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Day 17 [2100 hrs] Its gettin' hot in here...

[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
This is probably a bad idea, Shadow grumbled to herself. Having purposefully avoided this particular area of the ship (hell, the entire vector for that matter) since her little stunt with Rawley a few days ago, the pilot felt more than a tad bit anxious about showing her face in the Baths again. Did that stop her from going? No. Did she mentally debate the soundness of her judgment the entire trip up there? Oh of course, because only you would feel anxious about trying to relax, ace.

So it was that a particularly nervous, sore and stressed-out Wolf walked through the threshold of the Public Baths with a sigh on her lips. Instantly, her nose was assaulted by the tang of purifying chemical treatments to the water; powerful enough to make her blink rapidly as associative memories of drunken depravity spawned and died in her mind. Wild night, for sure, she shook her head with a weak chuckle. As she made her way to the locker room, purposefully avoiding eye contact with as many people as possible, Shadow hiked the sleeves of her uniform up to her elbows, enjoying the humidity. Nothing to see here, she smirked to herself, head lowered a bit as the long braid of her hair swung with every stride. Just trying to get to the sauna. Carry on.

To her hazy recollection, the pool and the hot-tub sections were the most active during her last visit (which, honestly, was her and Ghost’s fault – they hadn’t been quiet, after all) so Talia steered clear of them. After the day she’d had, making an ass of herself to Goldeneye a few hours ago, she needed a quiet place to sit and just stop moving for an hour or so. Hence, the sauna. Not an hour, I’ll fucking die, she thought with dry amusement. As far as what happened with Tessa? Shadow had learned a lot from her sister Wolf, in and out of the cockpit; that didn’t stop her from feeling bad about how it all went down. Lesson learned. Keep it moving, she reminded herself, weaving out of the way of a couple of crew-mates headed for the dive boards. Everyone seemed to be paying her no mind at all, but she just knew it was only a matter of time before someone’s eyes lit up in recognition. Ugh, this is going to end poorly – fuck, she halted in her step suddenly, frowning as she fought the urge to just turn around. Hell with it. I’m here, I’m already committed, it’ll be fine. Just...don’t look at anyone.

Talia brooded on those thoughts and more as she strode across the length of the pool and entered the locker room, taking care with her footing on the tiled floor. She expected it to be occupied, as it was getting toward the late end of a typically crowded time for the pool, but her senses didn’t register the presence of anyone else. Shrugging to herself, the Wolf moved off to an adjacent row of lockers and began to pull the thick braid of her hair loose with a sigh. She was there to unwind and enjoy some alone time before hopefully getting a solid six hours of sleep. Yeah, Talia grumbled to herself as she opened a locker, good luck with that.

After unzipping her duty jacket, Talia shook her long tangled hair out, taking a seat on a bench to peel her shoes off with her feet. Dark eyes fell to slits as she rolled the tension from her neck and shoulders; several snaps and pops issued from the movement, causing her to grimace and grunt. Shit that felt good, she purred, then flinched at the sudden movement out of the corner of her eye and the voice that followed. Fuck, Tessa,” Talia hissed, glaring at her wing-mate. “What the hell – make some noise before you walk up on people!” Her hands and fingers circled around in the air, gesturing around the room, before a nervous laugh followed to cover up her outburst. “Sorry,” Shadow muttered with a shake of her head, before arching a brow at the blonde as she gathered up her shoes and dumped them in the locker.  “Whats up?”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion [Show/Hide]
Earlier in the day, it had been a hectic one. Well, partially so as she came to terms with her own sadness. But yet again, she was unable to fester in it as she was called out by Shadow. Rightfully so that is. But regardless of the callout, she also schooled the other Lone Wolf on the events she had missed due to being in stasis. Not that she had wanted to shaken the fighter, but to teach her that she was one of the lucky ones to have lived beyond the event that caused so many scars on the squad. The event in question gave Shadow something to think on as Tessa tried to give her the quicker version where she had a shot to live and grow as well as hone her skills in the here and now of battles to come.

Tessa also remembered that the last time she had been in the public baths, which was many times in the past month, she had ended up in a situation not of her choosing but she chose to roll with it. The Wolves were a close-knit group and so were their pranks against one another. Sometimes crude but understandable with a motley cru of individuals with various disorders flying into oblivion.

That was when she saw Shadow in heading to the locker room. Remembering what Ghost and her did to the blonde pilot not that long ago, she smirked with an idea of fun. She snuck up closer to Talia as she began the part Tessa was waiting for, the drop of gear into the lockers. Mesmerized by the visuals before her, she stared off the corner of a wall to not be seen but from the pools, looked rather suspicious to say the least as the view they saw was her bottom in swimwear peering like a peeping tom into the next room.

Someone called to Tessa and she stood proud and walked away from the corner to not be seen but talked rather loudly about her day in the sim and needing time to cool off in the pools. She wasn't sure if Talia saw or heard her but she wasn't caught with her least not yet. Then Tessa followed into the lockers near Talia and heard the curse towards her before being scolded for sneaking up on her. Laughing mildly, she shrugged. "Sorry wing mate. Can't be helped! Tessa to the rescue!" She said with her fists folded to her hips before she stood proudly and then laughed again.

Trying not to notice which locker it was Shadow was using she looked at her fellow pilot. "Not much up here. Just looking to cool off and get some time in the showers. I tend to come to the public baths often but usually at night...which leads me to the same predicament as what you and Ghost pulled on me." A smirk hitting the corner of her mouth.

Throwing her hands into the air, she ignored it and decidedly began the process of putting her own clothes into the locker as she undressed before the other pilot attempting to not draw unwanted attention to what her plan was. Finally in her birthday suit, she stood before Talia, grabbing at a towel for her own shower. Waiting until her comrade was ready for hers too was the key to the plan of hers.

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
Her head tilted at Tessa's antics in confusion, but with a small snigger of amusement. Having just met Goldeneye, Talia wasn’t sure what to make of her wingman yet, but decided to just roll with it. What a goofball, her head shook with a grin as she peeled off her socks.

From her seat on the bench, Talia’s grin and body froze just as she was about to pull the white undershirt off. Wait, what, she blinked, frowning slightly as her head panned around to follow Goldeneye. “Uhhh,” Shadow murmured, trying to figure out what the hell her wingman was talking about. Oh no. Was she here? Fuck, what did we do? A rapid blinking marathon ensued for the next few seconds, while Tessa undressed. Talia wracked her brain for any recollection of running into the blonde during her night of drunken adventure with Ghost, but drew only blanks. Oh shit – abort, abort, abort.

Shadow stood, chewing her lip. Tessa was right there, watching her, as Talia’s cheeks grew warm and her mind raced. Fuck, not again. Not another one, she blinked, thinking of their rendezvous with Galahad, and the awkward conversation with him afterwards. One barely remembered threesome is bad enough! What the fuck! Okay, okay…keep it together, ace.

Turning to Goldeneye with a shrug, Talia tried to play it cool. “I uh…,” she cleared her throat, ignoring the woman’s nudity in an attempt to control her own anxiety. “I don’t really recall what happened…so...yeah,” her face grimaced apologetically as she rubbed the back of her neck. “Um…did we….you know,” her hand gestured, unable to meet Tessa’s eyes. Fuck, please say no, say no.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion [Show/Hide]
Looking at the other fighter pilot, Tessa could tell the woman was either playing coy with her or drunk out of her mind at the time of the incident. Truth be told, Tessa only planned to steal Shadow's clothing, but this was presenting itself as another situation worth pursuing entirely. Her comrade thought that they'd slept with one another by the look in her eyes and face. Not to miss a fun interaction, Tessa obliged in reassuring her.

"Did we? You know?" She used her fingers pointing back and forth with a questioning look before she smiled and put her hands on her bare hips, in the full glory of the showers. She closed her eyes and nodded with her lips sealed momentarily. "Uh, yeah...we did Shadow. I must say that black crown tattoo was..." She put her fingers to her lips and kissed them and tossed her hand away in appreciation. Truth be told, she had no idea where it was but knew it wasn't in a visible location per Ghost's information days after the incident in the showers. A fun continuation of the joke and hazing that the pilots typically did to one another.

"It's cute." She said grabbing a towel and slinging it over her shoulder as she walked near Shadow and got really close to her personal space. She breathed on Shadow's neck as she walked behind her, "Princess..." She whispered in her ear as she slapped her ass and walked towards another shower stall before placing her towel on the door.

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
Something wasn’t adding up. After their previous encounter in the sims, Shadow couldn’t imagine Goldeneye being that nonchalant about them having sex; it didn’t fit with her emotional outpouring, and the more Talia thought about it, it seemed far more likely that Tessa was just fucking with her. Dark eyes narrowed as she watched the blonde with a side-long look of suspicion. Even if she barely knew the other woman, she’d been around enough of her fellow pilots to know when shit was getting thick. True, she’d set herself up for it – quite marvelously – so of course there were going to be jibes, and a little ribbing; it was all expected, to a degree.


Nice try, blondie, Talia bit her lip to keep from smirking. As Tessa passed and whispered that stupid pet name, Shadow let out a sigh that was very close to a growl and rolled her eyes; the retort on the tip of her tongue was replaced by a surprised yelp as Goldeneye slapped her ass. As she watched her go, eyes narrowed in annoyance, Shadow fought the urge to race after the blonde, swipe her towel, and rat-tail the shit out of her fellow Wolf. No-no, play nice.

“Glad you enjoyed yourself then,” Talia called after her instead, smiling pleasantly, “you and Ghost can eat my whole ass, anytime.” It was inevitable; people were going to talk, and she knew it – but it still stung a bit more than Shadow would ever admit out loud. Thanks a lot Evelyn. Fuck it, whatever, the raven-haired Wolf growled to herself. She was there to try to relax, or at least try to. After a deep breath to calm her nerves, Talia shook her head at it all and resumed undressing. 

“Note to self; have a little chat with Ghost about the proper use of that mouth,” Shadow grumbled under her breath as she flung her uniform in the locker. Once a towel was wrapped up around her, the pilot padded past Tessa’s shower stall on her way to the sauna, stealing her towel out of spite. Whoops, she smirked, draping it over her bare shoulders as she went on her way.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion [Show/Hide]
Tessa laughed at Talia as she realized the woman didn't take the bait for the pet name and the situation that the other woman had found herself in previously. Still, she found it amusing when she mentioned eating her whole ass. A peace rolled over her as she saw Talia throw her uniform in the locker before wrapping herself up as she herself climbed into the sonic shower. She could hear footsteps albeit faintly around the outside of her own stall as Shadow passed by to the sauna.

Waiting a few moments to be sure that Talia was now out of range and wasn't going to be getting in her way, Tessa grinned cheekily. She knew that her flight partner had stolen her towel. What she didn't know was what Tessa was going to do in return. Truth be told, she planned to do this anyway, but it added to the fuel in the fire as it were.

Allowing the sonic shower to stay on, Tessa opened the door and peeked outward to the rest of the room before stepping out in naked glory. Not really caring if anyone saw her or not. Quickly running to the communal lockers, she dashed for Shadow's locker and grabbed her uniform, bunched it up, and tossed it into the sonic shower, soaking it, before placing it in another locker and securing it with her own personal code. She figured if Shadow and Ghost could steal her uniform, it was only fair. Tessa grabbed a spare towel from the shelve and decided to join her comrade in the sauna, for the moment. And if Talia planned to steal Tessa's uniform, it didn't matter, she'd walk boldly back to her quarters in a towel, or naked. It mattered not to her.

Opening the door and stepping inside, she stretched and allowed the towel to drop. "Oops! Didn't mean for that to happen. You know, someone actually stole my towel! Can you believe it?" Tessa said in a supposed irritation. "I mean, if they wanted to see me naked, all they had to do was ask." She said as she replaced the towel around her torso and took a seat nearby.

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths | Sauna | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
She’d just cranked the steam up and stretched out on one of the reclined benches, hands up on her head, holding the glossy black mess of her hair in place. Talia sighed in contentment, feeling the heat and steam work its magic; wrapped up tight in a towel, legs crossed at the ankles, her dark eyes had just fallen closed when she heard the door swish open. An eye peeked open as a brow rose. Goldie – who else? Her lips curled as she chuckled lightly at her wingmate’s antics, then she let her eye fall closed again, shifting slightly. The towel hitched up her thighs a little higher, but she was too relaxed to care. “The audacity of some people,” Talia smirked in feigned ignorance. “You do have an amazing rack, but I’m glad you found a replacement. Not everyone is comfortable with nudity, you know,” Shadow shrugged slightly.

The pilot hummed pleasantly, feeling her skin break out in a thin film of sweat. Yes, open up all the pores, she smiled to herself. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Then she decided to clarify her earlier statement, just in case.

I don’t care, though,” her eye peeked open again, just enough to see Goldie’s legs. “Been around way too many competitions and locker rooms,” Talia chuckled, then shrugged again. “So don’t worry about bothering me,” she added with a gesture of fingers spreading atop her hair. “By all means, do your thing,” Shadow smirked; if Tessa wanted to steam in the buff, who was she to stop her?

That said, Shadow closed her eye again with another throaty hum and enjoyed the heat. A slight hiss from the corner signaled another blast of steam; Talia breathed it into her nose deeply, wishing she’d brought some music with her, or ambient sounds. Rain would be nice – or thunderstorms – but I’d probably fall asleep. Then she heard Tessa shifting around. Eh, maybe not.

“So,” Talia sighed, dragging the word out, not really sure what to talk about, but felt like talking regardless. “Nudity comfort aside, what else should I know about you Tessa? Other than the fact that you’re a terrible liar,” she smirked.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion [Show/Hide]
Tessa stared at Shadow slightly as she saw the towel hiking up her legs. Curiosity of another's anatomy was still something she admired, male or female. Smiling back at her comment about her own rack being amazing. "Yours isn't so bad yourself." She winked as her own towel was carried along her own bust, showing extreme cleavage at the other wingmate. "I'm very comfortable with nudity."

The sweat began to bubble on her temple and chest as she was closed her eyes temporarily. Her eyes opened back up as she heard Talia mention her thoughts on baring it all. "I don't compete but don't care if I am clothed or not. Many have seen my ample bosom." She smiled bunching up her breasts before releasing them again.

The warmth of the room was all that Tessa enjoyed but it did mean she'd have to answer to Talia once things settled...after discovering the treat at the end of the session. She began to slide back and forth on her bottom in the towel as she attempted to get comfortable against the opposing wall. Her legs partially open, exposing herself somewhat as she let the heat have access to all of her pores.

GoldenEye began to hum quietly a tune she'd heard once. "Bum, bum, bum, bum bum bum. Do do do, do do do." (Voyager Theme LOL)

Talia's mention of getting to know one another and her being a terrible liar made her chuckle. "What makes you think I'm not a great liar?" A grin broke her face as she kept her eyes closed briefly before opening them. "Well, aside from Kate who you heard about, I am dating Scruffy and occasionally my good friend Lauren gets involved. And I love the holodeck times. Especially holo-adventures where it's back in the 20th century. Those are my favorite."

She paused briefly before speaking. "Do you enjoy the holodeck? Or a specific time period? You could always join us sometime..." She left it lingering as she awaited replies.

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths/Sauna | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
Her arms had dropped from holding her hair up to lounge on the back edge of the bench, eyes lidded as a dimpled smile curved her lips. Shadow flexed her chest after Tessa returned her compliment, hands briefly squeezing her bust with amusement. “Thank you,” she grinned, “I do worry sometimes that they’re too small, but then I should probably be thankful for that – less back issues and all,” she chuckled, elbows resting on the edge of the bench.

Ample bosom, an eye cracked open at her wing-mate, amused at Tessa’s choice of words. Yeah, they’re ample all right, Talia’s chest shuddered as she chuckled again, wondering why the blonde was even bothering with the towel at that point; she was practically flowing out of it. Ah, to be that carefree. Must be nice – liberating, even. Shadow pulled a deep breath in then, letting her eye close again. Her body was utterly relaxed, covered in a sheen of sweat as she listened to the other Wolf.

When Tessa asked why Talia thought she wasn’t a great liar, the raven-haired pilot snorted slightly. “That grin gives you away, for starters,” Shadow interjected with her own smile.

At the mention of holodeck activities, Talia smirked, her mind jumping to Zark and their foray into sexual education, then the possibilities of Tessa and her friends. Ahem – keep it professional ace, she reminded herself, uncrossing then recrossing her legs. “Latter quarter of the 20th century music is my go-to, ever since I met my RIO on the Diamondback. I use it for everything; work-outs, pre-flight, even in the cockpit,” a shoulder lifted in a shrug. “Not very knowledgeable on vids of the time period though, but as a former student of history, I’m pretty open-minded,” she laughed, “although, it sounds like you got a full house already.”

Shadow opened her eyes to blink, head tilted to regard her sister-wolf; lips pursed for a few seconds as she shifted her weight a little more, ignoring the towel loosening around her body.  “Tell me about these friends of yours,” her chin lifted with a smirk. “Lauren and...Scruffy,” she asked with a chuckle.  “Is that a nickname?”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion [Show/Hide]
Tessa grinned back at her wingmate about the comment of her grin giving away her lies. Was true but it also was a tell for her general attitude towards life. She felt rather free and no one could typically change that feeling. But she listened in to Talia as she mentioned her favorite music.

"Great choices! I am a fan of the old synth music from those moving pictures on the screens they had. I think from the 1980s and then there was a lot of fun in the 90s too! Either way a good era. And I love their films." She said making finger guns and shooting them with pew pew sounds.

Not realizing it, her towel dropped in the midst of it all and she shrugged and went back to it until Shadow mentioned "Well Lauren is related to someone else on board and well and a CONN officer. She was my wingmate in the training base at MIMAS Station. I thought she died and it messed me up for some time but when she appeared here it shocked me for sure!" She said excitedly at her wingmate, still allowing the nakedness to shake her breasts as she talked with her arms rather wildly in explanation.

" And Scruffy, well he's an engineer. Scruffy is short for Schubert 'Scruffy' LeBlanc. So I call him what Kate called him. And he can get scruffy if you know what I mean..." She said raising eyebrows with a smirk. "We even broke in my fighter after we repaired it..." She said in a slight gaze as she looked at the ceiling briefly.

Realizing she had her towel draped around her ankles she threw it over her shoulder. "Almost looks like one of those Tal Shiar commander scarves like this. But they wore clothes." She chuckled. "So what have your adventures been since coming back to the land of the living?"

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths/Sauna | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
Talia grinned as she nodded along, releasing her hair to drape her arms on the back of the bench. She was sweating freely now, dripping in places from the heat. Yep, getting hot, she huffed a breath and licked the moisture from her lips, head tilted at Tessa’s amusing antics. The blonde was an interesting character, quite entertaining – Shadow couldn’t help but imagine the potential adventures they could get into together – once she felt a bit more comfortable around her.

Her wingmate seemed all too comfortable, amusingly so, as she disregarded her towel and just kept talking without a care in the world. Shadow stifled a chuckle as her head tilted the other way and just smirked and blinked as she watched Tessa’s curves jiggle.

Her dark brows rose a notch at Goldeneye’s mention of ‘breaking in her fighter’, however, quite impressed with the feat. “Well damn,” she chuckled, “bet that was...acrobatic.” In her head, Talia tried to imagine just how that could play out in such tight confines, and how the rest of the Bay didn’t notice.  Must have had the canopy down, she smirked. Don’t think I could pull that off, her lips pursed, eh...maybe, a shoulder lifted in a subtle shrug as she reconsidered. “I’ll have to meet this guy sometime,” she smirked.

“As far as me,” Shadow’s lips pulled to the side as her nose wrinkled a bit, “when I first woke up I was pretty shell-shocked, you know? Got pulled on that away mission to Gorath, where I met Kate. Kept to myself mostly though, save for a rather...interesting night on the town, planetside. Tried to deal with things the way I always have – alone, on my own terms – but that wasn’t exactly working, so I decided to try and venture out. Got my ass kicked on the holodeck, trained up a bit,” in more ways than one, she added silently with a shrug. “Guess I’ve just focused on prepping for the fight ahead, but…,” her voice trailed off as she smirked knowingly. “Managed to have some fun, too. Might have gotten me into trouble, and yeah, might have overdone it a bit...but it was still fun. Trying to learn not to take myself and everything so serious. It’s a process.”

Talia took a deep breath then, blowing it out and down across herself to get some air-flow. “Whew. Not sure how much longer I can stay in here,” she laughed, fanning her neck with the top of her damp towel. Might take a dip in the pool to cool off after this, she considered, returning her attention to the naked ‘Tal-Shiar’ operative with a smile. “You want to grab something to eat? Or do you have plans?”


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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion [Show/Hide]
Tessa giggled as she caught the comment Shadow made about meeting Scruffy sometime. "Well...he did help me fix the ship first, and then we rocked it if you catch my drift." She said with an elbow to Shadow's right breast, gently tapping the flesh.

Smiling she nodded. "Taking oneself too seriously can be detrimental to your health. Especially when dealing with this place day in and day out. I've seen enough friends come and go in my time to realize that."

Thinking back to the times when she wasn't as in tune with herself, she was a wreck. Almost like a child in mental state but that was the past. Now she was ready for the future despite the recent traumas of lost friends. Almost everyone she'd gotten to know recently was either in stasis or dead. Well, besides Lauren, Scruffy and Shadow, or the other fighters for that matter.

She shrugged as she let the thoughts drift in silence before she heard the comment about how hot it'd gotten in the room. "Ffft. It's not that bad. But I get it. I just spend a lot of time in heated areas if I can stand it." Pondering the thoughts briefly, she nodded. "I'd love to go get a bite. I am soooo hungry!" She sparked up brightly at the mention of food.

"What did you have in mind?" Tessa said as she reached for the door, covering her waist with the towel as she let her breasts flow freely in the warm air before opening the door to a gust of normal air temperature. Causing her nipples to harden briefly as she wrapped her arms around her chest. "Bit nipply out here." She laughed.

Slowly she made her way to her locker and began to dry herself off before grabbing her off-duty clothes to throw on. She glanced at Shadow as the thought escaped her already that her comrade had no clothes in her locker since Tessa cleaned it out prior to going into the sauna. Tossing her towel aside she noted she had extra clothes in her own locker that might be fun to offer even if they might be a bit small for the other woman. But she decided to see how this played out.

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths/Sauna | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
She grinned and chucked at the innuendo, as well as the light elbow to her chest, before getting to her feet to follow Goldeneye. Tessa May Lance, Shadow’s head tilted slightly with a smirk, as dark eyes flicked up and down the blondes body. Cute, goofy, likes to take risks, the dark-haired pilot nodded to herself. I can work with that. When asked for specifics on what to eat, a tanned, muscled shoulder lifted in a shrug. “I keep to my own regimen – can show you if you want, but it’s pretty lean,” she answered with a slight shiver as they left the sauna; skin pebbled with goose bumps under a slick sheen of sweat. Tessa's quip about the cool air seemed accurate, but a glance down revealed Talia’s own hardened peaks protruding through the damp towel wrapped around her body, prompting a giggled snort. “Yeah it is,” Shadow agreed with another smirk, as her feet padded to her locker.

As the towel around her was pulled free to dab the sweat from her face and body, Talia couldn’t help but wonder how a certain Andorian would have handled the situation she’d just left; two beautiful women, naked or very nearly naked, talking about a threesome and sex in odd places. She couldn’t help the huff of amusement that blew from her nose at the thought, then arched a brow at Tessa with a grin, as the other Wolf dried herself. Knowing Zark, she’d probably get to talking of similar escapades, work herself up, then have Tessa pinned against the wall moaning before Blondie knew what hit her. Another huff of amusement, before biting her lip at the memory. Damned hedonist.

That train of thought provoked others, as Talia mused on Tessa’s behavior in the sauna – casually showing her body, inviting her to the holodeck…discussing her exploits. The raven headed pilot blinked a few times, chewing her lip. Huh. Did she invite me to a threesome? Wait – no. She’s not… Is she trying to…? Dark brows knit in confusion. No – well…maybe? No. Talia shook her head with the briefest roll of her eyes. Get a grip ace. Not everyone you meet wants to jump your bones. Things were far more clean cut and obvious with Zark. Even Ghost. Another hedonist – both of them! I was perfectly normal, doing just fine, then those two…

She stole another glance at Tessa as the locker door opened and draped her towel over it – naked in all her sculpted, glistening glory – and considered what she’d be willing to do with Tessa; with those curves of hers…Ultimately, the verdict took far less time than Talia thought it would, and almost made her bark out a gunshot of laughter; she covered it by clearing her throat. Mostly. Hah, I totally would! What am I thinking? Is this who I am now? Some sex obsessed lunatic? Well, fucking thanks, Ghost – and damn it, Kali, her head shook again, still smirking. Of the two of them, the Andorian certainly seemed like she could be a repeat offender – Ghost, however – Shadow wasn’t sure. She seems like a ‘one and done girl’ to me, but what the hell do I know, the pilot grinned again, biting her bottom lip. That expression died, however, as her eyes flicked to the locker’s contents; nothing. Tanned features pulled into a mask of confusion as the locker door closed, so she could double-check the number. The fuck? Where’s my clothes? Then it clicked. Who had a motive? Who saw which locker she’d used? Hah, okay, Blondie.

“Huh,” Shadow grunted as a bare hip cocked, resting a hand on it while she gestured to the locker with the other. Somebodytook my clothes,” her voice betrayed her suspicion, slowly turning her eyes and head to Tessa with a sigh. “Who would possibly do such a thing,” another smirk, as her head tilted to the side, then sauntered over to the other Wolf; features set in playful indulgence.

Talia took a breath as she closed in, right up to Tessa’s face, just shy of their bared breasts brushing against each other. A fist rested on one tanned hip as her head tilted the other way, dark chocolate eyes lidded with amusement. “Cute,” Shadow’s chin lifted fractionally, along with a dark brow. “You gonna give them back,” she asked quietly; dark eyes glanced down between them with another sigh – one that betrayed anything but irritation – as a mischievous grin spread across her lips. “Or do I have to ask nicely?”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion [Show/Hide]
Tessa grinned as Shadow looked in her locker and discovered the lack of clothing. It caused a stir in her loins and a slight ache but she also thought it was hot seeing her wingmate with hands on her hip accusing Tessa of the misfortune. Her golden eyes scanning the darker haired fighter pilot as she cocked an eyebrow briefly before it fully clicked.

Pointing to her chest after looking around Lance looked around as if someone else did it. "Who? Me?" She glanced at the woman and wondered what was going through her head but it was clearly not anger, but excitement and entertainment? Tessa wasn't sure but she wanted to see where this fun was going.

"I can't possibly imagine anyone taking your clothes. I mean what point would there be other than to see you in the buff?" She squinted and gave her a once over. "Not that the view isn't good to look at." She winked, placing her arms beneath her bust, accentuating her topless chest.

She could feel the breath of Talia's in her face as she took it in and nearly touched nipples at the close proximity. Her golden eyes sparkled with excitement at the situation unfolding. "I am cute, aren't I?" The grin growing slightly. "And I have no idea what you're talking about...and if I did hide your clothes, I might not remember where I put them." The full playful grin hit as Shadow tempted her with the mischievous grin and words.

"How nicely are we talking?" Goldeneye smirked as she looked at Shadow's chocolate colored eyes. "I could always share my spares in my locker but, they may not fit, or be too small for you. Might show off a bit more skin than usual as we leave." She teased playfully, glancing down at her wingmates' breasts and still glistening body. Not knowing fully how far Shadow wanted to take this. Regardless of the outcome, Tessa was ready for whatever 'fun' might occur between the two of them.

"Show me what you mean by nicely..." She teased in anticipation.

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths/Sauna | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
She took another half step closer to Goldeneye, slightly askance, as she listened. Dark brows rose in a look that told her wing-mate that Talia wasn’t buying anything Tessa was saying, amused at her sister-wolf’s machinations. Dark eyes flicked to Tessa’s locker with a smirk. This wasn’t about clothes. There was nothing stopping Talia from simply sauntering to the replicator to make new ones, after all.

Still, she didn’t see the point in ruining anyone’s fun.

Yet doubts remained. What was the point of all this? If she wanted to have sex, or just get Shadow naked, why all the tomfoolery; she could have just asked directly. Hm. How would that have played out though? Would I have gone along? Talia blinked, brows twitching in uncertainty, then huffed a breath of amusement. Ugh, this is so confusing. What to do? Throttle up, see where it goes – or bank away, burn hard, and chalk it up to a fly-by of misunderstanding? Decisions, decisions. This was a lot easier with Kali. Of course, Zark had made it pretty clear what she wanted. Tessa seemed to be doing the same, judging from that sly grin and the way she stood, those swollen mounds busting out, just begging to be tended to.

But Talia had been wrong about these things more than right, and Zark was...well...Zark. Ultimately, she figured the worst thing that could happen was a giggled refusal; either way would be a fun bonding experience they could laugh about later.

Ahem. Alright, ace – throttle up, Talia blinked, arching a brow up at Tessa; remembering what the curvaceous Andorian told her about ‘the show’. “Okay,” Shadow purred through a smirk, took a breath, and pivoted slowly as her head tilted at Tessa. The hand on her fist rose to lightly trace fingernails across the blondes hip and abdomen, just below her folded arms, as Talia slowly walked around Tessa. The playful touch continued, over the other hip, then up her flank as the other hand joined; Talia leaned herself into Goldeneye from behind, hardened nipples pressed into soft skin as her lips brushed against the blondes ear.

“You’re a terrible liar, Goldie,” Shadow breathed into her ear, as her hands slowly slid down the woman’s shoulders and arms, then across her chest. One hand rose up her throat, turning her face gently, while Talia’s lips and tongue teased a hair’s length away from the blondes earlobe - while the fingertips of the other drifted slow circles around the pert nub of a nipple. “Please tell me where my clothes are,” she whispered in a sultry tease.

“Pretty please,” Talia grinned, lips brushed along Tessa’s jawline – dangerously close to the blondes own soft, full lips – “with sugar on top.”

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion [Show/Hide]
Tessa could tell that Talia was about to indulge her somewhat despite knowing that she was the one responsible for the loss of clothing or at the very least, suspecting it. She enjoyed and shivered at the feeling of the other woman's touch on her hip, stifling a sound of pleasure. The feeling of apprehension built as Talia paced around her, playfully still touching the blonde pilot. She could feel the hardened nipples digging into her back and the soft flesh of her breasts touch. The shiver returned as Talia spoke into her ear.

"I am aren't I..." The pure enjoyment of the touch down her torso left her wanting more of that delicate and playful touching. "And what if I don't?" She stated in reply as her wingmate's lips were really close to her own. She used her own hands and guided them to Talia's waist, touching the bared skin of her hips and working her way to the same hardened nipples previously on her back moments before as she squeezed the ample flesh around them.

Glancing into Talia's eyes, she was taken in by them and it left her nether regions aching. Leaning into the pilot's ear, she whispered softly in return. "Alright...but it's going to cost you..." She said with a smirk as she nibbled the other woman's earlobe before pulling back and kissing her on the lips.

Guiding her hand into Talia's she turned to face away and pull her. Then she remembered what had happened to the was thrown into the sonic shower, soaking it, and that was when she remembered that she placed it in another locker and secured it with her own personal code.

"So unfortunately, your clothes are wet...." She said opening the locker and displaying the evidence. "But I know where you can get another set that's dry if you want to wear my spares..." She said with a wink unsure if Talia was going to go along with her or not after the reveal. "It's not like we can't change into something more...comfortable."

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths/Sauna | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
Given the situation, Shadow blinked with a sly grin, surprised at how much she was enjoying this little game. A soft squeal of aroused amusement left her lips as Tessa squeezed her tits; her head tilted at the teasing brush of incredibly soft lips along her jaw. Talia bit her bottom lip at the nibble to her earlobe – purring as tanned fingertips continued to tickle up and down Tessa's voluptuous body. The contrast between them couldn’t be more extreme – where the blonde was soft, full, Shadow was taunt, hardened – yet the raven haired Wolf’s arousal couldn’t be denied; Tessa was a stunning specimen, a meal Talia would certainly enjoy savoring, given the opportunity.

Damn it, now I'm horny again, she sighed mentally.

After licking the taste of Tessa’s lips as Goldeneye turned and pulled her to the locker, Talia wondered what the other pilot had in mind for ‘payment’, while dark eyes drank in the sway of her hips, the playful bounce of her ass. Damn, she has butt dimples too! What the hell, brows furrowed with a slight pout of jealousy. When they reached the locker, Talia leaned a shoulder against the cool metal, folding her arms under her bare breasts as a hip cocked out while she listened. A dark brow arched with a smirk as she glanced inside, snorting a laugh. The fingertips of one hand rose to playfully brush along the top of her chest with a feigned sigh of disappointment.

“Not very original as far as pranks go Goldie. Still,” she chuckled softly, “I suppose I had it coming. Lesson learned.” She turned to rest her back against the lockers but kept her eyes on Tessa’s while her body arched – tanned hands raked through the damp mop of hair with another smirk. Hmm…what to do, Talia wondered for a second. The blonde’s wink had her curious about where this could be going, and she obviously had no interest in wearing wet clothes. The option to just replicate something new still remained, as well.

Uncertainty remained though – she’d rather avoid making another poor decision based off misunderstanding or misinterpretation – but from what Talia could tell, Tessa seemed to be broadcasting the right signals. Of course, the whole affair could be another prank, too. Fuck sakes, I’d never live that down. Hm. What would Kali do? Shadow blinked, smirking at the thought, but shook her head subtly. She wasn’t Zark, after all. Fuck it, let’s see how this plays out. Talia stifled another laugh, then met Tessa’s eyes with a grin.

“Okaaay, you got me. Well done – cant even be mad about it,” she blinked slowly at Goldeneye, making no effort to hide her wandering eyes. “So,” her head tilted, “you have something I can wear,” her lips curled as her arms fell, hands resting on her hips. “And what will that cost me, I wonder,” a brow arched playfully at the fellow Wolf.

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[ Lt. JG Tessa May Lance | Public Baths | Communal Lockers | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Dumedion [Show/Hide]
Taking in the view of Talia leaning against the lockers, she couldn't help but appreciate the other woman's confidence, sass and exotic appearance. Stirring something deep in the recessess of her mind. She wasn't sure how far Talia wanted to take this game but Tessa was sure to stick to the plan and follow it through to the end. No matter how it turned out.

Tessa smirked as she realized that while her prank wasn't brilliant, it was highly effective in the results. "I have a spare like I said that you can borrow until we get back to your quarters." She winked playfully as she let that thought linger. Sauntering over, she shifted her hips in a way that exuded her confidence in the situation. "Then, well, who knows..." She let that thought linger as she drew closer, touching the other wolve's hip, letting her lips also linger really closely to her friend before letting her free hand cup a wet breast before turning away again.

She turned around letting her ass sway to and frow as she leaned in her locker to find the clothing in the mess she had there. It was thankfully all clean clothing and random wear but it wasn't organized, much like her mind albeit being dirtier. "All it will cost you is..." She mumbled from withing her head stuck in the locker as she dug around. Almost wondering if she'd get stuck but hopeful she wouldn't.

"How about a kiss?" She said still muffled in the lockers before pulling her head out and coyly winking back at the other pilot.

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[Ens. Talia “Shadow” Al-Ibrahim | Public Baths/Sauna | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Pierce
Dark eyes narrowed playfully at the blonde again, as the pilot wondered if Goldie really wanted to get her brains humped out, or if this was all just a clever scheme to fuck with Talia – Tessa seemed to be putting out both signals, which wasn’t helping Shadow make any kind of decision at all. Ultimately, she decided to play it safe and wait.

Ah well, Talia laughed to herself. Might as well have some fun at her expense, I suppose – if I’m quick enough, Talia smirked as she moved, practically holding her breath while Tessa dug around in her locker. Shadow moved as silently as she could, scooping up a damp towel from the wet floor to position herself on Goldie’s opposite side, closer to the door. One, two, three twists, and the towel was held up at a forty-five angle, aimed at the blonde’s perfectly squeezable ass. Such a nice butt, too. Shadow almost pouted then, but the decision had been made. I’m sure this wont be the last prank we pull on each other, she smirked and tilted her head, waiting for the blonde’s head to pop out of the locker. Soon as she did, the game was on.

“Deal,” Talia grinned, as the towel snapped out with a loud crack, right into Tessa’s left butt-cheek; a flawless hit, which sent the target mass jiggling pleasantly. As the blonde jerked upright in abject pain and shock, Shadow’s hand shot into the locker and grabbed a fist-full of clothes, just in case Goldie had more tom-foolery in mind. A tanned finger came up before Tessa’s lips as dark brows rose with a stifled chuckle. “Ah-ah, don’t get mad – I pay my debts,” Talia explained, then closed in for a wet, passionate kiss before the other woman could really do much of anything else; the suckling sounds of lips and tongues sliding over and around each other filled the locker room for the briefest of moments, while Talia made good on her ‘payment’.

“There,” she gasped for air after releasing Tessa’s bottom lip from her own. “All settled.” Licking the taste off her lips, Shadow tilted her head as she pulled back. Great kisser, too – fuck!
“So, my place, then? Or are you done teasing me for the night,” Talia’s lips pursed, then she smirked again. Either way, the prank war’s begun. After taking a few steps towards the door, a glance at the ‘clothes’ in her hand had her laughing again; she turned, holding up the smallest and most colorful spaghetti strap tank and boy shorts she’d ever seen. Seriously?” Talia chuckled, then shook her head and started tugging them on, stretching the fabric to its limits. She could feel her ass hanging out of the shorts, and the tank was so tight it felt like a corset. Gonna be a long walk back to the room in this getup, Talia huffed in amusement, trying to adjust her boobs which were being crammed together uncomfortably while she waited for Tessa.

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