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CHAPTER 02: A Taste of Things To Come [Third Day]

CHAPTER 02: A Taste of Things To Come
Joint-Post by Searcher & Auctor Lucan

[ Theta Eridani IV | Captain's Field Office | 1120 hrs. | 3 Days Post Mortem Arcorn Neotin ]

Things weren't optimal but at least Lucan was up and working, would be okay eventually.  Eve had noticed times when he would withdraw, most likely replaying the attack and how he'd been injured.  Each time she would give him space but only for a while, then she would find an excuse just to be near him.  Though her support was silent, she was a steady presence nonetheless.

The PADD tapped her palm as she approached the Captain, waiting a respectful distance until acknowledged and only then stepped up and offered it to him. "Lieutenant Commander Nicander is with a patient but asked that I bring you his initial report," she stated. Jien Ives was quite unique in his physiology, being able to switch between genders, something Eve found quite fascinating.

Fascinating enough that she began to wonder what it would be like to be with him... her...  Eve blinked, wondering why in the world she would think such a thing but the implications lingered in her mind.  As she stood there waiting to be dismissed, the Captain would notice her almost dreamy expression and catch a whiff of something that smelled sweet and alluring.

"Thank you, Nurse Jenkins. I am glad to hear Dr. Nicander is recovering," said Jien with a faint smile when the halfblood Deltan approached and handed him the report from the examination of Sonja Acreth. Eve had come highly recommended by Dr. Nicander when he managed to actually recruit someone to join them on their hellish journey, and no matter her reasons, she seemed dedicated to stick with them to the end. Then again, she more than merely suspected her grandfather, Commander Liam Jenkins, to be one of those joined or impersonated by the enemy, so she had plenty of reason to see this crusade to its end.

Yet something... unhinged, when he tried to read the report.

He frowned and glanced up, saw Eve's face, but not the backdrop of the valley. He was no longer standing outside his field office. He wasn't even standing. No, with a sense of vertigo, he realised he was on his back, and his breath tasted sweet. The PADD was gone. Instead, the Nurse was there, his raised hand nestled into her hair, and... they were naked. They were indoors. It was dark. And yet there was a warm breeze, making sheets of white silk billow around them. Lighting blurred, like ethereal sunlight caressing the contours of their bodies and the dance of the cloth that surrounded them. She was on top of his prone form, and they were intimately embraced - his mouth seeking hers and his calloused hands roaming her warm skin. He was hard, breathlessly so, and he wanted her dearly.

The passage of time was slippery, and the imagery too vivid for Jien to consider the nature of this moment - or daydream - beyond what was actually happening together with Eve.

Eve's lips caressed his as her hand ran through his hair and down his neck to his shoulder, kneading as her tongue slipped past his defense to tease the roof of his mouth.  Her skin was much like the silk billowing about them; warm, smooth, and soft to the touch.  Her breasts were trapped between them, hardened nipples poking into his skin.

She was eager, one leg drawing up the outside of his leg and then the other did the same until she could raise her upper body.  Golden brown hair curtained around their faces until she was upright.  Her fingers raked down from shoulders to abdomen, pausing at the juncture of her legs before she flexed her wrist and rubbed along her bare womanly lips until her middle finger disappeared.

When she withdrew it, he could see it shimmer with her juices and when she touched it to his lips he could smell the sweetness even stronger.  Enticing, alluring, it was calling to him to taste her ... to consume her.  The sultry smile, the curves of her body, the moisture forming on his lower abdomen all begged him to ravish her, to enjoy himself as he never had before.

When the fingers coated in her nectar wandered towards Jien's face, and he was able to gaze upon the Nurse in her full splendour, he was feeling envy for her to be so wet and the nature of the daydream made Jien change... into her female form. Thus, she wrapped her full lips around those wet fingers - moaning deep down in her throat when actually feeling taste to them.

The sound Jien made echoed thickly in the darkness around them, and she writhed in anticipation betwixt Eve's thighs - her hands running up the woman's flat abdomen and cupping her breasts from beneath with her fingers. She ran her palms over the hardened peaks firmly before her hands fell down to her own chest, doing the same. Then, with Eve's succulent fingers still in her hungry mouth and being licked by her nimble tongue, Jien could not help herself but to reach down with one hand and rub her own heated sex - the back of her hand brushing over Eve's wetness with the same motions.

The half-Deltan smiled as Jien changed to the womanly form, those delicate fingers in the mouth caressed by fuller lips.  "Either way, you are quite desirable," she murmured and pressed her breasts further into the smaller hands that teased her nipples to even harder peaks.

Sliding her hips down further, she rubbed her sex against the Jien's.  The pressure against her clit was nice but she slipped her fingers out of her mouth so she could lean down to kiss her captain.  As her tongue swept along Jien's lips and then teased inside her mouth, she cupped her breasts and tweaked the nipples.

Their bodies writhed together, Eve touching and tasting everywhere.  "You are exquisite," she whispered as she leaned down to nuzzle and nip the underside of a breast, licking upward and across the turgid bud.

Eve's voice echoed in an otherworldly way when she spoke to Jien, though it was irrelevant. The dream or the telepathy, or whatever was going on, it made perfect sense to Jien to buck her hips against the Nurse's, to moan throatily as the taller woman caressed her aching nipples and kissed her - pursed lips welcoming the other woman fully. When Eve licked the rounded curve of her breast and lashed the puckered crest, it made Jien arch her back off the ground with a hoarse cry.

The grinding movements of their hips quickly assumed the rocking, pagan rhythm of sweet abandon, and the damp petals of Jien's femininity clutched for Eve's. She writhed in yearning, this enticing torture seemingly endless even if no time actually passed in the real world. And just as Jien had felt compelled to change her form earlier, as if in demonstration of her capability, she now felt equally compelled to do something she never had done before. It was the urge to penetrate Eve, and feel herself sink into her depths, and yet not loose the feeling of the Nurse's hands and tongue upon her breasts at the same time.

Because she could, despite how her experimenting years were over, Jien changed her form, and made her genitalia shift to that of her male's. It was so strange to feel the hard pulse of a rigid arousal whilst in her current form, and yet she could not help herself. She let her questing palms leave Eve's jutting nipples and descend to the base of her own thick girth. Her hands felt so small when she grabbed herself, stroked her swollen head along the slick wetness of Eve's excitement.

The smile on Eve's face broadened and a lusty purr vibrated in her throat as she felt the change occurring between her legs.  Leaning back just enough to feel more of that hot hard cock running the length of her wet slit, she lifted her hips and slowly engulfed the head into her slick channel.

Gasping, Jien held on to the base of her hardness with both her hands, the feeling of the nurse lowering herself experimentally unto her too good to be a mere dream.

Slowly she impaled herself on Jien's member then leaned forward to capture a nipple between her teeth, lightly flicking it with the tip of her tongue before sealing her lips around the puckered flesh again.  Suctioning hard, she let it go with a pop and moved to the other to give it the same treatment.

Jien had framed her breasts for Eve with her straightened arms, and the nurse was not late to exploit that fact. Halfway inside her, Jien began to undulate her hips in the way her male form might, finding the nurse's rhythm.

Eve's hips rose and fell, beginning with a slow and tortuous rhythm but soon her actions became faster ... wilder ... the wet sounds filling the ears as she slammed herself on it over and over.  Her tongue swept from breast to neck which was nipped over and over then she wrapped her fingers in Jien's hair, kissing her with animalistic abandon.

As Eve increased the pace, Jien let go of the base of her organ with her hands and ran them over the nurse's hips instead, urging her to continue what she was doing. There had been no consternation or doubt about what was transpiring to begin with, regardless how misplaced this sudden reality was, and there was certainly none now - feeling so utterly light-headed by what Lieutenant Jenkins was doing to her. Like in a dream, it now made sense that they were together. In fact, she responded in kind, the somewhat passive role now coming to an end as thoughtless passion set in. She sat up, Eve still riding her, and as she did, she changed... into his male form.

Never leaving her sheath, Jien wrapped his strong arms around Eve's frame and encouraged her movements - grinding her down unto himself. He split her mouth open with his lips, sought to wage war with her tongue, and he groaned as he felt her nipples scrape repeated paths across the hard planes of his chest. The movements of the silk sheets around them still billowed in a dream-like shimmer, yet they seemed to twist and turn quicker now as their pace had increased.

The frenetic pace continued for a bit but then Eve broke the kiss and leaned back just enough for him to break the grip he had around her so she could lift one of those long legs to swing to the side and help her twist, working with him to stay connected and yet change position to where she was looking away.  Her agility was incredible and soon she was pressing her back against his chest, her body rubbing firmly against him as she rose and fell to pump him hard and fast.

Jien embraced Eve from behind, his calloused hands running up and down her front as they moved together. He cupped one breast from below with his fingers, and the other hand fled down to the apex of her legs - rubbing her clitoris in the same pace that their hips moved together. The limber woman seemed a sexual beast in the Captain's hands, conjured by that sweet scent that dominated the darkness.

A glance over her shoulder, that smoldering gaze was meant to lead Jien forward until she was on all fours with those billowing silks flowed all around them and even caressed their bodies.  The slapping sounds were louder now, more pronounced given the more powerful form was now in charge of the motions.

The echoes of their lovemaking seemed to extend far beyond the bounds of reality, and Jien found himself do something new; something that he had not considered before when coupling with a woman. He pulled out of Eve, his glistening hardness swaying in the air outside her twitching sheath. As he watched, breathless, he found himself change his form again... making his manhood duplicate. They were equally large and proud - vertically aligned and both coated in Eve's lubricating fluids. The intent seemed obvious, and came as no surprise and he guided both swollen heads to the nurse's vaginal and anal openings. Pushing...

There was a sudden withdrawal and Eve groaned in frustration, wanting and needing him back inside of her but when she twisted to look behind her to see if something was wrong her eyes widened and she gave him another of those smoldering looks.  He'd been part male and part female already, sort of a bonus, and now it seemed she hit the jackpot.  "Don't keep me waiting," she purred as she leaned back, one of the throbbing members beginning to slide into her feminine entrance while the other strained against the tight sphincter of the other but finally popped inside.  A low, lusty growl issued from Eve's throat as she shuddered from the pleasant stinging sensation.

Caught in this madness, Jien heard her echoing words, and he was not about to disappoint. He grabbed the bases of both his male organs with his spread fingers to align them properly - steadying them while they pushed inside. The nurse was not afraid of what she saw. Quite on the contrary, she pushed back against him - her rectum slowly engulfing the second member once the turgid head passed her opening. Since he mimicked human male biology, down to the nervous system, the sensation was twice as intense to him - the simultaneous penetration making him quip for breath.

He had never considered to deviate from his human form, and yet the overwhelming feeling now made him question that decision. It was true that he had experimented in his youth, yet this was new: No partner of his had suggested it, and he'd had no intention to scare the women away by doing something like this. The men had been quite content with him being how he was, in either form, for obvious reasons.

Now, he ran his callused hands over Eve's derrière to make a firm grip around her hips, and he worked himself inside - sliding more easily into both her warm orifices in due time. Once she could accept him fully, he increased the rhythm, and because of the sizes of his twins, he could almost feel the parallel pressure of himself traversing her depths. "Incredible," he murmured underneath his breath, and when he was confident he was not going to hurt her, he ran his hands up her flat abdomen and cupped her breasts - rough fingers sliding over her nipples as they moved together - his double climax imminent.

Eve said nothing though she was moaning loudly, her waist dipping down which thrust up her ass to better receive him.  Rocking back and forth on her knees, she continued to take more of him into her and matched his own pace which was gradually increasing.

Finally he was buried to both hilts and she paused for several heartbeats simply to enjoy the sensation of being twice filled.  Again she started to move, slow forward to draw him out of her a short way and then pushing back quickly to completely engulf him again.

Soon they were both drawing away and slamming into each other, her nipples hard as diamonds as he flicked and pinched them.  Faster and faster, sweat beaded and slipped along her heated flesh until the walls around both cocks started to spasm and she cried out in sheer ecstasy.

It tipped Jien over the edge, and his hoarse cry joined hers. He was unprepared for the sheer force of the culmination, his movements uncontrolled and his hands slipping over Eve's glistening skin. He managed to spend himself mostly inside her, but in order to not fall on top of her, he had to lean back. Both his members slipped free of her, still shedding seed. His mimicked human seed roped across her bare behind and her thighs, yet he quickly steadied himself by seizing her hips once more.

Being a woman half of the time, he knew the feeling of suddenly being bereft of a man as you came, so he amended his error by clenching his jaw and again pushing his twitching members inside of Eve, to make her feel him inside while the rest of her climax lasted. Neither of his members gone flaccid, he wrapped his strong arms around her - panting mouth close to her ear. While the aftershocks began to rake through their bodies, Jien swallowed to control his breathing, and spoke.

"My gratitude. That was the most intriguing... and diverting se..."

He trailed off, his hands holding a PADD instead of Eve's hips. Blinking, he looked around, finding himself still in his field office, and Eve standing next to him.

Eve was looking at the captain with a rather odd expression, partly concern and partly ... amusement?  She felt a rush of emotions from him, highly erotic, yet it was only for a couple of seconds as he read the report.  She'd considered walking away but protocol dictated she remain until the captain dismissed her.

When Jien spoke, it was definitely not words she would think would be associated with the report that she had brought him.  Blinking a couple of times, she clasped her hands behind her back.  "I'm ... glad you appreciate the report, Sir.  Is there anything you need me to relay to Dr. Nicander?" she inquired as if something odd hadn't just been happening.

Consternation made Jien pause before answering. He suspected that Eve had noticed something, yet if his... daydream was any kind reference, what he had been thinking about had not taken place in the real world. Much less taken the time that he had felt lapsed while in the strange place with the nurse. Was this...?

He looked back towards Eve, and it seemed evident that he might be able to brush this aside easily if he just put his mind to it. As alarming as it might be, he thought that what he had experienced was some kind of repression from what happened to him during the Niga Incident, when... she had been raped by Nolak Kalmil and Nerina. The thought had made her chance to her female form, and she put the PADD on her portable desk.

"The research on Sonja Acreth is of outmost importance. Clear it with Commander T'Rena on the Harbinger that he has all the access he needs to scan their prisoner. If we solve how to detect the enemy, we can make sure there are no others like her hiding in our midst." She gave the Head Nurse a faint smile. "Dismissed, Lieutenant. Thank you for brining me word of Dr. Nicander's recovery."

Was this what the new Chief Counsellor had been afraid of? That she had been neglecting her mental well-being for the sake of the mission, and that her sanity was crumbling apart? Perhaps she needed to take a more... direct course of action, and see someone who she had been thinking of lately in relation to her past and former self.

A Lone-Wolf by the name Nathaniel Isley.

There was still a bit of concern in Eve's expression, especially when the captain switched to the female version.  She had no idea what had unsettled the captain but she launched back into what Eve had observed as usual behavior.

"Aye, Sir," she acknowledged and agreed to the captain's orders and then she allowed herself a soft smile.  "It was my pleasure to bring some good news," she stated and then left the captain to whatever was bothering her/him.

- Fin

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