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[Lt. Regiene "Reggie" Suder  | Holodeck 03 | Deck 21 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Tae 

Reggie listened as VanVinter explained himself, had Thea rattle off his credentials, and then had the hubris to suggest that they start in an academy trainer.  Was he playing her?  The man had logged close to thirty thousand hours in a cockpit, and he wanted to start in a rickety trainer that first year cadets with no experience whatsoever use.  No.  The simulations of the TeX would remain in the passive memory.

"That will not be necessary, Chief," she said.  Her voice had lost it's anger but still carried the authoritative edge.  "The TeX course is intended for cadets with no flight experience whatsoever.  Your simulation combined with your record, indicates quite the opposite."

She keyed a command into the control PADD and a pair of chairs materialized next to the simulator pod.  She motioned to the chair opposite of her own as she sat down.

"However, for as extensive as your flight experience may be, I am not impressed.  Your record lacks one key thing."

She let the thought hang unfinished. 

"Thea, my flight experience and credentials, if you please?"

"Lieutenant Regiene Suder," Thea began, "Is a decorated combat pilot and veteran of the Borg Invasion of 2373 and of the Dominion War.  During the latter incident, Lieutenant Suder, is credited with five hundred and thirty three individual combat missions including the First Battle of Chin'Toka and the Battle of Betazed.  Following the War, Lieutenant Suder served in the Bajoran sector where she is credited for an additional half dozen combat engagements.  Awards and Citations include:  The Purple Heart and The Star Cross of Distinguished Flight 2373: For ingenuity and skilled piloting skills of the U.S.S. Teracotta, severely damaged by enemy action, while grievously injured resulting in 83 lives saved; Battle of Sector 001.  2375, Grankite order of Tactics and Star Cross of Distinguished Flight for conspicuous gallantry and unorthodox tactical strategy- The Battle of Betazed.  2375 Extended tour Ribbon.  Lieutenant Suder is combat rated for the Steamrunner Class Starship, Peregrine Attack Fighter, AC-205  MK I Valkyrie, AC-307 MK II Valkyrie, and AC-477 Valravyn fighter craft.  Most recent assignment: Flight Instructor: Tactical CONN Training Center Omega.  Transferred to U.S.S. Theurgy via U.S.S. Oneida.  Current designation Wolf-13; Flight Leader."

Reggie remained silent, allowing her record to set in with her latest pupil.

"I respect your experience, Chief," she said, her voice calm and sincere.  "In turn I expect you to respect mine.  You said you weren't playing 'video games', and I chose to take you at your word.  But as you have operated, until now, as a non-combat pilot I need to ensure, before we go any further, that you're aware of what you're getting into.  You are not here to impress me an I am not here to be impressed by you.  You are here to learn and train so that if and when you fly one of these overpowered weapons into combat you have a chance at coming back alive.  During the war, fighter squadron's averaged 72.4% casualty rate.  It is the definition of High Risk, High Reward and knowing you are likely to die, or lose three colleagues every time you launch is not a burden to take lightly nor is it a burden that one should appear to take lightly.

She paused again, her sermon just about complete.

"So before we go any further, Chief, you should know that I will hold you to the highest standard and I will suffer no foolishness.  I need to know right here and now if you are ready to make that commitment, and take it seriously."

The Betazoid sat back in her chair, falling silent while he considered her words.
Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Re: Day 01 [1430 hrs.] Wolf Cubs, Ahoy!
Last post by Tae -
CPO Victor vanVinter | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Lathaniel @P.C. Haring 

Victor had come not from his quarters or the Assault Bay proper. He'd come from the Holodeck. And Notably, he wasn't dressed in his standard uniform. He was dressed in a pair of coveralls, not in the Ops Yellow, but a grey color, not civilian, but close to Cadets used for flight training. His appearance wasn't quite haggard but was well on its way to being there. There were signs of sweat and fatigue on him. Reggie hadn't gone easy on him, and he'd put in all of his efforts just to keep up with her demands. Even though Victor felt he'd given it a good fight, he wasn't sure whether or not he'd satisfied her. That remained to be seen.

For now, though, there was this gathering that was for the Wolves and all adjacent personnel. Well, Victor was FBO for now. He'd fit in. While unsure if it was a party or just a gathering, Victor had decided to show up. A meeting like this to get to know his fellow crewmembers after so many faces had changed would be good for him. So he was curious to get to know the new faces.

Sorek and his Rio were absolutely new faces to him. He'd been asleep for a while now, and while he was original crew, so many people weren't. Entering the lounge and seeing that Sorek and Owen were grabbing something to eat, Victor heads over to the Replicators after giving a polite wave with his cybernetic left hand. "Hasperat,  spicy with anchovies, and a side of roasted Brussels sprouts, and Chai tea to drink, please." It was an odd order that would no doubt raise some eyebrows. He knew that both his mother and father would glare at him for polluting his hasperat with anchovies. After a moment, he grabbed his meal and moved over to sit down across the table from Sorek and Owen.

"Chief Petty officer van Vinter, but you can call me Victor." The lanky half-Bajoran extends his organic hand to Sorek and Owen both. He noted Sorek's ears almost immediately. the facial hair, that was interesting, and an eyebrow rises curiously. "Not the usual fresh-faced Wolf cub I'm used to seeing. But neither am I." He winked at that and let out a polite laugh making a joke out of his horror-show of an appearance.

"Lieutenant Suder should be joining us soon. She had to go clean up. Suder was finding out how much I knew about flying and putting me through some paces. She's a hell of a damn pilot. I'm glad that you all have her on board. If the Prophets ever need someone to corral the stars with plasma exhaust, she'd be the one to do it." He chuckles a little before digging into his food. The heavy aroma of the heavily spiced vegetables and the salty fish in Victor's meal filled the room with the pungent aroma. Hopefully, it wasn't too offensive to anyone. But Victor was hungry, and this was his comfort food.
[ Captain Ives | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
Attn: All OOC, but also IC: @Ellen Fitz @Hope @uytrereee @chXinya @Number6 @Brutus @BipSpoon
When Stark and Henshaw had made their suggestions for the mission to Azurite Station, Jien had nodded thoughtfully to their comments on which craft they ought to deploy, and whether or not it ought to have a fighter escort, but she made no immediate comment on the options since the new candidates for the vacant Senior Staff positions had filed in through the door.

Selena Ravenholm accepted the offer Jien presented, and she was glad that she rose to the challenge. It wasn't overly surprising, since the former FNN undercover reporter had come a long way since she stepped aboard the Harbinger with the intent to investigate Captain Vasser. She'd been caught up in the mission even before she set her foot on the Theurgy, and throughout the events since that day she hadn't just helped in ending Vasser's hostile takeover of the ship, but with her unique abilities, experience and background, she had done much more than mere feats of software engineering. Part machine, she might be more attuned to working with Thea than any organic might, able to link with her directly as she were.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Ravenholm, and make sure you make your recovery a priority, regardless of your new duties. We need you at your best," Jien said with a smile, and then turned to their Chief Tactical Officer.

"Commander Cross, with Stark assuming her duties as my First Officer, and given your excellent service record since you came aboard the Theurgy in the Azure Nebula, I would like to name you our Second Officer." Her faint smile remained as she paced around corner of the desk, approaching the now-Vulcan officer. "I offer this based on your conduct when fighting House Mo'Kai under Stark's command, as well as leading the mission to avert the threat at Praxis. Even aboard the Versant, where we first met, and during the dire circumstances we found ourselves in, you kept your composure and were able to use the Savi dreadnought to help destroy the Borg Queen's cube. I asked you to take the command test when you assumed your current position, and now I ask you to serve with the readiness that you may lead this mission in mine and Stark's absence, or - should it be required - command one of the Vectors if we go into an extended MVAM mission. Are you prepared to do that?"

Having asked Cross this, Jien listened to the answer, before turning to the next person in line. "Lieutenant Sabrina Lail. When the Oneida faced the Romulan warbird that the Praetor sent for Qo'noS, your skills at the helm made a great difference, and not only did you and the Lone Wolves stop the enemy from completing its mission, the unorthodox manouvre you pulled ensured that Major Situka could be extracted as well." Jien paused, thinking about their conversation before they'd reached Qo'noS. "I know you already asked to be transferred to the Theurgy when we met on the Oneida, and while Captain Jackson would love to keep you, he knows your experience at the helm is needed on the Theurgy more given our dire losses in CONN. Before we lost Mister Veradin in the battle with House Mo'Kai, we have lost many other great helmsmen, and someone with your rank and experience would be a great contribution to our Senior Staff. Are you willing to take on that responsibility?"

Once the new officer from the Iroquois-class ship gave her answer, Jien nodded gratefully, and turned her attention to Frank Arnold. "Lieutenant, you are already handling the duties and the tasks that Commander Tiran would have if she were still with us, and I am asking you if you are prepared to do so officially, as the new Chief Engineer of the Theurgy." It had to be expected that she'd make him the offer, but she still elaborated. "Even though you have not served on the Theurgy for a long time, you have shown a wide range of capabilities, ranging from your engineering experience in how you extended the capabilities of our last remaining Tovarek drone, to using it in the field, and not just that, also leading the successful side-mission to the Andorian home world. To top it off, you kept the Allegiant together though the mission at Praxis as well, and I have great confidence in asking you to lead our engineering crew from this day on, should you be so willing."

Lastly, after Frank Arnold gave his answer, Jien turned to the last person at the table - this being the Romulan Android. "Lieutenant Vanya. The passing of Commander Kaeris was a deeply felt loss, not just on a personal level for many of us, but his research into the anyonic phase variance that the parasites share... it has set back this mission to square one in terms of how we can save the hosts. Before this meeting, we spoke with the Voice of the Savi, and if we are fortunate, he might offer to help us find the way to isolate the parasites with transporter technology, but either way, if you are willing, I have great confidence that you will be able to lead the Science Department aboard in all the challenges we might face during this mission. Not only because you served in such a capacity on the Cayuga, but because you are not the kind of scientist that shies away from field work when needed - as your performance during the mission to Breen space showed." Jien paused, thinking about someone they both knew well. "When Anya Ziegler served as my First Officer, I trusted her judgement, and if she picked you as her Chief Science Officer, that is all the more reason why I ought to offer you the same position. I might not be the Captain you thought to serve when you left Earth, her being the Commanding Officer you know best... but I hope to get to know you as she did."

Hopefully, Ziegler and her remaining crew were still alive out there... somewhere.

OOC: For posting order this time around, I'd say 1) @Ellen Fitz 2) @Hope 3) @uytrereee and then 4) @Number6, as indicated in the post above.

Of course, @Brutus, @BipSpoon and  @chXinya, if either of you want to post a reaction post before this sequence above is over, feel free to do so! I will post after @Number6 either way.
Episode 01: Advent of War / Re: CH07: S [D03|1745] Hidden Raptor
Last post by Havenborn -
[ LT Daniel Havenborn, Callsign: Salvo & ENS K'Ren, Callsign: Neko | Cockpit | AC-307 Mark-II Valkyrie, Gryphon-class "Hellcat" ] ] Attn: @Nolan, @SummerDawn, @Auctor Lucan, @Eden, @Stegro88, @Nero, @P.C. Haring, @Lathaniel

Daniel had been maneuvering well, keeping the two Stalkers on his aft from getting a lock, he wasn't sure how long he'd be able to keep it up but he didn't need to wait long before finding out.  As reinforcements arrived, several fighters from Theurgy and an cruiser, the USS Oneida, emerged from warp and immediately engaged the warbird.  The Stalkers chasing him veered off to engage the newcomers, a mistake on their part as far as Daniel was concerned.  He was going to move in to support Ghost but watched as Razor moved that way as well.  Knowing that Razor would be able to handle the Stalkers attacking Ghost, Daniel turned his attention back to the Stalkers that had moved away from him and began lining up an attack run against one of them.

"Acknowledged Razor, moving to support."  He said as he then spoke a few quick words to Neko to have her begin locking onto the nearest Stalker, he intended to destroy another, the Oneida and the warbird had traded blows but the warbird was heavily damaged.  As he flew his fighter towards where the reinforcements were at he watched as chaos erupted throughout the battlespace, hearing about the sensor jamming he checked his systems but found that he had been outside of the range, he hoped that Ghost and Razor were as well as it seemed that some of the newly arrived reinforcements had gotten caught in it.  He warned Neko to be ready for it if it happened to them.

A few moments later and he heard Wraith call out that he had dropped two more.  Only three left, and only one in front of him, hopefully Razor would be able to destroy the other two harassing Ghost.  The fourth Stalker had unfortunately cloaked so Daniel slowed down, if the warbird didn't have other problems to worry about he would have made a tempting target, but as it stood the Oneida and the other Theurgy fighters were a more direct threat than Daniel was.  He slowed down to a quarter impulse and watched the stars, cloaking devices weren't entirely perfect, they managed to fool sensors but if one was careful they could see the refraction of the stars, it was minute but it was there and Daniel hoped that he could exploit that.

Daniel watched and waited for what seemed like hours but in fact was only a few seconds, suddenly he saw what he was looking for, however he also realized that the Stalker was decloaking right in front of him, he fired a burst of his pulse phasers and they grazed along the Stalker's shields.  His enemy had managed to get their shields raised a split second before he had fired.  He increased his speed back to full impulse and juked out of the way of the Stalker as it returned fire and scored a direct hit on his shields, dropping them down forty-six percent.  Daniel assumed that had been a full power shot from the enemy fighter, he swung his fighter around and managed to get in behind the Stalker.  "Neko, target lock!"  He called out to her as he lined up to fire another burst of his pulse phasers but the Stalker juked him and he missed.  Daniel loaded up a spread of micro-torpedoes and fire several volleys around the Stalker as well as firing his pulse phasers directly forward, the Stalker attempted to juke him again but this time got caught in one of the micro-torpedo volleys, its shields flared and Daniel fired a final volley of micro-torpedoes, again catching the Stalker.  Its shields flared and his sensors read that they had broke.  Hearing from Neko that she had a target lock he fired a photon torpedo.  He watched as the torpedo chased the Stalker and for a moment he thought that it was going to miss but it struck the Stalker and Daniel watched as it blew apart.  Smirking he set his course back towards the Oneida to help protect the cruiser.
[ Sera vers Aldnoah | Sabine Crash Site | Old Quarter | First City | Qo'noS ] Attn: @jreeves1701 @RyeTanker @Griff @Tae 
Seeing the power levels of the Sabine deplete gradually as she fired against the remaining House Mo'Kai forces, Sera ran the quick calculation in that she had more lives aboard the shuttle than outside, and if she were to save the most - herself and the bloody robot on the floor included - then she might have to seal the airlock and leave both the mechanic and the Andorian behind. It wouldn't be a popular call when returning to the Theurgy, for sure, but the alternative would be them all dying in that bloody alley.

With her yellow eyes darting back and forth to the power readout, seeing the phaser bolts she fired depleting it more and more, she was just about to reach for the airlock controls... when a new shuttle entered the alley from above - interjecting itself between the Sabine and the advancing Klingons in the smoke. A wide grin spread on Sera's face and she removed her hand from the controls of the airlock and eased her finger off the trigger on her stick, conserving her ship's energy for the possibility of escaping. Watching the Starfleet shuttle before the canopy of her cockpit, she thought to herself, Damn, I owe whomever is piloting that thing a drink...

It didn't take long before the mechanic was back on board, sealing the airlock after himself, the Andorian accounted for. "Noted, and hold on to something! We have no inertial dampeners!"

The elation and relief that flooded through Sera when she finally could pull her sick back and ascend over the rooftops would stay with her for quite some time, with the Qo'noS sunset in her eyes and the silhouette of the Great Hall in the distance. Below, she left behind an alley covered in rubble, bodies and flames. She had expected to see the Starfleet shuttle appear on one side when she looked out there, but what she didn't count on was...

"Box-boy?" she said incredulously, only giving the unmistakable figure with its metal appendages a quick glance, seeing that he was carrying Martok's bodyguard with him. "Fuck it, he won't be able to keep up." Already, he was falling behind, and Sera checked the power levels, seeing that that she still had some left. It would make for a shorter flight, but they would still get out of the city, she hoped, if she did what she decided to do. She veered to the side, so that the Medusan was directly to the aft and below her. She flipped her LCARS screen to that of her tractor beam controls, and locked on. Given the proximity, it wasn't difficult to hit them with the beam, and once she'd caught them, she accelerated - leaving the First City behind.

"All right, people, we won't make orbit, much less to the Theurgy, so we're landing up in the Kannaga Mountains. I'll find a plateau and tell the Theurgy where we are so that those who need medical attention can get beamed up there. I'm staying on the blasted ship, though, until repairs are complete, because I don't trust this flaming neighbourhood. Oh, remember to take the blasted bot with you, as well as the booster in my cargo hold. It was made using parts of her, and Ravenholm would be the one who knows how to reassemble her." Sera turned around to look over the shoulder of her red exosuit, giving her passengers a grin. "Thank you for the save guys! Let's hope Ives and Martok made it and the Klingons will settle down a bit."

And behind them, the strife of the First City was indeed dying down, because the usurper was dead and his House in disarray.

Main OOC Board / Re: Scuttlebutt Announcements!
Last post by Auctor Lucan -
@Tae , don't forget that you must add the rumour to the list yourself!  :)
Main OOC Board / Re: Scuttlebutt Announcements!
Last post by Tae -
Victor vanVinter was once engaged to someone that he wrote actual letters to. This is backed up by when his personal effects were put into storage, they contained a decades worth of actual paper correspondence.
Main OOC Board / Re: Scuttlebutt Announcements!
Last post by SummerDawn -
I'll start us off with the first one:

"Anyone notice that Daniel Havenborn and K'Ren hooked up so soon after Deacon died? The way Daniel was looking at K'Ren after the last battle? And how they went straight to his quarters? Has she been cheating on Deacon all these months? Did Daniel sire her cub?"

Interregnum 01-02 S2 / Day 01 [1900 hrs] New Arrivals
Last post by Scavenger01 -
[ Lt. Asra Tek | 1800 hrs | Starport  | First City | Qo'nos ]Attn: @Number6

Asra stepped off the ramp to the transport, shoulders relaxing as she did, it had been a stressful week and a bit journey from starbase 234. The first 6 days of the flight from the starbase had been the worst. Asra had holed up in the small quarters that she had on the freighter praying that no one on the starbase would try and check on her before she was due back at work. She had seriously considered leaving some form of camera that she could use to check in to see but decided that the risk of them tracing her with it would be too high, especially because of her work they would tear her quarters apart. The one fact that had helped hold off the panic was that once she was known to be missing they should start the search towards Romulan space not Klingon. Asra shook her head, to clear some space, and turned heading towards customs. As she wove through the crowds she made for an odd sight surrounded by large dock workers and warriors going about there business her smaller frame, clad in baggy clothing with a small duffel bag, both stood out and was lost in the crowd.

As she walked she tried to come up with a plan to get in contact with General Chu'vok. According to the message she received any moderately high ranking KDF member should recognise her code and be able to put her in touch. Getting their attention might be more tricky. She had very little intel on The First City and even less on the KDF. As the customs house loomed into view Asra was struck by an idea. Flicking her hood back and straightening she quickly changed queue to the one leading to items to declare. Instead of joining said queue she powered right up passed it. Even as she began approaching the desk her body felt like it was being stabbed from all the stares and glares aimed at her. When she reached the front she slammed a hand down on the desk making herself and the human who had been filling in paperwork jump in surprise at the sound. Asra focused in on the Klingon behind the counter only to see him staring back at her one eyebrow raised. While not quite the reaction she hoped she forged ahead. "I need to speak with your superior, I have something to declare" all through her statement Asra was feeling her body and mind rebel, this was not a good idea, why did she decide on this again? The feeling of doom only increasing as the Klingon slowly rose to his feet looming over her, his quirked eyebrow morphing into a sneer. "Who are you to give me orders, I can smell the fear on you, get out before I have you arrested" The Klingon spoke in a low growl. Asra glanced around and noticed two Klingon' s that had come out of a side door both armed with Bat'leths. At the same time as she swore at herself internally she realised that she had to keep going for any chance to get out. Dropping her voice into low hiss Asra stabbed a button on her fore-arm mounted datapad opening the last file causing a gently spinning holographic torpedo to appear above her wrist which she shoved into the officers face "There are 2 prototype pla...". Asra would clearly have continued, however as she had pushed the hologram towards the duty officer one of the guards obviously treated this as an attack . The blunt edge of his Bat'leth struck the trill in the head like a viper causing her to collapse with her strings cut.

It was safe to say that waking up handcuffed to a chair in a Klingon interrogation room with a splitting headache was not how Asra saw this day going. The headache did however bring a startling clarity of mind for her to review how she ended up here, mentally noting that she should never again make plans while on the edge of a sleep deprived panic attack she inspected her cell. It seemed bare with only a single table to one side with her duffle on it, contents spread over the remainder of the table. As she felt out her bonds a sharp pain wracked her left wrist, a quick check revealed marks where they had clearly tried to remove her pad and failed. Drawing on all her previous experiences to try and talk her way out she cleared her throat before looking at the nearest camera. "I apologise for my earlier actions, they were ill conceived and reckless. I believe we should all sit down and eat some custard pudding" Asra spoke as clear as possible using the agreed upon code phrase.

As she sat there she slowly tensed and relaxed her muscles to keep blood circulating. Her mixture of exercise and silent self-criticism was interrupted around an hour later when the cell door opened admitting a Klingon in ornate armour and two guards, if their weapons and position by the door said anything. The Klingon in more ornate armour was dark skinned and possessed a partial twin Sagittal crest, he came to a stop in front of Asra staring down at her. Before he could say anything she averted her eyes looking off to the left "I apologise for my earlier actions they were unprofessional, if possible I would like to converse with General Chu'vok I was told to ask him for some custard pudding." The Klingon huffed, movement by the door caught Asra's attention as one of the guards approached having secured his weapon on his back. Eyes darting back to the Klingon ahead of her she saw a tiny smile of amusement curl the corner's of his mouth "You are very lucky Lieutenant, if the supervisor here was any less competent you would already be on your way to prison. I am General Chu'vok." As the General spoke the guard released Asra from her bindings. Tempting as it was to slump forwards and role out her shoulders Asra kept her eyes fixed upon the general, she had already made a serious faux pas here she was not about to add to it. "Now come, let us get out of here, unless the warnings that you were shouting at my officer had any merit" The general spoke, smirk almost becoming a smile at the last comment before he turned and led the way out of the cell. Asra gently shook her head before slowly standing, "No, they were mearly a poor attempt to get your attention. Again my apologies for my carelessness." Asra spoke to the General's back taking this opporrtunity to roll out her shoulders, following him towards the door.

The door hissed, gliding open, Asra glanced back into the cell to find her vision full of a Klingon warrior holding her duffle bag out to her. Sheepishly taking the bag, Asra left the room, having to fast walk to try and keep up with the General's long strides. They walked down several corridor's in silence before exiting through a substantial door into a courtyard, only once they had both exited and the door closed behind them did Chu'vok turn to address her. "Well this is where we part, I have already contacted the ship to expect your arrival" The general pulled something out of his pocket as he spoke holding it out to her, a quick visual inspection showed it to be a Starfleet combadge. Taking it, Asra was trying to pin it to her clothing when the general spoke again "You were lucky this time, if you ever try this with the KDF again I will not be coming to save you". His warning sent shivers down her spine, all she could do was nod as she reached up to tap the combadge "USS Theurgy one to beam up". Asra held eye contact with the general even as the world was replaced in the gold glow of a transporter beam. The beam dissapated revealing the recognisable sight of a Federation transporter room, Asra stepped forwards off the pad immediatly going to attention at the sight of the Lt. waiting for her "Science Officer Lieutenant Asra Tek reporting for Duty".[/color][/color]
[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Her Own Corridor ] @Nero
Unable to stun the Savi since Deputy zh'Wann was in the way, Thea could but stand there with her weapon raised - seeing the struggles of the Antecendent die out along with him.

Once Dipen - the name pulled from her memory bank entry of the Savi delegation aboard - stopped moving, with his skull cracked and deformed against her bulkhead, Thea let the phaser vanish out of her hand, and she approached the winded Andorian. "Are you all right, Deputy?"

ThanIda zh'Wann was slowly climbing to her feet, finally tugging her wrist free from the lifeless hand around her wrist, and she stood tall - favouring one of her legs. "I'll have sickbay check on my knee, but I'm fine," she said between breaths, perspiration beading her brow. Her antennae were still coiling in anger even though the fight was over. "I couldn't let him take my weapon. That would have been the end of me, and you heard him. He was trying to destroy the ship. I will file my report Captain Ives, so that he knows what to tell the Voice."

Thea nodded slowly. "I have everything recorded, and the rest of the Savi delegation will be able to corroborate your report. Do you have any idea what drove him to this?"

Ida shook her head. "Shelat, how would I know? I find Savi sketchy to begin with, and this one even murdered one of his own. He said something about the Scions, so I reckon he is a traitor among the rebels that the Voice lead. I doubt there will be any repercussions from the Erudite. In fact, we just prevented this one from killing more of their own, so they should be grateful."

"I guess you're right," said Thea with a morose expression.

"Deputy zh'Wann to Security. We need clean-up at my location. Have medical take the remains to the Morgue."

[Aye, aye, Deputy.]