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Day 01 [0145 hrs.] Attack of the Coffee Zombies.

|Lt Arven Leux | Main Sickbay|  Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SarahBerry

Arven hadn't slept since he'd gone to bed the day prior on the Oneida and was thusly slurping down his second cup of Raktajino in as many hours during this overnight shift of sickbay. He got it. Arven got the crap shifts as the new transfer until he got properly worked into the rotation. So he here was, a Trill coffee zombie, reviewing charts and medical files. Thankfully all of the patients in sickbay were asleep, and the lighting was low. There was rarely anything to do on ships like this. Generally, healthy crews in the prime of their lives often made for dull nightshifts, aside from the odd extracurricular activities. Already Arven had trouble remembering the name of that crewman that liked to inflict insertion injuries on himself. All the better that, hopefully, the Theurgy had no one with similar kinks.

"Don't count on that; there's always someone that likes butt plugs." A morbid statement if there ever was one, with as experienced as Arven was with Starfleet, he'd learned that people would always find a way to pleasure themselves; unfortunately, they wouldn't always use specially made items to do it with. In the quiet of sickbay at this hour, his words undoubtedly carried through the late shift's dim lighting and still atmosphere.

"Anyway, It's all doctor Merkwürdigliebe's problem now." Arven thought well of the chair-bound Doctor, the man was brilliant if eccentric, and He hadn't let the injuries sustained in the war stop him from being one of the best GP's that Arven had ever seen. He did not doubt that Doctor 'Murky' as they'd all thought of him would take on the role of ACMO with professional aplomb. The man had earned it, and he'd serve honorably in that role for many years to come. But here was Arven on a new ship with so few familiar faces, or better or worse.

And so it was that Arven began his 0200 rounds relatively early to get them over with, a quick to make sure that none of the patients were throwing codes and that everyone was stable and their various fluids were either full or empty as the case may be. While slurping on the cup of Raktajino, he spotted a diminutive head of bright blonde hair wading through the murky gloom of the early morning sickbay. Walking over quietly, Arven spoke up in the warm, professional tone he always used around patients, the kind tones almost at odds with his robust build and overall imposing frame.

"Well, hello, Sarah, a pleasure to be on the Coffee zombie shift with you again. all of our patients doing alright?" Arven had a gentle smile on his face that just barely reached the edges of his violet eyes, a warm and friendly gesture that Sarah would know well. Arven had been a fixture on the Oneida the last four years, and He'd been there when Sarah had come aboard fresh from the Academy. So he was pleased that she'd made the transfer along with him.

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[Ensign Sarah Bjørge | Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Tae

It would be a good long while before Sarah would be seeing the proverbial light of day where it concerned sickbay shifts. All newbies started on nights- even regardless of her experience aboard The Oneida. It wasn't even as if she minded, she thought as she pushed a metal drawer flush to its receptacle, as the nights were normally quiet and less rambunctious than the day shift crew- moreover, there was less happening at 'night' as there were fewer crew overall to get into shenanigans. Now finished organizing the biological sample kits into neat rows, she would have to find something else to get into. All of the patients were asleep or otherwise quietly preoccupied. She'd done her best to play bedside maid for the ones who were awake, offering to fetch tea or one of the many puzzle games meant for the patients, but alas- no takers. She would simply have to entertain herself another way.

It wouldn't be long before entertainment came to her, though she didn't quite know it yet. She'd only just entered into the hallway, having stepped out of an injured Crewman's room with the offer of playing Kahl-Toh being rejected when a warm, buttery voice hummed her name closer than she had expected for having heard no footsteps. Her breath hitched as petite shoulders jumped in surprise, her long, blonde ponytail whipping around briskly as she spun to lay wide, green eyes on the alleged ninja. 

She had not realized Arven had become so sneaky since he'd left for the Theurgy.

Her grimace of fear upturned into one of relief as she recognized the squared-off, handsome features of her friend. A breath of relief blew out and a svelte hand came up to rest on her collarbone as a nerved chuckle bubbled up from her throat and past her smiling lips. "Gods alive Arven, you scared me!" She remarked with another breathless chuckle as her hand dropped in a relaxed stance. "Though I suppose I should call you Lieutenant on duty, no?" Her expression was one of fondness as she gazed up to Arven, pleased that she would be working with someone she knew quite well. Not that any of the doctors or other nurses had been unkind or standoffish, but there was always some relief in having someone familiar nearby in a new situation.

"Just like old times, though I actually prefer night shift." She grinned in response. She gestured with a 'come hither' motion to follow her down the hallway back towards the nurses' station, taking slower steps so that they could talk at a leisurely pace. "Everyone is asleep or otherwise quietly preoccupied. No one wants tea, coffee or a rousing game of chess so I feel good enough to say that it looks like we are in for a quiet night together. Want a refill?" She asked, pointing to his cup with two fingers.



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|Lt Arven Leux | Main Sickbay|  Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SarahBerry

Arven gave Sarah a kind smile, shaking his head politely to the blonde Ensign. Her formality humored him, even if he did feel mildly bad about the response from apparently shocking Sarah just a bit. Arven was exceptionally quiet while walking the wards at night, a habit he'd picked up years ago, one that had been necessary in fact.

"It's alright, Sarah, you can always call me Arven, and like on the Oneida, if you need to be formal for any reason, Doctor Leux will be fine. I'm a  Doctor first, and you're a Nurse first. Our ranks come second to our careers." Arven smiled pleasantly at that, and he relaxed, following along with the shorter woman towards the Nurse's station. The tall, muscular Trill checks his PADD while walking, making sure that He'd signed off on all of the charts that needed completion at present. Thankfully there was very little that was left undone. He seemed to be lost in thought while pondering the recent transfer from the Oneida.

"Indeed, just like old times, but I don't know if you got the same treatment I did, Sarah, but the moment I beamed aboard, they shoved me into surgery practically. It was a hell of a greeting, I got shown around by Nurse Vojona, and he is quite the competent Nurse from what I can tell. You'll like working under him. But yes, another tea would be delightful, thank you. Sadly though, no chess. I'd hate to be distracted when someone codes." Arven gave Sarah a wry smile then and tapped his chin, thinking about his time on the Oneida. He knew that they'd adjust well to life on this ship. They both took chances and had interesting backgrounds from what he knew of the blonde human, which honestly wasn't a hell of a lot.

"So, why did you become a Nurse Sarah? I'm afraid that I never did ask. I became a doctor because of my parents. My mother, Sirva spent most of her career at Starfleet medical after she had me. So me becoming a doctor was pretty much inevitable, I think."
Arven smiled at that, happily standing by and taking some time to relax. It had been close to a full day since he'd slept, if not longer, and the strain was starting to show on him. The very fact that Arven managed to maintain the calm politeness that he did was a minor miracle of composure and willpower.

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[Ensign Sarah Bjørge| Main Sickbay|  Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Tae

Sarah nodded softly at his explanation, having never really needed to be formal with the tall Trill so of course the information was needed as a refresher. She gave it very little thought otherwise as they walked along the corridor together quietly, the only sound being the slight step of their boots hitting the metal of the sickbay floor and a distant monitor beeping in the background.

"I am so sorry to hear you got thrown to the wolves like that, Arven. But if I were to presume, you had quite a reputation on the Oneida as a well-trained doctor, yes? Plus all of the experience you have. So it would hold water that the Theurgy medical crew would give you the benefit of the doubt that you could hit the ground running, as it were." She offered as they finally reached the Nurses' station. Behind it was a replicator, to which she beelined, eager for her own cup as well. As Arven sat where he pleased, Sarah tapped the main screen of the replicator.

"Two hot lavender chais, please?"

While the computer certainly wasn't cognizant of her intentional politeness toward it, it did in fact produce two teacups and saucers full of the warm, aromatic chai. The smell wafted around the room as quickly as it had been replicated, the scent was spicy and floral.

"Thank you." She responded back, her habit of 'talking' to the machines having seemingly not faded away yet, as she had done much the same aboard the Oneida. Taking the saucers, one in each hand, she carried them over to the work desk, setting Arven's down with a soft 'clink' of china meeting the metal of the desk.

"Well, it is hardly an engaging story as some I have heard, including yours! But when I still lived on Lofoten, I worked at the clinic there..and when I escaped to the mainland, they asked if I had any skills, Working at the clinic was all I had really done so, I was trained as a nurse, then I came to Starfleet, learned how to be a good nurse to Humans and Aliens alike..and here we are. Though, if you thought you being a doctor inevitable, was there something else you think you might have wanted to do?" She sat down next to him and crossed one leg over the other as she took her teacup into her hands, blowing on the still quite warm tea as she waited for his response.

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|Lt Arven Leux | Main Sickbay|  Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @SarahBerry

Smiled in thanks to Sarah, immediately taking a long sip of his tea, the Trill needed that right now, something to center his mind then. He stands there, eyes closed, breathing in the aroma letting the warm liquid slosh around his mouth for a moment before swallowing and speaking again.

"Thank you kindly, Sarah. And It's fine. I'd rather be cast to the wolves than left in the cold. There are two kinds of people that it happens to anyway. Those with competence and those that are useless. And of course, it's for different reasons, a sort of career triage as it were." The calm demeanor that Arven spoke with might be a bit unnerving to some people, and there was an almost callous tone to his proclamation. Arven was many things, and one of them was an expert in triage.

When Sarah shares her past with him, the tall Trill leans back against a bulkhead, taking it all in with a curious look. Whatever the circumstances of her upbringing were, it was evident that Sarah cared deeply about her job and had the mindset to go with it. So nursing was a skill that she'd had and had used it. It was a more pragmatic background than Arven had expected. So many people had gotten into the medical careers to investigate their own illness, a family member, or to ease the suffering they saw. Sarah had a pragmatic streak in her that often wasn't seen in someone her age. The barest of smiles tugged at the corner of his lips as he thought back to his childhood.

"First, I admire that. You're more pragmatic than most are about this career, and I absolutely appreciate that. I'd wondered why you joined up as a nurse, and this career needs more pragmatists willing to help everyone. As for me, if I weren't a doctor?"  Arven blushed then, his cheeks reddening at the thought of voicing it aloud.

"I wanted to be a race car driver when I was a kid. Not the modern vehicles or even the older fuel cell models. Gasoline, internal combustion, rubber tires on pavement. There's something beautiful about those old cars, something primitive. Growing up, we lived next to this old gentleman, Mister Chong. He'd retired from Starfleet years ago, and he was this small man that would putter around his home. But he had a garage with an old car in it, a Bugatti Type 35, this beautiful blue machine that was almost all engine. This car had no safety equipment at all. Mister Chong told me that their skill was the only thing that kept the driver safe. I have no clue how old the car was or if it was an original or a reproduction, but it was beautiful in its simplicity. And the crazy thing? Is that Mister Chong drove it from time to time. He said that it kept the engine from rusting. One day my parents let me go for a ride with him. There was no space. The ride was cramped, painful, and awkward for both of us. But I knew that I wanted a car like that when I grew up. I wanted to race them like Mister Chong said he did." Arven had a vitality to his voice and a wistful expression on his face. The look was a fantasy unfulfilled but still one that brought him joy to think back on. Arven was lost in thought in a good way for once, and he got completely lost in the tea, staring at the far wall with a childish gleam in his violet eyes.

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[Ensign Sarah Bjørge| Main Sickbay | Deck 11 | Vector 02 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Tae

Sarah watched with some amusement as he blew into his chai and quickly, perhaps even a tad too quickly, took a heavy sip of the still very hot liquid and swished it around his mouth. Sarah had enough sense to not make fun of his plight, so she simply ducked her head a bit lower and hid her amusement with the rim of the teacup, taking small, careful sips. At his quip, however, she shrugged softly, taking her thumb and lightly wiping where her mouth had just been, not wanting the pink of her gloss to ruin the chai. She liked Arven fine, he was definitely a close friend and someone she admired professionally..but he had a sharp mouth sometimes and she didn’t always approve of it.

“A little harsh, no? Everyone is useful, it is only finding ways to apply it that can prove challenging. But I believe in the innate good of all people deep down, and people want to be helpful. Perhaps because they do not fit the round-peg-round-hole version that you claim as competence does not mean it cannot be found in another angle. Respectfully, of course.” She gleaned, giving the Trill a slight bow of her head to show that she was not intentionally trying to argue an obtuse point. Really it didn’t matter in the end to her if he found someone ‘useless’ or not, but she was always a tender, empathetic soul.

“You are too kind for saying so Arven, but practicality is arguably the first line of any Nurses’ resumé.” She replied with a small smile, brushing off the compliment awkwardly. It always felt so embarrassing to take thanks for the bare minimum decency in helping someone not die, but far be it from her to try and change minds, especially someone like the ACMO. She nodded diligently as Arven spoke about his dreams, though a curve of amusement altered her features into a one-sided smile at his take of being a race car driver. Interesting, she hadn’t pegged him for the type to live out a 'live fast, drive fast' mentality.. But then again as a medical doctor maybe he got a kick out of the adrenaline much the same as car speedsters did.

“So?” She gave a pause before starting again. “Did you ever get a car like Mr. Chong’s? You cannot leave me hanging like that!” She cried gently, bringing her teacup back up to her mouth for another sip. “Did you leave it behind? Is that what you did on shore leave- speed around in your vintage Bugatti?”

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