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Day 04 [1100 hrs.] Valravn Flight

[Lt. Regiene “Reggie” Suder, Callsign “Gemini” | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  @Nero   @Lathaniel

Reggie took another sip of her coffee as she reviewed the flight roster.  The night had gone on later than she’d anticipated with the concert and the time she had spent with T’Less.  She’d been able to sleep in but even so it was a hell of a thing to sit in a cockpit while her ears were still ringing.  Still, it felt wrong to delay the exercise.  Reggie had been named flight leader four days ago and still she did not fully believe it.  The last time she’d been in a formal leadership role was during the War.  She had risen through the ranks, proved herself and commanded the respect of the Star Hawk pilots.  When she had been named flight leader, she had earned it.

But here she was not so sure of herself.  Yes she had the skills, the experience in the cockpit, the rank, and the seniority.  Of that, there was no doubt.  But she had not earned it.  She had barely been on board ship four days and the flight leader slot had been handed to her.  She was barely oriented to the ship, still learning the ins and outs of the Valravn fighter and she had just been plopped into flight leader status with the man who had been teaching her the ins and outs of the ship flying as her wingman.

It made sense to her that Sorek would be placed under her command.  After all he had been her student at Omega.  But to place Hale under her…especially when he was training her…that had to be a slap in the face to him.  Sure she had grade over him, but even so.  Hale in particular had seemed like a good man, a well rounded pilot.  When they first met he had tried to stick to the formalities of protocol but she had told him to toss that out the airlock with her, that rank didn’t matter since she was the pup on the unit.  Would she have to re-assert that seniority?


She stepped out of the lounge, her coffee in hand and took a sip as she surveyed the deck.  The deck gang was hard at work with their various tasks and she was pleased to see that the three Valravn’s were being prepped for their pending launch.  Detouring, she took a moment to inspect Wolf-13, running her hand gently over the wing as she walked around the craft.  It had performed well against the Warbird and she knew that as she spent more time in the cockpit and simulators, the more effective she would become.

Hey.  You in there?

Kalil’s voice in her head drew her back to the moment and she followed the telepathic thought, turning her head towards the cockpit. 

Just thinking.

You’re worried.

Reggie offered a half hearted smile. I don’t know.  I’m not sure I should have accepted the flight leader slot.  There might be some hard feelings over the appointment.

Kalil seemed to sag as he set down his spanner. 

Yeah, he conceeded.  This might have ruffled some feathers.  But I’ve known you a long time Reggie and you’re a difficult woman to hate.  You’ll win them over.  I have confidence.


She checked the chrono on the bulkhead.  Pre-flight briefing beings in a few minutes.  Don’t be late.

Aye, ma’am.

There was a playful lilt to his voice and she stepped away so he could carry on.

Even though she was only expecting two pilots and three RIO’s for the briefing, she still felt the need to review her notes before they arrived.  After all it would do no good to screw up her first brief when already she was feeling insecure about the situation.

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  Lt JG Sorek Morgan, Callsign “Chaos”  Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  @P.C. Haring  @Nero


Sorek had left his quarters with mixed feelings that morning. Somehow he was happy about being posted under Lieutenant Suder's command, relieved in a way to be commanded by someone he knew. But on the other hand, he was well aware of his challenges when it came to working with women. It was not impacting his duties anymore, as was the case back at the Academy, but standing up for himself was still not an easy task. Yet he had managed to not think too much about the upcoming briefing. At least for a while.

As he was standing next to Wolf-15, the beautiful and frighteningly effective fighter he had the honor to be assigned to, he was nervous again. Would he live up to the expectations? It's gonna work out fine, boy. Don't worry! He tried to calm himself down internally. They are all just flesh and bones, like you.

"Hey Sorek!" Owen's voice sounded behind him and a second later, the hybrid felt his RIO's hand on his shoulder. As Owen's face came into view, close enough to Sorek's face so that they could whisper, Sorek noticed again that this man - his buddy - was a lot more empathic than met the eye. "Don't worry so much, okay? I know you, you're the right man for this baby." He patted the Valravn with a proud smile. "We both are. And I'm sure nobody here thinks otherwise. Not even our new flight leader. Just be yourself and try not to be so stiff all the time, okay?"

Sorek nodded. It felt wrong to get this kind of advise from someone younger and lower in rank. He felt a bit inferior for a moment, but at the same time was convinced that when it came to experience, knowledge and flight skills, he was superior to his RIO. But this was no battle, especially not between Owen and him.

"Thanks, Owen. I think I needed that." He smiled and parenthetically caressed the other man's flank with his left hand. Feeling the Ensign's well defined external oblique muscles sent a thrilling shiver down Sorek's spine. He could barely supress the tremble in his voice when he continued. "Let's get in there, I want good seats and a box of nachos." With a giggle he broke the touch and headed towards the door to the briefing room.
Lt JG Sorek Morgan
PO2 Kino Taer

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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring
Somehow, nothing was the way it used to be. Within a short time, he was set to hunt his own friends, deserted, fought Borg, Klingons and Romulans. He suffered severe injuries and lost good friends and family. Logan had to see one Valravn after another put out of action in just as short a time. Logan wanted to see the birds fly. Seeing them tied to the ground broke his heart.
"Terrible, isn't it?" It was Ezekiel's voice, and he was right.
"Yes, unfortunately," Logan admitted.
"But now that we have some new pilots, maybe you should show them how it's done?"
"I've been toying with that thought, too," the pilot said, deep in thought. He would be happy to teach one or two of them a trick or two, but as things stood, he had to go back to the back of the line. Logan turned to his best friend, who had traded exciting duty in his back seat for a boring job in flight control. His gaze seemed to linger wistfully on the two-man spaceship. Apparently, he did miss it.
"Say, Zeke." the pilot began. "Aren't you going to get on again?"
"What, why? Don't you want to see your new co-driver anymore?"
"Nonsense, but you look like you're up for taking another spin."
Ezekiel started laughing and it infected the pilot.
"Dude! What's wrong with you, Logan? You know damn well I'm going to have panic attacks if I get into a death trap like that with you."
Suddenly, a kind of pain shot through his heart. He knew he was partly to blame for his condition. Logan missed his cool sayings and even a little of his whining whenever the maneuvers got a little more dangerous.
"But what if it's not me? Do you get back in the back then?"
"Depends. If it's Rawley, or Lance, or the new girl, the one with the green skin."
"Ah, I see." Logan patted him on the shoulder. "That explains a lot."
"Besides, I'm really happy with my job. I even have my own desk."
"A desk of your own? Well well."
"Even got a chair."
"A chair too?! Wow!"
"Yeah, it came with a back."
Logan and Ezekiel laughed heartily. It did the pilot good to let off a little steam. The two men turned toward the exit. Logan had a briefing to attend, and Zeke was sure to be busy as well. They parted way as they reached the briefing room.
"Rawley? Seriously?"
"Are you kidding? Yeah, man! She's mega hot and she also scares the crap out of me."
Logan could only agree with that.

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[Lt. Regiene “Reggie” Suder, Callsign “Gemini” | Fighter Assault Bay - Flight Ops Briefing Room| Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Lathaniel  @Nero

It felt damned odd to be standing at the podium, to address a room of five others, most of whom already knew each other better than she knew them.  It was not that she shied away from leadership roles.  Far from it.  But in this case, it just felt off, like that feeling someone gets when they walk into a room that isn’t just quite right but they can’t put their finger on exactly what it is.

She did the headcount.  Wraith, Chaos, Janus, Hunter and the new RIO assigned to Chaos.  Owen…something.  Damn would that she remembered the name.

“All right,” she said by way of calling the room to quiet down and hear what she had to say.

It was the podium.  Yup.  That damned thing.  Too formal too official.  If it hadn’t been mounted to the deck she might have kicked it over or thrown it off the briefing platform, chopped it to pieces, and used the debris to fuel a camp fire down on the surface of Qo’Nos.

Instead she stepped out from behind it.

“Thanks for coming,” she said.  The disadvantage of not having the podium was that now she had to figure out what the hell to do with her hands. She opted for the classic ‘clasped behind the back’ look and tried ot keep her demeanor as relaxed as possible. 

“I know a training flight isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of a great time, especially after the recent engagements, and that we have time to let our hair down.  But with the re-formation of this flight unit and the new team we’ve been assigned to, I felt it appropriate that we get a couple of short flights under our belt to team build.”

It sounded pathetic even to her, even before she said the words.  But here she was.

“So the flight plan is simple.  We’ll do a standard Combat patrol of the Qo'Nos ship yards.  From our position it's about a ten minute ride out.  We'll buzz the the yard, then sweep the perimeter after which we’ll head over to the scrap yard for some maneuvering, and some target practice.  The Klingons have some old hulks they’d like to get rid of, so we’ve been given permission to help them out.  If all goes well, we should be back within the hour.”

The board behind her displayed the map of local space, a red line representing their flight path drawing across it, as she narrated. 

“That’s pretty much it,” she said.

She wasn’t sure how long the pregnant silence held in the room but as she stood there she felt more and more awkward.  She could, of course, end this with a single word.  But that felt too curt, too bossy.  No.  She had to address this if for no other reason than to let herself breathe for a moment.

“Look,” she sighed. “I know this seems elementary given all of your history both with this squadron and as a whole.  But I want this flight to be tight knit and the weird dynamic we have is going to hinder that.”

“Wraith,” she said as she looked directly at him.  “In terms of experience with the Valravn, you fly circles around myself and Chaos put together.  You took me under your wing just a few days ago, welcomed me to the squadron, and oriented me to the Valravn.  Now I’ve been assigned as your flight leader.  I can’t imagine how awkward or hurt that must make you feel right now.”

She turned to Morgan.  “Chaos, I was your flight instructor back at Omega and I’m sure you didn’t expect that we’d carry on that dynamic once we got here  while you’re getting your feet wet on a new platform with a new RIO.  I’m no different.  I need to log more cockpit time in the Valravn as well as does my RIO,” she said with a pointed glance towards Kalil.

“The point is,” she said.  “This isn’t about technical training as much as it’s about ironing out the bugs and getting into a rhythm both as individual pilots and as a team.  So, please, if you have questions, comments, concerns, consider the floor open for the duration of this flight.  Beyond that, my door is always open.”

She paused to let that sink in.

“With that said, are there any questions or concerns anyone would care to voice right now?  Open permission to speak freely, and we keep it within the six of us.”

OOC - Minor modifications made to the mission given that Theurgy is not at the yards

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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring
Logan had his legs resting on the back of the chair in the row in front of him. He had sunk deep into his seat and was practically lying there, hands clasped behind his head. Surely this was going to be another boring speech like he'd had to hear a dozen times lately. Again, new faces, again new team, again new superiors.

Inwardly, Logan screamed with misunderstood anger. Liliana was no longer there. Dev was no longer there. Alessia was no longer there. Alessia... Logan owed it to them. To all of them. Even for Jhoza, he wanted to continue the legacy of the Valravn. But now he was stuck. Again, in the second row, again he was getting nowhere. How could he teach anyone anything if he had no authority to do so? If every decision he made could be reversed, it was no small feat. It was bitterly serious. The pilot didn't know why exactly it frustrated him so much. He also knew it wasn't Reggie's fault that she was now his superior. After all, she had the higher rank and the man, who was ultimately a soldier and thus had to obey a chain of command, had to accept that.

Still, he had lost practically everything. Logan didn't even know if his parents were still alive or had died in the cowardly attack on Paris. After all, they liked to vacation there. He could only hope that they had been at home and had only heard about this catastrophe from the news. Anything else would drive him crazy. He didn't want to think about it. There was so much going on. So much had happened. Logan didn't know why he was so frustrated, but not getting the line on the Valravn was part of his problem. He couldn't absolve himself of that. That's probably why Reggie had to suffer through his bad mood.

Reggie explained that she was a little uncomfortable with the situation herself. She pointed out her plan and talked about her training flight, which was coupled with a patrol at the same time. It was no surprise, she needed to know exactly what her individual pilots were capable of first. Logan would do it no differently. Then she asked Logan to keep a watchful eye on them, who had yet to settle into the plane. It was what Logan didn't really feel like doing. If they had wanted him to train pilots on the Valravn, they would have put him in charge of those beasts. It wouldn't work out that way, the pilot was sure of that. Still, he would comply.

When Reggie opened the room for questions, Logan stepped in. "The Klingons really don't mind Starfleet playing in their backyard? What kind of presence from them should we expect? Are they escorting us? What does reconnaissance say about any more Romulans in the area?"

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  Lt JG Sorek Morgan, Callsign “Chaos”  Fighter Assault Bay - Flight Ops Briefing Room | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn:  @P.C. Haring  @Nero


Sorek had entered the briefing room and sat down in the second row. As he had expected, Owen had taken the seat behind him, having Sorek's back as his RIO and making sure not to push himself to much into focus. The last thing Sorek needed was his buddy to take him out of the spotlight by shadowing over him. And Owen, with his impressive figure and charming demeanor sure had the potential to achieve this unwanted effect.

Sorek observed his superior and listened to her every word. He hung on her lips and had a hard time to only seem interested and not outright interested. Until she turned to the team dynamics, no word she said really surprised him. He even smirked at the junkyard duty they would perform, not having a doubt that they would be watched closely by some Klingon officials.

But when Suder reached the topic of dynamics, he started to get a nervous feeling in his guts. He almost let out a sigh of relief when he realized that it as about Wraith's position in the team's hierarchy, only to feel awkward again when she turned to him. For just a moment he feared that she might have noticed his affection and was about to rip him apart in front of everyone. This time, when she finished this passage of her speech and turned her focus away from him, he audibly exhaled in relief before nodding towards Suder, trying to demonstrate that he did not mind working under her.

Behind him, he could hear the silent chuckle of his RIO, and he was sure that Owen would not fail to mention this later on.

When Logan spoke up and asked about the possible dangers of the junkyard action, he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Was it really likely that after everything the Theurgy and the Oneida had done to help keep the Klingon Empire intact, that they would engage a few fighters on a practice flight? He did not think so, but was curious about their bosses opinion on that.
Lt JG Sorek Morgan
PO2 Kino Taer

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[Lt. Regiene “Reggie” Suder, Callsign “Gemini” | Fighter Assault Bay - Flight Ops Briefing Room| Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Lathaniel   @Nero 

Reggie observed her pilots and RIOs as they took in her briefing.  From the corner of her mind, she thought she sensed something a little odd from Mr. Morgan, something not quite fully professional, but the fleeting emotion disappeared from her perception just as quickly as it had popped in and she dismissed just as quickly.

The question from Hale was a fair one even if she did detect a slight edge to his voice.  The man screamed ‘bad mood’ and while she did not know the full cause of his feelings, she could reasonably guess that her assignment as his direct superior, despite the fact that he had shown her how to fly the Valravn might have something to do with it.  Again, she let it go, at least for now.  Getting this tension addressed and sorted was just as much a reason for this exercise as anything else.

“Well,” she sighed.  “I can’t vouch for the personal opinions of any given Klingon, but I can say that they approved my flightplan and that when I spoke to the to commander of the ship yard he was quite willing to let us shoot up some of his, oh how did he put it…. ‘Pathetic remains of the empires enemies that had fallen at the feet of honorable warriors in glorious battle.’.  He also suggested the wrecks we’d be destroying weren’t worth the antimater it would take to blow it to gre’thor.”

She paused, allowing for a slight chuckle from anyone who had found it as humorous as she had.

“They made no stipulations about an escort, though I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t encounter a ship or two somewhere along the line.  As to the Romulans,” she paused as she checked the latest reports.  She should have been more prepared for that question, she realized.

“Available intel and recon data doesn’t indicate or suggest the Romulans are still here or are planning to come back.  The Klingons are running anti-cloaking scans using tachyon pulses.  If something is out there we’ll be ready to respond.  I’ve asked the flight deck to load us up with a pair of micro torpedo launchers and a pair of standard launchers with a combined load of three photons and three quantum torpedoes.  So if there is an incident while we’re out there, we’ll be more than ready to respond.  That said, if you want to adjust your loads, you’re free to do so.”

“If there are no other questions, we are skids up in ten minutes.  Dismissed.”

OOC - In the interests of keeping the thread moving, I'm having Reggie dismiss the meeting so you guys can post whatever you'd like as we launch.  That said if your characters have any other questions or follow up comment's please feel free to post them and Reggie will address them before ending the briefing.

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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring
The pilot listened attentively to what the other pilot had to say. Reggie's remark actually made him chuckle. It was a typical Klingon statement. Their exaggerated pride had never led to problems before. Logan packed up his non-existent things. He had no more questions, and he was also satisfied with the ordered loadout of his Valravn. This was also just a training flight. Logan denied asking any more questions. He walked over to the locker room and fished his EV suit out of the locker. By now, he had long since become proficient at putting on the suit. It took him only a few moments. Alith helped him secure the last fasteners.
"I sense some anxiety in you, Lieutenant. Are you alright?"

Unconsciously, the pilot slammed the door to his locker and grabbed his helmet. He snorted once. Logan left his RIO's question unanswered. He walked into the fighter assault bay. The deck crew had just finished the final work on his fighter. With a quick flick of his wrist, he powered up the aircraft and performed pre-flight checks. Logan went over the readouts. Everything was in the normal range.

"The secret is not to think. Get in the cockpit, start the plane and fly. If you think, you lose. Keep a clear head, focus on your destination and for God's sake don't fucking think, fly!"
"Excuse me?", Alith asked him.
"Those were the first words Meerkat said to me when she first put me in the cockpit of a Valravn," Logan explained after a moment. He moved the fighter into launch position.
"This is Wolf-14, ready for launch."
"What are you trying to tell me?"
"Honestly? I don't. It just came back to me."
"Wolf-14, you are cleared for takeoff. Have a good flight."
The pilot exhaled, trying to get rid of the unusual tension.
"Roger that and thank you."

He pushed the accelerator lever through. The fighter glided through the open gates and through the force field into orbit around the repair station, circling the ship. After his entire flight was launched, he finally lined up in formation. It was time to begin training. He was eager to see what he could show these pilots and, more importantly, what they already knew.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring @@Nero 

The day couldn’t have started any worse for Via. Just about an hour ago she had been peacefully sleeping in her room having been going to countless appointments since she had transferred to the Theurgy. It was today was the day nothing was lined up to do and the pilot was going to spend every second of it relaxing…until her RIO came knocking on her door disturbing it. Via and her RIO were put on the flight roster at the very last minute. They had less than 30 minutes to get ready and report into the squadron, a timeline Via was definitely not going to make.

30 minutes passed by the time she was dressed and somewhat groomed, it took her 2 minutes to sprint with her RIO all the way to the Fighter Bay.

“Fuckin’ shitballs!” Via said stopping before the flight line and completely gassed. Her RIO, a small blonde-haired man that went by Charles, stopped beside her exhausted after the sprint they just ran.

“I am sorry…phew…I wish I knew sooner.” The man tiredly spoke.

“It ain’t your fault don’t sweat it. Let’s…see if we can do somethin’ in that briefin’ room.” Via said after she took a deep breath of air. “Come on bleach boy.” The duo headed to into the operations section of the bay and made their way to the briefing room. To Via’s surprise, it looked like she was incorrect that they were late for the Briefing- well, they were still late just not as late as Via thought. The briefing had just ended and everyone was about to clear the room. Anyone that looked at her would probably see a mess of a pilot with her RIO whose ages only help further the appearance that they were both very, very green.

“It’s over ma’am, what are we going to do?”
Charles whispered behind her.

Via whispered back with a slight smirk on her face. “Shh, just follow my lead.”

Via actually recognized a few of the people from her brief time at Training Center Omega. All of them looked like they had years of experience over her. Since it had only been a few months since graduation and the last time she flew anything was a month ago that was probably the case. In fact, she went as far as to think that she was the youngest person in the room at that moment. Via spotted the Lieutenant on the Podium who she remembered as being one of the instructors at the training center, though she could not remember her name. The pilot waited until she looked available and then made her way up to her. While Charles looked presentable, Via's hair was a mess, her uniform looked like it was just taken out of the bottom of a bag, and her face showed all the signs of someone who had just woken up a few minutes prior, but Via wasn’t worried. She kept her cool and spoke to the older woman.

“Lieutenant!" She snapped to attention and looked ahead of her. "I'm Ensign Wix. I dunno if there was like a mistake or somethin’. I and ‘Beach Head’ over here were put on the flight roster like an hour ago. Anythin’ happenin’ ?”

Via ended it with a small nervous chuckle and broke her bearing only to look at the LT with her eyes. Charles only shook his head in embarrassment.

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[Lt. Regiene “Reggie” Suder, Callsign “Gemini” | Fighter Assault Bay - Flight Ops Briefing Room| Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Lathaniel‍  @Nero‍  @ob2lander961‍ 

Oh boy was there work to be done.  Waves of frustration rolled off Hale and while Reggie didn’t try to dig into his thoughts, she knew she didn’t have to.  He was pissed that she’d been promoted over him. 

“Well,” she muttered under her breath, “at least things can’t get any more awkward.”

She turned to the flight roster, her back to the seating and cleared the board to ready it for the next use, whenever that might be.  Hale, she knew, was a good man and, not for the first time, she considered if it should have been him leading the flight.  She had the seniority of rank, but he certainly had the seniority of experience. 

She sighed, realizing she’d already gone through this thought process and by trying to re-hash things she was, in essence stalling.  She needed to get out there.  Setting down the stylus, Reggie turned, but stopped short at the sight fo two people standing in front of her.

“Lieutenant!  I'm Ensign Wix. I dunno if there was like a mistake or somethin’. I and ‘Beach Head’ over here were put on the flight roster like an hour ago. Anythin’ happenin’ ?”


Reggie studdered while she took this in.  The young woman, stood in front of her looking like quite the wreck.  Reggie didn’t know her personally but recognized her instantly.  Ensign Wix had been one of the students at Omega, but hadn’t been a part of Reggie’s flight.  She’d been badly injured in the explosion and had spent her time on the Oneida in sickbay.  Reggie had visited her once or twice while on board, but had not heard that she had been returned to active duty.

“Glad to see you on your feet Ensign.  I wasn’t aware that you’d been returned to active duty…”

She paused there, realization dawning on her.  Putting a hand up to the Ensign, a gesture saying ‘give me a second’, she reached behind her for the PADD she’d brought to the briefing.  There’d been a message on it for her that had come in about an hour ago, one she had not read as she was working focused on prepping for the briefing.

She keyed into the communique, an intership message informing her… that Via Wix was being returned to duty and assigned to the 4th Valravn in the Wolf-16 slot.

As it turns out she was wrong…things just got far more awkward.

“My apologies, Ensign,” she said.  “I… received word of your active duty status, but I didn’t have the chance to look at it until, well, just now.”

She set the PADD down with a heavy sigh.

“Actually there is something going on, I was just about to take the Valravn team  out for a training flight.  If you and your RIO are good to go, I can brief you as we run pre-flight, but given the timing and miscommunication, I won’t hold it against you if you want to stay behind on this one.”

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring @Nero 

"If you and your RIO are good to go, I can brief you as we run pre-flight, but given the timing and miscommunication, I won’t hold it against you if you want to stay behind on this one.”

Via looked back at Charles for any type of input be he simply just shrugged. She would've loved to head back to her room and sleep for the rest of the day but that little workout that they did that got them to the hangar bay really woke her up. The LT didn't say anything about her rather unkempt state so that left nothing for her to assume that she and her RIO were in any bit of trouble. At the same time, however, this was her first day technically. She had an opportunity to show that, even when told to drop everything and report at the last minute, she could still be addition to her simply wanting to get back in the pilot's seat after so long.

"Oh Hell no, LT." Via said lightheartedly losing her bearing somewhat and chuckling. "We ain't no quitters. Me and blondie are ready to fly, ain' that right?" She looked back at Charles with a smirk, he stared back confused then he jolted back into reality.

"Y-Yes ma'am. Of course." the man stammered.

"Shit...I like this guy already." she turned her head back towards Suder still smirking. "What are we again? Worf-16? Damn, don't worry LT! Wolf-16 we got you, anytime, anyplace, no matter what. Permission to head back and start gearin' up and shit?"

Charles cleared his throat in an attempt to signal to Via to be professional. She definitely needed a bit more time waking up. Via had a tendency to drink energy drinks to make it through her day. Due to her last-minute wake up she had forgotten to replicate one, which wasn't the end of the world. It's just her personality would be a bit more...unfiltered compared to how she would typically be if she came in ready. Then again she could fly on 2 hours of sleep and a ton of caffeine."Ahem, ma'am"

Via looked back quickly then stood up straighter. "Um...sorry...Permission to head back and start gearin' up, ma'am, and to get a drink?"

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[Lt. Regiene “Reggie” Suder, Callsign “Gemini” | Fighter Assault Bay - Flight Ops Briefing Room| Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Lathaniel‍  @Nero‍  @ob2lander961‍ 

Reggie made no effort to hide the smile the Ensign’s attitude brought to the otherwise awkward moment. 

“That’s what I like to hear, Ensign.  Get geared up, get that drink, but don’t keep us waiting.  Wraith is already skids up  and Chaos is in preflight so we need to move our sixes.  Get going.”

Reggie wasted no time as she headed to the gear locker and snapped into her exosuit.  Janus had already spun up Wolf-13’s primary system and Reggie was fast up the ladder, locking down her helmet as the deck crew pulled the ramp away and her cockpit canopy lowered into place.  With Janus’s voice in the back of her mind they ran through preflight, while Reggie got on the Comm line, and walked DixieBell through the flight plan. 

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“Any questions?”

While she and DixieBell navigated the questions, Reggie finished pre-flight and spun the Valravn’s systems up to full power.  Behind her, Kalil, Janus, did the needful with flight control.

Launch clearance granted.  Moving into launch position.

She punched the drives and Wolf-13 launched itself into the void.

“Gemini to Wrath and Chaos,” she hailed as she cleared Theurgy’s flight grid.  “Sorry to keep you waiting.  We’re going to have one more join us.  “Wolf-16, call sign ‘DixieBell’ will be joining us after just having been recently returned to duty.  Form up once you’re clear and we’ll head out to the ship yard.”

She made a point not to tell them to form up on her.  While her position certainly put her in the flight lead, she still wasn’t entirely comfortable with the unspoken dynamic between her and Wraith.  So for today, she decided she’d form up at his coordinates.  Even so, as she arrived, she slotted herself into what would be the lead, positioning herself so he was off her starboard rear quarter and led him into a wide orbit of the Theurgy.

“Gemini to Wraith,” she hailed after switching to a private channel.  “You okay with this, Logan?”

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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| Wolf-14 | Orbit of Qo'noS] Attn: @P.C. Haring @ob2lander961 
Break out of formation and rejoin. Logan and Sorek Morgan rehearsed the maneuver over and over again. Always with a different breakout maneuver from the Beta series. "Beta 9-3." said Hunter from the back seat. Logan immediately pushed the control lever forward for a brief moment. He made sure the fighter dove downward quickly, then followed up with rapid lateral and roll maneuvers. All this was intended to present a particularly difficult target just in case. Then, finally, they resumed their old position in space.

"Looking good, Chaos. I'm sure you've noticed how the tail starts to lurch during this maneuver?"
[Yes. The beast is already quite demanding.]
"A little smoother on the stick, and you should be able to do this flawlessly in no time."
Hunter worked out the next maneuvers in the back seat.
"Okay, Chaos, you are now the hunter, Wraith, we are the prey. You hunt us. I'm sending you maneuver data. Only these you may use in the following exercise. On your mark, Chaos."

A moment of silence followed, during which Sorek Morgen very likely reviewed and internalized the incoming data. Then he confirmed and the hunt could begin. Logan dove back down into the depths, only to pass his captor a few moments later in a long-left turn. It was the same sequence of maneuvers he had to perform in his rundown before Rawley. Nothing complicated, but challenging, nonetheless. Many hooks and tight turns pushed the Valravn's inertial dampers to their limit. Pilots had to use their trained breathing techniques, or they would quickly pass out thanks to the erratic acceleration forces. Chaos made it through without fainting, however, and likewise heeded Logan's advice to be a little gentler with the control stick.

"Good job, Chaos. That's the way to do it!" he heard a laugh on the other end of the line and an embarrassed [thank you] filtered through to him. Then his flight leader's voice rang out over the speakers to his ears, explaining that someone else would be joining their little squad. She introduced them as 'DixieBell'. Reggie explained that DixieBell would follow in a hurry.

Reggie closed in on him and Chaos. She radioed Logan on a private frequency.
[Gemini to Wraith, You okay with this, Logan?]

It took a moment before Logan answered. What could he possibly answer her? He hated being the only one left who really knew about the Valravn. It pained him that he hadn't been given command of them when he should still be training other people on the fighter. Back then with Alessia and the others, he hadn't cared. They all mastered the fighter in their sleep. Everyone knew how to react to which situation and how the Valravn behaved in it. Now he was forced to fly with freshmen who had yet to acclimate to the new fighter and learn how to deal with its idiosyncrasies. Strangers sat in the cockpits of his friends' fighters, and he wasn't in charge. What could he possibly answer her?

"Yes, why?", he said more cynical as he wanted to sound.

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Nero 

"Wicked!" Via said enthusiastically before grabbing Charles by the arm and dragging him, much to his surprise, to the replicator in the Fighter Ops room. When she got there she started inputting the request for 8 cans of highly caffeinated cotton candy energy drinks filled with artificial sugars and ingredients that may or may not be incredibly harmful to her body if consumed all at once, but Via had done it for 6 years now and she had never developed and problems...probably.

Grabbing all 8 and giving 4 to Charles to carry, Via cracked one open and started chugging while making her way to the locker room. From the time she started gearing up to its finish, the woman went through 6 of the cans- starting her 7th. Charles finished suiting up before her and just watched her a bit worried.

"Uh, ma'am, I don't believe we have tim-" Via held up a finger to him while she chugged her 7th can. Once it was empty she crushed it against her skull and then went on opening her final one.

"Wait" She chugged again while Charles stood there awkward, nervous, and gritting his teeth. Via finished then crushed it again against her skull and stood up with a burst of energy. "Wooo!! Yeah, let's get this shit on!!!" The woman grabbed her helmet and ran off towards the flight line with Charles coming after her. The both of them climbed into the Valravn, booting up systems and going through the pre-flight checks, and then finally flew the advanced craft into the space ahead.

Via was just giddy the entire time, partly due to the energy drinks she had just drunk, but mostly due to the fact it had been so long since she had been behind the controls of a real fighter, not a simulation, but actually being in space controlling a badass spacecraft. The nostalgia and euphoria hit her so hard that she couldn't help but do a couple of loops and barrel rolls.

"Beachhead you ain't know the shit I had to go through to finally be here again. It's so fuckin' awesome to feel this joystick again." She said to her RIO before listening in on her flight lead's orders. 

"Wolf-16 copies, but I ain't no bitchass bell L.T-" She laughed "its "Bee". I fuckin' hate it but that's my callsign." She said lightheartedly before moving into formation behind Reggie ready to follow her to the shipyard.

Chaos was nearby as well, having finished his preflight checks before Via. He positioned himself on the other side of Reggie's fighter making the overall formation into a wedge.

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[Lt. Regiene “Reggie” Suder, Callsign “Gemini” | Wolf-13 | Cockpit ] Attn:  @Nero‍   @ob2lander961‍ 

Reggie’s sensor feed caught up with the actions between Wraith and Chaos as they practiced their maneuvers.  Damn he was a good teacher.  Patient, firm, supportive.  Everything a pilot could ask for in an instructor.  Everything she could have wanted in a tutor.  His skill and proficiency behind the stick of the Valravn made his words jab just that much deeper and Reggie didn’t have to be a telepath to know Wraith was holding something back in his response.  She heard it in her voice and she knew how she would feel were she in his shoes.  Yes she enjoyed the privilege of rank over him, but merit and ability had to account for something to be certain and the Betazoid was not sure she had proved that yet.  Simulation hours could only go so far.

It’ll be okay, Reg.  You got this.  You coming?

Kalil’s voice in her head surprised her.  She had forgotten he was back there and, worse, forgotten to join him in their shared battle sense.  Maybe because they weren’t expecting combat today.

I don’t think we’ll need it today, Kalil.  But if we do, I’ll be there.

She felt his disappointment and tried to shrug it off while she tried to find the words to explain to Wraith how she was feeling, without losing whatever respect he might have for her.

“I can understand how this would be an awkward situation for you,” she said to him through their private channel.  “In terms of flight hours, you’re the vet and now have to teach not only two junior pilots, but also your flight leader the idiosyncrasies of the craft.”    She paused.  “I wouldn’t blame you if you resented me a little right now.  But I do hope I’ll be able to earn your trust and respect in time.”

It was then that DixieBell formed up and while Reggie would hear any response that Wraith might give her on the private comm, she also knew that she would have to put any further response on hold. 

She considered her next course of action.  She’d liked what she’d seen between Chaos and Wraith and she desperately wished to avoid a quiet, boring flight to the yards, even if it was only ten minutes out.

“All right everyone,” she said into the wing’s comm frequency.  “Now that we’re all assembled, lets get started.  Set your course to bearing 139 mark 023.  On the way, Wraith, if you wouldn’t mind incorporating myself and DixieBell into the exercises you and Chaos were running, that’d be most appreciated.”

I’m going to owe him more than a few drinks when we get back, she mused.

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[ Lt. JG Logan Hale, callsign "Wraith"| Wolf-14 | Orbit of Qo'noS] Attn: @P.C. Haring @ob2lander961 
Logan listened to Gemini's words and did not answer. They were true words, but the situation was getting to him more than he thought. In a short period of time, he had lost most of his friends with whom he had spent so much time over the past few years. Some had died in some dastardly bombing of the Spearhead Lounge, others secretly abandoned ship. Then he had seen Alessia get smashed by an asteroid. She was like a sister to him. The two of them had experienced many things together. Nothing would ever make up for that loss. They were all ace pilots and proficient with the Valravn and now it was just him. Logan was the only one who halfway knew how to fly a Valravn cleanly. He was trained on this machine. Not just for a few hours or days, but since this machine existed. Sure, the others could learn, but if he was going to follow someone who had just taken off the training wheels, he was expected to do quite a bit.

He sighed. Logan was behind the CONN now, and he was professional enough not to get carried away with starting a discussion. There was plenty of time for that later. Finally, the last of their group, DixieBee as she corrected, closed up and Gimini gave the order to enter the course. Logan followed instructions, and when asked to include her and DixiBee in his training with Chaos, he simply replied, "Catch me if you can."

Logan pushed the throttle lever forward and his Valravn promptly followed the request. With deft moves, he brought his fighter on course. "Hunter is sending you maneuvers to include in the hunt. Watch your neighbors. Whoever passes my sensor circle first wins and gets to enjoy a cold beer when we land again."

Altih, the Vulcan woman sitting in his back seat as Hunter, understood the request and added a larger target circle to his sensor profile that was close to his silhouette. Chaos, DixieBee and Gemini were provided with various defensive flight maneuvers by her.

1] DELTA-2
3] BETA-1
4] OMEGA-4
6] ALPHA-2
7] BETA 1-4-0

Logan had already had to undergo similar training. At that time, Ghost had tested him on his abilities. That was shortly after he had been thawed and deemed fit for duty. For a first impression, these maneuvers were just the thing. They gave the pilot a feel for the handling of the fighter.


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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Nero 

When she heard those words from Wraith Via slowly increased her flight speed, having a feeling about what this training was going to be. The training was still somewhat fresh in her mind. The training center incident especially was, but as the event was so traumatic (as much as she won't admit it) she was able to lock it away and remember her time in the Tactical CONN pipeline.  After being told she only focused on one thing. "Beer", not because she was particularly fond of it, she much rather have a bottle of tequila, but after being cut off from any type of Alcoholic drink for several months, she was damn thirsty.

"That beer is goin' to be mine!!" Via exclaimed in the comm as she pushed forward on the throttle sending her fighter zooming after Wraith. Charles held onto his seat as the inertial dampeners lagged a bit before settling in. She received the Tactical Data from Hunter and brought it up on Via's HUD. He stammered as he spoke. "U-Uh, ok ma'am we are going to need to do Delta-2, Lambda-2, Beta-1, Omega-4, Sierra-1, Alpha-2, and Beta 1-4-0. I thin-"

Via cut him off "I think that ass is mine! Initatin' Beta-1. We gonna get the drop on him." She pulled back on the joystick sending her fighter into a gradual climb, then looked at where Wraith was on sensors. "Ha, gotcha!!" Via put her fighter inverted and dropped down activating her afterburners, attempting to close in onto the sensor circle.

Right now, all Via was focusing on was the objective, being first. Having a set target and mission was what Via preferred overelaborate battle maneuvers and tactics. The only reason why she remembered the defensive maneuvers was because her instructors had to drill each and every one of them into her head after she constantly went off and did something "off doctrine" during training. She was certainly a loose cannon, but when given an objective her sheer tenacity and girt made up for some of it. Whether it was going to help her now during this training was up in the air.

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