly, so even if he had been sent to a ship without a fighter component early in his career, Janus still would have spent most of his time with the weapons systems instead of piloting. Besides, he’d veered for fighters for the same reason he hated the Valravn – he preferred to have the whole ship to himself. Less people to worry about that way. They could reminisce or debate at length another time if Atlas wanted, but he wanted to focus on the tacconn department they had now. There was a whole separate conn department tasked with flying the Theurgy, and they weren’t Janus’ problem.

“The deck crew is going to make some alterations to the ship for your height. I’m sure that’s nothing new for you.” As he spoke, Janus turned off the simulated Valravn, leaving only the Valkyrie. Then he looked from the holograms to look up at the Kzinti again. “The measurements for your exosuit were forwarded to us by the Klingons a few days ago. It’s been fabricated and is waiting for you in the locker room.” He’d seen the numbers, but he was still having a hard time believing Winters’ size. Were all Kinzti that big?

“Your jacket says that you’re cleared for the Mark II Valkyrie. We have a training program on board to get you running on the Mark III. It’s made with the transition between the two in mind. We don’t have an official instructor for the Valkyries, but someone from the squadron will give you the crash course. It shouldn’t take you too long. Your flight leader is Lieutenant Valin, but he’s shipping out now and won’t be back for a few days. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know them all once they’re back.” If everything went according to plan, Atlas would be confined to training simulations until that group returned. And if they were forced to fly him anyway… well, that was a contingency plan Janus would keep to himself for the time being.

“That’s my introductory spiel. What am I forgetting?” Janus scratched the back of his head, going through a mental list. “Oh. Don’t be surprised if you’re the target of some welcome pranks from the others. They’re just letting off steam. You can get them back if you’d like. But if you damage a ship or a pilot in any way that fucks up my flight roster, I’ll have you in the brig. Got it?”

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[ Dominic Winters | Fighter Assault Bay (FAB) | Vector 2 | Deck 16 | U.S.S Theurgy ATTN: @rae

Dominic listened intensely to every word Janus spoke as he went through his introductory spiel, the Kzint nodded along and waited for the man to finish. “I have seen the new Exo Suits they give out for pilots and they look pretty damn good. Strength enhancement, armour plating, and various support systems. I like it. I look forward to trying it on and seeing how quick I can get in and out of it.” There’s always something amusing and fun about how fast someone can get into their gear.

He nodded and committed the name of his Flight Leader to memory, someone to catch up on reading, along with his wingmates. He had to find some synergy with them, after all, if you do not gel well with your flight mates you will be a liability to them. It’s disappointing he won’t get to meet them today or tomorrow but hopefully, they all return from their mission whole and he can meet them.

His mood shifted slightly as the topic of pranks was brought up and the warning about any consequences that resulted in one of the pilots or a craft being damaged that interfered with his flight plans did irritate the Kzint slightly. His first reaction and assumption was to think that Janus was protecting his pilots if they did something stupid enough to get one punched. Or maybe the man was jumping to conclusions over Dominic’s tiny temper issue, which some have unfortunately been on the receiving end of. “I would hope an investigation would be conducted before the Brig comes along. After all, some of us react to certain stimuli rather differently than others. Like fright!” He let the subtle insinuation hang there, a touch of mistrust, a touch of suspicion of favouritism that was displayed in the warning.

Then he flashed a smile, a more humanoid smile that some might consider a threat or rather off-putting with how it barely flashed his sharp and well-taken-care of teeth. A habit he had learned from some on Earth. “Though I do like a good prank occasionally, as long as it's not Glitter. That will result in being shoved into a Locker. Or the replicator only replicating decaf for a day.” His posture relaxed now from the slight shift of mood earlier, showing that he could easily let certain negative feelings go once expressed.

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