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Topic: EPI: S [D03|1901] Bandaging bruised battered bastards (Read 141 times) previous topic - next topic

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EPI: S [D03|1901] Bandaging bruised battered bastards
Lt. Arven Leux | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy: ATTN All inquired parties, please report to sickbay

With the ship resuming normal status after the mission, He couldn't help but chuckle slightly to himself after he sanitizes after the surgery on Crewman Steinbrenner. It hadn't been easy, and the surgical team he'd worked with had managed to pull through. Now that the ship was resuming normal function, now would be when he expected the flood of injured to make their way in. Arven busies himself with assisting in making sure that the crew stocked up everything, and they were prepared to receive a significant amount of severe casualties. Honestly, he wouldn't be surprised if there was still a group of Klingon warriors running amok, though that may not have been the case. After ensuring that things were well underway and tidied up, Arven looks around to the Sickbay medical staff and nods. The crew that was still being treated were mostly ins table condition and couldn't be moved, or recovering from surgery. Now was as quiet as it was going to be.

"We're bound to get some rather severe injuries after everyone shows up. I know that we'll make sure that everyone pulls through. If you're experiencing complications with your patient, please call for assistance, and we can get things done. You're here on the Theurgy for a reason; you're all some of the best at this. I know you won't let your patients down." While it might not have been the most inspiring of speeches, or even strictly necessary, sometimes a few words of encouragement could go a long way. Arven heads over to the wall console with a final nod and signals a "ready" status for Sickbay. While there were still marks of the previous battle and patients in recovery, the Sickbay was as ready as it would be for the ensuing chaos of treatment and triage.

"Sickbay duty, over the Klingon homeworld, in a rogue starship, I'm amazed we haven't been blasted out of the sky." He looked around to make sure that the bulkheads weren't tearing themselves apart. His less than cheerful utterance was probably a shared sentiment among some of the crew.  But still, he was waiting for the ship to break apart much as the Honshu did all those years ago. Nothing for it now; Arven had a duty to the crew, heal them up, have them resume their duties, and keep the ship fighting.

Re: EPI: S [D03|1901] Bandaging bruised battered bastards
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LtJG Amissa, Callsign "Emerald" | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 |USS Theurgy Attn: @Tae
Amissa still couldn't breathe very well. She was just getting enough air to stay alive, though it was definitely more air than she had been getting a while ago. She didn't know when or how she had gotten here to this sickbay, but she'd woken a few minutes ago after having passed out on the floor of the Klingon High Council Chambers. She was laying on a biobed and it seemed medical personnel were scrambling everywhere, either treating patients or preparing to receive the wounded - which it was, she couldn't quite be sure. All she knew was that she was alive for now and given her current location, she was confident she would remain that way. At least until the next battle.

She struggled to sit up so she could breathe more easily, but a lance of pain in her right shoulder told her that was a bad idea. The Klingon had wrenched her arm so badly that the only reason she was sure it hadn't been torn completely off was that she had been wearing her pilot's exosuit. As it was, she was sure it was dislocated at the very least.

Judging by the fact that her exosuit had been removed and that she was awake and breathing somewhat better, she assumed some time had passed and that her more serious injuries had been treated at least to the point of not risking her life.

I just hope it's not any worse than that. I don't want to be grounded from flight duty for too long. She let out a slight snort at that assumption. That is a very bold assumption, Amissa. You don't even know where you're at right now. Besides, you don't have a RIO anymore, remember? He's dead because you weren't fast enough to dodge those Romulan disruptors. What makes you think anyone here is ever going to let you fly again after you got your RIO killed?

That thought alone was enough to make her want to cry. Diamond hadn't just been her RIO. Oh, he had started out that way, but it had gone deeper, further. They had become intimate, which at first had merely been a form of release and pleasure for the two of them. But then she'd violated the Prime Directive of a pleasure girl.

"Don't fall for the client. Make them fall in love with you, but you must always remain detached. A pleasure slave in love is a dead pleasure slave."

A throbbing in her back reminded her that someone had managed to pierce her armor and get the tip of a blade into her back, near her kidney. It hadn't seemed too bad at that time, but now that she was no longer experiencing an adrenaline rush from battle, it was really starting to sting and throb. There were also a few bruises and scrapes from when she'd been tossed across the chamber by the Infested Klingon, but at least she knew those were superficial wounds that the docs could heal up easily enough. Amissa was a vain woman, most likely a byproduct of her upbringing, and scarring terrified her worse than the thought of dying.

The other thing that was happening now that she was no longer experiencing the adrenaline rush was that her fatigue was setting in. Due to the sleep cycle of Orions, which caused them to normally take smaller rest periods, but more often throughout the day, Amissa had trouble staying awake and alert during a normal Starfleet duty shift. Things like adrenaline could help her for a time, and so she rarely had to worry about falling asleep at the helm of her fighter, but for routine duty she needed to get stimulants to help her remain awake. Her last dose was wearing off and it was time for more. The only problem was, she hadn't been getting them through legitimate channels back on Sapphire Base, so there would be no record of it in her file. Explaining the need to the doctor would prove problematic in light of that. After all, it was a known fact about Orions, but on the other hand, she hadn't needed them before, so why now?

Think fast, Amissa. You're going to need an answer to that one soon. Now wake up, it looks like someone is coming to treat you.

OOC: Summary of injuries for quick reference: Crushed windpipe, dislocated shoulder, minor stab wound to right kidney, light scrapes and bruises.
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Lt. JG Amissa| Fighter Pilot, Callsign "Emerald", USS Theurgy

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Re: EPI: S [D03|1901] Bandaging bruised battered bastards
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Lt. Arven Leux | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy: @SaraKnight and All injured parties

Arven had made sure to take care of Amissa gently, with the injuries she had, plus extracting her from the exosuit had been a bit of a pain. At least she hadn't had to wake up with a crushed windpipe, though her throat would still feel more than a little bruised and sore. It wasn't the worst set of injuries he'd seen today, and whoever had given her first aid had been a decent job. So he was there tending to her, checking on her progress, when he noticed Amissa stirring.

A gentle smile crosses over the Trill's features, and he speaks in a calming tone. "If you're awake, give me a thumbs up. If I were you, I still wouldn't talk for a bit. We fixed your throat while you were unconscious. Your windpipe was crushed, and other than the scrapes, bruising, and the stab, you'll be ok. The shoulder, though..." He frowns a little and takes hold of Amissa's arm and shoulder.

 "Alright, Lieutenant, I need you to be strong for me; on the count of three, I'm going to pop your shoulder back into joint." He pauses and smiles then, "One...two.." and on the count of two, Arven jerks Amissa's arm, and then the sound of a dull sucking pop when the shoulder goes back into joint. With a deft motion, he takes a hypospray and administers a local anesthetic to Amissa's shoulder mixed with an anti-inflammatory to help with that.

"Your shoulder got pretty banged up, but it's not broken. I want you on light duty for a week, don't fly without your exosuit if you absolutely must." He nods and administers another shot of local to the stab wound over her kidney and then looks at the tricorder scan, smiling with relief. "And your kidney is fine, and I'll get that taken care of real quick." Another of his gentle smiles is given, and he moves around behind her to begin suturing up the wound.

"I just realized I didn't introduce myself. Sorry, it's been a busy day for me. I'm Doctor Leux, but you can call me Arven. I just transferred here from The Oneida. Yes, I'm a Trill. No, I don't have a worm inside me. I've been a doctor since 2368, when I graduated from Stanford on Earth, did my residency in Starfleet. But enough about you, I don't treat many fighter pilots that get stab wounds and dislocated shoulders. Was it an argument over who's ego is bigger?" His tone of voice was light and cheerful, the kind manner of speaking and gentle cadences he used with patience having an almost husky quality. "I'm also fairly certain I saw you on the Oneida as well as part of the security team, is that right?"

Amissa was likely to nice RAven's powerful build, tall and strong, with more muscle packed onto his frame than was usually seen in medical personnel. The gentle nature of his voice and kindness of his approach were almost at odds with his appearance, but at least the effortlessness of how he'd popped the shoulder back into place so easily made sense. He smiles again to Amissa and begins checking over her throat again, he frowns a little, not liking what he saw. Taking some equipment to help the healing process, he applies a gel to her throat, and nods to the woman. "Alright, lieutenant, try speaking if you wouldn't mind."

Re: EPI: S [D03|1901] Bandaging bruised battered bastards
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PO2 Kino Jeen | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] @Tae  @SaraKnight  @Aharon


The light, somewhat distant chirping sounds of a flock of birds was the first thing Kino's mind recognized when it finally stumbled out of unconsciousness. The faint sensation of a soft, moist underground on bare skin, a warm breeze engulfing her naked figure like a blanket.

The Trill opened her left eye and the cybernetic right one followed suit within nanoseconds. For a moment, only the latter was able to see, since it was capable of blocking out the intense sunlight easier and quicker than the natural eye ever could. Kino blinked, trying at the same time to lift her torso by pushing herself up onto her elbows. The full, green gras under her felt too good to be true.

When both her eyes finally adjusted to the light, she looked around. She was lying on high grass in the middle of a valley. To her left and right, she could make out mountains in a far distance. A few trees and bushes were spread throughout the landscape and two hundred meters away stood a wooden hut, complete with a porch and some grazing sheep in front of it.

Rubbing her eyes, Kino finally sat up completely. Her bare skin was caressed by the luscious, green straws as she slid her calves to the side, using a rolling motion to get up on her feet. It was now that the Petty Officer consciously realized that she was completely naked. She looked down, inspecting herself. A faint memory of an injured leg came up, but vanished within the blink of an eye. She was fine. She was complete. Or was she more than that?

A distant, invisible and ungraspable choir of voices suddenly echoed in her head. Calm, friendly and inviting, but at the same time surreal and so faint, that Kino was thankful that the message repeated itself until she understood. "...thank you, Kino!"

Kino threw open her eyes, her fists clenching the edges of the bio-bed the nurses had chosen for her and she sat up straight with one swift, sudden movement. "Ungh...?" A guttural gasp, hoarse and scared escaped her lungs as she tried to orient herself in the room she already knew all too well.

Recovery Ward! Sickbay! The thoughts shot through her mind and following a deep rooted impulse, she grabbed the lapels of her patient gown and ripped it open, inspecting her physique carefully.

And even though uninformed observers would ask themselves what was on the young Trill's mind, everyone who knew her would understand. Everytime she had woken up in this particular room, another part of her body had been replaced with something cybernetic. An eye, an arm, a leg, a hip, her cervix. Her trained, beautiful body was machine for more than twenty five percent.

But then, when she found no new parts and did not recognise the familiar feeling of any, she suddenly remembered. Jeen! Her eyes widened as she came to the realization that this stay in recovery ward might well be the most life-altering she ever had. Because as of now, her life as a joined Trill had begun.

OOC: FYI --> Pierced right medial fascial muscles and partial bone fracture by a Targ's tusk plus an emergency transplantation of a Trill symbiote (Jeen).
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Lt JG Sorek Morgan
PO2 Kino Taer

Re: EPI: S [D03|1901] Bandaging bruised battered bastards
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[ Ens. Vinata Vojona  | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] ATTN: @Tae @SaraKnight @Lathaniel

Vinata blinked his large bug-like eyes several times quickly, an attempt to wipe away the sleepiness that had started falling over him. One might question how that would be possible in the disastrously busy state the Theurgy's medical areas were in at present, his own retort to that would be the extensive hours he had clocked in the past couple of days. Adrenaline could only get the physical being so far. Even with the recently added help of the additions from the Oneida, Vinata's own attempt to get a quick break had been quelled by their arear swelling even more with those needing treatment and tending to.

The seasoned Head Nurse stood overwatch of Petty Officer Kino Taer as she emerged from anesthesia, having just arrived only one minute before she awoke with some incomprehensible sound. The Ovri had never experienced anesthesia himself, at least to the extent of being asleep but he had certainly seen much more alarming wake-ups. Having understood that the young woman had undergone a joining, in the report received from the anesthesiologist during handover, he certainly had prepared himself for what might be a rough wake-up.

"You are doing quite well Petty Officer." As Kino had abruptly ripped open her garments, Vinata's arms swept in quickly and used the light blanket that covered her waist and legs as a mechanism to lift, provide cover and maintain some dignity. His patient would be able to inspect what she wanted while still having some covering from those around her. 

"You are in the recovery ward of the Theurgy Sickbay. You had sustained an injury in the field. You also underwent an emergency joining with the Jeen symbiot, although I am certain my statement is a rather crude description of what you must be experiencing. I must apologize, as I have no context for what you are living through presently." Vinata's expression softened as he observed Kino - he could only imagine how disorientating it would be to wake up all of a sudden, with several lifetimes of memories and personas now integrating with one's own person. He had read about Trills and this process but this was his first patient that had undergone such a procedure.

"I would ask that you do try and make an attempt to relax and take some soft deep breaths. There has been some sensitive work done on the injury you sustained on your lower leg, compliments of a targ I believe. It is certainly nothing to worry about. Just something to be mindful of." Vinata's own voice remained calm, gentle and soothing - something he had also learned was an effective measure in shepherding those in care back into the waking world post-operatively.
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Ens. Vinata Vojona - Head Nurse

Re: EPI: S [D03|1901] Bandaging bruised battered bastards
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[ PO2 Kino Jeen | Main Sickbay | Recovery Ward | Deck 11 | USS Theurgy] @Tae  @SaraKnight  @Aharon


"She is afraid. I can feel it."
"Yes, and confused. She knows, but she cannot grasp it. We have to help her."
"How? If we talk too much, it will confuse her even more. Let her relax, first."

It took Kino a moment to realize that someone of the medical staff had started tending to her, so transfixed was she with her own physique as well as the voices which she heard murmuring in the background of her existence. But once she did notice the blue skinned officer, her mind snapped out of the stupor she was experiencing and her head turned to Ensign Vonoja. The Ovri was holding up a blanket, effectively covering Kino's now mostly naked body from the eyes of other patients.

Kino did as she was told. For a brief moment she closed her eyes and took a deep, open mouthed breath. Her bare chest rose and fell again when she exhaled.

"Thank you, Ensign. Kino spoke, her voice weak and unstabil. She cleared her throat, blushing slightly while fidgeting around with the torn fabric of her gown unconsciously. "Was the... the transplantation successful?" She felt like a fool, asking this question. The voices, however faint and distant, could have answered her inquiry undoubtedly. But with everything she had gone through, she did not completly dismiss the chance that he surgery failed and her mind had taken serious damage.

"We are fine!" The voices in her head stated in unison, still faint, but pushing a bit more into the center of her attention. And Kino sincerely hoped that this was not how it was going to be throughout the rest of her life. Hearing voices in her head constantly was not how she envisioned being joined.


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Lt JG Sorek Morgan
PO2 Kino Taer

Re: EPI: S [D03|1901] Bandaging bruised battered bastards
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[ Lt. JG Kate Foster | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Tae @SaraKnight @Lathaniel @Aharon

Without relent the day continued to stretch onward, and despite all she had seen and been through, Kate Foster refused to turn in and allow it to finally come to a true and complete close. Her shift in sickbay had long since ended, and to no small degree had she earned a peaceful and restorative reprieve, but still she had persisted in her presence there. Sure, there was so much more that needed doing if the Medical Department was ever going to get caught up on the backlog of care they had to provide, not to mention the dozens of new patients now in their stead thanks to the battle Theurgy had just survived. The truth hidden behind her weary tangerine eyes though, was that Kate was trying to occupy herself so that she wouldn't have an opportunity to face the reality of it all. So many people had failed to survive the events of the day, some of which she had come to know and appreciate; others had come very close to death, a trauma which had nearly revealed the steadily broadening cracks Kate was trying to hide from everyone. A feat she might've actually been able to accomplish, hadn't her brother poisoned her mind with nightmarish overtones of death and despair.

Were it not for the steady support of a few key individuals, and enough caffeine to kill a man twice her size, the slender blonde Chief of Surgery might well have collapsed from the stress of it all.

A possibility, or perhaps even an inevitability at this point.

Leaning against a stanchion which had been thoroughly scorched by disruptor fire during said siege of sickbay, Kate's arms were clasped across her midsection, a new duty jacket finally having been replicated and resting draped over her shoulders. In one hand, a silver tumbler with the Starfleet emblem on it's exterior; was it her sixth or seventh cup of Red Leaf Tea? Kate had lost count on how many of the spiced Cardassian beverages she'd consumed since the alarm klaxons had faded into recent memory, of which she swore she could still hear ringing in the hollows of her ear canal. Before her, Lieutenant Leux, a replacement from a new ally to Theurgy, the USS Oneida, was addressing the assembled Medical Staff, many of whom were themselves still dealing with injury or emotional distress in the wake of the battle waged. Like her, they defiantly refused to abandon their shifts and or post until the situation in sickbay was truly back to a state of normality, a process which had only just begun, and which would take many days and or weeks to achieve.

She'd had yet to official meet the man, whom she'd assumed might step in as a more permanent addition to the crew, given the losses sustained. But that was what happened in the service, she tried to remind herself. People died, and while you could mourn their loss, you couldn't afford to let such a mourning handicap your ability to provide care to those who needed it. At some point, Kate and the others would find said time to mourn the loss of their fallen comrades, but that time hadn't yet availed itself to them. "There's a small backlog of non-crucial procedures that we still have to get through too, but for the most part I think we've managed to stabilize those who are in need of close observation, and more invasive care." She piped up when Leux seemed to afford them a chance to add to his commentary. Indeed, over the course of the last week, Kate had been lending a hand working extra shifts to try and catch up on that backlog. A sacrifice of time and energy which was now amplified by the direness of the general situation Theurgy's medical staff was mired in.

"Thea's surprisingly sturdy." Kate complimented after his comment about still being star bound, despite it all.

The moment passed, and everyone began to go about their duty. Kate however remained leant against the stanchion, sipping at her tea for a few minutes until the trill Lieutenant went to treat someone. Unable or unwilling to move, she just stood there, a blank stare settling into the distant bulkhead as all around her the repair crews were going like busy little bees in their efforts to patch together all that had been torn apart.

"Hmm? What?" snapping back from her thousand-yard stare, Kate realized that Ensign Janteel had been asking her a question. The handsome Bajoran surgeon, whom she had worked with closely since coming to Theurgy, and who could very well have been promoted to her position hadn't she been chosen by Lieutenant Kobol instead. He raised an inquisitive and clearly concerned eyebrow, and Kate tried to search the periphery of her memory banks for an idea as to what he had said to her. "I'm sorry Daran, I... I was somewhere else for a moment." Blushing at her evident lack of awareness, she pushed off of the stanchion she had called home for the last quarter-hour or so. "I umm... I should go check on some patients. Excuse me." Hastily she made a retreat, hoping that her wherewithal might come back to her sooner, rather than later. Otherwise someone might catch wind to just how utterly and completely exhausted she was and officially order her to call a merciful end to her shift.

Stumbling backward into the recovery ward, Kate nearly bumped into an occupied bio-bed as she spun about, trying not to draw anyone's direct attention. What she saw, aside from the confused looks of a few other nurses and patients, was her friend and reliable co-worker Vinata tending to the care of another trill, this one in a state of some distress, however it appeared as though the Ovri nurse were helping to calm her. Swallowing audibly, Kate passed the pair of them, a sweet yet very clearly strained expression evident in her face as she closed and then opened distance. "Ensign." She said softly, not wanting to intrude on what very well could have been a private moment between them. Nearing a console on the wall, she punched up a rundown of the procedures that she herself hadn't been personally involved with, a sharp eyebrow raising higher than the other at the mention of an emergency symbiont transplantation. Kate remembered having performed a similar procedure some years earlier, and how difficult a process it could be for a new host to come to grips with the addition of new personalities and memories to their consciousness.

"Commander Fisher. Internal injuries. Foreign Chemical Analysis needed." She said aloud to herself, reviewing another patient and the notes left by another member of the Medical Staff. "I shou--" caught in a yawn mid-sentence, Kate brought a hand to her gaping mouth out of habit. "--ld check in on him when I get a chance too."

Sipping at the last of her tea, Kate considered going for another cup, casting a longing glance at the nearby replicator housing.

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