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Day 01 [2230 hrs.] Intentions & Aftereffects

Day 01 [2230 hrs.] Intentions & Aftereffects

[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak | Turbolift | Deck 07-08 ] Attn: @Triage

"Deck eight." He had given Tancredi a few times to try and get the voice right so that the computer would accept her command, but by attempt three he was less willing to stand here all night. The headache was still throbbing, and as annoying as that was he was pretty sure between the alcohol and what was soon to come he would be feeling much better soon enough.

He hadn't missed the way that Meony had played with the spork, but even so he felt a little brazen because she had already agreed to let him come along to her room. He looked at her in her flight suit armor and then to him.

"So, do you wear anything under that armor? it looks rather skin tight. I actually thought you weren't allowed to take that off the flight deck." Yep definitely brazen. His eyes looked over her, knowing full well that at the moment she could crush him, but at the same time he currently felt safe. She really did have a beautiful smile when she used it.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Turbo Lift | Deck 7 - 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

Kanar apparently was stronger than she had anticipated, and considering she had taken at least three sizeable glass of them, she would be in-need of anti-intoxicants soon. Gotta stay sharp! she told herself privately even as she noticed that Jack finally had enough with her word-recognition problems. She grinned at him and tipped her hat with a hand, while the other remained casually rested on her hip, “Much oblahged, honey.”

She sighed, then glared upwards at the unseen computer. She was suspicious of the sentient ship and it's holographic emitters. That was a worrisome ability with the potential for so many fatal mishaps. But she turned the downward curl of her lips into a smile when she looked at Jack again, “Ya'd think they'd fix computahs t'be able t'figger out accents, raht?” she gestured upwards as she spoke, “Back onner Resolve, they slapped on some jimmy-jacked hacksaw chip so dat our computers could unnerstand me. Even then, it wasn't puhfect. Lordy, Ah hope this one can figger it out.”

She didn't think of putting the same chip on this ship mainly because she didn't like the idea of tampering with the equivalent of Thea's brain. That's way too risky.


It was the drink for sure, because her hiccuping was suddenly so hilarious to her, based on the way she burst out giggling. “Well...Ah guess them Cardassians know their stuff!” said Tancredi, as she felt her cheeks warming, but not from embarrassment. This wasn't an unfamiliar sensation to her, and she knew she probably wasn't going to be able to restrain herself as she originally intended. “Ah guess they ain't all bad...'cept maybe one, and Ah'm gonna show 'im...later...”

She meant Silim Parnak of course, and with this particular brew coursing through her, she was about drunk enough to risk an event with him, even in public.

“What?” She looked at him as he made remarks about her suit and she mischievously ran her hand over the right breast of her armour, running her thumb and index finger in squeezing motions where her nipple would be underneath. She winked at him and grinned, “Well, wouldn't ya lahk t'know.”

She lowered her hand and leaned back against the bulkhead. Clearly she made an impression on him to make him flirt so openly. Well, that, and the drinks. “Normally it ain't allowed, but Ah've got nothin' on me 'cept this raht now.”

[ Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 ]

If she liked where it went, Jack was going to have fun trying to undress her. Frankly, she didn't mind getting out of the suit for a while. It wasn't ideal or comfortable for social and off-duty activities. As she stepped, sauntered out, a little off-balance, from the turbolift, she flicked her flame-red tresses casually and cast a look back to make sure he was still watching. Jack was a sharp man, from what she could tell, and even in her inebriated state, she recognized the predatory characteristics of a potentially dangerous being. It made her alert, but also, a little turned on. Oh, he had better be good, or she might just spork him. Beckoning him with a finger, she started walking along the corridor to her quarters.

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Jack couldn't help but smile at this woman when she gave her suggestive flirting. He watched the hand and how she cupped her breastplate and he had to admit that he was going to enjoy finding out exactly what was under that armor if anything. When she exited the turbolift he watched her stumble and saunter out for a moment. His eyes taking a moment to follow her butt, not that he could really see much aside from the way her hips curved.

There was a lot left to the imagination.

He had to stumble and almost run after Meony realizing that the door of the turbolift almost closed on him because he was too busy watching and not busy enough following her. Walking to her quarters he let out a short whistle, and then immediately regretted that choice as the sharp sound echoed in his brain for a moment too long and made his head feel light for a moment.

He was fine. Jack had never once gotten sick in his life, and he wasn't about to start now, it was just the stress of the day compounding and that was why he was here with Tancredi to alleviate some of the stress of the day, and be less high strung.

Walking into the room he was immediately familiar with it. Ensign quarters, and newly assigned meaning no decorations just a bed, and a place to sit.  "Looks like home." His tone was teasing mostly because he could make himself comfortable here. The shower was an added bonus.

Taking off his shirt he, he placed it on the sofa in the corner and looked at Tancredi. His bare chest now exposed to her, Jack seemed to take care of himself for a scientist, his body was a strong peek performance, and even had abbs, with only the slight trail of hair that lead down his stomach and towards his pants which he hadn't removed yet. "So do we need power tools to get you out of that?"

He moved a little closer to Tancredi but the truth was he was a little wary to actually touch her, without her making the first move, he had seen the spork she kept holstered. Just like how long ago he would have kept his Dahk'tag holstered to his body. He knew better than to make a move that wasn't invited.  What was more he was a little worried that the Kanar had played with his head, he was confident and knew what he wanted, but at the same time he had also stumbled a few times on his way into the room.

Maybe klingon tolerance wasn't as strong as he thought, or that Kanar had been a little stronger than he had anticipated. He did have three cups of the stuff. "We should probably take this slowly."

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

HWA-CHOO!” Sneezed a passing officer before Tancredi or Jack got inside, and he sniffled, wiping his nose irritably.

“Gesundheit, hon,” said Tancredi, a cautious smile on her lips as she watched him. That was not the first one she'd seen today coming down with some sort of ailment.

Seeing Jack, she noted he was as drunk as she was, it seemed...maybe half-Klingons weren't as strong as their full blooded kin. When he whistled upon entering her quarters, she turned to grin at him. “It shore is home.”

She turned to study the place. It was her home. Originally she was going to remain aboard the Resolve when the time came to return to Earth, because she had no home, certainly not on any planet. So, the ship was her home. Where she would die on board serving it till the end. Since the old ship was gone, Theurgy was now it. She didn't miss how quickly he got comfortable, by taking off his shirt. Had to be the Kanar. Dang, those Cardassians could be good for a few things after all. She openly studied his form, which was as appealing as she had hoped. She would love to get her hands on him...but not when she had either his equal strength thanks to her suit, and certainly not when she couldn't trace those abs with her own fingers. She laughed when he asked if they needed power tools. Removing her hat, she tossed it to the nearby table. They wouldn't be needing or using that.

When he moved towards her, she took a few steps towards him and looked up, her eyes locked on his, “Whah d'yah need powa tools, sugah? Ain't yer hands good enough? Not strong enough?”

She gently planted her palms against his chest, then nodded once, “Take alla tahm ya need, we ain't goin' nowhere for a while.”

She moved one hand to the section of armour between her breasts, applying pressure to the glowing center for a specific amount of time, and then with a soft hiss, the plate pushed away from her chest, exposing pressure release switch underneath. Her eyes never left him in all of this, and she took Jack's hand and guided it toward the switch. “Give a girl a hand?” she invited him. Once the button was pressed the plates would all loosen and he could find out what was under that suit. Scars and all...

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When she put her palm against his chest his entire body shivered from just how cold the metal felt against his chest. He became all the more curious about wanting to get that thing off of her, as he felt her palm against his chest. The robotic exoskeleton was fascinating but also uncomfortable against his skin due to the hard metal layer.

Even so Jack did not move away from the touch, and when she showed him the switch to start releasing the armor Jack nodded. Of course there was always that curious part of him that wanted to take apart the flight suit entirely see how it all fit together, and worked but in the moment those concerns were less than ideal. The important part after all was the newly formed relationship with Tancredi.

Jack's hand was guided towards her chest he took a moment to appreciate the armor, tracing a hand over her breast plate, fascinated. But at the same time it was like a candy wrapper and he was more or less impatient with his sweets. As he was pulled in to turn off the switch the rest of his body came with his hand. His free arm sweeping around Tancredi and pulling her body into an embrace.

At the same time as he stepped in, his lips collided with the more full bright red of Tancredi's lips stealing a quick kiss from her. Enjoying the contact as his body was pressed against hers. His fingers traced what would have been her breast for a moment before his thumb finally pressed her switch. But his bright blue eyes were now locked onto hers.

"Okay then, you direct my hands, and will have you out of that in no times. As for strength, well, maybe I could show off after we get you out of the half ton of metal? You're a little heavy to lift right now, once it's off I'll carry you to the bed." He blushed slightly as he started to work on what zippers and locks he could see now that the suit was loosing it's pressurized function. He had to admit that he was now starting to gain a lot more respect for the pilots aboard this ship, after all f this thing was what they had to contend with it was a surprise that they got into space at all.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

She felt his movements, saw the contractions in his muscles as he reacted to cold metallic touch via her gauntlet, and his clearly disdain at present for its existence. It was the wall between him and her so to speak, and she would have laughed, but she basically felt the same way about it right then. She only privately worried how he would react once it was all off. The disfiguring scars that riddled her body. It certainly gave some members of the Resolve pause. On one hand, she wouldn't mind being rid of them, since she was so embarrassed or self-conscious about it. But she kept them as reminders of what her inexperience earned her. As she felt his hand tracing her breasts on the exterior, and as he pulled her into an embrace, she kept her eyes locked on Jack and a pursed-lip with a small smile.

She enjoyed the kiss a lot more than she thought she would, as she leaned in slowly when she saw what he intended, her lips puckering to give just as she took. Right then, she felt the suit suddenly loosen when Jack hit the switch, and a familiar hiss announced the depressurization. She did giggle a little when he talked about how heavy she was while in the suit. True, it did give her a little added weight, but she wasn't all that heavy to begin with and she took his hands, shaking her head slightly, her long red-gold tresses swishing around with the movements, “It ain't all that hard,”

She showed him all the exact points where he could pull off the metal plates and the protective underlying material to prevent chafing on the skin. It would have been complex to those unused to getting in and out of the thing regularly, but Meony had been trained since she was a teenager, so she knew it well enough to do it blindfolded even. And this was proven by how she just kept her gaze on his eyes all the while showing him where his hands had to go. Once her upper torso was freed, with her plump breasts falling free from the constraints of the pressure suit, her pink nipples and the surrounding areolas briefly swelled and pebbled under sudden exposure to the cool environment of her quarters. She felt her cheeks flushing a little, with a hint of worry showing in her eyes. He would be able to see the horrendous scar on her side, where a massive blade nearly sawed her in half, of the numerous jagged marks that looked like lashes and claw marks riddling her back. Her stomach bore marks and countless little scars from various skirmishes over the last three years.

Now she helped him work the lower torso, while her free hand gently dropped to the ground the breastplate and armsleeves, she showed him what to do, and when his fingers found flesh, she couldn't quite avoid squirming a little whenever he touched sensitive spots, of which she had a lot of. “Laht enough fer ya, now?” She asked distractedly.

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Despite their mutual drunkenness it seemed that they were more than capable of pulling apart Tancredi's armor. It made for a rather fun puzzle in a a way. With each plate and section removed Jack was able to see more of the woman under the armor. When her breasts were bare to him he took a moment to kiss them.

He did notice the fact that Tancredi seemed to be ticklish. He found her short bursts of laughter or giggles to be rather cute, and as she was finally freed from the flight suit he was given the full view of her he rather liked what he saw. The scars were there yes, and his eyes did linger on them. Not with a look of disgust or anything that she could have imagined, rather something almost lustful.

When she asked him if she was light enough his responce was non verbal. Picking up the woman, hoisting her over his shoulder for a moment. It took a few huffs but he was indeed able to lift and walk with her. Before tossing her openly onto the bed. He positioned himself over Meony, his hand brushing over her long red hair before he kissed her. Pressing his lips against hers as his other hand explored her body, finding those small vulnerabilities he had been paying attention too when he the two of them had been undressing her.

His fingers dancing along her ribs trying to tickle her, as his lips moved from hers to her neck, and down further along her body. At this point he was pretty sure he didn't need to say anything, as he was more just enjoying being with another person, and exploring her body.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos

When he kissed her breasts, Tancredi stiffened and resisted the urge to jerk or pull away, though only by sheer force of will, as she felt a grin forcing its way on her lips, and she bit down on her lower lip, her free hand tightening on his bicep a little. Even that tickled, and he wasn't even trying. She often wondered which alien encounter in the Resolve's three year voyage home had left her skin this sensitive to touch. It certainly wasn't this bad before. But at least she hoped he would think she was enjoying his company that much. Then again, she could blame it on being drunk.

The smile faltered and faded when she saw what he was looking at. Her scars. But she recognized the look of his pupils dilating, and just what they meant. He liked her scars, even seemed...turned on? Did she dare think that? But he wasn't disgusted, that much was clear. She bit her lower lip again.

“Whooh!” Tancredi managed in surprise when he promptly picked her up after her little tease. She frowned at the way he seemed to be panting his way to the bed. It wasn't all that long, and he was half-Klingon, he'd have to be at least twice as strong as a human his size and build. Plus, he definitely looked like he kept in shape. “Mmf!” She plopped unceremoniously on the bed and propped herself up by her elbows, giving him an anticipating smile, baring her teeth, though she could barely make him out through the mess of hair covering her eyes, which he soon brushed out of the way, and she felt that delicious kiss, which she met with her own.

She wasn't as rough as he might like, she honestly wasn't sure, but she was both a little lazy, and trying to conserve some energy, because she had no idea about how much he had in him. She wrapped her arms gently around the back of his neck, one hand casually exploring his hair, then her eyes shot open, and she didn't even bother trying to refrain from giggling helplessly, both because he was tickling her deliberately and also because she couldn't stop herself even if she tried. She was too sensitive.

Her laughter was muffled and choked by his lips pressing into hers, but she clamped her teeth shut to avoid biting anything of his or her own. Though she made no attempts to protest his actions. She couldn't decide if she wanted him to go on or stop.

“GAAHAHAHA! OH GOD!” She finally belted out when he let her lips free, and proceeded to explore her body with his torturous mouth, starting from her sensitive neck, to her sensitive chest area, to her sensitive midsection. All the while, in between giggles, she emitted soft moans, betraying how much she was enjoying the sensation, and she appreciatively clasped his hair with her hands, and her legs unsteadily wrapped around him. As his exploration went lower, she suddenly bit her lip, bracing herself, and reminded herself not to jerk or buckle too hard. She did not want to risk injuring him when he found her "kill spot".

She decided she ought to warn him, as odd as it made her feel to speak out loud about it, “Jack! Ah'm really ticklish...down careful?”

She let go of his hair and gripped the sheets of her bed in bundles on either side of her.

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Jack had to cover his mouth to stifle a laugh at a point when Tancredi basically burst into a giggle fit. It was infectiously cute and not something he had expected from the female pilot who usually seemed more stern under pressure. From his interactions in the past the woman he was dealing with now in bed was cute and felt more sane than the women that he had dealt with at the Bar on 84 and at Below Decks, side note that bar had a really dumb name 'hey guys lets all meet Below Decks for some drinks?'. His own sarcastic mental reply stating very simply 'Which deck?'

Shaking the thought from his mind as he looked down at the woman he was supposed to be giving all of his attention he had to blame the lack of focus on his current headache, but even with the pain he was determined to have fun, put it out of his mind and dedicate the night to finding and exploring her body.

As she released his hair which had only added to the stress on his head, he brushed it for a moment. Running a free hand through his hair and brushing his forehead, before leaning down. His eyes looked up at Krystal and he couldn't help but smile for a moment. "So you're tickilish."

As he spoke he traced a finger along her side brushing along her ribs for a moment knowing that the drag of his nails against her soft skin would have the desired effect. "That's so cute, I'm gonna use that for hours, but first."

He kissed her stomach one more time before he sank deeper off the bed. Grabbing her hips as he knelt by the edge of her bed as his tongue flicked out over her pussy. Drawing in a short breath at the taste, and then simply going at it, eating her out as she laid in the bed his hands holding her thigh as his tongue assaulted her. He couldn't resist the new information he had however, so he made sure that while he was holding her thighs he also drummed his fingers along her legs, brushing and tickling her as he did his best to pleasure her as well. Honestly her laughter was just far too cute for him to only hear once.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos
Oh why'd he have to smile like that?!? thought Tancredi as he observed her own admission aloud. She couldn't resist jerking away from that devious finger of his. Oh there was no doubt Jack was completely going to abuse knowledge of this fact, and she wasn't sure honestly if she could do anything about it even if she wanted to. Nothing  to do but ride out the bull.

“Uh heh...uh...ya don't haAAVE to!” Her voice was out of control and she was laughing even when he wasn't tickling her. She was already imagining it when he promised to use it for...did he say hours?

She was going to die. And she hadn't had a chance to fry a Cardassian yet. She was gonna fucking die laughing.

There were worse ways to go, she supposed.

“Nnnnn...” she bit her lower lip when he kissed her stomach, and tightened her grip on the sheets on either side of her. He might have been safer if he had tied her up first, but there were pros and cons to that. Besides, he was half-klingon, so he ought to be able to take a little kick or slap if she lost control of herself, which was about to happen in five, four, three, two...

“NYAAAAARH!!!” Why'd he have to use the tongue?!? FUCK he's got a death wish! Or maybe he intended to kill her first. Slamming her head back against the soft mattress, she squealed, wailed, laughed, and screamed. Anyone passing by might think murder was happening...well not if they heard the laughs. Her legs kicked up and down frantically, and when he started tickling her legs and thighs, she bucked once or twice, unable to take it anymore and she tried escaping the tickling for a second, to catch her breath and to try convincing him to she couldn't do anything about it really.

“OoooOO! Jack! J-*JA-HA-HA-HACK!” She pleaded frantically, her lips cracked open with frenzied laughter, “NO STOP! JACK! Ah-cain't! Oh GOD!” She was getting turned on too. It was pleasurable and torturous all at once, and he was so fucking good at this! If only it wasn't killing her at the same time. Her face was beet red and tears started pouring down freely from laughing and screaming so much. She thrashed left and right desperately, no longer caring to avoid accidentally hitting him. He'd better be able to take some hits if he's going to leave her unbound.

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To his credit Jack held Krystal down for a few minutes continuing the assault even as she tried to twist away from him. She was light and easy to move around. It was easy to hold her but her legs were long and spindly and she kicked him in the head repeatedly. His head was already sensitive and just didn't meed to be pounded, plus he could see future problems with her squirming like this, even if he loved the idea of watching her do so. It was cute the way she was so sensitive, and yet her legs bashing against his skull only reminded him that he had a headache.

Pulling up from her body he let her catch her breath as he rubbed her head. "You're viscous you know that?" His tone was rather joking as he still felt in good humor about all of this.

Still getting up to the replicator in the room he figured he could sacrifice some of his replicator rations if he was going to have some fun. "As much as I love getting kicked in the head, I have a counter proposal."

"Rope, silk, forty feet." As he spoke to the replicator it formed several blue lengths of rather soft comfortable rope. He started to fold it over in his hands testing it for viability. "Okay if you say no, I'll drop this and not bring it back up, but it seems to me that it would be a lot more fun for the both of us if I wasn't getting kicked in the face every few minutes, so what if we tie you up?"

"I promise I will be gentle."

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos
This was hell. It had to be...a heavenly hell. Or a hellish heaven? What were vienna sausages made of? Why the hell was she thinking about vienna sausages at a time like this?!? Oh, she was losing her mind. Tancredi was certain of it, and it had something to do with a certain half-Klingon who was trying to commit murder by tickling her to death with his tongue on her womanhood. And he was this near to succeeding. He was also very strong, and able to hold her down try as she might to escape.

Mercifully, it came to an end, and she felt the sensory overload give her pause. Either her body had kindly desensitized, or he had stopped. The former wasn't as likely since one of her captors had done things...irreversible things to her body and one of them was a weird inability to desensitize. Panting for breath and staring at the ceiling wide eyed, wondering if Thea had picked up all her screaming and yelling, or worse, passersby on the deck. She had heard tales of some ships having walls thinner than paper. Then she realized that Jack had spoken, and she glanced down at him. How many times did he get kicked by her? She hoped she didn't hurt him too much.

“Ah'm vicious?!?” the redhead looked incredulous, with her face red from so much screaming. “Didja train Klingon combat techniques?!? Ya nearly killed me!”

She crashed her head back against the mattress, drawing deep breaths, and rubbing her face with her hands, “Oh Lordy...”

What was that about a counter proposal? She propped herself up with her elbows and folder her legs one over the other, not that he hadn't seen anything new at this point, but she felt an odd need to protect now that she knew how Jack would totally exploit her weakness, then she stiffened when she heard what he asked for from her replicator. “Jaaack...?”

And when he relayed his idea to her, she knew she should logically pick the escape option right then and  there. There should've been no debate on it. If she wanted to live through this night with this man. Tell him no. It was going to be hard enough without bindings and his strength.

Guess what ladies and gentlemen? Krystal "Meony" Tancredi never made sense! Not even to herself. Maybe especially.

With a nervous smile, and big round eyes studying the silk ropes, then Jack, she said, “Go raht ahead, sugah.”

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak |  Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Triage

Jack chuckled when she asked if his tongue had recieved some kind of training. In someways yes it had, but it wasn't a story that he was going to tell here. Not while he still had plans for Krystal.  He smiled when she called his name it was rather cute, and again he was reminded just how small she was out of her armor.

Walking up to her when she told him to go ahead he cupped a hand under her chin and pulled her into a rather passionate kiss. His tongue slipping into her mouth as he held her full attention.  He brushed her hair before walking around her gently placing a hand on her back. As he started to saddle her. He was still at this point wearing pants but even so she would feel just how hard he was as he sat on her back, taking her arms, and working to tie her up.

"Tell me if anything is too tight and I can adjust." His voice was rather calm. He would occasionally stop tying her up to kiss her skin, or just reasuringly brush her hair. The act of tying her up was done with a lot of affection, his hands caressing her and always making sure that while the silk rope would likely leave marks on her skin for a few hours after it was untied he never made it too tight or uncomfortable for her. Once he had her arms tight to her back, he moved to her legs.

With her lower body he did playfully spank Krystal's ass. He couldn't resist considering just how cute and tight the pilots butt was. "First time being tied up?"

As he lacked his knife he did have to be careful in just how he tied up his partner. He also had to make sure that while he was taking her away ability to punch and kick her that she wasn't completely immobile. The rope around her ankles attached around her thigh locking her legs into a fold, but once he got off her she would easily be able to push herself up to her knees. once he had her legs completely secure he tested the rope by tickling her feet, and once he he got off her the first thing he did was make sure nothing was loosing circulation. Once he was satisfied with his work  he kissed her again taking her lips in  a passionate embrace as his hands slipped down his own waist. "Comfortable?"

Jack slowly took off his pants as he looked over his work and the now tied up tancredi, standing before her naked, his cock was pointed towards her face. "Now this is the part where I interrogate you and get all of your secrets right?"

He let a few seconds passing before he burst into laughter. "Sorry I don't do role play, I can never take that seriously enough, but now that I have your uninterruptible attention... where should I start?"

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos
It was weird how she suddenly felt very conscious of her nakedness, but as he pulled her gently by the chin, led more like, to kiss, she felt her cheeks flushing as she thought about the fact. Her mind was racing through memories of less pleasant times which also involved her being bound or restrained against her will, and just how powerless she had been rendered, reminding her how frail she was in comparison to most aliens out there. She hated that, and yet, at the same time, it excited her in ways that was probably obvious, with no way for her to hide it. Like the fact her nipples were hardening from her own excitement, and Jack was one hell of a kisser.

As she had risen from her half lounging position during the kiss, Jack had no trouble taking her hand, and she was presently as moldable as soft clay right then, because she was just lost in brief bliss. Emphasis on brief. For a moment her mind raced again, and she was back on a field of a shadow world, and Jack felt her stiffen for a half-second before she relaxed, remembering that she wasn't on some planet about to be retrained and tormented for nothing other than the fun of making her scream in agony. “Nnnh nahn-mo...” She said, and then looked up apologetically at Jack, “Ah dat a book in yer pocket, or are ya just happy t'see me, Jack?”

She could feel his manhood against her as he straddled her and worked on binding her arms. She grinned and gave as innocent a look as she could, distracting him and herself by teasing him as much as she could. Unnecessary fear took over and was evident only by the nervous trembles, though her eyes and her lips remained happy and smiling. But Jack was full of surprises. His tenderness, kissing and brushing her hair affectionately reassured her and despite her growing immobility as he tied her up more and more, creatively she would add, she felt safe and comfortable enough. And if he intended to continue where she was certain he was going, it would at least ensure she wasn't going to give him a concussion. Something she was sure neither wanted.

He was good. He didn't cut off circulation but also ensured a firm binding. Maybe it was his fetish or something. She knew everyone had one or two. Heck, Samuk, a Vulcan had a few she wouldn't have imagined a Vulcan having. Then again, he was probably more new age open to human habits than most of his kin. The one time the redhead had a mild protest was when Jack spanked her so suddenly, drawing her out of her thoughts, “Hey! Easy there.”

She didn't want to admit it, but she didn't like pain, and she hoped Jack wasn't going to go for that. She answered his question without facing him, “Under this circumstances...maybe. Ya do this often?” She was noticing the knots that she could see without straining her arms and neck to look at. They seemed elaborate and specially arranged.

Once he had finished tying her legs, by locking her ankles against her thighs, she nervously glanced down, studying how easy it was to keep her legs apart for access to her kill spot. But she had other things to worry about, like fiendish fingers tickling her feet! “YEEK! Not da feet!” She bucked and winced desperately. She hated having her feet tickled. It wasn't her most ticklish spots, but she hated it all the same, and her tittering probably just encouraged Jack. The kiss made up for it, and she nodded when he asked if she was comfortable. “As comfortable as Ah'd get lahk this.”

She bit her lower lip, studying his physique distractedly. She moved to touch his abs before she remembered that she wasn't going anywhere until he untied her. She arched an eyebrow at him when he suggested interrogating her. That wasn't funny. He'd have her surrendering information in seconds. Where to start? Grinning, she sat up into a kneeling position, then arched her back, keeping her eyes locked on him, trying to give him an inviting pose, and a sultry expression on her face, she never knew what a smoulder was, but this was probably the best she could get to one, and she said, “Ah'm at yer mercy, sugah. Whaddaya fancy doin' first? Not that Ah cain really stop ya...but how about ya come closer so Ah cain show ya somethin'?”

She intended to give him a heck of a kiss, maybe keep them ticklin' hands from doin' something else. But this had a ninety percent chance of not succeeding.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak |  Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Triage

Jack was still testing the waters when he had spanked her, and with the harsh reprimand that had come with it he wasn't about to try that again. He nodded understanding that wasn't something he should have done. When she said she may have been tied up before it made sense she was malleable and seemed relaxed  all things considered. He ran his hand along her back tickling the line of her spine fore a moment.

When she asked if this was his first time tying someone up he couldn't exactly lie about how he had come accross these particular set of skills. He looked her over for a moment and looked actually embarrassed. "I've only ever tied up holograms like this, it's a bit of a long story, but your the first real person to ever let me get this far with this particular set of skills."

When she offered him to come closer, he did, and as he fell into the kiss, his hands came to rest on her hips enjoying the taste of her lips and tongue as he actually lifted her. The good thing was that with her being tied up with ropes and the fact that she was so light she was incredibly easy to pick up.

He set her down on his lap as he laid down on her bed. his cock resting and teasing against her lower lips, softly rubbing against her sensitive skin as he pulled her down to rest her body against his.

Lifting her slightly it didn't take long for his cock to find the entrance, and slide inside of her. He moaned against her mouth, but never actually broke the kiss, keeping that passionate motion going as his hands wrapped protectively around her. His fingers holding her sides gently yet firmly with his enhanced strength, Keeping her chest tight to his, letting her chose whatever pace the two went with as his body tickled and brushed against hers.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos
Her body was still wired up, and anticipative, so the moment she felt a little tickling along her back, she jerked responsively. Then again, he obviously wanted her to react, so she wasn't trying to fight it. Besides, it was...interesting. This was possibly the first time she was tied up but not for torture, but for fun in the sack. Well, the first time that it was this well thought out.

She smiled at him encouragingly when he appeared embarrassed to admit how he acquired his skill. “Well that's just peachy, sugah,” said Tancredi, “Ah guess dat means it's lahk a lahftahm achievement an' an honah fer me t'be yer first.” She winked at him.

As they began their making out, she suddenly let out a soft and surprised “Mmmh!” Forgetting how strong he was and how light she was outside of armour. He set her in place, very accurately, and he'd have to be with her mobility significantly reduced. Well actually, she could shuffle and sort of walk on her knees in the oddest manner if she wanted, but if Jack was willing to position her and do the work for her, no problem. As they continued to kiss and tongue each other, her body began to tremble and shiver as she felt his manhood gently touching her excessively sensitive gateway. Yes, it was a gateway. And it was way too ticklish.

There was a just no way to avoid her sensitivity, and even certain clothing could set her off, though most people just thought she as hyperactive and twitchy, she was simply reacting to self-tickling. RIght now though, when he entered her, jolts of ticklish sensations fired into her brain at warp nine, and her eyes shot open, her breath caught, and her lips curved upwards into a mad grin even as she kept on kissing him. She hated...and loved this part. Against her will, she let out helpless giggles in between kisses. Brushing against his bare form caused tickles for her nipples as well, and that just made things worse. She tried her best not to break out of the kiss, but if he started getting more vigorous, she wouldn't be able to hold it in any longer. As it was, she was already twisting left and right against the sensations.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak |  Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy] Attn: @Triage

This had to be the first time that anyone he had ever been with, had giggle fits while he had been inside of them. While it was a little unnerving, it was also cute. In essence it was very much Tancredi, and he was finding more and more that he was liking this woman. He knew that she would probably end up dying of laughter at the end of this, and oddly he didn't mind, it meant she was enjoying herself.

And he was most certainly enjoying himself every time her body was made to bounce against his his chest would stutter for a moment and his body went numb with a tingling sensation. He loved it, and he was becoming more vigerious. He couldn't go full off the hook he was still a klingon and she was a very light human. He had to steady himself, but the passion was certianly in his embrace. Playing with her body and holding her close as she squirmed against him. Soft moans eliciting past his lips as he continued to lock with lips with her, only breaking the kisses when he had to breath.

Jack pushed Krystal, and rolled her onto her back. His hips staying locked with hers as he flipped her onto her back and started to play against her body as he was in charge and on top of her. His hand on her shoulder lightly pressing her down onto the bed, always remembering that she was light and easy to manipulate so he didn't need to use anywhere near his full strength, and always remembering that she seemed to enjoy lighter touches for how it tickled her. To that end he had his other free hand was trailing over her chest playing with one of her breasts, his fingers lightly flicking and drawing against her nipple as he played into her like of being tickled, and the fact that she had no way to get away from him.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos
Anyone Tancredi had ever been intimate with on the Resolve knew the circumstances to her acute sensitivity. Some found it amusing, some needed to get used to it, but it was who she was now. She was a little too busy trying to keep air in her lungs to tell if Jack was enjoying it all, but if that free hand of his tormenting her overly ticklish nipple was anything to go by, he was definitely exploiting her weakness. She of course obliged him with hysterics, her body arching desperately, throwing herself left and right as much as her bonds allowed, but she wasn't going anywhere, not with him on top of her.

Intermixed with her laughter and screams, she also found that section of pleasure that spread from her loins into her center, and the rest of her being. She did her best to be careful not to bite on something whenever he kissed her, and she would turn her head away if she needed to draw breath frantically, also letting out moans between giggles. She could feel herself reaching a climax, and her body shuddered and quivered. She moved her own body to every one of his, like...sheet music, so to speak. She needed to finish, just as surely as he did, and she was this close!

When they reached their heights of pleasure, Tancredi threw her head back and let out a cry of pleasure and satisfaction. But she had to remind herself that Klingons, even half-Klingons, were one heck of a partner. She could only hope it was as good for him as it was for her...

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This was the third time that Jack's cock was being milked, normally he could admit somewhat shamelessly to having the stamina of a stallion, but between  all of the partners he had to deal with aboard this ship, hell between the two he had encountered  in just this short day, he was pretty sure that the pilot and pirate were going to leave him drained of everything. As they reached a mutual orgasm, Jack actually fell back on the bed, his hands falling off Krystal's body as he laid under her panting his three lungs needing to gasp for breath.

If every single day was like this for him, he was going to die a very good death. He would go out with no complaints. "Who knew that the Theurgy was the love cruise of the century." He said still panting slightly as he looked over the pilot, still tied up and at his mercy.

After everything was done between them he laid on the bed, his hands returning to her body, not to pull her off him, as his cock was still very much comfortable inside of her, but since he had the woman at his mercy he was content to draw his fingers lightly along her skin, and just tickle her as he gently cuddled her. "I could get used to this kind of treatment you know."

His tone was honest, he had never really felt wanted in the past, and today had if anything proven that Jack could at least find companionship here, far more so than he had at 84. Two beautiful women had already expressed their interests in him, and he could freely contact either. If he could just find a way to stay out of trouble while he was here, and have a boss who didn't have his head completely up their own ass, it would eek out a very comfortable existence.

All he had to do was lie about a few murders, and oddly lying about murder sat better with him than actually having to commit the act in the first place.

His fingers traced every inch of the woman's back as he held her body against his, gently cuddling her in a way that strangely alien for the klingon, but at the same time extremely comfortable. "So should I untie you, or do you mind if I just use you as a pillow for a few hours?" He meant it jokingly, but honestly he was so comfortable with the featherweight pilot on top of him, that some part of it was actually tempting to just keep her tied up if she was comfortable enough to sleep.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos
For a change he had her on top of him when they finished, and in mutual agreement, they took the time to catch their breath, a grin - one that wasn't forced on by Jack's way-too-knowledgeable hands in the art of tickling - found its way to her lips. It was a most satisfying thing, and he didn't take more out of her than she could handle, a very rare trait to find even in a half-Klingon. He was considerate, and able to moderate between gentle and vigorous. But now that she wasn't howling with laughter or going insane, she had time to notice things, like the fact he was more out of breath than he ought to be, and her grin began to fade, concern overtaking her.

She chuckled softly at his quip about the Theurgy, and was about to reply to him when she found she wasn't able to stop laughing. He was tickling her again! Biting down on her lower lips and grinning like an idiot, she frantically twisted and bent her upperbody in frantic attempts to lessen the torment, all while trying her best not to jump or twist something very important right off. Was he suicidal?!? Or desperate to become a eunuch? You don't mess with a jumping jellybean if you're attached to it as intimately as one Hi'Jak. If your junk is superglued to a bucking bull...same thing. Oh he's saying he could get used to this? “D-don't-he-he-he! Don't ya dare!” She managed that between helpless giggles. Her leg muscles tensed and her body flexed.

Mercifully it came to an end. And after she caught her breath again, her smile faded, and she had a strange...gentle and yet almost melancholy look on her face. The distraction with Jack was nice, but now it was at an end, and she needed her limbs untied. Leaning forward slowly, she whispered into his ear in a tender, vulnerable tone, “Un-tah me, Jack. Ah'm a free being, and Ah should be free.”

When he was in her, and distracting her with the tickling, it didn't hit her. But now, now all she could remember was the tortures, the aliens they met who only wanted to inflict suffering and pain for the sheer fun of watching another sentient in agony and when she leaned back so he could look into her eyes, he could see the barely contained panic, and pain. And then she closed her eyes and lightly rested her forehead against his, giving him a quick, gentle kiss. And she stayed like that, so he could get at her bindings along her back.

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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak |  Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage

Jack was lethargic after the day he had been having, it was hard to justify staying awake, but he knew she would want to be free, and he could start working on her knots even though he was comfortable. However when she started to squirm he looked at her, and found something he hadn't expected fear. He had done very little to make her feel that way, and so he figured it was some past trauma but it did make him move that much faster. Naturally he couldn't untie everything quickly, however he had made sure that the restraint on her wrists and on her feet had a quick release on them.

He had tied a lot of rope, and when dealing with a human subject making sure that everything came off quickly was important. He reached out and grabbed a knife that he had replicated for this instant. Drawing it close to her back he expected her to scream all things considered but as he snipped the rope, she would feel her mobility completely return, and he quickly discarded the tool back onto the night stand.

Some would probably question keeping that so close, but with things like restraint play you needed the quick release, you can always buy more rope, you can't buy a new partner.

"Are you okay Krystal?" He asked his voice soft, as he checked her over, brushing her hair for a moment, but keeping his hands off of her, if she wanted to run, or jump up, that was fine it was all a natural reaction to a panic attack, often times hugging or encircling someone who was suffering an attack could lead to a lot worse of a situation.

She was frightened, he on the other hand had just spent the last thirty to forty minutes fucking her body and tossing her around like a play toy, he knew full well that this 90 pound pilot posed no actual physical threat to him.

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[ Ens. Krystal "Meony" Tancredi | Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Kaligos
There were so many messages conveyed through their eyes alone at that moment. Tancredi was rarely so lucid or filled with such clarity of mind and spirit to often be described as what some might call profound and deep. But right then, she was, without speaking a word, willing him to free her quickly, as the tension in her chest continued to build, threatening to explode. The tumour in her brain throbbed even though it was most likely just her imagination, since she only felt it in times of high stress. So she believed.

She exhaled softly through her nose when she felt her bonds being cut loose. She did feel momentary panic when she noticed a blade in the corner of her eye, but he was swift and precise with his cutting. When her hands were freed, she quickly pulled off the rest of the ropes, even as Jack cut off the remaining bonds, and the sudden release relaxed her significantly. She straightened up, gently pulled herself out of the half-Klingon, her hands lightly pressing on his chest for balance and leverage. All the tension in her body was suddenly gone, and she looked at him appreciatively.

Nodding at his question, she knelt over him, hands still splayed lightly on his chest, and she leaned in to kiss him again. “Ah'm peachy, sugah.” she said between light kisses. She swung her leg over, shifting her position until she slightly over him on the bed, then moved herself until he could rest his head against her chest or belly, which ever he prefered, while her fingers gently massaged his temples, remembering how she'd unintentionally kicked it a few times. She wasn't sure whether he'd like this treatment, but she was human, and unlike in the battlefield, Tancredi was a tender lover.

“Ya kin relax...jus' relax.” she whispered. And she lay there like that, fingers occasionally tending to Jack's temples and forehead like a gentle massage. Eventually she fell asleep, worn and tired from a battle, from the losses, and then from love.


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[ Lt. JG Hi'Jak |  Krystal Tancredi's Quarters | Deck 8 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Triage

It had been a long time since Jack had let his guard down enough to sleep near another person, and yet with the emotions that had been conveyed silently between the two, and the fact that while a pilot he was pretty sure that he could break this woman if needed, he felt confident even as he curled up against her. his hand cupping one of her breasts as his leg drew across one of hers, pulling it close so that her hip was pressed to his crotch. His head came to rest on the breast he wasn't touching, his ear against her chest listening to the faint beat of her heart.

The room was a little drafty, but no blankets were needed not when he was busy holding a warm body against his own. Eventually with the touch of the woman, and the gently massage of his head he did too join her in sleep, but only after he was sure that she had fallen to unconciousness first. A blue eye opened and he looked upon her form, happy and content in the moment.

He leaned up and gently so that he didn't wake her kissed her cheek once more, before going back to using her as a pillow. "Make sure you call me some point in the future, I don't do this for everyone." His voice little more than a whisper as he spoke, before joining her in the land of dreams.

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