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Day 07 [2300 hrs.] Reflections

[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Personal Quarters | Deck 10 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Tae @SarahBerry @Nero

Stardate: 57673.12, April 25th, 2381, Day 07 [2300 hrs]: REFLECTIONS

Sabrina stared at the mirror holographic representation of herself and sighed as her long chestnut brown hair fell into its signature place, contouring her face in its unique shape. She stood leaned towards the mirror in her freshly replicated command red uniform. Lail pondered the past week’s events as she straightened up, took one last look at herself, and made her way to her personal workstation. “Thea, show me the duty schedule for Sarah Bjørge, RraHnam, and Arven Leux,” she commanded softly.

Populating with their Starfleet records photos and duty schedule, Sabrina eyed the screen. What she saw wasn’t unusual for a ship the size of the Theurgy and worked out just fine for her plans. “Thea, send messages to RraHnam, Sarah Bjørge, and Arven Leux to meet in the Below Decks Lounge if they so desire,” Lail said.

Making her way to the central living space, Sabrina was headed out to the Below Decks Lounge but took a moment of respite to view two holo-photos sitting on one of the shelves. The first was the Oneida senior staff including herself on the bridge and the second was Bjørge and herself in the Warp Trail Lounge. Sabrina smiled at the memories of both holo-photos: one representing the start of a journey and one of a kinship so deeply rooted that it was unexpected by Lail that someone like her could become what she had.

After taking her moment, Sabrina headed out for the Below Decks Lounge.

[ Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ]

Sabrina arrived at a nearly empty Below Decks Lounge; aside from a few stragglers, it made sense as the night shift was coming on duty and repairs to Thea had been around the clock. Good she thought, she didn’t want to make any of the officers on Theurgy feel like she was ungrateful when she was quite the opposite after meeting Captain Ives. Rather, she wanted the time to collect her thoughts on the past week with her friends and other transfers from the USS Oneida.

Lail picked a table with a seating arrangement for four in case Arven, Sarah, and RraHanam could make it. The holographic waiter visited the table to get Sabrina’s order which she thought about briefly. She couldn’t afford to be inebriated if the ship goes to Red Alert even if it's been relatively quiet so she ordered synthale even if she’d much prefer whiskey on the rocks, her taste stemming from a life on the North American continent of Earth.

The bartender brought over the synthale and as she was about to take her first sip and ponder the decisions she made over the past week, she could see a familiar figure entering the lounge and began gesturing for them to join her.

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Re: Day 07 [2300 hrs.] Reflections

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[ Lt. RraHnam | Upper Gymnasium | Deck 6 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hope @Tae @SarahBerry 
Her feline physique gave her an advantage in sprinting. Over a period, she could sustain incredible speeds. But she didn't want to train that now; instead, she wanted to focus on her general endurance. The treadmill in the upper gym was therefore set to a moderate speed. A real sprint would take a lot of her strength, which would mean longer recovery, but even that workout made her hungry.

The gym was busy. Many people came here at the end of their shifts to exercise after a long day at their desks. RraHnam was no exception. While her job involved a lot of leg work, an evening workout was always a welcome conclusion. During her time at the Oneida, she could often be found in the gym after hours. It was one of her favorite pastimes.

After the new investigation officer of the USS Theurgy had finished her endurance run, thus ending her athletic routine, she headed for the showers. Before she got in, however, she checked her PADD again. She did this regularly. The sport helped her to change her perspective and to discover details that had been hidden before, but this time she found something else: Lieutenant Sabrina Lail had sent her a message. An invitation to the Below Decks Lounge. RraHnam remembered that she, too, had been among the people transferred from the Oneida to the Theurgy. All the transfers had been volunteers and felt committed to the Theurgy's mission in one way or another. The Caitian was inwardly pleased that she had not transferred to this ship alone. Her whiskers twitched in anticipation. Even though it would be an informal meeting, it would certainly do her good to meet friends from the Oneida. People who shared her decision and whose experience was like hers. She acknowledged the message and looked at her watch. Then she quickly jumped into the shower.

RraHnam pulled a hoodie over her freshly changed gym clothes, consisting of a white top and pale green leggings. She stuffed the used sports clothes into the bag with her uniform. Even though the clothes sometimes rubbed uncomfortably over her coat, she liked the style. Plus, it meant fewer questions from people uncomfortable with nudity.

[Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy]

The well-trained woman entered the Below Decks Lounge at shortly after 2300 hrs. Shipboard time. The lounge was not well frequented now and accordingly it seemed somehow empty. Due to the given time, however, the security officer could quickly determine that it would not stay that way for too long and very soon the off-duty officers of the Beta shift would arrive and breathe new life into the bar.

After a few, brief moments, the Caitian spotted the Conn officer, who waved at her, sitting at one of the tables. RraHnam responded with a smile. On silent cat paws, she walked over to her. On the way, she ordered a synthohol-based Long Island Iced Tea from one of the holographic waitresses. RraHnam slid into one of the empty seats in one fluid motion.
"Good evening, Sabrina. How are you?"

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[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nero @Tae @SarahBerry  
Exceptionally tired yet emotionally reflective,” the brunette said while nursing her drink. “I think I’m a walking contradiction right now,” she continued. It made sense, it had now slightly passed 2300 hours shipboard time and she had been up since before Alpha shift. “Truthfully, I had considered drinking alone tonight,” Lail admitted with a hint of discomfort in her voice. “Of course, by your presence that turned out to not be the case as it occurred to me that none of us from the Oneida have really had a chance to talk since we transferred to this ship,” speaking of the Theurgy.

That statement rang with the truest sense. Sabrina knew a select group of her comrades had made the transfer to Theurgy and given her access on both ships she knew who they were but she didn’t take the time to find out what they were up to. After all, she was busy reforming her department to keep tabs on frivolous things. She looked directly at the Caitian with a sincere disposition. “I also invited Sarah and Arven to this gathering. Hopefully, they received the message.” Sabrina continued, “I don’t know if you’re aware they transferred.

Lail thought back for a moment. Arven was a staple in Oneida’s sickbay. He was, after all, the Acting Chief Medical Officer. Sabrina couldn’t help but think he had to have been down there every single time she visited but that was likely her memory smudging the reality.

As Sabrina sat back in her chair, crossing her legs, the slim brunette this time thought back to Sarah. She was a nurse on the Oneida but anyone who had spent time aboard the Oneida would know that Sarah had become a confidant; someone of emotional support to Sabrina in what was likely an unlikely friendship. Friendship was a word that didn’t do it justice, it was more of a kinship.

Returning to the conversation as fast as her thoughts ran through her head, Lail finally took a sip of her drink. “Synthale,” she thought aloud. “We kept a supply of real drinks on the Oneida, what do you think, the Theurgy has some hidden around here?” she asked. Naturally, Sabrina wasn’t interested in the ‘real stuff’ right then but it was always good to know where a starship had the ‘real stuff’ hidden.

Sabrina steered the conversation towards RraHnam’s transfer. “So what made you decide to join the few of us who did transfer to the Theurgy? Certainly, that was no easy decision to make?” Sabrina asked inquisitively. “Of course, I don’t mean to pry,” she continued.

Actually, I’m interested in hearing that from everyone and getting the group’s reaction but the rest haven’t arrived yet,” Lail pointed out. “As far as I’m concerned, we belong to the Theurgy family now but beyond that, we are all bonded by the Oneida. If only the others were here to hear me say that,” Sabrina sincerely stated.

I’ll admit, I checked the duty roster before inviting all of you but I didn’t look to see what they have you all doing now so simply put: what are you up to in security now?” Lail softly asked.

The sheer size of the Theurgy made it indiscriminate when it came to running into crew members. Unlike the Oneida which was a much smaller ship where running into someone was an everyday occurrence, Sabrina was finding out that on Theurgy, this was rarer than on the Enterprise-E.

Sabrina was curious as to what RraHnam was going to say while the pair waited for the others to arrive.

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Re: Day 07 [2300 hrs.] Reflections

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[ Ensign Sarah Bjørge | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nero @Hope @Tae

Sarah's shift could not have ended quickly enough.

Running her hands through her heavy blonde hair, Sarah swept the wavy predicament upwards into a messy bun that was haphazardly tied in place with a light pink scrunchie as she awkwardly walked into the Below Decks Lounge, her arms high over her head trying to tame it into something that would be out of her face.

 She didn't bother trying to style it as she walked past the bar, neglecting herself a fruity, pink drink in favor of finding the table that held the other three former Oneida members. Oh, what was the use- if she didn't braid it back it would just be a mess! She threw her hands back down to her sides having finished fiddling with it for all intents and purposes, though even despite best efforts, several tendrils of blonde hair fell down her neck and the sides of her face, giving her a poignantly disheveled look about her- even despite her fairly well-pressed uniform dress after a long day's work.

Her eyes scanned the small crowd that had accumulated in the after-shift dive, looking for the beautifully deep chestnut brown hair of Sabrina and the equally dark, silky fur of RraHnam. They would be an easy pair to spot in a crowd, both tall, impressive-looking women with confidence that surrounded them like a cotton cloud.

It was not without a characteristically enthusiastic grin that Sarah laid bright green eyes on the table that held both Sabrina and RraHnam at its middle, drinks already in their hands as they spoke quietly amongst themselves. A quick jog in her step sped her over to their whereabouts, her white lab coat standing out bright against the casual and dim lighting that the lounge offered.

"Good evening to you! Thank you for inviting me." She started off, not even bothering to ask to sit as she took a seat near RraHnam, giving the other woman an infectious smile, clearly delighted to be included in the reunion. "How are you both? Taking to Theurgy well, yes?"


Re: Day 07 [2300 hrs.] Reflections

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Lt Arven Leux | Main sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nero @SarahBerry @Hope @ob2lander961

Arven was still very much on duty when he received Sabrina's invite to the lounge. This late into the week, most patients were stable, and the medical staff currently available would be more than able to handle things without him while Arven took a lunch, a brief one, no more than a half-hour, or until the first patient coded. Arven gave the Duty Nurse a polite wave and a dashing smile and spoke up quickly.

"I'm taking lunch, page me immediately if I'm needed, and I'll come on back." Arven had no clue where that archaic phrase came from, but he knew what it meant. Fortunately, he was confident that sickbay wouldn't need him, at least for the next thirty minutes. So Arven took the nearest transporter to Below Decks to make the trip as expeditious as possible.

Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy

Arven made his way into Below decks still in full uniform, his fitted clothing hugging his muscular frame closely, the Trill moving at a brisk pace over to the counter to get whatever the nightly special was. Lasagna, or the chef's interpretation of it, Arven shrugged, grabbing a large bowl of spinach to go with it, and moved over to join Sabrina, RrHnam, and Sarah, a brilliant smile coming to his friendly visage.

"Pardon if I don't stick around too long, I'm in the middle of my duty shift, but I did want to drop by, and I needed lunch anyway." Sure, Arven might be one of the Assistant Medical chief's but the man was the junior-most of that particular set, which meant Arven was stuck on nights. Not that he minded too much. Sarah would know that Arven strongly preferred nightshift.

Arven plopped his muscular bulk down at the table next to the blonde nurse, favoring her with a polite smile. He nodded to the Caitian then and cracked a smile at the woman. The Trill had mischief in his lavender eyes, a dangerous sign as the outwardly jovial doctor speaks up, in calm tones of voice that almost sounded offended.

"Good to see you. I had no idea you'd transferred over, it looks like you just finished in the gym, and you didn't even ask me to be your spotter? Why the nerve!" Arven lets that sit in the air for a moment before he cracked a grin to RraHnam, he'd seen her in the gym back in the Oneida, and while Arven had some lifts that he felt were better than hers, she blew him away when it came to cardio.

But Arven had indeed caught Sabrina's questions on the way in, and his voice took on a more serious tone of voice. "I had to make some tough calls during the War, and I'm a GP that knows how to make do with minimal and primitive resources. I hope I'm never in a situation like that ever again." Arven pauses, reflecting on his time in the POW camp where he'd made some downright unethical calls in a genuinely monstrous situation, the kind of situation that left souls scarred.

"Anyway, the Theurgy needs me more than the Oneida, I'm hoping that Captain Jackson can get his crew back to the Federation with spotless records. Everyone deserves that. also, I can hopefully save more lives here, and I owe that much." Arven didn't elaborate on that in the slightest and wouldn't, not to anyone at this particular table, but Arven felt that he owed nearly two hundred souls due to his bloody-handed actions during the war.

Arven looked down at his plate then, not wanting to meet the eyes of his fellow crewmembers just then, staring intently at the lasagna on his plate, cutting into it with a knife and fork. Talking about the barest part of his time as a POW brought a tear to his lavender eyes. and all of a sudden it wasn't lasagna that he was cutting into. But the chest of Commander Magsaysay of the USS Maryland, parting the tissues of his chest cavity with the rusty...

Arven drops his knife then, his hand shaking slightly, the Trill letting out a slowly shuddering breath as he brings a napkin to his face to wipe the tears from the corner of his eyes. Pushing aside the plate of pasta in a swift motion Arven focuses on the large bowl of spinach that he'd gotten to go with the meal that he wouldn't be touching for the rest of the meeting. Looking up bashfully then, Arven does his best to fake a smile, he got flashbacks now and again, and this one was probably enough to make him swear off any meals containing such large amounts of meat or red sauces.

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[ Lt. RraHnam | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Hope @Tae @SarahBerry 
RraHnam could understand how Sabrina must feel, since she felt similarly. She gave the human pilot a confirming, probably also sympathetic smile. Sabrina told her that she had considered spending the evening alone, but that her invitations and the appearance of the security officer seemed to take an alternative direction. She was also right that so far, the opportunity to speak with one of the other officers transferred from the Oneida had not presented itself. But that was exactly what was needed. Sure, everyone wanted to arrive at the new job and acclimatize. But it was important that they talked to each other. They were literally all in the same boat. It couldn't hurt to have a word with an old colleague, or even old friends, who had similar backgrounds to their own.

Sabrina explained that she had invited Sarah Bjørge and Arven Leux to the meeting. The two medics had also transferred from the Oneida to the Theurgy. However, RraHnam had also not had the opportunity to speak with either of them until now. The former professional athlete was even more pleased to see familiar faces again.
"I knew they were transferred as well, but I haven't had a chance to talk to them since. This ship is incredibly big. My father would certainly like it here," she said with a slightly nostalgic feeling as well as a pinch of pride that resonated in her voice. Even though the circumstances could be better, she was now serving on a ship that her father Gram could only dream of.
RraHnam watched the brunette woman in front of her. Her pupils constricted to small slits as if she was trying to size up an opponent, but it was the opposite. The Caitian tried to read the woman's body language and concluded that she herself was reminiscing and enjoying nostalgic feelings herself.

As the holographic waitress handed RraHnam her drink, Sabrina continued the conversation.
"Synthale. We kept a supply of real drinks on the Oneida, what do you think, the Theurgy has some hidden around here?"
The waitress placed the Long Island iced tea on the table in front of her. RraHnam thanked her briefly and then took a quick sip. She was glad that there was Synthehol. Otherwise, she would have had to do without the refined taste of this drink. Ordinary alcohol was usually very dangerous for Caitians and could quickly end with fatal poisoning for them. Still, she could understand other species' craving for it. In many places, alcohol was a stimulant and very popular. Humans, Rigelians, Klingons. It was something that many species enjoyed consuming.
"Definitely.", RraHnam answered the question about the good stuff with a wink. "I'd be disappointed and out of a job if they didn't have it."

Sabrina then steered the conversation in a more personal direction. She asked the Caitian about her reasons for transferring to the Theurgy. She offered similar conjectures as RraHnam herself did, but then apologized for being nosy.
"At first, I wasn't sure. When we set out aboard the Oneida, faking our destruction, and rushing to the Theurgy's aid, I was skeptical that it was all true. Then I accompanied Captain Ives down to the Great Hall and faced off against an infected Klingon in the flesh. What I learned there solidified in me the decision. That, and the fact that I was able to use it to give Brightman a chance to prove himself. Don't worry about it, Sabrina. I'm curious myself."
Again, the Caitian winked at the human pilot. Everyone had their own reasons for joining the Theurgy's cause, and everyone would handle it differently to opening up more or less. RraHnam would not push anyone to do so.
"The Oneida will keep a special place in my heart, and I'm glad we're all on the same side."

RraHnam paused for a moment and sipped her non-alcoholic drink again as the pilot asked her about her new position.
"Investigation Officer." as if that explained everything. Then she added further, "If something is missing, or a crime has occurred on the ship, I am called in to determine the course of events and the perpetrator, if not already known. Effectively, my job is like Dixon Hill's in the holonovellas."
RraHnam drew a smile, which was only magnified by her lacerated lip. The gold-colored fang implant reflected the surrounding light. As the security officer was about to resume, she was interrupted again practically immediately when first the nurse Ensign Sarah Bjørge reached her and greeted the two women with an infectious smile, and shortly thereafter the doctor Lieutenant Arven Leux reached her. RraHnam greeted back in a friendly manner.
"Good so far. Thank you for asking. One’s settling in. And yourself?" RraHnam pointed to the chair nearest her. "Have a seat. Sabrina is happy about not having to drink alone."

RraHnam winked at the doctor with a smile as he greeted the Caitian. "Maybe next time, Arven." Then the doctor's expression changed, and a certain amount of regret and melancholy resonated in his voice. She became serious and listened to the man's voice, who, audibly to her and her good ears, was struggling with tears. He dropped his silverware and pushed aside his main dish. RraHnam recognized the attitude, and she was sure that she could not understand his emotional state but could certainly guess it. She reached across the table and took his hand. Her gaze softened. She said nothing, but she hoped that her gesture conveyed some empathy and understanding. She wanted him to know he wasn't alone.
"If you ever want to talk..." she didn't finish the sentence, but the offer stood.

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[ Lt Sabrina Lail | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Nero @SarahBerry @Tae  
Sabrina sipped her drink slowly as she listened to RraHnam, intrigued by her perspective on transferring from the Oneida to the Theurgy. The conversation was soon interrupted as Ensign Sarah Bjørge arrived with an infectious smile; the blonde still wearing her white lab coat - an indication she had sooner spent time in Sickbay as Thea had indicated when Lail was preparing the invites. After being greeted by the blonde who sat directly across from her, she smiled and was about to answer her but Lieutenant Arven Leux arrived almost simultaneously, or at the very least, it felt that way to Sabrina.

RraHnam took care of the pleasantries with Arven who had a dish as Sabrina simply returned a friendly smile to the man. “I think I can speak for the whole table when I say, we understand. Thea did show me that you were on duty still so I wasn’t certain if you were going to be able to make it. I know Katie is not and I didn’t even have to ask Thea,” Sabrina said to Arven assuredly.

The brunette turned her attention back to the blonde. “Taking it one day at a time,” Sabrina started off answering Sarah’s question. “Not that it’s a bad thing, in fact, Theurgy is becoming a new home. It’s just that I had hoped the CONN department would be in order here but I found out a couple of days ago that most of the department hadn’t even met each other until I held a meeting that brought them all together,” Lail took a deep breath, “Apologies Sarah, I can go off on a tangent of things that were wrong with that department and it seemed like all I was doing since I got to Theurgy was fixing it. I didn’t mean to —” Sabrina’s voice trailed off.

So how about you? How have you been with life on Theurgy?” Sabrina asked genuinely curious.

She paused to let Sarah respond. Afterward, Sabrina noticed a quick quip from Arven and couldn’t help but smile. Not at the expense of RraHnam but the fact that they were all together enjoying each other’s company. In Sabrina’s eyes, it was nice to see that after the hellish experience they went through at the end of last week with the Klingon Empire in the balance.

Following Arven’s explanation of why he chose to join the Theurgy’s crew, the mood seemingly turned solemn in an instant. Sabrina’s eyes wandered from the blonde woman she had just been talking with to Arven who had suddenly and expediently dropped his cutlery and pushed his dish aside, tears visible as if telling the trio why he joined the Theurgy had brought back the horrors of a painful memory.

RraHnam’s reach entered Sabrina’s sight as she reached across the table to take Arven’s hands. Sabrina’s eyes darted between RraHnam and the soft gesture of willingness to listen knowing that is all one could ever do and Arven himself. It may have only taken a fake smile to resume the course of the evening but never try to fool someone that even a betazoid puts in her psychiatric evaluations as hyper-aware and hyper-vigilant, Sabrina thought to herself knowing that Arven was putting on a facade. She, however, wouldn’t push the matter and let the evening resume with Arven remaining dignified.

Arven, are you sure you’re okay?” Sabrina asked softly, not trying to force the matter but felt an obligation to at least ask.

She waited for an answer before she knew she could continue the evening.

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[ Ensign Sarah Bjørge | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Tae @Nero @Hope

Sarah nodded considerately at Sabrina's words, allowing the brunette to take a few moments to vent the obvious frustrations she had. It was like nothing had ever been amiss after all this time.. How easily they had rolled right back into their old ways as Sarah softly smiled at her, wordlessly encouraging her to unload her feelings into a space that Sarah would readily accept for her friend. Though it did sound like it was a hell of an adjustment period for her. Being jumped to the CONN department and wrangling all the loose ends like a cowboy of Earth lore. She pitied the other woman a bit, it couldn't have been easy- but then again, Sarah was well known for being a truly empathetic soul- so she might have felt bad for anyone who complained at the table.

"Nonsense Sabrina, you would listen just as eagerly if I shot at the hip about the wildness of sickbay. I am all too pleased to hear that you mucked up to your ribcage the first chance you got. You are good at fixing things, embrace this!" Her lips spread into a grin, having sincerely missed Sabrina and her 'tangents'. Gossip was all fine and good, but it wasn't often she got to hear the angry side of the conversation which Sabrina was a pro at giving.

"You know? I have adjusted fairly well! There is not a lot of medical staff so I am not always tripping over the other nurses. I have done a few codes, a few exams, did this super extra thorough exam on this one blood tests, cup the sac, turn and cough and everything." No names were given due to patient confidentiality.

"It has been a joy. I have made several quick friends and have found that I am in the company of several old ones. I am so happy to see you here Sabrina." She murmured, but as soon as she had finished her small divagation, however positive it might have been, she watched as Arven explained his own miserable experience and shame suddenly rushed her features as a flush of pink began to dust her ears. She hadn't meant to rub that in his face, she of course had no way of knowing that things had been so hard for Arven, and at his shove of food against the tabletop, Sarah reached out to lightly touch him on the shoulder, her response mirroring Sabrina's in its concern.

"Agreed. You do not seem to be enjoying the conversation so much..perhaps we can reroute and talk about ah. Cats. Plants? Ship gossip? Does anyone have anything good?"

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[ Ens. Via "DixeBee" Wix | Below Decks Lounge | Deck 28 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Tae @Nero @Hope @SarahBerry

The last couple of days had been rather busy for Via. Having only recently transferred from the Oneida and cleared medically from its sickbay, Via only now had the chance to go and explore the ship she was going to spend the foreseeable future on. Of course, the first place she visited had to be the Lounge. Back on the Oneida in order to get a drink, she was required to jump through hoops and ask for favors just so she can have one glass of beer. Now she could drink as much as she long as it wasn't on duty or to excess, so in reality, she could only drink as much as a pilot could without getting into trouble. It was late but Via was going to take advantage of every free second she got. With her luck, she would get another notification saying she was put on alert status and to get geared up in the next 10 minutes.

The woman walked into the lounge wearing her newly acquired Wolves Squadron hoodie unzipped with the accompanying skirt and a sports tank top. She made her way to the bar area and asked the holographic bartender rather excitedly to get her a bottle of tequila. When he came back with the drink in hand and placed it in front of her Via heard a rather familiar voice accompanied by several others that she simply recognized. With a smirk on her face, she grabbed her bottle taking a swig as she walked over to the group of 4 at their table. Once she got there Via burped rather loudly and looked down at the former Oneida crewmembers probably interrupting their conversation. She spoke to Sarah first.

"Hey, B-Jorge! Whatsup girl, how you doin'!"

She then looked at Arven with a similarly surprised smile.

"LT Leux! Shit, where have you been I haven't seen you in a while."

Since Via had been stuck in sickbay in the Oneida's sickbay for a month after being rescued from the Training Center she was really familiar with a good portion of the ship's medical staff...for better or for worse. Sarah however was a friend that she had known since the Academy. Via was relieved to have had someone she knew during that month and was truly surprised to see both of them on the Theurgy. The other two officers she somewhat recognized but Via wasn't on the Oneida long enough to know everyone personally. She acknowledged them still.

"Ain't you both served on the Oneida too? Was their somethin' I missed like an invitation or some shit like that." Via laughed with the drink in her hand.

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