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Day 10 [1000 hrs.] Hard Feelings, Harder Heads, Hardest Fought

[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Security Lounge | Security Centre | Deck 7 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan

Lieutenant XamotZark zh’Ptrell didn't have an office in the Security Centre, and it was times like this that she wished she'd gotten high enough have one.  It had been almost a week ago when Lieutenant Madsen had asked her as a favour to look into how well a couple of the diplomatic staff would be able to take care of themselves in a less than diplomatic situations.  Zark being a good friend, at the time had agreed without thinking it over too hard, specifically since she didn't know the two names.  It should be relatively straight forward she'd thought, just pull up the relevant portion of their personnel files, then tell Enyd, they should be fine or not.  Except it hadn't turned out to be that easy, especially when a reader could find the name of the other person in their personnel jacket along with the terms 'insulting', 'stubborn', 'competitive' and a plethora of other adjectives that described a Class A bitter rivalry.  The reading of their actions and the security review of how the two had handled themselves during the crew's trip to Qo'nos had given the combat medic a good indication of their general capabilities. Someone is watching over them.  Lucky and alive is still alive. Still, as annoyingly bureaucratic as it was, these were qualification gaps in both their files.  One was never followed up after her surgery, and the other was simply incomplete.  Still, Lt. Zark had given her word that she would do her best to evaluate, so a request had gone up one chain, side ways, and back to have Ensign Faye Eloi-Danvers, and Ensign L'Nari evaluated and if necessary any gaps in their self defence knowledge base rectified.

The result was in front of her now and the combat medic's face was blank as she surveyed the Betazoid and Caitan on the other side of the table.  If this was a social occasion, the Andorian would have regarded how striking the two young women were, but at the moment, she was working to keep her mind open and empty to draw the most objective evaluation possible.  Even though Zark was not psychic in any sense, she didn't need to be to feel the tension that was emanating from the two women.  It was so noticeable that another security officer had taken one look at Zark and the other two women, given a commiseratory grimace and promptly grabbed his coffee and decided it was better to be somewhere else leaving the Andorian alone with the two diplomatic attachés.  Still, there was no sense in procrastinating and wondering and she wasn't one to back away from challenges, so on the show went. At least I can fall back on outranking them if need be.

Fingers that had been unconsciously tapping on the table stopped and the Andorian took a deep breath before offering both diplomats an crooked smile as blue fingers steepled themselves.  "Ensign Eloi-Danvers, Ensign L'Nari, thank you for coming today.  In case you haven't deduced why you're here today, a few gaps were found in your personal defence jacket and it was found necessary to have you two evaluated as quickly as possible in light of the situation the crew finds itself in." A blue hand waved airily before fingers tapped the small PADD in front of the security officer bringing up her list of tests. "Most of what I'll be testing today is fairly standard.  Can you breakdown and re-assemble all three types of phasers, Your firing proficiency while stationary and on the move.  Tactical sense in combat."  Sea foam eyes came back up and an easy smile graced the Andorian's blue face.  "mainly do you know when to duck and when to run when being shot at. Do you know how to operate Federation standard grenades. Basic first aid, and proficiency in hand to hand combat with and without implements like knives and batons."

Zark closed the PADD and regarded her two evaluees for a moment.  "Under any other circumstance, these evaluations are usually pro forma, but given the amount of fighting this crew has seen recently and given the number of dead we have, it's imperative that we fix any knowledge gaps as quickly as possible."  Blue Green eyes settled on Ensign Eloi-Danvers first.  "I know you survived combat with a Klingon came out on top and it was well done under the circumstances, but that could have just as easily gone the other way.  On top of that, if you get sent off the ship, the Captain needs to know he's not sending someone to their death because they weren't qualified to head off ship in the first place.  We also need to make sure that your bionic arm will work properly under undiplomatic conditions."  The combat medic's head swivelled to Ensign L'Nari.  "I read the reports of your encounters on Qo'nos and spoke to your superior about what went on down there, both times.  Needless to say, you did well too, but Lieutenant Madsen is concerned for your safety and wants to make sure you'll come through this fine, and that does mean you survive without needless sacrifice, such as your death."

Lt. Zark took a moment to let what she said sink in before smiling once more.  "Since that's an outcome we're all hoping to avoid and live long productive lives, we might as well get to know each other better while we do this.  So before we begin, do you two have any questions?" the security officer asked the two diplomats.

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Re: Day 10 [1000 hrs.] Hard Feelings, Harder Heads, Hardest Fought

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Security Lounge  | Security Center | Deck 7| Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nesota Kynnovan  @RyeTanker 

Compared to the previous evening's affairs, in which Faye had spent a few hours in the company of her immediate superior, Lt. Enyd Madsen, this mornings unexpected assignment carried with it a nasty surprise. Privately Faye had to wonder which particular deity she'd managed to offend, and how she'd done so in the last 12 hours. Especially considering she was asleep for a large part of that time frame. And yet, from last night's simple delights, to this morning's conundrum, Faye must have done a dozy to find herself two hours into the Alpha shift, seated across from a junior Lt. for the security department who was about to tell her how much she was out of practice in the arts that were exactly the opposite of what her job was supposed to be. And worse still, was the occupant of the seat next to her:


Over the past few weeks, Faye had felt the occasional spark of sympathy toward the Caitian, whom she had known since their ill gotten days in Starfleet Academy. After-all, Faye - whom had been running the Diplomatic Department all on her lonesome after the events of Jupiter station - had managed to meld in with the new dynamics of the department fairly easily. Sure, she missed having the space that came with the quarters generally assigned to the Department head (Lt. Commander Rutherford had taken over those once she'd come aboard, and rightly so), but on the flip side of that equation had been the relief that came with not having to shoulder the burden of the Theurgy's mission from a diplomatic front entirely by herself. That consolation had done wonders for her ability to adjust to her new situation, and other than the fact that she had to deal with L'Nari's presence in her department, she'd gotten along swimmingly with everyone else.

The same could not be said for her rival, who seemed to make even more of a nuisance of herself than she had back at the Academy. On the one hand, Faye supposed that she (begrudgingly) respected L'Nari's adherence to her own principles. On the other hand she thought it damned stupid to butt heads with ones direct superior as often as L'Nari did with Lt. Madsen. (It needed to be noted that Ens. Eloi-Danvers was suffering a double helping of bias, having had a wonderful evening conversing with said Lieutenant, compounded by years of bitterness in regards to her fellow Ensign - when she thought of them at all. None of this was something that she was willing to admit to herself in the moment, however, as she sat stiffly, eyes trained on the blue beauty in front of her instead of the annoyance next to her).

The Andorian began with a typical gambit that Faye had encountered time and again - and used herself - across her career. Being thanked for something she had no choice in complying with had always seemed hollow, but formalities had to be followed and this was one of those. And she could hardly argue that she had been evaluated after she'd come out of stasis, because that hadn't happened. By rights, that should have occurred during the long stopover in the Aldean system, but even then, Faye had been busy as a bee, helping to stabilize Theurgy's position relative to the local governments, along with negotiating stronger ties to the Klingon Empire, whom saw the Aldean's as a protectorate polity. 

For a moment, Faye thought she might get a word in edge wise when the Androian shifted their gaze over to her, but the crafty Lieutenant took the wind out of her sails and stole the very argument she was about to raise right out of her lips. After all, she had successfully defended her commanding officer during a covert mission behind Klingon lines, rescuing the scion and heir to the House of Martok from a rather nasty situation. If she could take out two fully armed Klingon warriors with a rock, clearly that ought to be enough to justify her skipping these qualification trials. Never mind the fact that the act had made her sick to her stomach and she'd spent entirely too many hours on the floor of a sonic shower when she'd gotten back to the Theurgy forcing herself to get over the delayed horror of the moment.

Lt. zh'Ptrell clearly had other ideas.

Glancing down at the arm in question, Faye drummed the fingers against her opposite elbow, as both arms were now crossed under her modest bust. There was a point to be had there. After-all, was she not still undergoing physical therapy to help better her control with that limb? Wasn't she still hesitant to use those digits when...well, that was neither here nor there, she had to admit, even if that sort of thing was an excellent test of dexterity. Huffing slightly, the insolent Betazoid could only nod in agreement and cede the point to the Security officer. Though she had to repress the urge to snort when Zark made a comment about wanting to make sure L'Nari didn't needlessly sacrifice herself because she couldn't take care of herself.

Not that Faye actually wanted the Cait dead. But off ship would be nice.

Glancing over at said fellow diplomat, Faye squared off her shoulders a bit and turned toward Zark, pursing her lips slightly. "Since pointing out that I took those Klingon's down with a rock because my commanding officer refused to let us bring along a phaser won't get me out of phaser training, I suppose I should ask how exactly you plan to help me with this," she raised the arm in question. "Beyond what I'm already getting in my physical therapy sessions, that is." A pause, and then a sigh. "And do you prefer Sir, or Ma'am? I know Starfleet has us default to 'sir' but in my line of work you're better off asking all the same."

Maybe if she ignored L'Nari she'd be lucky enough to get out of this quickly. Looking at the Andorian Lieutenant however, Faye sensed that would hardly be the case.

Re: Day 10 [1000 hrs.] Hard Feelings, Harder Heads, Hardest Fought

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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Security Lounge | Security Centre | Deck 7 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan

Lieutenant Zark's attention was brought back to the young Betazoid Ensign and the tone of the questions wasn't lost on the security officer.  If she were put in the same place, she would fully expect to be; irritated; at the very least.  To be fair, as part of her species passionate makeup, that irritation would have been expressed more forcefully, probably with Zark in the brig for being insubordinate if not actually striking the person who put her in this position.  However, that intense passion, or Extra as some had termed Andorians also lent itself to all their other emotional traits.  The security officer had plenty of experience in dealing with surly subordinates in the past, and this was just one more in her mind.  This meant she dipped into her very deep well of patience and using her knowledge of other species, made sure to project utter serenity to the Betazoid in case she was reading reading her thoughts (not likely for that was rude), but more likely emotions (couldn't be helped at times) as a warm gentle smile graced her blue face. The Andorian linked her fingers together as she leaned on the table and leaned in. "I'll answer your second question first.  Ma'am is my preferred mode of address  You can call my 'husbands' sir, though they prefer their names."  Zark knew this was not genial to the topic of conversation, but she hoped by introducing herself as well, she'd put the two women at ease through the testing.  "Also, unless I insist otherwise, you can call me Zark instead of zh’Ptrell.  I've been that for a long time now since joining Starfleet."

The choice to go in unarmed was a little more delicate in the Andorian's mind as she didn't believe in going ANYWHERE unarmed and she decided not to mention it as it had been the diplomat's superior's decision. The smile disappeared to be replaced with a look of concern.  "Ensign.  The main issue with your prosthetic is we don't know how it will respond to you using a phaser, or any other implement. Will you crush some of the phaser's more delicate components?"  The Andorian's right hand came up in the universal stop sign to forestall any argument. "Not likely I know, but we also simply don't know how accurate or capable you are with the thing till you if you'll forgive the saying, get into action.  Our biological signals are the development of decades of training.  In this case, the engineer's gave me the calibration program to help you tune the arm to your liking, that way we hope it'll have the dexterity you want sooner with additional practice." 

The security officer gave the diplomat a moment to absorb what she was going to be doing before continuing. "I want to make it clear Ensign Eloi-Danvers. I'm not here to time you to see how fast you can do the task, especially in light of your arm, but I need to see that it's done with some proficiency."   Zark realized that gave the Betazoid quite a bit of latitude to take all the time she wanted to complete the stripping and re-assembly of the weapons, but she also hoped that her competitive spirit and/or her dislike of the L'Nari would make her to go more quickly.  Thinking about it though, Zark wondered if there was a way to get these two to dislike each other less.  It was something that she would have to ponder on.
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Re: Day 10 [1000 hrs.] Hard Feelings, Harder Heads, Hardest Fought

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[Ensign L’Nari | Security Lounge | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

To say that L’Nari didn’t want to be there was probably as much of an understatement as calling their overall mission against the Infested threat a ‘precarious situation’. When the Andorian Lieutenant sitting on the business side of the desk initially requested her presence in the Security Lounge, the black furred Caitian had actually been right in the middle of processing data with one of the Chief Diplomat’s Aides, Petty Officer Second Grade Abel J’olan, and Junior Data Analyst Ensign Niccole Holland of the Intelligence Department. It was far from the most glorious work in Starfleet and mainly consisted of updating the files of possible Organisations and People Of Interest with information retrieved from first-hand sources like previous missions, or second-hand information obtained through different means. While it was unlikely to earn someone a medal or recognition, it was nevertheless work that needed to be done and, before joining the USS Theurgy in their fight against the Infected threat, this was what the black furred Diplomatic Attaché had always done; preparing detailed files for the higher ranking Diplomats to help them in their negotiations. Truth be told, L’Nari actually enjoyed the peace and quiet of that kind of work, especially now that it proved even more crucial to their overall safety because one of their Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officers preferred to let her fists do the talking.

L'Nari still hadn’t forgotten the disastrous mission to Qo’noS only five days earlier, when she witnessed Lieutenant Madsen’s abysmal sense of diplomacy on a first-hand basis and found herself caught in a fight to the death in the middle of a rebel encampment. With proper care to careful data processing and maybe, just maybe a Diplomat who actually understood their business, they wouldn’t have gone to the Central Mountain Range without a Security detail and none of that nasty affair would have happened in the first place; in fact, L’Nari was convinced that Lieutenant Commander Rutherford would have taken a different approach and avoided such violence altogether. She was also fairly certain that Lieutenant Foval would have forgotten about their entire purpose for being in the Central Mountain Range in the first place the minute he laid eyes upon an attractive-looking Klingon, but that was an entirely different grudge for an entirely different time.

It was inconvenient enough that L’Nari had to leave the data processing to Ensign Holland and Petty Officer J’olan to begin with but, when she heard that Lieutenant Madsen had requested this because the woman was ‘concerned for their safety’, it only added further insult to injury. Maybe the only good thing was that Faye decided to speak up first and, as the black furred Diplomatic Attaché turned her green eyed attention towards her fellow Diplomatic Attaché, she could hear that the other woman was just as annoyed to be there.

While it was hardly a secret that the two of them didn’t exactly get along, her deeply rooted dislike for Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers had actually began to pale in comparison to the issues which L’Nari faced when dealing with Enyd Isolde Madsen. In fact, over the last couple of days the black furred Caitian had repeatedly found herself wondering if she shouldn’t just make common cause with the brunette Betazoid and settle their childish differences. However, such thoughts of reconciliation and forgiveness had always come to an abrupt end the very moment L’Nari’s eyes came to rest upon Eloi-Danvers’ face and she was reminded of the reason for their differences and that they weren’t childish at all.

”If I may, Miss Zark.” As she spoke, L’Nari’s Caitian-accented voice was as friendly as the smile that adorned her face. ”I understand the concern over Ensign Eloi-Danvers’ prosthetic arm and I appreciate that you’re taking the time to bring her up to par on these matters, but I fail to understand why I am here. I mean, I already passed the basic self-defence training course at Starfleet Academy,” Albeit barely, but that aside. ”and I don’t have prosthetic limbs myself so that can’t be a concern.” The black furred Diplomatic Attaché carefully observed the Andorian at the business end of the desk and briefly thought of a good approach. ”I won’t say that I am as great in matters of defence and combat as you are, but I don’t have to be. That’s why we have Starfleet Security, to escort us into potentially dangerous situations and protect us if necessary.” She decided to appeal to the woman’s sense of logic and, what usually worked with Klingons in general and the somewhat more gruff and burly colleagues of Starfleet Security alike, the pride ad confidence in their physical prowess. ”That being said, I was actually working on some rather important things in the Diplomatic Council Offices, so if I could be excused…?”


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[Lt (JG) XamotZark zh’Ptrell (Lt. Zark) | Security Lounge | Security Centre | Deck 7 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]

Attn: @Brutus @Nesota Kynnovan

The Andorian let the Caitan finish and she understood both their positions.  However, where Eloi-Danvers was generally being surly and had required a dip into the well spring of patience, L'Nari was effectively refusing an order veiled as a request and had just drawn a bucket. Zark gave the black cat a blank look as she sat there deciding if the Caitan was deliberately being insolent and insubordinate.  Zark understood that many of the non tactical branches of Starfleet did tend to regard their Starfleet ranks as a cumbersome addition to their responsibilities, yet those ranks did exist, and they implied a certain level of responsibility and more importantly, chain of command position within the ship.  The Andorian was going to give L'Nari the benefit of the doubt as she was still young, but there was only so much she was willing to tolerate, especially from a junior. The blue woman's smile turned absolutely beatific after a moment. "Ensign L'Nari" the Andorian began with a very intense emphasis on the rank before the smile disappeared below her frozen icy jade eyes. "You are not excused, and you are not finished here. You're being here has been required by your superiors as a necessary part of your duties.  So, whatever you thought was important has been overridden by your senior officer.  You can take it up with them after we're finished here."  A cobalt finger stabbed the table.  "As you have pointed out so obviously, you're an Academy graduate and you took the necessary courses at" stab "that" tap "time." hard press into table.  "It's been a while and this is normally an annual check.  However, based on your statement, this should be a quick evaluation and you can go back what you were doing before being ordered here."

Lieutenant Zark crossed her arms over her chest as she relented slightly while leaning back in her chair before settling down into what was generally known as lecture mode.  "Miss L'Nari.  I appreciate your faith in Security and we do try to live up to those expectations, but the department is stretched thin.  It usually is, that's the main issue with Security all the time, and without the usual channels to replenish personnel, we have to hope that each and every person on this ship can at least hold out till we can come to your aid, assuming we don't die in the attempt.  At that point, we hope you can run away fast enough or if necessary, fight your way out, to find others like us.  At the end of day your opponent gets a vote in life and death matters.  In the heat of battle, they're not likely to be choosy how they ensure their own survival whether it's killing an armed security guard, or an unarmed diplomat."

The blue security officer leaned on the table and fixed the Caitan with a hard stare.  "Now Ensign, I'm going to overlook this outburst and write it off as you now knowing how I operate.  Each of you." and hard ice jade eyes fixed Faye for a moment before turning back to L'Nari "gets one pass after this.  That's it.  If you need help, that's one thing.  Be insolent, insubordinate, or don't follow an order of mine in any way after this and I will simply ask you to leave, declare you unfit to leave the ship for away missions or participate in any active negotiation sessions with foreign powers where security is a concern.  And I will inform Lieutenant Madsen as such.  She can decide your disposition after that."  Zark let that sink in for a moment before continuing.  "Putting it simply, it would be my judgment as the evaluating security officer, that whoever does not complete the evaluation, cannot be trusted with the safety and lives of the crew.  It's that, plain and simple."

The Andorian's face relaxed and softened noticeably after this as she stood up and grabbed the PADD before configuring it to timers, checklists, and the adjustment program for the bionic arm.   "Ladies, hopefully that's all the unpleasantness we have to deal with.  If you'll follow me to the armoury, you each have some phasers to disassemble and put back together."  Lieutenant Zark gestured for the two evaluees to follow indicating that the discussion was over and she was now no longer willing to invite any sort of comment as she led them out.
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Re: Day 10 [1000 hrs.] Hard Feelings, Harder Heads, Hardest Fought

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[ Ens. Faye Lintah Eloi-Danvers | Security Lounge  | Security Center | Deck 7| Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @RyeTanker @Nesota Kynnovan 

Miss - or would that be Missus, given she's married, she supposed zh'Ptrell was certainly intriguing. She extruded a confidence and professionalism that Faye could both respect, and be annoyed by. And be attracted to. Faye was hardly one to pretend she didn't like what she saw when she saw it, but she also knew this was hardly the time or the place. She'd ask Riley what the nurse knew about the Security Officer, whom was listed as a 'combat medic' in the brief file she'd glanced at prior to heading down to what she presumed would be an utter cluster fuck of a meeting, since there was no way the summons was a mistake. If the Lieutenant had any interest in the diplomat - either of them - she was doing an excellent job of hiding the fact. Not that Faye was looking, of course.

What frustrated her more than anything was that Faye had to concede that the Andorian Lieutenant had a point. She looked down at her arm and flexed her fingers again, wondering how she would actually fare. For her day to day tasks, the artificial limb was behaving just fine. She hadn't put a finger through any LCARS display system, for instance. She'd only torn the buttons off a shirt once or twice, and that was all before Aldea. Surely that had to count for something. She was naturally right handed, so it wasn't like she'd be shooting a phaser with her left hand, but her obstinate nature could only go so far in the face of the fact that she'd likely need to use both hands to repair one in a pinch.

"I suppose pointing out that it's my 'off' hand is a moot point, given everything you've just illustrated." At least she could take some solace in the fact that she wasn't going to be judged on just how expert her marksmanship was. Perhaps simply hitting the board side of a shuttle craft would be sufficient. Surely she could do that at least. She was a lover not a fighter but she wasn't a total push over like some diplomats.

It likely did not go unnoticed that she shot a sideways glare at the Catian next to her before the woman even opened her mouth to speak. The longer the other diplomat spoke, the deeper the glare turned, and Faye stopped trying to be subtle about it. Typical of her to throw me under the shuttle, she thought darkly, sitting up straighter in her chair. She had to resist the urge to cross her arms; there was no need for her to appear obviously petulant. L'Nari was doing a good enough job of that all on her own, and the Betazoid decided that she'd best be served by letting the Cait draw the Andorian's ire. No need to ruffle the security officers feathers if she could let her colleague act the fool. 

No stretch there. It was a good thing she was the only telepath in the room.

Wondering if a smirk would get her in trouble, Faye let her gaze bounce back and forth between the Security officer and her fellow Attaché. Not that she moved her head all that much, just her eyes really. The fine art of observing without appearing to give undue attention to the subjects being observed was a skill that most diplomats picked up on fairly quickly. The successful ones in any event. And young though she was, Faye still had the confidence in herself to claim to be quite successful. Besides, 'just call me Zark' was too busy giving L'Nari a much deserved ass chewing to take note of how Faye was basking in the warmth of it.

At least until those icy eyes focused on her, snapping her out of her happy place and forcing a shiver down her spine. She pursed her lips but decided against pointing out that she hadn't tried to up and walk out. She didn't take all that kindly to the ultimatum leveled either, and allowed a bit of that to show in her expression, a pursing of the lips, a narrowing of her brow. "Understood, Ma'am."

When in doubt, keep your response short and succinct. The 'and fuck you too' can't get you in trouble if its silent.

Repressing an urge to sigh, Faye pushed her own seat back once the ranking officer had invited her to stand and adjourn to the armory. In truth, Faye had never been in the Security Center before, despite having talked about the place a time or two with her friend Mickayla. She knew the Chief Petty Officer spent plenty of time here on rotation, but hadn't ever visited her on duty. She tried not to cause trouble for her friends (with benefits or otherwise) when they were on shift. So as she fell in behind Zark, she kept her head on a swivel, taking in the place. It looked like any other subsection of the Theurgy, in coloration at least, though it was clear to tell this place could be easily, and well defended in a pinch. And she was just a diplomat, yet it was obvious to her. 

Of course, by looking around at everything, she was able to keep from just watching the Andorian's ass sway. It was a nice ass, but now wasn't the time to let that become a distraction. A shame, but duty - even unpleasant ones - called. 

At least I've held a phaser more recently than L'Nari, judging by her attitude. This was in fact an incorrect assumption, but no one was going to be able to correct her, as the trio entered the confines of the ships armory. Faye had not been around this many weapons in...well, ever, and flet very out of place among the racks of phaser rifles, pulse grenades, and other firearms that she couldn't actually identify. As Zark took up position on one side of the main work table, Faye and L'Nari naturally found themselves next to each other, across from the superior officer.  A gesture had them sit and Faye waited to see just what kind of phaser they would have to take apart. As a diplomat, she would presume that in the event she had to go out armed, it would be with one of the type-1 'cricket' phaser, the usual allocation for someone of both her rank, and occupation. A hold out weapon was not entirely frowned upon in diplomatic circles, after all, when half the species she dealt with clutched ritual daggers while orating to their Federation counterparts.

Somehow she doubted she'd be that lucky today though.

Oh well. The tuning for the arm will actually be useful. And at least the eye candy is nice, if icy. 

Re: Day 10 [1000 hrs.] Hard Feelings, Harder Heads, Hardest Fought

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[Ensign L’Nari | Security Lounge | Deck 07 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy]
Attn: @Brutus @RyeTanker

To say that L’Nari was a little upset by the Andorian’s answer was somewhat of an understatement. As she stared at the white-haired Lieutenant with a mixture of surprise and utter disbelief, in no small part because her perfectly reasonable request to be excused was downplayed as ‘an outburst’ and because the Andorian woman associated her with terms like ‘insolence’ and ‘insubordinate’, the black-furred Caitian could feel how a muscle just beneath her right eye began to twitch ever so slightly in sheer annoyance. It was clear that Lieutenant Zark had allowed herself to be charmed by the Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer, L’Nari knew that she wouldn’t even have been here otherwise, and it simply wasn’t fair; she was now wasting valuable time brushing up on skills that weren’t even part of her job description, and if anyone would end up in trouble because she hadn’t been able to complete the data processing, it would somehow end up being her own fault for not focusing on her duties.

In fact, until Enyd Isolde Madsen had blundered her way aboard the USS Theurgy her service record had been nothing short of stellar and exemplary. Just because she actually preferred talking to violence however, as opposed to a certain vertically impaired Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer’s particular style of “shoot first, talk with whoever survived the shooting”-style of gunboat diplomacy, L’Nari suspected her personnel file already read like a horror novel nowadays. Again, it simply was not fair.

Deciding to choose her battles, and knowing that refusing to cooperate with this farce would be an unwinnable fight from the start, L’Nari grumbled a bitter reply and began to follow Zark and Faye down to the Armory. While the black-furred Caitian would never openly admit it, there was actually one good part to this waste of time and that was her gut feeling that it would most likely be over soon; back at Starfleet Academy, she’d surprised not just herself, but both fellow Cadets and even Instructors alike by showing a remarkable proficiency at disassembling phasers. While she performed dramatically worse at the shooting range and was still unlikely to hit anything smaller than the side of a Runabout, disassembling and maintenance was an entirely different story. It was actually quite soothing, really, and L’Nari had been quick to discover that there was a certain logic to it that wasn’t much different from games such as chess or even kal-toh if she really put her mind to it.

As such, when she took up her position at the main work table, Lieutenant Zark became subject to L’Nari’s most impatient green-eyed stare while she waited for the disassembling part to begin. The sooner they would get started, after all, the sooner she could return to more important work that actually contributed to the overall mission.

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