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(OOC: Sorry, RL threw some curveballs at me the last couple of days...)

Below Decks

Felicity smiled as William served up the vodka to the other members of the team. As William began to quietly serve them and the rest of the bar (it was fairly late and William had been up for a long time, he would say if pressed. Actually he had just started, but he was just feeling lazy right now) Felicity began to talk.

"A fair question, my dear Worshipper. Sadly my origin story has been lost to the ages, according to your so called historians. But given that I was there when it happened, I remember it well." she said, laughing. "It was many moons ago, on a hill overlooking Rome, a farmer was working on his crops, he had grown some very nice carrots, he was the first man to have grown the new plant in the region. He was tending to them when a passing squad of soliders were hungry. They called out to the farmer, asking in that special way that soliders ask, I'm sure you know-" she said, laughing, a hand resting on Ida's shoulder in a pleasant, slightly flirting way. "They asked for some carrots, to sustain them, they had been fighting so very hard to defend Rome from barbarians. The farmer refused, saying that these carrots were for selling, they were his livelyhood. The soldiers began to press the issue when there was an allmighty crash, BANG!" she said, jumping up and clapping, the hem of her skirt flying up, showing off the thin strips of her thong panties to the room.

"A powerful evil wizard chose that moment to unleash his creations, vicious horrible beasts, formed from livestock. The soliders were caught unawares, and were about to be slain, when the farmer got to his knees and prayed to the Dii Consentes, begging for help and forgivness. They looked down and saw that he was truly sorry, and they called me into being, Mars and Ceres having a quick daliance to create me. I then appeared, and I gave my hand to the farmer. And he threw his farming tool, and my guiding hand saw that it flew straight and true, and killed the evil wizard there and then. The beasts were then confused, and the soliders slew them.

And from then on, farmers and soliders both worship me, to bring them luck in their battles and their growing, as I remind them that without the other, they are both lost. An army needs food, a farmer needs protection. And they both need me!" she said, bobbing happily as she finished the tale. She smiled at Ida, looking at her, having finished her tale.

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Flight Deck

Nerina had remained silent through the conversation, her hands gripping the pad and stylus in her hands, her face deliberatly blank. The fact was that she was very conflicted about the young pilot's actions. He had found the planet, and saved them, but at the same time, he'd recklessily risked their lives by leaving formation, by going outside the guides that Nerina herself had helped set.

So as the Captain and the pilot talked, she was trying to calm her thoughts, as she resisted the temptation to either offer him a drink or throw him in the brig. But thankfully for her mental stability, the Captain and the pilot seemed to work out some sort of accord between them. Nerina did approve of that, at least, since she respected the chain of command and, in the short time she had served as the Captain's XO, grown to respect them greatly.

When the Captain finally spoke directly to her, she blinked a few times before finally speaking. "Not as such, although any knoweldge you have that you think might be useful to your fellow pilots, Lieutenant, should be put into a report and circulated. We need all the good info we can get." she said, smiling at him, picking a factor of the discussion she felt un-conflicted about. She understood his point of view, but she wasn't going to focus on his actions, for now.

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Flight Deck

The shift in Jien's physical form was startling.  He knew nothing about the Cameloid, leaving the transformation to be something completely unexpected.  His first suspicion was that Jien was a Changeling; one of the so-called Founders from the Dominion War.  He soon dismissed that theory, noting the fundamental differences between the way a changeling looked while shifting between forms and how Jien appeared.  For the time being, it would remain a mystery.

When the initial surprise wore off, he was able to collect his thoughts, and quickly adjust to the now female version of the Captain.  "Yes, Ma'am."  He responded, clarifying that he understood the terms of punishment.  He was to be denied the freedom to fly; an effective choice, catered to his own preferences, rather then just a generalized deprivation that anyone would receive.  It was just another way that Captain Ives commanded her ship just a little bit differently then a standard Starship CO.

With the floor being passed to Nerina, Nathaniel's eyes moved to her.  A Klingon-Human hybrid was an interesting choice of Executive Officer; he hadn't seen one able to rank so high in a ship's hierarchy before.  Most of the officers he met that had Klingon blood were about as irritable as he was, which made interpersonal relations all the more difficult.  For the first time in a long time, he had some hope that he might actually be able to advance in his career.  "I will provide any warp signatures for civilian class cargo ships that I can.  With them, sensor sweeps should be able to identify them, ma'am."  He replied to Nerina's mention of submitting a report.  He wasn't sure what else from his cargo running days might have been useful, but he knew to be more vocal about it in the future.  At the very least, he proved his knowledge was useful, so it was less likely to be dismissed.

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In approval of the pilots immediate and tactful adaptation to his punishment, Jien inclined her head once the XO had given her say and the pilot accepted to accede to her demand.

"Very well then," she said quietly, "I think that ought to settle this matter. As a modest gesture of our gratitude, much due to the fact that we have little to offer at the given hour, we will accompany you to the ship's lounge and provide Mr. Regal with enough replicator rations for you to celebrate in whatever way you deem fitting - be it a meal outside of the messhall or drinks to celebrate yours and the Theurgy's momentary triumph. The SCO has been notified of your absence for the remainder of your shift, and we leave right away. Personally, I have to hold an interview for the position of our replacement Ship Counsellor in a short while, yet I believe I will be able to accompany you two to the turbolift, at least."

She inclined her head to the pilot's Valkyrie, where it stood upon its platform and with its allotted technicans running the usual post-flight diagnostics. "Feel free to debrief the engineering crew before we leave, or stove away your flight gear unless you have already done so."

Jien then turned her brown eyes to Nerina, and while the pilot was out of earshot, and raised a brow in query. "I would not hold it against you if you joined Mr. Isley in Below Decks. Your advice and your support for a weary and ageing Chameloid this evening has been irreplaceable. Our Second Officer can have the Bridge for the remainder of the night, it being his shift after all, while I hold the last meetings in my Ready Room. After all, it would serve to inform those off-duty about the good news, and to name Isley as our benefactor. Our new Wolf being not too familiar with many outside his squadron, I'm sure it would assist the cause to make him more welcome aboard despite the dark circumstances we find ourselves in. Can you make it so, or do you have any other pressing matters than cannot be dealt with on the morrow?"

Once the pilot rejoined them, Jien led the way out of the flight deck - her hips swaying in perfect alignment with her centre of gravity. Having been raised in Japan and in rigorous training of the martial arts, it appeared as if she was nailed to the floor with each step - in mastership of her body and her surroundings. Perhaps her ability to truly master her body in every aspect - her Chameloid morphogenic matrix being her means for it - served to make it so, but she hoped that her capacity to keep the slashes of her sword true had not deteriorated since that yore time under Sensei Hitoshi's tutelage.

The stars knew she had tried to honour his blade since that last time she saw him.

She idly turned her eyes to her First Officer and to the Lone Wolf - two individuals so different yet both wearing aesthetically pleasing physical forms (something she as a Chameloid appreciated in other ways humans might) - once they were inside the turbolift. There were two individuals who had no reason to mourn their lack of ability to alter their forms. "Deck 07," she said in a low voice to Thea - the Computer - and the lift sped towards the ship lounge - a stop on the way after she would continue to the Main Bridge.

Solitude was always the price one paid for authority...

[Below Decks | Deck 07]

ThanIda had finished her drink at the time when Felicity had finished her story, and she put the empty glass down on a table nearby - the taste of the Terran vodka still in her mouth - a rather gratifying burn to her throat and cerulean gums.

It was hard to truly appreciate the story in such a good-natured way as the hologram deserved, her intentions so innocent and heart-warming. To tell the truth, it was not merely her heart that warmed to Felicity, yet the circumstances of Ida's withdrawn promotion was predominantly on her mind. She tried to imagine how it would be to capture the hologram's allure with her paints and brushes, yet it was but a fleeting attempt for her bountiful imagination - just as it would be if she made the same efforts in gazing upon any of males in the ship lounge. Even Adam Kensington, whom she had already made highly private renderings of once he had been commissioned to the Theurgy long before - highly private pieces of artwork indeed...

She could almost imagine his eyes upon her backside, and she wished she had second drink in hand.

"So upon this ship," she said to Felicity, pinching the bridge of her nose before attempting a smile to the Pinkskin hologram, "that would mean you both serve Mr. Regal in the nourishment of the crew, but you also serve the crew in their fighting capacity. Tell me, unless I am out on a limb here, how do you serve us directly besides your stories and your services in this establishment?"

Ida gestured idly with her hand while she spoke. "So far, I have only seen you serving drinks and dance for public enjoyment. In the story... you incapacitated the beasts through the true angle of a thrown farming tool, but how might that be translated into your capacities aboard this ship?"

It was true that the whole ship had been fitted with holo-emitters so that the Theurgy Hologram might move about as she pleased, but what did that entail for this divine female creature of photons and toned force-fields? Had Mr. Regal gotten the clearance to let her program be run anywhere aboard? She admittedly did not know, and right then, she truly was not out to pin more complaints or reports to the human's file.

In the back of the ship lounge, the turbolift doors opened...

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(OOC: It's cool. Wasn't like it was confusing or anything ;))

Nerina had begun to input some data into her padd when the captain spoke, and couldn't hide the flash of surprise as the captain suggested she join the pilot in the 'bar', as she understood Mr. Regal called it. She had avoided it after a flare up with him early on when she misunderstood a comment he had made, plus she was not at home with alcohol. It was a surprising fact that very few people knew, that despite her Klingon physiology, she just couldn't handle her booze, but then she was rarely put in a position to reveal this.

She quickly weighed up the options, and decided not to disappoint the captain. "Very well, Ma'am." she said, as she pocketed her stylus, and placed the padd back in a nearby drawer. As they head into the turbolift, she turned to Nathan as it began to move. "So, Lieutenant, how long did you run cargo for?" she asked, her tone somewhat friendly, as she tried to indicate that they were off duty with her stance and tone, if not her words.

In Down Below itself, Felicity's image... flickered for a moment as Ida asked her question, as if her software had glitched or, more likely, the question was outside the expected range, and had taken a moment to work out an answer. Her expression did not change however, as she still had the same divine smile on her face as she always did. "Oh, I look after the ship, I protect it, I make sure it will return home safely, and vanquish its foes." she explained, avoiding details and any actual impact she had on the ship.

But then the doors to the room opened, and Felicity's eyes darted towards it. And when she saw the Captain, she again flickered, but this time there was a visual change. Her outfit became much less see through, and her panties were now more like the standard cut for Starfleet, only just visible through the material of her dress, joined by a bra across her breasts. She made no comment on her visual change, instead nodding at Ida. "If you'll excuse me Worshipper, I must go greet our new guests." she said, nodding at the blue skinned woman,

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He wasn't about to turn down an opportunity to relax a little, and maybe enjoy a drink or two.  Being in the company of two lovely looking women, even if one of them was of an ambiguous gender, only made things all the more appealing.  Nathaniel made quick work of his gear, stowing it away for future need.  It was best off remaining with his Valkyrie, where it would not be misplaced or forgotten.  In a final effort to provide himself some comfort, he unzipped his uniform's jacket, leaving it open to reveal the white inner shirt below.  It made him feel a bit less restrained, and helped him to stand out from all the others who were still wearing their uniforms to standard.

When Nerina asked about his cargo running days, he turned his head towards her, showing some respect by making eye contact.  Though his first instinct was to take a look at the cranial ridges on her forehead, he avoided doing so; part of him just knew it wasn't respectful without being told.  "It was maybe two and a half years.  It was a while after my sixteenth birthday that I joined up, after the relocation of the colony on Sennis IV.  I was with them until shortly after my nineteenth birthday, when I left to join Starfleet.  The Fighters were calling out to me, and I couldn't say no."  He explained his motivations.  For some, it was making a career, and for others the wonder of discovery.  For Nathan, it was a simple wish to soar through space in the most sophisticated ship he could pilot.

Arriving on Deck 07, He was quick to take in the sights.  "It's quite a diverse crew you have."  He commented to both his CO and XO.  Half Klingons, Andorians . . . whatever race Jien belonged to.  He got to know a number of cadets from varying home worlds, but the ones on the Theurgy were more rare to see in the Academy.  Both Klingons and Andorians were known for being a militaristic people, which only led him to wonder if it was fate that brought them to a ship which had been thrust into a fight with difficult odds.

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At the comment that the pilot made as the three stepped out of the turbolift, Jien could but smile faintly in the artificial light - her full lips curving ever so slightly. Her crew was a source of pride, given how they were all survivors in this together. All of them bore their plight in their own fashion, yet as a ship and a crew, they all stood more or less united.

"The complexity and diversity of the galaxy are the hopes for the future, 'Lieutenant," she said, her arms still folded behind her back, "yet the Federation's strength is not our diversity; for our strength is our ability to unite people of different backgrounds around common principles. All the more reason we need to follow through with our journey towards the truth instead of scattering to the winds of the cosmos. These principles might - one day - be one of the keys for intergalactic peace."

She said these words as though she meant them, even though she had more or less given up on the concept of lasting peace... The smile was, in fact, a lie.

"Number One," she said and turned to Nerina, "I will leave you to the announcement." She then turned her gaze to include the pilot as well. "I wish you both a pleasant evening. Should anything happen, I will be in my Ready Room until the small hours of the night."

With that, Jien stepped back into the turbolift, and just as she asked to be taken to Deck 01, she saw Mr. Regal's bloody hologram approach from afar. This 'Felicity' was barely tolerated purely due to the fact that it was a creation of the pardoned culprit's imagination - a program that would not have been accepted upon any Starship yet now made a fact due to the favours that the proprietor of Below Decks could call in for the benefit of their survival. Moreover, for the survival of Starfleet as they knew it.

At least it seemed like the hologram wore some little nothing on her skin, but there was no mistaking the glare that William Regal got before the turbolift doors closed. How did he have the nerve to run Felicity when they had an energy crisis aboard? She would make sure to inform the new Chief of Security about this whenever she could spare a minute - to have the situation in the lounge dealt with once and for all.

Given how Felicity left her side to greet the two new individuals in the lounge, Ida naturally noticed them. She had also noticed the shift in the holograms apparel, and as Deputy, she immediately drew the conclusion that Mr. Regal had installed a few modifications to her already non-existing modesty configuration.

She decided to have a word with the man about this, along with a new drink, when the news were delivered...

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|A Dream

The sun that shone on Betazed hit Jaru's face as he lay on the grass with a woman beside him, her head on his chest listening to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. Her long sundress was hitched up so her bare thigh could rest on his stomach. The uniformed male figured opened his eyes and tilted his head so icy blue irises gazed into black ones. Jaru began to grin and laugh gently as the woman kissed his jawline but finally he was silence when their lips caught each other.

After a moment of tender kisses and probing tongues they settled back into their original position, resting in the midday sun. "I'm going to miss this planet." said Jaru softly, "And you."

She seemed to smile sadly at that and her hand began to run through Jaru's dark hair. They both know this moment was bitter sweet.  "Why would you do that? Surely in all of your amazing Starfleet travels you must have met a woman better than myself."

"Met women yes." admitted the pilot with a shrug. "Met a woman better than you? Never." They both shared a giggle before kissing one another again, enjoying the affectionate moment that it symbolised. Jaru thought she was one of, if not the most, beautiful women he had ever seen. Her dark hair and pale skin complimented her soulful dark eyes, slim figure wrapping along his muscles.

"They say that more Dominion are arriving at Bajor each day, they also say that it could be war."

Jaru gave a small scoff before shaking his head. "Really, where do you get your facts from?" he asked teasingly. "As new and scary as they Dominion are we can take them....besides, they'll never reach Betazed."

"Maybe it's you I'm worried about. Maybe I want you to come back."

"And if I promise?"

"Will you?" asked the woman with a raised eyebrow and a coy smile.

"I promise..." said Jaru honestly, sadly kissing her brow and holding her close. It's true that when you meet a woman you don't  want to walk away from it hurts. He just didn't expect it to hurt this bad...

|0230 Hours

Whatever dream Jaru had been lost in it had left him with a pang in his heart and a bitter taste in his mouth as he awoke in the biobed to the smell of nothing. It was then he knew exactly where he was; sickbay. The place was always devoid of any natural musk. Come to think of it half the ship was but in sickbay it just seemed worse. It assaulted you, cleansed you.
He looked down and saw he was currently topless with a neatly wrapped bandage around his right shoulder. At least they had managed to do him the favour of taking the shrapnel out before wrapping him up. Oh he remembered how it happened now. Something went wrong with his deflector and the splash from his kill peppered his canopy. A sliver of metal had broker through and given him a wound like a gunshot. Still, ever tough he had managed to land before passing out. Barely. He might have been tough but he was only human.

As soon as he sat up a male Klingon came running to him with a medical tricorder in hand to which Jaru groaned inwards and waved him away. "Kid if you so much as come near me with that thing you'll be on an operating table fishing for it. If you can't help me get discharged from this butcher's shop then go find someone who can. Go on, be useful."

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Yet Maal did not have to, since the Chief Medical Officer was already on his way over to the biobed - his tattooed hands folded behind his back and his lab coat billowing out in his wake. Lucan cin Nicander had recently finished the surgery he had committed himself to, and now roamed in his ignorant realm once more.

"Oh, I am hurt, 'Commander," he said to the SCO with an easy smile, "so recently sprung from the blissful oblivion, and you insult my personnel and spill ungratefulness from your lips. Had you wished to continue flying your Valkyrie and lead your squadron from the cockpit, then you ought to have been quite thankful instead. Someone once told me... that an ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree, eating acorns, yet never look up to see where they come from."

Lucan smiled to the one designated Wolf-01 as he came to stand next to the biobed and read the readings on the display - a fingertip trailing the numbers shown. "I would not be so presumptuous to call you a swine, Jaru, nor would I imply myself or Sickbay to be the tree, yet nevertheless... the comparison does seem fitting given what might have happened unless your injury was expediently dealt with. Maal, thank you, your services are no longer needed here. Please attend to the patients in the Recovery Ward."

Regardless of what the human lout had said to the Klingon nurse, Dr. Nicander fished out a medical tricorder and scanned the human without preamble. "I would have you know that I saved Elisabeth Rawley - one of your flightmembers I belive? - just little while ago from massive internal injuries, and that she will be back from her rehabilitation in a matter of weeks. You, however, ought to be cleared for duty in five days depending on your willingness to cooperate this time around."

Lucan met the eye of the pilot, and while he smiled to him, the doctor had the barest impulse to fracture the man's jaw with the blunt edge of his tricorder - if only to be amuse himself with the blubbering efforts the man would make in dealing him a reply. He did, however, do no such thing - only returned his attention to the readings. "I was successful in extracting all the debris from your wound, yet as you've proven, I was quite unsuccessful with instilling some kind of manners to your mind. Alas, hope springs eternal."

In the background of their conversation, the pace and flowing routines of Sickbay had somewhat returned to normal. As normal as the circumstances allowed, at least. In the back of his mind, the shadows hissed for more blood, yet Lucan paid them no heed, for he knew that before the strife would come to an end, there would be a sea of blood to bathe in - the corridors of the ship literally flowing with it like arteries of a dying animal.

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"There's another way to put that." said Jaru in a rather irritated tone. "Ignorance is bliss. Sometimes it's best just to accept things for what they are but as officers we can't afford such a delicate luxury. You especially for being a doctor."

He looked at Lucan rather coldly after his little speech. In all honesty he couldn't care if he was hurt one way or another. All he wanted was to get out of this medical hell hole and to the Captain to discuss his squadron's status. Right now Jaru didn't know if he was in the mood for bad news. Jaru hated losing people but he also hated losing them needlessly. Right now they weren't in a position to resupply on fighters and pilots. Every little counted.

At least in times like this there was a chance for little rays of sunshine and Lucan had more or less delivered a supernova to Jaru. "So Lizzy is alive...." he muttered softly with a little smile and chuckle. "Thanks for that doc. It's good to know my pilots have somewhere to do to get a decent patching up. Speaking of which what's the butchers bill?"

Jaru hated asking that question since some things were best left unknown. The human part wanted to just leave it to find out for himself in his own time. Twenty pilots left the ship in the battle but who knew how many where standing now? The Squadron Commanding Officer part however wanted to know so it could plan how to fill the gaps. The state of the ship after a battle was never a good indicator to fighter casualties because they weren't on the ship. Sometimes Jaru would be on the bridge as flight controller but he preferred to be in the thick of it. He couldn't ask someone to take risks while he sat cozy on the ship.

"So tell me Doc, how many caskets am I making?" he asked sadly.

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"None," said Lucan resolutely as he closed his tricorder and pocketed it again, "since Ms. Rawley survived. Unless there are any post-surgery complications, and you do not plan of ending your own life prematurely, the last skirmish with our brothers and sisters in the Fleet did not cause any casualties in your squadron. As for the Theurgy as a whole, we lost seven crewmembers to the winds, forty-nine were injured to a greater or lesser degree, the ship itself... you have better ask Engineering about that for a qualified answer, but suffice to say, several decks have lost life-support and a majority of our key functions are under heavy repairs. We have an energy crisis on board, and the Captain has limited replicator usage for personnel severely through a rationing-system - this excluding Engineering and Sickbay since we need to have one hundred per cent functionality."

Deftly, Lucan's long fingers picked up a hypo-spray and he charged it whilst he spoke, not saying what it was for. "I do believe that while you were in surgery, flight patrols still had to be conducted, yet I do not know what the XO ordered from her seat in Mission Ops on the Bridge, and I do not have the damage estimates to your Valkyries. I would suggest that you run your queries through the right people once you are allowed to leave Sickbay. Which is not quite yet, I am afraid."

Thus spoken, Lucan quickly lay his hand upon the SCO's head to keep him still and pressed the cold muzzle of the hypospray against the man's neck - the sharp hiss resembling that of a cold-blooded snake's. The anaesthetics passed seamlessly through skin and into blood, the pressure spreading the pain-reducing cocktail like a wildfire in along his nervous system. To the recipient, it was like getting two drinks too many in Below Decks.

Foregoing any kind of violent retort to the administered dosage (or the swift action) Lucan simply stepped away - casually powering down the hypospray with a smile and replacing it in its allotted place on the tray. "I am ordering you to rest here for a duration of twenty-four hours, 'Commander Jaru, and its not a point of negotiation. If you would so kindly retreat to the Recovery Ward immediately, you will find that the hours will pass by quite swiftly once you lie down."

The Chief Medical Officer had the official leverage to even take the Captain off duty if so needed, and it was an authority that Lucan would not have infringed upon merely because of mule-headed stubbornness. "Unless you do take this time to rest, the wound will not heal under the best circumstances, and I will not clear you for flying your Valkyrie until a full week has passed - maybe two depending on your body's natural capacities to heal itself."

Folding his hands behind his back again, Lucan smiled and raised a brow, and would the man have any loud objections, he would simply override them. "Are you still here? Off to the Ward with you. Chop chop, 'Commander."

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As Lucan spun the report of woe Jaru's mood seemed to darken not to mention the idea of staying in bed while work had to be carried out. He wasn't one for lying around while good people did the hard but his hands were tied in the matter. As soon as the hypospray injected the fluid into Jaru's bloodstream he could already feel himself drifting away slightly. Right now rest felt like the best thing for him. Besides wouldn't it be better if he rested up so he could get back to duty as soon as possible?

"Yeah you're right Doc I should sleep it off..." yawned Jarulightly. "Wake me up in eight hours or so. I wanna speak to the captain. I need to know what the exact status is and besides we're more or less royally fucked now. Stuck on the ass end of the quadrant while being shot at by our own people. It was tough, but it'll get tougher. I want to hear what he...she...has to say." With a small amount of thanks Jaru pushed himself off the bed and staggered slightly, waving off the nurses who attempted to assist. Like always he did himself no favours as he made his way into the recovery ward.

Inside were people like him resting. Mostly from surgery which took a lot out of the body. Right now the only remedy for him was plenty of fluids and rest. Then he could focus on getting the information he wanted. Acting tough by denying medical treatment was a certain negative trait that Jaru had in abundance but he was already here, locked away under medical lock and key and full of painkillers. It was little surprise that when he flopped onto the nearest empty bed he could already feel sleep gently cradling him in its arms. Soon he could hear the soft winds of Betazed and the familiar voice of a woman he once knew.

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[ Sickbay | 8 hours later ]

As the Chief Medical Officer left her side, the woman turned the hypospray she had been given over in her hands while she looked at the prone form of the SCO.

She did not know why she paused, but perhaps it was in consideration of why she had come at all instead of just speaking with Mr. Jaru Rel over the comm. Bloody hell, it was certainly not like she had other things to do, now that she had been given a few hours of sleep after her meeting with the new Ship Counsellor aboard the ship. Though she had slept, she did not feel rested. Despite the fact that the ETA on Niga was four hours into the future - given their need for stealth and their lack of proper propulsion - she was certainly not able to sleep well. She knew that despite the found source of supplies and energy, the Theurgy's journey back home and the difficulties the future had in store had merely begun.

With a sigh, she leaned down over the SCO and ran her fingers through his hair - tilting his head to the side - and she delivered the hypospray's kiss against the human's neck. He would come to in seconds, so she merely straightened by his side and put the medical tool aside.

When Lt. Commander Jaru Rel woke up, he would see Captain Ives - in her female form - standing next to him in the recovery ward. She had her hands on her hips and her smile was but a weary one. "I envy you, 'Commander," she said quietly and chuckled, "few of us who are not injured have been granted the luxury of proper sleep for a long while. I am here to debrief you, since I need you back on Flight Deck as soon as your legs can carry your weight."

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Shaking his head from sleep Jaru could hear the captain's voice and see her outline through his groggy eyes. Say what you want about 24th century medicine; drugs were drugs and they were kicking the crap out of his system. First to send him to sleep now to wake him up. It seemed like no matter where he went someone was injecting him with vials of fluids. "Well you can always join me..." suggested Jaru from his drug induced half sleep. Then he began to wake up more and his brain caught up with his mouth. Finally he realised what he had said, and to who.

Soon he shot right up causing a rippling pain in his shoulder and a wince to contort his face. "Ah!'am sorry ma'am I uh...thought I was dreaming." said Jaru defensively before relaxing to his usual calm state. "Reporting for briefing ma'am, such as I can. Could you please ask for a shirt? I feel out of uniform with you standing there. No offence meant ma'am. Call me a slave to protocol."

Finally Jaru had more or less managed to shake off the effects of both his sleep and his prior embarrassment."If I had any choice ma'am I'd be going a CAP right now, sadly the doctor has confined me to sickbay until he seems me ready to leave his care. Nothing bad ma'am. Just a bit of metal after my deflector failed. Should be in the cockpit in about a week but if you have something for me to do...anything for me to do to get me out of here I'll gladly do it. Right now I feel pretty useless. I mean I'm not the worst off and I'm taking up a bed. Just feels wrong to me."

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(OOC: Sorry, RL again.)

Nerina smiled at the pilot as they walked in. "Excuse me for just a moment." she said, before turning around and coming face to face (or rather, face to empty air as the Hologram was, at least in Nerina's mind, quite short.). "Welcome dear Wor-" she got out before Nerina coldly spoke. "Not now, I have an announcement." she said, heading for the center panel of the room, the drab grey display giving her a place upon which to stand and be the center of attention. However, as she made her way there, Felicity, seemingly not noticing the coldness of Nerina, suddenly held a small stringed instrument in her hands. "Attention, dear Worshippers, your charming Co-Centurion has an announcement!"  she declared, the stringed instrument gaining everyone's attention with a soft but somehow quite loud chord.

Nerina glared at the hologram, and then at Regal, who shrugged, before she shook her head and began.

"I do understand that as a crew, we have had to go up against a lot, we have been up against the wall. So when we get some good news, I don't feel the need to build it up, or to spend a great deal of time explaining it. So, here it is. Thanks to Pilot Isley, we have found an M class planet that is uncharted, that will allow us a much needed chance to recoup, rebuild and refuel. We should be arriving soon, and thus please prepare for planet side assignments." she said, simply, clearly. She smiled at the small cheer, then nodded and headed back to the pilot.

"So, I might as well be the first to offer you a drink. I'm sure many other crewmembers will." she said, smiling at the pilot as she came back to him, as Felicity was swept and up began dancing with one of the more excited crewmembers.

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Nerina's announcement was sure to place attention upon him.  Some of it was bound to be good, but some of it could just as easily be unfavorable.  He would just hope for more of the earlier and less of the latter.  Watching the Executive Officer with the hologram was interesting, to say the least.  Nathaniel had to wonder just how much of her attitude was based solely on the fact that the girl was a bunch of photons held together by a forcefield, and how much was her true personality.  Was Nerina naturally aggressive like that?  Her Klingon heritage would say yes, but genetics wasn't everything.  If they were, Nathan would be much more tame then was, and every second word out of his mouth would be "logic."

Upon her return, and offer of a drink, he gave his superior a grin.  "Well, if you're buying, I'll have what you're having . . . that is . . . you're not a fan of bloodwine, are you?"  He was still testing the waters about how Nerina was with her Klingon side of the family.  Most who were partly human did not take well to it, but he couldn't be certain just from the short time he knew her.  All he knew was that bloodwine was at least twice as strong as drinking whiskey, though it was more the "blood" part of the name then the "wine" he was worried about.  There was never much talk of what Bloodwine was made from, but knowing Klingons, it wouldn't have been a stretch to say the name was an accurate one.

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[ Sickbay ]

When the SCO spoke at first, and made his indecent proposal, Jien raised an eyebrow and folded her arms underneath her breasts - staring down at the man along her petite nose. It appeared, though, that his words were not intended. Then again, he said in the same sentence that he believed she had been a dream, and the idea of what the pilot would do in such a dream still carried weight. Behind her frown, however, Jien was humoured by the incident - a hidden smile behind her iron curtain.

The same façade remained when Mr. Jaru Rel asked her to fend a shirt for him, as if she was his maid or wife or something. While she did no such thing, remaining on the same spot where she stood, she reminded herself that the human was barely awake and not in his proper senses. She did not even comment upon his transgression, merely speaking at long last in a quiet and patient tone.

"There are many things on this ship that I can meddle with. Few things - in fact - does not happen when I ask them to. Yet when it comes to the physical health of the crew, and the treatment of injuries inflicted whilst serving under my command, it is the Chief Medical Officer who has the final say. If he orders rest for a shorter duration of time, and the ship is not under attack, I will not gainsay Dr. Nicander in this matter. You will abide to the treatment he gives you, and return to duty - if not the cockpit for some time - when he grants you leave to do so."

To take the edge of her firm tone, Jien unfolded her stance and paced around to the other side of his biobed - shooting him a mock look of seriousness with a casual smile on the way there. "And you think your little predicament with some metal removed from your shoulder feels wrong? This, considering when 'wrong' is the gravest of understatements for the kind of situation we have found ourselves in... Wouldn't you agree? By now, some protocols," she said and gestured to his bandaged upper body with her eye-lashes and a raised palm, "I find obsolete in these present times, when we should be worrying about the next hour, day or week if we are going to make it out of said times and have our claim heard by ears who do not think the word of Starfleet Command omnipotent."

Coming to stand on the other side, Jien folded her hands behind her bum and stood  bit straighter - unconcerned about her Chosen Form's feminine charms in relation to his line of sight. Rather she demanded him (best as she might) to meet her gaze with her tone. "I have orders that I wish you to relay to the Lone Wolves as expediently as possible, be it from here or if you can have one of the Enlisted in your department carry the word."

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So not even the Captain could help him get out of there. To be fair he half expected that, medical was medical after all and once you started sticking your nose into a place it's not wanted then it's used as an excuse to do so later. What she said made sense to the pilot even though he wanted to escape as soon as possible. Jaru was in a position to set an example and the last thing he wanted to do was made the doctors' and nurses' time hell when they were saving lives.

"You just needed to say 'no' ma'am, I would have dropped it." promised Jaru with a small smile as he rotated his shoulder, trying to the get the stiffness expelled from it. "Right now all we have to go on is each other and the rules we've been trained with. Without them we're no better than a pirate crew. As long as I wear the uniform I'll obey the chain of command. You have my word."

Looking up at Jien he gave the woman another small smile. He liked her, she was direct and straight to the point. She knew how to lead, when to tighten the leash and when to take it off. Right now everyone was high-strung but they needed to solider on. Things like RnR could wait when holes weren't in the hull and people weren't getting surgery.

"I think you've known me long enough to know I'll follow your orders to the letter ma'am. Your last point states pretty much I don't have a choice. Either way if I did I'd still be resting up at sickbay waiting for the word. Call me loyal, I guess once you have the proverbial collar around your neck all you end up doing is following orders."

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At that, Jien had to chuckle a bit at his humour.

"I am glad we understand each other, Jaru," she said and folded her arms again - her eyes lowering as she lay out the situation plainly.

"Currently, you have twelve functioning Valkyries in the Fighter Bay, yet only ten have pilots to fly them," she said, this because the SCO and Elisabeth Rawley were not cleared for active duty, and the thirteenth Valkyrie both lacked spare parts as well as a new pilot, "while you were in surgery, and because you and Lt. Rawley were in surgery, Mission Ops decided to let 'Lieutenant Nathaniel Isley man Elisabeth's fighter in her absence - his first patrol outside the simulators since he just came aboard when we had our short stop in San Francisco."

Jien then told her SCO about the details about Nathaniel's patrol, his breach of protocol, and his god-sent discovery of the forest planet of Niga. She also explained - while she paced in front of the pilot's biobed - that the ETA for Niga was in four hours, and that the Mahewa system appeared perfectly devoid of any other ships in the closest sensor-range vicinity. She furthermore detailed the damage to the Theurgy after their last skirmish with the Fleet, and what their subsequent unofficial priorities were. She also told Jaru that their Chief Engineer was recovering in Sickbay after risking his life in the de-pressurised eight deck of their ship.

Pausing before dealing her orders, she lifted her big brown eyes to his, quietly awaiting his comments upon the briefing.

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If the CMO's words sent Jaru into a dark mood then Jien's words made him feel defeated. He didn't know if Thea felt each hit but that didn't stop him feeling sorry for her. For the ship. For the people they lost and the people who might be on the verge of being lost. As he pinched the bridge of his nose Jaru let loose a soulful sigh. "Times like this I wish I could do more." said Jaru. "At least the kid is out behind the stick. From his scores he'll develop into a good Valk jockey."

At that he turned to look up at Jien. "Captain...Jien, look I just want you to know that I'm here if you need someone to vent at. We're lightyears away from home and like I said before all the crew has is each other. I want to be there as a senior officer, as a pilot and as a friend. I know the crew see me as that damaged SCO and honestly that's what I am. Sure I can be difficult but I know when people need friends."

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Everyone had regrets in their life.  For Edena Rez, her biggest regret was revealing her true nature to the Captain of Theurgy.  She had been known as Azani Mikahl to the crew only a short time ago; an alias invented by Starfleet Intelligence for the sake of placing an agent on board the Theurgy-class ship.  It carried valuable new prototype technology, which had to be closely safeguarded; her duty had been to inconspicuously oversee the critical areas of augmentation, to assure there was no subterfuge involving experimental technology not yet released as a standard aboard all Federation vessels.  It was her duty, just as the Theurgy had it's own mission to perform.

Something happened along the way, however.  The ship was branded an enemy vessel; a threat to the Federation as a whole.  Edena had seen it all, and knew no blame was to be placed upon the crew.  While she could have just walked away, she chose not to; even if the crew manifest of names listed Azani Mikahl as an enemy of the Federation, Edena Rez was still a faithful member of Starfleet.  It was the knowledge that Jien Ives and the rest of the Theurgy crew were the only ones she could trust; the enemy had infiltrated the depths of Starfleet, with Intelligence likely no exception.

What was her reward for coming out with the truth?  She was locked in the brig.  It was the right call for a Starfleet vessel, though Edena was surprised that they could still hold true to their code after being left to the jackals by their own people.  "You put too much on the line.  Of course they would lock you up when you said you were a spy."  Came the voice of Illya, as she sat next to Edena in the brig.  Illya was just one of the ghosts who haunted her; a voice from the past, brought upon by the Symbiont that had bonded with her years before.

"If they found out on their own, it only would have been worse."  Came the only male voice in her mind.  Jona had been the last host before her, and the one who had worked for Starfleet Intelligence, providing her with both the skills and knowledge to fill his shoes after her joining. 

"At the very least, you have earned some credibility with the senior staff by coming forward, rather then being discovered."  Kiya was the oldest of the four, having been the first host.  Her voice was much less condescending then the others, providing a more mature, maternal response.  As the three discussed Edena's situation, she simply sat back, looking a bit annoyed with the whole thing. 

"So much for solitary confinement . . . "  She said aloud, looking to the security officer who was watching over her.  "I want to speak with the commanding officer.  I want an audience with Captain Jien Ives."  She tried to make a demand, but her tone of voice lacked the strength needed; it sounded more like a request then anything else.

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By the spirits of her ancestors, she did need a friend. She changed... into his male form, and was about to answer.

[The Brig to Captain Ives.]

"Go ahead."

[Our prisoner asks for an audience with you, sir.]

"I'm on my way," he replied, started to walk, but then looked over his shoulder at the SCO. "Your orders can wait, 'Commander, for when you have have recovered fully. I will have my Yeoman deliver them to you. And thank you, for the offer. We'll speak later, perhaps over an ale, remembering the fallen." And with those words, he stepped out of Sickbay.

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[The Brig]

The Captain stepped through the sliding doors, his hands fists by his sides.

His mood was still sour, and his scowl still dark - if somewhat reined in to maintain a professional façade. He passed by the Andorian Deputy on the way in, and though she might have given him a long unreadable look, Jien would not trust himself explaining his choice to forego her promotion for the benefit of the newly appointed Chief Security Officer. He had his reasons, but regardless what he might say, he suspected that Lt. zh'Wann would not be listening. He understood her feelings about it, but he could not take everyone's feelings into consideration.

Especially not his own.

Jien gave the posted Security Officer a nod in greeting before stepping out before the force-field - into plain view for the Starfleet Intelligence operative.

"Greetings 'Commander Rez," he said to her, his vowels cold, and folded his hands behind his back. "I believe you wished to speak with me... perchance to tell me more about your mission here aboard my ship. Even better, if you can tell me something more about the conspiracy that placed you aboard and the Ship and what your ulterior motives were with making yourself known to us."

A long time ago, Jien had shaken Junior Lieutenant Azani Mikahl's hand and welcomed her aboard as his Assistant Chief Counsellor - smiling to her and wishing her luck in her journey upon the USS Theurgy. He had even had counselling sessions with her, none too many but it was still a situation where one exposed oneself in trust of the counsellor to honour the discretion that came with the role. Still, it was not as if Jien did not know the Trill's situation - having served in Starfleet Intelligence many years ago.

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Edena stood up from the bed inside the small holding chamber, and walked over next to the force field.  Along the way, she gave a look to Jona, a person who only existed inside her mind, yet was as real to her as anyone made of flesh and blood.  He remained next to her, as if providing some moral support as a more experienced intelligence officer.  Illya and Kiya were close behind, prepared to offer their own advice.  It was like having a team of lawyers, ready to work with her to carefully word everything that came out of her mouth.

"I chose to reveal myself, not for ulterior motive, but because I believe this ship is the only one left in the Quadrant that can be trusted.  Whatever conspiracy is afoot in Starfleet's upper echelon, I have no knowledge of it, but I know that I cannot trust that my own superiors have not been compromised, as well.  It is for this reason that I am choosing to follow a certain protocol of Starfleet Intelligence.  It states that in the event that the command structure of Starfleet is under scrutiny, an agent is to report to the officer of high rank that she can be certain is trustworthy.  That is why, Captain Jien Ives, I not only reveal myself to you, but am now permitted, by this protocol, to offer you full disclosure."

Everything she knew could be turned over to him, and left to Jien to decide who else would be apprised of the matters, be it no one, the senior staff, or the entire crew.  "My mission was purely oversight.  Theurgy carries many prototype technologies, which I was charged with ensuring were not in any danger.  In the event that this ship were to fall into the hands of hostiles, my orders were to destroy this technology, to prevent it from falling into the hands of opposing factions, if there was no way to prevent it from being taken.  I transmitted by reports once a month via an encoded subspace transmission, performed during the scheduled ship-wide maintenance, where it would remain undetected."  She stopped her explanation there, allowing Jien to continue questioning before she went on.  Jona would give a nod to her, drawing her eyesight to him for just a moment, before bringing it back to the Captain of the vessel.

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Whilst listening, Jien had folded his arms across his chest - his wide shoulders squared as his eyes were watching the operative from underneath his browridge.

"I warn you to try and recite protocols from Starfleeet Intelligence, for as you have certainly made yourself aware of, I have served your superiors as well. At least their predecessors, given that it was some time ago," he said quietly, his stance not altering a hair - his eyes unblinking like a folklore dragon, "If you recite anything incorrectly, it will be your undoing - having me believe instead that you are one of the enemy trying to nestle your way into this crew at a more elevated rank than Azani held. For what purpose, I can only speculate in, but it does grant you a higher Security Level access to be styled a Lt. Commander."

He paused there, not having asked any question as of yet. He paced slowly along the forcefield while he considered her - his stare never leaving her hazel eyes. The information she divulged allowed him a few alternatives, so he chose to tug at a couple of the loose ends.

"You say you will speak. Then describe to me how you had planned to accomplish the destruction of this ship's technological assets. What precautions have you already taken to ensure this to be executed in the expedient way that the situation that you just described would enforce." His voice might be cold, but his tone calm. Only his eyes remained fiery. "Moreover, you will tell me where in the main computer you have installed your pre-emptive SI sub-routines. You will tell me where your hidden assets and equipment are in case of the aforementioned scenario, and you will tell me your planned escape-route from this ship."

He came to stop, standing one meter away from her - the force field separating them with its quiet hum.

"After that, you will tell me what you might have written in your reports to Starfleet Intelligence that might compromise our survival. What does the enemy now know that might be a threat to us? How far does your betrayal to this crew extend? Personal logs retrieved from the ship database? Your unqualified counsellor sessions that you held with those who trusted you? The classified algorithm to our shield-frequencies?  Casual and snide observations about our performance as a crew? Our most private weaknesses?" Suddenly, he lashed out, his fist connecting with the force-field right before her face - creating a blinding cascade of blue fury between them.

"What the hell did you reveal to the enemy, Azani!" he braked at her - like a whip lashing her back.

It was only after the sting lingered in the air that Jien realised he had titled her by her false name. He did not care, it served to show her just how furious he was with her. He knew he ought to remain calm, but the past two months had been hard on him and the entire crew - without respite. The outburst might even illustrate how much ground the prisoner would have to cover to earn the Senior Staff's trust; the personal betrayal far worse than the official repercussions. While rubbing his hand, Jien paced away again.


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