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Topic: Day 01 [1300 hrs.] A rocky start (Read 252 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 01 [1300 hrs.] A rocky start
CPO Victor van Vinter | Deck 21 Holodeck 03| Vector 03 | Attn: @P.C. Haring

Victor was blowing off some steam in the flight simulators this 'morning,' while it was afternoon, he'd had a very late night with Enyd' the night before, and he'd needed to get a complete 'night' of sleep anyway. Now that he'd gotten up, he'd had a quick breakfast in his quarters, and had gone in to log some practice time. The man had been at it for hours by this point. Putting his mind and body through the stresses of flight training was always a thing he'd enjoyed. He didn't imagine that anyone would be in the Holodecks on deck 21 at this hour today. So there was a projection of his practice on a screen near his Valkyrie acting as simulator pod for any passerby to watch. This particular mission would be the last one he'd be running today, so he wanted something special.

Victor was piloting his programmed Mark I through an asteroid field, with a pair of Jem Hadar attack ships on his tail. His weapons were disabled for this mission, but his fighter was equipped with an ECM Pod, a ECCM emitter, and a rack of EMP torpedoes. This was a mission, an odd one, and a difficult one. In this scenario, he was part of a failed assault on a Jem Hadar supply depot. But the intel was wrong, and the mission was an ambush. Victor's fighter was the only one that had made it out, and now there were two attack ships on his tail. One hand on the stick flying his fighter, Victor was busily programming in a sequence for his countermeasures with his left, satisfied, a rogue smirk comes to his features.

The purple lance of their Polaron beams coming close to him but never connecting. The fancy flying displayed was a series of barrel rolls and twists, engines on a full burn as he heads deeper into the asteroid field. The systems of the fighter were running at a minimum except for the engines thrusting hard.  It turned into a matter of mere meters with victor ducking behind a giant asteroid just as Polaron beam slams into the metallic rock, sending debris spraying all around him and impacting his fighter. Not quite to plan, but Victor cuts his engines and power signatures, firing off an ECM torpedo off into space to make it look like he was still flying and not hiding behind the asteroid. That ECM charge is allowed to fly off into the distance. A ECCM Pod following silent close behind it. After a few seconds, the ECM pod shuts off, and the ECCM pod he'd programmed blasts a signal out like his fighter going to warp.

"Come on, take the bait, you assholes." And then he saw it, the flash of one of the Jem Hadar ships going to warp, just one. That was expected, though, and he had a few minutes to deal with the other one. Victor powers his systems back up, balancing the power allocations. After a glance, Victor spots the attack ship on his scanners, and it is time to let it chase him again. "Ok, just gotta lay a bit of a trap for you. Going to have to get creative, though." With a full burn to get the attention of the attack ship Victor leads it on a twisting chase through the asteroid field, performing maneuvers that would turn him into paste without inertial dampeners. A high G Immelman followed by a reverse corkscrew up and over an asteroid that looked like a twisted potato. Knowing the attack ship would be on his tail, Victor drops half of his load of EMP torpedoes as mines, set to proximity detonation. And then a hard burn towards open space, firing off another ECCM pod in another direction after cutting his engines and reducing his signature and ducking behind a small asteroid that was scrambling his sensors, probably kemocite. It wasn't especially fancy or smooth of him, he'd done better and fancier in the past. But he got the 'Mission complete' message across his field of view, and the simulation ends.

With a smile, Victor pops open the cockpit of the Valkyrie and pops out of it, stretching out. They weren't quite made for a man of his lanky stature, and the sound of popping comes from both sets of knuckles, real and cybernetic. He'd had a death grip on the control stick and had nearly cracked it with the cybernetic. While Victor was covered in sweat, it was a good run, just a few short minutes, setting what was probably a new record. Checking the scoreboard for that particular mission, he looked at the time he'd put up, and grins. "Not bad at all, three minutes twenty-four seconds."

He'd managed to get in a few good runs begore Reggie had showed up, which he was hoping that he'd managed, and felt that he did. Flying the solo missions was all well and good, but he really needed someone on, or to be on, another pilot's wing to show off his skills. If he wanted to make more of a tactical difference to the Theurgy crew, he needed to get his wings. Hopefully he'd manage to impress Reggie. At least he was warmed up now.
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Re: Day 01 [1300 hrs.] A rocky start
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[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Tae

Much to her surprise, Reggie found Holodeck 03 already in use when she arrived.  She was certain that CPO vanVinter had said he'd reserved the time.  It gave her pause, leaving her to wonder  if she had gotten the location or the time mixed up.  The Theurgy afterall was the largest ship she'd ever served on, and with all three of her hulls...vectors, she corrected herself, spread throughout the shipyard, if she was in the wrong place, it might take her a while to get to the right section.

Prudence set in though and she accessed the scheduling log for Holodeck 3.  It was reserved for Victor vanVinter, had been for several hours, and would continue to be for a few more.  Next she called up the access logs.  CPO vanVinter logged into the holodeck and had not logged out.  For a moment, Reggie wondered if she had made a mistake by agreeing to this.  Apparently the deck hand wanted to learn to become a fighter pilot.  Not such an odd request.  Spend enough time around a piece of equipment and eventually you'll want to fly it yourself.  She'd agreed mostly as a courtesy.  Flight school, to say nothing about TacticalCONN training was rigorous as hell and not something easily picked up in the field.  So she figured she'd give him some time, let him burn out  on his own.  No harm, no foul, and perhaps she might pick up a friend or colleague.

But as she let herself into Holodeck 3 and saw what vanVinter was, in fact, doing all of that went out the window. 

Truth be told, she did not care so much that he was in a simulation pod.  She'd expected that.  But when she crossed the room to the monitoring console, and routed the simulator's feed to a floating render, she experienced a rare case of her blood boiling. 

This guy was playing war with a pair of Jem'Hadar attack ships.  He led them on a cat and mouse hunt through an asteroid field and when the opportunities arouse to take them out, did he fire his weapons? Nope.  Instead he played chicken with them, in a sloppily desperate manner, dropping ECM weapons and mines.  What was he doing?  Playing out some fantasy as some sort of fighter pilot hero taking down the enemy in convoluted ways so he could be revered as the savior of the day.

Ohhh no...  no no.  That was not going to happen.

She had fought the Jem'Hadar.  Her squadron had fought for the duration of the war.  Many...too damn many... of her friends and colleagues had died in the struggle.  The Federation had not been prepared and they had been given peregrines... modified courier ships to take on the Jem'Hadar and Cardassians and she and others had to literally write the book, making it up as they went.  And now a decade later, some cocky deckhand was going to use that conflict as a source for his...what... his fantasy? 

She was about to turn and leave, when the simulation ended and the simulator pod opened up.  VanVinter climbed out on the far side, his back to Reggie.  She watched him, the anger seething as his attention turned to something on that side... was that...yes... a fucking scoreboard.

Men and Women had suffered and died in those cockpits and now this deckie was using that as the basis for a game??  Nope.  She would have no part in it.  She would not play into whatever delusions of grandeur this guy seemed to be carrying.  To do so would dishonor their sacrifice.

Reggie decided then and there, she would put an end to that.

"Attention on deck!"  

She waited for him to come to attention before addressing him further.

"Would you care to tell me what it is you were doing, Petty Officer?"

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Re: Day 01 [1300 hrs.] A rocky start
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CPO Victor van Vinter | Deck 21 Holodeck 03| Vector 03 | Attn: @P.C. Haring

Victor was feeling good about being warmed up. He had practice with some actual training missions, ones that were used as training tools. The last one was one of the more difficult that he'd mastered. Missions, where the fighters either had no weapons or using them wasn't an option, were always tricky. This one, though, he thought he'd done well, but hearing Reggie snap at him, an eyebrow rises slightly. There was a shock of surprise that issued from him, even as he snapped to attention automatically. Victor wasn't quite confused but more surprised that Reggie had ordered him to attention. His brow furrows slightly when he calls him 'Petty officer' and not Chief, though explaining what he was doing was undoubtedly warranted to Reggie. The choice of title sent a wrinkly of minor annoyance flowing through his motions. It was like referring to a Lieutenant Commander as Lieutenant.

"I was practicing a combat mission appropriate to my flight hours, Lieutenant." The explanation came sharply and crisply, not quite a shout, but undoubtedly firm and loud. Almost like he was replying to an instructor back in flight school. No annoyance, anger, or any real emotion other than providing crisp answers.  "If you would like, I can detail my flying experience?" He waited for the slightest of response, doing his best to get a read on the woman.

Getting a slight nod from Reggie,  Victor speaks up, looking to the Air. "Thea, can you please give a summary of my flight experience please?" Victor steps back and pulls up a console to display the information and show the last two hours of his activity today.

Thea's voice comes over the intercom while Victor pulls up the recent simulator logs for Reggie to peruse should she desire to do so. "Chief petty officer Vanvinter is qualified to fly in non-combat situations on the Peregrine fighter with twenty-six thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine flight hours. The Valkyrie Mark One with two thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven flight hours. He is also rated on several classes of shuttles, both Civilian and Starfleet. He has recently logged one point seven six hours on the Valkyrie Mark three in simulator mode here on the holodeck; before that, Chief vanVinter's flight hours with the Valkyrie Mark three are estimated by myself at several hundred. Not all of his experiences with the Valkyrie's on the Theurgy were formally logged. This is due to the nature of his work as a test pilot and propulsion and spaceframe specialist."

A ripple of annoyance rushes through Victor then, Thea speaking up like that made it seem like he was trying to brag. While there's no significant outward reaction, the emotional response was loud and clear for Reggie to pick up. The last thing he wanted to do was brag.

After that, Victor takes a short breath and gestures to the trainer. "I wasn't here playing video games, Lieutenant. I was logging simulator time. Technically it's been a few months since I've had any flight time. I was in stasis recently, and I wanted to make sure that my reflexes and new hand wouldn't cause either of us to waste our time. You know how it is. When you hop in that cockpit, you need to know that you're at your best or you're dead. Not just in combat but training as well." There was an honesty and fervent belief in Victor's tone then. These were things he'd picked up from his time on the Thunderchild more than anywhere else. There was a barely restrained desire to prove himself then, but he felt that words weren't the best way of doing that right now.

"With your permission, Lieutenant, I'd like to start us in the TeX for now. That academy flight trainer that everyone practices in once we're cleared to fly solo?" Victor was reasonably sure that Reggie would know what He was talking about. Although Reggie was younger than him, they'd probably still had the old trusty TeX as the flight trainer. "If you feel I was doing something wrong by running the simulations and training missions that I was, then so be it. We'll start as basic as we can without you flying in the second seat." Victor's tone of voice matched his emotional state, calm, controlled, conciliatory. Victor wasn't fully knowledgeable of Reggie's history, and she hadn't looked at his complete service record. No harm, no foul, He didn't take any insult there. It wasn't like Reggie was original Theurgy crew, so in this particular case, he was eager to show what he could do, and in the process, show her why he was on the Theurgy in the first place.

OOC Note: This is the ship that Victor is referring to as the TeX.  No formal name listed on memory alpha. TeX is a derivative of Texan X/10, a references to the T-6 Texan flight trainer used by the US Military
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Re: Day 01 [1300 hrs.] A rocky start
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[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Tae

Reggie listened as VanVinter explained himself, had Thea rattle off his credentials, and then had the hubris to suggest that they start in an academy trainer.  Was he playing her?  The man had logged close to thirty thousand hours in a cockpit, and he wanted to start in a rickety trainer that first year cadets with no experience whatsoever use.  No.  The simulations of the TeX would remain in the passive memory.

"That will not be necessary, Chief," she said.  Her voice had lost it's anger but still carried the authoritative edge. "The TeX course is intended for cadets with no flight experience whatsoever.  Your simulation combined with your record, indicates quite the opposite."

She keyed a command into the control PADD and a pair of chairs materialized next to the simulator pod.  She motioned to the chair opposite of her own as she sat down.

"However, for as extensive as your flight experience may be, I am not impressed.  Your record lacks one key thing."

She let the thought hang unfinished. 

"Thea, my flight experience and credentials, if you please?"

"Lieutenant Regiene Suder," Thea began, "Is a decorated combat pilot and veteran of the Borg Invasion of 2373 and of the Dominion War.  During the latter incident, Lieutenant Suder, is credited with five hundred and thirty three individual combat missions including the First Battle of Chin'Toka and the Battle of Betazed.  Following the War, Lieutenant Suder served in the Bajoran sector where she is credited for an additional half dozen combat engagements.  Awards and Citations include:  The Purple Heart and The Star Cross of Distinguished Flight 2373: For ingenuity and skilled piloting skills of the U.S.S. Teracotta, severely damaged by enemy action, while grievously injured resulting in 130 lives saved; Battle of Sector 001.  2375, Grankite order of Tactics and Star Cross of Distinguished Flight for conspicuous gallantry and unorthodox tactical strategy- The Battle of Betazed.  2375 Extended tour Ribbon.  Lieutenant Suder is combat rated for the Steamrunner Class Starship, Peregrine Attack Fighter, AC-205  MK I Valkyrie, AC-307 MK II Valkyrie, and AC-477 Valravyn fighter craft.  Most recent assignment: Flight Instructor: Tactical CONN Training Center Omega.  Transferred to U.S.S. Theurgy via U.S.S. Oneida.  Current designation Wolf-13; Flight Leader."

Reggie remained silent, allowing her record to set in with her latest pupil.

"I respect your experience, Chief," she said, her voice calm and sincere.  "In turn I expect you to respect mine.  You said you weren't playing 'video games', and I chose to take you at your word.  But as you have operated, until now, as a non-combat pilot I need to ensure, before we go any further, that you're aware of what you're getting into.  You are not here to impress me an I am not here to be impressed by you.  You are here to learn and train so that if and when you fly one of these overpowered weapons into combat you have a chance at coming back alive.  During the war, fighter squadron's averaged 72.4% casualty rate.  It is the definition of High Risk, High Reward and knowing you are likely to die, or lose three colleagues every time you launch is not a burden to take lightly nor is it a burden that one should appear to take lightly.

She paused again, her sermon just about complete.

"So before we go any further, Chief, you should know that I will hold you to the highest standard and I will suffer no foolishness.  I need to know right here and now if you are ready to make that commitment, and take it seriously."

The Betazoid sat back in her chair, falling silent while he considered her words.
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Re: Day 01 [1300 hrs.] A rocky start
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CPO Victor van Vinter | Deck 21 Holodeck 03| Vector 03 | Attn: @P.C. Haring

When Reggie began speaking, Victor assumed Parade Rest, hands clasped behind his back as he listened. And he seemed to agree with her opinion of not starting with the TeX. At the very least, Reggie didn't seem to be mad anymore. And then the chairs materialize; Victor takes the one offered to him and tilts his head to the ceiling listening to Thea. Some of the names of battles were quite familiar to him. The fact that Thea started with the Borg invasion got a reaction from him. One of respect and commiseration, as well as rather personal pain.

"You were the one that pulled the Terracotta out of the fire? I don't know what to say there, Reggie." There was a profound sense of awe and respect, learning that fact about Reggie. He knew people that had friends on that ship, people that had lived because of Reggie. Victor goes silent for a time, deciding to go ahead and let her know a bit more about himself and wanting to share as much as he could with her. She deserved to know this about him, and this was the best way.

"I was on the Thunderchild. We were at Utopia Planitia getting a refit and rearming. I think we went out that day with only a third of our fighter wing staffed. I think only about a dozen made it back. And that's arguable." Victor taps his eye then and shakes his head sadly.

 "When Lieutenant Markowicz hit the deck, her fighter went up. A plasma manifold caught and." He doesn't finish that, closing his eyes for painful, vivid images of fire and screams and burning flash through his mind. The icy cold sensation he felt when the chunk of the fighter tore through the side of his face. 

"We lost five-deck crew in that explosion, plus the Lieutenant."  There was a real pain when he spoke about that day, and he knew what it was like, that bone-chilling fear of the initial engagement. Fighting the Borg had been like throwing stones at the walls of Constantinople.

"I served for the entire war on that ship, started on her as the head of Spaceframe and structure, wound up becoming the deck chief. I spent almost the whole war as the acting chief, though. You know what it was like; they'd split up experienced crews to go to new ships. And sometimes you'd have a Lieutenant where you should have a Commander. But yes, that casualty rate was horrendous. Every time I saw the Wing commander cross someone off the list, it made me want to help that much more. If there was anything, I could do to make sure that our birds were operating at peak performance. Making sure the deck crew were drilled to clockwork precision." Victor pauses then, considering his following words carefully, not having said these words even to Enyd.

"I spent so much time behind the stick because I needed to know that I was doing as much as I could to make sure that the pilots made it home safely. And in the end, it wasn't enough. By the time I was assigned here, I knew that. I want to fly because It's the only way I can help to keep people safe. The only way that I can fight alongside you is to be one of you. And right now, I'm rather superfluous on the deck, and I was in stasis until a few days ago. And I got replaced in the meantime." It was easy to tell from how Victor was making eye contact and the set posture of his shoulders that he was taking this deadly seriously. And that was just on the surface, what anyone could see. His emotions, though, were set. There wasn't a burning passion or a firey rage there. Right now, Reggie would be able to sense the grim determination and readiness in him. While Victor was excited to get this chance, it was tempered by the fact that he knew there wouldn't be one after this.

"Let's get started, Lieutenant. I'm excited to do more than solo sims and check-rides for once in my prophets blessed life. I know you're not here to Impress anyone, but I'm damn sure that I'll be in awe of you by the time we're done. Or hate your guts, maybe both, probably both." There was a flash of amusement then paired with the rogue smile that cut across his lips. Victor's typical gregarious nature reasserting itself, but Reggie would now know better than almost anyone what lay beneath the casual, friendly personality. Victor was ready, and he aimed not to disappoint.

Re: Day 01 [1300 hrs.] A rocky start
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[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Tae

The waves of respect, regret, sorrow, and sincerity washed over her  and she felt no reason to try to probe his thoughts further.  Even to this day she never understood why Starfleet deployed fighters against the Borg at 001.  She had remained silent in the moment he mentioned the Teracotta, her mind haunted by those memories as Victor spoke of fighter crashes and collateral damage.  She understood his perspective, better than he knew and she could only imagine what it must have looked like on board Omega as they watched Al Talbar's ship careening out of control towards them.

She closed her eyes, pushing the imagery out of her mind, forcing herself to refocus on VanVinter.  He spoke passionately, sincerely and with the cool and level head that he would need as a combat pilot.  There was more to it, for sure, a certain arrogance... a certain bravado that he would develop as he progressed...a certain arrogance that he might have already started to show by running his sims despite his lack of qualification.

"Okay, Chief," she said, ignoring his comments about how he expected to either love her or hate her by the time they were done.  "Lets get started."

She stood and keyed the PADD.  A wireframe model of the Mark III appeared on the hologrid between them.  It osilalted through the six angles of viewing.-  Port, Dorsal, Forward, Starboard, Ventral, Aft and back to Port.  As it moved, various ships systems highlighted within the wire frame.  Labels appeared and disappeared as appropriate along with stem lines pointing to those systems.

"Under normal circumstances we'd start with basic flight training, but in your case to do so would be an insult to you and a waste of both of our time.  Given your design history, we'll also skip the in depth look at the Mark III, but I will reiterate a few things you may already know -  With respect to your experience with your test flights and your sims, you have never piloted a fighter at full combat speeds in live combat situations.    The Valkyrie series is a massive impulse assembly strapped to a cockpit and an overpowered weapons platform powered by a warp core all wrapped up in duranium hull plating.  This is to say that for as hard as you've pushed this spacecraft, it likely only just scratches the surface of what this thing can do.  The goal of this training is not just to familiarize you with this spacecraft, but to give you enough experience with the spacecraft so that you intuitively know what your ship is capable of as opposed to memorizing specs on a data file.  In live combat, hesitation and indecision gets you killed.  You can not afford to think about what your next move should be or if your ship is capable of the actions you demand of it.  This training will be intense and rigorous.  It will push your limits so that when you do get into live fire, the ship will be as intuitive and instinctual to you as using your own hands." She noticed his artificial hand, and his eye as if for the first time.  "No offense intended."

She paused a moment.  "Any questions?  If not then we can get in the simulators and get started."
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Re: Day 01 [1300 hrs.] A rocky start
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CPO Victor van Vinter | Deck 21 Holodeck 03| Vector 03 | Attn: @P.C. Haring

Victor was aware that Reggie was assessing him, and his responses were just as any good trainer should do. He listened carefully, keeping the more formal posture of Parade Rest like the part of the cadet he'd been nearly a decade ago. Even the bland grey jumpsuit he was in for this reminded him quite a bit of those days. The key difference was that Reggie was more focused on personal instruction than the Academy instructors had been by his second and final year. He had an open mind, and was generally receptive to most things that Reggie was telling him. There was a slight rankle of annoyance that flicked across his emotions briefly when she mentioned how what he'd done had 'only just scratched the surface of what the Valkyrie's could do.' The flicker of annoyance was brief, but it was there, though only for a moment. The irritation was swiftly replaced by a desire to learn just what he'd been missing, and he was thankful that this would be focused more on the practical aspect of flying. He did however make note of the model of the Valkyrie hovering in the air, paying close attention to everything. Just because he knew the basics didn't mean that he'd ignore them.

There was a slight smile that flicked across his lips when Reggie began telling him about the details of what they were getting into, he just gave the smallest of smiles, feeling better about this as seconds past. And then she apologized for the comment about hands. Victor looks at the cybernetic and shakes his head to Reggie, a small blip of humor spiking his emotions then.  The hand was new, doubly so for this particular hand. But his eye, that had been with him for many years now. That and the purple heart in a box in the quarters were the souvenirs that he had from the battle of Sector 001. That and some mixed feelings regarding the appearance of the Enterprise, anyway, there was time for navel gazing later, for now, there were more pressing things to attend to.

"No apologies needed Lieutenant, I'll tell you about it another time. I do have one question, will you also be in a Mark Three for this, something else, or are we using a two-seat trainer model for this?" He seemed honest in his curiosity, wondering about the actual logistics of this training session. He thought for the barest of moments about the different ways that they could handle this. But either way, Victor was ready. Stretching out his arms and making sure that he was prepared for this was paramount, and feeling good for the training acted as reassurance. There was honest curiosity in the question he asked Reggie.
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Re: Day 01 [1300 hrs.] A rocky start
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[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder  | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Tae

Reggie sensed Victor's curiosity with the question, and given it's genuine nature she forced herself to hold back the chuckle that threatened to erupt.  The two seat training craft was about as insulting given his experience as it would have been to bust him back to basic flight and there was no way in hell she would even simulate in a Mark III.  Any ship that relied on a computer to the work of a RIO was not worth her time.  Not one damn bit. 

"You'll be flying the standard Mark III, Chief.  I'll be flying Valravn.  Now if there are no more questions," she motioned to the gear locker.  "Grab an exosuit in your size and gear up.  We train as we fly."

There was another damn good reason for her decision, Reggie mused a she shrugged off her duty uniform, stripping down to her undergarments.  She needed more time in the Valravn and with her new assignment as flight leader for the Valravns in the squadron, she wasn't sure she could admit that openly. 

With practiced ease, Reggie slipped into the under layer and activated the seals, before slipping on the armored boots, torso pack and gauntlets. Once the suit was locked together, she stepped over to where Victor was changing to see how he was making out and, for the first time, wondered if he even knew how to wear an Exosuit.
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Re: Day 01 [1300 hrs.] A rocky start
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CPO Victor van Vinter | Deck 21 Holodeck 03| Vector 03 | Attn: @P.C. Haring

"Grab an exosuit in your size and gear up. We train as we fly."

The words hit him like a bombshell the moment they left Reggie's Mouth, a chill of uncertainty shooting down his spine. He knew he'd be asked to do things that Victor never had to before, and here was the first one. he had to just get into an Exosuit. That alone was a bit of a task for him, he'd have to spend some actual time training to use it later, so it was with a wince that he looked to Reggie and then went over by his pod and called up a  changing room, and a replica of an Exosuit. It wasn't a real one, but it was close enough. After examining it for a moment, Victor frowned slightly and pulled up a basic training manual which was intimidating as hell to wade through. But this was the holodeck, and the safety protocols were on. He knew that he wouldn't get hurt, and he sighed slightly.

"Great, this part is going to be a videogame almost." His tone of voice was less than pleased, squinting slightly at the wearing instructions.  He had to strip down, and he was going commando. He always did in jumpsuits like this. Something about them felt wrong to wear anything under them, partly due to the need to always take a long hot shower after wearing them from getting covered in lubricants and greases from fighter maintenance. And here, this was going to be embarrassing for him. so it was with a sigh that Victor unzipped his jumpsuit and stepped out of it. Folding that up, he sets it on the chair that had come with the dressing room, along with his shoes and socks.

The cool air of the holodeck was biting stingingly against the fresh disruptor scars across his back. While he'd only taken glancing blows, the twin streaks of energy had still torn jagged paths through his epidermis. And it not even being a full day since his treatment in sickbay, the wounds were still red and angry looking even if they didn't hurt. The mass of scar tissue from two different plasma fires on his left side was, in a word, horrific. His face, neck, arm, and side of his chest looked like so much melted wax stretched across a skeleton and an athletic frame. And then there were the old scars on both thighs. These scars brought a flicker of amusement to his face. Victor gained them from having been attacked in an exceptionally rare instance by a creature from the lakes of Vulcan. The faded scars looked like oversized sewing needles laid flat against his skin were regular in the way that only an organic tentacle could be. He still remembered being delirious and stoned from the toxins.

All of him is on full display as he tries to open up the exosuit and get into it. These things required specialized training for a reason, and just looking at the user manual didn't help much. They were drastically different from an EVA suit. With the EVA suit, it was pants, boots, then torso, and gloves in that order. The helmet was always the last to go on. So Victor did his best to replicate that trying to don the pants first, but he found that they got stuck on his legs. He'd heard that the Exosuits had 'resizing' functionality, but he had no idea how to activate that. He hadn't looked at that part of the manual. So this would be a problem. His suit was currently sized for someone of a height about 175 centimeters, not 201.

"By all the prophets and their blessed Emissary, how do I make these pants fit?" He wasn't necessarily asking Reggie, but the man needed help figuring out the exosuit. And loathe as he was to admit it, he did actually need the Lieutenant's help getting dressed in this thing. So it was with a wave of some minor embarrassment and regret that his voice rang out through the holodeck. The resignation and helplessness clearly evident in his voice. The 'pants' of the exosuit weren't even above his knees yet, as he'd somehow triggered the pressure function and they'd sealed around his calves. "Lieutenant, I need some help getting into this."
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[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder  | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Tae 

"Lieutenant, I need some help getting into this."

For some reason, Reggie was unsurprised by this.  Of course he had no exo-suit training.  He was so busy playing ace pilot in the simulator that he hadn't bothered to read up on his required training.  Oh yeah... she was paying a penance.

She stepped into dressing room two and stopped short, her hand found it's way to her forehead  and the bridge of her nose.  Victor stood there, looking helpless as ever wearing the body suit which had somehow compressed around his legs up to his knees, leaving the rest of him well atired for a Betazoid wedding.  His scars drew her attention for the moment and while her natural curiosity drew her in, but that story was not hers to request.  If ever Victor cared to share with her, he would in his own time.

"Okay," she finally said out loud.  "Looks like we'll need to clear time to go through Exo-Suit training."

With a sigh, she dropped her helmet to the deck.  Full training would take a solid four hours, but she could crash course him enough to get him through the day's simulator work.

"Computer," she ordered.  "Reset exo-suits for Suder and VanVinter and place both in dressing room two."

The computer beeped and both suits disappeared leaving Victor standing naked, and Reggie standing in her underwear and a bra lined tank top.  A second later the two suits re-materialized in their ready positions.

"Okay," she said.  "First things first.  While I know it's tempting, you do *not* want to be naked under the body suit.  There's no real protocol for wardrobe, but the vast majority of pilots prefer their underwear and a light tank top.  You can wear nothing if you so chose, but chafing can be a thing...sooo...  I strongly recommend you put your underwear back on."

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CPO Victor van Vinter | Deck 21 Holodeck 03| Vector 03 | Attn: @P.C. Haring

Victor was caught helpless in his predicament and gallantly remained indifferent at being caught nearly nude. And he was thankful for the necessity of the training and getting the awkwardness out of the way now. At least he was getting some basic help to put the damn thing on.

"Yes we do, Exo-suit training wasn't required for my test-pilot duties. They were considered 'too valuable a resource to assign me to train when we first started using them." Victor rolls his eyes at that, letting out an exasperated sigh as he called up a pair of underwear for himself since he didn't have any with him to start the day. He sighed, and followed the basic instructions both on screen and with help from Reggie. This go-around he managed not to trigger anything accidentally. The bodysuit that went with it was a bit of a new experience for him, and it felt odd on his back, the tight material pressing firmly against the fresh scar tissue.

Once victor had the Exosuit on, he did a quick check to make sure that everything was lined upright or at least appeared to be. The various parts of the suit sitting on him and connected. The suit was still unpressurized and wasn't in a state for actual operations, even if it was holographic.

"Alright, Lieutenant, I think I'm ready to go, and we do need to schedule that training. This thing is far more complicated than the basic flight suit that I'm used to also; you're right about the chafing; this thing is tight." Victor grumbles a little, adjusting as best he can, still unsure about whether or not he liked the feeling of the suit against his skin. But he'd get used to, and he'd have to. And he'd need to see about getting the scar tissue taken care of. Victor hadn't bothered with what he'd seen as a cosmetic issue until now, but across his back and thighs, the pressure suit felt 'lumpy' in places. And he just knew where he had discomfort was where he had heavy scarring. The emotional and physical discomfort was easily readable by the Betazed, and waves of annoyance relating to those radiating from him, even if it wasn't showing on his face.