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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 06 [1200 hrs.] Mess Hall
Last post by Auctor Lucan -
[ Lt. Tyreke Okafor | Corridors > Turbolifts | Deck 13 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ] @Eirual
Pleased to hear that while Mia wasn't ready to visit the Memorial Terrace, she did remember and fancy his wara didi well enough to accept his invite.

"Lighter nostalgia it is," he said with a chuckle and led the way to the turbolifts. While they waited for their ride, he brought up something else related to their Department. "I am assuming you might not have met Junior Lieutenant Sarresh Morali just yet? He is our Temporal Affairs Officer, and he came aboard five months ago. He is a bit of an odd addition to our department since he transferred not just back to his original time, but from a time ship that has been aiding us during the mission. Your mission logs may have mentioned the USS Relativity, a Wells-class starship from the future? Captain Ducane and his crew saved those aboard that weren't in stasis during Thea's visit to the planet Niga in the Mahêwa System. The enemy has access to time-travel, so Lieutenant Morali stayed behind specifically to act as a line of defence against that kind of enemy tactic, and he has had a... colourful tenure aboard the ship since his transfer. When you meet him, please take his attitude with a grain of salt, because he is none to pleased about serving here rather than the Relativity."

When leading the way into the turbolift, Tyreke continued. "Deck 10," he said, and then turned to Mia in the close confines when he realised he may have made a slight mistake with his invite, "Gbaga... I am afraid my quarters are a bit of a mess since I have a tendency to bring my duties home from the lab. After the Battle of the Houses, I have been working on synthetic grafts over all kinds of prosthetics, so do not be alarmed by the limbs lying on the table. It may look ẹru, horrifying, but its all robotics and replicated synth-flesh."

Stepping off the turbolift, it was just a short walk to his quarters, and he led the way inside. "Please make yourself comfortable and I'll get the tapi-tapi," he said, unzipping his uniform jacket and throwing it over the back of a chair. True to his word, on top of the table rested his projects for the Medical Department, his work being in high demand in the wake of the battles at Qo'noS. There was one female leg, along with a hand and an entire arm, the two latter being male. The synth-flesh of the hand was coloured in the exact skin pigment of the Andorian that was to get the prosthetic, and the female leg had a pale alabaster skin tone. the couch and the sitting area's table had less things on it, so Tyreke's gesture had been towards that part of his quarters rather than that of the dining table.

Since he greatly enjoyed cooking, he had made sure to keep some preservation units close to the replicator. When he cooked, he used a mix of refrigeration units and stasis technology to keep his meals from spoiling. As it were, he just needed to find the freezer unit that held the ice cream. While he searched he spoke over his shoulder.

"We had a new Lab Assistant join the crew from Qo'noS when we arrived here. She used to work in the Federation Embassy in the Klingon capital, but as soon as Ives showed them what had really been happening in the Federation, she requested a transfer right away. Her name is Nara Nueva, currently of the rank Crewman, but she used to be a Junior Lieutenant working at the Daystorm Institute. Rumour has it that she was caught experimenting with Thalaron radiation to find a way to protect against it, but those experiments earned her the demotion. Given the crucial need we have for a protection against that kind of radiation, I wonder if Commander Vanya and Captain Ives will re-open the investigation. Thing is, it wouldn't have been the first time the Infested suppressed research and inventions that would have aided against them. According to Sarresh Morali, our Quantum Slipstream technology is one such example."

Hiking up the sleeves of his teal undershirt and unzipping the collar when finding the ice cream, he pulled the box out and made a short stop by the replicator to get some bowls and spoons. Then, he joined Mia with a small smile.

wara didi = ice cream
gbaga = damn
ẹru = horrifying
tapi-tapi = a specific handmade African ice creamT
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 08 [1130 hrs.] Frequent Flyer
Last post by Auctor Lucan -
[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife
[Show/Hide]Vinata was already in the Recovery Ward, so he noticed the Vulpinian patient coming to in his peripheral vision. A chirp emanated from the PADD in his four-fingered hands just as he turned his large, black eyes towards the biobed. Gratified that the fighter pilot hadn't suffered any post-surgery complications, he muted the notification on his PADD and headed over there. With his hips idly undulating from his digitigrade gait, he pulled up Ensign Nix's medical journal before reaching the biobed. That was when the patient spoke, and while the headache was equally a concern as well as expected, the show of humour was neither. Vinata blinked and then found himself letting out a trilling laugh.

"I'm Ensign Vojona, Head Nurse, and while short on phasers, we do have hyposprays, so perhaps you'll settle for an inoculation instead?" he said to her, and smoothed down a crease across the bottom of his skirt-variant uniform. He moved over to the closest tray put the PADD aside and prepared a shot of hydrocortilene. While doing so, he continued, the question posed largely rhetorical.

"After the Battle of the Houses, as the Klingons have begun to call it, you were on a mission aboard the Allegiant, where you suffered an injury on the bridge," he said, checking the settings on the hypospray before turning to his patient with a reassuring smile. "You will likely be relieved to hear that, while the diagnosis you got aboard the Erudite still holds true, you will be making a full recovery from your most recent incident. You suffered a severe shrapnel injury to your back, compounded by the manner in which you extracted it yourself, and then fell to the deck plating. Blood loss was the most immediate concern, but Doctor Kobol managed - despite the circumstances of the situation - to stabilise you enough for later surgery. You were lucky he was aboard the Allegiant."

Coming to Nix's side, Vinata pressed the muzzle of the hypospray against the patient's arm, which was bare since she was merely covered by a blanket after the end of her surgery. With a mechanical hiss, he inoculated her, and kept talking about what she might wish to know. "That was one week ago, during which we have been taking care of all the patients after the battle. Doctor Rez preformed your surgery after you were thawed, and she will likely come by in a little while to check on you."

Unbeknownst to Vinata, there was a bygone incident between Nix and Doctor Rez - involving another Lone Wolf - that might provoke a reaction. In ignorance, Vinata merely went about his duties by raising a holo-curtain around the biobed and himself with a couple of taps on a display. "I already replicated a new uniform for you," he said, and retrieved it from a small compartment next to the biobed, "but first, I would like you to try and sit up. In your own time, and let me know if that headache is clearing up. Oh, and given the abilities native to your species, I saw that Doctor Rez also wanted to make sure you can still alter your form. Apparently, the surgery she preformed was extensive, and ventured close to your morphogenic matrix."
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 08 [1830 hrs.] Operation Vigilant Sigil Pt.1
Last post by GroundPetrel -
Lt. JG Dantius Thi Anh-Le | Fore Compartment | Type-11 Shuttlecraft | Rosalind Franklin | ATTN: @RyeTanker  @BipSpoon

Trilithium and tekasite.  A bomb, that could be blamed on a terrorist faction or diehard anti-Martok forces.  Clever, albeit stretching the definition of "assassination". 

"The triggerman will probably be a cognizant enemy agent," Anh-Le mused.  "The others are probably dupes, like the ones they already caught.  I see a couple of likely possibilities right now--an infected triggerman close to B'etath as a suicide bomber, or one waiting near the bombing site with a detonator, relying on the target having a reliable routine..."  Why a bomb and not infecting the target, or a poisoning?  Or a frame-up and staged duel?  Klingons loved that shit. 

Of course.  "I think they're using a bomb to avoid detection," Anh-Le realized.  "Our source has an edge.  But the enemy knows they're being tracked."  Temporal mechanics was such bullshit. "Right.  I think the most likely situation is a suicide-bomber triggerman near to B'etath, ready to take out a building or a city block at least.  Unless they're trying to kill two birds with one stone and restart the civil, no, this took planning, most recorded temporal incursions have seemed to have limited precision, so this was likely already in motion.  And our source wouldn't just tell us to do the literally impossible, so it should be possible to avert the assassination.  In some timeline we probably did..."  No, rabbit hole, bad.  Focus

"I'll secure our comms with K'tal's team, sir," Anh-Le decided, fingers flying over her console.  "We should look for someone with a transmitter.  They couldn't infect their target for some reason--" more evidence that they have a severe bottleneck "--but they got someone pretty close.  A superior of some sort, maybe.  One who's outlived their usefulness?  I need B'etath's schedule.  If I can get that, I might be able to figure out who the triggerman is." 

It wasn't a plan, and it relied on a lot of probabilities and the limits of her imagination, but it was a start. 

Anh-Le activated her comms unit in team mode.  "Lieutenant zh'Ptrell, Lieutenant Amarik, comms check.  Can you hear me?
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 12 [1800] Crackin' Bottles
Last post by Auctor Lucan -
[ Lt. JG Evelyn Rawley, callsign "Ghost" | Showers | FAB Locker Room | Fighter Assault Bay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion
"Deal," Rawley said with a throaty chuckle, having left Talia's embrace and sauntered over to her locker.

She wasted little time retrieving her off duty apparel, comprised of loose cargo pants that rode low on her hips when she buckled them. She stuck her feet into her boots and eventually pulled her black tank top on. After getting her flight jacket out, she nudged the locker shit with her hip. With no keys needed, the chirp told her it was sealed. She lingered long enough to trade another look with Shadow, looking forward to their little rendezvous.

I sure am warmed up for it, she thought, feeling how her body was roaring to continue what they'd started. Teasing the woman one last time, she put the fingers that had visited her to her lips and blew her a little kiss.

"Cya soon..."

The she left the locker room and headed for the turbolift, a grin on her lips.

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 02 [0745 hrs.] A joining of minds and worlds
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[ Vigenary Model I-9 Surgical Android | Recovery Ward | Main Sickbay | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Dumedion
"I know," Rez said, and stepped past V-Nine so that she may put her hand on the patient's shoulder. The blonde Trill gave the short-haired one an encouraging smile. "I know. Take your time and remember. Ruminate on what you know, and try to keep in mind that whatever the old hosts may have done, said or thought... they were not what you have become. They were not what Kino Jeen is now, even though their lives may shape yours from this point onwards. Finding symbiosis with past lives isn't done overnight, even though the immediate changes can feel overwhelming."

V-Nine piped up. "May I suggest occupying yourself with some kind of activity?" she elaborated after getting a look from Doctor Rez.  "My database on Trill suggest that tasks that do not require high resolution thought processes may stimulate recollection of the symbiont's memory engrams. Physical exercise might be a good option. Running, swimming, or resistance training?"

"Why that may actually be a good idea," Rez said and chuckled, shaking her head, as if surprised that V-Nine would suggest such a thing. V-Nine, on her part, found it perfectly within her operational parameters to diagnose and deduce a successful treatment method. Especially when the Federation database held more than enough information to assist in her tasks.

In the end, Rez turned to Kino. "I look forward to seeing how you find yourself, Kino Jeen. You are free to go, but stay in touch, beyond your check-ups?"

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 08 [0800 hrs.] Tempus Sigillum
Last post by Auctor Lucan -
[ Captain Ives | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
Attn: All OOC
In turn, Captain Ives addressed the questions and concerns that the Senior Staff raised, remaining standing in the conference lounge.

Frank Arnold's concern was directed at the practical aspects of the challenge in front of them all, raising questions about if the solution in which the TDG was to be reallocated in time would require research, and if so, how it were to remain classified and contained. "It is unknown whether or not we need to build new tech at this point, so there is no telling what the security requirements would be, or what solution we might have to work with," she said simply, referring to what she'd said earlier in the briefing. "It is, however, my firm belief that - given the scope of our undertaking - Captain Ducane wouldn't suggest we made the attempt unless he has foreseen - or know - a method of accomplishing this no-small feat. At the very least, we ought to count on him and the crew of the Relativity to aid us when the time comes."

[If I may, Captain?] Thea's disembodied voice said, but then the sliding doors parted, and her interface projection walked into the conference lounge. Seamlessly, she continued to talk, only now the voice came from the hologram instead. "Before the mission at Starbase 84, I was tasked to create an encrypted single-access temporary memory buffer in which I stored the personal messages that the crew wished to send to their loved ones along with the Simulcast. Jona Rez may have used his bygone backdoor access to my systems to delete that buffer and alter the prepared Simulcast, but that doesn't mean we could utilise something similar - but more fortified - to serve the needs of the Engineering Department when the Relativity contacts us and tell us what we need to do."

"Yes," Jien said and inclined his head, "that might be one method to use, so please add that as a task. In any case, once the TDG has been brought to present day, all lingering notations or references towards this undertaking has to be purged beyond any manner of restoration."

"Aye, Captain," Thea said and folded her hands behind her back, having come to stand in the background of the room.

Commander Hathev brought up the matter of crew morale, and how sensitive it may be. Cam concurred as well, yet they were both in understanding about the requirements of need-to-know basis. The suggestion for an official position was a good one, and Ives nodded in turn to the two women. "This crew already know about the Relativity's involvement in our mission, since they came to our aid at the end of the Niga Incident. The official position can thus be that Captain Ducane is giving us intel to help in our mission, but because of Temporal Law and the sensitive nature of using said intel, some tasks of ours will have to be kept off-record. It is the truth, but it also doesn't give away any details about the TDG or what we need to do. Moreover, given that the Relativity rendered aid on the way to Qo'noS as well, Ducane's involvement in our mission shouldn't be that surprising."

Rutherford raised a concern about the supposed origin of the enemy, and how they might shirk the restraints of the TDG, but as far as Ives understood what Morali had said in that regard, the grid would effectively deal with all incursions. "The protection is rendered at the destination time-point rather than the origin point of the incursion, correct?" Ives asked Sarresh, making sure that she had the science of it right, and then nodded when getting the affirmation. "Good, and given the fact that the Infested, according to Ducane, purposefully had the TDG removed from the timeline, it suggests it was an obstruction for them in the years following the grid's implementation."

As for the other instances of time-travel, that was harder to foresee, but there would likely be consequences. "Whatever ought to have happened if the Infested didn't prevent the grid from being invented is - for us all - unknown, but when it existed, it did work as Mister Morali described, right?" she asked Morali, and then continued. "Now? Here? All bets are off, until we help ensure the grid is made, and bring it to the present, so that we can have a chance of continuing the mission unopposed from the Infested forces in the future."

Elro Kobol, the Chief Medical Officer, seemed to have misunderstood what the future entailed - or might entail - since the infested was still very much a threat from that future as well as the present. Ives might have suggested that the Betazoid would speak to Alistair Leavitt to learn one possible future in more detail, but as it were, she smiled and had great empathy with the confusion given the topic at hand. "A lot of unknowns. All we can reliably know about the future will be given to us by the Relativity Program, including whom of the TDG Project's inception we must save," she said, gesturing towards the data sphere hovering above the table, "and as for the Relativity crew, I can but assume Ducane is running a tight ship and takes all the precautions he can. It is his best interest that the future is restored, since the Relativity is without port until then."

When there were no more questions or concerns raised, Jien turned to the screen showing the Senior Staff of the Oneida. They were quietly talking amongst themselves, but no further comments were made. Captain Jackson eventually spoke up across the encrypted channel. [Let's focus on what we can do, instead of what we do not yet know. Also, let's hope that program from the Relativity gives us enough intel, and in time for us to act on it.]

"Agreed." Jien inclined her head.  "Thank you for listening."


OOC: Given the amount of time it has taken to complete one posting round, I think it is better we end this here. It serves its purpose to foreshadow Episode 2, so let's call it a day. :)
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Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 12 [1157 hrs] Maybe This Time It Will Be Perfectly Marvelous
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[Ens. Mia Dunne |Shrine to Molor | Orion Outpost | Qo’Nos ]
ATTN: @Nesota Kynnovan @Ellen Fitz

Mia chuckled at the gingerbread tower comment that Enyd had made. “A gingerbread cookie would suffice for me, a whole tower might me a bit much,” She quipped in reply as she lowered the dagger into her bag. She smiled at Amanda’s back. The woman had obviously mixed up some of the fairytales in an amusing manner. Mia heard a voice that was definitely not Klingon and glanced up to see a blaster pointed at her and her hand gripped the dagger tighter in response. She was shocked to find it was held, not by a Klingon, but that the aggressor was a Nausicaan. 

She stared at the ‘creature’ holding the gun as her brain registered several things at once. Three aggressors were facing them, a pair of Klingon boots belonging to someone laying on the ground who must have been their last victim, and a slight crumbling sound from somewhere above them.  Her shock at the sight was quickly followed by anger at the thought that she would die somewhere in the caves on what was supposed to be a pleasant and relaxing outing after her reanimation a few days back.

Mia took a step backwards in response to the threat in front of them. To say she was pissed that this way her fate was an understatement and she just yelled at the men holding guns in her face, “Oh Hell no! I did not just get defrosted to have you shitheads pull this.“ She waved her arms up in anger, “Damn it to hell and back! How dare you! Hiding out in caves and pouncing on unsuspecting tourists. Don’t you have anything more worthwhile to do, like, maybe go find a real battle to die in? Damn cowards!!”

Mia’s anger at the threat was a surprise even to her, and she had no idea that she still held the sharp blade tight in her hand.  She started quickly pacing back and forth in the small confines of the cave, making it hard for the Nausicaan to keep her in his sights. “Why, Just why did I think this was a good idea?” She said as she turned once more to her companions, “This was supposed to be a relaxing tour, I really hope this isn’t the Klingon idea of fun,” She grumbled.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 04 [0800 hrs.] New Game, Old Players
Last post by stardust -
[ Lt. Cmdr. Rutherford | Auxiliary Conference Room | Deck 8 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @rae

As a chief diplomatic officer, it was Samantha’s duty to observe the behavior of her subordinates and adjust if necessary. To guide their development in the arts and psychology of negotiation and impasse her years of knowledge and experience in the area. When it came to the Andorian woman in front of her, however, the blonde couldn’t help but feel a little bit like a fraud, if she were to insinuate there was anything she could teach someone of similar age and knowledge. As such, she held back any verbal comments on the gentle correction, as they were in a setting among peers. But would make a mental note to observe whether the woman too exhibited such slightly contentious behavior in negotiations – she already had a subordinate like that. Because it was never a good idea to correct an opponent. Which could’ve been misinterpreted as being aggressive. When the more prudent thing to do was to try and understand the source of the confusion.

“By that logic, would you consider diving in, with just the superficial knowledge of a situation, is a good idea in any circumstance? If so, what could those be?” the commander however asked curiously, feeling as if such off-the-cuff behavior was rather emotional. Only then remembering that this was exactly what part of her ancestry had always considered the blue skinned species to be most distinguished in. Which instantly triggered a self-aware judgment process of whether she was imposing archaic stereotypes on the woman. Then again, it was merely a measure of trying to gauge her mindset in the context of her duties. Which was a duty of her own, as a department head. “The worst plan, surely, is the one that’s never voiced.” was the ultimate attempt at giving the whole sentiment a more diplomatic touch. Not being able to shake off a faint sense of contest within the other woman, in relation to her previous occupation within the sluggish gears of the political system. It was an arena far better suited for a Vulcan.

In essence, Samantha didn’t mind that they transitioned right into the thick of it. Time too was a luxurious commodity they didn’t have a great deal of. As knowledge seemed to be. For all the questions Nysari proposed, there weren’t any solid answers. “The most important, and most difficult lesson in dealing with other cultures is: not to try and impose your own values and motivations upon them, nor to try and find any, where non exist.” the blonde paraphrased one of her academy lecturers. A Vulcan himself, obviously. “I think it is a mistake to equate logical thinking with intelligence. There are countless of species who behave irrationally and follow no clear motive … not to our understanding anyways. Which makes diplomacy difficult, as the baseline of negotiation is an understanding of mutual benefit.” she replied, attempting to answer a few of Nysari’s questions at once. To that end, in her opinion, trying to understand or find a motive within what the parasites wanted or did was wasted effort.

“Dr. Nicander has – at least to my understanding – not yielded much useable information in the area of finding a diplomatic solution or common ground. Though other departments seem to have been more successful in deriving viable intel.” The commander shrugged idly, letting larimar hues fall to the precipice of the table between them. It wasn’t much of her concern. “I see our department’s work more in the realm of rallying allies to our cause and delicately spreading word of the threat, rather than attempting to find a peaceful solution with the aggressor.” With that, icy blue pastures fell upon their counterpart once more. “I too have to come to terms with the realization that a diplomatic resolution might not be possible with everyone.” A lesson she seemed to be learning the hard way too.

It was a somber revelation. One that was luckily alleviated by the Lieutenants segue into a previous invitation. “I am fine, thank you.” the commander replied, nodding both pate, and index finger, casually in the direction of the replicator. Once more attempting to effectively answer two questions with one answer. Larimar hues, however, remained on the space that the Andorian woman had previously occupied. A figment of contemplation in the conditioned air. It was a measure of afterthought, that ultimately caught the blonde off guard, and dragged her back from whatever hypothetical wonderland her mind had escaped to. Heralds of long repressed daemon, echoing from the corners and recesses of the woman’s mind, like shadows from the deep creeping back into light.

The Treaty of Bajor …

“I beg your pardon?” Samantha replied, cornflower fields under a curious moon, as she looked back at the woman by the replicator. A question like a reflex, a knew-jerk, intended to both pass time and temporarily switch focus back on the conversation partner. The measure with which realization came back to her, however, the question soon became rather metaphorical. “Ah …” the blonde nodded slowly, an air of epiphany washing over her delicate features. “… anything that kept me focused, if I remember correctly.” she added, rose petals curving into a delicate smile, conveying a feeble sense of warmth, at the very least.

A fleeting summer’s day.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 02 [1500 hrs.] The Alchemy of Sorrow
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Rutherford | Hathev's Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @P.C. Haring

The shackles of occupational hazard were about as hard to cast off as those of personal history. Like the unknow prisoner, Eustache Dauger, locked away for decades in Paris’ bastille, under elusive pretenses. Samantha’s vulnerability the king’s sibling. Unwanted, problematic, tilled from existence. At least rhetorically. Nothing more offered than a fictional account of his existence, her weaknesses as a whole. Hidden away in a fortress surrounded by the ever-shifting tide of vigilant guard.

Until something in the counselor’s comments struck the diplomat as odd, like a ship in troubled seas. For to her understanding Vulcan’s didn’t deal in potentials, but rather absolutes. Something either was, or it wasn’t. Which fostered the species totalitarian view of the universe, and everyone in it. And while she got the understanding that the woman was exerting such superficial judgment, she didn’t seem to adhere to this mantra as closely as one would’ve expected.

Curious …

“It also does not negate a potential indication of future performance.” the blonde interjected calmly, her voice only barely above that of verbal introspective. Whether her answer was sufficient or not was another subjective assessment. Even rather futile in lieu of any steadfast rules which to measure against. But she wasn’t going to contest everything the Vulcan said. Which would’ve simply made her appear like a nitpicky bitch. Then again, as was the Vulcan proclivity towards dogmatism.

Raising meticulously groomed brows over azure pools, Samantha unrestrictedly listened to Hathev’s case against her, which was based on rather shaky foundations. One she wished the stronghold of her defensive machinations had. But the more prominent notion of defiance was fanned on by the gust of misrepresented facts wafting her way. Prompting the blonde to take a deep breath of silent restraint, as she granted the other woman a moment to justify her unsubstantiated claims.

The only measure of rationale that followed, however, was thinly veiled critique.

“Then you might want to familiarize yourself with the concept of leading a department by proxy.” She started out calmly, though the burning embers that had been ignited seconds before were hard to hide away. “At my own demand, following the logical approach you considered, I was placed in temporary command of the intelligence detachment by Captain Ives. As such, I assumed the privileges and duties that position embodies, leading a team of trained agents and infiltrators, supremely qualified for the mission in question.”

Long lashes started to draw shade of larimar hues, as the tension in Sam’s voice grew terser. “As a senior officer, I don’t have the luxury to hide behind my departmental restrictions, and instead have to adapt to the reality of shifting scenarios, in which my sole priority is the safety of the crew and the ideals of the Federation. Not the occupational proclivities of my posting or whatever measure of assumed responsibility you think that entails.”

The blonde’s demeanor shifted somewhat into the confused and incredulous, as she came to deal – or rather struggle – with the perceived judgment based upon her. A Vulcan asking her to justify her logic, when they should’ve shared the very same understanding of what that meant. Even if she was 3/4th human. “I conducted the mission with my diplomatic and pacifist principles in mind. Ordering defensive fire only and using non-lethal force where possible. But at no point in time did I consider sacrificing a positive outcome for those principles. If you feel like that constitutes as my judgment being affected, then I don’t know how to explain logic to you, counselor.”
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