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PRO: S [D01|0700] Waking up (late for work)

Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | NCO Quarters, Deck 11, Vector 01 | USS Theurgy  ATTN: @Griff @Stegro88

Anh-Le sprawled under the covers, drifting on semi-lucid dreams that, for once, were mercifully free of borderline-paranoid nightmares.  Her right arm and leg flopped over a warmer, more petite form half-under her, and when she breathed in the air was laced with the scent of apple shampoo and sweat. 

Anh-Le's girlfriend (a term she was still quietly thrilled about, when she was awake and sober) shifted under her arm, and the Orion moved with her, humming as she curled a little tighter around soft skin and taut muscles.  Green lips twitched upwards into a dreamy, unconscious smile, and she sighed, relaxing into her new position with images of peaceful vacations and a safe Federation floating around the seas of her dreams. 

She'd showed up for last night's date promising that she wouldn't let herself sleep in too late. 

That had gone out the window around the middle of Anh-Le's third glass of wine, by which point Lillee's roommate had still shown no sign of arriving to (de facto if not officially) send the Orion on the hike back to her own quarters.  By midnight shipboard time, Anh-Le had been too busy to remember she had a meeting the next morning--there was a gorgeous blonde fighter pilot with significantly more experience who she'd been trying to impress with every bit of athletic ability she had. 

Anh-Le became dimly aware of light as the overheads cycled to morning settings  She frowned, grumbling slightly as she began to actually wake up.  "Mphrgl...Mom's fishing hole has no fish...beach with me, love...
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Re: PRO: S [D01|0700] Waking up (late for work)

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | NCO Quarters | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @GroundPetrel @Stegro88


Lillee awoke in a rush, as she was prone to do, jerking out of her slumber with the greatest reluctance, but she kept her eyes closed in protest. least the babes aren't waking me this time, I can let them sleep for...oh. Lillee's eyes shot open, her chest tightening painfully at the realisation, once again, that she was hundreds of lightyears from Anhlai and Monoui. It had been the case every morning since she'd left them on Earth, and the gut-wrenching awfulness of it all wasn't getting easier.

The warmth beside her, and the blissfully comfortable weight of an arm across her bare chest under the blanket, did provide a welcome distraction. Indeed, Lillee's body ached in all the right ways, testimony to an energetic evening. After some wine, conversation and a lot of giggling, Anh-Le had been especially exuberant (perhaps too much) in her efforts to drive her girlfriend mad with pleasure. Grinning at the sleep-addled babble, Lillee turned onto her side and sidled up closer to her slumbering lover as Anh-Le instinctively did the same.

"You had better be dreaming about me," she whispered into Anh-Le's ear.

Re: PRO: S [D01|0700] Waking up (late for work)

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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | NCO Quarters, Deck 11, Vector 01 | USS Theurgy  ATTN:  @Griff @Stegro88

Anh-Le floated on a beach.  Probably.  She was kind of watching Lillee in a bikini.  Who was also wrapped around her.  Murmuring about dreaming about her into Anh-Le's ear. 

A purple whale floated past above them.  That was totally normal, right? 

They were floating through an endless abyss, warm pressure wrapped around Anh-Le like a hug as she held her girlfriend's hand, sailing weightlessly through space.  Lillee's smile was cute.  All of her was cute.  Feisty little bundle of muscled badass. 

She could totally just tie Anh-Le into knots, and Anh-Le wasn't exactly out of shape. 


She was suspended, soft warm ropes around her, breath tickling her nose.  A murmur, a soft kiss to her forehead. 

Anh-Le moaned, sluggish limbs twitching, then settled as a soft hum melted her dreaming mind into soup. 

They were on a stage.  Stage...audience.  There was a theater.  Vast.  You couldn't tell the people apart in the darkness. 

Red eyes.  That was what bad guys had in dumb holos.  The enemy ought to have something like that, so you could tell they were bad immediately. 

The crowd's eyes all began to glow.  That was the threat, wasn't it?  Faceless, nameless evil of unknown numbers and intent.  Wanting to hurt Mom and Dad and Lillee and those adorable kids of hers she had safely (well, as much as anywhere was safe anymore) back home. 

She was scared. 

Anh-Le twitched again, whimpering in her bonds, but then a warm hand slipped up her stomach, atop her breasts, and the bonds tightened...

She was on the hill on Aldea.  It was sunny.  No wind.  A faint hum in the background like an air recycler.  Slender fingers on her breast.  A gentle squeeze, another arm, around her back. 


The sun was warm, but the light somehow so mild it was like it wasn't fully real.  Birds flew by.  She recognized them from home on Earth.  Greenfinches.  They liked Mom and Dad's birdfeeder. 

Shouldn't be here...

Anh-Le was suspicious.  It was a good way for an intel agent to be.  She tried to frown.  There was...something.  Job.  Meeting, right?  Something...important.  Important like girlfriend important. She was assigned...critical.  Enemy everywhere.  Federation in danger. 

Soft lips met her forehead again.  A murmur.  A thumb stroking gentle circles over her heart. 

Fuck it. 

Anh-Le basked in her lover's embrace. 

Slowly, the dream faded, as she sank into the darkness of stage-three for the last time of the night.  Then, minutes later, slowly, painfully slowly, she began to swim up...

Unfortunately, the fact that she hadn't bothered to set an alarm did not register. 

Light slowly crept into her perception.  Lillee's legs, tangled with hers, snuck into her awareness. 

Anh-Le hummed happily.  Fuck, last night had been good.  She was too damned lucky...

"Mmhhh," she murmured.  "M'nng, hon...l'v you...

It was a damn near perfect way to wake up. 
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Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

Re: PRO: S [D01|0700] Waking up (late for work)

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | NCO Quarters | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @GroundPetrel @Stegro88


"Good morning," Lillee whispered back, gazing into Anh-Le's warm brown eyes, searching them. Amidst the warmth of her lover's body and the security of her quarters, she felt impossibly snug in that moment. A niggle of guilt flashed in her mind, as happened more and more of late, but it didn't last long.

"Hm," Lillee said softly as she shifted herself a little to be more comfortable, "I like it when you say that, e'lev. I like waking up with you, I like seeing you, hearing you, touching you, kissing you..." She gently kissed Anh-Le's lips before pulling back, still smiling, her golden hair forming a halo around her face as it lay on the pillow. "I have told you that you are the most beautiful and brilliant person on this ship, yes? In the sector? In the quadrant..."

Lillee's words trailed off as she continued to explore the depths of Anh-Le's eyes, seemingly awestruck into silence. Her free hand trailed up and down Anh-Le's side, stroking the soft skin, sliding up the curve of a breast and then back down to the hip, the knuckles lightly grazing the area above Anh-Le's womanhood. Lillee had half a mind to go further, but an increasingly insistent sensation from her bladder settled any such notion.

"Oh, Elements preserve, I wish we could just stay here all day, with each other," Lillee whispered with a sigh as she rolled onto her back, looking up at the ceiling. "The universe owes us that, no?"

e'lev - High Rihan for "lover", basically a gentle term of endearment for a romantic partner.

Re: PRO: S [D01|0700] Waking up (late for work)

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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | NCO Quarters, Deck 11, Vector 01 | USS Theurgy  ATTN:  @Griff @Stegro88 

"Hi," Anh-Le managed, her voice rough with sleep.  "You're so pretty." 

...that was sadly not the dumbest compliment she'd ever given a woman.  Last night, in fact, she'd probably topped it. 

"I mean, if we're talking beautiful and brilliant, I don't think I can match you," Anh-Le added, trying to process her thoughts before they spewed out.  "You're really p...pretty," and her breath hitched as Lillee's fingers stroked a really sensitive spot, "and brave, flying fighters out there.  And here I am, just driving myself to distraction, overthinking our mission."  Which she probably had to do, given the nature of the enemy. 

No, damn it.  She was NOT going down that route, not this morning.  Anh-Le snuggled in closer, nuzzling Lillee's neck with a hum.  "You make me feel safe," she murmured, and it was true.  Cuddling sixty-odd kilos of badass Romulan who could carry you around like you were a little girl did wonders for a woman's mood.  "It's nice.  Being with you."  She kissed the back of Lillee's jaw, right below her ear.  "And you're pretty, of course.  And you can carry me to bed, all romantic style.  Not the main reason I like you, either of those, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like you being strong and pretty." 

She kissed her way up the lobe of her lover's ear, and murmured, "Some days, I wish we weren't in this fight.  That we could just deal with normal Starfleet bullshit and take leave to go on vacation somewhere pleasant.  I mean, my job at this point is basically a lot of anxiety and frustration interspersed with chaotic violence.  But you make it worth it.  And if it weren't for this fight...I don't know if we would've met.  Or if I'd have been a dipshit and missed my meds.  Or if you'd have wanted to take me down for sexy sword fighting on Aldea afterwards."  She hummed at the pleasant memory.  More than pleasant.  Whatever, she had a gorgeous woman in her arms.  Vocabulary didn't really matter compared to that fact. 

She was forgetting something, though.  Was it important?  There was probably something important. 

Nah.  Not as important as cuddling. 

Anh-Le's stomach growled. 

Maybe get some breakfast and a drink, then we can come back to bed...
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Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

Re: PRO: S [D01|0700] Waking up (late for work)

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[PO3 Lillee t’Jellaieu | NCO Quarters | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @GroundPetrel @Stegro88


Happily snuggled with her lover, Lillee couldn't help but giggle at Anh-Le's outrageous cuteness. As Anh-Le started kissing up to a pointed ear, though, Lillee sighed in contentment. Not for the first time, she found herself profoundly grateful that Anh-Le was such a quick and enthusiastic study of Romulan physiology. Or just Lillee's physiology. Either way, luxuriating in Anh-Le's touch, she simply laid back and enjoyed the moment, one hand restling idly on Anh-Le's toned stomach.

When her girlfriend's stomach loudly growled, Lillee laughed as she turned back onto her side, her nose tickling Anh-Le's. "Oh, Elements be my witness, I would've found you eventually," she said with a grin, her face haloed by her blonde hair. "You are far too cute for me to miss, even on a ship as big as this. Even without the are an analyst, yes, with much knowledge of my people? We would've seen each other eventually. I have met many analysts, though never any as beautiful-" (she darted in to kiss her lover's lips) "or clever-" (another kiss) "or gentle-" (yet another kiss) "-as you."

At the final kiss, Lillee lost herself, unable to pull away, as their lips met with increasing passion, their tongues joining the action too. Lillee rolled atop her lover as the kiss continued, feeling every bit of Anh-Le's body along her own, from their feet to their hips to the nipples of their breasts. Finally, as much out of a need for oxygen as anything else, Lillee broke the kiss and propped herself up on her arms, gazing down into Anh-Le's eyes.

It was a beautiful romantic moment, so naturally, it was broken by an even louder stomach growl from Anh-Le's protesting stomach. Lillee smiled before darting down her girlfriend's body, delivering a kiss to her abdomen. "Quiet," she commanded the stomach sternly. "You shall be fed soon enough." Looking up at Anh-Le, she added "Go ahead and have breakfast, I'll be with you soon. You know where the robes are, unless you wish to give Lorad a heart attack."

Lillee hopped off the bed and stretched before looking back at her girlfriend with a grin. "Actually, thinking about it, maybe you should eat naked. I wouldn't mind having these quarters to myself again."

With a parting wink, she disappeared into the bathroom, privately hoping that Lorad was indeed elsewhere. Her Reman bunkmate was surprisingly easy to live with, but still, having him present would really put a damper on breakfast.

NCO Crew Quarters:


Re: PRO: S [D01|0700] Waking up (late for work)

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Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | NCO Quarters, Deck 11, Vector 01 | USS Theurgy  ATTN:  @Griff  @Stegro88

Anh-Le lay there for a moment, breath coming sharp and fast, then rolled over and buried her face in a pillow.  Her legs kicked up and down, and a muffled squeal made its way past the fabric.  Help, she's so charming!!! 

She rolled over again, and stared at the ceiling with a sigh and a blissed-out smile.  OK, so the situation was still pretty screwed.  Qo'noS had gone from a potential disaster to a major win, but the greater enemy still had the upper hand, at least from what she knew. 

But Anh-Le had a girlfriend, who was sweet and charming and gentle and badass and fierce and...well, generally awesome, but more importantly she made Anh-Le feel wonderful.  (and Mom and Dad would probably approve)

They could do this.  Anh-Le would help figure out a solution. 

She grudgingly got up with a groan as her sore muscles complained, then shrugged on a bathrobe and stumbled through the doorway to the replicator.  "Cà phê sữa đá, double sugar, whipped cream top," she half-rasped.  The replicator beeped, and the drink materialized.  "There we go.  C'mere, my diabetes-in-a-cup...

Right.  She had her coffee.  Breakfast...

Might as well stick with something simple.  Anh-Le replicated two portions of scrambled eggs and toast, then balanced them with her coffee as she hunched over to sip the sugary concoction.  She set the breakfast supplies down on the ledge next to the bed, and considered the rumpled sheets as she quickly finished her coffee for the pick-me up.  We probably don't have time...wait, what time IS it, anyway?

The Orion tapped the bedside ledge's touchpad, seeking the clock...then swore in three languages and straightened, setting aside the dregs of her drink.  SEVEN?  Shit, shit, shit!  There was a meeting!  She was late

"Goddamn it...briefing, gotta...uniform..."  Anh-Le grabbed the first set of uniform pants she could find from the pile on the floor, hopped awkwardly into them (were they too short?  Nope, no time, gotta move), found a top that had the right pips and colors (no time for the undershirt), swore again as she discovered that her bra's hooks were broken (having a girlfriend who was strong enough to casually tear clothing in an act of passion was hot, but there were certain inconveniences to that), discarded the robe, shrugged on her uniform top, stuffed a piece of toast into her mouth...

...and tripped as her feet got tangled in someone's panties from last night (probably not hers, Lillee had torn Anh-Le's off last night in an act of passion), sending her sprawling to the floor in the middle of the doorway to the crew quarters' common room in a pile of yelping, windmilling arms and legs. 

Just as doors opened in front of and behind her at once. 
OOC: apologies for the delay, had oral comps.  Have fun with this comic misadventure.  :)
Really enjoying writing a halfway stable character for once...

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