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Day 01 [2200 hrs] - Fluid Reunion

[Lt. Reggie Suder  | Outside the Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Stegro88

This ship had a bath house.  Not a holographic re-creation of some spa or stylized Risian bath house, but an honest to god ‘brick and mortar’ bath house.  Ever since she had seen that on the Theurgy’s deck plans she’d been jonesing for the opportunity to check it out.  After spending most of the afternoon in a simulator and living it up with the squadron mixer she and Victor had inadvertently walked in on she was more than ready for a good hot soak, especially since she was planning on a training run with her wing tomorrow and did not want to be sitting in Wolf-13 with a stiff back.

Lucky 13

But as she approached the entrance to the Public Baths, she stopped short when the doors remained still, a gap no bigger than a few dozen centimeters between them and a sign with a simple, disappointing message.


Reggie stepped back with a sigh.  Of course it was under repair.  Half the ship was damaged from it’s various engagements so while it was a disappointment, it was not much of a surprise.  She turned to head back to her quarters but stopped after a handful of steps and backtracked to the computer access panel she had just passed and called up the maintenance records for the Public Baths compartment.  Perhaps there was an ETA on repair completion.

Tomorrow morning at 0800.

Apparently the main pool needed to be filled, and the deck needed a final cleaning.  Everything else was checked off as on line and ready.  Both tasks had been scheduled for 0200, which told the pilot that the work was easy enough that the graveyard shift could handle it in the middle of their watch.  Clearly this was just a case of putting the final touches on an otherwise completed repair job. 

So what if the decks were a little dirty?  All she wanted was to sit and soak for a bit.  She’d be out and gone long before the cleaning crew arrived.  They’d never know she had been in there.  Hell, it wasn’t even like she had to break in!  The doors had been left wedged open.  It was practically an invitation!

Even so, she looked up and down the corridor before squeezing herself through the gap and into the locker room.  The compartments were dark, almost too dark for a person to see, but her ocular implants adjusted to their low light mode, providing her what she needed to navigate the locker room benches and step out onto the deck of the main pool before she turned into the steam room and crossed into the jacuzzi area. 

All three were topped off but unoccupied leaving her to her pick.  Slipping out of her warm ups, she adjusted the shoulder straps of her one piece.  Eventually she would need to expand her wardrobe with some bikinis to say nothing about clothes for tomorrow night’s concert.  But for now, the deep cut one piece she had replicated would suffice.

In one graceful motion she made her way down the steps, the hot water of the in ground jacuzzi lapping at her smooth skin as she descended before crossing to the control panel mounted low on the bulkhead.  With a few light taps of the LCARS display, the underwater jets thrummed to life and the water around her began to roil.  She lowered herself onto the submerged bench, leaned her head back and closed her eyes, allowing the steam to build and the heat to relax her muscles.


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[ Lt. T'Less | Passageway | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo’noS ] Attn: @P.C. Haring

“Need to adjust burst fire rates to allow for more even charging of the individual power cells from the EPS grid,” T’Less mused as she made notes on a PADD as she walked. “Will need to modify the targeting algorithm to compensate for the altered readiness but there should not be a significant measurable decrease in overall firepower, coverage or protection. Also need to check if the latest refinements to the servo systems match those of projected response.”

The Vulcan had been moving about, using the late hour to allow herself to walk and think as she went over plans for her schedule tomorrow. The late hour provided emptier corridors and lower risks of her bumping into someone as her mind focused on other tasks. She found that she was passing the public baths and added a swim to her schedule for the next day. She had wanted to go earlier but the area was shut for repairs until 0800 the next morning. She was just about to walk away when she heard the jacuzzi start up from beyond the wedged open doors.

“Odd,” T’Less mused before bringing up the repair schedule on her PADD. Nothing was scheduled for that time and the Vulcan found herself curious; especially as no one had checked into the area to perform additional maintenance. Squeezing through the gap proved only a moment’s hinderance before the tactical officer was walking around the empty main pool and towards the Jacuzzi area.

“Who is here?” she called out before rounding the corner and stopping, her heart skipping a beat as her eyes fixed on a face she thought she would never see again. Memories flashed through her mind, as if they had only happened yesterday. The runabout, the island, the ocean, reef. The storm. It all came flooding back.


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[Lt. Reggie Suder  | Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Stegro88 

The rumbling of the jets provided ample enough background noise to drown out the world around her and the pressure from the nozzles drove air and water into Reggie’s back, massaging tension out of her she had not realized had existed.  Reggie was not surprised given how the past few days had gone and now to learn that she’d been named flight leader of her group only added pressure and responsibility that, if she were being honest, she was not sure she wanted.  This ship and crew had a mission, one hell of one at that and one of which she was now a part.  It all seemed a bit over the top to her… how could it not.  Even so, when she had been briefed by Captain Jackson, and then the orientation officers on board the Theurgy, she sensed just how sincerely they believed what they were saying and just how serious they took the situation.  The news of Paris now had a broader context, one that Starfleet had not been able…or willing… to provide and that attempted Tal Shiar attack on Qo’Nos…  no.  Too many events to be considered coincidence.

Reggie let out a sigh as she pushed everything out of her mind, and tried to be alone with her thoughts  Just her, the water and a presence she’d not felt since…


Reggie yelped in surprise as the sudden outburst startled her.  She tried to stand, but her foot slipped on the tile bottom of the hot tub and she fell all the way in, the hot water stinging against her face.  Her feet found stability and pushed herself up and out, coughing as she wiped the hot water off her face and eyes before she opened them again to see who it was that had crashed in on her reverie.

Reggie almost couldn’t believe it.    She looked maybe a year older by human standards, even though it had been a decade since they’d looked each other eye to eye.  Her hair was the same as it had been then, though perhaps a bit longer by choice.  Gone was the cadet’s uniform, replaced by an officers duty uniform complete with red tunic and lieutenant’s pips.  Reggie’s own memories flushed back, her first impressions as she woke up on the back of that runabout, the look of her in a wet, clingy uniform, the island, the swim, that damned jellyfish and the storm.  Oh what a storm that had been.  And then the pain.  Their quick parting of company, the utter silence and the acceptance that she was gone.  But she wasn’t gone.  She was standing right here, looking down at her and in that moment little else mattered.  She was not the one who had ghosted her, not the one who had broken Reggie’s heart.  No.  She was just the one who got away.  She was…


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[ Lt. T'Less | Passageway | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo’noS ] Attn: @P.C. Haring


It was all T’Less could think to say in that moment as he memories and emotions beat at what little control she was able to maintain, threatening to overwhelm her. It was if the last 10 years had never happened at all while at the same time they had. Everything and nothing at all was different. She was standing here, on the deck of the Theurgy’s Public Baths, while simultaneously being back in the rear of the crashed runabout as a storm beat against the hull. And all that mental turmoil was caused just from seeing a single Betazoid woman.

T’Less had to admit, Regiene “Reggie” Suder looked good, the years having been kind to her. The tattoo on her hip was new, but T’Less acknowledged that it fitted with what she remembered of the Betazoid’s personality. And given the size and detail of it, T’Less was sure that it had a special meaning given its prominence. Everything else was almost exactly as she remembered it, even down to the wet hair plastered to her face.

“How did you get here?” T’Less asked, even as the answer was supplied by herself. The Vulcan had reviewed all transfers that had been organised by Admiral Anderson and Reggie’s name was not on them which only left a transfer from the USS Oneida as the solution.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded, her voice firm, belying her frustrated composure.

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[Lt. Reggie Suder  | Public Baths | Deck 6 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Stegro88 

In that moment, everything that had seemed odd since she had come aboard ship, fell into a new context that made sense.  The incident with Kate in sickbay, the random memories, a decade buried, coming back of the beach, the storm, the intimacy…the song.  Had she sensed T’Less’s mind aboard ship and just not realized it consciously.

The Vulcan looked as good as Reggie remembered.  Age was an odd thing when it came to Vulcans as their longevity made the differences due to age, even after a decade, subtle at best.  They were there, of course.  Her hair was slightly different, the trim of her uniform was red instead of the blue Reggie might have suspected.  At some point T’Less had transferred divisions, not that it was un heard of of course.  But perhaps the most discernable change that had taken T’Less over the decade was also the hardest to discern.  Reggie sensed emotional response from the Vulcan-  Frustration.  Confusion, maybe? 

Of course, much as she had been when they first met, T’Less was straight to business asking, if not outright insisting on an explanation as to why she was here.  Anger flashed through the Betazoid.  What right did T’Less have to question her?  What the hell had her excuse been a decade ago when Reggie’s messages to her had gone unanswered?  For as free spirited as she was, Reggie did not just throw around words haphazardly, but she might have actually loved T’Less back in the day and while she couldn’t have known for sure, it was T’Less who had robbed her of the opportunity to find out.

Fonder memories swept in, pushing the anger aside.  She hadn’t exactly been kind to T’Less’s Vulcan sensibilities back then and there had certainly been enough tension between them that Reggie might have legitimately alienated her.  Odd how a decade could bring a certain perspective.

“I…” she hesitated.  “I was on board Oneida with a handfull of other TacConn pilots when Captain Jackson and the crew decided the help the Theurgy.  We helped cover the Sabine’s flight to Qo’Nos.  Heard you guys needed a few more bodies behind the stick, so we transferred over.”

She turned and offered a slight curtsy in the water, her breasts dipping under and then back above the surface before she turned demurely. 

“Wolf 13, aft your service.”

She tried to push down the smile that threatened her.  For whatever T’Less might be experiencing, Reggie now realized she was just as much confused, hurt, and yes… maybe a little excited about all this.

“I’m happy to see you again, T’Less.  You look good.”

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[ Lt. T'Less | Passageway | Deck 06 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo’noS ] Attn: @P.C. Haring

Her voice sounded just like she remembered it did. Better even, if that was possible. Seeing her there, in the pool, only strengthened the tide of memories assaulting her. It was all T’Less could do to remain standing there as her own mind betrayed her control. And the worst of it was, she liked the memories being presented to her. She enjoyed them. With the benefit of experience and time, she could look back at things with a different eye and see what she hadn’t before. Could see how she had acted and what the potential outcomes of that behaviour might be. But that wasn’t who she was anymore.

“A wolf,” T’Less mused, trying not to be distracted by the curtsy performed for her. She had seen Reggie in much less, as her mind was reminding her, but a memory was never as good as the real thing.

“As do you,” T’Less admitted, looking down at Reggie from her elevated position standing on the deck. “And I am glad to see you as well,” T’Less continued, squeezing her hands tightly to try and focus her mind past everything that was happening within it. “There is much I regret about how I left things between us. After everything.”

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