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Day 03 [1930 hrs.] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder  | Personal Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] attn: Any and All!!

April 21, 2381
Stardate: 57662.91

It was unlike Reggie to run late.  She'd fought during the war and the need be punctual was paramount, especially when her unit could be ordered to launch on a moments notice.  Even being a minute late might mean the difference between life and death.  It was a pattern she had been forced to learn and by the time the treaty had been signed, it had become habit.

Which was why, as she was running late for the concert the concert she was to host an uncharacteristic frazzled feeling set in.  She wanted to make a good impression, she knew.  The crew of the Theurgy had been through the ringer in the battle to avert a Klingon Civil war, to say nothing about all they had been through before she had come aboard the mission logs from which she had not yet had the opportunity to catch up on.  She had hoped to put the program together on the holodeck but with the hour almost upon her, she couldn't wait that long to set it up.  Getting her hair and makeup sorted had taken far longer than she had anticipated.

"Computer," she said as she moved from the bathroom to her closet to pull clothes.  "Load holodeck program Suder Jukebox from removable memory and load configuration file."

The computer beeped at her.  "Configuration file loaded.  Ready to accept input."

"Ohhhkay," she muttered to herself as she started rifling through her limited wardrobe.  She had not been aboard long, had brought barely a duffel with her, but in the time since she'd settled in, she had taken some time to replicate a few options for herself.

"Load genre; Terran Classic Rock circa late 20th century.  Select ten artists and generate playlist.  Sort play list by artist and shuffle within each artist stack. "

"Playlist generated."

The leather pants were the obvious choice, so she pulled them from the drawer.  They were not the easiest to put on since like most party clothes, they sacrificed convenience for ascetics.  She was fine with that.  The clothing was comfortable, gave her the look she wanted and a sense of confidence to boot, then the inconvenience of actually dressing was a minor one at that.  The leather creaked and stretched ever so slightly as she worked her legs in and adjusted them.  They fit perfectly, offering just enough compression to give her the shape she wanted without constricting her movement and Reggie was glad to have asked the computer to replicate them already broken in.

"Set venue; Terran, Earth, Congress Theater circa 2020."

"Venue Set."

She didn't have many tops that she liked for this and she ended up rejecting more than she'd expected.  Eventually she gave up on finding a full top, instead opting for a black mesh crop top she could wear with just her bra.  If she hadn't known better, she might have thought the mesh was designed to be worn with the bra.  She slipped it over her head and pushed her arms through the sleeves.  She clipped a chain to the loop under her bra's left cup, crossed to the right, over her stomach, and wrapped it around the back of her waist, before clipping the other to a loop under her right bra cup, the result forming a loose "X" across her otherwise bare stomach.

"Reset balcony and configure for private party.  Set staff- two bouncers- nausican, male and four wait staff- orion, female."

"Balcony reset."

She stole another look at herself in the mirror and decided the overall look met with her approval.  It was a new approach, but one she thought would grow on her. 

"Insert randomizer subroutine, and custom welcome message Suder Gamma."

"Protocols inserted."

"Compile and save to removable storage."


Reggie took a seat at her desk, to slip on her knee high stiletto boots.  They closed with ease around her legs.  Carefully she put her feet down on the deck and took an extra moment to ensure she had her weight centered before she tried to stand.  She didn't immediately fall down again, a victory in her book given that she hadn't worn these kind of heels in a few months.

Just like riding the proverbial bicycle.

"Compile complete.  Program saved."

She pulled the isolenear chip from her terminal, checked her hair and make up one last time in the mirror and brushed a stray hair back behind her ear.

She exited her quarters, her long slender fingers dragging along her desk and wrapping around her combadge

"Suder to Ms. Foster.  I'm heading to the holodeck now.  I'll meet you up there, Katie."

She closed the line and slipped the combadge into her pants pocket.

[Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02]

Her boots clacked on the holodeck grid, a stark contrast to the dull thuds she had gotten used to as she walked the corridors of the ship.  She had earned herself more than a couple of looks from random crew as they almost gawked at her look and she sensed their admiration and appreciation for what they saw.


"Computer," she said as she loaded the isolenear chip into the Holodeck interface.  "Load program Suder Jukebox.  Access configuration file and render."

The computer beeped and after a moment the balcony of the venue hall appeared around her.  Gone were the rows of seating that the historical venue had, replaced instead by various tables, chairs, and couches laid out for a private event.  Even a smaller dance floor had been set out for their use.  Small lights were set out on the tables and in strategic locations providing enough light to socialize, but not so much as to ruin the mood of the show.  Two bars rendered next, one on either side of the balcony, each manned by two female Orions who would serve a bartenders and waitresses.  Unlike the Orion slave girls of the 24th century, these characters were appropriately dressed for the event.

Next to each bar, a spiral staircase allowed access to the main floor and it's much larger dance floor.  Reggie doubted anyone would go down there, but if they wanted to, the option existed.  At the base of each staircase, a Nausican bouncer stood sentinel, preventing any holographic patron from coming up.  Sure, she could have programmed the holograhic audience to not try to come up, but this was a bit closer to realism.

With everything in order there were two things left to do.

"Computer, load pre-show preparation cycle and run program."

Immediately, the static scene jumped to life as tech crews went to work setting up instruments and test mics and speakers, bartenders set out organizing their bottles and setting up the glassware, and holograhic concert goers started to slowly file in.

With nothing left to do, Reggie took a seat and waited to see who from the Theurgy crew would attend.

They were in for one hell of a show.

Reggie's Look:
Upper Body  [Show/Hide]
Lower Body [Show/Hide]
Hair [Show/Hide]
Makeup [Show/Hide]

The Venue:
The Congress Theater - Chicago, IL, USA

General look of the Orion Bartenders/Waitstaff:

OOC - Okay everyone!  Here it is!    To be clear, ALL characters who are Both 1) Ranked no higher than Lieutenant and 2) Are not department heads are welcome to participate.  All characters can freely assume to have received an invitation from Reggie and/or Kate Foster on their personal terminals to this event.  If you write multiple characters who could attend, feel free to bring them.    Once people start gathering, I'll kick off the play list.  There's no major objective in this thread other than to mingle, chat, kick back, eat, drink, and be merry and this is a perfect opportunity for new characters to the ship to have an opportunity to meet some of their crewmates.  With that in mind, there is no set or assigned posting order. Enjoy!

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Re: Day 03 [19:30] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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Lt. Arven Leux |Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02] attn: @P.C. Haring

Arven had struggled with ether or not he'd wanted to attend this party. There was so much that the Trill didn't want to risk, closeness, affection, bonding. But to heal, these were things that he needed to face sooner or later. And mingling at a Rock concert might be the thing. Since the venue was 20th/21st Century, Arven had looked up some pictures of outfits from San Francisco back then, and he'd seen a group of performers that well, he did like the look of some of the period attire. Very nearly going with a Cowboy look, no. He'd instead gone with his own choice in clothing.

And so it was that Arven found himself walking the halls of the Theurgy in large chunky leather boots, with zippers and studs placed excessively around them nearly up to his knees. Tight leather pants hugged his Powerful legs, fitting almost like a second skin in places when he walked the tight leather making creaking noises against his thick thighs. The chafing form tonight would be worth it, though. He thought they looked good on him. A black denim vest with silver studs along the seams, open revealing a torso clad in a white t-shirt that had to be three sizes too small that said, in what looked like permanent marker, "Fuck the music! Where's the beer?" This particular statement stretched to near unreadability over dense pectoral muscles. The profane nature of the words on his shirt is not helped by the fact that it hugged his muscular build to the point where the fabric would have torn if it weren't an athletic material with elastic properties akin to lycra or spandex. The tight elasticity led to the shirt being nearly translucent as it faintly revealed the series of spots that ran down his torso.

And so, Arven had become encouraged by some of the looks he'd gotten from his walk into the holodeck, a polite wink to some of the crew he'd passed. Arven enters the holodeck and looks around, noting the presence of the holograms and Reggie. The Doctor gave an almost bashful wave and smiles, unsure of what to say. His emotional state was one of mixed emotions, wary and nearly fearful of connecting with anyone, knowing he needed to. So he put himself on 'display' to try and strike up a conversation even if he failed at it. And so, Arven spoke up, taking a look at the Hostess for the evening, the words possibly 'heard' by her before he could even say them.  "Thank you for the invite, I'm Doctor Leux, but you can call me Arven."

CPO Victor vanVinter |Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02]

Victor knew that he was going to attend tonight's concert. The chance to catch up with some old faces, meet some new people., It wasn't one that he was going to miss. Hopefully, he'd run into Enyd there but wasn't sure if she'd come to this event. Maybe it was too much chaos? No, she'd be there if there was chaos afoot. Either way, Enyd or not, he needed to unwind. And he'd be relaxed while doing so. Victor had needed to replicate new clothes for this and had delighted in choosing his attire for tonight. He'd gone with 'grunge' for this concert, a flannel shirt in blue and brown, paired with a grey shirt underneath, both hanging loosely off of his lanky frame. A pair of jeans that were distressed and torn strategically, all set atop a pair of black Chuck Taylors. Some minor accessorizing in the form of a bracelet with metal studs in rows of Purple, white, grey, and black, a 21st-century callback to his sexuality when 'pride' had needed to be shown in one's sexuality for visibility reasons. That personal touch he liked and might keep for other off-duty attire. A few simple necklaces he put on, simple black braids that hung asymmetrically around his neck. And he'd made sure to mess up his hair a little and run it through with some gel to get the look to stick.

With a casual Ease, the tall half-Bajoran makes his way through the corridors and enters the holodeck. Looking around expectantly, it seemed he was one of the first few here. She spotted Reggie, whom he'd wave to, an eyebrow-raising at her clothing, she looked good, and that hair, The Betazed made for a stunning hostess. Seeing that A trill he didn't know was chatting her up, Victor felt his gentlemanly instincts kick in, and he headed to the bar, raising three fingers to the holographic bartender.

Victor approaches the duo with a trio of bottles of a Bajoran ale, something smelling strongly of spices. One of his favorites from back 'home'. Handing one first to Reggie and then the second to Arven, he smiles politely, taking up position in what would have been known as 'forming a circle' more of a triangle since there were only three of them for now. He wasn't speaking just yet, not sure if he'd interrupted a conversation or if Arven had just come in. Not that he'd heard him say anything, Victor had been focused on being polite, getting the drinks and all.

After a moment, Figuring 'the hell with it, it's a party,' Victor does speak up politely, fully intending to be polite. "Hope you like the beer, I think the bartender needs work, and they gave me three of my preferences, not the 'house' beer. I hope you all don't mind a bit of spice to your drink." The towering man offers his hand to Arven, smiling at the Trill. "Good to meet you; I'm Victor, Fighter bay ops, for now." He winked at Reggie at that last bit, feeling hopeful about a career change in his future.

Re: Day 03 [19:30] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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  Lt JG Sorek Morgan, Callsign "Chaos"  | Junior Officer's Quarters | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring  @Tae


"Nah, I think you should go for the black leather pants." Ensign Clarksdale, acting as Sorek's fashion advisor at the moment, approached his team mate and friend and landed a well aimed, loud slap on the hybrid's behind. "They definitely highlight your butt way more than those denims." He added and could not help but grin. He knew very well that Sorek needed more time to get out of the proverbial closet. But he could not help himself; he loved to tease this man.

"Owen! Stop that!" Sorek replied with a giggle. He kept his eyes focused on his mirror image, trying hard not to blush. But to no avail. It seemed as if his RIO had a hand for teasing him just enough so that Sorek did not feel too uncomfortable. But he had to stay reserved. He was new on this ship. He did not want anyone to know about his secret fantasies. It was bad enough that Owen knew. But he trusted his RIO. He would never tell.

"Make me..." Owen replied with a purr in his voice. His lips were so close to Sorek's ear that he could feel his hot breath on his skin. He stayed there for a moment before turning and handing Sorek the leather pants. "No, seriously. Take those. And the leather jacket. You'll look perfect for the occasion!" He stated matter of factly. Of course, Owen himself had chosen black leather pants as well. But he went with a bordeux colored net shirt and a black leather collar to go with them, instead of the very clichee jacket.

"Yes, I guess you're right." Sorek replied and took off his jeans. He knew that Owen was starting to stare at his butt, once it was only concealed by tight, black boxers. But he did not mind. He actually liked that, a bit at least. "It's a great idea, this party. I only hope enough people come to make it a success. Lieutenant Suder probably has put a lot of thought into it."

Owen chuckled, still transfixed on the Lieutenant's features. "I bet she has. You like her, don't you?" It was a risky question, he knew that. He had learned quickly about Sorek's insecurities, especially regarding his own sexuality and women of the beautiful kind, when they met at the Tactical CONN Training Center Omega. Owen was not telepathic, far from it, but he was well versed in reading people's facial expressions and analyzing things that were said between the lines. And once he had a gut feeling, he approached the topics that he thought interesting. At least if the people themselves sparked his interest. And Sorek had sparked his interest on the first day of their training course.

"Yes, she's a great pilot." Sorek replied, oblivious of the fact that this was exactly not what Owen was interested in. He pulled up his pants and turned towards his RIO. His eyes, highlighted by a faint stroke of eye liner, focused on his friend's physique. Damn, he looks hot! He thought to himself, only to force the thought to get back into it's cage instantly. "Ready to go?" He asked and gestured towards the door. Owen - slightly amused by his friend's inability to confess to being attracted to someone - nodded and followed him. This he thought was going to be interesting.
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Re: Day 03 [19:30] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02] attn: @P.C. Haring  @Tae  @Lathaniel

As a playful song depicting the story of some bloke named Johnny B. Goode played, Enyd danced around her quarters as she readied herself for the evening's festivities. It had been quite some time since she'd had the opportunity or the inclination to join such an event. And the invitation from two lieutenants she had yet to meet had been too tempting to ignore once she read it would be themed from old Earth. Truthfully, she'd spent an inordinate amount of time researching the clothing and hairstyles of the rock'n'roll era and felt the get-up she'd procured would suffice for the dress code indicated in the invitation.

Lowering one leg from the stool after fastening the garter belt, Enyd turned in front of the mirror to check the seams of her stockings. She smiled when she saw two straight lines traveling down the length of her legs, starting at the top of the stocking, attached to hips with a lacy black garter belt. It was most thrilling wearing such archaic fashion items, and Enyd blushed at the unsolicited thrill she felt as she stared at her own reflection in the mirror. Nude, except for a simple pair of black underclothes, the stockings, and red high heels, her hair gathered in a deep side part, with pinned curls framing her face and a rose tucked behind one ear, Enyd almost didn't recognize herself.

This new thrill didn't go away as she retrieved the red petticoat and pulled it up over her hips. If anything, the layered combination only deepened the charge running in her veins. This wasn't the first time wearing clothing from another era or another culture influenced her emotions or sense of self; over the years, she'd had to wear more than a few outfits that had challenged her sense of modesty but had worn them for a mission's sake. Yet the context of this outfit was different, and it had been such a very, long time since she'd felt this type of emotional response.

A song about some sort of lace, was it Chantilly?, came on next as Enyd broke her self-study and resumed her preparations. After tucking her white collared, deep v-neck, sleeveless shirt into a high-waisted petticoat, Enyd plucked up the black "poodle skirt" that would lay over the fluffy layers of the petticoat. Next, she fastened a thick white belt over the top. Her lips, shoes, and petticoat all matched the red of the rose, while the belt was just a subtle hue different from her white shirt. Her hair pulled back the way it was, there would be no mistaking the curve of her ears leading into a not-so-subtle point. She placed simple pearl studs in each ear, though she refrained from a necklace or bracelets.

Spritzing a mist of her favorite perfume, a blend of wildflowers from Montana, Enyd took one last turn in front of the mirror before leaving her quarters and heading towards the deck eight holodeck area. Despite the earlier jolt to her personal sense of allure as she'd stood in front of her mirror, Enyd fought a blush when she met people in the corridors on her way to the intended venue. She still wasn't certain what the lieutenants' meant when they instructed partygoers to "come on down to paradise city," and while a certain diplomat colleague might think Enyd conducted the "crazy train," Enyd had no concept what that meant either. All she thought herself certain of was that the evening's theme was centered around classic rock and roll and she'd dressed according to that them.

Only, as Enyd stepped over the threshold into the Holodeck 02, she realized how the definition of "classic" could have some bearing on clothing style. After only a few seconds of study of those who had already arrived, it was evident that her definition differed greatly from the hosts. Enyd tipped her head up and moved confidently into the room instead of beating a quick retreat for a wardrobe change. The invitation had said rock-and-roll, and she was dressed for an era that started the trend of such music and cultural aspirations of non-conformity. Beyond that, she still felt good in her outfit, and since that personal satisfaction had been missing for so long, Enyd was uninterested in making a change.

Spying Victor, dressed more for the "appropriate" era, standing with a few others, Enyd smiled in greeting as she approached.

"Evening," her eyes hastened over the others in acknowledgment before she shifted on her heels to take in the larger context of their surroundings, "this is quite a feat accomplished already." Enyd tipped her head to the side, "Is this what was meant by 'paradise city' or is this the 'crazy train'?" She looked around, a slight frown tugging at her lips when she saw nothing remotely train-themed.

Invitation references in post supplied by P.C. Haring.
Lieutenant Enyd Isolde Madsen, Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

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Re: Day 03 [19:30] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Personal Quarters | Deck 13 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring @Ellen Fitz @Lathaniel @Tae @Griffinsummoner @Pierce @Aharon @Auctor Lucan

OOC: Kate's look for the evening...[Show/Hide]

Finally a real chance to just cut loose.

Kate had been desperate for something like this, as her life had seemed to endlessly revolve around her career in the wake of very nearly ending it with a finality some three years earlier. There had been a spell here and there, where she'd fit in some rest and relaxation, sure, but nothing akin to what had been planned by Lieutenant Suder, or Reggie, as she seemed to prefer. Tonight would be one to remember, and Kate had every intention of living it to it's fullest. She, and Reggie had just about invited everyone they knew on board, and Kate had even gone as far to hint that those invited could bring friends of their own, so long as they weren't anyone who might cramp down on the potential fun. Basically, that meant anyone who's collar carried more than two pips, or who oversaw the running of one of the ship's departments. The kids had made sure their parents wouldn't be around to interfere in the party. Besides, they were always having their little cocktail parties and get togethers in some secretive part of the ship without the common rabble around to judge them or their outfits. It was only fair now that they had found themselves left out of the evening's activities.

Stopping a moment as she slung a leather coat over her shoulders, Kate imagined the kind of get together that might have included the Captain, and his Senior Staff, and knew it would've probably put her into a comatose state.

"Oh... oh, hey, Reg-- erm, Lieutenant Suder... umm, whatever." Standing on protocol was one of those things Kate still struggled with, even all these years into her career as a Starfleet Officer. She was always unsure of when it was kosher to use nicknames, or first names, especially with regard to superior officers, of which Reggie technically was by rank. Peering about her new quarters, situated a safe distance from her brother, she wondered a moment if there was anything else she'd need for the night, spotting the pair of sunglasses she'd replicated to complete her look, resting on a nearby table. "I'm just about to roll out of my place, and head over there. I'm just running a bit late, as usual." She snatched up the glasses in one of her delicate hands, feeling a little more confident about having had everything she needed after. "Got stuck taking care of Ensign Maier's tennis elbow... again. I swear, if that girl throws out her arm one more time, I'm going to staplegun it back into place." The disregard for patient confidentiality wasn't deliberate, nor was it accidental, as it had become something of a meme among the Theurgy Medical Staff how often they'd had to take care of Kaylee's sports related injuries, and Kate was pretty certain that a good portion of the rest of the crew were just as aware of her perpetual injured status.

"She's coming tonight too now that I think about it. She can buy me a drink for making me late." Digressing back to the point of conversation, Kate cleared her throat and started toward her cabin door. "Anyways... I'll see--" it suddenly dawned on her, that Reggie had already closed the line, and that Kate was rambling on to no one.  "Great, now I'm talking to myself again. I'm turning into Commander Fisher. Wouldn't Hathev find that funny. Ugh..." She sighed as she exited her quarters, immediately stepping into a mercifully empty turbolift and inputting her destination which wasn't all that far. Still, the privacy afforded her a moment to remember a few things she had yet to do in advance of being able to just have fun. She'd already reminded Vinata of the concert when she'd left sickbay at the end of her shift; similarly she'd said something to the members of her surgical team, whom she genuinely hoped might be able to attend. There were two people though, she'd initially invited, but hadn't had a moment to remind, and they were arguably the two she'd most wanted to get a chance to hang with. "Thea, can you forward on a message to both Lieutenant Lance and Petty Officer LeBlanc, reminding them of the concert in Holodeck 02." In truth, she wasn't too worried that they'd forgotten, as both Tessa and Scruffy seemed to be better at remembering things than she was, but all the same, she figured it didn't hurt.

[Message sent.] Thea replied simply.

"Thank you, Thea!" Kate smiled, a thought crossing her mind. "I hope you can make an appearance too, Thea." She winked in no particular direction, though she assumed the ship's AI would've picked up on it with some kind of visual sensor or other means. Reggie and Kate had felt it only appropriate that Thea be invited, since they had relied on her for so much, and it seemed like a good opportunity to get to know her some.

[ Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ]

Once the doors parted, Kate stepped in to the already running program and spotted a number of people standing around Reggie near the bar; of course they had beaten her to the punch. Mildly frustrated, and very apologetic, Kate jogged across the momentarily empty concert hall which was in the throes of staging in advance of the actual concert start time. Catching in the light breeze as she neared them, the long mesh hem of her skirt flittered about her slender legs; a minor departure for her, she'd decided against dressing in a more risque fashion so as not to scare away anyone. Upon laying eyes on the others, Reggie especially so, Kate realized she probably could've gotten away with way more than she was attempting. A minor regret, she was still confident enough that her comfortable choice would allow her the mobility and freedom she wanted so that she could enjoy a night of dancing, and her choice of black and white patterned Chuck Taylors doubled that promise. Additionally, Kate had figured she wore modestly uncomfortable shoes all day at work, she had more than earned the right to wear something that didn't kill her feet.

"Hey!" She announced herself, holding up her right hand in a peace-sign as greeting to Reggie, Arven, Victor, Sorek, and Enyd. Of them, she'd only known Reggie and Arven, though she'd seen Victor at some point earlier and had recognized him. "Umm... I'm Kate... erm, Lieutenant Foster. Kate's fine though." She held out a hand to more formally greet the three she was least familiar with. "Thanks for coming. It should be a great turn out." She smiled to each of them, slipping her sunglasses up to rest atop her blonde locks as she eyed each of them up and down in an obvious display. "...and damn! You all look great!" she smiled, winking to Reggie as means of hinting the success of the event so far.

"I reminded Thea that she was welcome while riding the turbolift. I'm hoping she'll get a chance to stop by too." Kate explained, stepping round to approach the bar. "Can I get one of whatever they're drinking?" she waited a moment and accepted a cold bottle of Bajoran Ale before turning back.

"Hope you guys are ready to rock tonight!" she sipped her beer after raising it in salute to them.
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Re: Day 03 [19:30] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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  Lt JG Sorek Morgan, Callsign "Chaos"  | Holodeck 02 | Deck 8 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @P.C. Haring  @Tae  @Swift  @Ellen Fitz 


Sorek had followed Owen to the turbolift and further on his way to the holodeck. This guy was making him crazy in so many ways, Sorek could not even point out every single aspect of the madness Owen caused inside his mind. Was it the fact that his RIO assorted a weird type of attraction on him? Was it that he constantly pushed his buttons about Lieutenant Suder? Or his questionable comments about hidden desires and the proverbial closet, Sorek allegedly spent his life in? Sorek was sure that it was a combination of all those aspects and still, this list was surely not complete.

And to Sorek's discomfort, Owen was right. The moments in which he was capable of allowing himself to openly and honestly think about his desires were scarce but intense. Was he really interested in men? Why was that so hard to accept? Why even try accepting it in the first place? And what in the universe was his damn problem when it came to interactions with the opposite sex?

"You ready, handsome? Or would you like us to stand outside the holodeck so all those superior officers can see how yummy you look?" Owen had forced Sorek's attention to shift from his busy mind to his friend. Followed by an affirming nod, both men had entered the holodeck.

"I'll go see the restroom and get us some drinks. See you in a moment."

Sorek had made his way over to the other guests and the hostess. Upon his arrival, Lieutenant Suder had already been joined by a few other crew members of whom he only knew one. That cute Lieutenant from the Oneida... He had thought and immediately scolded himself once more. Cute? That's a crew member. A doctor. Not some cute holo novel character. Get your shit together, man! His thoughts had barely shown in his face when he had joined Lieutenant Suder and the others.

"Hello everyone. I'm Lieutenant Morgan." He had greeted everyone and had instantly felt goofy. Was this right? Did they all call each other by their ranks or was this occasion one of those few events where one could drop protocol? He did not know and he was too insecure to deviate from a once set course in mid-flight. "And thank you, Lieutenant, for the invitation." He had spoken into the direction of his superior officer. He had not been able to but look her up and down. His cheeks had started blushing slightly, caused by both; his insecurity and his admiration for Suder.

When he heard the voice of another woman behind him, he did not hesitate and turned on his heel. He did not know er, but the arrival of this blonde beauty was perfect. Just in time to distract everyone from his awkward behavior, or so he hoped.
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Re: Day 03 [19:30] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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The night was early still, but already the party was getting started.  Arven and Victor had arrived almost simultaneously together.  

"Glad to meet you, Arven.  I'm Regeine Suder, but I insist you call me Reggie.  Thanks for coming.  Should be a fun time."

Victor, ever the gentleman bought the first round and Reggie wondered if, on some level, he was trying to make up for the poor first impression he had made with her in the flight simulator.  She nodded in thanks as she took the bottle.  The beer was a little heavier than she might have expected, but it seemed appropriate for the occasion and she didn't mind if the first hit her a little harder.  Great way to kick off the night.

"Thanks for the drink," she said.  "I..uh...actually didn't designate a 'house' brew.  I can still do that if you'd like?"

The next arrival struck Reggie as somewhat of an enigma.  While she was picturesque herself, the woman's style was about three decades, give or take, behind the times of the music they'd be experiencing tonight.  She shrugged it off almost as quickly as it hit her.  If rock was about non conformity, then this woman was rocking that mindset perfectly.  But then she asked about Paradise City and the Crazy Train.  Oohhhh it seemed like someone was going to get her classic rock cherry popped tonight.  She'd have quite the experience and Reggie decided she couldn't wait to see her reaction.  Then she realized that the newcomer had not introduced herself.

"Oh I think you're in for one hell of a night.  I'm Reggie Suder.  Nice to meet you," she said by way of introduction, her voice trailing off, prompting for a reciprocation.

The group of them chatted for a few minutes before the doors opened again, granting Kate her entry.  The surgeon and the first person outside of the squadron, Reggie had met on the ship, commented on all of their choices of wardrobe and it gave Reggie a moment to take them all in herself.  Indeed they all looked fucking fantastic, each one of them showing their own style, their own expression of who they were in this moment.  She caught Kate's wink, empathicly feeling her excitement.

"You don't look so bad yourself, Katie," she replied curious to see how Kate would react.  "I didn't take you for the long skirt kind of girl, but you're rocking it."

Sorek arrived next, introducing himself by rank.  Typical for she knew of him.  He'd been her student at TacCONN training, and now assigned to her wing.  The invitation had said to leave rank at the door, but if people wanted to refer to each other by their rank as a way of salutation, what did she care?

"Glad you could make it, Sorek.  Come on in, make yourself comfortable."

She took a look around the group.  The program had been running barely five minutes and already the party was getting started.  Down on the main floor the holographic audience was starting to gather and given her experience with this program, Reggie suspected it was about five to ten minutes before the published show time.  Still plenty of time for more people to arrive, even if the music started on time which... it rarely ever did.

Oh yes... this was going to be one hell of a night.
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Re: Day 03 [19:30] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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Arven took the Bajoran ale from Victor with a smile given to the man. He just thought that Victor had style at the moment before the ale touched his lips. The moment it did, the heaviness of the drink, combined with the array of spices in it, and to him, the spiciness of the beverage made it entirely and wholly unpalatable.  It was all Arven could do not violently to expel the noxious fluid from his mouth. And yet Reggie and Victor were sipping it? How was that possible? Arven was quite nearly offended that anyone could drink such a thing, the waves of offense and disgust rolling off him like thick heavy waves in a roiling storm. Arven discreetly spits the sip back into the bottle instead of any showy actions that could give a wrong impression.

Before he can do anything about it, Kate and Enyd walk in. The two dressed so drastically different than it was amusing to him. Enyd looked dressed for a wholly different event, and that was puzzling to him.  His distraction is palpable as he shakes Kate's hand. "Good to finally see you outside of a work setting. I've been meaning to say hello to you and chat. However, if you'll excuse me..." He smiles politely, nodding to the growing group.

With a trained doctor's consummate professionalism, he smiles and bows his head to Arven and Reggie. "Love the clothing. And thank you for the drink, but It's not quite what I prefer. You'll understand if I get something else." That being said, Arven makes his way to the bar, with an urgent need to get the overpowering flavors out of his mouth. He gets something more suited to his sensibilities, something light and bubbly, fruity. Something that wasn't quite a Seltzer, but a human might consider as such.

Arven stands at the bar watching the others slowly trickle in, sipping his seltzer to get the taste of the Bajoran ale out of his mouth.  He gave a cheery wave to everyone that made their way in, spotting Sorek come in with his RIO, which made him smile. And he calls out to the man. "Hey, I see that you haven't gotten your ass shot off Chaos! Come have a drink, and bring your back seat too!"  A cheerful smile is given to the pair.

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Victor was about to say something to add to the conversation, immensely enjoying the aroma and flavor of his beer. While he was being polite and was certainly regretful of the poor impression they'd started training off with, this was just Victor being Victor.  The very least he could do as one of the first arrivals was to get a drink for the hostess of the evening.

And then in walks Enyd, dressed like it was the 1950's almost. The poodle skirt really set off her whole ensemble, and her being so anachronistically old-fashioned... no, there was amusement there. It seemed that no one had gotten the same interpretation of the unstated dress code. Prominent in Victor's mind was amusement with the varied attire and a deep-seated sense of love and admiration directed towards Enyd. There was something else mixed in with that, a sense of loss and regret, maybe?

He favors the diminutive woman with a loving smile and chuckles. "I think those are song names, my dearest Enyd. Though I'm not quite sure." he looks to Reggie for confirmation, hoping that he'd get it. He wasn't quite sure about much of the period's music, and it had taken some database searches to come up with an outfit. So most of this was new to Victor as well, but he'd seen Poodle skirts and had imagined that Enyd would have worn something so adorable. If they had coordinated, then he might've gone with 'Greaser,' but they hadn't, so he didn't.

"Anything I can I can get you to drink Enyd?" His tone of voice is light and cheerful then, and he looks to the others; spotting Kate, he waves with the freshly replaced new Cybernetic hand.

"Good to see you, Miss foster. Sorry that you had to replace this thing twice in as many weeks. Sorry, I wasn't awake for the first time, but whatever you had to do to bring me back was no doubt a heroic story all of its own. Still, I do apologize for trashing the arm on Qo'nos. I tried to keep it intact, but that sniper had other ideas." He had a cheerful tone to his voice, but it was clear that he was trying to make light of a far more severe situation with his humor. There was apparent emotional pain, but he'd been given a new lease on life and wasn't going to argue against that.

He Nods politely to Sorek and chuckles at the man. "Mister Morgan, this is a party; let's not hear any ranks here, yeah? Call me Victor, if you want. You're one of the wolves right, pretty sure I've seen you around. and This lovely woman in the Poodle skirt is Enyd Madsen." Victor seemed about to say more, very nearly adding 'my fiancee' to the end there, but he caught himself just in time. They hadn't worked that particular issue out just yet.

To Reggie, he smiles and chuckles. "Might not be a bad idea. This stuff is pretty potent, with lots of spices and herbs. Bajoran cuisine isn't for everyone, but you seem to enjoy yours, though yes?"

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Re: Day 03 [19:30] I Wanna Rock-n-Roll All Nite...
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[ Lt. Enyd Isolde Madsen | Holodeck 02 | Deck 08 | Vector 02] attn: @P.C. Haring @Tae @Lathaniel @Swift

Enyd turned to greet the newcomer, Kate, and noted that her outfit looked more akin to most of the others already in the holodeck. When Kate raised her beer in salute, Enyd grinned and nodded in return, her hands presently empty of any beverage. A lieutenant Morgan came in next, his body language and vocal tones all over the place, reminding Enyd of a younger Victor when she'd first met him on Vulcan. Her thoughts straying to her former fiance, Enyd glanced over in time to catch his explanation of the lack of railcar memorabilia. Enyd laughed at her own silliness. She still had no intention of changing her outfit to fit with the correct time period as she felt comfortable and confident in her present outfit, but it was good to note the difference in case there was a repeat concert in the future.

"Heavens me, they would be song titles, wouldn't they?" Still chuckling, she added, "I'll take one of those Bajoran ales, actually. I like the heavy spices. Thank you, Victor." Enyd returned her attention to the jovial host. "Pleased to meet you all. I am only previously acquainted with Victor, so thank you for sharing names, though I agree that rank should stay at the door. I am Enyd, diplomatic corps and recent transfer to the ship." Enyd looked around the holodeck again, letting out another husky chuckle. "And poor interpreter of the definition of 'rock'n'roll' apparently." She gestured to her outfit when her roaming eyes returned to the small group. "I wrongfully assumed a few decades prior, when the term was first coined, and obviously the style was quite different. But, I'm excited to experience the music and styles of this evening's program."

When Victor returned with her drink, Enyd thanked him by way of lightly squeezing his forearm with her other hand, dropping it back to her side immediately after. After taking a tentative first sip, her eyes widened in delight, and she took an almost unladylike gulp.

"Very refreshing," Enyd added as she raised the glass in Kate's direction, a belated return salute. "Will there be dancing here as well, or purely concert-style?"
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