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Day 12 [1157 hrs] Maybe This Time It Will Be Perfectly Marvelous

[Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Shrine to Molor | Orion Outpost | Qo’Nos ] Attn. @Eirual @Nesota Kynnovan

In the bowels of this ancient Klingon shrine that resembled, in many ways, the archaic Earth catacombs, it was almost easy to forget where they were: Qo’Nos. Humid air billowed in the torchlight as they sliced through it on yet another narrow pathway, the band of tourists sticking close to the guide like baby ducklings for fear of taking a wrong turn in this labyrinth of sculpted tunnels. Without a guide or a proper map, one could likely get lost for days down here, especially since materials in the volcanic rock made it difficult to get a firm transporter lock and mucked about with tricorder readings.

Responding to an itch, Enyd wiped a hand over her neck. She mostly succeeded in pushing the layer of Qo’Nos dirt around in the sheen of sweat covering every inch of her body. Despite the stickiness, Enyd was thankful for her high-waisted canvas green safari trousers. The wind outside the shrine had been brutal, with red scratches already forming on her arms from the pebbles and foliage debris that had lashed across her bare skin—compliments of her short-sleeved cream-colored safari shirt. Her face and neck hadn’t been sandpapered into a pulp because of the beige pith hat she wore that featured a red scarf that draped down to her shoulders.

They’d been following the guide for nearly ten minutes now, his explanations in broken Federation Standard, and still, they hadn’t reached the actual well featured in the tour brochure. Enyd and a few of her crewmates had joined the official tour of the Well of Molor, the historic shrine to the hated tyrant whose downfall helped establish modern Klingon civilization. She’d been a bit hesitant to join the tour at first, and not just because it was yet another historical site with ties to Kahless the Unforgettable—and it was no wonder he was unforgettable; they had so many landmarks and artifacts from the man that it was unlikely he’d be forgotten for many centuries yet. No, her hesitation had been due to the outpost above their heads.

Featuring an organized black market that was officially condemned but unofficially appreciated by all, the Orion outpost was about as seedy a place as one could go on Qo’Nos. Prostitution and gambling didn’t concern Enyd as much as the arms dealing. Depending on the context, prostitutes could be some of the freest individuals, and gambling was also contextually based on whether it was nefarious or just in good fun. Since it involved Orions, however, it was likely that the meter leaned more toward nefarious than good, clean fun.

This tour was not the type to avoid the outpost either. No, in typical Klingon fashion, it barged through the outpost to make for the entrance to the network of tunnels that eventually led to the shrine. It was able to get away with the tour (mostly) without hassle as at the end of the tour, refreshments were offered (required) in the Orion-run cabaret, and all patrons of the tour were invited (expected) to partake of food and local entertainment before leaving the outpost. THAT was the part Enyd felt a tingling of nervousness itching at the back of her neck over. With her penchant for attracting chaos, she had no doubt that something potentially terrible was likely to happen if she stayed longer than was absolutely necessary.

Glancing at her fellow crewmates, Enyd forced a smile, “I hope you brought bread crumbs because I don’t know if we’ll be able to find our way out of here if we get separated.”

She realized that they may not be as familiar with the ancient Earth folk tales but, desperate for a bit of fun in the face of potential danger, Enyd couldn’t help the comment, and willfully chose to ignore the reality behind her statement.

Re: Day 12 [1157 hrs] Maybe This Time It Will Be Perfectly Marvelous

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[Ens. Mia Dunne | Shrine to Molor | Orion Outpost | Qo’Nos] ATTN: @Ellen Fitz @Nesota Kynnovan

Mia didn’t usually go in for the tourist things most of the time. As a scientist she felt they were usually a waste of time and she rarely got to see anything that really interested her, or if she did, she had no time to investigate it further as the tour guides always wanted to hurry people along. However, she’d been interested in exploring this Shrine to Molor and the tour was the only option. Plus, there were a few other crew members going. This might be a good time to get to know people outside of her department. The woman in front of her was making a joke about bringing breadcrumbs along, Mia chuckled a little as she pushed the hair that had escaped the ponytail away from her face. She'd dressed in her usual expedition type gear, Hiking boots, khaki cargo pants, a lightweight long sleeve shit, and a khaki pocket vest, and a matching soft hiking hat. She carried the minimal gear with her in a canvas bag slung over her chest. “Well, if I see a gingerbread house I am definitely turning around,” she quipped in reply, “I don’t fancy being fattened up for a fancy dinner.” She smiled at the other woman, who was covered in a layer of grime, for that matter the entire group was.

Mia stopped moving for a moment to inspect a crystalline structure embedded in the wall, “Oh look at this! I don’t recognize this crystal.”  She reached into her bag and pulled out a small jar and a tiny hammer, then carefully broke off a small piece of the crystal and put it into the specimen jar and secured it. Then she but both back into her bag and hurried to keep up with the group. Catching up to the other two crewmates she smiled slightly,  “You’re from Thuergy, Right?  I’m Mia, Ensign Mia Dunne. I’m in the science department.”
Ensign Mia Dunne



Re: Day 12 [1157 hrs] Maybe This Time It Will Be Perfectly Marvelous

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[Lieutenant JG Amanda Ashby | Shrine to Molor | Orion Outpost | Qo’noS]
Attn: @Ellen Fitz @Eirual

It actually hadn’t been Amanda’s intention to join the official tour of the Well of Molor, especially not after what happened the last time she thought it would be a nice idea to go out on a trip with Commander Stark and Ensign Pierce. However, when the Chief Counselor made such a reservation on your behalf and stated that “it was illogical to be scared of the unknown based on one terrible experience” amongst many other things that could be considered encouraging and soothing in the Vulcan culture, one simply couldn’t deny the offer. Lieutenant Commander Hathev actually put in quite some effort as well by ensuring that the Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer, Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen, happened to be a part of the tour as well. While Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ashby hadn’t met the other woman before, she had in on good authority that the petite brunette was one of the best Diplomats aboard the USS Theurgy; otherwise the Chief Counselor would never have insisted that she’d go on this particular tour.

As she listened to the quips between Lieutenant Madsen and another woman, a rather busty blonde with a canvas bag slung over her chest, Amanda couldn’t help but grin. That comment about the gingerbread house reminded her of something she’d heard at Starfleet Medical Academy a couple of years earlier; “A gingerbread man sits inside a gingerbread house. Is the house made of flesh, or is he made of house? He screams, for he does not know.”. Back then it had genuinely made her wonder if some people only chose the Counseling field because they were behavioural experts themselves, and for a moment she was grateful that both women were walking behind her so they couldn’t see her stupid grin.

”I don’t know, I wouldn’t mind a fancy dinner.” As she spoke, Amanda pushed her green safari hat onto the back of her head and turned around before further accentuating the playful tone of her Martian-accented voice with a friendly smile. It was only at that moment, when the other blonde spoke up about a crystal, that Amanda noticed that the woman wasn’t walking beside Lieutenant Madsen anymore but instead lagged behind just a little bit to look at a crystal more closely; leaving little doubt in Amanda’s mind that the well-endowed woman was either part of the Science Department or just a very fanatical geology enthusiast. When the woman caught up with them again and introduced herself, Amanda couldn’t help but chuckle as her suspicion was proven correct. ”Your interest in that crystal more or less gave that away.” She held out her hand to shake Mia’s. ”I’m Doctor Amanda Ashby, Theurgy’s Resident Psychiatrist.”

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