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Day 01 [0824 hrs.] Fresh Starts


STARDATE 57656.51
APRIL 18, 2381
0824 HRS

[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Personal Quarters | Deck 12 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 [Show/Hide]

The sleep finally left her eyes as she stirred awake. Her thoughts were groggy yet, but today was a new day, a new assignment, a...fresh start. She leaned up in her bunk to fully awaken her mind and her eyes. Dried palms rubbed the skin on either side of her face as she reached further into a full-on stretch. Groans emitted from her lips as she felt the muscles stretching and the joints in her limbs popping. Lauren swiveled her legs onto the side of her bed and leaned forward resting her elbows on her knees and holding her head up, crimson hair falling in view on every side.

She glanced around her room and finally decided it was time to get up. Moving towards the replicator, she ordered a coffee to help wake her mind from her stupor so the walk to the sonic shower would result in her actually getting there without stumbling into the walls. Taking a sip, she headed towards the shower, carefully she placed her cup nearby and took off her night garments, and stepped carefully inside. Her hands motioned to clean her hair and body as her mind wandered.

This is so much nicer than the accommodations on that Klingon vessel to get here. Brighter too. With the mission now over with the battle of Qo'nos and her flight on the Allegiant through the crevices of Praxis, she was glad she received some brief rest. I sure hope I see Tessa again soon. She was pretty banged up but alive. I wonder other surprises are in store while I'm here. Finishing up the sonic shower, she wrapped the towel around her as before requisitioning her new uniform from the replicators. It was familiar but felt different somehow. Regardless she began the process of dressing as her thoughts overcame her again. I certainly hope I get to meet people on this ship. It's so...large by comparison to the Enterprise-E I had been on many years ago.

Finally dressed she stepped over to the LCARS panel in her room, and gently tapped the controls for her duty roster. "Computer, show me my assignment schedule for today." She scanned the screen and was to report to the shuttle bay but not until around 1000 hours. It appeared she had a short counseling appointment but with the recent fight, it was postponed. Depending on things, she may have to reschedule it. Shrugging at it, she put that to the forefront of her mind but she felt the inclination to go and visit areas of the ship sooner. More specifically, where she's going to be stationed for the duration. With any luck, Lauren hoped to work her way up to the bridge. Once her reverie ended, she reached forward to the panel when a message popped up. When she'd boarded the Theurgy shortly prior she was tasked as a Flight Control Officer. But this one mentioned that she was to report to Lieutenant Lail for change of designation and assignment.

That was certainly surprising but she wondered if she was to be promoted. Looks like she'll take this for its word. This must have been due to her flight proficiency with the Allegiant on Praxis. Regardless, she had a day to start, clean and dressed. Lauren tapped the controls once more to deactivate the display.

She reached behind her head, grabbing at her hair and readjusting it. Checking in the mirror, she felt ready. Nodding at her visage,  Lauren looked around one last time before heading out to duty. The doors whooshed behind her.

Shuttlebay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy

The door swooshed open before her as she stepped out into the halls near the shuttle bay. It was surreal being back in this environment. Since coming back to Starfleet, she'd been desk-bound which for most of it, it'd killed her. Being in the thick of it despite her bout of PTSD was where she relished. The loud echo of her standard-issue boots echoed in the shuttle bay, despite the amount of vessels present. She stood by admiring the designs and various classifications and sizes.

It wasn't long before she hear other steps and sounds coming from somewhere nearby. She wasn't aware of anyone being present but then again, technically she wasn't on duty yet and someone else was. The sounds went quiet as she heard someone speak and it startled her.

"Oh! You startled me!" her hands went to her chest, as a slight bought of adrenaline spiked in her heart and lungs. "I'm Ensign Lauren Pierce. I'm new here... And who are you?"

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[ Crewman Samala | The Apache | Hawk-class Runabout | Main Shuttlebay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo’noS ] Attn: @Pierce

“Where is it?” Samala growled mentally as she searched for the tool that she needed. Her ship, while not seriously damaged from the prior day’s events aboard the Ta’rom and then down on Qo’noS, had not come away completely unscathed either and the crewwoman had elected to use some of her free time before her duty shift started to try and get a head start on the minor repairs needed. Currently, she was searching a tool station for a device that she only knew the Reman name for and was too stubborn to ask for a translation to identify it.

She continued to rummage as a new set of footsteps entered her proximity. Her telepathy was locked down tightly, but she was well-trained in the use of her other senses. The new arrival was, Samala guessed, at least her own height, or at least weight, judging from the sound and timing of her steps. Finally finding the tool she needed, the pilot turned and began to head back towards the Apache. As she came around one of the parked shuttles, she almost ran into the back of someone she didn’t recognise.

“Excuse me,” she requested calmly, apparently starting the redheaded female judging from her reaction, and confirmed a moment later when Ensign Lauren Pierce introduced herself.

“Crewman Third Class Samala, ma’am,” Samala introduced, straightening slightly and looking up into the eyes of the taller woman. “Was there something I could help you with?”

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Main Shuttlebay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 [Show/Hide]

The suddenness of their near collision was startling but was welcome. The brown haired Reman woman before her was pretty, but much younger than her. It was an odd sensation seeing such a younger woman especially an engineer so adept at the small vessel before her. She could see the grease of the Apache on her hands.

Samala greeted her and inquired as to her arrival. Lauren smiled at the younger woman. "Hi Samala. I was wondering what it's like" Lauren said, knowing that the other woman had been here far longer and the fact that she was only days new to Theurgy. "I was wondering what you could tell me about your journey here on the Theurgy. I've been here a few days and already been part of a huge altercation that reminded me of the Dominion War."

She paused briefly to allow for Reman to respond as she glanced at the Apache. Admiring it's beauty and the touches added no doubt from Samala's keen eye. Listening on she could tell some of it might have been difficult and decided to change the subject slightly.

"She's a nice ship. I can see she means a lot to you here." Lauren touched the hull plating and took in the feel of the vessel before her. "Is she fast?"

Pausing again to listen she felt a kindred spirit in the brunette. It was almost as if they lived different lives but some things were in common. And the love flying seemed to be one of them.

"I remember in my Academy days and the day I met Tessa Lance, one of the Lone Wolves here, that I flew a shuttle against the Breen in the Sol system. I was caught but that was fun until...well I was captured and served time on the Breen POW camps." Her eyes glazed over briefly as she remembered the horrendous times there. She could see Samala's eyes and knew she'd been through something rough in her life too.

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[ Crewman Samala | The Apache | Hawk-class Runabout | Main Shuttlebay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo’noS ] Attn: @Pierce

“Can’t say much about my journey,” Samala responded, wondering what it was that the officer expected someone of her rank to say. “I was awoken from stasis right before the battle with the Borg. After that, we were at Aldea until we came here,” she summarised observing the woman and how she was looking over the Apache. “Wasn’t here much before that ma’am, so it might be better to ask someone that was.”

Samala knew that look. She had seen it the first time she had walked into the hanger at Bacury III and innumerable times thereafter. This woman, this officer, was a pilot. That was something that Samala was able to relate to. She was sure that she had had the same expression on her face the first time that she had been allowed into the Theurgy’s Fighter Assault Bay and seen the warp fighters sitting there.

“The Apache saved the lives of my brother and myself,” Samala answered, looking of the dark hull. “And fast? Not really. She doesn’t have the speed or agility of a warp fighter but then she was never built to have it either. That isn’t how she hunts.” She then listened as Lauren reminisced about her time at Starfleet Academy and the aftermath of the Breen’s attack on Earth. “I was only told stories about the attack and about the Breen. What I heard wasn’t good,” she said, trying to show some empathy. “But you made it back and are the stronger for it. That is not something anyone can take away from you.”

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Main Shuttlebay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 [Show/Hide]

Lauren realized that the other woman had mentioned a few things about her journey but was staring rather intently at the ship before her. Almost mesmerized by it. But she snapped back and answered about the story she was told. "Oh! I just wondered about you was all. I am new aboard and just was trying to survey what I'm walking into and those I will be likely working with to some degree. But I think I've heard enough."

Her eyes continued to peruse the ships' hull as she walked closer to it. Listening further to the story of the Apache and it's journey too, she was intrigued. However Samala's empathy towards her and her personal struggle at the hands of the Breen was a welcomed one.

"Thank you Samala. I appreciate your words and for allowing me to be here." Lauren touched the hull in an almost admiration much like one would do to someone they cared deeply for, despite her only just seeing this vessel for the first time. "She looks like she can certainly take a punch, and give one." Her brow furrowed as she recalled Samala's remark of how that wasn't how she hunts. "Out of curiosity, how exactly does she hunt?"


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[ Crewman Samala | The Apache | Hawk-class Runabout | Main Shuttlebay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo’noS ] Attn: @Pierce

“You’re welcome,” Samala replied politely, swallowing the remark she thought when the woman touched the Apache. As much as she had been using the ship to help her new crew, she still thought of the Apache as hers. But she also knew that it was a natural response for a pilot to want to get a ‘feel’ for a ship, to touch it and try to understand it. She'd done it herself the first time she had seen one of the Apache’s sisters back on Bacury III.

“She’ll take a hit or three from anything not fired from a true starship. But she isn’t built for direct combat against other ships,” Samala explained, growing more comfortable with a familiar topic to discuss. “The Apache and her sisters were designed to augment, and assist rebel Reman strike teams on their missions against Romulan targets. They’d use their cloaks to get close, and then the Disruptor cannons and banks of torpedoes to ambush their prey, be it a ship or ground target before deploying the troops. Once everything was done, they’d ghost away like they were never there.”

“May I ask,”
Samala requested, changing topics to satisfy her curiousity. “Why did you join the Theurgy?”

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Main Shuttlebay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 [Show/Hide]

Lauren nodded when Samala spoke about the capabilities of the small vessel. She hadn't realized that these were built for the rebel Remans to attack the Romulans but remembered that the two species sharing a home world weren't exactly on the best of terms. The mental picture painted in her mind about how these ships like the Apache hunted. It was really something to visualize and think about if she had to be honest with herself.

As Samala had finished her educational explanation of the Apache and vessels like her, she inquired to Lauren about her why for joining the Theurgy which made her pause briefly to think about it. It wasn't like she was looking for difficulty or a struggle but she wasn't exactly playing it safe either.

She took a deep breath, exhaled and began her story. "Well to be honest...I sort of stumbled on some information when I re-enlisted in Starfleet recently. I was doing research at the communication relay at Starbase 82 when I intercepted information about the Theurgy. Upon further digging I found out that my old friend Tessa from MIMAS Station was aboard. She's not likely to go AWOL as I practically had to convince her kicking and screaming at MIMAS to investigate the Breen near Earth."

A brief chuckle escaped her lips as she recalled it. "Then I tried to relay that information to command when our source and ally in Admiralty intercepted the intel, he transferred me here. And since coming on board I've gotten to reconnect with Tessa and fly some awesome vessels."[/b]

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[ Crewman Samala | The Apache | Hawk-class Runabout | Main Shuttlebay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy | Orbiting Qo’noS ] Attn: @Pierce

It was the first time that Samala had confirmation that the Theurgy had an ally within Starfleet. She had suspected of course, hard not to when new people periodically showed up practically unannounced, like her present company, but until now it was only supposition. Lauren Pierce had confirmed it for her. Not that it made much of a difference to the young pilot. There was nothing she could do with the information anyway.

“You left Starfleet?” Samala asked, singling in on part of what she had heard. “May I ask why you left and what made you come back?” It was an odd concept to the hybrid, leaving something and then returning to it. Her life had been dedicated to her Reman brothers and sisters and their efforts to break free from Romulan tyranny. Not once had she considered shirking from that goal, much less returning to it later. It seemed...wasteful to her.

“Sorry for being so direct, ma'am,” Samala apologised before Lauren could answer her questions. “You don’t have to answer any of that of course,” As an attempt to cover her mistake, Samala asked, "What have you flown? I have only flown the Apache or small shuttles since joining the crew.” A pilot was a pilot and she was curiously what it might be like to fly some of the other craft aboard.

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[ Ensign Lauren Pierce | Main Shuttlebay | Deck 11 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88 [Show/Hide]

Lauren wasn't sure if her spouting off about the ally in Starfleet was hidden knowledge or not, but the cat was out of the bag so to speak. Either way it mattered not where the Theurgy was concerned, danger lurking behind every bulkhead and asteroid.

Samala's inquiry about her leaving Starfleet she knew had to pique the other woman's interest some. The quick apology following it however was surprising to her as she hadn't expected that. "Well, to be honest. I was on night shift on the Enterprise-E for a short time on the CONN when I was selected to go back to the Academy. It was still during the Dominion War and we needed capable pilots. I was top of my class and they create the Valkyrie program at MIMAS Station in the Sol System." She looked as if in a daze before continuing as the memories flooded back.

"When I got there, I'd trained for a few months and was joined by my friend Tessa Lance. She was fresh from a posting too but had just arrived there. When I met her, she was my bunk mate and I more or less talked her into leaving the lockdown in our quarters. I more or less could have been courtmartialed for what I did in hitting a higher ranking officer and knocking him out to gain access to some shuttles. I took a regular shuttle and Tessa took a training vessel. That is after much persuasion."

A smile lit her face as she leaned agains the ship. "We surveyed the area for a while and discovered some Breen vessels invading the system. Tessa and I flew out of sight until a scout ship found us. I destroyed it but it alerted a larger vessel. While I was fighting back, I scanned their fleet and sent it to Tessa to take to Command. They beamed me aboard as I watched both vessels get destroyed. Later I learned Tessa used the emergency transport beacon and relayed the data. Me on the other hand...."

Her focus shifted as her tone went quieter. Remembering the torturous time she spent with the P.O.W. Camp run by the Breen and Jem Hadar soldiers. Lauren flexed her hand. "I was beaten often for refusal of compliance. Eventually they took my right hand and severed it just above the wrist. I have a mechanical attachment for my prosthetic with synthetic skin. It was fashioned after some tech from the Soong type androids actually."

Looking back up again she smirked. "So when the war was over, I was returned to the Federation and I resigned my commission. I was given the prosthetic and years of counseling. I probably would never have returned if not for hearing that Tessa was alive and a member of the rogue ship Theurgy. I just knew she wouldn't be complicit willingly with something illegal. She was a beacon of strength for me when I was in the camp."

She shook and returned to the other question about shuttles flown. "Well, I've flown the Valkyrie's, Sovereign Class starships, the Allegiant, Type-8 Shuttlecraft's and a few of the runabouts. Honestly, they're not much different other than accounting for the mass, and the speed. The bigger it is, the harder it is to get going or stopping. The smaller it is, the more you have maneuverability and speed on your side. But each has it's own unique beauty." She said with a wink.

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